Are you into weird, or kinky sex? Foot fetishes, panty fetishes, diaper fetishes, medical fetishes, bondage sex, we all have sexual fetishes to one degree or another. Do you get horny endlessly day-dreaming about kinky sexual fetishes or sexual situations you'd like try out or be involved in? Have you ever acted on any of your kinky sexual fetishes? How did it go? Did you experience a sexual situation even too "weird" or "out there" for even your sensibilities? This is the place to confess it all!

Weird Or Nah?

I genuinely enjoy cumming on my 29yo fiancés worm panties. She has the wettest pussy I have ever had and I can’t get enough cumming on them. I will go out of my way to be able to masturbate and cum all over her panties. I have no idea if she knows. If she does, I hope it isn’t an issue but I am sure I’d have heard about it if it was.

  • Craving Cocoa

    I'm glad to have this forum for confessing our past actions and fantasies. Great to see the comments and opinions of other folks with their own experiences too.
    Anyway, quick recap, I'm a 65 years young mwm and confess to being an oral addict.
    I recounted the story of my first false start at eating pussy as a pubescent teenager. It took a few more years before I was able to get that first taste of sweet pussy and I've never looked back. I have to also say that over a period of many years I'm lucky to say I never ate a pussy that I didn't like. Have heard horror stories from folks who hooked up with others who weren't as careful about their personal hygiene and cleanliness. We've all heard jokes about how pussy smells like fish. Well, maybe if it's ripe or the girl has a yeast infection or something. My own experience though has been great. And if I ever did come across a fishy pussy I don't think I'd be wanting to taste it, so I've always liked it.
    As a dirty young man it occurred to me at some point that a sweet pussy is even better the more the girl is turned on. Learned that girls tend to juice up when their pussys are hot and even after they've cum a girl may like to be gently licked and cleaned up. Next obvious step in my oral obsession was the idea of a creampie.
    I found out by tasting my own stuff that I like precum a lot and I'm OK with my own cum, but like a lot of men have said, after I cum, and the edge is off, I'm less horny and less interested in tasting my cum. So while the idea of eating a cum-filled c**t is still hot, in practice it was a little less exciting than I always thought.
    I did find that if there were enough time to play, like during an all nighter, I could enjoy everything from the foreplay to the sex and then the afterglow. If the girl I was with was more than a casual hookup we might have some of that cuddly time after sex.
    That also gives some time for a man to sexually recharge. As a teenager it might take about 15 minutes. When you get older it takes a bit longer. As a more or less sex freak, I find I'm ready for more in a reasonable time even at my age.
    So that became a gameplan. First happened maybe 20 years ago when I had sex and then the afterglow cuddling turned ..(continue confession)

    Does Anyone Remember Bosco?

    So I'm a mwm, 65, and remember Bosco chocolate syrup from my wee years. Only recently found out the company's doing just fine and still making the stuff. They even have different flavors like strawberry, but it's the original I'm interested in.

    I'm officially a dirty old man and have no problem confessing it. I'm very oral fixated I guess and have always been so from the time I was a teenager and before I ever touched or tasted a girl's sweet pussy.

    I remember being maybe 13 or 14 and a girl cousin of 17 or 18 was staying with my family, mom, dad, me and two younger sisters. I don't quite get how the sleeping arrangements were decided, but my two sisters slept in a large room with twin beds.

    I slept in my own small room in a single bed. We did have a portable fold up camp type cot with a mattress roll or something and it could fit next to my bed. Because we were older than my sisters, we would naturally be staying up later. We were great friends, my cousin and I too.

    I guess because we grew up close we were not quite but almost siblings. My cousin, whom I'll call Gina, was the youngest in her family and only girl. I was friendly with my boy cousins and they were always good with me, but we never hung around together, I was way too young.

    So that left me and Gina as buddies and we rode bikes together and played tag and she played jumprope with the girls and so on. So we were friends but didn't see each other as sexy or anything. Then this time came around when I was definitely into puberty and had been jerking off and cumming since I was maybe 11 and discovered it by accident. Well this time when Gina was staying for a week or two, she was going to sleep in my bed and I'd be on the cot next to her but separated by a foot or so of airspace.

    We were ready for bed with Gina in some little nightgown or maybe nightshirt. I was in a sleeveless tee, what they call a wife beater today. We used to call them something else but it's also like a tank top and I had on shorts. We got into bed and immediately we're chatting away but we know my parents are still awake even though their room is in the front of the house, about three rooms away. Still, we had to more or less whisper. We decided to move my cot right up to ..(continue confession)

    Cock Obsession

    I am a middle aged housewife, been married for nearly 15 years to an amazing man who I just adore more the longer we're together.

    I also am obsessed with sucking his cock, which has really been a problem since we're both working from home these days. I can't concentrate - the taste of it, the smell of it, the way it feels in my hands, the way it makes me drool and my lips to swell and my pussy ache. It's really too much and just about everyday I can't wait to stop working and get a taste of that D. Hard, soft, in between. His balls. Yes, all of it. Making him cum, watching it shoot out and knowing I did that to him. I love to see it, even though I don't like cum on me so much I love to watch it happen. I'm soaked right now and won't be able to sleep. Going to wake him up and have a little taste.

    Nobody would know this about me in my everyday life. I'm that goofy girl that keeps to herself, the one in the office that's kind of awkward but works hard and keeps her head down. I'm a private cock worshipper and I'm damn good at it.

    Sweat Fetish

    I am always interested in the sweat smell of girls. I like to remain close to them especially when they are sweaty. I enjoy the smell and it makes me hard.

