We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Wanna talk about embarrassing.

Was getting ready for church today. Took a shower and proceeded to my room to get dressed. My mom had my church cloths laying out on my bed. White button down shirt, black dress pants, black socks and white briefs. She always makes sure I wear briefs to church because they are more modest than my boxers she says. It's what ever, I'm cool wearing briefs one day a week.

Was getting dressed. Had my shirt, undand socks on. I figured I'd have enough time to blow a load before my mom got ready so I laid in my bed, pulled my dick out the fly of my briefs and was jerking away.

Was going at it fairly good, enjoying it since I don't masturbate often. Didn't expect my mom to get out of the shower and dressed so fast but she opened my door and saw me jerking. She said put your penis back in your briefs and put your pants and shoes on, we have to leave in a minute. I was totally embarrassed so I tried to cover my hard on with my shirt and she said once more put it away, you can finish that masturbating church as she walked away.

We've been home now for 3 hours and I'm way to embarrassed to masturbate let alone look my mom in her eyes! Great to know now my mom has seen my uncut hard on out of my briefs. Dang I'm embarrassed. I'm glad my foreskin was covering my head, that hide all my precum!

  • I can't last with my wife these days at all. She's the same age as me and in the last few years, she has really bloomed sexually. We've been together for over 15 years and were each others' firsts and it's just been getting better and better. The problem is, as we've gotten better, my performance time has gotten shorter and shorter. Her blowjob went from being meh to the best I've ever had over the years. She loves sucking me and will spend a good portion of our time together showering my cock and balls with affection with her mouth, tongue, and tiny hands.

    Yesterday, she made herself cum once with her vibrator, I helped her cum again with some hard and fast fingering, then she rolled over and gave herself up to me from behind. I lasted maybe two minutes before flooding her pussy, and I moaned like an idiot when it happened. So damn good! 30s sex has been amazing so far and exploring her body has never been so much fun or meaningful. Just wish she was bad at pleasing me so I wouldn't get off so quick.

    Last weekend I came home from the shopping and wanted to put my new dress on. I opened the door and my wife was busy with our friend.

    She watch this to our friend and she made me undress to show my hose panties and bra and my tiny penis. They laughed at me.

    Our friend became very dominant and I became his submissive. He said that he was the man here now and I will be a good little girl or else. My wife said, "Get into position bitch". I got on all fours and she used a large strap on but after 5 minutes she stopped.

    I thanked her and then our friend told me that it is his right to keep me feminine. Then my ass was filled and I begged him to go deeper and harder.

    My wife said that she is no longer my wife we are Andy's wife's now so your little penis will not be allowed to cum but if you do you will swallow every drop.

    I am amazed at how much bigger and better Andy's cock is than my penis. Thank God for his huge cock.

  • How old is too old to be spanked by your parents?
    My parents hate when I swear. Whenever they hear me I get an old fashioned bare bottom spanking over their knee.
    I'm 18 still living at home.
    My mom leaves it up to my dad. She'll tell me wait til your father gets home.
    I have to bare my ass and lay over his lap. It's so embarrassing. My cousin was present about a month ago. She said are you serious as she watched me get spanked.
    I need to move out of my parents home.

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  • I was not a virgin at 18. I haven't however been with any females and I never will.

    When I was 18 I had a drug connect who I was afraid to tell that I am a transgender woman. He rides a really big Harley Davidson and has tattoos. He is much bigger than I am and he has man muscles and my arms and legs are just girlish. I was afraid.

    Then yesterday we were talking, well I was listening to him talk about his cock and how horny he was. I looked over and saw that he was telling me the truth. I only looked for a second ok more like 20 seconds.

    Then he pushed it in my face and smelled it and I put my tongue out and licked. He stopped and said, "Go put on that sexy dress I heard you are sexy in it then come back and do all you want to my cock". I slowly got up playing with his cock.

    I took off my pants and he saw my pantyhose and asked, "Is your cock gone already"? I said no it is just not a cock any penis this small can never be called a dick or a cock maybe clit. He took my top off and saw my pretty pink bra and my small "C" cups. My loose top hide them. He grabbed my ass and said to hurry up and change. I was back in a minute.

    I was wearing my sexiest little black mini dress so short that any man would show off their cock but I don't have enough to be seen. I got on my knees and I took his big cock until I gagged and I relaxed my throat and took more.

    Then he stopped and put me on all fours and made me bark like a dog and beg for his cock deep in my ass. I did everything he wanted me to and I let him make me his cum slut. I was so happy with him and being submissive to him is so natural for me and I love it and him.

    I told him that I would love to cook and clean for him and you can take me whenever you get horny. I am in his bed after his blowjob I get to work it until I get him hard again and then I get him deep inside my ass until he cums, it takes a lot longer after the blowjob. Sometimes he lasts so long it hurts and I cry while I beg him to keep going harder.

    I have slept in his bed and he held me and his cock was tucked sweetly at my ass. I hope he asks me to move in and be his girlfriend. He knows that my boobs are small but still growing and my mom and sisters all have "DD"s and my doctor said I should be at least "D" cups but I be lucky and get "DD"s, fingers crossed.

    I love his big muscles and rubbing his body. I have never been so attracted to any man before and I want to be his girl more than anything in the world. Bill is the man I love and want to marry him. I will do anything to make him love me. Being his girl is the most important thing in my life and I will not fail.

