We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

I work 13+ hours a day, and by the time I get home I am so tired and my feet already hurt--I am just not interested in going out, but still wish someone was there in my bed to give me what I need.

I'm OK looking, not entirely unfortunate in the looks department, but I am so not a Victoria's Secret model, nor do I have the figure of stripper. I know I have like 30 pounds of padding that makes me a big girl, but I still need a human touch at night after chasing down network issues for longer than I have slept in the last couple of days. Something really needs to change.

A weekend or two a month I dress like a whore and go to a bar in the metro district. It doesn't take long for the "desperate big girl" to get picked up, the guys think they are using me, but really, I am using them, and when I wake up alone in that motel down the street, I am so glad I am alone. I don't like myself for this, but it makes me feel good for a while and takes the craziness of my job away for a few hours.

  • I live in an area with a lot of Mormons. I posted an add on craigslist looking to get fucked a dude answered. came over fucked me twice and left. while he spoke after he told me he was bisexual and was married... well his name was on his response email and I looked him up on Facebook but didn't send a friend request because I noticed I know his nephew. I do a side business and we do opportunity meeting every week and his nephew is there every week. I don't know what to think everyone is Mormon and descent, righteous, moral people and here I was getting fucked by a Mormon dude who doesn't know I know some of his family members. I'm ok with what we did, the only thing that worries me is that if he's involved with other Mormon gay men (in secret) its going to be weird if I ever run into him and he spread the word, that is one of my biggest fears that world will spread I will get sex offers from men in the church that I have zero interest in. I know I posted the add and was the one that got fucked but I don't want all types of negative sexual attention. How will I deal with this now... I don't have emotional connections with men, I see them as doing me a favor and getting off with the help of my prostate, I don't need a cock to do that but its nice. I kind of see the top as being the real homosexual because they have to get aroused to another man to get hard and do the sex act, the bottom could just like the feeling he gets from his prostate, but then again all men are horny fucks just like me i'm sure. this is where being a promiscuous person having fucked well over 100 men and women starts to be problematic. the first reason I went back to church was to stop myself from falling into a life I didn't want for myself but i'm creating a difficult situation for me.

    Iv allways regarded myself as straight but i have this terrible habit of looking at guys cocks in the shower room with thoughts i should not be having as im married and love my wife,Sometimes ill have to look away as now and then i look up and find its owner looking at me, and it dawns on me its slighty longer and not hidden anymore.I allways leave and find myself wanking myself silly wiih a thoughts of him standing over me while i unzip him hold it to my mouth licking down that shaft and feeling it swell between my lips.then i come and feel terrible for whats gone though my mind till the next time.

  • Last year I flew out to, Carrie, my old college roommates wedding.
    I was asked to be a brides maid.
    My husband didn't come because of work.

    It's a long story that goes way back, but I owed Carrie big-time from back in college.
    Anyway, Carrie is jealous and always has been. She didn't trust the stripper for the bachelor party, so she made a deal with her fiancé that she would book the bachelor party stripper and he would book the bachelorette party stripper.

    When we were in college Carrie and I moonlighted as bikini dancers. It was a totally safe environment and it was just mostly older guys.
    Carrie said she wanted me to dance one more time for the bachelor party, since her fiancé didn't know me.
    I laughed it off, but she was serious. I told her no way. She was seriously pissed at me and called up that old favor.
    I tried to tell her it was a bad idea, they didn't want a 40+ dancer and they would recognize me at the wedding.
    Carrie insisted that she could paint a mask on me and no one would know the difference.
    I didn't agree to do it, but that night we got drunk and she talked in to saying yes.

    The next day Carrie came to my room with a bottle of wine, sexy underwear and a schoolgirl outfit.
    She wanted to see me in the get-up. We began drinking until we were good and buzzed, I tried on the underwear.
    Carrie said, OMG, you've got to shave that thing, talking about my vag.
    Why? I asked.
    Because strippers shave nowadays! Carrie said.
    I have to get totally naked?
    Hello?! You're the stripper. Carrie
    No way. I'm not getting undressed for total strangers! Underwear OK, nude not OK! I told her.
    You have to, the party's in several hours and I'm counting on you. Now please shave that thing. Carrie replied.
    Now I keep it trimmed, but I don't shave it off, but feeling the pressure, I shaved.
    Carrie was happy and she sent me with some goon she hired as my body guard.