    During my internship, which occured in pairs. I got this girl as pair, who had really wonderful sweat smell. I always enjoyed it, without letting her know. I made reasons to go so close to her to enjoy her sweat smell. One night, while she was on duty, i went to the duty room, with some food i bought. We shared the food and talked for some time. It was raining heavily outside and i didnt want to leave her as she was so sweaty from all the work she did. But i didnt tell her that.

    After sometime, she told me i can stay with her and lie beside her on the bed as the rain was not stopping. Lying down near her, it made my dick stand up. The pearls of sweat over her neck made me mad. And i finally decided to confess to her. I told her about my mad love towards her sweat smell.
    To my surprise she laughed and said "i know that. U always sniff me and let u do that, acting i dont notice"
    That night i higged her, kissed her almost every parts, licked her and sniffed like a dog all over her body. She complied by removing her dress partly. Even without proper sex we enjoyed each other a lot.

    It became our routine to enjoy the sexy salty body in the evening with a good sex at the end.

  • Anal Obsession

    I have an oral and anal obsession and love rimming. Have loved it since I was a teenager and first experimented with a sexy girlfriend.
    Have a sexy younger wife who I love to rim and would also like to share her and watch her being nasty and slutty. Awhile ago, before the pandemic happened, I was chatting with a young Asian American guy about getting together so I could rim his ass. He was also very sexy and as dirty minded as I am.
    Here's something he suggested if we got together and he used my slut:
    I want to make sure your wife is full of hot shit, so when I alternate between her ass and your mouth you taste your fucking c**t wife's shit on my dick and foreskin....that's right, lick that shit and clean my fucking foreskin. I will fuck her ass so hard, when you eat her creampie, there will be brownie sauce on top of that you nasty bitch?
    After that, you can lick and tongue my ass, like the way you love doing it.
    Still just a fantasy but still makes me throb.


    I'm planning to take my sexy wife to an adult theater once this covid epidemic has resolved itself. She's a pretty, tall, slim girl in her 40s who looks ten years younger. We both have very oral tendencies and I am crazy about her dirty little mouth. Kissing her and thinking of all the cock and cum that's been in that hot, sweet, dirty little mouth.
    Anyway, the plan is to take her to the xxx-rated movie theater and show her off in full slut makeup and clothes. We'll do some making out and petting, maybe open her blouse ad show off her small but delicious titties.
    Then we'll find a booth with a gloryhole so she can suck off some of the cocks that she's already made hard. I love to see her lavishing her lips and tongue on stranger's cocks, making them hard and throbbing. Making her pause to kiss me with lots of precum on her lips and face. Then as each cock blows it's load in her mouth we'll cumkiss and I'll tell her how beautiful and sexy she looks sucking those cocks and how sexy and nasty she tastes.
    She's a serial cocksucker and is always happy to please her man. What a hot wife!


    OK, so this is totally weird but it is a longtime fantasy.
    I want to gently slip a couple of chocolate candy kisses in a girl's ass and then lick and rim her until she dumps them in my mouth.
    I once knew a pro Mistress who did this kind of thing and she used to tease and say that "You know, it's gonna taste like candy of course, but also with a 'natural' taste to it..."
    She actually did have men who she used as a toilet but the candy was a good place to start.

    Always Hungry

    I love to have my sweet younger wife either pull up her legs or get on all fours on the edge of the bed and feed me her delicious little asshole.

    Would really love it if I could catch her at the end of the day or after a hot yoga workout.

    Just completely obsessed with licking her back door and want to enjoy her natural taste and scent.

    Lately have been wondering about doing it with a naughty younger girl who just wants her sweaty, stinky hole lapped and licked and loved.

    Thoughts anyone?

  • Watching The Hotwife

    I'm a mwm, 65, just under 6'tall, 210lbs, average cut cock abt 6". My wife's mid 40s but looks ten years younger. She's tall and slim with just enough curves in the right places and great legs.

    We've been together around a dozen years, married for eight. Have always enjoyed a good sex life and are both open-minded. We have done some public and semi-public sex and she enjoys the exhibitionism even though she's a very shy and quiet girl. She does love it when I make her do "bad" things.

    So we're both very oral and love eating each other and 69ing. Before we met and then after we met but before we started actually dating, she was a serial cocksucker. She loves feeling a man's cock in her mouth, making it hard, tasting his precum and finally making him cum down her throat. She always swallows and is just the greatest little cock gobbler you can imagine.

    Lately I've become nearly obsessed with rimming her sweet little round ass and I mean really tongue fucking her hole. She's always impeccably clean but every once in a while I can catch her after a long day or after she's been exercising and is a little musty and musky. That's what I crave and the point of this confession. I love the idea of licking her dirty little asshole and when I chance to taste a slight bitterness I know it's nasty but it drives me crazy.

    She has gotten used to my rimming her now and likes it but is still somewhat shy about it. Sometimes when she's good and turned on and I'm really digging my tongue up her butt, she will relax and open herself up and then I'm really feasting on her nasty little hole.

    I have seen comments on various sites where folks say that's disgusting and tell me to eat shit. Well, I have only tasted traces but in the heat of the action, I wouldn't mind if she had a surprise in her bottom.

    Many years ago as a teenager my first gf who I had sex with used to love to 69 and sometimes when she'd be sucking my dick I'd have her move up some so I could rim her ass. She loved it and would sometimes even stop sucking me to sit on my face and beg me to eat her ass. Only once I had my tongue as deep as I've ever gotten it and the tip of my tongue hit something firm. For a split second I wondered what that was all about and then of course I realized ..(continue confession)