Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all!

The Transformation Of A Cock Sucking Dad

Again today on the command of my dom friend this married dad ,dropped what I was doing and took off to my new more dominant friends house to suck his cock and drain his balls while his roommate ran an out fir a bit, once inside he said it will need to be quick, he dropped his shorts and I did as he ordered, he said get it boy and I dove in, his cock entered my mouth and I sucked him up to full hardness, as he watched his driveway cam, I worked him knowing his room mate could be home at any second, I had made up my mind if given the chance I would suck his room mates cock too, kinda not wanting to get caught but kinda hopping to be exploded as a cock sucker and forced to serve them both, no such luck!

But I did get what a wanted and so did he, it is so amazing when another man starts flowing his seed into my mouth, the flavor is over the top and knowing I did it is almost better than cumming myself!!!!!

I hope my wife fucks me tonight , I need to cum so bad now.

Sweet Slut

My pretty wife was a late bloomer and never went out for passionate car sex as a teenager like lots of girls.

She was a virgin til her early 20s and then it was like somebody threw a switch and turned her on. She was very focused on her education and didn't have any interest in a steady boyfriend, just craved the attention she got when she had a fellow's dick in her mouth. She found she really loves oral and would rather suck cock than be fucked.

She'd schedule her day so she could get a "date" for a blowjob mid-morning and sometimes another guy after lunch.

Then sometimes a third lucky man would come over for an after dinner suck off.

Sometimes when we're pillow talking she'll tell me about her sexploits and it always gets me hard. I tell her I love having a sexy wife and that her dirty past is exciting.

So lately I've been chatting with a couple of guys and thinking about setting her up for a little suck session so I can watch her being a dirty girl and she can suck off me and another one or two guys.

She still loves sucking cock better than other sex and she's damn good at it.

The Molester On The Train (Part 1)

This is a continuation of my previous post mentioning that I like perverted old men.

A little bit of backstory..

This story happened early-mid 2017 when I was in high-school. I'm 165cm tall (around 5'5) now, but I was 163cm (around 5'4) at the time. I have a slim build as well so I look pretty small. I mentioned in the previous post that I prefer wearing short skirts and this applied to my school uniform too. My school skirt was already quite short compared to some of the other girls in my school, and I wore them higher so that it would look even shorter and show off more of my legs.

School typically finishes at 3pm, but I have extracurricular activities after school and even on the days I didn't I would just spend that time doing other things. This was so that I could take the train home during peak hours where it was packed with people. I enjoyed packed train rides as it was hot and stuffy and I was standing close to a lot of other people (typically older men). Full trains also meant that men would be more willing to grope me (from my experience anyway). As a short girl, these men usually stood over me and I could feel their breathing from behind me.

One day, I was riding the train home as usual until I felt my skirt swaying. It wasn't long until a hand was on my brushing against my ass. After a little while, his hands began groping my butt and stroking my leg. It was an older man touching me. I could sort of guess who it was as I remember standing directly in front of an old man but you never know in a packed train. His hands felt rough and wrinkly when touching me which also helped in confirming that.

I usually just let them touch me as they please for a little bit before I start putting up a little bit of resistance (although not very much to be honest). I did this so that they wouldn't be afraid and stop touching me. That would ruin the fun for both of us. I would try to cover myself by pulling my skirt over my butt. I like the thought of being touched against my will and I'm sure many of the men who touched me also felt this way, so a little bit of resistance was always thrilling, especially when trying to avoid being caught. After some resistance, the man began touch my other areas, groping my breasts. He would stop touching me between stations, but during ..(continue confession)

  • Finally Got It

    I've confessed on this site a few times about my mad obsession with rimming my lovely little wife's bubble butt. My only complaint has always been that she's just too careful to always be absolutely shower fresh when I'm just dying for her clean but natural scent. This has been a struggle for at least ten years.

    Earlier today we were making out and I was running my hands all over her soft, smooth and perfectly curvy body. She likes when I tell her how she's just made for being manhandled. She likes when I tell her how proud of her I am and how I know that men look at her and want to fuck her. She's super shy and never, ever flirts or anything like that but I tell her truly that guys look at women all the time and are always making comments about girls when the guys talk among themselves. I'm sure there's been times when a guy might say, "Look at the legs on that girl" and stuff like that.

