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When we were in high school my sister told on me. My boyfriend came to our house and I told him to fuck her so she couldn't tell on me. It felt good watching. We are older now and I regret that day. What is done is done but I was wrong. She has never accepted my apology.

  • Summer Camp

    I went to a camp the summer I was eleven. There were many activities and that afternoon I went horseback riding. There were several kids, a female chaperone and a man who was the wrangler. Along the way I had to pee but by the time we stopped I had peed my pants. I was embarrassed and I saw the wrangler staring at me, at my wet pants.

    Every day I saw him looking at me, staring at my pants, my crotch. The more he stared the feelings between my legs got stronger and I noticed my panties were wet. I liked it and stared back into his eyes. We were out playing volley ball in gym shorts. He looked at me and grabbed his crotch and moved his head like calling me.

    When the game was over I stayed back to help with balls. He stood beside the boat house looking at me, when I looked at him he grabbed his crotch and smiled. I smiled back. That evening after dinner he was beside the dormitories when I left the dining hall. He called me over and told me he wanted me to see something.

    We went to boat house and he closed the door and kissed me. He touched me, at first gently and then he poked his finger into my vagina. His kiss and finger felt good. He took my shorts off and kissed my panties as he pulled them down. His kisses on my naked lips, his tongue opening my lips as my legs opened wider and wider. He stood up and lowered his pants and his penis split ne open digging deeper into me. When he was done he kissed me on the mouth and told me to keep quiet about us.

    That's why the summer I turned twelve is forever in my memory.

    Sex When You Least Expect It

    When I was still in my late 20s, one evening, I found myself hanging out over at the home of one friend, Constanza -- but everyone close to her called her Connie. We had known one another for only a handful of years. She had a very strong personality, not at all described as a girlie-girl. She was of Puerto Rican descent, and a Lesbian. She was employed on a military base in the area, she spoke with a thick accent, was short and sturdily built, with short black curly hair. coffee-colored skin, and large brown eyes.

    Well, after we ate dinner, we were kicking back in our chairs at the kitchen table, just talking about one thing or another. The next thing I knew, there was a stretch of silence between us. Suddenly, Connie threw herself forward and burst into tears. It was quite a shock. After a few seconds, I leaned in toward her, reached out to gently grip her arm, and I asked her what was wrong. She looked up at me and tried to speak. It took a few minutes, but I moved closer and tried to encourage her to tell me what the trouble was, whatever it was.

    Eventually, she spoke. In a halting manner, she confessed that she was in a great deal of emotional pain, that she had been in that state for some time by then. She said that she and her girlfriend (with whom she'd been together with for ten years) had become exceedingly cold and distant. She had tried to remedy the situation, tried to talk things out with her, but to no avail. She felt as though she was becoming utterly isolated and hallow. She was becoming so profoundly depressed over the situation, she didn't know how she was going to be able to carry on. Of course, this was a lot to take in. But I did all I could to reassure her that she could talk to me about it, about anything.

    That's when she said something that I genuinely wasn't prepared for. She looked straight into my eyes and told me that it was her wish that I become her lover, her secret lover. That was the exact wording she used. My jaw dropped open, I was in shock. In all honestly, Connie had been my friend, but I had never thought about her in a sexual way. Really. It's not that she wasn't attractive, it's only that I knew her stated preference for women from our earliest days. So yes, I was shocked. "Me?", I remember asking her. She smiled and nodded. I sat there for a short while ..(continue confession)

    Grandma's House

    I inherited my grandmother's house and rather than sell it I fixed it up and moved in. Being single I advertised for a roommate and settled in. Our neighbor Joe, a widower, had helped my grandmother when needed and I went over to introduce myself.

    Our back yards aren't fenced so I walked across to the back door. I saw him sitting in his den, he had a gay sex video on the television and was masturbating while he watched. I stood outside for a few minutes watching the Men on the video fuck. I got a hard on so I backed off deciding to come over another day.

    After meeting Joe we became friends in spite of the age difference. It was a couple of months later when I told him about seeing him watching that video and that it had given me a hard on. He was somewhat annoyed but he asked if I liked that type of stuff. My answer was sure but the real thing was better. Still serious he asked if I wanted to come over to him and give him a blow job.

    His cock was hairy and thick, he got hard slowly, I didn't just blow him, I made love to his cock until he gave up his load. Joe was a regular boy lover and I got the full treatment. He took me by the ass and let me know he was calling the shots which was okay with me. My roommate moved out which was better for me. Joe has me over for a beer and a blow job, no need for the TV.

