Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!


My Name is Mariah and I Hate Pickles, I hate everything about them.

Pickles are destroying my life, people make fun of me and i'm ashamed because i'm afraid of them.

When I think about a pickle I just want to throw up and run away.

What I hate most about a pickle is it's shape, the texture of it, the color, and the smell.

I'm a waitress in a restaurant and if anyone wants a pickle they go back and get it themselves, i'm not getting them a pickle.

I Hate Pickles

No Tip Thanks

Back in the day I was a young auto mech working for a luxury car agency doing all sorts of repair and maintenance work on the huge land yachts.
We had a customer who was a woman maybe ten years older than I was at the time. She had a big new Continental Town Car and brought it in for some warranty work and general service from time to time.
Whenever I or my buddies worked on her car she used to come out to the shop area even though it was frowned upon. The service manager would allow her to "get something she forgot in the car" and come to our work area. He figured she might be going to give us a tip, and no doubt he already got his.
Anyway, the point of the confession is that this lady would start talking about how she was a free spirit and how she didn't need alcohol or anything to free her inhibitions.
She made it very plain that she would be up for whatever some young guys like us wanted to do to her.
Once I had to take her out on a road test to have her identify a supposed squeaking noise in the car. We were driving around the neighborhood where the dealership was located, me driving, her in the front passenger seat.
After a few blocks she was going into her talk about being uninhibited and she laid her hand on my thigh. Of course she started moving her hand around and found my dick and started to rub the head through my uniform pants.
Now being just 25 or so, I was perpetually horny and would usually go for it.
The thing that was a joy killer was that the lady owned a couple of big dogs, I don't remember the breed, but they might've been dobies or shepherds. And no, they weren't in the car when we took this drive. But she took them in the car constantly and the inside of this big boat stunk to high heaven of dog poop and just general dogginess.
And more to the point, so did the lady!
She was a big woman and wore a fur coat most of the time. The coat must've picked up the stink and overall, between the car stinking and the lady stinking, it was a difficult job just to drive a few blocks with her.
The fact she was a little older and a little heavy wouldn't have stopped me from nailing her at all. It was just the terrible stink and general filth of the new car and her personal poor hygiene that turned me off.
So I actually took her hand off my dick and asked her to please just help me find the problem with her car. I tried to be reasonably polite and was not trying to be rude or offensive, but the stink of dogshit really ruined the mood!
I don't remember if there even was a noise in the car or she was just faking it. She went after me and my friend Kenny a few times when she'd bring her car in and I know I didn't jump on her and Kenny was even more of an uptight guy so I'm positive he didn't either.
If only she and her car weren't so dirty, I bet she was a real freak and at least I'd have gotten a nice blowjob out of her, but she was just too stinky.

Morning Sex With The Wife

Yesterday morning my wife was very very horny. Im always horny in the morning. She is on her period so anal sex it was. I take my underwear off, grab hers and pull it off. Bury my face in her ass and start eating her ass. I love doing that and she loves it too.

By the time I’m done eating her ass I’m very hard. I walk to the dresser to get a bottle of lube. Put some in my dick then finger some into her ass. Damn it’s so tight! Then I line up my dick and in one motion I slid it right in balls deep. She lets out a big moan. But not loud enough to wake up our kids.

At first she’s on the edge of the bed. Till I pick her up a d get her in doggy. By then I’m slamming my dick into her asshole. She’s really loving it. Now I know she gets diarrhea during her period but didn’t even to think to ask if she had already took a morning poop.

So I got blood on my finger from fingering her pussy and then shit all over my dick from fucking her ass so hard. She knew my dick was shit covered but she was screaming don’t stop. I wasn’t about too anyways, I had cummed in days.

I started to cum in her ass. I was moaning as so much cum was cumming out. I definitely needed that. I stop with me balls deep in her ass as I was kissing the back of her neck.

I pulled out really slow. As soon as my dick was out she grabbed ahold of her butt and ran down the hall to the bathroom lol. She definitely had to go then. I’m sitting on the bed on my knees catching my breath and looking at my shit covered dick. It definitely needed a scrubbing.

