We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

I get regular waxings son e my wife likes the pubic are and ass area hair free. And I do it because as a welder it helps keep things cooler in my pants all day. Especially in the summer heat wearing briefs.

So I've been getting waxed for three years now after my wife finally got me to go because I got tired of shaving every other day. I go to the same woman she'd goes too which is her friend so we definitely got to know each other more over the years.

My wife called me after work and reminded me of my waxing appointment, I told her I remembered and I was headed there now. She said okay and control yourself before hanging up. I was wondering what that was about.

I'm going to point out it is perfectly normal and nothing wrong with getting a reaction during waxing, it is just how the body responds and actually makes it easier fir the person doing the waxing.

So I check in, go back to the room and take my pants and underwear off and toss them in the chair. I'm standing there bare ass and the door opens. No big deal right. Except it wasn't the woman who normally waxes my wife and I. It was her 20 year old daughter! She is smoking hot and so beautiful.

Did my waxing hard as a rock the whole time as we talked. She was very professional and I had to try to not cum!

After she was finished I asked her to give me a few minutes longer than normal to clean up. knowing my hard dick wouldn't fit in my briefs, I grabbed some tissues and busted a really fast load. Boy was that a relief!

I'm 18 and while I was still a senior in high school I was NOT out. My parents had me enrolled in a fundamental extremely conservative evangelical Christian high school. A sampling of the curriculum is as follows:
America's Christian History I
America's Christian History II
A History of God's Glorious Saving of Europe
God's Miraculous Math
Christian Literature
The King James Bible as History
God's Miraculous Animal Kingdom
The Geography of the Holy land
Our Body's for God
You get the idea. No class was secular in any way. Every class, all 8 one hour periods, began and ended with prayer. Some classes were all prayer. Out of our 9 hour school day, 4 hours were devoted to Bible study and dogma. One period was nothing but prayer. The other 4 hours were basically classes that included God's role in that subject. Boys and girls were taught in separate classes.

One class that was mandatory was "Living a Rightous Life." This included a textbook entitled "How God Created Aids and why He Did." The theme of the textbook pretty much explains why God created AIDS to punish Homosexuals for choosing to be abominations.

I know that is a lot of setting up but I wanted you to see the kind of environment I was being raised in to understand how profound the following was.

It wasn't until I was in 9th grade that I realized I had bisexual desires. I was out shopping with my parents at a grocery store and I saw a gorgeous boy with long blond hair and when I got home I went insane jerking off imagining kissing him and pretending in my mind that I was a girl. Both were considered horrible sins likely to be unforgivable relegating me to a one way trip straight to the eternal burning lake of fire.

But I kept my secret to myself.

Then in my senior year at Jesus High School I met another gorgeous boy. I didn't meet him in school. I met him at a football game. Our high school played various sports against other religious high schools. Our arch rivals were the pagan St. Joseph's Memorial High School. Everyone knew they weren't real Christians and it was an annual humiliation when they slaughtered us on the grid iron. Of course our team had many Christian restrictions that prevented our team from ever getting good. Our best game ever we only lost by 62-6. It was also one of the few occasions we had to fraternize with students from other high schools.

Jason had hypnotic eyes. I got lost in them. I fell in love at first sight. He also had long blond hair. That might have been part of the attraction. He was a little bit feminine in looks but he had a tall muscular lean body as well. Jason and I met when I got in line to buy snacks at the same time. He offered his condolences. It was half time and our team was loosing 24-0. Jason was a cheerleader, the only male cheerleader and wasn't needed for half time as the bands were battling it out. We started talking and before I knew ..(continue confession)

