We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

It was the summer of 2015 and I was a senior just graduated and we a bunch of us grads went swimming down at the city park just having a great day till I went off the high dive dove head first into the water and lost both the top and the bottoms of the bikini I was wearing.

As soon as I realized I was naked and no way was I gonna get out of the water in the condition I was in in front of everyone I swam out to the raft and just hung on not getting out of the water for now I'd surely be seen by a passing boater and even the guys and gals on the end of the pier so in the water I stayed.
Damn these sun fish the kept nibbling at the hair around my puss guess they thought it was worms or something. First it was just one then two now I got a dozen or more nibbling at me. god five hours in the water and I'm beginning to feel the effects being soaked like that my flesh absorbing the fluids getting stiffer and wrinkly I know what you know what I'm going thru for most of you know what dish pan hands are just imagine what your whole body would look like. The sun fish kept nibbling and every now and then one of the bigger ones would try and bite me and one did a much bigger one bit me right on my hard nipple, I hollered ouch and brushed it away but it only came back. Again and again it would latch onto my nipple taking all of it into it's mouth and clamping down onto it and the more he clamped down the harder it was to get it away finally I just gave up and it just stayed there kinda rubbing it now and then getting a bit to familiar with parts of my body. Then it happened another to my other nipple but a much bigger fish and I pushed it away but again it returned so again I let them they wasn't eating me so what.

Little by little the two sun fish was getting to me and finally they both drove me to having my first of many orgasms I was going to have on them. Still dazed from the orgasm I just finished yet still I couldn't get them off of me for more than five minutes and they were right back chawing on my nipples driving me to another orgasm. the ones nibbling at the hairs around my puss wasn't helping matters any either.

Finally the sun was about to go down and most of the kids have long returned home or where ever they went I didn't care and I began to swim back to the beach which was about 500 yards towards shore I got to the fenced in area for youngsters and I hung on and rested a bit looking around I only saw just one other person and he was by the bath house where I needed to go so I waited and the damn fish found me again and went right back to my nipples all over again, finally didn't see him any longer so I swam to the pier along with two fish attached to me and along the shallow fence to shore getting totally out only after looking around and getting two nasty fish off my nipples and the only way was to get out of the water, they thrashed around a bit and that hurt but they fell off into the shallow water and I wondered how many girls they have done that to. I looked around and didn't see anyone so I got totally out of the water and ran to the rest rooms where the changing rooms are stopping now and then to have a look around I surely didn't want to be caught by anyone nude.

I got to within 10 feet of the entrance to the women's showers and locker room where my clothes were and there right in front of me stood the custodian who had just finished cleaning the women's side and had my clothes in his hands I tried to hide what I could but I sure felt his eyes burning into my flesh and he grinned and asked me if these were my clothes I said yes and he handed them to me but was out of reach for I wasn't going to move my arm away from my breasts to get them. Then he said "you don't want them" turned away and started to walk off I hollered at him to stop but he kept walking and thru my clothes, shoes and all into the burning barrel and laughed.

No money to call home and I surely wasn't going to walk nude five and a half miles to our house, well I ended up sleeping in the changing room till around noon the next day when two girls both of who I knew came in and I asked for help.

  • In my junior year of college I went to study abroad for a semester. I went to Austria. I was paired up with an Italian guy that was also studying there. He was outwardly gay. I kept to myself but I had a hard time making friends, so I ended up hanging with him and his friends, who were also gay.

    I witnessed a lot of gay intimacy including gay sex. My roommate was more of the aggressor and his boyfriend was a skinny Britt who was a whiner. I did not like his boyfriend. Maybe because I disliked him I found it inwardly pleasurable to watch him get fucked. When my roommate was fucking his boyfriend I sat on my bed and watched. I admit that I got an erection watching, watching my roommates penis got deep into his boyfriend's ass.

    But the truth of it was that I enjoyed watching my roommate suck his boyfriend even more.

    My roommate made me lots of offers, and one day he just kissed me on the lips. That day he sucked my penis. That day I sucked his penis. I told myself this was just messing around. But several days later, I gave in and he fucked me in the ass. Now I was the boyfriend getting fucked and his Britt boyfriend was out in the cold. The rest of the semester I was my roommates boyfriend and we spent a good amount of time having sex, and at parties with his gay friends, some of this was out in the open.

    I returned home and finished college and got a job and moved into a nice apartment and met a girl at work and soon I was getting married. Some weeks before we got married she asked me if I had ever had an affair I regretted. She wanted to make sure that this was out in the open, part of the past, and she confessed to having a short affair with an assistant professor when she was in graduate school. She didn't go into details, and I didn't ask any details.

