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So i have this Fantasy Of Being spanked. I sometimes read these storys about Girls, Boys, men and women telling there spanking storys and it Turns me On. I wish somebody Would spank me or something. It should be like i was doing something naughty like Talking back or Being a brat and Then deserving a spanking. With hand or Brush. First i Would take of my pants and get Hand spanking on my Underwear. Then i Would get told to Take off my Underwear and stand there Bare bottomed and ready to get spanked. Then i Would like to be put over the knee and Get spanked with the brush. Like 20 spanks or so on eatch cheek.
Is it wrong i want this or is it normal.

I Love The Challenge

I'm sick of gay men! Safety being a huge thing for me, I'm so tired of the rediculous promiscuous behavior. I could care less about a relationship and after a couple years of seriously thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion and realization that "straight married men" are safer, far less promiscuous and, disagree if you wish, make better lovers than most gay men.
I love to befriend, and ultimately bed married curious men. Theres just such an amazing thrill in that for me and the fact they insist on safe only is a huge plus.. I prefer long term secret meetings but have had one and done meetings.
I get so turned on knowing I was their first.

Why Do I Do This?

I've been sucking cocks and getting fucked by men for 17 years. I kept it hid for many years, and have been coming out more and more the past few years. Why do I feel the necessity to tell people I'm a cock sucking anal slut cum dump faggot?
I will find myself telling people about sucking cocks, whether I know them or not. Some of the people I tell are close, long time friends. Most of them I don't really want to suck or get fucked by, but feel I should tell them anyway.
I approach strange men in bars, and ask them if I can suck them. Many say yes, others don't work out so well. I've even told my mom and sister I suck cocks.
Do I do this so others will out me? I have three men I suck and am fucked by weekly, so I really don't need more cock, but still I keep exposing myself.

  • We All Have To Pay Our Bills, One Way Or Another

    I met this girl who was big into hiking and we dated for a while. She told me that she had been invited to climb Kilimanjaro. I told her, I suppose I should have suggested, but I told her not to go. A girl alone in Africa with people she didn't know was not my idea of a safe thing to do. The discussion, argument really, revolved around me telling her what to do and if I didn't think she should go then I should go with her and make sure she was safe. That's how I ended up on Kilimanjaro.

    The climb was staged, they do it all the time. But the truth is that if you are not in condition it is a tough slog. She went up like a Billie goat, I went up like a lumbering jack ass. On day three of the climb she slipped on some loose rocks and took a tumble. I went after her, sliding down the slope. She had broken her ankle, tibia and fibula. The guide helped stabilize, they have experience, a helicopter was called in, expensive, and she was evacuated to a local hospital, I went with her.

    After surgery I asked that she be evacuated to a hospital in Europe, we ended up in Switzerland. There she was operated on again because she had a bone infection. Expensive but the Swiss covered a lot of it with their health insurance even if we were not Swiss. By then my Amex was up over 100K. After ten days recovering, more expense, I got a first class ride back home. At least we were back where insurance paid.

    I never got a blowjob, all I got was complaints because of how she was treated, which was rather well under the circumstances. My overall bill, which I paid because she does not have any money amounted to over 130K. No pussy mind you and I rightfully felt I owned her pussy by then. Ten months later she walked without crutches, pins in her leg, and a sad story about her climb of Kilimanjaro.

    Now, the question is what do you do? Let it slide, or get your pussy? I got my pussy no thanks to her. I took what I had paid for. I took what I was owed. I told her not to go, she didn't do what she was told. She went without any kind of insurance, her little policy does not cover you out the country. If I didn't have the money (which I don't anymore because I shelled it out) she would be in a rest home in Tanzania working it off as a laundry maid.

    It is my pussy, I paid for it and I intend to use it.

    Back In The Woods

    I was 15 to his 14. We were always at each others house, sleepovers, playing, doing all the things boys do. At his house one night, his single mom was out and he showed me some pictures she had of herself posing naked. It was hot as hell. Finally, with hard cocks in our jockeys we went back to his room and climbed into bed. He pulled his undies off, and I did also. We slept that way, starting off feeling each other before we drifted off.

    The next day in the woods, walking towards a clearing, he stopped, took off his clothes and continued walking. I was behind him watching his twitching smooth butt as he walked. We got to the clearing with nice soft, plush grass, he pulled out a blanket from a bag he was carrying, and spreading he knelt down with his knees on the ground, his chest down and reached back to spread his ass. I was looking at a tiny pink pucker. I got undressed, he had some Vaseline in the bag, and put a blob on his butt and worked it around, took another and gave to me to grease my cock.

    Without a spoken word, I got behind him, easing my long cock into him as I pushed more he laid down and I was lying on top of him. I wiggled it around and he finally spoke. "No, do it" and I started fucking him. I came in probably 10 minutes, fighting against my balls emptying the whole time. We got up, got dressed, he packed the bag again, and we walked back to his house. He went to the toilet came out with his pants down and said "You cum a lot" come look at it all. I looked at a big load in the toilet, and some still dripping out of his ass. I bent him over the sink and using my cum as lube, I fucked him again.

    We never really spoke about it much, and almost never after. We slept naked together at his moms house all the time, and she knew. I think she knew I was fucking her son. He never wanted to fuck me, never wanted me to suck him, only after a year did I finally get him to suck me off. At 18 I transferred to another college, and my gay days were gone. Never again, but as I buttfuck my flatchested wife with short blonde hair, I sometimes pretend its my neighbor again.

    That's The Way It Was

    I was in a summer program at the local college between my junior and senior year in high school and I met this guy there who was a grad assistant for the classes I was taking. He ate my pussy, he fucked me. He took me home to my mother because I was upset, he told my mother that if she didn't want me anymore he would take me on the condition that I shaped up and grew up.

