Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

I love sniffing the inside of my dog's ears. I love the way it smells. Smells kind of like food...

  • I have really bad jock itch, and sometimes I scratch my nuts with my wife's hairbrush.

    I love to eat pussy! So much so that I don't care if my girlfriend is on the rag or not. Usually I just focus on her clit during that time. Well one day I was not so lucky, I was in such a hurry to go down on her that I licked from pereniem (spelling?) To clit and INSTANTLY GAGGED! The mixture of all day at work and 2hours at the gym created a one of a kind taste i have never encountered before or since. In order not to kill the mood, I had to switch to fingers as I licked my arm furiously to rid my self of the taste. Her asshole never tasted that bad! How did I hit the horrible pussy flavor lottery! Oh well. My current gf never has a problem with taste. asdfjkl

  • I love stroking my cock in public, busy areas where no one could possibly expect someone is busting a nut just a few feet away from them. Some of my craziest accomplishments:

    On a bench in broad daylight in the middle of multiple public parks.
    YMCA: busy lobby, on a racquetball court, family locker room, hot tub (in the water with multiple strangers and onto the side tile while alone with others in the pool area).
    In the car too numerous times to count.
    Outside of my car next to a freeway onramp and another time under a street lamp next to a busy interstate.
    At a table at in indoor park.
    On the counter of a ladies room in a hotel in Hawaii.
    At a desk in the middle of a busy library.
    A neighbor's daughter's bedroom...into her lip gloss.
    In a gazebo on a busy street in midday.
    On a bus.
    Macy's dressing room.
    The observation area and an office of a gymnastics facility, during classes.
    A parking garage...onto the hood of a car.
    In a tube slide on a playground.
    Middle aisle of a church.
    Into a piano.
    An unlocked vacant office in a nearby building.
    In the back of the family minivan on road trips as a teen.

    Every one is true and I'm planning my next daring exhibition now!

    I went to a strip club this past weekend...

    bad start already i know...

    Got a great lap dance and got hard...the stripper seemed to be enjoying herself a little more than usual as well...even telling me I "messed up her panties". I am decently well endowed so she had plenty to grind on.

    Had to be up early the next morning for my hung-over stupor I threw on the same clothes and took off. On the drive to work, I began to realize I smelled like a stripper (lots of perfume) with an added hint of 'something else'. Stopped to get a coffee to wake myself up. By the time I got to work I had finished this coffee and had to piss like a racehorse. While unzipping my fly to relieve myself, I noticed a dark spot on my entire crotch region. At fist I thought I spilt coffee, or even pissed myself. I would not be so lucky. After further inspection with a sniff I realized the fucking skank got period blood all over me.

    I threw up in the urinal. I need to take a ride to the clinic this week.

    fuck my life.

    Whenever I make dinner for my live in girlfriend which is like every night I always put in some extra ingredients for her... big juicy boogers, puss from a nasty zit, sometimes I cum or piss in it. Then I'll sit and watch her scarf it down, and the funny thing is is she always comments on how good of a cook I am.

    Years ago my boyfriend at the time and I were out with several friends partying our asses off. We were pretty loaded at the end of the evening. We came home and had some crazy sloppy drunk sex. The next morning he got up and left for work. I woke naked and quite hungover. I rolled out of the bed and was doubled over in pain. I went to the restroom and realized real quick when I couldn't find my tampon string what the problem was...yes ladies and gentlemen...we had wild, drunken sex with my tampon in. It was lodged up in there good too. I was trying to reach it with my fingers but just couldn't reach it. I called my boyfriend at work and got his voicemail. I left a frantic message for him to call me and then called his co worker that sat next to him. He told me that my boyfriend was in a meeting and it would be several hours before he could call me back. I was in pain and in a straight up panic. My neighbor called. I picked the phone up real quick hoping that it was my boyfriend. My neighbor and I dated many, many moons before that in high school. He lived with his wife a street over. He called for coffee filters. I was told him that I had a big ole' problem. By this time I can't even sit up. He was quizzing me and really wanting a coffee filter. Finally I just told him what the problem was. He couldn't believe I couldn't reach it. He told me that he would come get it out for me it wasn't a big deal. Not wanting to be in pain or go to the doctor I told him to come on I would leave the door open. Took him what seemed forever. It was just one street over! Finally he got there. I was on the bed on a towel under the covers. We stood there talking about it for a minute. He just couldn't believe I drank that much. Finally he said lets just quick talking about it and let me get this done. He washed his hands came back in the bedroom and told me to take the covers off. He had me assume the ob/gyn position and he went in. He couldn't even reach it. Finally he told me that I was going to have to spread my legs wider and pull my legs back towards my shoulders. So I did and that worked. He was able to reach it and low and behold the missing tampon was found. I was VERY grateful. He was so sweet to do that for me. He told me to just stay where I was and he got a warm washcloth from the bathroom and cleaned up messy pussy. I laid there and rested after my many thanks to him AND I made him swear to NEVER EVER tell ANYONE. I never told my boyfriend how that tampon got out. A few weeks later my neighbor came by on his way to work. He was kind of joking about the whole tampon incident. I told him once again how grateful I was. He confessed that it turned him on to help me with that problem. He said he was sorry that I was in pain but feeling around in my pussy and the blood on his fingers turned him on. He said he went home and jerked off thinking about it. I was shocked. He asked me if the next time I was on my period if he could finger me. That's all just finger me. I kind of got turned on myself him thinking about it. We dated in high school but nothing serious. We had never seen each other naked or anything. Just a little kiss here and there and some feeling up through clothes. It was a kinky idea and it turned me on. I told him I would think about it. We had a couple weeks before that time came again. Everytime I saw him after that he would tell me to just think about it, don't forget and that kind of thing. Then the day came I started my period. As I slide my tampon in I thought what the hell. That afternoon when I was leaving for work I decided to just do it. I called him and told him it was time and sure I would let him. He walked over to my house we closed the door locked it. I got a towel laid it across my bed. Went to the bathroom and took my clothes off he went in the kitchen washed his hands. He called out for me to leave my tampon in. I put on a tshirt and laid on the towel. He positioned my legs how he wanted them and slowly pulled my tampon out. Then he slide those fingers in me deep. It felt really good. I was really wet. I didn't know if it was blood or pussy juices or both but I could feel wetness running down the crack of my ass. I could see blood on my inner thigh. Without even thinking I lifted my tshirt and started rubbing my tits. It all felt so good. He told me to pull my legs back like I did that day. When I did WOW. He hit something in my pussy just right. I looked down again and he was beating off with his other hand. Watching his cock in his hand sent me over the edge. I came so hard and long. That orgasm started off strong and only got stronger. He came soon after. He just rubbed my clit a little longer and made me cum again. A small one. He got a warm wash cloth and cleaned me up again. He asked me where my tampons were and he put me in a fresh one. He stayed in the bathroom cleaning up himself for awhile. Orgasms really do help with cramps by the way. He kissed me on the forehead told me thanks a million times and he went home. Later that night I rubbed my clit until I came thinking about him fingering me and jacking himself off. We did the same thing several more times throughout that year. Once I called him and begged him to come over and give me an orgasm to relieve my cramps. He gladly appeared and performed. We both moved from the area. I got married had a couple kids. I haven't seen him in years and have NEVER told anyone about this before.

