Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all!

I Need A Good Spanking

As a child I grew up with my mom, her sister and my uncle. My uncle is a disciplinarian and he spanked me when I disobeyed. I went through a period of rebellion, from around twelve to around sixteen. My uncle spanked me, a lot if times by pulling down my pants and spanking my bare butt.

My feelings were hurt but my butt loved it. I remember getting feelings down there when he pulled my pants down, exposing my butt and my furry front. Across his legs and I got from three to five hand spanks. After my spanking I had to pull my pants back up and sit in the living room and think about my behavior and punishment.

My husband of two years won't spank me, he might as well have a limp dick. I want to be spanked, stripped, bent over and get a spanking. Raising his voice at me would be nice too.,

Hot Tgirls Together

I don't know if this qualifies as a confession or not, but it's a true story about my delicious tgirl wife. This happened long before we were married and actually was something she told me about when we were first getting together. For a frame of reference, this would've been about a dozen years ago, in around 2007 or 2008. My wife would've been in her late 30s and she's always looked considerably younger than she is.

So she had recently discovered something called gender disphoria, which is a fancy way of saying she'd always felt her boy bits were wrong for her. Ever since she was little she says she would watch TV or movies and never identify with the hero or the little boys or any of the male figures. She always imagined herself as the kid sister or the abducted girl.
Anyway, by the time she was in her 30s she was set on crossdressing as a kind of first step to transitioning to the female gender permanently.
When I first met her she would dress in sexy girl's lingerie and have married men meet her for blowjobs. She always loved the feeling of a man's cock getting hard in her mouth and sucking them til they gave her a bellyful of hot cum. She would suck guys off a couple of times a week and probably more on the weekends.

When I first met her I was just another dick to suck and I was loving every second because she really loves sucking cock and it shows. If you ever had a woman blow you and it was more or less out of obligation or something, you know it really isn't as good as when she's into it. I mean, it's hard to fault a blowjob, but you really, really enjoy it when the girl is sucking your cock like it's her first meal in a week.
So my wife was a fantastic cocksucker and we'd talk sometimes during the week by phone and email. She lived about an hour away from me and I'd get to see her when it was convenient for us both. Obviously I had to be content to see her when she didn't already have a "date" to suck some other guy's cock. She was so good at it, she had several regulars who'd see her again and again for fantastic blowjobs.

One time when we were talking she told me about a date she had that afternoon. She considered it a lesbian playdate. She had invited a crossdresser to come to her apartment and they were going to have a girly time together. ..(continue confession)

I Love Watching Girls Have Sex

We met in class, I agreed to go to a party that weekend. Some pot, lots of beer and a girl being fucked on the floor. I tried not to watch, but I watched until they were done. That night I masturbated and had my first self induced orgasm, and it was so good.

Since that time I like watching girls getting fucked. My later boyfriend picked up girls and I watched him fuck them from the closet where we had drilled an eye hole to watch from chair, I usually masturbate slowly while I watched. After college I watched my roommate get fucked by her boyfriend. Once too often and she sent him after me and he fucked the shit out of me and left me with a bloody broken nose.

I now have a roommate who let's me watch and masturbate, I love washing her pussy afterwords. I get fucked once in a while which I like but I prefer to give myself an orgasm while she is getting fucked.

  • Can't Believe She Ate The Whole Thing

    I'm a confirmed DOM. No, not a dominant Master, though I do call the shots in the family. What I am confessing is to being a dirty old man. I might be a sex addict because I really do enjoy a lot of different kinks and my lovely and younger wife sometimes helps.
    This particular adventure happened about five or six years ago when we lived in NYC.
    I had met and chatted with a guy online who came to town a few times a year on business and he enjoyed meeting locals for nsa sex.

    A little background first. My beautiful wife is tall and slim and makes whatever she's wearing look fantastic. She's mid-40s but looks at least ten years younger. She's a world class BJ queen and truly loves to suck cock. When we first met about ten years ago she was a serial cocksucker. What I mean is that she regularly met up with men at least a couple of times a week to suck them off. She absolutely loves being submissively perched on the floor between a man's legs with his throbber getting harder in her mouth and she always swallows. She says if you're not going to swallow she sees no point in sucking cock. Gotta love a slutty girl like that!

    OK, so back to the confession.
    I set it up that we would meet this guy at his hotel one night and I would watch my beautiful slut wife suck him off. She dressed for the adventure as really naughty, slutty schoolgirl in a tiny plaid micro-miniskirt, little white blouse tied under her perky little titties and fishnet stockings.
    She did her makeup a lot heavier than usual to complete the slutty and whorish look.

    We got to the hotel and I had her wait in the car while I checked out the guy and the situation.
    I went to his room and when he saw me alone I guess at first he thought he'd been tricked and maybe I was the one who was looking to blow him.
    I explained that I was bringing my lovely wife but wanted to make sure he was what he said and we weren't walking into a setup where maybe there were a half-dozen guys there, or the guy was actually looking to rob us or something. Everything looked fine and I told him I'd be right back with my slut. He said he'd leave the door ajar and we should just walk in.

    I went back to the parking lot to get my honey and we walked into the ..(continue confession)

    Sissy's First Time

    So ive dabbled with cross dressing before but last weekend I was feeling extra kinky. I went out and bought sexy heels, stockings, a dress, bra, wig, even makeup.

    I shaved my legs to get the full experience. I was so excited to dress up and look sexy. I had fun getting dressed. I’m thin with a pretty effeminate body and face so everything fit me well and I looked hot AF.

