We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Several years ago I got caught wanking in my dads garden shed by a neighbour of ours. She told me she wouldn't say anything to anyone, but I was so embarrassed and shitting myself she would, I stayed out of her way for months.
Fast forward to eight weeks ago. I'm at home, my parents are at my new flat decorating it as a kind of surprise for me. There's a knock at the door and our neighbour is stood there dressed in a short black dress. She's a little tipsy, but not drunk. She said she wanted to speak my mother about a church fate they're both involved in. Stopping short of what she was saying though, she smirked and said "You still playing with that big cock of yours". It's been seven years since she caught me, yet she still looks stunning at thirty eight. Without thinking I replied "Wanna find out".

We're both naked on the loung rug. I'm behind her banging the fuck out of her gorgeous pussy, which I spent an age licking out as she sucked on my dick. Pulling her hair back, I'm also reaching round and squeezing her left tit. That's when the lounge door opens and in walks my mum and dad. The thing is I didn't see them straight away and reached my orgasm. I came pumping my cum up her tight pussy and told her just how great a fuck she is. Only then did I hear my mother say "Well she might be a great fuck, but you can fuck her in your own flat from now on".

Talk about embarrassing. I nearly shit myself. And as for my beautiful neighbour, my mum and dad said they weren't getting involved with the fact she'd cheated on her husband, as I apologized for the umpteenth time. My mum and dad have stuck to their word about not saying anything, and I know their neighbour has kept her head down as far as the church stuff, plus seeing them near home. But she's not only had my cock in her that one time, as my parents neighbour now visits my flat almost daily to enjoy me and my cock. It might have been embarrassing at first, but now I'm having the time of my life with a woman who's husband enjoys being drunk, more than he does fucking her. His loss.

It started as the most embarrassing thing of my life. It has turned into a situation I'm enjoying!
I own a real estate office and for twenty years I have been crossdressing. I meet guys 2,3 times per month in my office after hours..
About a year ago I had a date with a guy I'd been with a few times. I was enjoying him so much I failed to hear the office door open. John,my sales manager stepped in to see me dressed getting my ass pounded by my black friend! I looked up and as he said " oh my god,I'm so sorry " shut the door and he left the building. My friend finished in my butt as my mind raced.
John is a great guy and very ambitious, always trying to make more money. The next day he came to my office and shut the door. He announces he has an idea. He will keep it secret if I'm willing to go along with his plan. He explained he was going to essentially be my pimp! I had no choice and agreed.
He placed an ad on Craigslist and soon I became a crossdressing prostitute. I have no idea how much John is making but he bought a new BMW!

My mom seriously told 3 of her friends about my dick, balls a d underwear one afternoon. They were sitting outside doing their normal talking and what not. One of her friends was shopping on amazon on her phone a d she brought up what kind of underwear her husband and two sons wear. They all chimed in on what kinda underwear their husbands and son wore.

My mom tells her friends she still buys me tighty whities. They all said no one wears those anymore. But my mom said my husband bad my son do. They each have a big package and they need the support and security. All her friends looked at me and laughed.

What sucks is her one friend has a daughter I've been wanting to go out with for years. I'm sure she'll hear about my big dick now and my tighty whities.

I'm 8.5" long and thick. It's hard to find someone who will have sex with a big dick like that! Exactly why I'm still a virgin

  • So, my mother decided to come by to my apartment today when i wasnt home and usually i leave my door unlocked for my GF to get home. I told her to tell me when she is coming over, or anyone to tell us when they are coming over.

    She never called, showed up and we werent home and were on our way home from work.

    Well, i guess she checked in the bedroom and when she did she obviously seen the book sitting right there on my bed, pages opened that described in detail exactly how id screw my cousin and pretty much wreck her and impregnate her.

    well, thats not even it... and what she doesnt know wont hurt her.

    I was send on a business trip to attend a conference as were a few other people from work. It was 2 guys and 2 women. Us two guys shared a room and the 2 women shared a room. I went for a quick workout before dinner and the other 3 decided they would go down to the hotel bar for drinks and I was to meet them down there later. I finished my workout and went back to my room to grab a shower. I stepped out of the bathroom still towel drying my hair with the towel basically covering my head. I must have being doing this for a minimum of about 20 seconds when I hear a sound. I took the towel off my head to see the other 3 in the room looking at me. I was naked. The other guy had let them in and I was surprised to find them there. One of the women calmly asked if I wanted them to leave. I said it would be a good idea but the other woman said it was a little too late and for me just to finish up. I decided to just finish toweling off in the bathroom and then grabbed my clothes and got dressed. I got dressed in the room and they were there when I did so. We then went for dinner and that was it for the evening,

    After we got back from the trip the women did make some comments to others in the office about what they saw.

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    My wife pegs me. There it is I said it. She's a high flying executive with a lot of stress and when she's feeling a need to get rid of her aggression my hole helps her out. There's no foreplay she walks in and demands I adopt the position she lubes me up and gets to it. I does hurt but she doesn't seem to care. She often spanks me and calls me bitch boy. Lately i'm expected to wear a hood as she does me facing the mirror, I look at myself I seem to have no identity i'm nothing, nobody just a toy for my assertive wife. When she's done I serve her dinner and as she eats I go to bathroom and cry.

