We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

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  • Recently had surgery and the incision was made right down the center of my stomach so bending over is quite difficult at the moment. I got out of the hospital last Friday and been figuring out what I can and can't do.

    Showering is difficult. I can't wash from my middle of my groin and down so my mom has to help me. Never thought id ever be in this situation. I get in the shower then a few minutes later she comes in to soap up my butt, legs, penis and testicles. I still manage on my own to shave my pubic area. Once I'm all soaped up she leaves, I grabbed my razor, shaved and rinse off. Although I can't shave my balls and shaft at all my mom has offered to help but I decline, I don't want someone else having a razor down there!

    Now here's the embarrassing part, I am uncut. My mom has to retract my foreskin to wash underneath it and I'm usually rock hard by then. But that doesn't phase her. She just says it's natural for a guy to get erect so don't worry. I should add she's a nurse too so she's seen plenty of nude people. When she pulls my foreskin back I tell her to just leave it back until I was the soap off.

    Then once I'm all done she helps me dry off and which at that point she pulls my foreskin back over my penis head.

    Then it's on to getting dressed. Having your mom help put your briefs on is definitely a challenge. I had to teach her to pull them up, make sure my testicles don't get pinched and that my penis has to be adjusted accordingly. She didn't know all the effort to putting on Men's briefs lol.

    Now masturbation is a different story. I spend all day in just my briefs as it's just easier that way for me. I still have the urge to cum everyday and what I found works best currently is I rub my hard cock in my briefs against my bed. I will just cum in my briefs before I take a shower at night

    So when I was... I'll just say Younger, I was putting together a black cat costume for Halloween. We ordered a set of ears and a tail off of Amazon and when they got to us I took the box straight to my room to try them on. Well it turned out that the set we ordered, the tail was... not a pin-on tail like I expected, it was a butt plug.

    But, at the time I mean I was embarrassed but I also thought it would be a huge hassle and even more embarrassing to take it to mom and have her return it to get a new set, and besides that... it was a butt plug. I had a sex toy. A real one. Up until then I had only used like markers, pens, my favorite hair brush, etc. and I'd never put more than a pen or a finger in my ass. I had been wanting a dildo or a vibrator, but I didn't know how to get those and this just kind of fell in my lap, so I decided to keep it and not tell anyone.

    I figured out how to put the plug in and got used to having it in, then I figured out how to thread the tail over the waistband of the skirt I was going to wear for the costume so it just looked like a pin-on tail and nobody would ask questions. I wore that tail plug the whole night that Halloween going trick or treating and I'd worn it to a few costume events, including one at school, before that. After that I kept it, found other excuses to wear it with the ears, even figured out I could use it like a dildo if I made sure it was clean. I still have it even though it's not the only butt plug/tail plug let alone the only sex toy I have now.

    I wish I had found this site closer to Halloween, I would have posted this then.

  • Couple of years back one of the older lads id been working with came back early and caught me having a wank over this porn mag id found in the loft i could feel my face burning with embarrassment as i pulled up my pants but he said no please, let me, iv wanted this a long time,hes married and im straight but i was bloody aroused by the mag and thought fuck it,My cock was hard and he was feeling it as i stood over him near enough on tip toe against a wall his lips sucking at my cock he seemed to know how to delay me coming so for about a good twenty minutes i was in heaven having my cock sucked and the shaft licked,its a real buzz to tease a guy with your cock so he really wants it and believe me he did,and then i knew i was gonna come and forced it deeper, he somehow took it pulled at my bum and i shot my load ,Felt a bit, for fucks sake what have i done but it soon passed so i am getting my cock sucked,keeping my mouth shut and so what he love`s sucking my cock,He said he`s waited years to experience it but could not face the embarrassment of a chance meeting in some toilet or even get arrested and lose his wife and family,

