We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

Perils Of Texting

I'll provide some background on the events leading up to my texting event.

This started late last Fall when the wife & her Mom headed up to a yearly girls weekend at a cottage. There was like a dozen or so women comprised of mostly family and friends form her side of the family. Well I guess at some point they got in to the alcohol and the lips loosened up and they all began spilling their secrets. My wife was no exception and she relayed to the group that my dick is too big much to the horror of the others there. They weren't shocked that she gave up this info willingly but more that she said it was "too big". She said she went on to describe in detail that it was much like a water bottle in circumference only longer (just over 10") and she disliked having sex for the most part.

She continued on that to impregnate her she either blew me or gave me head and I would then dump my load in her. The method worked as we ended up with 2 kids. She also explained that I was somewhat of an expert in giving oral as she did not like sex very often. She was apparently asked many questions by several in the group and there were a few that weren't surprised at all. For instance:

The MIL who is 53 years old (divorced) knew it was big as she had seen it many times through my underwear when she slept over and one time a glimpse through an ajar door. She felt the wife was lucky she got oral as she never had anyone do so for her.

The SIL who has been around for 20+ years always knew as when we were in our teens she would grind the shit out of me on purpose just to feel it on her ass. She would also jump on top of me while I'd be laying on the couch or bed to rest her tits around it.

For me the most forward one was the wife of my best friend from Grade School who told her there was no such thing as too big. She knew it was big as my buddy told her that seeing it in the showers at hockey it appeared huge even flaccid. She told them all if she weren't with her hubby and I weren't with her she would snap me up and ride that cock all the time.

When she told me of her sharing I was absolutely pissed off that she would divulge such information but it soon turned to excitement as she relayed what some of the comments were. The thing is it that this all began to bear fruit not long afterwards.

The first one had the MIL poking around more often and making lewd comments about sex and in a roundabout way my dick. This of course took place when the wife was not around to hear. At first I played coy and laughed it all off but I soon became receptive to her innuendos and put her to the test. I started by wearing these shorts in the pool that clung to you ..(continue confession)

  • Knew Each Other.

    Iv been married and happy a long time yet this nagging urge to look longer at young men who had what to me seemed quite big cocks was going to get me in trouble at my local swimming pool.Shower time only added to my frustration as i knew deep down this fantasy i had of sucking a big cock just once was never going to go away until id tried it. Locally i could not face the embarrassment of anyone finding out so i placed a small advert and arranged to meet a young man who boasted a big cock and then to my utter horror turned out to be 18 and very local .Both of us were wearing easy to spot items at a spot 20 miles from home and deserted so it was a very embarrassing moment for both of us but we both knew why we were there and i could not take my eyes of his zip.He has nearly 7 inches which was not being looked after by his new girlfriend so the thrusts to my mouth were constant and after coming once he hung around and gave me more until i had to get mine out and wank as best as i could with him pushing his cock in and out of my mouth.When i started to come his cock was in its own final stages but wow did i come.

    Barefoot Man In Women's Restroom At Walmart

    I went to go use the restroom one time at Walmart and saw a man in the Women's Restroom he was barefoot and he was putting his feet in the toilet. I asked him why is he barefoot in the women's restroom and the next thing I saw the man started to smell his damn feet as I left the restroom completely grossed out as I looked to find a Walmart employee God Forbid knowing how lazy and useless they are told me they couldn't do anything. Then the man left the store and I said to him "You were barefoot in the Women's Restroom you had your feet in the toilet and you were smelling your feet and told anyone to please remove this man from the store but no one would listen to me. I was so grossed out that I couldn't even focus on my work.

  • Why Is He Acting Like This With Me?

    So there is a guy with whom I worked couple months ago that only asks me for a date when it is very late at night.I thought he liked me because he complimented me and told that he thinks I am sexy but I don't think he is serious I think he is only messing with me. I said to him more than once that I only wanna go out with him when it isn't that late, not in the evening and he says ok but when we have to meet that day he says he can't anymore to go out with me. Yesterday we should have met and drink a coffee together and I waited for him the entire day to call so I messaged him eventually. He said he isn't available. I felt really stupid that I have trusted him. When he calls me he says only bullshit that oh he is very sincere and devoted in a relationship and he would like to know me better but when we actually have to go out he doesn't call anymore. Why would a guy at 28 year old would do that if he isn't interested in a woman?
    During the quarantine he even asked if we could meet at my home but considering the fact that he is almost a stranger and I don't trust in him I refused him. I really don't know if he want me only for sex or is a pathological liar with mental issues.
    I feel really naive to think that he was really interested in me. The thing is that I never had a boyfriend before, it is not that shocking actually that at 25 years old I never been with a man, because my parents were very strict and now I feel the lack of a man in my life.
    I really thought he would actually be attracted to me.but apparently not, I actually feel really pathetic, I don't think he knows I am a virgin he may think I am stupid I am not good at all at reading men. :(


    I made a huge mistake. I am a free lance artist, and a man came along who firstly nurtured my art, and mentored me into commercial success. Secondly he promoted me, financed me and basically supported me during my years getting to a point where I could earn enough money to pay the bills. He loaned me his mountain cabin rent free as well putting spending money in my hand.

    I lost my footing and let him fall in love with me and allowed him to have sex with me. My mistake was keeping my partner a secret, she was finishing her Masters degree but now she is done and she is here to live with me. He is upset, pissed, angry, inconsolable. He flat doesn't believe me, he calls my partner a passing fancy, a college fling. He says he doesn't approve.

