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Getting Some Cosmetic Work Done

I had been wanting to get circumcised for a few years now. So I finally did it. Guess I just got tired of my long foreskin.

I searched around till I found a doctor that I felt comfortable with. Obviously you only get one shot at this.

So after a visit to the doctor and him looking at my dick, I chose a cosmetic circumcision. So instead of cutting the skin at the top, my skin is removed from the bottom of my shaft. Then they cut out a certain amount of skin then reconnected it. So my scar is at the bottom of my shaft. Essential my foreskin now makes up my shaft skin. It’s so sensitive too.

The doctor also induces an erection to do this too. That way my erection isn’t tight. I have a nice loose cut, I think it looks very good flaccid and erect.

Felt awkward in my briefs for the first few weeks but now I’m more used to my glans being exposed. It’s been 10 weeks since I got cut so I have masturbated and let me say wow. It’s weird to do with no foreskin but it feels so much better.

Have yet to have sex. Looking for a woman to try out my new dick

  • My First Dick

    So last night in my dorm room I sucked my first dick.

    He’s also a college freshman. He had a 6 inch circumcised dick, thankfully he’s fully shaved.

    Not really sure how I feel. It was fun, I was kinda turned on doing it. But when he came in my mouth I wasn’t ready for that huge load.

    Guess we all experiment in college.

    I think next time I’ll let someone fuck my butthole

    Into The Dark

    I’m in my 20’s , from quite a religious background and well, I’m going to hell.

    Both of my parents were involved in “peer support” for folks struggling with problems. In order to afford a good measure of anonymity, a small office was set up in a local mall. The office was down a corridor that was used to access the washrooms, delivery and custodial areas. My father was the facility manager so I had a job as a cleaner in the mall after school and weekends.

    Close to the holidays, I was asked to go into a little storage area and bring out the boxes of decorations. It was then I realized that room was so close to the office used by the peer support. I could not only listen to various people but see them through a hole left some removed wiring. As they were speaking to my mother and other people who basically would listen and then offer advice, prayer, etc.

    Most of it was what I came to realize was common issues money, addictions, work, school but some of it was sexual in nature. Keeping the rules of this forum in mind I will just say I was younger then I am now. My first flirtation with the dark was a lady that came in. She was just your everyday sort of woman. I recognized her from church. She described her anxiety around her husband, a truck driver and her admittedly unfounded worry he was cheating on her.

    She described how she would imagine his out having sex with another woman. She described how sometimes even during sex with her husband the idea would drift through her mind and she had to fake it. She admitted “I think the worst fear for me is the idea another woman could make a fool of me and my family as ace gets her kicks screwing my husband on his trips and sending him home to us”

    A feeling came over me as I sat listening and watching. My little pussy got immediately warm and wet with the thought….I would love if it was my little c**t that was doing it mmmm and not only could I send him home after…I could look her right in the eye in church.

    Ive spend a substantial amount of time watching and listening, knowing who has the darkest temptations, fears, etc and then toying with them. I’ve had sex with probably 19 or 20 different married men. I’ve lured younger women into behaviour that got them reputations. I’ve had a hand in causing 3 marriages to be destroyed due to infidelity (influencing 1 man and 2 women to cheat) then delighted when they were caught.

    What I seem to prize most is turning “good girls” from church - bad.

  • Christopher Robin

    Months ago i was looking shotacon hentai to masturbate and i found a shotacon with Christopher Robin.
    If anyone is curious i will send a name here it's called
    Christopher Robin to Himitsu no Mori – Winnie the pooh hentai
    Be sure it's in English.

    I was so so turned on by this i masturbate lot's of times.
    He was an innocent cute little boy.
    When i read that hentai i start to like this character,

    I also felt embarrassed to turned on and masturbating so much with it.
    If anyone read it or is going to read it he,she will understand why.

    In Lust With My Employee

    One of my employees is insanely sexy. I’m happily married with a child too, but the way her ass sways with every step is almost intoxicating. Long blonde hair, and a decent sized chest complete the look. She’s younger, early twenties, and as such is fun to talk to interact with.
    It wasn’t much of a stretch to become attracted to her, but, damn, the thought of bending her over my desk and absolutely destroying her ass and pussy plagues my thoughts every day. It’ll never happen, I know that. I love my wife and would never do anything to put that relationship in danger. However, every time I even think of this employee all I can think of is how much I want to grab her hips and pull her to me.
    Not really spicy, but I needed to get that off of my chest somewhere.