    My dad is a huge jerk.
    There was about 20 of us camping. It was friends and family.
    I was hanging out with the older boys. They were drinking. I wanted a drink. As soon as I put the beer bottle to my lips my dad shows up. We're in the middle of the woods I didn't even hear him coming.
    He says "young lady you are not old enough to drink". The boys start laughing.
    My dad is scolding me in front of them going on and on about how disrespectful this is. At the end of his rant he grabs my arm and loudly tells me I just earned myself a trip over his knee. The boys are howling with laughter.
    I'm telling him no and trying to struggle my arm away. We stop and he whacks my ass. He says "do I need to bare your bottom right here?"
    I say "no sir". We continue on.
    We get to our tent and he tells me get in there and get your pants off. As I'm going in I see the boys gave moved closer. My dad yells for my mom and loudly tells her I have a punishment coming and he'll be out in a few.
    I know not to make him wait so before he gets in the tent I have already taken off my pants.
    I have to lay down on my back and lift my feet. At this point he is using his hand on my underwear covered butt.
    He tells me to pull them off and roll over. Now comes the belt on my bare butt. The slaps are fast and loud. I am crying and begging him to stop. I know people can hear me but I can't help it.
    He finally stops and tells me to get dressed and find some place to sit.
    I have to stay with him for the rest of the day.
    Upon leaving the tent I see the boys. They are still laughing. I'm so embarrassed. I've come to hate camping.
    I wanted to hide somewhere.

  • Last night I found myself taken into a friend's bathroom and spanked hard by my husband.
    I begged him to wait until we got home but he said we needed to handle this now.
    I back talked one too many times.
    Once in the bathroom he told me to pull up my skirt and drop my panties. He sat on the bathtub and took me over his lap.
    The slaps were hard and very loud.
    After what seemed like a long time I was let up and told to fix my clothes.
    I washed the tears off of my face and we went back to our friends. Everyone was quiet and looking at us when we went back in the room.
    Hubby told me to go sit down and slowly the conversations started back up.
    I was embarrassed thinking that everyone heard me getting spanked.

    A good friend will offer to drive you to the emergency room when the pull ring for your cheap, faulty, ripoff ass anal beads breaks off and leaves them stuck up your ass where you can't reach.

    A great, close, perfect, beautiful, fantastic, saint of a friend who you owe your life to and will stay friends with forever because she's irreplaceable will pull them out of your ass with her own damn hand and let you sleep on her couch afterward because it's the middle of the night, you're just a little too buzzed, and walking hurts.

    I shared on office with a guy while we worked at Brand X. He was nice enough, but he had a habit of looking. Looking at my tits, looking at my ass, looking at my cleavage, looking at my crotch, looking at my lips and my eyes. He looked at me all the time, he would sit there and describe to me how he was undressing me and how my boobs were, he imagined, and how my legs were, and how my pussy was, he imagined. While he talked he would get an erection and as he sat beside me he turned his chair and rubbed his erection in his pants and would describe how he was fucking me, he imagined, and how his dick was sliding into my vagina. Sometimes he would ejaculate and he would have to hide his wet spot on his jeans. I always got wet. He would ask me to describe how his dick felt in my mouth, how his dick felt when it was penetrating my pussy. But it was talk, I never sucked his dick and he never fucked my pussy.

    One Monday he came to work and told me that he and two buddies had gone to a strip joint. He described the girls and their tits and how they bent over and moved their hips in their face, and how he could see their swollen pussy in their G-string. He asked me to hike up my skirt, bend over and pull my panties tight so he could see my pussy in my panties. Of course I did not agree. He took out his dick and masturbated for me. He was showing me his erect dick and he asked to see my pussy, so I opened my legs and pulled up my skirt so he could see my pussy in my panties. He ejaculated onto the carpet and told me to go get a paper towel and wipe it up.

    At night I masturbated, I masturbated imagining his erect dick in my pussy. I had a hand held friend, that I used, it was rubber penis that I had inherited from my college roommate. M.y pussy filled with my friend, dreaming of his erect dick, dreaming of his dick shooting his cum onto the carpet, I got off orgasm after orgasm.

    One Thursday, Thursday's were ladies night at the strip club, I asked him to take me. At the strip club I showed him which girls he should ask for, and we agreed not spend more than $200 dollars, and he called the girls to come over and dance for me, to let their boobs out in my face and to bend over and spread their legs open and let me look at their swollen pussy in their G-strings. He watched me, he looked hard at my tits and told me he wanted my tits real bad. He told me he wanted my pussy real bad. No one was going to know that he fucked me, but he had to get to my pussy.