    I was drinking and jerking off watching porn and myself in the mirror. This was a lot of work, I thought, and its a shame I cant show myself off.

    The thought of leaving my place like that was exhilarating and before I could debate it I was grabbing my keys. I decided to go to a neighborhood where I wouldn’t run into anyone. I parked and shyly got out of my car.

    I felt so hot in my heels, red lipstick and by cock flopping freely under my short dress. I walked down the street passing people and sharing glances. My heart was pounding. I wanted to cum, but where?

    A car pulled up and rolled down the window. I was terrified it was a cop but to my relief it was just some guy. He asked if he could get a date. I realized he thought I was a prostitute! I dont blame him.

    Against my better judgement I got in the car. I had never done anything with a guy and was a little unsure, but also very horny.

    We started driving and he asked to see my cock. I slowly lifted the bottom of my dress up revealing my half erect shaved penis. He started rubbing himself over his jeans.

    He was older maybe late thirties. Looked like the working type. Fit, tan in a rough way. I reached over and touched his bulge. He pulled into a dirt parking lot and unbuttoned his jeans.

    His cock was bigger than mine. Wider mostly. I whimpered unintentionally as I started to stroke it. I felt it swell in unison with my own. He didnt even ask I couldnt help myself and just started sucking it. The feeling and taste of a big strange cock in my mouth was driving me wild. I could feel my asshole begging for attention.

    After a long and impassioned blowjob we moved to the back seat. I got on my knees and presented my boy pussy for fucking. He spit on it, which dropped onto my balls. I was in a sexual daze as he put a condom ..(continue confession)

  • Walker Lake, NV

    I spend most of the year driving the route between Reno and Las Vegas for work. If you're familiar with this, you know about half way you come to a place called Walker Lake. It right by the town of Hawthrone, NV.

    For whatever reason, the lake feels a little "dark" to me. But I also somehow feel extra horny when passing by. I always stop at one of the many pulloffs along the lake, look up some quick porn on my phone and rub one off. I don't what about that place but it's weird.

    Not sure if this is some kind of fetish or kink but I guess it's a confession I've never mentioned to anyone.

    Neck Fetish

    Im a 18 year old straight woman that has a crazy fetish for womens neck. My ex boyfriend put me on to it and now I'm completely obsessed with it. It started off simple but now it has turned into something completely different than what it is. At first it was just the adams apples and touching and now it has turned into the flexibility of how far the neck turn the farther the better. Its come to the point where I search online to see if there are videos of women doing it, an I find that there isn't alot of fetish videos catering that an I really wish there was. I usually tell my friends everything but they know nothing of this. I don't know if its normal or weird, but I definitely wish more women we're into.

    It’s A Trap!

    I met a girl a few weeks back. Super hot chick, loves sports and motorcross. She was fucking hot I tell you. We went on a few dates and things were getting hot by date 5. She was definitely sexually frustrates and so was I. All night. She had her foot on my cock under the table, teasing me to the point I had notice my underwear were pretty wet from precum. We finally get back to her place and it is hot and heavy and she has perfect tits, her body is insane. She’s got abs, her ass is crazy round and you can tell she works out hard.

    We head to the bedroom and I’m basically tripping over my clothes as I’m peeling them off as fast as possible. She shimmy’s out of her dress and shoes, she’s got on a nice thong. She turns around to slide it off bending over in my face and bam! There it is! A very good sized throbbing hard cock! Of course i immediately jump back because I’m not expecting it and she begs me not to freak out and leave.

    So here I am naked and hard as a rock as she’s explaining that she really likes me and she is upset and almost in tears for not telling me. She finally comes out and says “is there anyway you can be with me and be physical” I’m confused, I’m shocked, I’m clearly horny as fuck and dripping precum everywhere. She leans in and kisses me, I’m hesitant, she makes her way down and starts going to town on my cock. Balls and everything. It’s so good I honestly forget about her matching equipment. The time comes when’re she says she wants me to fuck she’s on her hands and knees her ass spread, her balls and cock are visible but I’m really trying to focus on her asshole. So I said fuck it and I get down and eat her ass for a second, she’s moaning and stroking herself, I cautiously flip her sack with my tongue and she lets out immense pleasure so I slide my sock in finally, I’m hammering away while she’s moaning and stroking and she tells me to cum inside her and of course as soon as you hear that you explode. So I do and I pull out and she lies on her back, hard as a rock slowly stroking her cock and asks how it was. It was honestly amazing. I licked on her nipples as she jerked off ..(continue confession)


    I’m married to a beautiful woman named Annalyssa. She is gorgeous. Long dark hair, perfect brown skin, very sexy and curvaceous figure. We tend to have very great and freaky sex. One thing she not know is that I enjoy using her toy on my. I get off with the toy in my own arse and the cums are quite explosive.

    So one time I met up with man from pages for some sex and first I do him. He told me to try what I want so I did all of it. I suck his very large black cock, I tongue his balls and all. I then fucked his arse until I came deep inside.

    Once I finished he threw me to bed and had his way with my backside and I have never felt so much pain and pleasure before. His massive black cock was penetrating me deep at every stroke and I loved it. I let him cum inside me and it was magical.

    My wife must never know that these meetings continue.....

    Straight With A Touch Of Curious

    I enjoy ass play, not just doing it to my wife but her doing it to me. I am in mo way attracted to men but I love getting my a spot hit. I enjoy her using toys on me, although I wish they were prostate specific toys and not her dildos.