Little explanation is needed here ..these are confessions that are just plain gross. Maybe a poop accident, or a putrid pee story. Puking your guts out after binge get the idea. No holds barred. If you or someone else got totally grossed out, we want to hear about it!

My wife and I have done anal play since we were dating.
A few years back we were feeling frisky, and after some teasing and resisting, between us.
My cock head was parting her shitter, lubed up dick working her asshole.
She was sideways on the bed, on her back, ass hanging over, I'm leaning in stroking slowly, going balls deep with each stroke, her hands on my shoulders fingernails digging in.

We had the lights off, she was grunting a bit as I slid in ass pipe, and I realized I problably should apply more lube. One thing over the years of ass fucks, tearing her shitter would get me banned!

Suddenly it got slippery again, I continue my assault on her asshole, she's moaning and grabbing my shoulders. With the new slipperiness my cock slides out, I can't see where to aim so I reach over and turn in the lights.
The sight and smell hit me right away, her asshole, ass cheeks and pussy are covered in shit!
I look down and see a shit coated cock and balls, shit matting my pubes.

She had no idea, I had no idea! I literally fuck the shit out of her. Now the bedroom smells of shit, I run over and open our window, never mind that's is the middle of winter. We jump in the shower both embarrassed.

Worst of all, I've got to give my cock a really good clean, which is still raging hard.

She wad so embarrassed there wasn't even a consoling hand job to release the pressure....

I was at work. My asshole opened up to about the size of a quarter. Warm air gently swooshed out.
It smelled like every chemical, dead animals and rotten food I've ever smelled.
The guy downwind started retching.
Fucking nasty

I always known I liked pissing... I've pissed on a couple of women before too, but nowadays I'm finding myself watching vomit and scat porn and wishing I had someone to puke on my erection and shit on my cock while having anal

I would love for a woman on her knees gagging on my dick until she puked on her tits and rubbing my cock on her vomit and her face... Valentine's coming soon!

I' ll make this quick... I beat off to lesbian scat porn, or just simply watching solo women take a shit wishing they'd do it on my cock, and wash it off with their piss

Anyone else eat the crusty wall boogers above the urinal?

i get off on men telling me i'm ugly and gross. i like when men make me hate myself. it makes me horny to hear that i'm inadequate and unfuckable and stupid and annoying and repulsive.

A friend of mine went to mc donalds earlier today and brought back mc chickens. He gave me 3, and after i took a bite, i noticed it tasted weird. So, with said friend looking on nervously, I popped open the top to find copious amounts of cum, very poorly mixed in with the mayo. It was gross, but not wanting to say anything, i put it back in the bag. Pulling out the second one, i opened it too, finding much more of the same with a cum to mayo ratio of about 2/5. Another friend asked if there was something wrong, and i said no.I put the bun back on and bit in, I could immanently taste it, seeing my friends nervous looks and semi viewable erection. It was gross, but in some sick way it made me feel dirty, so I semi reluctantly ate all three, telling myself I just didnt want my friends to eat them. Since then, this dude has been cumming in every fucking thing i own. My shampoo, my toothbrush, my socks and panties both used and clean, my refrigerated food items, even my feminine care products. Either he knows I now but he wants to keep deniability, or has just as dumb as he is horny. A week and a half ago, I was asleep at his house since he i and two others where hanging out. But the other two went to the store for a little, leaving me unknowingly with him. Now, i didnt know about this until the others got back, waking me up. but when i was asleep, this guy managed to open a crack in my pants and cum inside my them. Why he didnt cum in my pussy is beyond me, but im glad he restrained himself. I also found out after putting them on that he came in my boots as well. So i had to walk around with this weirdos cum all up in my private places.

Tldr; My weirdo friend keeps cumming in all my stuff, and hes getting braver.

One night while at community college I found a vibrator on the floor in my toilet stall. I was alone in the bathroom. Even when I wasn't looking at it I kept thinking about it. After I was done with my business I put it in my purse. I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with it. Lost and found, toss it, wash it or...

The whole time I was in my night class I kept thinking about it. What kind of woman keeps a vibrator in her purse? What kind of young woman even owns one? I mostly assumed it fell out of her purse, but what if it didn't? Did she almost get caught? My mind was buzzing so much over it I couldn't learn anything. When class was over I searched for the right bathroom. I dared not use one near my class or the one I found it in.

