Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all!

I don't know why but I just love doing it. Im a guy and I just love wearing a bra sometimes. I don't want to become a girl or anything like that but I do wish I had a nice set of boobs and wore a bra full time. I usually hide it if I go out in public but have been seen wearing them and nothing gets me going more then girls that laugh at me or make fun of me for doing it. I've given pics to girls who have shared them with tons of people and I really get turned on by it. I also shop for bras sometimes to make it public and have girls that make me buy them for them and usually give me their old ones then tease me about it. Of course they do the same for panties. I'm tempted to leave my ensil address if any girls are interested in getting pics.

I want my wife and her maid of honor from our wedding to watch me suck a pretty, sexy shemale's cock.

Are there women out there who would get hot watching this?

Many years ago, a few years after my divorce, I was working out of town on a long assignment that lasted many years. I was horny in those days and viewed a lot of porn on the internet. My viewing habits changed drastically, the hornier I got, I found myself watch categories I would never of dreamed of. Although I considered myself straight, there was something about the naughtiness and taboo aspect of men having sex that excited me.

Wanting to find better (or different) porn, I visited an adult bookstore that was a few miles out of town and had video booths in the back. I was rather shy my first visit and did not know what to expect. There were about a dozen booths and some occupied with a crack in the door, where the guys would watch you walk by, not sure why. I entered one of the empty booths, turned on the video and watched an assortment of straight porn channels. The booth was nasty, cum all over the place, so I tried not to touch anything. Getting horny, I pulled out my cock and started stroking. Then I noticed that on each side of the booth were small peep holes, that patrons had carved over time. You could see the light from the video of the adjacent booth, and easily tell when someone was peeking. This embarrassed the hell out of me, so I finished my business and made a bee line out of the place.

For the next couple of weeks I could not get it out of my mind, that someone, I assume men, wanted to watch me jack off. The thought of it made me horny as hell. I mustered the courage to go back to bookstore and visit the booths. Surfing the videos, I came across the gay channels. My heart skipped a beat, the volume was high and the thought that others would know I was watching gay porn freaked me out. I turned it down, but kept watching the gay porn. Over time, I felt more comfortable. I even caught myself letting people have a better view of me through the peep holes. On my next few visits, I went with shorts, t-shirt and no underwear, so I could easily strip totally naked and jack off in the booth. I got lots of peeps, and many would test my door to see if it was unlocked.

On about the sixth or so visit, I left the door ajar and started to watch videos. The thinking was that someone would think the booth vacant and if they excused themselves, then no biggie. The first ..(continue confession)

My fetish and my new found love, is the taste of cum. Not my own cum, although I sometimes like eating my own. It's the hot sticky and delicious cum from other much younger men. Only until recently it was never direct from their cocks, it was always via my wife's pussy and asshole.
You see I absolutely adore the taste of a young mans cum as I lick and tongue out my wife's pussy and asshole. That's only after she's been fucked royally by younger eager men.
My wife of nearly six years, is fourteen years younger than me and has a libido to match some sex workers. I used to have one to match, but unfortunately my desires in that department went after my illness. It hasn't however stopped me enjoying watching my wife being fucked, and then sucking out the guys seed from her love holes.
We first indulged, if that's the right phrase, after celebrating her birthday eighteen months ago. There was a young guy obviously attracted to my wife at her party. My wife is extremely good looking and very fit for her age, and before I married her, was a magazine model. I knew she'd had a varied and exciting sex life before we got together, and she knew in my past I'd had liaisons with men. What that means for me, is I had a thing for letting older men suck me off. But that was in another life it seems.
The young man at the party got my wife's attention, when he told her precisely how big his cock was. When everyone else had gone home, I invited him up to our bedroom to let my wife see if he was telling the truth. He was, and during a very erotic night of watching him fuck my wife, I got very excited about the idea of eating her out afterwards.
For the first time in a very long time, I became semi erect as my wife squatted over my face and allowed me to lick out her cum filled pussy and ass. And so began a new fetish which only grew for me and for my wife.
We opened a profile page on a sex hookup site, and invited young men who didn't mind me watching them fuck me wife. Within days we had many many replies and decided to test the water with a young guy called Adam.
My wife and he spent the whole night licking sucking and fucking. When it was time for him to leave, we both said goodbye and I spent the next hour giving my wife oral pleasure. Tasting ..(continue confession)

