You know how the saying goes "When the cat is away, the mice will play." Have you ever back stabbed a co-worker, peer, or EVEN your boss? Do you involve yourself in political game playing, office maneuvering, or one-upsmanship games to advance your job position? Are you secretly gunning for the boss's job? Have you setup a fellow co-worker to take an embarrassing hit? Have you positioned yourself as an expert in subject matter you know absolutely nothing about? Have you thrown a fellow co-worker under the bus to secure a promotion? Have YOU been thrown under the bus? Maybe your office place dealings are more sexual in nature.. Have you been involved in an office place fling with a co-worker behind your bosses back? Did your office place sexcapades lead you to a promotion, or ultimately get you canned? Adult Confessions is the place to share all the juicy details. Your boss will never be the wiser! ;-)

The boss's wife, Marisa, comes in when the boss, Peter, is out of town doing deals, etc. I've gotten used to seeing her come in and hear the gossip mill, that she is in, fucking that fellow or/and that one. These men are apparently hand picked to please her and provide her with some diversion when she is in the office. I've been a loyal employee for five years so I just try to stay out of the way and keep quiet.

Then, on her last office visit I had run out of printing ink and went to the supply room, I walked in on our young office helper, Tim, really slamming it to Marisa. They both saw me but kept going and I ducked out quickly. After five years of loyalty, the next morning there was a pink slip on my desk. I was fired.

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My boss always calls other women sluts if they wear anything sexy or revealing or if they make any comment about how sexy a guy looks. I found her to be a hypocrite when she says this. Little does she know that when I was fixing her computer I had come across sexy pictures of her. These pictures ranged from her in very sexy clothing to wearing nothing at all to her performing sexual acts on herself and on others. The pictures of the sexual acts are very explicit and shows a completely different side of her.

I've been working for Mr. S for 15 yrs as a maintenance mechanic at one of his 4 large production companies. He is very wealthy and then two years ago he divorced his wife leaving her a luxurious estate in northern New Jersey. I got divorced 6 years ago so when he offered me the job of managing his wife's estate close to 2 years ago I jumped at the chance. Not only was the salary good but I live on the estate in a private cottage at the rear of the 22 acre property. I supervise 5 other employees who are the grounds keepers and pool help but am the only one living here. The boss's X-wife Doris is 57 years old, fairly attractive and a pathetic alcoholic. They have two kids, a son and a daughter who are both married and live in New York but visit often on weekends. Doris lives like a queen, has two daytime house keepers and seldom leaves the property. When she does go somewhere she always has a town car service. She is at her pool a few days a week but never uses the tennis court that's at the side of the house. She does use the pool year round since its enclosed and heated just outside the back of the house. She was annoying as soon as I started working there calling me a in the evenings or nights to fix something extremely minor or didn't exist. After a month or two she began having me sit and listen to all her problems telling me personal stuff about my boss and her kids. Some nights she was so drunk I had a hard time understanding her. After awhile it was like I was her confidant and she began telling me everything from her wealth to her sex life. I already knew she had a nice body since seeing her at the pool many times. For a woman her age she can still wear a bikini and the main thing I always thought was all she need was a nose job. I sit a talk to her, mostly listen, for an hour or more and she often had her night clothes on and some very revealing. There was never any interaction between us but then one night, in a drunken stupor, she told me she had constipation trouble. My first thought was why the hell would she even tell me something like that. I not positive what I said but remember telling her to try a Fleets enema or some kind of laxative or something. It was three nights after that she called me around 7 pm asking me to come to the house. Drunk as usual she showed me the three Fleets Enemas her housekeeper picked up for her. She had me read the directions for her which explained how to insert it. She sat silent for a moment and then said she can't do that. I had only known her by that time for a few months and after all the years working for my boss only remember seeing her one time. She looked me straight in the eye and asked me to do the enema for her and I almost fell off the chair.

I was flabbergasted that she asked me that and I mumbled something like "if you really want me to I will". The next thing I knew she led me up to the master bedroom and into the bathroom. I was nervous by that time and she asked me what to do and all I said was she had to bend over and pull up her night gown. She bent over holding on to the toilet seat pulling her nightgown up but had panties on. I then said she had to take them off and she did with no sign of embarrassment. She leaned back over again and I just pulled her cheeks apart telling her I was putting it in her and saw her vagina and anus for the first time ever. Once I emptied it into her I told her to sit on the toilet and I left the room. I must have stood outside the bathroom for about 15 minutes hearing the toilet flush a few times before she asked me to come back in. She was still sitting on the toilet and to my disbelief asked me to help her get into the shower. She said she felt dirty and now it was a situation where she obviously was so drunk she didn't care if I saw her naked. She began pulling her nightgown up and I helped getting it over her head right away seeing she had no bra. I'd seen her in her bikini but now realized how nice her body really was and right away got a hard on. I turned the shower on for her and she asked me to leave the room. Again I stood in the hall until she was done and when she called me back in it was to get her a towel. I watched as she dried herself then took her into her bedroom and put her to bed. That was it and I locked up and left. That night is what encouraged me to take advantage of her drunken naivety. I not only supply and give her a Fleets Enema every four or five weeks but have persuaded her to let me give her a massage once or more each week. She has never shown any signs of being embarrassed and willingly undresses in front of me. I didn't masturbate her right away but over a few months she began letting me finger her and rub her breasts. She orgasms often and I if she don't know by now I'm screwing her she is more of a drunk than I could imagine. I never get on top of her but am able to have her stand bending over and do it doggy style. She has never told me not to and I often think she is unaware of what I am doing. There are times I have anal intercourse with her and even that she never objects to. I never have to call her because she manages to call me for something a few times a week. I always ask if she wants a massage and there are times she don't which makes me think she didn't drink a lot that day. My boss only stops by a couple times a month just to check up on things making sure the property is in good shape. He always thanks me for doing a good job but I wonder what he would say if he knew how his X is so free with her body. He asks if she bothers me much but I always tell him she keeps to herself most of the time. I still can't believe this all started over constipation.