Once inside I went straight into the stall and got busy with it. As a nursing student, I knew I should have washed it first, but using it while dirty made me feel like I was having sex with it's last owner. The arousal was too strong and I couldn't help myself. In the dim stall I couldn't figure out how to turn it on so I just used it like a dildo. It didn't matter to me. I was terrified of someone hearing it and catching me. I wondered if the last owner was used it like me to keep from getting caught.

After I was done I washed it in the sink. I washed it even more when I got home. I still can't believe I did something that gross. I still have it. It was my first vibrator and, because of how I found it, it is still my gross and guilty favorite

Car poo

My name Stacie and I had really bad diarrhoea in my boyfriend's car last night. I felt embarrassed to do it at work and I convinced myself I could hold it until I got home. When my boyfriend picked me up I was desperate to go and I was beginning to wish I'd gone at work because I wasn't sure if I could make it home in time. I told him to put his foot down as I was going to poo myself if he didn't. He said he couldn't do that as there were speed cameras on the dual carriageway and I would have to wait. I told him I couldn't wait and he though for a moment. He said there was a car wash kit in the back of the car and there was a bucket with the kit. I told him I wasn't going to poo in a bucket and he pointed out that it was better than doing it in my knickers and there were some napkins in the glove box to wipe with. He did have a point and as it was dark outside I decided to use the bucket. I placed it in the front footwell and pulled my trousers and knickers down and squatted over the bucket and relaxed. I released a huge amount of semi solid diarrhoea with some pee into the bucket and it was such a relief I didn't care about my boyfriend seeing me. I wiped my bum and dropped the napkins on top of my creation and pulled everything back up feeling so much better but the smell was awful. As soon as we got home I emptied the bucket down the toilet and washed it out with lots of hot water and bleach and I was so glad I'd managed to avoid having an accident in my knickers.

  • I am here because I am frustrated and the Holidays are here and I will be sleeping alone again. I am 38, I am a lesbian and I have been in love with this girl for five years. Of all of my crushes this is the worst of all, but she spurns me and sleeps with of all things her 50 year old boss. I can't compete with him, he buys her things, takes her on vacations, pays her real well for her job, way above what that job should pay and he has a dick and I don't. She likes dick. It is bad enough that she likes dick, when I offered her my love and affection she was very explicit about her likes and she turned up her nose at being affectionate with another woman. Not that she has ever tried it.

    I don't want to sound like I am some stalker, I am not. I am relentless in my pursuit, she has no business with a 50 year old man, he is using her for his pleasure. And I don't buy her argument that he is sweet with her, he is an old man and she is a sweet young woman of 26. Having that dirty old man sleep with her is disgusting to me, it is bad enough that she is letting some man have sex with her, but he is an old man and he can't possibly be attractive to her.

    I am not speaking without knowledge, I once let a man have sex with me. Sure this was back when I was in my early twenties and I wasn't sure. When he put his dick in my mouth I gagged, and not because he was in my throat, just having his dick in my mouth made me gag. Having his dick in me and being trapped under him was also gag material but I held my nose and 'took' it. Taking a dick is just about the most difficult self control thing you can do.

    I asked her to come be with me. I was polite, I can offer her a nice place to live, I offer her my unencumbered love, my complete affection, I am much closer to her age so we can enjoy being out together, it is not uncommon for an age difference between women in my circle, in fact it is common for an older woman to have a younger woman as her companion. It cannot look anywhere as bad as a 26 year old hanging on the arm of a 50 year old man.

    Now I am going to confess something too, this old man is the man that gave me dick when I was a young woman finding my way in the world. He is not at all happy that I want to be with his lovey dove, he doesn't really want her he is denying her to me. He intentionally gives her affection in front of me, he intentionally talks dirty to her in front of me, he intentionally tells her that all I want is pussy and I am not woman enough to take a dick. He tells her in front of me not to let me get to her pussy, that he and he alone has rights to her pussy. Like I said he talks dirty to her in front of me. He is doing this because I asked for a divorce and told him I couldn't take his dick anymore and he says I turned to the dark side.

    I am spending this Holiday alone in my bed, while he is enjoying himself with her and shoving it in my face.