We've all had them - those truly hateful embarrassing moments, caught with your finger up your nose, or snooping through a medicine cabinet, sneezing snot all over a fellow passenger, or realizing you forgot to set the parking brake after your car rolls into a gully, or needing to wrap your jacket around your waist when your period unexpectedly started when you were wearing white pants. This is the place to chronicle those most embarrassing moments so we can laugh at it together. Let the whole world know your bad habits and when you got caught committing them.

My freshman year of college, I was a mousy, shy, 18 year old virgin. I felt so awkward and out of place. A second year girl got to know me and introduced me to her popular friends. I felt so good being accepted by these older popular girls and getting to hang out with them.

One day, Holly, the group leader, told me that if I really wanted to be one of them, that I needed to go through with a dare. I showed up at Holly's dorm that Friday night with no idea what I was going to have to do. My mind reeled with all sorts of possibilities and part of me felt like running away and hiding. But I didn't want them to know what a mouse I really was so I showed up at her dorm at 9 pm as instructed.

There were seven of them including Holly and they had a laptop open to a chat site. I had to sit there and chat with strangers in the main chat room for a while. Then they had me set up my own room and open the webcam! Soon there were more than 100 men chatting with me and looking at me. I felt scared and self-conscious as they asked me to strip for them.

Holly told me to take off my tank top. I could feel my face get hot n red with embarrassment as I did as I was told. Now more than 200 men were watching as I stripped off my skirt and chatted with them in my underwear. My pulse was racing as the chat screen filled with requests for me to get naked n touch myself!

Holly told me to take off my bra. My whole body quivered as i unhooked and let it drop from my shoulders, exposing my ripe, bare breasts to all those horny men! One of the girls got on the site on her phone and told everyone in the main chat to join my room n watch me strip! In just a couple of minutes there were more than 300 men watching my every move as I was told to lose my panties! My whole body quivered as i slid them down off my hips and stood there stripped totally bare in front of hundreds of strangers!

OMG!! I felt so totally exposed and humiliated and yet the thought of all those men stroking as they watched me drove me lust-crazy! I sat in the chair n massaged my breasts. I slid my trembling right hand down between my legs and over my soft mound. I couldn't believe I was doing something so naughty but i spread myself open and wiggled my clit and started to finger my tight virgin pussy!

There were more than 400 men watching me as I masturbated for them. I bucked my hips n played with my breasts and climaxed over and over and over, so many times! The girls had taken bets that I'd get scared and run. Now they were amazed and laughing at me as I put on a sex show for hundreds of horny strangers.

I masturbated for over an hour as dozens of men messaged, telling me how ..(continue confession)

I had posted about 6 confessions previously. Now they are all gone. This site sucks

When I was younger my mom put me on the pill, saying how it was better - just in case. Well, I really wasn't being sexual and didn't want to get that reputtion. But my brother, a year older than me, I had always been close and we really had a good ime together. So it was easy for the two of us to start having sex. It was so exciting doing that together, and of course we both knew that we had to be extremely careul, because if mom and dad ever found they would hit the roof and probably dosown us!
Well one afternoon my brother and I were naked in the bathroom and I was agianst the counter and he was sticking it in me and we were fucking. I couldn'tb believe it when our little sister opened the door and saw us. We told her to leave and she did and we quickly got dressed. A little later our sister asked me what we had been doing. I told her that we were just being close was all, and I made her swear not to tell mom and dad.
After that my brother and I lived in fear that our little sister would say something, but apparently she never did and our secret reamined a secret.

  • I won't see it anymore, but I haven't seen it either.

    I was 36, pregnant with my 3rd baby and 33 weeks pregnant. I went in for my ultrasound, and this young female technician was doing it. I was told to drink lots of water, which I did.

    As she moved the transducer around my belly, the pressure on my bladder was overwhelming. My baby was pressing against it, she was moving a transducer around and pressing on my bladder, and it was full. I asked her if we could stop and said I needed to pee. She said she needed me to have a full bladder per my OB/GYN's directions. It got so bad it started to trickle down my thighs!

    I was terrified of saying anything! The trickles soon became a flow. I informed her I was going to pee. She was focusd on the screen. She asked me if I were serious and stated to cry and shook my head. She helped me up and off the bed and as soon as I got off, it gushed! I peed all over the floor. I was in tears, balling my eyes out. She was so kind. I apologized. She said it was okay.

    Had to be the most embarrassing moment of my life.

  • Me and my wife was having sex. after we got done and got off of her. Her mother and dad and my mom was in the room. All 3 of them had saw me and my wife fuck. My mom kiss me and my wife on the lips and said thank for letting her watch. My wife ask her did want to fuck me. Mom got on the bed with me. I fuck my mother. My wife said as she watch. She felt her mother pussy and she said it was soaking wet. AS me and my mom fuck. My wife and her dad got naked and fuck each other need to me and my mom. My wife dad then fuck my mother.

    I returned after my tour of duty never having seen action, no Purple Heart, not even a scar. Of curse I was lucky but at 19 I felt cheated, so I made up lies. By the time I was a junior in college I was an expert on my fairy tale experiences. Then, one Friday night at a party this quiet guy started asking me questions I could not answer, it turned out my fantasy was his reality, he had the scars to prove it. That day I was put in my place, caught in a horrendous lie, exposed for the fake I was. I dropped out and spent the next several years working as a roofer, smoking pot, sucking cock and selling my ass. I slowly came back to life, went back and finished a degree in Marketing, worked various direct sales job, I stopped selling myself.