  • I'm an accountant hired by a small company to keep their books, which I do twice a month. I come in on a Friday AM and am done by the end of day unless some accident or problem has come up. Company owner, Nigel, has his wife, Kathy, come in and takes us out to dinner at a nice upscale restaurant locate at the top floor of the city's premium hotel. The place is meticulous with large cotton cloths covering the tables and unusual silverware placed carefully in settings.

    Nigel and his wife are in their late 50s but youthful, trim and enjoying fine physical health. I'm in my late 20s, some 30 years younger. Kathy has beautiful blue eyes and even though she's not a "knockout" she has a look about her that is sexy even at that age. After a year of our Friday dinners, always enjoyable.

    I don't quite recall how it began but once, with Nigel sitting right there, I felt Kathy's foot on my leg. She had removed her shoe and was rubbing my leg with her toes. I was at first surprised, then a bit shocked, and as it continued, I got a raging boner for Kathy. Eventually, her foot ran up my leg and worked my crotch. My obvious chubby inspired her to continue. In our most recent Friday encounter, at one point Nigel excused himself for a call from nature and I unzipped to give Kathy's foot full access to my rock-hard cock.

    We continued with a light conversation but I was very hot and sweating. When Nigel returned, Kathy excused herself and while she was gone I casually untied the shoe on my right foot and took the shoe and my sock off, without quite thinking but just moving on impulse. When Kathy returned I began to run my naked foot up her leg and realized she had removed everything under her skirt. I felt her naked thigh with my foot and slowly went for her crotch, finding it unencumbered.

    Kathy began to breath hard and said, "It seems a bit warm in here." Kathy's foot was sliding all over my erection and I finally began to rub her clit with my big toe. We had to take turns doing each other so as not to be obvious that were were foot fucking under the table. A friend of Nigel's came to the table and Nigel excused himself to chat with him at the edge of the large room. It was then that I slid my big toe into Kathy's soaking vagina and I saw her eyes flutter and close. I could feel her coming from my toe fucking and then I slowly removed my foot.

    Kathy wrote a note on a napkin and handed it to me. It said, "private" and listed a phone number, nothing else.
    Without a single word, Kathy and I are now ready to enter a serious affair. She seems totally ageless to me. I left a message with my email address an hour before posting this. My head is spinning.

    I work housekeeping at a hotel where my uniform is a pretty standard maid uniform. Not some tiny french maid costume, but a real maid uniform. Personally, I have a bit of a fetish for maid outfits, and yeah that did factor into my applying for this job. I had hoped that it would be at least a little bit more exciting, but it's actually pretty boring most days.

    I have a few fantasies that I think about every day, that I keep hoping will come true one day at work. For entertainment's sake I'll write the first two out as if you're the one I'm thinking about.

    The first is, I announce myself and you let me in. I'm about to go straight into the routine for taking care of a room when the guest is still in the room, but before I can start I hear the door shut and the lock click behind me. You're moving towards me as I turn around to see what the noise was, and I start backing away. I hit the edge of the bed and you shove me down onto it, then you pin me down. I struggle, but you're too strong. Once I realize I can't get away and stop fighting I'm yours for the taking. I'll do anything. I know you don't care what I want at this point but I'm in a locked room with someone who can easily hurt me, so I'll obey if it means you're less likely to hurt me. Although if hurting me is what you want, I'm not going to risk something worse than what you already have planned.

    Second. You let me in and I begin my routine. You're being really obvious about staring as I clean. I finish my routine and I start walking for the door. You get my attention and tell me my work isn't done. You sit on the edge of the bed and pull your cock out. You tell me to suck it. As I start to walk toward you you stop me and point down. "Crawl," you say. I get down on my hands and knees and crawl to you. I take your cock in my mouth and get to work. Halfway through, you grab my head with both hands and force your cock into my mouth, ignoring my gagging until your cock is down my throat. You use my head like a fleshlight and cum down my throat. Once you let go of my head and your cock is out of my mouth, you order me to wipe your cock clean using my panties and put it back in your pants myself. Once I've done that, you drag me to the door and shove me out into the hallway with my panties in my hand and my face a mess of tears and drool from being face fucked. I still have 10 more rooms to go after yours and the nearest restroom that I can use is down on the ground floor.