First Time In A Long Time

I’ve been working from home since March so being in the house all the time definitely has got me more bored and horny then usual.

Not to mention I haven’t been in a relationship for 11 years and haven’t had sex since last November. There is the woman back home that I have sex with when ever I go visit my parents. We’ve been friends since middle school and sex started happening three years ago when both realized we are both very single. Fun stuff.

But since all that’s going on I don’t go to my parents house so I downloaded Grindr. First time using the app. Got a few bites the first night but the second night I got one that I was interested in. Guy was 23, nice and skinny, shaved down below and claimed he had a tight ass. So I invited him to my house.

This was my first time being with a guy since college. So last time I fucked a guy I was 26 years ago.

As I’m waiting for him to come over I took the time to wash my dick off. I’m uncut so wanted to make sure it smelt good. As I’m cleaning it my doorbell rang. I pulled my underwear back up and headed to the door. Let the guy in. Immediately I started to grab his butt and he started kissing me. All I had on was a tshirt and briefs so he could tell I was hard.

We moved into the bedroom and both got naked, now let’s skip to the good stuff. I put a condom on and started to penetrate his butt. It was tight but he was no virgin.

Now by this point I’m slamming my dick in his butt. Nice and hard, slapping my dick low hanging balls of his cheeks. As I’m doing that I look down at my dick and there is shit all over it. Thankfully my pubic hair has been removed because I had shit on my pubic area. He’s just moaning and I’m not sure if he knows he shit.

So I said fuck it. Push his legs closer to his chest and fucked him harder. Once I felt my cum starting to build up I pulled out. Took the condom off and shot my 3 week load all over his face and chest. Only then did he realize he shit all over me.

But I was so horny that I laid him over the bed and shoved my bare dick back into his ass. He was morning like crazy and I was pounding in that ass. Only about 2 minutes of doing that and I blew another big load only this time it was deep in his butt.

When I pulled out my dick was covered in shit and cum. Then we both headed to my bathroom to shower.

I Hate Mayonnaise

I fucking HATE Mayonnaise. Why does every restaurant put mayonnaise on EVERY single sandwich they serve? It makes the bread all soggy and ruins the damn meat taste no matter how much of it you wipe off or how good you are at wiping it off. It tastes like glue and paint with curdled milk and for some reason it seems all white people LOVE the shit out of it. It's fucking horrible. I ALWAYS get sick from it no matter how much or little I ingest. Oh yeah and it smells like nasty old mildewed sweat inside a piss stained mattress.

What pisses me off more is that EVERY time I tell the damn drive thru guy to make sure there is NO MAYO on my sandwich they just glob on more of that cum looking crap all over the damn thing. God how can mayonnaise be part of the demographic? IT FUCKING SUCKS!!

What goes through people's minds while eating this shit? Seriously I want to know why the hell people would even think about eating such a foul substance. I can't believe it. What is mayonnaise's purpose on this earth? Does it actually have one? Will someone PLEASE tell me why people eat this HORRIBLE SHIT?

Right Of Passage

Sitting around reminiscing about the men I've met. I thought I would tell you about my first time with a man, up till then I had only messed around with other boys my age. I was eighteen, it was the summer before college and my dad had gotten me this job working for the highway department, sort of something to make me a man before heading off to college in the fall.

My dad had ideas that I was a sissy. For example I never had a girlfriend, for example my guy friends were sissies too. Not that we were effeminate, there are sissy tops. I was more of a sissy bottom. I don't think my father ever thought that among those men there were men who liked sissy bottoms. Big, burly, beer drinking, whiskered, nasty old men who liked skinny, white boys.

My first week on the team was hell on earth, temperatures in the high nineties, dry, dusty and I was the gopher, running around getting tools and stuff for the real construction guys. Out there on the job site there were two portable toilets, one for men and one for women. From day one I was told to use the women's toilet. Me and the two women out there. It was an us girls sort of thing.