    Anyway, as I said before, her butt's the thing that really gets me going and I'm sure other men are attracted to it too, watching her gently swaying her hips when she walks.

    Well, tonight after dinner I was sitting on one of our high stools at the kitchen counter and she was rinsing a glass or something while I watched her in her red wraparound mini-dress.

    I called her to me and wrapped my arms around her and put my head against her chest as my hands roamed up and down her legs.

    When I reached her panties I took her cheeks in both hands, then took one and kneaded her thigh and sneaked my other hand into her panties. I worked my finger into her damp crack and she actually gave a little moan. Ran my finger through her crack and up against her tight hole.

    I managed to actually penetrate her bung with the tip of my finger before I let her get away with a sweet kiss. She said she wanted to brush her teeth and as she walked out of the room I was going to sniff my finger and got a huge surprise. The very tip of my finger from the nail to about halfway down the first digit had been barely penetrating her, but it was perfect timing and when I looked, the tip of my finger was stained light brown.

    It didn't take a single second and I never gave it a second thought. I instantly stuck my finger in my mouth and ..(continue confession)

    I Like Perverted Old Men

    I'm a 20 year old student and I like to wear revealing, slutty clothes especially short skirts. I love it when perverted old men stare at me or grope me. I often take the train and I purposely stand close to old men so that they might try to grope me.

    I've even had sex with men old enough to be my grand dad. I like it when they are rough and treat me like a slut. One time I told a man that I like being treated like a slut and called dirty names and he came up with some really interesting names to call me to say the least.

    If anyone is interested I can post some specific stories of what happened.

  • A Kink I Didn't Know I Had

    I've been with my husband for nearly 20 years now. His cock is my first, my only, my favorite. 18 year old me getting to explore him when we were in HS changed me from a shy and awkward girl into the woman I am now. His cock transformed me into something I would have never imagined before we got together - teenage me would have called me a "slut." But I love the taste, feel, and smell his cock and balls, and have him almost as ready to go now as when we were teenagers. I've always been fascinated by making him cum, from the first handjob I gave him in the dark through his boxers until now.

    Recently, he found a button with me that has just been making me crazy, so he's been getting lucky 100% more than before quarantine. While I suck him, he keeps pulling me up for kisses, like after I tongue his cock and have drool and precum all over my mouth. Full on tongue kisses. I've tested this by literally pulling precum out and giving it a lick and sure enough he's there to kiss me. Or lying on my back while he stands and sucking him while I vibe (personal favorite), and he will take a break, kneel down, and kiss me full on. And it makes my pussy hurt for him every time he does it. I know he's onto it in some way as he will sometimes say after kissing me that I look "cock drunk." That's me being dazed by what he did and incredibly turned on.

    My husband isn't gay, so I really don't know where he got this idea from, but he knows that I love reading MM erotica with lots of oral (nothing better than two cocks pleasing each other, right?).

    Curious if other ladies have similar experiences with their guy(s).


    Cocksleeve Fuckpig Wife

    I mean it in all the best ways. My wife is a total sub when it comes to sex, she's up for anything I want to do no matter how kinky. She was a slut from the time she started fucking in her very early teens. By the time she was 14 she'd been fucked by 24 different guys, many times each. After that, gangbangs, bukkake, anything. If the guy wanted to do it, she did it. I knew it when I met her, she made no bones about it letting me buttfuck her on our first date. She went to the toilet and left the door open while she peed, I walked over and watched the pee flowing from the c**t I'd just fucked, my sperm dripping out. My cum always drips out because she really isn't tight enough for it to stay in. She's 36 now, very attractive with black hair, and when growing it all in, she has a very ample bush on her pussy. She has 34DD tits, with quarter size areolae but her nips are almost a half inch thick and the same in length. I love it when she's in a bikini and everyone can see her nips poking out.

    She will fuck anyone I say, take as many cocks as she can, our record and hers also, is 34 guys over 2 days. We got a motel suite and had a party, guys just came and went and most went 2 to 4 times over those two days. My favorite though was when we were in Las Vegas a couple years ago and we repeated this in other cities. I made her get on the phone and order an escort for me. She not only stood naked watching but I made her stick my cock into the whores pussy and ass. I made my wife put on the rubber.

