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Double Play

Making out with my sexy wife today and talking about stuff we've done and stuff we might like to do.
I told her about something I saw in a porn vid where a hot wife was sucking off her hubby and a friend. Not so extraordinary, lots of girls suck off two guys and eventually move on to double penetration or spit roasting.
What was unique was this wife was sucking the two (average sized) dicks together. At once. Fit both cock heads into her mouth and jerked them.
So that's a possible adventure for me and my wife and a friend. See if we can fit both cocks into her lips at once.
She's up ..(continue confession)

Got What I Wanted

I have totally obsessed about my wife's beautiful little ass for the longest time. Rimming her is one of my greatest pleasures. Only problem I have is that I want to taste her and enjoy her clean but natural scent and she's forever making sure she's directly shower fresh.
I have tried to convince her for a long time to let me have her natural and every once in awhile I can grab her and get what I want.
Tonight I scored big time.
After dinner we were just kissing a little and I had my arms around her, my one hand at her waist, the other sneaked under her mini-dress and squeezing her luscious little ass ..(continue confession)

Finally Got It

I've confessed on this site a few times about my mad obsession with rimming my lovely little wife's bubble butt. My only complaint has always been that she's just too careful to always be absolutely shower fresh when I'm just dying for her clean but natural scent. This has been a struggle for at least ten years.
Earlier today we were making out and I was running my hands all over her soft, smooth and perfectly curvy body. She likes when I tell her how she's just made for being manhandled. She likes when I tell her how proud of her I am and how I know that men look at her and want to fuck her. She's super ..(continue confession)

Remembering The Pretty Girl I Used To Be

There was a time when I was a pretty girl. But that was long ago, now I am middle aged woman with stretch marks, saggy boobs and thirty pounds too much. In my pretty girl days I got lots of attention. Now if I don't initiate a conversation I can go days without speaking with anyone. I am a struggling artist, I have sold some paintings, but enough to pay the bills. I had a job as a housekeeping maid at a Holiday Inn Express but they are closed now.

The last time I had sex, real sex with a man with a penis was when I was 37. I bought a sex toy online, but I get nothing ..(continue confession)

I Can't Stop

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I separated. He had become addicted to alcohol and medication following an injury at work, and became a different man for a while.

When we separated, we both kind of knew it was temporary. Or, hoped it would be. Until he got himself well again.

During that time, many of my friends and coworkers urged me to take the time to explore anything I might have wanted to, but never did. One of the top on my list, cliche as it is, was to be with a black man.

After a lot of back and forth in my head, and after another fight with ..(continue confession)

Not Wanting It

It started over a year ago. Ted was 20 I was almost 17. I hadn't had sex of anykind, only felt tits on two girls, one let me suck on them. That same girl let me feel her pussy under her skirt but over her panties. I at least got my fingers through the leg hole of her panties and got to feel her pussy hair. I admit I jacked off all the time, still do. I had seen some porn, some bi, and a lot of anal hetero porn. I was intrigued by the idea of buttfucking. I almost had the girl who let me suck on her tits and feel her pussy talked into trying it knowing she couldn't get ..(continue confession)

Musky Muncher

I don't know if this should really be in the Obsessions or the Dreams and Wishes sections but I guess society as a whole would consider it pretty evil.
The thing is I have confessed before that I have a mad love of rimming my lovely little wife's bottom. Not so weird today I gather, though I have been into oral front & back since I was a teenager. Anyway, the thing is that my sweetheart is an immaculately clean and fastidious person and I certainly wouldn't change that.
But my dirty mind and throbbing dick want to somehow, some way catch her when she's really musky and has a fullsome female scent.
My dream would be to ..(continue confession)

BLM Thugs

I have been dating my gf for almost 4 years now even though we are the exact opposites politically. She's a "woke" liberal brainwashed by her college professors and I am a big supporter of Trump. Fuck the libtards and BLM thugs for burning down our cities and erasing our heritage.

My confession is that I secretly fantasize about my gf being gangbanged by these black thugs at their so called protests.


As a practicing lesbian I have a love hate relationship with my older cousin. He hates that I am a lesbian, he loves me because I am like his baby sister. I brought my current girlfriend to my grandfather's eightieth birthday. She is several years older than me, she owns a home decorating remodeling business. My cousin took me back to bedroom and asked me if I thought it appropriate to bring that woman to a family reunion.

Up until that day I had not realized that he loved me in the sexual sense, or that triggered by my woman guest would drive him to put his foot down and do the unthinkable and unexpected, toss me on ..(continue confession)

Pooping My Knickers On Purpose

I was walking home from work last night and I really had to poo. There was nowhere to go and I thought about doing it in my knickers which was a turn on but the risk of someone seeing me was too great and I held it for a while. I got about half way home when the need to poo got so bad I couldn't hold it any longer and I just relaxed and let it all out in my knickers. There were a few people around but they were on the other side of the road and I don't think they knew I was pooing myself. I peed myself towards the end of it but I was wearing ..(continue confession)