    Those lies cost me all those years, not to mention selling myself for sex. For the rest of my life I worked, got married and made good on my life. I don't forget those nights, dead broke, high on pot, making a buck or two sucking off a construction worker, making twenty bucks by selling my ass. I can't really apologize for my lies, but for what little it is worth I regret impersonating real men.

    School mum

    I was desperate for a poo while I was taking my 8 year old daughter to school. I didn't have time to go to the toilet before we left the house as I didn't want to make her late for school and by the time we got to her school I was close to pooing my knickers. I thought about going in toilets at the school but I felt too embarrassed to do that and I decided to wait until I got home even though it was a 20 minute walk back. I was literally bursting to go and I walked for about 10 minutes before my bowels pushed against my will and I couldn't control it any longer. I was so embarrassed but the relief of it when it was all out was so good it was worth it. The walk home with a huge poo bulge in the back of my jeans was embarrassing but I don't think anyone noticed to be honest and when I told I took all my clothes off in the toilet and cl myself up in the shower and no one knew that I'd totally pood myself on my way home from my daughters school.


    Not allowed to poo!

    First off, personal bio: I'm a 16 year old girl who is average height and reasonably skinny. I love to read the posts, Megan so sorry to hear about your story xxx. Well here's mine... 

    It Was a Sunday night and my mom was having guests over for dinner. I had been constipated for the entire weekend and my last stool i did was the Wednesday before the weekend. So on the Saturday i decided to take loads of natural laxatives like herbal tea and spinach. By Sunday night the need to poo was destroying me so i got my book that i always take in the bathroom to read and made my way to the toilet quite anxiously when my mom stopped me because she saw the book that i always take when i go for a poo. She said to me "i hope your not going for a number 2" I just shook with fear and desperation and said no. She walked away while saying "good because the Johnson's will be here any minute and i don't want you to embarrass me" I just slowly walked upstairs thinking to myself what am i gonna do! We only have one bathroom and I'm not to leave the house as i have guests coming. I was panicking so much as my butt started rumbling violently. I thought i might as well try asking so i went down to my mom and said "seriously mom, i really need to go i haven't gone since Wednesday!" she simply said "sorry but you'll have to wait its not my problem you held it in all this time." I was so angry. Next thing i know they arrived and after a few moments of greeting we were sat at the dinner table. From basically all of the meal i was fidgeting trying to hold my huge load in. 

    I was silent the whole evening. But when i went to clean up the dishes, i had so much gas and it was pushing its way out of me. I was alone in the kitchen and our dinning room was a few rooms away from our kitchen. So i decided to fart to relieve the pressure. I did so and because it was so relieving i started farting constantly. My face probably looked like i was having an orgasm because it felt so good!!! While letting the wet farts loose my mom came in i didn't realize. I was in the middle of letting off a really gross enduring wet one that came out slowly sperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I had the face on this one too, my eyes squinting and my mouth wide open. Then my mom shouted "Ruby! That is absolutely foul! Go to your room until the guests have gone, we'll talk later." My face was so red. I quietly made my way to my bedroom crying. I was sobbing on my bed in embarrassment and desperation. I thought to my self at least i can let off gas here. So i began and after about 5 i decided to stop because i didn't want to fill my knickers. Time went slowly as i layed impatiently. 

    The next thing i know it ..(continue confession)

    My biological father left when I was under two leaving my mother pregnant and a toddler. He left the state, never paid child support and was killed in an accident several years ago. My mother made it on public aid, food stamps, housing assistance and a minimum wage job. She was seventeen when my biological father left. I grew up without a father.

    Fast forward, I get my first job with benefits. The office is a professional firm and I am the new receptionist. Two days after I started the Senior Partner tells me to dress properly. I answer honestly, I was wearing what I could afford. No clothes and I loose the job. He later called me to his office and told me to explain. I told him the whole truth. He took me shopping for clothes, shoes and a purse. He bought it all and said he wanted me to knock tem dead when his clients came. He came by the next day and gave me a debit card, use it, get my hair done, my nails, get make up. He "loaded" the card every week with $500 dollars.

    I used a friends old car, he took that away from me and "got" me a nicer car. He arranged for me to house sit for some friends of his. He hired an image consultant for me. Three months later I looked like a model out of a magazine, a very uncomfortable model. He whispered to me, patting my shoulder, and hugging me. My debit card always had money, he gave me credit cards to Neimans and Nordstroms, bought me my own car, invited my mother to come down and he took us out on his yacht.

    I don't really remember when his hugs had me put my arms around him and hug him and lay my head on his shoulder. When I asked for a new dress to go to a party with some of my new friends, when I asked for Invisalign braces for my teeth, when I asked him to take me to that new restaurant that just opened. It rained one day, it poured and I stayed at the office until late. He walked me to my car and said he would follow me home. Before putting him in my car he pulled me to him and just hugged me and told me how much he loved me. I said it before thinking, "I love you Daddy". Just that, his hug got deeper and I held on for a long time.

    Sometimes he calls me Baby, but not at work. At work he calls me TJ, an inside joke. I know he is not my father but in my heart I feel he is.