A sex habit I never broke. In college I was rooming with a girl. I will call her Sarah. Sarah was a year older and she smoked. Above us lived this guy, also a student. He hated that Sarah smoked and told her how bad she smelled and that her mouth probably tasted like an ash tray. He was hard on her and she would tell him to fuck off.

One night around eleven the guy came and knocked on the door. We were in bed, but I opened the door when I knew who it was. He said he was just lonely upstairs and he wanted company. I offered him a glass of water and he followed me to the kitchen. I was bending over into the refrigerator and he said 'you are so fucking good' and he grabbed me and pushed me until he got me on the couch and got on me and tore off my pj pants, his dick was out in the open and he kept telling me to give him my pussy. I guess I was scared, but I was also wetter than hell and when he ran his dick into me nothing had ever felt so good and I went off into an orgasm before he could shoot his load. He finished fucking me face down on the couch. When he was done he told me I was the best pussy he had ever had.

My roommate came out of the room, I was still naked from the waist down and he was still naked with his dick sticking out and she wanted to know what was going on. I told her she should get fucked too, maybe his roommate could come down and fuck her. She didn't take that nicely, called me a whore and called him an asshole. He wanted me to suck him so I sucked him for a while and he ate me on the couch. About an hour had passed since we had fucked and he asked me if my roommate had ever been fucked because she was so uptight. I told him I didn't really know but that he should go fuck her anyway. We went into the room, she didn't want to fuck but we got her pants off and she got nailed hard. I was fingering myself while she was getting fucked it was so fucking hot watching her get nailed.

When he was done he got off of her and told her that he wasn't going to fuck her anymore if she kept on smoking because her mouth tasted bad and he liked to tongue a girl when ..(continue confession)

  • I will try to be brief. I have been married for 20 years. Ten years ago my marriage got redefined as a "femdom" marriage. My beautiful wife, who is 9 years older than me decided she wanted total control over our sex life. Never cheated on her. Provided for her and tried to take care of her. Guess it wasn't enough.

    Being that we were both highly charged sexual people I agreed without really knowing what it all meant. Call me naive I guess.

    Ten years later I am kept in chastity. Haven't had vaginal sex in almost two years. Sex for me is a strap on. Sex for my wife/mistress is a boyfriend she has. When she comes home from a date I am expected to clean her boyfriends cum from her pussy.

    Recently my wife has announced she wants to watch me suck a real cock and get fucked by a man.

    I have found myself excited, terrified and regretful I ever agreed to this. I can't leave. I have been fortunate to have a lot of success in my professional life and don't want to give up the homes, the travel, the cars or the money.

    More importantly I am still, after20 years of marriage, thru all of what I confessed madly in love with my wife. The things are just crap. They are indulgences. I can't replace my wife.

    I just needed a place to vent. So much for being brief.

    For whatever reason, I like talking about sex as much as I like actually having sex. I love it when people talk dirty and describe in detail what they want to do to me, even if we don't end up sleeping together. I like the tease, and I like imagining all the naughty things they say. It makes the actual sex that much better IMO. I haven't really found anyone who enjoys it as much as I do, though, so if any like-minded ladies or fellas wanna chat HMU ;)

    msparx at g***l dot com

    I think we all different behaviours when it comes to sex, i'm bi and honestly i have different wet fantasies when it comes to fucking with a male or a female.

    I have a kind of mommy kink when it comes to sleeping with girls, i prefer to spend my time in bed with a female who has a more mature body or is older than me,a milf to be more exact i want her to put me in my place and tell me how much of naughty little slut i am and how i belong to her.