I am very depressed without him. I used to love rocking up for lessons with him. the way he touched my body I didn't want it to stop. I wanted to have sex with him and have a nice relationship but then I saw the competition. why do some women who are old fat and uglier then me, not even know their place around younger thinner prettier girls. I backed away as soon as the child of 16 doing work experience showed up he was gonna ask her out over a old bag like me if he was looking for a new girl. all my life its been the same feeling even when I was young, it was "know your place your too fat, your too young, your not rich your not working, now its your too old, your not working, your so ugly and fat again. I just won't let a man belittle me and mock me over my weight and prick tease me with his cock and bull games, I refuse to date or have sex or entertain the idea until I lose weight, unless I make a deal and pay a guy for some massage and plus package deal for inner massage and no strings attatched. I have considered just going up to a guy I know and saying "look I don't usually ask this sort of thing but I kind of just need a few hours sex no strings attached and I am happy to pay you for the job, its just a job deal or no deal cuz I don't have time to be jerked around and made fun of about my weight or age or lack of sexual experiences for my age, to me its just if we do the deal its like a medical appointment a treatment for ther**eutic reasons and use protection, once or twice off deal. and I won't get in your way and I will never talk about it to anyone." I never done that before or even suggest them fathering a child and having nothing to with it. no strings attatched, life is fast hard you have to be tough and blunt to make it through life alone as a fat ugly woman.

  • Ive already confessed about dating my cousin, ad the sexual intimacy we had once and how she got with a new guy and how it made me depressed.

    I never told what happened after...

    Basically I felt alone, that feeling when you break up with a girl you love, especially how pretty and attractive she was and how nice her body was built.. " Her body was mine, that was mine to make love and to f*ck but now shes letting another guy have sex with it and love her " yeah, guys know that feeling.

    Because of this I resorted to stealing her clothes, my favorite? fresh worn undies, preferably thongs to give me both of her smells that I once loved and took for granted.

    Well to be honest I stole A LOT of her clothes.
    It was obvious they were missing and she obviously knew it was me.

    She had found a lot of her underwear hiding inside my pillow case, more than some with stains on them from using them for my pleasure... this was the easy party. Jeans, bras, bikinis you name it... I had it... and wore it.
    $60 bikini- wear it under my clothes.... yeah she was PISSED.

    We didnt even talk after.....didnt look at me.....
    I continued to snoop her room for dirty clothes and undies,
    I gave up on caring, she caught me a lot of times in her room
    and had to steal back her clothes every day, she LITTERALLY had to guard her laundry on laundry day as my room was downstairs with the washer and dryer.

    Well.... my cousin was pissed, told her sister who told my sister, my sister told my dad who in return told my step sister, my step sister told everyone at school.

    I was known as the cousin f*cker, id be teased and beat up.

    everyone just knew I was my cousins panty thieve and not the real story.

    No one knew about the love we had together... maybe if they knew.

    my sisters male friend rus bullied me into going out with him and I never really liked him or fancied him at all. I went out a few times over a few years with him just for coffee or a walk and chat but it was always a platonic relationship, it was never sexual at all on my part. he was like my sisters boyfriends or husbands to me. it was never sexy being around him ever. to be honest I went out with him so he would not attack me as he verbally attacked me several times yelling at me just because I didn't want to go out with him alone when my sister was supposed to go out with him and he was out or house waiting for her and she never showed up and all she had said was "oh rus and I are going out to the movies on Thursday night if you want to come along you can?" and I was like "I will think about it, he is your friend" and I was between making up my mind and half hearted to go because it was always like there was only 1 child in our family and that was my sister, she always came first her needs, her demands, her tantrums.

    I should never have given in to rus and I have learnt a lesson from it, because bit by bit he was depressing me, insulting me, demeaning me, and occasionally he was polite but as time went on he was becoming cocky and arrogant with the money he was making and I just thought "well if I go out and chat and go for a walk and coffee with him he might learn some manners and realise he can talk to girls, so we became each others sounding post about life and problems but as time went on he was putting me down so much it was unhealthy and it was advised by me from someone who was teaching me in management and admin to stop seeing him. she noticed I was upset one day and asked me what was wrong and she said "maybe its time to stop this wasted relationship then, tell him your otherwise busy" because as she pointed out to me, "he is probably seeing women on the side and its not like he has asked you to go one holiday with him when goes overseas or interstate and he never buys you any thing that says "you're special" etc.

    I said 'well he did go out on my birthday and invite me to his staff Christmas party just to stop the women calling him a fatboy lazy gay" and it worked he said "they said we never thought you would have such a beautiful female friend" and they thought we were a couple so I said to him well if you want me to cover for you to get them off your back, I know your not gay anyway, let them think what they want about us" but as time went on he became more and more demanding and bullying and selfish and hypocritical and rude. yes rude. the put downs by the millions.