    I am being torn apart, i don't know what to do.

    This weekend I meet a 22 year old woman off of tinder. Odd match I know but it was supposed to be just for sex. She was pretty good looking and definitely fuckable.

    I straight up told her I have nothing special in my pants, just average size equipment but it gets the job done well. She was okay with that. I’m 6 inches for the record.

    This was going to be my first time having sex in three years. Normally I had sex with worn my age or a few years older then me.

    So I went to her place and we were making out. I stopped and bought some condoms on my way to her place. As we were making out she unbuttoned my jeans and reached inside. She stopped kissing and looked and said you wear tighty whities!? I honestly was shocked, I didn’t know they were so unacceptable. I just told her they come off so who cares. I push them and my jeans off and she saw I had an all natural bush. She wasn’t too fond of that. She was shaved herself.

    I told her I’m 41 what do you expect? I ended up getting dressed and leaving.

    Two days ago I saw my 11 year old son masturbating while laying on his bed. He was too engrossed in what he was doing to notice my presence, and I silently slipped away.

    I know this is something that all boys do sooner or later, but I didn't think they started that early. I was going to tell my husband, but I changed my mind. I doubt he would be as shocked as I was.

    I am a 28 year old female with a son who is 9. Last week I went to take a shower, but forgot to fully close the bathroom door. I had just finished disrobing when I noticed that my son was look at me through the opening of the door. He startled me, and I let out a scream. He ran to his bedroom as I dr**ed myself with a towel. I then followed him to his room.

    The poor kid thought I was angry, but I felt bad about the scream. as I understand that young boys are naturally curious about the female body. I assured him that I wasn't angry and that I had screamed because he startled me.

    Although I was very embarrassed, I thought it best to satisfy his curiosity, so I dropped my towel. His eyes got wide and he dropped his hand to cover his private parts, as I realized that he had an erection. I gently took his hand and touched my breast and my genital area. His only response was to ask why I had so much black hair down below.

    I explained that was something that came with age, and that he would get hair down there when he got older. Later on that evening I told my husband about the episode, but I left out the part about his question regarding my pubic hair. I honestly don't know why.

    I am sexually timid and shy, worse then most women and certainly for my age more so. I see a therapist about sexual trauma and sexual supressions and I still don't know if I like sex or not. She encouraged me to watch some niche porn on topics that were of difficulty to me, like hearing moaning and bed noises and fears from childhood about sexual arrosal and climax and searching myself and exploring to find out what I like and what I don't like. What I want and what I don't want etc. Its surprising the feelings I feel and I take note of them. I used to think it would be so hot and nice to have sex til it actually happened. I dreamed of sex for too long and didn't do it til too old. It was such a let down. I still dream of sex with men I like but not the hopeless fag I was with. I think if I had been in love and really wanted it, I would have enjoyed it more. I wonder if I will ever enjoy it. If I will ever find a man that turns me on. I have little to compare or pretend how the next new sexual venture will be but here goes.

  • I'm fairly tall, good looking I'm told, but I have no boobs at all, I mean totally flat chested. My hips aren't very pronounced and I'm just a touch chubby. The embarrassment happened last summer at a beach. I'm pretty much a pleaser when it comes to sex, I like pleasing a man I choose to be with. I guess the way i was raised was that if both parties are up for it, then there are no barriers. My boyfriend has admitted he's had gay sex before and I was ok with it, though I'm not OK with cheating. In my wanting to please him we have had several sexual adventures and many very kinky acts between us. He loves me all hairy, fully natural though at times I do trim, even shave it all to keep things interesting. He loves to watch me pee when I'm all hairy especially if we're outside in public somewhere. Then he started having more anal sex than vagainal, and I do cum from both so I didn't mind though my bathroom habits had to change as he always cums inside me, whether in my mouth, my pussy or my butt.

    He asked me to wear jockey mens underwear sometimes when we have anal. It's always me face down, and he lowers the jockeys enough to expose my butt and it happens. Then it got to jockeys and tees, boy jeans, shoes, and shirts. He bought a very lifelike semi-hard dildo like cock with a sack and loose hanging balls. He put that inside my jeans when we'd go out in public. At the beach last summer he had me put on the fake cock and a pair of mens swimming trunks. I cut my hair short a couple of months before and we went to the public beach. We'd been there before, and he's taken me behind the dunes and had sex, but this time we were there as a gay couple which he likes in public. He had me stand up and kissed me in front of everyone. Everyone thought we were a gay couple kissing. Then putting his hand down the back of my trunks he walked me in front of everyone behind the dunes. There were a few couples there having sex behind some tall grass, and he laid me down on my belly without any cover of tall grass and had anal sex with me. Just pulling the trunks down below my butt, no one could tell I was a girl. They thought they were seeing two gay guys, one fucking the other in the ass.

    We walked back and he was smiling, and patting me on my behind and grabbing himself. He even talked about how good my butt felt and how that was great sex so people could hear. We stayed another two hours with everyone thinking I was a gay guy who'd just let his gay boyfriend fuck him. I don't know why, I don't get embarrassed when we have sex in semi-public or anything, even sometimes he has me show my pussy in public and my ass. This bothered me, not that people thought we were gay but that they thought we had gay anal sex. It dawned on me, ..(continue confession)