    In the car after we left the club he couldn't keep his hands off of me and stripped open my shirt and got my boobs out and he wanted to fuck me right there. We went straight to my apartment and he pushed me on to my bed and stripped my pants off and ate my pussy. While he was eating me I got the rest of me naked, and pushed him off and spread my legs and told him to fuck me.

    His dick was hard in my hand, he got on me and I found my vagina with his dick head and he shoved in. It was nothing like my friend, which is lifeless, hard but lifeless, his dick was hard and hot and was tearing me up, and then, he lost his erection, he just willowed away to nothing, his dick slipped out of my pussy and I was left half fulfilled, wet and miserable, no dick to fuck me.

    All that time talking about it, all that time thinking about it, the evening getting horny watching girls dance naked in front of me, and all I had was my heart shutting down and he was laying on his back with his limp dick apologizing.

    No need for anyone to report that we were fucking around at work.

    My girlfriend left me for another guy who is a complete douchebag who cheats on her constantly. To make matters worse I saw him at a party recently and I got a little drunk and called him out on it because he was trying to pick up another girl there. He didn't react to me at all but I went to piss a while later he came into the bathroom with me. When I saw him behind me I turned around and he punched me in the side of the head and knocked me down. I was stunned but tried to get up. When I got to my knees he grabbed my throat and head and stared choking me. He was much stronger than me and I couldn't get loose of his grip. I was about to pass out when he released me and said "you're going to suck my cock or you're not walking out of here" I said " fuck you" but he grabbed me again by the throat And began choking me again. I really thought I was going to die but he let go again and this time he'd pulled his pants down and put his very big smelly cock in my face. "Take in it in your mouth bitch. Bite me and I'll tear your eyes out". I just opened my mouth and he shoved hi# dick in. I gagged and my eyes watered but he just grabbed the back of my head and forced himself down my throat. His cock tasted like he hadn't washed in a while and I almost puked when he said "how does your girls c**t taste bitch? I just fucked her tight little pussy before I came here. Your sucking the dick that's fuckin your bitch" I had tears running down my face and thought I Couldn't be more humiliated until he grabbed me by the hair and shoved me backward. I fell back against the toilet and he slammed the lid down and shoved me over it. I tried to stand up but he punched me in the back of the head knocking me forward over it. Before I could regain my s3neses he had my pants s down and I heard him spit and then he savagely shoved his cock deep in my ass. I had Been trying to stay tough and keep some dignity but at this point the pain was Overwhelming and despite myself I was crying and begging for him to stop. The only granted several times and thankfully after about three strokes I felt him start cumming inside me. It seemed to go on forever but finally he whimpered and pulled out of me. I was completely humiliated as I felt him gushing out of me all over and down my legs. He leaned over near my ear and said "That's a first for me. Fucking a bitch and her man in the same day" He last got up and begin walking up. Right before he walked out of the door he said "If it makes you feel any better you're a lot better than she is".

    I clean myself up and left. I didn't tell anybody and pretty well didn't leave my house for about a week. The worst part of all girl was about a week afterwards I got a call from my ex-girlfriend I couldn't imagine that he had told her what hed done but the humiliation wasn't over. When she called she was crying and she said "I Broke it off with Armando. I hope I never see him again. I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry about what happened between us and also let you know you should get yourself checked for std's because he gave me Chlamydia".

  • So the other day my son walked in on me fucking his 19 year old girlfriend. Now I never intended to do it even though I had thought about it.

    She has been staying at my house for a while with my son. Now she is a tiny little Asian girl maybe only 95 lbs. She is flat chested but she had a little bubble in her butt. She was cute as hell.

    Now it happens cause she caught me masturbating to Asian porn and got turned on by the size of my dick. Apparently mine is bigger than my son's.

    Anyway long story short she was riding me and she is a screamer. I thought it was gonna be a few hours before my son got home. But he obviously heard her and came in to my room and saw us and screamed what the fuck we were doing but she didn't stop cause she was about to cum and the spasms of her puss pushed me over the edge and I came inside of her as my son watched in horror. I feel like shit and he won't talk to me now. I know I am horrible person. But honestly I would fuck her again, she was so tight. And was kinda hot cause it was a little forbidden.