Were you outed for being gay and didn't want to be? Did you once believe that you were as straight as an arrow, but got seduced to your first dick? Dominant tops, submissive bottoms and all things in between. Whatever it is, it's now time to bring out your gay sexual confessions to the World!

My Induction

I got my first job working at a shoe store at the mall. I worked part time, from 4 to 8 weeknights. My job was really to keep the stock orderly and if the day manager was busy to attend to another customer. The day manager was a beer belly type guy who always wore a suit and at one time had been a shoe salesman at one of the bid department stores.

Things got funny one day when he grabbed me by my dick and when I tried to pull away he told me if I didn't like he would let go but he thought I liked it. Maybe it was a minute, who knows but he let go when he wanted to not because I told him. Then one afternoon while I was putting the shoe boxes away on the shelves he bumped into me and humped me telling me that he knew I really liked that. The third thing happened when he asked me to stay that night to help him close. It was just the two of us and the store was closed and we were back in the store room and he took out his dick and he told me to try it.

He undid his pants and dropped them, his hairy legs, his dick was hard then and he held it out with his hand and asking me to show him my dick. My heart was beating but I showed my dick and he said he wanted to kiss it. He helped me sit on the table and he bent down and started to kiss and suck on my dick. He would stop now and then and ask me if I liked it. His hand was squeezing my dick and I just came without warning. He laughed a little and called me a naughty boy and sucked real hard on my dick and then told me it was his turn.

I had to lean over the table and I felt his finger slipping around and start fingering me. He told me it wouldn't hurt at all I just had to keep my legs apart and bend over. I felt him put his dick against me and like he said it went in farther and farther until he came and pulled out and gave me a Kleenex to wipe my butt. He cleaned up and we got our pants back on and he said he wanted a kiss.

I worked with him all that fall semester but he quit before Christmas because he got a job at another mall where he said he could make more money. Our last time together was at his apartment where we were both naked in bed. By then I was used to it and I was sucking him off too and I was always ready for him when he needed to finish with me. It was my induction but it is a memory I hold close to me, no other man has made me feel so close.

  • I'm Sexually Submissive

    From my earliest memories I had a thing about boys, other boys. Around the block from us lived a boy who also went to school with me. His name was Felipe and he was from Argentina. We were school friends and for his 12th birthday he invited me to the party. It was mostly, all but me, boys from Argentina. I found myself in the bathroom with him, we were both about to pee in the toilet and when he pulled out his pecker, well it wasn't circumcised. I had never seen a pecker like that. He was equally surprised at my circumcised penis. He pulled his foreskin back all the way and his red penis glans stood out, all shiny and wet. He peed through his penis and I peed beside him and when we were through he asked me if I wanted to lick his penis clean, to suck out the last drops of pee. All this was in Spanish of course. In Latin America the penis is a bid deal. I licked his penis clean and sucked out the last couple of drops of pee. He told me that's how he liked it and now I was his boy and I had to clean his penis and wipe him too.

    As 12 year olds I didn't recognize that he was testosterone driven and dominant and I was his fuck boy. Whenever we were together I watched him pee an licked his penis clean. I learned how to hold his penis and pull the foreskin back. I loved his penis, it made me feel good to hold it and put his penis in my mouth. At another party, later on that year he had me lick and clean his penis in front of another couple of boys, after which he lowered his pants and told me to kiss his ass, to kiss his hole. The boys laughed at me and I did feel humiliated, but it not enough to stop me and I didn't care what they called me. Later I kissed his ass when we were alone, I used my tongue and lips and licked his ass and kissed him over and over. From then on he would let me suck his penis and kiss his ass whenever I asked. He liked it.

