Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all!

This isn't about my fetish, it's about my neighbor's daughters. For the last few months, Jessica has been home from school and doing nothing important with her life. I work as a waiter/bartender at a local club and get home around 3am usually. I wake around noon, and after checking social media, I bring a cup of coffee out to the pool area, clean the pool and either float in the pool or tan on a lounge chair. Almost every time I come out to relax, Jessica comes out and lays out in her bikini in her yard. For the last 2 weeks, she has gotten bolder and bolder with how she exposes herself to me knowing no one else can see us. This past weekend, I could see her fingers rubbing her mound and slipping into her bathing suit bottoms.

Jess knows I'm in a relationship with Darren, but this has become a regular thing for her. At 19 years old, she is aware of my sexuality and still finds it funny to do this. I realized that Jessica has no intention of stopping her show, so I walked over, let my self into her yard and asked why she needed to show herself to me knowing I'm taken. She didn't even cover up as she kept playing with herself and explained that she knew I was spoken for but she has had a crush on me for years and if she could't have me, she would at least let me know how she felt.

I told her that it made me uncomfortable, and asked her to stop. That's when she told me that my erection was showing! Under my swimsuit, I was hard looking at a girl. She reached into the waistband of my trunks and grabbed my cock and licked the tip then put it away. Jessica asked if her tongue felt any different than a man's. I told her that I really couldn't say. She pulled down my suit and started giving me head . I just stood there in her yard as she sucked me on her knees, playing with my sack and licking my cock with an evil smirk. When I told her we need to stop, she said she would stop when she was finished with me. I looked around and realized no one could see us unless they were flying overhead, so I stood there like a moron and let her continue. Head from a girl was different, but enjoyable. Jess reached up and pinched my nipple hard and started tugging on my piercing. She got off her knees and started licking my nipple. I must have moaned because she ..(continue confession)

  • Turkey is in the news. I lived in Ankara for four years. Over there being gay is a one way street. If you are penetrated, then your gay. If you do the penetrating then you just have a like for boys. I was gay.

    I have always had a fetish for large barrel chested bears. The older the better. Sixty is my sweet spot when it comes to men. In Turkey there are many older large men. And they like boy sex. And they like American boys. I was there from 17 to 21 during my father's posting. I had no problem finding men.

    My first man was the driver of my mother's car. Once he found out I wanted it, he took over and when he picked me up from school he had more than place to go and let me suck his cock, and give him my ass. I was 17 then. I met other men, and by the time we returned to D.C. I had been a favorite at parties for rich men wit a fetish for boys.

    Since my return and knowing many phrases in Turkish I have found men to my liking who like smooth guys. I dress and act younger, it makes them see me more to their liking.

    I went to a leather bar over a month ago and while I was in the corner just looking around, an older man came over, started talking to me, and introduced himself as Daniel. As we talked, he came in closer and started rubbing my crotch and he said do you mind? I said no and he said my partner Martin is here too, would you like to come to our place tonight for some fun? I said I suppose I can and he said either it is yes or no so what is it to be? I said yes, he said wait for me, will get Martin, and we can go. When he came back, Martin asked me if I liked having my arse used by all cocks, toys and anything that could go up me and I said yes. They said great – do you mind if we invite a few friends over too? I said sounds good to me.

    We arrived half an hour later at their place and they took me to a playroom with a low-slung breeding seat in the centre. They asked me to get naked and get into the seat and they strapped me in and then to my surprise, put a ball gag in my mouth. Then they said so you keep you quiet when the dogs start fucking you. I started squirming, trying to say no and Martin slapped my arse, and laughed, saying, well you did say you like all cocks using your arse so relax. I saw that men were arriving and that several dogs came into the room. Daniel then said glad you could all come tonight – as usual, our dog starts first. The dog did not take long to mount and as he started fucking me, I got hard and when he knotted me, I shot what felt like the biggest load of cum ever.

    Four other dogs then fucked me and after the last dog finished, as Martin released me he said, be seeing you next weekend right? I said yes and Daniel said thought so. Since then, Daniel and Martin have organised an extra four dogs to fuck me along with the five dogs that fucked me on that first night, so every Saturday night so far, nine dogs fuck me. In addition to them, there are also two dogs where I suck their cocks.