    Champagne Glass

    Had a mad idea for a dirty outing with my naughty wife.
    Maybe take her to a local adult video place and have two or three horny older men take turns in her mouth along with me. When anyone feels they're going to cum, they'd pull out of her lips and cum into a plastic champagne glass that we'd have brought along.
    Once there's like four loads in the glass, my dirty wife will look up at the men with our spent dicks and smile as she slowly drinks all the cum, maybe spilling some down her chin and dripping onto her titties.
    She's a champion cocksucker and cumlover so she's hot to do it.
    Besides she always does what she's told anyway.

    Moms Friend

    So I was 16 and had just got my driver's license, my mom and her friend were hanging out drinking and my mom asked if i could give her friend a ride to the liquor store since they were drunk. I said sure so my moms friend and i set off for the store. I'll call my moms friend V she was probably 38-40 at the time kinda cute, your average middle age white suburban mom, weight i would guess 160-170 ish kinda chubby. So as we are driving she talking up a storm and slurring her words i can tell shes pretty wasted she starts asking my about girls and stuff i was kinda shy like yeah i have friends or whatever blah blah blah and she starts on about how sweet and handsome i am and how lucky some girl will be and she puts her had on my thigh and leaves it there until we get to the store. She has me park around the side (which i thought was odd beacuse there were plenty of spots right up front) and she goes in. Now by this time my teenager hormones made my dick hard from the thigh rubbing and i was like "god i hope she doesn't notice" lol so she come out gets in and starts telling me how sweet i was for driving her and says come here i want a hug, she leans in like way in and drunkenly hugs me while doing this her arm rubbed against my hard dick she was like oh what's this? I started stammering like a idiot like omg im so sorry it just happened and she says and ill never forget it "i can take care of that" she leans in to kiss me and we start making out she pulls my dick out that was crazy hard and streaming pre cum and says "this is our secret forever" i gulped and said ok she smiled and told me to sit back. She went down on me like a pro i knew the way she took it all the way down i wouldn't last long. As im watching her slurp my dick she said you can touch me! So i slid my hand down the back of the leggings she was wearing and started to rub her pussy which was like dripping wet, at that moment i couldn't hold back anymore i babbled something incoherent and she slowed the pace down as i started to shoot a massive load in her mouth. She swallowed a huge 5 blast horny teenager load like it was her favorite thing. She looked at me after gently milking every drop of sperm ..(continue confession)

    Truth About TJ The Racist Ignorant Dumbass

    This is about a loser named TJ who is nothing but a racist, homophobic asshole who thinks i'm gay despite the fact I have a girlfriend. Hey Dumbass did it ever occur to you the reason why you don't have a girlfriend is because no woman is stupid enough to fuck your dumb, ugly, goatfaced ass? Obviously the guy is an asshole and is beyond toxic and is no wonder no one wants to be on any team with him during Online Survivor Games on Facebook because he is such a dick always trying to force his racist, homophobic agendas on everyone and whenever someone gets eliminated he becomes an asshole to them. It's no wonder no one wants to be around you and why just about everyone hates you so much TJ and why you've been kicked out of so many games in the past and it's because you're nothing but a racist, homophobic asshole calling me a faggot and the N word all because i'm black. Yeah you lucky you don't say that to my face because I would beat the fuck out of your stupid ass. I'd like to know how you are in real life, I bet you probably work at McDonalds and won't serve any blacks or gays which is why your dumbass won't get hired anywhere else.

    TJ I bet you're the same dumbass on here bitching about Sports and the NFL since you wanted to make a flag mocking Colin Kapernick which nobody wanted nothing to do and yet you bullied everyone into following your lead in our Survivor Game. I can tell it's you with your bitching about Politics in the NFL and shit, yeah bitch you have no job; if you do why don't you go work at Wendy's or Chick Fil A since they don't serve Gays you can fit right in with the rest of the Homophobic and ignorant bigots such as yourself.

    Fuck you TJ, get a fucking life and get fucked you dumbass fucknig loser.