    When we were posted back in the 10th grade I hurt that I couldn't see Felipe anymore. My parents worried about our friendship. I am sure that they never once thought that I was Felipe's boy. For the rest of high school I didn't make a friend. I went off to a small college to study English and Composition but flunked out pretty quick. After I flunked out I had to get a job and I went to work for a Supermarket as a midnight stoker. There was another worker, Latino from Mexico, also dark with dark hair and he had an uncircumcised penis and I was soon sucking his penis in the bathroom and he was soon bending me over and inserting his penis up to his balls. He wasn't as dominant as Felipe, but dominant enough. I liked the way he treated me and I was always ready to go back to the bathroom with him. I started to figure out that I was a sub and a bottom and I liked dominant men.

    It's that way today, except now I am fully aware of it. I am attracted to dominant Latin men, blue collar types like truck drivers or mechanics, uncircumcised men. I live on the edge of the Latino community where I can meet men and hook up with them. I don't interfere in their lives, I am available when they want to have sex. I am a compulsive cock sucker and ass licker. And I love to get fucked.

    Awakening In Mid Life

    I was in mid career when I was asked to transfer to the international division and head up the internal audit function there. I was transferred to Amsterdam, and then to London. Living in Europe exposed me to much of what I didn't see in the American Mid West. I learned that sex was much more accepted and I found out that prostitution was for all intents and purposes legal, and kids started fucking early and often. As one matronly French woman told me, youth is when you have to enjoy your body, before the ravages of age take over.

    I turned 50 and I gave myself a birthday present to the south of Spain. In European fashion summer holiday was a month long affair and I rented a small cottage a block from the beach. It was quiet and peaceful and I read a couple of books sitting on a bench down on the beach. It was there that I first faced something inside of me. A man, European of dark complexion, stood beside the bench and changed right there beside me into his swimming gear. With only his shirt on, his dark hairy penis hung 12 inches from my face. If only it had been some skinny white man with tiny penis, but it wasn't, this heavy set man with hairy arms and legs and his dark, big penis, I was overcome with an urge to just lean over and put it in my mouth,

    That night on my bed alone I dreamed of that penis, of my mouth on that penis, I tossed and turned and had a wet dream, I lay in my cum thinking of that man on my back wanting nothing more than feeling him penetrate me. I couldn't shake that feeling and I spent the rest of my holiday looking at the men on the beach, European style I paid close attention to those that were changing, and in the public restroom sizing up dicks, wondering which one would fuck me. At night I masturbated heavily, two sometimes, three times at night, with the vision of that dark man and his heavy dark hairy dick.

    I returned to my flat in London, that boring job I hated and those English folk so pasty white, with such small dicks. Not that I saw them, I just knew they had small dicks. The internet was started and I paid extra to have internet in my flat and I started going to web sites, both commentaries and pictures. I looked pictures of dark hairy men with big dicks. And I found a website that dedicated to Turks, and their lust for young boys. I masturbated looking at the pictures, imagining one fucking me on my bed. It was then that it dawned on me what a Turkish bath was about. At the Turkish bath I went to there were obvious gay men who looked at me and I looked at them, but they were all Englishmen, pasty white Englishmen. Nothing else presented itself and one evening I went home with an older man and sucked my first dick and bent over and had my first dick in my ass. It was glorious, this is what I had been missing all my life. I was gay, and I sucked his dick, Englishman dick, and closed my eyes and dreamt of that dark man in Majorca.

    It wasn't until the following summer when I booked a trip to the coast of Romania that a big heavy hairy dark Romanian taxi driver who liked a thin clean cut American fucked me with his beer bottle dick. It was a two hander, and I sucked him for all I was worth, no more dreaming of the man in Majorca, he was right there and he fucked me and drained himself and I could not get enough. I paid him handsomely, I didn't care. This is what I had been dreaming about, flat on my stomach and this burly heavy man on my back pounding me senseless. Not only was I gay, but I was a unapologetically bottom.

    And so it has been, I rotated back to the home office and I retired a few years ago, Of course I am 70 now and I have my memories, and I've had a few lovers. But if you ask me, there is nothing better than a dark man from Turkey with a big hairy chest who wants nothing better than pounding your ass into submission.