    Finally, there's my boss. The owner of the hotel (technically not my "boss", but my bosses boss,) lives on the top floor of the hotel. He's kind of a pig, I've served him before. He treats room service like his personal maid service, which we kind of are but it's not really what we applied for. I know he's slept with room service before, but in like a mistress capacity. I fantasize about him ordering us to wear impractical, skimpy french maid costumes and high heels as our permanent uniforms. I fantasize about myself and the rest of room service being his sex slaves on top of room service at the hotel. We must serve him sexually however he wants, whenever he wants. I fantasize about him fingering me while I hold a tray of wine glasses for him and his guests. I fantasize about him fucking me from behind while I scrub his toilet. I fantasize about him punishing me for taking too long to bring him his champagne by violating me with the empty bottle and ordering me to "apologize" to his guests by sucking them off one by one with the bottle still inside me. I fantasize about him and his guests forcing me to drink a lot, then gang r****g me while I'm too drunk to stand.

    As far as the last one goes, I'd consider my wish fulfilled if he even just groped me, but I don't get assigned to his floor very often even though I've asked.

    My boss's son is fucking the daylights out of me and no one has a clue. Let's hope it lasts, he's well
    equipped for the job. I love it but I make believe he's taking advantage of me since I know that sharpens his interest in me. I keep him down to one session daily. That way, he'll be fucking me for a time.

    So I've been working at this same place for almost 6 years. I like it here, I make plenty and the company insurance is pretty great. The only downside so far has been that the office environment is kinda sexist, a lot of the guys that work here are creeps and the dress code for female employees is... oddly specific especially when it comes to things like skirt length, and they made sure to specify that female employees should be wearing skirts, no pantsuits.

    But I was, and still am, willing to put up with all that considering how comfortable this place is for me in every other aspect.

    What I'm making this confession about though isn't specifically like workplace sexual harassment or anything like that per se.

    In the 5 and change years that I've been here, I've worked on the next floor up from the lobby which you get to by going up this set of stairs and walking along a sort of overhang area with the entrances to the bathrooms and some vending machines and back to an area with some short cubicles. And that overhang is a great little area, it's been my favorite spot in the building as long as I've been here, because the floors are this clear glass, like tempered glass or bulletproof glass or whatever, so it's strong but you get this great view of the lobby and the entrance, and I like to hang out up there when I'm on break.

    What didn't click for me until just this past week was that... it's glass. You can see through it both ways. That overhang area is directly above the waiting area in the lobby, and most of the men who work here go and sit in the lobby when they take their breaks. I didn't notice until I went out for starbucks on Thursday and when I got back I noticed that all of them were looking up at the ceiling. I thought that was a little odd, I looked up, and one of my coworkers was having her lunch leaning up against the wall next to the vending machine, they all had a pretty clear view straight up her skirt and she was oblivious.

    Now, I don't think I'm going to tell anybody. If anyone else figures out this is going on then they can say something, but I have a pretty good feeling that if I spoke up about it I'd be out of a job pretty soon, and to be honest? After I got over the initial shock that that was going on, I kinda think it's hot.

    The next day when I had my lunch break I stood up there as usual and I started getting excited, I ended up needing to go into the bathroom and take care of it before I could go back to work. Then I was thinking about it all weekend, I picked out a thong I haven't worn in a few years and wore it today, and when I was eating my lunch an idea hit me. Spur of the moment, I pretended my feet were hurting (which is believable, my shoes are pretty comfortable but they're still heels, and these ones are fairly new as well,) slipped them off and sat down on the glass, making sure that my skirt was pulled back so my skin was directly on the glass.

    I sat and ate my whole lunch like that. Some of the guys came back up from their lunch and kept smiling at me, and these were guys that pretty much ignored me most of the time, one guy made small talk and asked me about my shoes and I just told him I was still breaking them in so my feet hurt, I don't think he caught on that I knew, then he made for the bathroom.

    I don't know what I'm going to do, I mean I obviously don't intend to tell anyone about it. I am thinking one of these times of wearing like hose but no underwear, or just going without underwear entirely. I might do the latter a few times next summer, so I have an excuse.

    I work in a factory and have for a few years. The pay is O.K. but not spectacular though it has recently gotten better, for me at least. I seems that years of kissing up to the boss has finally paid off with a promotion. Now over the years I have had trouble with many of my co-workers. I won't go into details but I think everyone reading this has at least one and perhaps more than one co-worker who is an asshole and needs to be fired but for some reason the boss won't fire them.

    So I found out that with my new position comes a little bit of power. While technically I can't fire anyone, I can document what they do and don't do and if I do that just right I can clean house and get rid of anyone I don't like. I found it works very well. I also took a page from Trump's play book and so I just make stuff up and combine it with just enough truth that the boss swallows it hook line and sinker. I have gotten the boss to fire 13 people in the last two months. I only have one more to go, my boss. OK he's not really that bad, after all he did promote me. But I want his job and I now I can do it better than he does.