    I did not confess to my study abroad affair, and we got married, started a family.

    Lately I have become friends with a younger man that works for us in our design department. He is smaller and lean, and is into body culture. In one of my bolder moves I kissed him at a late night happy hour, I apologized but he didn't. He asked me what that was all about. I apologized again, but when he kissed me I didn't stop him.

    I don't know if I have real desires or if they are temporary, I have not wanted something like this since my summer abroad. But I want it and I am embarrassed about it, but all I think about is spending more time with him and reliving my summer experience. These feelings or desires occupy my mind all the time.

    My parents divorced when I was fifteen and we had to get out of our home into an apartment. The close quarters meant I heard everything going on with my mother and her gentleman callers. Maybe the divorce or being 37 and alone, which ever, she went from man to man.

    I gained weight, got up to 180 pounds, I am 160 now, and in a new school, I never was asked out. Dreams of going off to college disappeared and I went to the community college and then the city college until I graduated with a communications degree.

    It was at work that a man paid attention to me and he told me he liked full figure women. He ate me on my couch. I shaved and kept my coochie the way he liked and he ate me. I never got dick, not even saw his dick. Turns out he had a tiny dick, like a little boy.

    I went out to a bar near my apartment, let a married man talk me up, I took him home and finally got fucked. I was 26. I hung out at that bar and was a regular pick up and got fucked by a dozen men, most married. I didn't want a relationship, just dick.

    I met a woman lawyer who was in town for a case, and let her eat me. I liked dick better.

    I am not proud of any of this. I am 32 now with no prospects. I fuck. How many men? One woman. Pathetic. I thought my mother was pathetic. At least she got married and had a kid.

    I will marry any man who just wants a wife, sorry about the slut stuff. I would like to have a kid or two.

  • GilbertTon

    I thought I was all alone in the house and found myself in the large kitchen, horny as hell, with a hot memory of having fucked my wife until she was dizzy, there. She is wife #2.

    I grabbed a paper towel, whipped out my burning, engorged cock and whipped off a quick, steaming, relieving climax. Zipping up, I turned around and realized my 15 year old step-daughter was in the kitchen and had seen the whole thing. My face got tomato red until I noticed her denim jeans were soaked at her crotch.

    What to do about this incident causes me no end of confusion.

    She and I like each other a lot and I'm afraid where it is all leading.

  • I need to beat myself with my belt again. Wasted my time looking for porn instead of seeking fellowship with God. I am Soo depreased about all of this. Especially because none of it excites me!

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    Christmas day, I was knelt up half naked on the fire side rug with my father in law behind me ramming his huge cock up my soaking wet pussy. When his son, my husband walked in. We thought after all the alcohol he'd drank, and that he'd gone to bed in his old bedroom totally drunk, he'd be out for the rest of the afternoon.

    My husband slurred some incoherent words, slid down onto the floor in the doorway and fell fast asleep. My father in law slid out of my pussy, as I embarrassingly tried to cover up my lower half. But instead of helping his son back to bed, he lifted him onto the sofa, had me kneel up again and slid his cock back into my pussy.

    It was so horny being fucked only feet from my husband, I came in a series of awesome climaxes. Then had another orgasm as my father in law flooded my pussy with his hot sticky cum. By the time my husband woke up and was sober enough to talk, it had gone dark and I'd showered and was making coffee.

    He made some comment about me and his dad fooling around, but almost simultaneously his father and I told him we'd been playing twister. My husband smiled and said "Yeh, I'm not stupid you know, I knew you were".

    Maybe had I have been totally naked we would have been found out, but my husband doesn't have a clue. If he kept himself sober enough to fuck me when I'm horny. Which I have to admit is pretty much all the time. Then just maybe I wouldn't have to seek out his dad to fuck me each week.

    I need money...I'm dead broke
    There are a few guys I know who will pay for a good fuck but should it even be an option
    Do I ask my friend to bring all his Nigerian friends for a few rounds to make through the month

    It's bitter sweet I could use a good fuck myself but I need the money too..
    Do I mix business with pleasure ?

    I hate my body because every time I have an orgasm whether I do it myself or have sex with a guy my pussy gets so wet and like gushes our fluid. It's embarrassing. It makes it look like I wet the bed when we're done. If I am with a guy I really like and want to be with for a long time I don't even want to have an orgasm because I think that he will think something is wrong with me. When I masturbate I have to put a towel under me so it won't get all over the sheets. is this normal and does anyone else have this problem?