Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all!

Ultra Dirty Minded Sub Dad

I’m a married str8 man in everyone’s eyes, only a few people people know how kinky and twisted I am sexually....
I’m TrueType bisexual, I’ve been and done lots of kinky sex things, no blood or poo....
But I have enjoyed so many sexual things, at my age now,still married to an amazing wife, she has had a low sex drive for years but better today after discovering I have had sex with men as an alternative to no sex at home,
I have as of late felt the desire to become a submissive cock sucker, pleasing other men’s needs....
I have met another man that loves me sucking him off, 6 times now, I love sucking him off for his pleasure, and the prize at the end, I swallow his cum but save enough to taste and remember the event as I drive away, I do not cum in front of him, I even wear my chastity cage sometimes, I love seeing the wt spot on my pants as I drive away!!!
The other day he said his son was coming by to get his dog he was dog setting!
Latter as I remembered the fun I fantasized he brought the dog into the room and made me suck his cock too, I then fantasized he placed me in a submissive position and then he mounted me, taking my arse till I was knotted and totally used, and forced to take my dogs cock again in my mouth as my man pussy is filled with dog cock and cum!!!!!

Forced Bi

Me and my girlfriend invited a man over to our place to watch us have sex. My girlfriend was giving me a bj while the other guy watched and jerked off, when suddenly my girlfriend stops sucking me and pushes my head towards the guys cock, i took him in my mouth and started to suck. After a while we changed position and i was fucking her while she was in doggy, then suddenly he stood over her so his cock was straight in my face, and he started to proper skull fuck me until he came in my mouth. She told me to swallow some of it and then kiss her.
I loved it

All Eyes Down Below

Since getting my period I’ve always actually enjoyed the situation of having to insert a tampon or wear a pad because I wanted attention to it and always would think about that masturbating frequently. So for quite many years anytime I could somehow reveal that I had my period to guys or girls so I would slide my tampon Out the side of my bikini or super tight shorts or even a mini skirt w pantystring just enough to look like I didn’t realize it showed. It works cause people have been staring for years and I fuckin luv it

  • Her Hot Wet Kiss

    This happened about 5 years ago and still gets me turned on. I was living with my wife on the East coast at the time. She's mid-forties and looks younger. She's pretty tall for a woman at about 5'7" and slim, about 125lbs. Long dark hair, nice shape. One of the things my wife loves is sucking cock. When we first met several years ago she used to place ads on craigslist looking for men who weren't getting what they wanted at home. She set up dates with men to come to her apartment two or three times a week and basically all she wanted was for a guy to show up, drop his pants around his ankles and take a seat in a chair she had set up for the purpose in her parlor. She'd usually be wearing s little nighty or something flimsy and as soon as the lucky fellow sat down she'd be on the floor between their legs and gobbling their sausages. When a man would be getting close to cumming, lots of them would tell her they were close and ask where she wanted them to cum. She always said "Cum in my mouth".

    We met when she was blowing me a couple or three times a month. We got to know each other a little and I asked her out on a real date. Don't remember if it was going to the movies or a nice dinner date, but we started to go out more often and eventually she stopped sucking off random men's cocks. About 10 years ago we got married. We have had a good sex life since the beginning and we try to accommodate each others wants and needs.

    So about 5 years ago I was chatting with some fellows online about wives and swinging and sharing and such. I became enthused with the idea of watching my wife being really slutty and sucking cock like she used to do. I casually spoke with her about it and she said she was very satisfied with our sex as it is but would be willing to do certain things if I really wanted her to do them. The main thing was I told her I wanted her to suck a man's cock but do it while I watch her and make sure she's safe. She was unsure of the whole plan and afraid I'd get jealous and it would ruin our happy life, but after a bit I was able to persuade her that I'd like to watch her being a slutty little cocksucker like she was when we first met.
    I said I would take the responsibility and set ..(continue confession)

    Klismaphilia: An Inside Perspective

    Klismaphilia – An Inside Perspective

    Klis-ma-ph’ilia – The fetish of using enemas to obtain sexual excitement and gratification.

    Most have never heard that word. I actually had to explain what it meant to a psychologist once. I’d wanted to finally open up (no pun intended. OK maybe a bit), and begin to divulge the dark, wet secrets that I had hidden for my entire life. That I often used either some enemas, or looked at pictures of enemas, or tried to get someone to give me enemas, or thought about enemas, or fantasized about enemas. Enemas were my ‘girl or boyfriend’, my hobby, my obsession, my life.
    It’s known as a fetish, which is a bizarre sexual obsession usually with a foreign object. True fetishists usually can’t obtain or maintain an erection without something related. For years, I prided myself on the fact that I wasn’t a ‘full fetishist”. I could still get off thinking about girls, though they often appeared in my fantasies, they were most often involved in taking or giving enemas. I seldom fantasized about intercourse or standard sex with them.