  • Scooter

    In San Antonio.there was a club named ACI. I frequently went there some trips were good others not so .You can.call.me not smart or crazy but I sucked many cocks there I love mens cocks in my mouth. I am a cock.lover. 4 years.ago I met Scooter and employee.one night he was walking.checking out things to make sure all was good. We met in a dark area.began to kiss and touch each other. Next I know I am on my knees sucking his lovely 7 inch black penis after 15 minutes he came. Now for the next 3 years I sucked him often and swallowed his seed. I loved every second his cock was in my mouth. The place is closed and I miss him . There were other black guys too more than 30 I.sucked. my user name is julyguybill... My name is Bryan

    From One Night Stands I Meet A Guy And It's Not For Real

    Basically after 21 years of marriage I told my wife I was bored with her. Just not interested any more. I moved out, gave her the house and the car keys and found a place to live. It had been a good while since I lived alone and I got bored being alone. I started looking at dating sites and came across CL and the couple of times I met up with women it just didn't work out. Then, by chance I agreed to meet up with a man.

    He was experienced, looking for a purely sexual thing, he liked men my age and he was quick to suck my cock and just as quick to let me know he was a top and my smooth ass really turned him on. He rimmed me while jerking on my cock and after getting a condom on and lubing me up he got on, me on my hands and knees, he went for broke and got his cock all the way in my ass and told me he liked it that way and he soon came and pulled out. After removing the condom I sucked his still sensitive but warm and wet with cum cock. It was fast and furious and I had discovered something I liked and turned me on.

    CL was my go to place for a long time, until it went away. I tried several other male dating sites, but I was looking for something casual, in and out and back to my apartment. No strings attached. I went out a couple of times but both times these men wanted to get to know me, and all I wanted was to for them to get on and give me a good fuck and I was on my way home to masturbate alone.

    I signed up for a tour to Thailand, I was interested in finding out about the tranny boys there. I had heard, via a non reputable source, that you could get a haircut and a tranny would suck your cock at the same time. In Bangkok I stayed at a medium priced hotel and asked around with the bellhop staff and I went to this place where the tranny boys showed off. At the bar I was approached by an Australian man, he said he was merchant marine and he came to Bangkok often. A tall man with a beard, a permanent tan, a big beer belly and a smile and we hit it off and left the trannies alone and went back to his hotel for a suck and fuck.

    He was big, much bigger than normal, and thick and getting his cock in my barely lubed ass hurt like hell, but he managed and left me with a big load from down under. We hung out together after that, bought some better lube and I let him fuck me bareback. I was just happy to get a load, the more the better. His cock was something to admire and I sucked him as much as I could and he liked me holding his cock while we got a drink overlooking the pool down below. Kissing and hugging was part of the game. It was a week of nonstop sex and he knew his way around Bangkok and we went to several local bars and restaurants. I felt like a new bride on her honeymoon, after dinner and drinks back to his hotel and his big fat cock drilling me, and his big hand jerking me off.

    After I got back his email address bounced back and so did his phone number (I figured out he had a temp number while in Bangkok). During the week there I picked up most of the tabs for food and drink and I had checked out of my hotel and paid the tab at his. It took a while for me to realize he was at the tranny place to pick up mark and he would get a fun filled all expense vacation.

    The shutdown last year made it hard to get out, the internet is filled with unsavory types and it's a gamble weeding out the wheat from the chaff. I know a man who knows a man who has made the arrangements for me to hook up. But it's not he same, I can't seem to get past the man in Bangkok.

  • Another First

    Well today I tried another first, I meet a guy on a gay hook up site.
    We’re both married.
    He ask if I would meet him at a office building public MENS room?
    I did as he ask.
    I was waiting when the door opened
    I had paced a piece of tolled paper under the door of the stall I was in
    One he stepped in I was disappointed with the older man that really lied about his looks and cock size
    It did teach me that no pics no meet up
    But I took him in my mouth snd drained his balls
    I blocked out his looks and sucked his cock to get his cum
    Wow it was still amazing to know I got another man’s cum with my skills
    He came hard and flooded my mouth