    I want to find another man who lives close to me who wants to wear panties with me. Seeing a nice cock bulging in some sexy panties (limp or hard) drives me crazy! A cock bulging in panties makes my mouth water. I always get sooo turned on and sooo horny whenever I wear panties. I'd love to find another panty wearing man close by to get together with at his place on a very regular basis. Playing with other as we're both wearing panties all day long. Taking turns reaching into each other's panties, giving each other slow and intense handjobs making each other soak our panties. Taking turns teasing each other's cock with our finger tips. Watching and feeling each other's cock growing harder and harder in our panties. Then slowly pull each other's panties down and sensually suck each other off. Take turns fucking each other while both of us are wearing our panties. Modeling our panties for each other, playing with each other all day long! Changing panties and make each other cum hard over and over, again and again all day long! Now if I could only find someone...

    I dropped out of college and went from restaurant to restaurant working as a waiter. I got this job at a bar that served food and we got off at 2 a.m. The bartender had been there forever and he ran the floor from the bar. One night he asked me to stay and help him clean up, he would pay for the extra hour. He was gay and he gave me the choice of becoming gay or losing my job. I didn't care about the job, I wanted to suck his naked cock. He kept telling me I wanted it and I stood there not being able to leave. He started to masturbate until I just had to suck his cock. I went gay that night, I sucked him off and let him fuck me.

    Waking up naked beside him the next day was like having a hangover. We worked nights, so it was around eleven when I woke up. He was on his back, a fifty year old man naked man with a huge beer belly snoring and he had fucked me the night before. I was naked and I got up looking for my underwear which I found out in the living room. Most of his clothes were there too. I was confused I didn't remember getting undressed there. I went to the bathroom and took some toilet paper to touch my ass and I had blood on it. Not a lot, just a couple of small spots. I used his toothpaste and my finger to brush my teeth.

    My idea was to get dressed and leave. But he woke up and told me to stay. After we showered and he made some eggs and bacon we sat down to listen to music. I was sitting quietly on the couch he came over and picked up my face and kissed me. To me that is the memory that I was in fact gay. I was till in the same clothes from the night before but that didn't matter to him. He wanted to fuck one more time before we went to work that night. I became his boy at the bar and he made it clear to everyone that I was his boy. Everyone that worked there knew he was gay, but no one had told me. Now every one there knew I was his boy and I was gay too.

    The old man was into fucking. But he also liked getting his cock sucked. I preferred to suck his cock than to fuck, but he wanted to fuck so I let him. I worked there for a year and then ..(continue confession)

    From the outset, I am a submissive but that's not what my confession is about.

    I get a huge thrill from my wife farting on, near and sometimes actively 'at' me. The turn on is, that she thinks so little of me as a husband or breadwinner as to not even have to excuse her farting... Just let it go. It doesn't matter if we're in the mall, or on the beach or in bed... She just farts and expects me, as I always do, to accept it.

    My absolute favorite thing is, when I am told to masturbate rather than trouble her with my sexual needs, she lies in the bed facing away from me quite often reading or checking her cell and farts loudly as I masturbate, which has me cumming so hard and fast that is sprays over her ass... And my next job is ALWAYS... To clean that mess up.


    In college I went to a party. I woke up in a room tied face down to a bed with a gag in my mouth and a blindfold and a woman poking me with an electric probe to keep myself on my knees and guys were coming up behind me and fucking me. How many came while I was still out I don't know. When the men left she took the gag out of my mouth and let me drink some water through a straw and then put the gag back on. I fell asleep tied to the bed. I woke up having to pee real bad, I couldn't talk because of the gag in my mouth, I ended up peeing the bed. In the morning when she came in and saw that I had peed the bed she whipped me tearing the skin on my butt. I still have the scars.

    She put a belt around my middle and put handcuffs on my wrists and handcuffed my hands behind my back to the belt. She got me up and took me to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet and told me to go. After I finished she put me in the tub and washed me down, wrapped me and dried me off, locked me to a small chair. She took the gag out of my mouth and gave me some water to drink through a straw and then told me to keep my mouth shut and not talk and she sat down on the bed to eat. She would grab my hair and open my mouth and put the chewed food in my mouth with her tongue. If I didn't swallow she used the electric probe on me. She fed me that way, put the gag back in my mouth and took me back to the toilet to pee.

    She put put me down on my back and locked me to the bed again. She used the electric prod to get me to open my legs and told me she was going to eat pussy. She got on me all the way, her face in my face and she picked up the bottom of the blindfold and told me that I had to good because she didn't like punishing me. She fed me the same way during the day, first she chewed what she wanted me to eat and then she passed it into my mouth with her tongue until I swallowed it. The next night she said she I needed to drink and she gave me more water through a straw. When I woke up I was dressed in my clothes and ..(continue confession)

    I was on a trip through Europe going from office to office, meeting with lawyers, customers, vendors. In Amsterdam I went to dinner with one of our lawyers. After dinner, it was a very nice night, he suggested we cruise the red light district. We stopped at a pub and had a beer, talked and he told me he lived alone, he wasn't married, 37. I asked him if he had just not met the right girl. He laughed and said no, actually he liked men not women.