    I'm 18, a high school senior, and angry and embarrassed as Hell. I volunteered to help make scenery for our holiday play. We've been working on it for awhile, me and three other gals. They're kind of nerdy and plain and I'm very outgoing, pretty, busty. I thought we were getting along. I've tried to be friendly. Several days ago during 5th period study hall we were constructing cardboard buildings in a very large storage room. We were using duct tape and in fun I attached strips of tape to their backs and faces. I thought we were having fun. One of them hung a long strip from my nose and I walked around letting it dangle. It was almost time for our next class and we began neatening the place up when two of the girls grabbed my shoulders and the other one taped my wrists behind my back. I played along thinking (hoping) it was a joke but as they began winding the tape around me I started to get angry and asked them to stop. The tape is quite wide and quickly my legs were bound from my ankles to my thighs and then they taped my upper body. Still hoping they were joking I said we better get ready for class but one of them taped my mouth and the three then carried me to a chair and rushed out.
    I sat there for a minute or so thinking they'd return but then stood up and tried getting loose. It was absolutely impossible so I hopped to the door hoping someone would walk by but the hall in this part of the school was empty so I started hopping down the hall close to the wall so I wouldn't fall. I think it took me about three minutes to get to the main hallway where I heard a lot of voices. Now I felt so embarrassed to be seen this way I actually considered hopping back to that storage room but I kept going. As soon as I entered the intersection a bunch of kids and teachers came over and started laughing and cracking jokes while I stood there going "mmmphh" and shaking my head from side to side. Then a bunch of hands began unwrapping me - someone said "Save her mouth for last" - and I stood there utterly mortified feeling ridiculous. Someone of course asked "What happened" and I just said we were joking around so a teacher told me to get to class. Now I'm being teased constantly and am trying, with difficulty, to laugh along with the teasing. I did, however, quit the scenery committee rather than face those three girls. Retaliating would show it really bothered me and I don't want anyone to know that. Oh, Hell, I'll wait a few days and really get even!

    My sister in law was a model at one time. She still has the sexy body. She has boyfriends here and there but never marry. When she ask me to help her move to an apartment I agree. The day of the moving she had on just a lose tee shirt with no bra and yoga pants that I couldn't see any pantie line.

    I will make it short and cut to the point. I thought she was down stair loading up things in the U-Haul. I was up stair putting things in the box. I was in her bedroom and saw her panties and bra drawers sitting on the bed ready to be box up.

    I got arouse looking at them sexy panties and decided to grab several pairs and start smelling them. I even put a pair in my mouth. Suddenly she was standing by the doorway looking at me and said you like smelling them. My face turn red just like that. Told her I was sorry it won't happen again. She said no need to be sorry I'm used to that. If we get done early you can smell the REAL thing pointing at her pussy.

    I was hurrying and get things done. I was able to smell her pussy and she have me eat it. She cum in my mouth and squirted all over my face. She said next time I get to fuck her. I can't wait.

  • Around this time of year last year (Just before Halloween) my fiancee caught me fucking her mom in their home. We'd all been drinking and my future wife crashed out. Jayne my fiancee's mom asked me if I'd ever played any kind of strip card game. Pretending to be playing some kind of card game I didn't understand for about five minutes, she said "Screw this, lets fuck". Sucking on my dick for some time first, she then had me then lick out her pussy and ass. I'd just about driven my cock up Jayne's bushy c**t from behind, when my fiancee walked into the kitchen where I was thrusting hard into her mom. She screamed out loud, but for some bizarre reason, Jayne told me to just carry on. I was so embarrassed for myself and Jayne, but mostly for my fiancee. However Jayne didn't bat an eyelid and even backed onto my cock as I'd slowed down. About to pull out, my fiancee walked over drunkenly and slapped me, but then said sluringly "Well you might as well finish off the fuck". So I did.
    Jayne orgasmed well before I did and was about to orgasm again, as I came hard up her pussy. Totally having forgotten about my fiancee, I turned to see her leant over a breakfast bar stool, watching my cock slide out of her moms well fucked pussy. All she said as she tried to get off the stool and I let my cock flop forwards was "Don't think you'll be fucking me without washing that". Jayne put her to bed and I joined her to smoke some weed. She told me it was a one off, but it hasn't been, not by a long way.
    It was extremely embarrassing the next morning facing my fiancee, but she didn't seem too bothered about the previous nights events, especially when her mom apologized and gave her a huge hug. It left me feeling awkward until I told them was going. My fiance kissed me hard and passionately in front of her mom and told me she loved me. Turning to her mom she told her that I was hers, but then added "But". Nothing else was said as I left them to go to work. And hardly anything has been said since. My fiancee knows I'm still fucking her mom, yet doesn't say much. All she does say is "Keep her happy" Nothing else, no elaboration, just that. And our wedding day has now been set for sometime next July.