    Tony the body guard and I went in to a room full of drunk obnoxious groomsmen and one groom.
    Tony laid down the ground rules, no touching, no pictures, be polite, etc.
    He turned the music on, my stomach dropped. I instantly felt sober.
    I began dancing at first clumsily, but then I got back in to the rhythm of it. The guys were cheering and stuffing dollars in my garter.
    I slowly undressed until I was in my underwear. I tried to divert by grinding on a few of the grooms men, running my hands across the grooms chest but careful not to do anything that would piss off Carrie.
    They began cheering, Take it off!

    I undid my top with my back facing the boys. I let it drop and turned around. They all went nuts.
    Feeling the adrenaline rush, I started to get in to it, finally dropping my panties. I was naked ..(continue confession)

    My best friend's 21st suprize birthday party is this coming Saturday night and I know I will have to see his mother. I'm still to embarrassed to face her after what happened last month. They invited me to their shore house one weekend and my friends dad took him to a dentist. I just got a shower and was in the room me and my buddy share thinking his mom was at the beach. I laid down on the bed nude and started jerking off when his mother walked in the room with clean towels. She kinda screamed and walked away real fast but it was to late. I haven't been to his house since then and don't no how to act now at the party. I did apoligize to her but it didn't seem to make her feel better either. My friend never said anything about it so I'm sure she never told him. I wonder if I should tell him his mom caught me or should I just try to forget about it which so far I can't.

    Growing up, I had incredibly low self esteem. I was mocked a lot for being fat when I was young by schoolmates, family and friends. I outgrew it in my teens but the damage was done. My self esteem was too low to even ask a girl out, so I missed out on prom and everything else.

    By my mate teens, I turned to the bottle to numb myself. My peers were all dating, some of them even married with children and I remained dateless through university and well into my 20s. All my friends were sexually active where as I had never hate a date or even kissed a girl. Needless to say I was mocked for this constantly by everyone I knew, including family and colleagues. I worked in a bar and everyone was getting laid except me. It got to the point where people began to suspect I was gay. I couldn't bring myself to tell people I hated myself, so I just took their ribbing, driving my self esteem even lower. I seriously thought I would be a life long virgin

    By the time I was 25, I had had enough. It was 1999 and I didn't want to go into the year 2000 still a virgin, so I hired a prostitute. She pegged me for a virgin immediately because I was so nervous. She laughed a little, but had sex with me anyway. We didn't kiss and she didn't and she didn't blow me. Like I said, I was so nervous that I couldn't cum and gave up after a few minutes. I didn't dare tell anyone and had to continue receiving ridicule from my peers for remaining dateless. It was tough to endure but I has happy that I was able to finally see my first naked woman, feel my first breast and feel the inside of a woman, albeit briefly. However, I still considered myself a virgin in a way because I had to pay for it and I didn't come.

    I remained single for the next five years. I was finally able to get the odd date, but never a second date. So, by the time I was 29, I gave up and moved to Asia, hoping to re-invent myself.

    Four months after arriving, at age 30 now, I got a girlfriend. She was extremely easy, stating, "I quit counting how many guys I had sex with when I was 21. I had about forty by then." She was my age.

    I first time we had sex was my first I had ever received a blow job and a kiss. I put my dick in her and started pumping and about 30 seconds in she asked if this was my first time. I said yes and she pushed me off, laughing, saying, "you're the oldest virgin I have ever met! The last time I took a guy's virginity was 9 years ago!" She could tell I was deflated and said, "it's okay. A virgin will be fun for a change." I didn't come that time either, but later that night, we had sex again and I finally came. "I can't wait to tell my friend's I took a 30 year old's virginity!" she said.