    The conversation went down that rabbit hole, he asked me if it had ever been something I had thought of, he suggested softly that sex and gay were different, he knew more than one man who looked for sex with a young man. When he invited me to go to his apartment I had been drinking too much. We left, picked up his scooter and rode through the night and came up on a non descript building. The apartment was small, little living area and kitchen, one small bedroom and tiny bathroom.

    He offered the bathroom, put on some techno beat music, and when I came out he followed me to the bathroom. Once out he was direct, lets first try a blowjob, he would go first. I wasn't drunk anymore, he was very comfortable and had me on his small couch giving me a blowjob. He stopped, smiled and took his pants off and offered me his penis. I hesitated in my mind but not in my actions, soon I was reciprocating, with a penis in my hand and mouth. Why I kept getting tears in my eyes I will never know, but my eyes were wet. I heard him in a fog telling me we should move to the bedroom, with his help I undressed, he lay back and let me continue.

    It was intoxicating, erotic, the feeling of his hand gently stroking me and his very erect penis in my mouth. That night was my first crossover sex, the sexual buzz was something I hadn't felt before. I am close friends with my lawyer friend in Amsterdam, I have found other men who participate in evenings of just sex. It is sex, no different than the girl who likes to feel pain, or the man who pays for a street hooker in an alley. It is just sex. My choice is now giving a willing friend a blowjob.

    Last night my husband and I were doing a little yardwork after dinner. I've got on the least sexy outfit I could ever think up: rubber boots, ratty cutoff shorts, huge old tshirt, big floppy sun hat. Complete with some gardening gloves.

    We are out there and I'm checking him out, nothing sexual, but I'm impressed by the fact that as he's getting older he's getting in better and better shape - so much different than the pudgy boy I met back in high school. I'm not really turned on at this point, all we've been doing is weeding and hedge clipping. But I see him.

    We get inside and as our usual yardwork ritual we strip in our kitchen and throw the clothes in the washer, then shower up. So yes, we're naked. I'm in good shape, petite but I've got some curvy hips and great boobs, not bad at all for 35. I'm just about to head to the shower when he grabs my arm and turns me to him, lifts my chin and gives me a super deep kiss, super sweaty too. Then he reaches right down and squeezes my boobs (very sweaty) and licks one of them from underside all the way up. You taste so good he says, turns me around, slaps my backside, and sendss in my way to the shower.

    Needless to say I was feeling pretty good so I masturbated in the shower. Not sure what he was up to, didn't care. I for myself off hard and enjoyed myself thoroughly.


  • Catfishing!

    Now that I am 60, I have embrassed my inner "dirty old man".

    I go on a free chat room site (sorry no name) that does not require you to registered.

    At first I was honest and was hoping to find a woman who was willing to have some sex chat or trade pics. But no one respond.

    Then I had the idea of posing as a lesbian, to see if I could get other lesbians to respond.

    They did, but so did a lot of guys (we are all dogs). I downloaded some pictures of supposed lesbians.p This worked for some and they exchanged pics (I am not naive, some of them may have not been lesbians.

    But some of the other chat members saw through my ruse by doing a reverse image search.

    So I began to look for select images. I found nude selfies of amateurs were particular effective. Most porn sites have models with makeup, special lighting, and professional photographers. I looked for the exact opposite.

    Then I hit a gold mine. I looked for lesbian couples who took their own selfies either with an outstretch arm, selfie stick, or through a mirror. I then create a mirror image of the picture, which helps to defeat reverse image searches. Finally I crop any identifying information out of the picture.

    I go on the chat site as a lesbian couple looking to trade pics (for mutual masturbation). I get a lot of responses from guys, which I ignore.

    But I also get responses from lesbians, bisexual females, and even curious straight females. They are really surprise to chat with a lesbian couple, and even more pleased when I send pictures of us in action.

    They are also willing to send me some provocative pictures in return. I also ask them about their 1st experience with a girl. Sometimes I tell them some made-up lesbian stories of my own.

    I know that I sometimes get off from this exchange, and would like to think some of them do as well.

    As a caveat, I do realize that some of these lesbians/bisexual females/women may actually be men (like myself).

    But I do see some pictures of hot women in the nude, masturbating, and engaged in other sexual activity.

    Some woman may be harmed in this process by not being compensated, but I do believe they consented to their pictures being taken, which are now being widely distributed on the Internet (without any further compensation).

    ..(continue confession)