Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

I have a lot of scat fantasies and love rimming my pretty wife. She always showers twice a day and is a very clean woman. Naturally that's a great thing, wouldn't want to be married to a pig. On the other hand, I do love to eat her out and rim her ass. I really love it when I can catch her when she's fresh from exercising and is sweaty and musky.
My dream fantasy is to catch her right after she goes to the bathroom and wipes herself but just once so she's not perfectly clean. Getting hard just thinking of it. Having her lie down with her beautiful butt in the air, a couple of pillows under her tummy and letting me really eat that sweet dirty ass. Wanna taste her dark chocolate stripe.

Been awhile since I’ve had so I took to Grindr to find some ass to fuck. Sometimes hard for me to find a hook up because I’m HIV positive but been undetectable for years. But that’s a whole different story, I got r**ed.

But anyways I had a guy hit on me on Grindr. He didn’t look too bad so I told him to come over around 7 that night. I was 1 pm and I had to go get condoms and lube at the store. Which that was a task of its own, two stores I went to were sold out of magnums. I got 6 inches of birth so I need magnums. Ended up finding them at Walgreens.

So 7 comes around and the guy shows up. He isn’t showered fresh as he got done mowing some lawns, he’s a landscaper. It’s whatever, I will fuck a sweaty ass. I undress right away, take my shirt off and take my shorts off. Tossed them out of the way, I was going commando so easy undressing for me. He takes his shirt and jeans off and tosses them out of the way. He’s left standing in his briefs. I’m already rock hard.

I bet him bent over my bed in my spare bedroom and pull his briefs off. Out fall some low hangers and a nice dick! Very hairy too! That’s okay because I’m all natural in my pants too. I squirted some lube on his butthole, put a condom on my dick and rubbed lube all over it.

Slide right in his hole. It was tight but he bottomed often he said so he knew how to relax. Not even three minutes in I smelt something and looked at my dick. It was covered in a golden glaze, he had shit on my dick. I asked if he was empty? He said I thought I was and said I thought I was clean. Saying this while my dick is sitting balls deep in him. I said fuck it and just continued fucking him. Few minutes later I cummed.

He turned around and I sucked his Dick till he came. Then I let him shower.

used to have a lot of sexual hang ups and I seen a spec****st and she has helped me to find sex fun. she told me to think like a giddy kid about sex and talk silly sexy talk and I am not sure if its helped. My man found it weird. what should I do now?

I took so much dick in my mid to late 30s till I was 41 to get out of debt with various people that I ended up with a rectal prolapse. Something I’m very ashamed of. I owed a bunch of people money and when said I will have to work it off, I ended up working it off with 5 different guys over the course of 6 years.

I either had to suck dick or get fucked. And 2 of the guys has big dicks. By big I mean 10” big black dick. But those two guys were the last to fuck me. 3 white guys with average size dicks fucked me for 5 years. I have no idea how I never ended up with an std, they always blew their load in my butt. Lots of times it was me getting gang banged.

Then for 4 years the two black guys fucked me, they tore my asshole up. They were hung and thick. My asshole was very stretched out. And midway through all that I experienced a rectal prolapse. But they continued fucking me. I was known as a turned out bitch in that neighborhood. Just talking about it makes my butthole hurt.

Eventually I moved and 4 years ago I finally got the prolapse fixed. I was embarrassed for years to go to the doctor about it

So this is really gross and embarrassing but it would turn me on that people know: I masturbate with my sons semen. He along with everyone on the planet has no idea.

It began while cleaning out the waste paper bin in his bathroom. I found a used condom tied up among the tissues and trash. Then another one. I know there hadnt been any girls over so I assumed he was jerking off into them. It was weird to see but I just dumped the bin in the trash and forgot about it..

That is, until later in the day I was lucky enough to have the house to myself and was pummeling my clit with my vibe. I was feeling very naughty and went naked downstairs to cum on the couch. I felt very exposed and dangerous and it was really working. In my sexual whirlwind I remembered the condoms and started thinking it was strange I touched his sperm. But I didnt reaally touch it because it was in the latex. It wasn’t long before the shameful thought popped in my head.