    Gay Question

    I have more of a question to older or experienced gay bottoms out there. I am a 29 year old gay man who came out late. I had several encounters with men and two relationships with men where I was both top and bottom. I am now in a relationship with a man that appears to be going long term as we both have expressed our love for each other. I am almost exclusively bottom in this relationship which I love and he is certainly happy. The only issue, and I guess it’s a good problem to have, is he has a very big penis. Very thick and very long and he loves to fuck me. I like it too very much but he had to be very gentle for sometime as I have gotten adjusted to it. We are much more comfortable now and the sex has become more aggressive and I have to continue to warn him to be careful which he is very good about. As an example we had sex one morning and even after I clean myself well through most of my workday I could still feel him leaking out of me and my underwear were damp all day. I am not complaining and I love him and he will continue to be concerned for my comfort I’m sure. My question for any of those with much more experience is this. Should I have concerns for the long term health of my rectum and bowels if we do this for years? I already feel that my butthole has stretched or takes him easier. Is that all a good thing? Thank you for any responses.

    Cold Hard Cock

    Back in high school I was a summer lifeguard at the community pool. There was another lifeguard, Gerard, who always seemed to have more going on in his speedo. One day after the pool closed, we usually took a dip at that time, he pinned me against the wall of the pool, his abundant bulge against my ass. He whispered that he saw me looking at it, maybe that meant I wanted it. We went into the dressing room and he whipped it out. Huge, he got hard in a second as I held it in my hand and sucked on his enormous cock. His cock was still cold from the pool and I thought to myself while I was sucking him, that's what it means to have a 'cold hard cock'.

    My First Gay Experience

    I met a stranger and let him cum inside me... I was curious to know what it felt like to have a cock in my ass. As a male who's always been straight I never thought I'd wonder until an ex girlfriend shoved 2fingers in my ass everytime she'd blow me. Eventually I worked up the courage to go onto grindr and started talking with guys. I found this guy and agreed to suck him off so I went over to his house and we had a few drinks in his backyard. Eventually after a few drinks he asked if I've ever tasted a cock before. Shocked on how forward he was I told him I never had, as he slowly looked down at his semi hard cock bouncing out of his shorts zipper. I leaned in and grabbed his shaft with my hand stroking him slowly I asked, is this OK? Responding he firmly told me put your mouth on it.i could barley believe I was stroking another man he was thicker than I was and atleast 7inches I got up from my chair and pulled my shirt off throwing it on the table. Looking at me with a slight smirk. You're not wearing any underwear are you? I couldn't help but blush unzipping my shorts to reveal to him my already erect cock. Grabbing my ass cheek he pulls me closer and begins to suck my cock. I'm amazed how much it turned me on. Eventually nudging me to my knees under his patio table I slowly put his thick cock in my mouth. I couldn't stop thinking about how my life made it to me sucking a stranger completely naked broad daylight in his backyard. I speed up my tempo as I run my lips up and down his shaft. His head hits the back of my throat gagging as he slides it out he chuckles grabbing me head and starts to fuck my face I let out a gasp as balls slam against my chin. Grabbing his thighs to slow his thrusting he starts to moan. My saliva drenching his cock and running down my chest his cock throbbed releasing his cum in to my mouth I moaned as it began to fill without thinking I quickly swallowed and jumped up with embarrassment he congratulated me telling me how good it was getting up then invited me inside his house I grabbed my clothes and walked in still naked, dripping with my cum on me. He told me to bend over his bed I eagerly prepped my ass with lube. Quietly he says I bet you'll love getting fucked sliding his cock against my ass I couldn't believe how warm his cock felt as he pushed into my ass.with a pop his head penetrating my asshole he slowly shoves it all the way in. I moan and start cumming uncontrollably my ass squeezing his thick cock everytime I shoot he starts thrusting grabbing me by my waist pulling me in his cock starts slamming into me I let out a noise my asshole twitching around his cock as he moans again shooting again into my ass. Quickly he pulls out and cum drips down my leg smacking my ass I quickly got dressed no time to clean myself up I run to my car embarrassed and feeling dirty but so damn turned on I drive home wondering if I was meant to be a cumdump.