    ...i've been cross dressing and masturbating so much lately that i have friction sores on my penis...

    Gross? I'd do it again in an instant.

    One day I was driving and had to piss REAL BAD! I pulled into this crowded station and just hoped there wasn't a line. As fate would have it, there was... As I stood with one other person ahead of me, it wasn't as bad as I thought. the person who was in, came out. I was next!

    In the door rushed this cute, sexy younger girl. She had that look on her face that I could tell she needed in there and she needed in there now!! I knew she didn't need to pee, but mother nature was paying her a hard visit.

    She saw me and one person behind me. Her shoulders dropped and her eyes told the story. I pointed at the door and told her to go ahead. She smiled and gave me a heart felt thank you.... Just then, someone came out and she rushed in. I stepped closer to the door as I heard her pull down her jeans, unroll a long length of paper and wipe herself. I heard the tearing of paper unwrapping her tampon. She washed up a bit and came out. Her face was red with embarrassment, yet she smiled again and said thank you.

    By now my urge to piss was pretty well gone, but. I went in and the room was warm and the smell of her sweet pussy filled the air. I opened the waste can and right on top was this tiny used tampon soaked with blood. I picked it up and it was still warm. I held it to my nose and sniffed it. It was defiantly the same wonderful smell that filled the room. As I stood there taking a leak, I sniffed it some more. I put it in my pocket and left.

    I had another half hour drive before I'd be home. I took it from my pocket and kept smelling it. At one point, I put it to my tongue. It tasted so sweet. My cock was throbbing thinking of her sweet pussy and how pretty she was. By the time I was home it had cooled down, but I knew I wasn't finished with it yet. I took the idea to reheat it. I put it in the microwave and her scent filled the room. Once reheated, I went to my room where I stroked my cock and sniffed and sucked on this lovely girls used plug and fantasized about my cock in her lovely little body.

    A couple of years ago now, I was licking my girlfriends pussy and fingering her asshole. I got so worked up that I asked her if I could taste my finger straight from her ass thinking it would be just like the pornos and clean. She looked suprised but kinda turned on and said yes, so.. I took my finger out and just before I put it in my mouth I saw it was covered in her shit.

    I was so turned on already that I just kept going and sucked it clean and cum so hard. I was completeley ashamed yet strangley turned on, it was never meant, just something that came to me by accident but from that point on, I was curious about it, eventually I convinced her to shit in my mouth, and then licked and sucked her pussy with my mouth full of her shit. Since then I have had a number of diffrent girlfriends and probly about 4 diffrent chicks either shit in my mouth or some sort of scat play. Anal, ATM, Strap on sex, fisting (recieving and giving) golden showers, enemas, rough sex, spanking, toys, anything and everything other than rape, incest, or beastility.

    I'm obssesed with it now... I feel like iv'e done almost everything possible now and it's not enough, all I want is a chick that's really into it all, not just experimenting or doing it for me as that's how its felt. I feel ashamed but I also know it's something I can't really change, iv'e taken the extra steps into the extreme world of sex and normal sex could never be enough now.