We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Sometimes Nursing Breaks Your Heart

As an E.R. nurse I have seem it all. Stuff you would never expect or imagine. On my last shift I had a young woman with a torn anus, requiring surgical removal of an object and repair and stitches. The surgeon on call treated it like a n episiotomy, except from the anus. Embarrassed and in pain and discomfort I delivered her to her mother who took her home with instructions for caring of the wound. Her face of utter anguish tore at my heart strings, poor girl her relationship with her mother changed forever.

Life Experience

So it wasn't express forced nudity, but I had no choice. I was in my mid teens, and I was at a girl's birthday party and we were playing truth or dare and I was dared to show my tits. I tried to refuse but I had to open my top and show my tits. The boy who dared me pinched my nipples.

More nude dares and more tits, until every girl's tits were out in the open. We were old enough to have real tits, no one was preteen. The game was over, the boys wanted it 'all'. One by one the pants came off until we stood there in panties, a couple of girls were on their period so they were given a pass but the rest of us were completely naked.

A boy, nit the boy who dared me, and he put his finger up and down my slit. I sneezed my legs together but his finger was definitely opening my lips. Another girl sat on the sofa and opened her legs, I didn't. One of the boys asked if he could fuck her.

I never told my parents or my sister, the next time I had to expose myself was as a college student. That boy did have sex with me. I remember it like a slow motion movie. I was never able to move on and after college I asked him to marry me because I didn't believe I could ever have sex with any other boy or man. Fortunately he babied me and married me.

I Was Found Out At The Family 4th Party

I’m a married woman for the past 10 years and before marriage I was a slut but I kept it quiet for the whole time until I got married . I told my husband some of my past but I held back the really nasty things afraid to get him upset because I wasn’t sure how he would take it. One of my friends had told me about this site and I could get it off my chest. I thought about it for a couple of weeks and figured I could have my husband read it instead of me telling him.

So here goes, we went to a family 4th of July party and then I saw a couple of men from my past they were friends of my uncle who I spent a weekend with when I was 16.

It was summer and my dad caught me in the garage giving blow job to two of the neighbor men and mom and dad sent me to grandpas summer cabin thinking the change would be a good idea to make me feel bad about it and get me away from the men. It had the complete opposite result.

Dad told grandpa why I was there and after he was gone I went to my room and took out my vibrator and played with my pussy and I got a little loud and gramps came in without knocking and watched me getting myself off. He turned and went back to the kitchen. When I finished I was going to the kitchen and heard voices and gramps was telling them about why I was there I was listening to everything they were talking about and my uncle told gramps that he would take me out fishing with him and his 2 friends. I knew what he was up to and when I heard grandpa say that would be great I wondered what they were going to do with me but I got so wet thinking about it I just walked in the kitchen and hugged my uncle and his friends.

Gramps said he has to go to pick up some food and then and will be home in a couple of hours and he left. I got something to drink and sat with them at the table. My uncle asked me about the reason why I’m here and I told him I was caught giving head to the neighbors. He asked do I like giving head to men. I told him yes I love being used as a submissive slut and I will do anything for men.

He stood up and down came his pants and he stroked his cock and told his friends that we have a cock slut and they should give me a good fucking. So I was used by all of them including my grandpa all weekend.

So now I’m gonna show my husband this and I’m sure he has a lot of questions about this and I will be honest about what I did.

Caught In The Action

This happent a Little time ago But it still scares me when i Think about it. So i was going to the center to Buy some new Clothe and found this store Were there are both male and female Clothe. So i walk around some time and i find a shirt that i want to try on. I go to the Fitting Rooms and Pull away a Courting Becuse I didnt see anybody in there. Boy was a wrong. I Pull away the Courting and there a Woman, about 19-20 years Old. She stood there in Underwear. I paniced and Pulled The courten back But after a few seconds of Looking in shock(i do need to recall that she was very Hot. She was Curvy and had Big Tits) After i Pulled the Courten back i Said sorry and ran away for a bit. After i know she left i Walked in a changing Room and took of my pants. Confused? I Ofcurse hade a Huge Boner and was Horny. I Just stood there and Jerked off for a bit While thinking About her. I never Thought it Would go wrong But Ofcurse it did. Guess what happent. If you said somebody Walked in and Saw me Masterbating Then your right. She Pulled away the Courten and Saw me Masterbating. She didnt Even Close it Again. She just stood there and Watched and it Turn me on a little. After about 10 to 15 seconds of here Watching Me i pulled the Courten Back and Finished. After that i Walked out and had a Great day

Quarantine Slut

Im Sammy Nothile from South africa
I am sick and tired of this quarantine. My landlord has fucked me 3 times for late rental payments. I have slept with different men for food and water bills, our government gave us 40 dollars for food.
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  • Tarzan Gone Wild At Walmart

    I saw a man wearing a pair of leopard printed underwear run inside Walmart as employees tried to tell the man he can't enter the store wearing just underwear and no masks as he pushed a Walmart Employee to the ground he began pounding his chest and made the Tarzan Animal Call as he went over to the fruit and began eating bananas in the store.