    I love pleasing the female above me,kinky clothing and behaviour comes with the package, i like the idea of walking around the house in only a pair of black stockings and a dildo up my pussy, seeing my mommy on the couch and crawling between her legs,licking her delicious pussy until she cums all over my face.Or even, in the more 'sweet' moments, laying my head on her heavenly breasts and sucking on her nipple to calm down.

    The fact i always had a more smaller body only added fuel to all my fantasies, specially the ones with a MILF,i want to be on all fours to my mommy and let her play with my body, slap my slutty pussy and my ass, lick and flick my nipples, bite and lick my thighs, bruise my lips and mark my neck to show everyone that i belong to her only.

    The nicknames are also something that always grabs my attention, baby girl, baby, little slut, baby slut, kitten and etc, baby slut or baby bitch are my most favorite ones, but i also get to call my mommy other nicknames, my queen, mistress, my goddess, my princess, granny or aunt depending of how she tells me to do it.

    Now this experience i had was with an ex girlfriend i've had, she was 33 and i was 19, and shd loved roleplay, she loved to play both roles, mommy and daddy (and other roles as well but these were her favorite).

    Sometimes, she would come home with more masculine clothing, we would talk on the phone and she would tell me what to dress and how to adress her, i would come wait by the door and there she would be, she always demanded a kiss on the lips and then she would make me sit on her lap to chat.

    At some point, she would start rubbing my inner thigh, slowly sliding her hand up my thigh and stroking my pussy trough my panties, it ..(continue confession)

    This weekend we went to a wedding and got to talking with an older couple in their early 50s. The wife was a trashy, boozy debutante and I instantly disliked her - so did my wife. The husband seemed like a good ol' boy and all we could talk about afterwards was how that relationship could possibly work. The wife was vapid, a gossip, and drank so much she couldn't walk in her heels while chain smoking pretty much the entire evening. She wasn't bad looking but just about all of it was manufactured. In short, she was a full on c**t, the kind of woman you fuck in the ass just because you know it hurts her but she's been ass-fucked several times in her life and thinks that it's her job to give it up to you after a few drinks.

    When the wife and I got home we started fooling around and I guess this lady was on my mind a bit - I pushed my wife down onto the bed and fucked her until she was a sweaty, drooling, hair all over her face mess with my cum all inside her pussy. She says I wore her out (but she did cum twice herself) and asks what got into me. I turn her head to me and say "because you aren't her; I chose you" while my cock is still in her. I stroke her hair a couple of times to get it out of her face and then push into her one last time for effect, getting a small sense of satisfaction from the noise she makes, then we start to cleanup and I watch my cum leak out of her pussy. I hear her sigh and a muffled "thank you" comes from the bed.

    Thanks, Wedding She-Bitch. You reminded me why once again why I'm with my little lady and got me laid fantastically.

  • I have to get this off my chest:

    I want cock.
    It's all I think about, all I crave anymore.

    Even now as I write this, my girlfriend is asleep in the other room completely unaware (to my knowledge) that I'm combing through tons and tons of gay and sissy porn and hypno. She has no idea that when she's at work, I'm dressed in her clothes, shoving whatever I can fit in my ass, rubbing my clitty to the thought of huge cock pounding all of my holes.

    She leaves for a camping trip for most of the week tomorrow. I already am planning on heading straight to the adult shop after work to get a new dildo to fuck my ass with while she's gone. Who knows, maybe I can cruise the store for some cock? I'm considering going to the next town over where I know their store has an arcade...maybe I'll be lucky and there will be a gloryhole with a huge cock waiting for me...the possibilities are endless...mmm...

    I keep telling myself that I'm definitely capitalizing on my "alone time" this week. Unfortunately, I have to work most of the days she's gone, but I fully expect to use up all of my free time pursuing my quest to be a dirty sissy slut whose only purpose in life is to serve and take cock.

    Fuck I'm so excited...I swear my clitty is twitching and leaking just thinking about it. Time to goon and edge until then. Mouth hanging open and eyes fixated desperately fantasizing/waiting for cock to fill me...