    We dated for four months ..(continue confession)

    I feel really embarrassed I went to the pharmacy today to get some thrush insertion cream with applicators, I used to have trouble inserting them and broke part of my hymen using them after heaps of antibiotics and then I allowed a doctor to vaginally examine me as a virgin and she broke what was left and it is painful when doctors do a internal examination of the cervix, uterus and ovaries you feel like you have been savaged and pulled apart. I try to avoid them at the best of times and have not had one since but every few years I have to have a internal ultrasound they insert because I have had blood in urine and enlarged ovary and swelling and my doctor was concerned about a cancer tumour in the bladder and of course panicked the hell out of me over that.

    I told my gp who is a cancer spec****st that I will come back first from my cruise and then have a pap smear and I like them to use the smallest of the Disposable plastic Vaginal speculums and never ever let a doctor put a metal one in it fucking hurts and cuts so bad. it always bleeds every-time I have them anyway, and when they take the cells they have to scratch the cervix so it does bleed a bit anyway and you can't have sex for about 12-15 weeks after it or that can cause cancers from the sperm on to the cut that needs to heal.

    so last time I was at the doctor I said I felt a lump and he said there is a cyst and its too deep for him and he wants me to go back to my gyno-obstetrician surgeon who did the biopsies for cancers.

    first I wanted to go on the cruise feeling un- m****ted and cut, and also if I did meet someone I want to have sex with on holidays or cruising at least it won't matter so long as use protection.

    I am envious because I want to work in pharmacy tech and doing nursing course with midwifery, I just want to be working in a medical environment and feeling good about me.

    so anyways I have to use this vaginal cream and I want to be working back in pharmacy or medical. I am just as good as those women.

    so busy doing hardware upset. hardway hardwares don't love me. they don't speak to me or ask me out or help me out with all this work in the store, so why should I give them all my help if they want to go shagging around with all shop attendants and leaving me to do all the work off store and have to travel around alone with all the goods is a bit too much for me to put up with.

    working here is not fun. all the other staff have parties and shag around non-stop and I rarely get to have fun and never allowed to meet potential partners or have some time off.

    like all I hear about is their nuts and bolts stories and their spring loads being hatched and bounced and what about me?

    some of these guys are just creepy who he expects me to talk to. why should I want to be around seeing everyone else looking loving when they don't let me where nicer store clothing and feel more feminine?

    I am sick of this job. long waits and heavy docks of boxes to load and no help. fuck you all. I asked for help and a fair pay so far you done nothing to fix working conditions here or help benefit my needs.

    I want out of this place. it gives me the creeps. I was asked to build a shed and construct a sloppy cupboard and can't. so sick. I feel embarrassed as things should be better for me.

    During a blizzard, those of us still in our sorority house, started drinking and playing truth and consequences. I confessed I had kissed a girl. One sister came over and asked me if I wanted to kiss. She whispered to me that she knew what I meant, she liked being with a girl. I corrected her, but she persisted. I left the great room and went to my room. She followed, once we were alone she took her top off, showing me her breasts, she walked over and said we should do it.

    I don't want to be labeled, it is not my fault, to me it was a one time thing, she posted me as her bff, adding 'y'all know what that means'. She makes comments about taking care of my kitty, she creeps up on me, she has invaded my room and stripped my covers off and forced her face between my legs. Needless to say I am labeled in my sorority, every one winks at me, make comments like 'I didn't know you are the girlfriend type'.

    I feel my privacy has been stolen. I would never take her home. I do 'like' one special girl from my home town. I never thought I would cheat on her. If she finds out I cheated it will break her heart. She is very sensitive.

    If she were a guy, it would be called a real bad word. I don't want her hurt, I want her to leave me alone. I still have to tell my true bff at home that I cheated.

    Friday night about 11pm I was alone in the motel my dad had rented for the week. He got called back to work on Friday morning and I drank quite a few beers and 3 shots of bourbon. I just started going around the room naked and after a short time went out on the patio where I was on the third floor. I just stood there looking out at the ocean and I wasn't really jerking off but was playing with myself where I had a hard on. All the sudden I heard a sound and when I turned around there was two young girls looking at me. I leaped back into my motel room but I'm sure they were watching me for a pretty long time. I was only out there for about ten or 15 minutes and never noticed them on the other patio. The next morning when I was packing up my car they were outside and just grinning when I saw them. They are probably 13 or 14 and I was embarrassed all over again. I went back inside until they left the parking lot with their parents.