    Then Tardzan smuggled a banana in his underwear and began rubbing his crotch in the store while doing the Animal Call giving himself a blowjob with bananas.

    Then Tardzan grabbed a Coconut and began throwing Coconuts at Wamart Employees as he grabbed more bananas and coconuts to smuggle in his underwear and then climbed up the shelves and then stood after climbing on top of the shelves

    Then Tardzan took his Banana out of his underwear, peeled it, and then began smashing the banana all over his chest and then began to lick his nipples and suck his toes on top of the shelves at Walmart as a Walmart Employee shouted at Tarzan that the Police was on their way right now.

    Then Tardzan stood on top of the shelves, began pounding his chest like a Gorilla, and did the Tarzan Yell as he then did the Superfly Hand Gesture before he actually jumped off the shelf and did a Superfly Splash onto other shoppers and Walmart Employees as I took a coconut and cracked Tarzan in the head as The Cops all came to haul away Tardzan's drunk ass out of Walmart and into the Concrete Jungle known as Jail.

    Fave Moaning Porn

    got a bad habit of needing sex alone so masturbate to porn and its the only private out let for sexual release without a man. I am a shy insecure woman and I don't mind saying I have sexual insecurities and I have found it hard to find any good man. Its just something to do so I am not masturbating everywhere. I bought a vib and I find some me time every day to do it with the vib and its better then any man I have been with.

    Embarrassing Morning

    The other morning I was out in my yard only wearing a thin pair of pajama pants when the woman next door motioned for me to walk over and while we were talking I noticed she glanced down and back up quickly with a little smirk on her face i continued talking before she cut me off laughing saying your dick is poking out she then said she had never seen a dick so short and skinny i hope it grows a lot. She then asked how big it grew when I told her it got 4 inches long and was 1 inch around hard she couldn't stop laughing

    21 & Still A Virgin

    I’m 21 and a Virgin
    I went to an all girls secondary school and a predominately female uni. I have anxiety and depression. I’m overweight, not going to lie, and that has always held me back.
    How am I still a Virgin at 21?
    It’s so embarrassing

  • Barefoot Cousin Fred Ruined 4th Of July

    Well it's the Fourth of July and I was throwing a Cookout this year inviting my friends, family, kid's friends, neighbors, coworkers, and my boss to have a hell of a fun time but one person that wasn't invited was my drunk barefoot redneck cousin Fred who showed up wearing a Budweiser Cowboy Hat, a Cowboy Vest, Bottomless Chaps, an American Flag Thong, and he was barefoot and had a bottle of Budweiser in his hand and got on top of the Kids Table and began singing Hulk Hogan's Real American and he then threw his vest off and his bare feet was getting in my sons' Zachary and Jeremy's Hamburgers as Fred's Drunk Dumbass than broke the table causing food to spill all over himself, my kids, and their friends.

    Then after that Fred than grabbed fireworks meant for the kids, put them up his but, lit the fuse, farted and then fireworks went blasting off out of Fred's Ass into the Swimming Pool, the Neighbor's Houses, birdbath, doghouse, and knocked my boss's toupee off of his head revealing his bald head.

    Then Fred ran inside my house with smoke coming out of his house and about 30 Minutes Later Fred returned from the restroom in his thong as he now had a stuffed horse on a stick and galloped around the backyard that was still smoking from Fred's Fireworks trick, than he began to masturbate with the horse and then approached me and my friends and then tried to give my best friend Teresa a Lap Dance and then got her out of her chair and tried to do the horse dance with her before she kicked him in the balls as Fred went back into my house.

    Fred than came back outside as my kids were getting some Cupckes that Teresa had baked, and was now wearing my fucking underwear and had bananas as he got on top of the desert table and began to dance with bananas. Fred than took a banana and stuffed it inside his thong and began to give himself a blowjob with it as me and all of my friends, family, co workers, neighbors, and my boss all looked on in horror.
    Then Fred than began to smell his goddamn feet in front of everyone and my kids were totally grossed out by their uncle's stupidity. Fred than squirted a bottle of mustard and began to lick his feet as we were all getting grossed out by Fred's antics. Then Fred grabbed my hamburger, put his foot in my hamburger, and sucked his toes on my hamburger as I was enraged I punched Fred in the balls and hit him upside the head with a Guitar as Fred fell off the table and fell into the Pool as my Uncle and his friends all dragged Fred's drunk dumbass out of my house as we all began to light up the sky with Fireworks. Happy Independence Day.