    It was established on the phone that the girl knew this would happen and didn't have to do anything with my wife other than let her watch. But she was bi and from the language i was using and the names I was calling my wife, not to mention the words "cocksleeve, and Fuckpig" written on her in marker . . . she stayed and had my wife go down on her till she got off. I really like being married to a total slut, a whore, a fuckpig who has had so many cocks and pussies.

    Town Slut

    I'm making this confession of a dirty fantasy that me and the wife have shared for a long time. Not to the point of trying it and it's not an every time thing, but it does slip in when we're really hot sometimes.
    First off I'm mwm, 55, abt 6'tall, 210, average 6" thick cut. More important for you to appreciate this is my naughty wife. She's mid 40s and looks ten years younger. Tallish and slim, abt 5'7" and 125lbs. Small but perfectly plump and perky tits, great legs and a cute little round bubble butt. Long dark hair that goes all the way down her back to her ass and deep brown eyes. When she gets ready for bed and puts on any of the dozens of little nightys I got her she looks like a model from a stroke book magazine.

    A little more information is we been married about ten years and I've known her for almost fifteen. Met her back when craigslist was a thing where you could meet up for hookups. She has a real oral fetish and has always loved sucking cock. When we met she was getting over a bad divorce and was feeling free and easy. She placed an ad to get married men looking for no strings head. She'd meet guys once or twice a week and there was no romancing or any bullshit. She just wanted to smoke their bones and she had plenty of partners. Lots of the men became regulars, guys whose wives lost interest in sex or wouldn't suck their dick.
    At first I was just another bone for the hot little bitch.
    I was single but too busy to date much and not looking for a gf, just getting my ashes hauled.
    So she was blowing me and a few other guys on the regular and after awhile we got to like each other and I took her out for a real date. Little by little we got more serious and eventually she was cutting off the other guys and just spending her time with me. After some more time we bit the bullet and gave each other a ring and have been really happy since then.

    So the thing is that I get off knowing what a slut she was for that year or two when she was blowing lots of cocks. Sometimes when we're making out I'll tell her how I love kissing her dirty mouth and she gets turned on too.
    That's where this thing comes in.
    I would rent a room at a cheap motel in a nearby town. Bring her and have her ..(continue confession)

    Spanking, Thank You

    This is a part of my confession about a rekindled i****tuous affair with my brother.

    I was on my way to the kitchen, completely naked of course, not wearing my stilettos or butt plug when he noticed the difference in the way I was walking. He says "hey, did you forget something?". I had enjoyed the spanking so much the night before so I did it on purpose hoping he would notice and decide I needed another spanking. "Oh yes, I'm sorry, I will take my punishment". I leaned over the big arm of the sofa, waiting. He went to my room and brought back the large ass plug and a leather belt. The sight of the leather belt made my pussy spasm and tingle, I thought I was going to cum getting smacked with the belt. I had never felt this way before, nor with the hand spanking, this was new. He put two fingers in my ass hole and tweaked it a little bit. Then withdrew his hand and drew back the belt, "You know what you did?" I proclaimed, "yes, I am sorry, so sorry, do what you have to, thank you for reminding me". He told me it was 5 whacks. Oh my, each whack of the belt got a little harder with every one, but when he had me at 4 he stopped and I looked back with tears in my eyes asking him what he was waiting for. "I forgot to tell you to count out each whack, good and loud, now I have to start over". YES YES YES, my pussy was getting so wet I could feel my juice running down my thigh. It was like a chant. "One, Two harder, Three harder, Four harder, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, (there was a decent 15 second pause) Five". My hormones were in overdrive. He put the large plug in my ass and demanded I get in my high heels before I make coffee. Yes sir, thank you sir.

  • My Secret Life

    I’m married to a woman but am really a homosexual. I love sucking cock, getting fucked and eating cum. I’ve had sex with possibly 200+ men.
    Most recently my main playmate is a short pudgy but VERY kinky 74 year old man. His tiny 4” uncut cock doesn’t cum. Our playtime is mostly assplay. We take turns on a rimming seat licking, kissing, sucking and tongue fucking each other’s gaped asshole.
    He has a dungeon room set up with a swing. I get in the swing and he fucks me with huge dildos and is working on fisting me. He has prostate and kidney issues and can’t piss much but he loves for me to piss in his mouth while fisting my hole.
    I’m such a nasty sex pig.