It was the Friday at the end of the first week that Joe the meanest, nastiest man out there decided he needed to spend some time with me. He pushed me into the men's toilet, which almost made me puke. His nasty cock came out, he got hard enough and pulled his foreskin back and told me to latch on. Now, not my first cock, but definitely my nastiest. There is that moment when you know you are doing something that is changing your life. His cock changed my life, getting it straight up my ass in that toilet was bad, but at the same time it was the best fuck of my life.

From that day I outgrew the sissy boys and became a man's man.

Animal Frenzy

trying something new. My partner and I are into pretending we are different animals for the night. so far we tried the cows and pigs costumes and we grunt like pigs and such. I am not sure if I like it but need a lift in this tired old relationship with cuckold useless professional husband. I am 31 and he is 62 and well, things have been boring for ages. He wants me to try a younger man so what next the donkey costume? I am thinking of just leaving him as soon as I find a new man younger more right for me.

That Party, And The Two Months, That Still Haunt Me...

(Warning, possibly disturbing story! Before we even begin, let me tell you that this is a re-telling of a series of events that had happened to me some years ago, plenty of things that I had repressed until recently... Bits of the details might not make sense since I had to think hard to remember the details, and I do not know if this is the order that everything had happened in. I just hope someone sees this, and doesn't allow their children to go through this... If this topic scares you, or offends you, then I HIGHLY recommend not reading this at ALL!)

When I was 16 year old gal, I was stereotypical freshly turned 16 year old with rebellious attitude, with a bit too much confidence in my limited worldly experience.

My parents forbade me to go attend this big party hosted by one of my rich friends in their mansion... Being what I was, I wasn't going to take no for an answer, and I sneakily left home via window. (Always having been an athletic sort, I must say that I had quite good climbing skills, even back then)

I proceeded to go to that party without concern for what my parents told me about what might happen, and their (proven justifiable) worries that I might get hurt when out partying away.
Well, I believe it was an hour or so after I had arrived, and the "cool kids" brought the cigarettes, booze, illegal substances. Now, I was no saint since I had some rotten friends that were bad influences, and I really hated my parent's strictness so much that I always tried to defy their wishes, but I had some red alarms pop up in the back of my head since those three things are exactly what I had heard horror stories of from my grandmother (whom I had respected more then my parents).

Now, I did still go for the drinks, with enough caution to avoid leaving it sitting around, to avoid a case of a spiked beverage... However some of the jerks of the party realized I wasn't doing the substances that the rest were doing, and that I was being rightfully cautious with my drinks, and someone else pointed out that I didn't seem interested in the cigarettes either. (I avoided those since I wanted to keep myself from ruining my lungs, since I didn't fancy breathing issues that I always heard about)
Well, everyone at began to jeer at me, and egg me on... I really do not know why I thought it wise to give into the pressure, when no one was stopping me from leaving, but I guess I was worried about stupid things like reputation at school instead of self-respect.

Well... When I caved, I really hit the booze hard, and then loosened up enough to try the smokes and substances, and the crowd let up... It then all felt good. At that point it was a bit too late tho. The rest of the night went by quick and the party resumed as normal after that, but after my 8th shot of rum, and a few snorts of that damned white powder... I suddenly became dizzy, stumbled around for a good fifteen minutes while panicking after realizing what I had done, and was really trying to get to that front door, but I was out cold in the middle of the room.

What happened next wasn't pleasant at all. I woke up absolutely smelling bad all-over my body, my holes were aching and red, and I was sticky everywhere, all over my bare body. I had noticed that I had a disgusting taste lingering in my mouth as well... When I got around to looking around my surroundings, I was dizzy as shit, but I had seen that I was surrounded by a gang of boys, and I looked over to see what I thought was them fucking one of my closest friends. I passed out again just as they were turning to realize I was awake.
The second time I woke up, my head was clearer, and I found myself much cleaner then I was initially, with no soreness down there, and I was in someone else's place since I didn't recognize the living room I was in. It took me awhile to puzzle out what had happened, but I was shocked when I figured it out that I was potentially r**ed, and that I appear to have been taken elsewhere afterwards.