I dug our the two condoms and their cummy contents and went back to the couch. I cut them open with scissors and poured them on my sexually charged body. One on breasts. And one on my pussy. I rubbed it all over my nipples and my pussy as I furiously rubbed my clit. It was cold and smelled bad but I didn't care. I felt so dirty covered in my sons cum. I came so fucking hard.

Afterwards I was so ashamed of myself. But fast forward a week and there I was again cumming hard with my own teenage boys cum dripping out off my chin.

Nowadays I can tell when he jerks off and get it fresh. Hes pretty unobservant but sometimes I wonder if he has ever noticed them missing and thought, is my mom rubbing my sperm on her asshole?

  • I Still Miss His Cum Stained Boxers

    Ok, here comes my confession. I'm a 27yo guy, have a GF for 4 years now and we live happily together. Thing is, I'm bi and a bit of a perv.

    A couple of weeks ago my girlfriend's brother was staying with us. He's 19 and a tough, muscled chav kid wearing trainers and being rude. A real alpha in the making. Me being a bit of a beta always got aroused when he is around. That's why (me being a perv) went into his room from time to time to look for evidence of him jerking off. Dried cum on the mattress or in worn boxers ans socks. So I could smell it, taste it and get turned on.

    One day he just left the house, my GF was downstairs and I went into his room. And I was lucky: a brand new, huge puddle of cum in his old boxers, smelling ripe, complete with strands of golden blond pubes. I licked it all up and my mouth got filled with tasty salty young jizz.

    A that moment my GF got upstairs looking for me to have sex. Me having no way to refuse (I already am rockhard) we start getting it off and I start kissing her. I got her brothers cum in my mouth and on my lips but she doesn't notice. She tasted her own brothers cum and even got some in her pussy as I started eating her out (thank god for birthcontrol). It was one of the hottest shags in ages.

    Anyway, end of the week brother moved out and I still miss his cum stained boxers from time to time.

    Hot tubs are the worst thing in the world. I went with my significant other to Cabo San Lucas and we had a private hot tub. We got in naked and did the hokey pokey. I got back with a bad UTI. The doctor says that the hot tub will do it to you every time, especially in hotels and public places like that.

    Great holiday, great fun time, not so great recovery.

    As a teen when I started cumming, I'll admit that I didn't care where the cum ended up. Honestly, it made me feel naughty and more aroused by the idea of making as much of a cum mess as possible. My messes were mostly in bed. I humped my bed a lot in the earlier days, so I had plenty of loads on my bed. Some days when I shoot, I just let it shoot upwards as high as can be and let it fall over me and the bed.

    Messes outside the bed were leaning more towards accidental or just not as prepared or to in the moment to think. It just shoots wherever, be it the desk, keyboard, mouse, computer screen, nearby walls. The floor if it wasn't carpeted.

    The amount of times I've shot in my shorts/pants is endless on times where I was trying to jerk it discreetly, countless.

    I learned how to do my laundry quite early in life as my mom wasn't sick of finding the stains. I got over the messy phase by the time I entered college. Looking back, I was so much more than gross cause some points my bed was just stained all over.

    I came 4 times within the past hour to gay diaper pissing furry porn. 4 fucking times. How did I get to such a low point? How the fuck did my life get to the point where I like to watch gay animals shit and piss themselves? What the fuck is wrong with me? I don't know.

    This maybe gross to some but I love being a human toilet. Have done with lots of guys and most of the time I've eaten. I love the taste o eat mine slot or make milkshakes or brownies with it. My fetish is so good I go farming at local toilets for it and shove down my panties and take home, love the feeling of it as I smear all over me. I'm currently covered from head to toe on some I saved in the freezer, I love to fuck myself with it until it defrost, I even have a couple of regular guys who love feeding me in my bed. Is the best feeling knowing some are complet strangers. My last one the other day we swapped our dirty nappys and I sucked his dirty cock clean and licked him clean then gave him a piss enema that he squirted in my mouth, was some of his piss and some of mine but still drank it. I also love scat fun with my sex doll. Hopefully I get my panties filled tonight up the local dogging site I normally do also had a couple of women fill them aswell and women's shit tastes the best