    My First But Not My Last

    For years I have had sex with other men and I am bisexual. Married masculine white male very straight acting and I was about 10 when my cousin and I sucked each other up in the hay loft of our barn. Next day I let him fuck me up in the hay loft and he and I had sex for many years and I had sex with a lot of boys for years.
    I have acted on several of my fantasies and enjoy sex toys and my wife loves to strap on my ass. Some months ago I started thinking about how exciting it would be to be a total submissive slut for just one night. I started talking to men on the internet and after a lot of looking and talking I met this Hispanic man that was my age and he was a top. What got my attention is when he told me he had two close friends that were bisexual nice clean and well hung like him.
    The more we talked the more I wanted to meet with him and his friends. Weeks later we set up a meeting and they drove to my cabin and we started to drink and talk about our expectations and after a couple of hours I was surrounded by three big Mexican men with hue dicks. After a circle suck on my knees and being gagged many times I took the first big dick up my ass and after a very long hard deep fuck he shot his big load up my ass and the other two followed and they saved the biggest for last and when he came it felt like he was up in my guts
    Our private gang bang lasted hours and the sun was coming up and they were still working on my ass and throat. I got DPed several times spit roasted gagged stretched and fucked hard and deep hands tied and fucked dp with the other one in my throat and they put countless loads in my mouth and deep in my ass I had their nuts in my mouth many times cum shot on my ass then shoved up my ass with a big dick had my ass slapped face fucked . Tied up in several positions and fucked hard cum dripping from my asshole fucked out side in the yard . You name it and it was done to me and it lasted for hours and hours and there was even some talk about them inviting other friends next time for a real gang bang.
    They made a video of me getting a DP and cum running out of my ass after ..(continue confession)

    Day Trip

    Rachel had been a friend of the family for a few years, we had on several occasions spent time in bed as a 3some sucking and fucking together a few times. She was only 20 but fairly well educated in the sex department.
    One night she text me to see if I fancied popping over to hers as she wanted to treat me without Jane being involved, I had told her it was out of the question because I had to go on a site visit with work, around 50 miles away.
    A few mins later another text came asking is she could join me, It did so happen that I had a male friend that lived in the town I was travelling to.
    I contacted him to see if we could use his house whilst he was at work, as he owed me a couple of favours, he agreed and said he would leave a key under a stone by the back door.
    I messaged Rachel back to say she could join me and that I would pick her up at her road end around 9 am.
    It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, not a cloud in sight.
    As I approached her road, there she was, short denim skirt, yellow vest top, which I must admit did show off her tits really well.
    I pulled over and in she got, we set off up the motorway and chatted as we travelled, each time I looked over her skirt seemed to be riding higher, to the point where her knickers had become visible.
    I asked her what she was doing, are you trying to get me hard because it was working, with that she spread her legs exposing her full crotch, the white cotton material pulled tight across her shaved vagina.
    I reached over tracing a finger across the tought material, it felt damp to the touch, sliding the material to one side, I slid a finger along her slit, wet was an understatement.
    Slipping my finger between her wet lips I proceeded to finger her, still 40 miles to go.
    This carried on until we turned off the motorway, I said she better make herself decent as I would have to drop her off while I went to site.
    I was only 15 mins and as I picked her up again she got back in the car telling me that her knickers were soaked, all she could think about while waiting was my finger sliding in her pussy as we travelled.
    Five mins and we were outside Ricks place, as we got out of the car Rick appeared ..(continue confession)

  • Out In The Sun

    This happened about twenty years ago in Coney Island NY. I was out for a Saturday or Sunday morning bike ride and rode down to the beach. So I'm more or less halfway through my ride and going to head home. There were a few folks down at the end of the block where it adjoined the parking lot and there were a couple of park benches in a small grassy area.
    So I stopped for a drink of water and to look out at the Ocean. I turned around and an older Russian man, maybe 55 or 60, very heavy with a big belly. He's wearing what looks like a white speedo at first but then I see it's actually his white briefs. He goes to one of the benches and sits down to take the sun. But he's not sitting with his legs down in front of him. He's kind of squatting with his ass on the bench but his heels also up on the bench.
    I was surprised he was so flexible with this big beer belly but he was pretty spry.
    So the way he's squatting, his big nuts and his average to fat cut cock are thrust out from between his heels and the white briefs are stretched almost transparent.
    I could see the hair on his balls and behind his dick.
    I was maybe ten feet away from him and standing there holding my bike and drinking from my water bottle.
    I'm trying not to stare or be rude, but I was kind of weirded out that I was so curious and tried to look casual.
    After awhile of looking to the sea and back to see the guy obviously offering his goods I finally turned around and rode away toward home.
    I have to say that I have imagined talking to the fellow, saying good morning and asking if he speaks English. He's smiling and speaks English well but with a heavy accent. Says he's been here for several years, has a condo apartment nearby. Invites me to his place to see the view from his terrace. This is so corny it makes me laugh, but that's how I follow him back to his place.
    Once inside he offers me some ice cold vodka and I see that when he's standing his briefs aren't holding his nuts as firmly and he's got some big low hangers. His dick's about five inches and cut but quite fat and is still upright because he's got a hard on.
    I'm sitting at his kitchen table on a swivel chair and as he brings the bottle over to top ..(continue confession)