    Boys however were another story. Up until age 21 I had not had sex with a female. I had done things with a couple of other boys though. My best friend Dave and I had sort of a sporadic quasi-sexual relationship from pre to high school. We began by playing doctor as many children do. I enjoyed this immensely and continued the practice throughout my life. Eventually we would engage in oral and even anal sex as teens. More on that later.

    Enema (En’-uh-muh) An injection of liquid into the rectum. Usually used for ther**eutic purposes such as treating constipation or preparing the bowel for examination or surgery.
    I think that Mr Webster should have added an alternate definition that might read something like this:

    2) May cause sexual excitement leading to extreme interest and preoccupation, especially in adolescent males. This may cause feelings of guilt, shame, disgust, and confusion. If not treated early, it has been known to result in total life destruction. Most people under forty have never had the pleasure torture humiliation ecstasy of receiving a large enema given by a parent, nurse, or relative. Many haven’t even heard of them. When the millennia old process is explained to them reactions vary but tend towards shock, horror, and disgust. When informed that a tiny, yet growing cohort of the population gets off by having a tube shoved up their rear ends and being pumped full of warm soapy water, most are in disbelief. There will always ..(continue confession)

    Wanting To Try To Be Fisted

    I’m marred, str8 to all that know me, I’m bi, 58 yo, more on the sub side, and I have taken cock in both holes, enjoy both, a few years I meet a man on CL, I wanted to explore being a bottom, but he was a little older and had ED problems, really nice guy, he didn’t tell me about his problem and it kinda turned me off,
    He was into fisting and wanted to train my hole to take the fist, I meet him a few times, last time he put me in the ceiling harness!!! That was awesome!
    He had huge hands and it didn’t happen fast enough for me, today I wish I had let him practice more on me, I would ove to se a video of me with an arm deep in me...

    My Secret Dirty Kinky Thoughts K9 Desires

    I’m a mature married bi masculine man, a man’s man, but I have fantasies of meeting a more dominant bi man that enjoys forcing me to fire fill his fantasies, he uses me for his pleasures, he mixes it up and he makes me please his secret group of top dom friends, I’m used by a small group two times a week, becoming a very dirty slut, and then one day one of his friends brings a big cock dog, and I take the knottttt, I’m hooked and used often

    Sissy Dog Sitter

    I’m a sissy, mostly still in the closet. This confession is of a fantasy, probably my most taboo one.

    My boss, Charles, asks me to housesit for a week while he takes his beautiful wife on vacation to Aruba. He knows me as Roger. He’s a tall, muscular, older man. There’s no question he’s the alpha at work. He’s treats me with respect, but there’s a glint in his eye that tells me he knows what I truly am.

    I get to their house at 7am. His wife gives me instructions about the house plants, lawn watering schedule, and where to leave the mail. She points out all of the food in the fridge and tells me to enjoy myself.

    Charles opens the door out to the garage. “We’d better go we don’t want to miss our flight!” We go out to the garage to his running Range Rover, and that’s when I meet Bruce. “Roger,” Charles says as he’s loading their luggage, “this is Bruce. Fill his bowl with food once a day and keep his water filled. You don’t need to walk him, he has a door out to the yard.” He closes the hatch and moves to the driver door.

    Bruce, a very handsome black and tan Doberman, walks over to me with his stubby tail wagging. His spiked collar only adds to his intimidating look, but he is very friendly. He sniffs my hand, licks my fingers and turns back to his large bed. As I step into the car I notice his large balls hanging between his legs.

    The ride to the airport was pleasant. Charles and his wife talk about something, but I don’t listen. I cannot keep my mind from Bruce, what a handsome dog he is and how big his balls are.

    We pull up to the drop off and Charles pulls out the luggage. His wife hugs me. “I always hug people at airports,” she smiles. She smells delightful and her breasts press against me. I’m very jealous of them.

    “Call if you need anything,” says Charles.

    “Don’t worry boss, everything will be fine,” I reply.

    I leave the airport and stop by my apartment for my things. Charles gave me the week off of work, so I could manage his house. I pack my bag with only my female clothes, makeup, heels, and my two wigs. The only male items I bring are the clothes I’m wearing. I’m going to be Ginger all week.

    ..(continue confession)

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    Suckng A Cock

    Its very rare that i come across a cock that i really want to drop to my knees and take fully in my mouth but when i do, all i care about is keeping it there as long as possible and sucking until the owner cannot hold back his cum and is pulling me onto it..Afterwards i have no interest in him what so ever and will never agree to meet him again.I love fucking women and yet my fetish is a big erect cock in my mouth.