  • I Thought Maybe I Could Take You Down Memory Lane

    As a youngster I had a close encounter with another youngster at school which involved comparing our tools and, well as youngsters do we had to put them to the mouth test. Very good was the conclusion and we found other things to do, not the least of which was toying with our tools with our hands and testing whether a little bit of Pokémon at the back door felt good. Very good. We really did enjoy ourselves and we remained good friends until my family had to move.

    Finding another youngster was a lot more difficult than I thought. When I proposed it I was called a bad name, if I stared I was yelled at. It was very sad. Especially because I wanted this one classmate to be my best friend and he told me to get away from him. My gym teacher was a lot more understanding and he helped me deal with these youngsters who rejected me. He was very gentle I remember and he knew how to make me feel good. Even when he introduced me to Ralph, and let me hold Ralph in my hand he was nice to me. Ralph misbehaved and Ralph tended to get big and when Ralph got big I felt these feelings. I loved to hold Ralph in my hand and lick Ralph like an ice cream cone. But I moved on to higher grades and I left my nice gym teacher behind.

    I was approached by a classmate who asked if I wanted to go to his house to play video games. He had a console, which we didn't have at home. He also had magazines that made my heart run around in circles. Such things like I had never seen. Grown men who liked to play with toys and grown men who liked to put these toys in their mouth. I wet my pants. But my new friend had similar likes and we got to know each other better and there was nothing more fun than laying on his bed playing with each other. Like my gym teacher he got bigger and bigger and so did I. It felt good to sword play rubbing against each other. But of course it was best when in the heat of the moment we lay down on each other. Oh that felt good.

    I didn't make it into college on my first try. I had to go to junior college and get my grades up if I wanted a four year degree. At the junior college I met this man, and adjunct professor who liked to life coach young men. He was very insistent of what I needed to do in order for him to like me, and one of those things was pretending to be in a dream as he lay on my back and he went straight into my soul. It was so good I wet myself on his sheets below me. Oh, that felt so very good. With his help I got my grades up and went on the next year to the four year college where I got my degree in Sociology. During my college days I met several nice young men and one very nice older gentleman. By then I had learned to play naked, to kiss and not tell, to enjoy their close attention and most of all to lay on my stomach and pretend I was dreaming. I enjoyed that very much.

    Now comes the day that I needed to change jobs and I didn't want to commute so I moved apartments. I asked the realtor agency who was helping me to find a nice complex close to work with older men like me. I really truly did not want to be around the younger crowd. I found a nice place and at the mailboxes I met a man who invited me to a party. I went, it was just six of us, all men of a certain age. He is a handsome man, and I stayed after the party to help him clean up. I must have had the look in my eyes because he asked if I wanted to spend the night. We showered out of courtesy and laid out on his king size bed, we touched and he kissed the nipples on my chest and I kissed his, and soon we were toying with our package to see who could grow full size. His mouth was hot, not warm, hot when he took my tool in his mouth, it was all I could do not to mess it up.

    When I took his tool in my hand and later in my mouth I closed my eyes and just let all my senses enjoy the pleasure. I am a man of few words, it all about position and in time after getting to know each other better I put myself in the position I most love and felt his weight on my back and his hips going to work. I focused and focused and when I felt him start to penetrate my soul I went into my trance, only coming out of it when he was off and I felt the cold wetness between my legs. You see, it is what I most enjoy. I enjoy it so very much.

    I admit that this has been a long journey, but I remember with clarity the steps along the way, and these I try to catalogue in my mind each and every experience, not to compare, but to relive them later. My new friend has asked me to tell him which was the best, the most important. But I can't. They have all been the best at the moment. Well maybe Ralph. Yes Ralph was important. I loved Ralph. Holding him in my hand and letting my lips and tongue savor the moment. Yes, of course Ralph. Or maybe my adjunct professor in junior college, he is the first one to penetrate my soul.