    I then worked out it was him making me ..(continue confession)

  • onslow calle here again. everyone is embarrsed by me because they let me down and abused me. hahahahaha. good one. see you hurt even more yet silly sex violent agro bastards! we don't want to know you. your father is a smell old bum he won't want to know you. their grandkiddies don't know them. you say. "oh our gramparents are dead and smelly and our aunty is fat ugly onslow calle dog everyones kicking dog! ; but that won't save ya!

    i stay in bed all day nearly every day because have just warn out and tired and given up on attracting. tried to lose weight now for over 3 years and can't so giving up. I hope everyone else has a hot hairy std sex life but me.

    Because of booze I've gotten myself in a precarious situation where my next door neighbor thinks I am mentally challenged. I do drink a lot mostley shots and beers especially on weekends. She talks to me very slowly like I'm some kind of idiot and a few months ago began having her friend Brenda stay overnight apparently to witness my indecent behaviour. I've been living here for almost a year and although its nothing new to me for some demented reason when I get a buzz on I take all my cloths off. The bad thing is I go out in the yard and all over the house naked after dark. The first few months I was unaware that my neighbor Helene had seen me like that many times until she told me so, mentioning her friend had also seen me numerous times. I was honestly embarrassed when she confronted me about it but oddly she wasn't upset or mad at me. I do stutter slightly and assume she thought I had mental issues. Helene is in her mid 50's as is her friend Brenda. I apoligized to her but before I got a chance to tell her I drink a lot she said she understood my problem and that it didn't offend her. Then she began telling me how she could see into my house from the back and side and blatently asked me if I was comfortable being naked at home. She spoke to me like I was a little kid and even though she never said the word masturbate she informed me how they observed me playing with myself. Our houses are small ranch homes and are very close to each other. All the shades and blinds on my windows are the cheapest stuff from Home Depot and aren't very good for privacy. Helene lives alone and the first month or so I didn't even know who lived next door. It was humiliating the way she spoke to me that day not just because she and her friend saw me naked but the fact she was convinced I was a mental case. She had even made reference to the few times I fell asleep in the yard on my beach lounge chair while holding my penis. She never said anthing in a derogatory way but made it known how often I was undressed and holding myself. Up to that point she had never spoken to when I was in the yard naked but about two weekends after that day she came out in the yard as I stood there beer in hand, drunk and naked. She began talking to me and I suppose because of the booze I had no feeling of embarrassment. She came within a few feet of where I was and just started looking at my body and talking to me. That was the first time she asked if I was on any medication speaking to me like I was a mental patient. I unintentionally began getting a hard on and when I was fully erect I told her I was sorry about it. She smiled at me and just kept talking about stupid things. The next couple months it seemed that every time I went in the yard at night naked she would ..(continue confession)

    I am so depressed but hide it well. I have incredible back with spine and neck pain I have to hide from everyone. its ruined my work life and love life. I tried to do self sex today and that was not gorgeous event. then finally origami a few times and got up but all day the pain is there to the point I cry from the pain. I have to hide away because of fat ugly appearance that no one likes. but if I do dare go out I have to put on the pretend face and limp in every way limp my poor life and body and heart and empty loneliness that can't be filled for the last 30 years. I hobble around some days and after being out all day fall into bed to ease all the lower vertebrate and that is all my life has been for the last 30 years and I am now turning 47 and too old for a baby and real relationship. not thanking you world.

  • This hilarious incident happened when my gf and I were about 15 yrs, I was at her apartment for completion of project assignment, her Mom had gone out to run some errands

    Things began to warm up, we kissed hard , my hands all over her body, caressing her boobs , my cock hard and throbbing , we badly wanted to fuck but since I wasn`t carrying condom we decided to do orals ,we relived ourselves from every piece of clothing, went in her Mom`s bedroom where I ate her pussy till my jaws ached

    She then was sucking my cock, cum had reached to the tip of my cock, first spurt splashed in her mouth, suddenly bedroom door opened , it was her Mom ! horrified GF pulled her mouth from my cock, her Mom aghast , me shocked while my cock was spraying cum all over the bed

    We both naked and shaking with fear, with murderous looks her Mom hissed at me " Get out of my house ! "

    I never set my foot again in her house till I married her