    She gave me to him but he had to support me and make me finish high school. Been married 40 years today.

    Married And Loving It

    We live next door to each other. Our back doors face each other and are about ten feet apart.
    His wife works from home, but is a lazy fat cow. He's a roofer and fitter than most guys my age.
    My parents own a plant nursery business, which they go to each day.
    We time it when his wife is on call at her computer and phone.
    Basically he texts me "Five minutes".
    I'll unlock the back door, strip off and lube up.
    He'll enter, choose the kitchen or dining room, bend me over or have me mount him.
    Then he fucks my arsehole so hard and so fast, he never fails to make me cum within a few minutes.
    Burying his gorgeous cock deep inside of me, he'll thrust away until he's ready to cum, then blast my insides with his hot seed.
    He's never in the house more than five to ten minutes, unless his wife is shopping.
    That's when I get to suck on his cock, and sometimes have him fuck me on my bed, or in the shower.
    Mostly he fucks me as I lean onto the kitchen work surface. Leaving me there once he's done, with his cum dripping out of my arse.
    This morning, his ignorant wife looked at me like she was the queen. The fact is, I'm her husband's queen, or whatever else he wants me to be.
    And this morning he'd only just fucked me, as she gave me her better than you look.

    Exploring My Limits

    I am a mostly happily married woman for 18 years. I’m 38 years old, my husband is 15 years older than me, and still very handsome and attractive, but he doesn’t have much of a sex drive anymore. I on the other hand am hitting my peak. When we do have sex, it’s very good, it’s just not very often. I’m short at 5‘1“ tall and average build I’d say. I’ve had one child by C-section, and I was very young at the time so he did’t destroy my body. I am not a fanatic, but I work out and watch what I eat so I’m not model attractive, but I would say I stack up better than most women my age. I have not cheated on my husband until a few months ago. I travel out of town to conferences for work a few times a year. I have always enjoyed showing off a bit when I’m out of town because I’m pretty conservative when I’m at home. I like that I still get looks from men when I’m in a bikini by the pool or if I dress up nicely to eat in the hotel restaurant or go down and have a drink at the bar. The first man I ever cheated on my husband with I met at the hotel pool. We happen to be sitting next to each other talked on and off for over an hour. He revealed that he was a massage therapist and I told him that I’ve never had a professional massage, only for my husband. Nothing happened that day. That night I was eating down in the hotel restaurant and he came in before my food arrived and asked if I was expecting anyone and when I said no he asked if he could join me. We again had a great conversation, he was obviously very charming. Nothing happened that night either. The next afternoon after the conference activities were done for the day and I was by the pool again he again came out and sat next to me. We were pretty comfortable with each other by that point and we were having a couple of drinks. I honestly can’t tell you how we got on the conversation, but it ended up with him offering me a free professional massage. Between being comfortable with him, a couple of drinks, and the warm sun, I took him up on his offer. He rubbed my feet right there and it was amazing. He then said he really couldn’t do anymore by the pool so he said we could do the rest of the massage in either of our rooms if I was comfortable with that. He has been a complete gentleman and I feel completely comfortable with him so we went back up to his room for the massage. I thought I was just going to be in my swimsuit, but he laid out a towel and said that he would step into the bathroom until I was changed. Again, I was not expecting more than a massage, and I was comfortable so I did. I started off on my stomach with a towel over my behind, and the massage was amazing, I almost fell asleep when he was doing my back and arms and my feet again. When he did my thighs, it was definitely a turn on, but he never pushed and never touched inappropriately, but I was definitely turned on. When I rolled over I was turned around, I never thinking I wish I had two towels to cover my chest and my hoohaa. He dried the oil off his hands and did my scalp and face first, and that was heavenly. He did my upper chest and folded the towel down to where it was barely covering my nipples. Well in the course of him massaging my upper chest, my nipples fairly quickly became exposed. He acted like it was completely normal and just kept talking, never missing a beat, and I found it very exhilarating. No man other than my doctor can I have seen my breasts other than my husband in the most 20 years. I don’t feel my nipples work very hard. He eventually folded the towels down to where it was only covering hoohaa, And massage my breasts and abdomen. My nipples are very sensitive, and it was a huge turn on, even though he wasn’t tweaking them or doing anything overtly sexual. Did my legs and when you got to my upper thighs I slightly open my legs and he folded the towels and half and then took it off. He got incredibly close but never actually touched my hoohaa. I could feel how wet I was and I was sure that you could see it. I know my breathing was giving me away. He then got the towel and covered me up. He was incredibly professional. I left went back to my room end couldn’t believe I just done that. I usually talk to my husband at night but I called him that afternoon. Of course I didn’t tell him anything. We met again that same night in the dining room. In retrospect I think he was timing it. We had some drinks and I told him it was an amazing massage. He offered me another one, and I didn’t even finish dinner. We ended up having sex in his room, with me being the aggressor. It was amazing. I was so scared and excited and turned on all at the same time being touched by a new man. I was there for two more days and we had sex several times. I’ve never told my husband. I’m leaving in a couple of days for my next conference trip I will be gone for four days. I’ve lost contact with my massage friend, but I’m looking forward to teasing and finding someone else. The affair with my massage friend has made me feel powerful and desirable. I’ve worked out more, I’m more conscious about what I wear and my make up and hair. I noticed men noticing me more. I love my husband and I will never leave him, but at this phase in my life, I can see my out of town conference trips being my time to explore and experiment.

    My Friends Bare Ass

    I have a friend that thinks its funny to sit her bare ass on my face when im laying down. She has done it a few times and won't get off of me until I "kiss her asshole." She only does it when no one else is around but it is still so embarressing for me. What should i do? Is it normal between friends to sit on their faces?


    I like to go out wearing short skirt with no panties and letting strangers finger fuck me.