Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

I masturbate to gay porn ........

i love to make myself queef!

my dream is to suck, sniff, lick females smelly nylon feet while my friends watching & laughing at me.

  • I live reaming my ass out with large bottles. I eat light and wash myself out with a hose. I have a whole ritual I go through. I got butt fucked as a boy and I like the tight feeling inside. Plus it is a whole lot safer to get all my anal cravings out of my system this way them to sleep around. So I wash out and shave my ass thoroughly. Then put a whole bar of soap up there to make extra sure we are all clean. Then get my favorite bottle. Snapple ice tea works well. I squat on the bottle supporting my weight with both hands. Slowly ease myself down on to it. Enjoy the feelings is what I keep saying to myself. It helps to dress up like a girl first in stocking w/garterbelt, bra and panties (panties over the garterbelt for easy removal) and something sisSy on top of it to complete the look a teddy perhaps. bright red lipstick is a must. And if you can watch some hot bisexual porn with some strapon scenes are my favorite! I slowly work the bottle all the way inside me and clamp down with my well lubed ass cheeks to hold the bottle in place. Pull the panties up so if the bottle does slip out it won't go crashing on the floor. Now I masturbate my cock sticking out the side of the panties all the while squeezing that wonderful tight feeling of my ass being reamed.

    I've done this for years and have advanced to large strapons and a leather butt plug harness with vac u loc to exchange fittings. My girl after strapon fucking me would put the strapon on me around backwards so it holds the cock in place. Then she fucks me with my cock. OMG talk about an insane fuck! She is so amazing to me. She saw how much I was into it and tried to indulge me by fisting me too! Well times change and we are still seeing each other but she became religious now and wants to hold back for marriage. I know it ain't like we haven't done everything before. Been straight acting for 6 months now no anal or sissy play. Yes I am dying for it! I know you guys say I am just gay but sissy training is best done by a girl! Something about their feminine qualities rubbing off on you. A man can fuck you but it is much more then a quick fuck. Thoughts?

    Okay, my dad just walked in, needing a tissue due to his bloody nose. I couldn't react in time, so he got the tissue I used to get rid of ny cum. I wanted to say no, but it was too fast, too late. I feel awful, and I can't even look at him. Tell me, should I tell him, or not. If I do, it's not going to be an incest moment, okay, I don't play that nor does the old man...

    recently I know a man on the Internet,I didn't know he's a married man till we meet up & when I gave him a blowjob he started introducing himself that he was a married this case do u think it's my fault?he told me that my blowjob was fantastic than his wife,honestly I learnt it just in a hour from my previous boyfriend.subsequently I learnt by licking a lollipop imagine that a guy's cock.he says he would like 2 meet me again 2 give him a blowjob as I could blow him so I'm quite confused whether 2 carry on meeting him behind his wife's back,he do tell me he ever gave a pill 2 his own wife & let her fuck another man while he fucks another woman he says after that the pill effect has over his wife will forget what she did.I didnt tell him 2 do that,so pls don't accuse me 4 that it's all he told me I'm just according what he the same time I can see he's enjoying my blowjob,if I were 2 meet him I'm happy but at the same time I'm like a betrayal I love his clean hygiene cock so much...pls tell me what should I do now?

    I was on my way from work last night real late and I had to shit real bad and saw my ex girlfriends house near by. Not thinking, I decided to pull up and after all these years, I took a mean shit on her porch. Not gonna lie, felt good getting revenge. Hopefully nobody will find out!

    *i was ending my in the morning after i showered i put a tampon on i did my errands through out the day. i went to sleep

    the next morning woke up late (saturday) ate chilled and i went to the im peeing i start to smell this intense bad rotten smell (dead animal smell!!). so im like wtf i never had smelled like that.. so i thought i better take a shower cause dam i smell..

    so im showering away putting soap all over my body and lathering up all over i run the soap on my private and start scrubbing the shit out of it.. i suddendly feel something weird i get scared i put the soap down and slowly rub down my clit cause thats where i felt something weird.. so my fingers feel a worm like thing!! im wtf!!!

    i grab it and pull it out hard and fast and throw it across the shower it lands on the shower wall it slowly slides down it lands down into the tub.

    at first im like what is it!!!?? its brown and suddendly i realize its my tampon i hold it up by the string and smell it. yuck!! i laugh how could i forget!!!lol!!!

    I've always been so into gay sex. I just want to do everything with a man. I always think about really really dirty things, though. I know that some of the things I picture are weird and somewhat disgusting but I love that!I am a teenager but have always been into older men. I think it's that I want a man who can take control of me. I just want to be held down and fondled with everywhere on my body. Just having an older strong mans firm fingers slide up surprisingly hard into my ass just excites me. I want him to abuse my cock and balls. Spit everywhere on me. A fantasy of mine is for a man to just sit completely on my face with his hairy asshole. I wanna spit on it and lick it up and stick my tongue inside. All while I get abused with toys and hitting. Older men with muscle and that are hairy turn me on. I wanna be treated like a son because incest is so amazing. Roleplay would be great! Just everything, I want him to cum in my ass hole and stretch it wide open. Ugh, I want it!

  • i am a pervert and a voyeur ever since i can remember. i touched a girl when i was 14. it was my cousin.. she was fat but i had some thing for her in my mind. she used to visit us once in the year with my aunt and uncle.. she was also 14 at that time but had a well developed body. at night when we used to sleep in nearby beds i would wake up in the middle of the night and go near her bed. she was a sound sleeper so it was easy for me to check her out. i remember the first touch. i was burning with fear and excitement. i could smell her perfume and sweat eminating from her body. in the dark.i slowly advanced my hands till i touched on some warm part of her body.. it was her waist since she was sleeping sideways.. it was only the beginning of long sleepless nights. i have measured the size of her tits by my bare hands.. she always wears a bra so i have never touched her bare tits. i know the shape and size of her ass like the back of my hand.. i have plotted the size and shape of her china many times, but have never ventured inside her panty or fingered her. when she got older i tried that on her younger sister but she caught me doing it. so now i stopped.