    I can't wait to wear my wedding dress being walked down the aisle to him. I will be the perfect girl all the time. I have wanted to be with him the first time I saw him. Now everyone I was afraid to tell knows and I have thrown away all things that are men things. My collectable dolls are prettier without any male things. My body is prettier in dresses with my curves and boobs. My ass has always been curvy and feminine even before the estrogen but is bigger since the estrogen.

    I want to do everything for him and with him. I would be so happy to spend every minute with him and doing things for him. My size 8 dresses are getting me lots of attention from the only man I want it from. He told me to have my hair fixed and makeup on. I am ready and my hair and makeup is to die for.

    I want to be so pretty and make him so proud of me. I am 5'2" and very small. I have ladies size 6 1/2 shoe size. My hands are small too, like they say big hands and feet big dick so my small hands and feet mean that yes it is very small. I am way shorter than 2 inches and thank God it can't get hard.

    God knew that I needed the smallest penis he had and I have it. A little less than half as long as a bic lighter and smaller around than the bic lighter.

    I was a normal guy when married my wife. I think?

    After a month of talking me into being a good cuckold "girl" I agreed to try it. She called me a good girl and told me to call my best and tell him to, "come over and make my wife feel what a real man can do to her".

    I was given a sexy lingerie with stockings and garter belt and high heels. When he rang the doorbell my wife said, "Ok slut go let him in". I opened the door and he said, "You weren't kidding about him wearing sexy things".

    I said, "When did you two talk about this"? My wife looked at me and lifted my lingerie and she said, "I told you he has a super small penis". Then she opened his pants and out popped 8 big inches of soft cock.

    My best friend grabbed me and he is much bigger and stronger than me. He said, "Your lovely wife promised that you want to suck my cock to get it hard but I know that you really want to taste my cum".

    I was just taking his big cock in my mouth and he told me that my wife has always been very tight for me. My wife laughed and said, "Well that is why you never felt my pussy because after our "sex" John was the man of our life.

    I was trying not to gag but first my wife pushing my head down and saying, "That's a good girl gag on your new Love's cock. We decided yesterday that you will dress and be our sex princess but you only get John"

    She told me to tell him how much you love his big cock. I did my best to say it but she and John were pushing my head down. John told my wife he was about to cum and should they warn the SLUT? Me, and she said no she needs to get used to it like the pretty girl she is.

    My mouth filled with a wonderful warm sticky salty sweet cum. I tried to swallow but my mouth full he shot my face too.

    I decided right then that I was not making any mistakes and with sperm all over my face I smiled and said, "I am so happy to be a good girl for you and be the beta female to the real girl".

    Only married for 29 days and I am so lucky to have been nudged into my true calling, my penis is extremely small and my wife is the only female I have ever been with. In the nine months of dating and one married we had sex 3 times. John kept her happy. She told me that we were having more sex than normal.

    My first 30 days as a girl I did all housework and was learning to cook. Plus 2 or more blowjobs and/or sex a day. I was happy. My wife gets 3 or more times a day, lucky girl I am so jealous.

    Within 30 days of my change my breasts got sore and began to grow. My wife said she started me on testosterone blockers 6 months before the wedding and estrogen 1 month before. She giggled and said, "You are just a much better person this way. I agree.

    I hugged her and thanked her over and over for giving me this wonderful opportunity to see my feminine side. She said she thought I would be mad. I asked, "How could anyone get mad at becoming a girl, it is the best thing in the world to be a girl".

    I am a little scared today I am being introduced to a man who can make me his girlfriend. I have heard rumors that he buys girls for sex slaves or turn me into a prostitute. I don't know if it's true but my wife said, "You will be a great little whore girl". I am dressed like a slut without panties to show off how much the estrogen shrunk my already small penis and testicles the size of small raisins.

    He is here I will finish soon.

    Well he said he likes me and grabbed my ass and boob and asked if I wanted to be a prostitute and get lots of sex. I said if he would protect me. I was tried out to make sure I am Good with cock. My wife said, "She is good with cock. In 10 months I only let her try to be a man 3 times then after one month married she was in lingerie and taking big cock.

    He pulled out a huge vibrator almost 2 feet and very thick. I was sucking him and my wife took the vibrator turned it on high and pushed it hard and deep into my ass. She was encouraging me to suck more. Then my new pimp said, "Push it in as deep as you can so I know how much makes her cry". She said that it will hurt but you can take a lot.

    It felt like the whole thing but I only took 14 inches before crying like a girl. He said that was great but next week i would take 17 - 19 inches.

    I am being called to go with him. My wife said that she needs me to sign papers so her and John can get married and I am free to marry a man too. I am lucky to have been turned into a girl and discover how wonderful big hard cock is and how delicious sperm is. My tiny penis is not able to get hard at all, so lucky.

    So at my last physical, my doctor said he needed to check my sexual responses and asked me to masturbate so he could check my arousal, and ideally orgasm. I was kind of clumsy at it so after a few minutes of staring at my vagina, he just asked if I'd like him to do it, or if I would prefer a nurse or something.. I didn't want to involve any additional people as it was embarrassing enough, so I said he could do it. He took off his rubber glove and fingered me for a few minutes, which is all it took to have an orgasm. He really really knew what he was doing, it was so gentle and smooth but right to the point. He seemed totally dispassionate and professional. Then he just looked inside a bit, pulled the hood back on my clitoris, and went on with the exam.
    Is this a normal part of teen girls' exams or was this doctor extra thorough?

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