My head was still cloudy , so it took me a second to realize that I was chained up on this couch, in someone's basement... The metallic clinging from my movements drew the attention of the one who did this, and it turned out the person who chained me up was one of my teachers, a woman that we'll call Elizabeth... Well, Elizabeth was a young teacher that had always seemed to take an odd interest in me, but always seemed to act pleasant to everyone in our school, but it's just that she especially took an interest in me. Elizabeth said looked down upon me with a big smile, not a menacing one at all, which in hindsight makes the chain situation just a bit scarier...
Well, Elizabeth outright mentioned making a deal with a couple of the boys that had ended up r****g me, and paid them to bring me to her. Elizabeth then told me that I had been out for two days straight after the party, and complimented me for being a naughty girl since I was a mess, and assumed that I got fucked intentionally... Elizabeth gushed about how much fun it was to bathe me, and touch my naked form everywhere...

Here I am, scared out of my wits, and she just yabbered on and on... the bitch confessed to a love for me, and having eyed me since she started teaching at my school, and that she loved me. I tried to tell her outright "I don't love you, let me go, please... this is really creepy.", but she said something along the lines of "No my dear, I cannot... If you don't love me, then I shall need to fix that. You'll soon realize there is nothing creepy about love", all in a sickeningly sweet voice despite what she was doing...

To keep the details short... For a long month, she smothered me with love I had no interest in, anything as gentle as a light touch up, down to outright whipping me and one time branding my ass with the image of a bird, and onward to almost wounding me with BDSM kinks of hers that she exposed me to. She went on about turning me into her image, and making me the girl she never had found in dating. She also took it upon herself to homeschool me during my captivity. I honestly had thought I was going to be stuck there, since she took every precaution to avoid allowing me a chance to escape, and the one-time I did manage to break out... well, Elizabeth then proved she wasn't above pointing a knife at me, thank god she was willing to "forgive" me for disobeying her, and she just chained me up again, twice as much, and started spanking me with a paddle on the butt until I almost bled if I acted even a little hesitant in expressing "enthusiasm", and constantly promised to break my limbs if I tried to do any attempts to escape... naturally I complied due to being scared out of my wits.

Apparently sometime the next month, she started allowing one of those rapist jerks to come in and fuck me, as she promised to allow him to do... They couldn't do this last month due to police investigations, but they got a chance that day, and were planning on making regular visits. The jerk I shall call "James" was ironically more merciful then Elizabeth, and only went up to rough sex at worst, but I frequently had bruises around my lower parts, as well as on my breasts, plus my throat was sore quite often, and my ass was also beaten by James... Worst part was, the damage to my body between them both using me for a cheap thrill was beginning to wear my body into constant pain.

Thankfully the very start of next month was when it stopped... During one of James visits, the police seemingly busted in to arrest Elizabeth and James, and they searched the building until they saw me. I search that was the first time in two months or so that I had cried for joy. They immediately work to getting me out of my shackles, and take me to the hospital.
I had heard that ..(continue confession)

Walmart Customer Shit In The Fitting Rooms

I went to go to try clothes on in the fitting room at Walmart and there was shit all over the floor and wads of toilet paper with shit stains on the floor. I was so disgusted I called for an employee to report what I saw, I mean how fucking nasty can people be taking shits in the fitting room at Walmart, do they not know where the fucking Restrooms are? I was so fucking grossed out that it make me wish I could find what nasty asshole shit up the fitting room so I could kick their ass. People if you have to shit use the restroom NOT the fitting room meant for trying on clothes.

Tried It Once

I saw this crazy video of some euro slut sucking a guys dick. Thing that made it different from a million other blowjob vids was the girl's mouth was full.
Her mouth was full of SHIT! She had a small turd in her mouth and was sucking this dudes dick. Took a few minutes but she got him off and he shot his load in her dirty mouth and the money shot was her mouth open filled with his cum and also the remains of a dirty brown piece of shit.
This was one really fucking sick vid and it makes me wonder are these girls strung out on dope for days and then they do what they're told or are they just fucking whores who will do anything for money?