  • I Live My Sexual Life Inside My Mind

    These days i have high sexual desire. When i go to sleep i masturbate, if i wake up in the middle of the night i masturbate and when i wake up in the morning i masturbate. My vagina is usually wet and some stories here makes me really wet and horny and i masturbate after reading them thinking i'm in their positions.

    These days i also post my confessions here because i like to share my fantasies with anonymous people. I enjoy when anonymous people call me disgusting and pervert when i tell them that little boys makes me wet. I enjoy when anonymous people call me dirty and slut when i tell them my fantasies.

    Even though i'm not a slut or a pervert. I'm modest and still a virgin.

    In my real life i don't get close to boys or men. When someone meet me for the first time they might think i am too shy and innocent and the thought that they have no idea of how pervert and slut i am on the inside makes me flattered.

    My friends know because they know me for 16 years but i don't think they know details exactly.

    I said i write a story about a woman my age that have sexual derise for a little boy and touch him in his sleep and i enjoy thinking that woman it's me.

    I love to fantasize myself as a pure innocent teenager who got r**ed and fucked by some dominant bullies who taken away her innocence and make her the biggest slut who wants to get fucked everyday, all day, and she doesn't care whose cock it's going to fuck her.

    I love to fantasize myself as a little girl who get fucked and enjoy sex with p**ophiles. And desired sexually by many p**ophiles.

    These days i turn on with the idea that i will get pregnant (even though i don't really want to get pregnant neither to have kids). I fantasize some old perverts r**e me and fuck me and cum all of them deep inside me without knowing who the father is.

    I also fantasize sometimes myself as a baby sitter of a young boy (11-12 year old) and have sex with him and cum inside me and make me pregnant and his parents wouldn't have no idea what we are doing,

    I love to fantasize that a stranger man without even see his face fuck me on a bus full of people or caress his penis on my butt. In fact i want the second thing to happen in real.

    Two or three years ago i was in a bus full of people and was so horny. A guy was behind me and we were close, so i push my butt on his penis. I don't know if he understood it but i enjoyed it but i felt embarrassed about it later not because i done it but because i liked it. I also love to watch stranger men to masturbate whatever their age.

    When i was 19 i saw an old man masturbating in public in front of me and a friend of mine (it was the first time i saw someone masturbate in person).
    I was staring at him and i enjoyed what he was doing, i remember i felt a little shuddering in my vagina by watching him.

    I wonder how some girls, women disgust by something like this.
    Since i was a teenager i wanted to catch a man masturbating and stare at him until he finished.
    I wish i could catch people having sex and stare at them back then as well.
    If i catch a man masturbating in a bus now i would sit in front him to let him know i accept and enjoy what he is doing.

    Today when i woke up i fantasize myself in a glory hole (i saw a nice confession about it here) and i could feel the cocks one after another inside me and cum inside me back and forth without knowing who these men are.

    All these stuff i said are true. I truly fantasize these things when i am really horny. And i really want to catch a guy masturbating by accident, it's better that way, as long as we don't have sex, only me staring at him i would liked it.

    I said these things not because i want someone to send me messages or do something with me.
    I said these things because i like to share with anonymous people my fantasies and seem to them how slut, pervert and horny i am in my mind while in my real life i am modest, quiet and shy.

    The idea that the more i don't have sex the more pervert i become also mekes me feel flattered.
    And the idea that even though i am modest and virgin, i am bigger slut that some girls, women who are openly sluts in appearance or in their sexual life makes me feel more flattered. I know that might isn't true but i like to think about it,

    But i know that they satisfy their desires, i am not. So maybe i become more pervert in mind than them.

    Even now i am writing i feel aroused.

    Happy Wife Happy Life

    I got pregnant in my early twenties with twins. Daycare for two was more than we could afford and my husbands pay wasn't enough for us to live where we were. We moved out to the suburbs into a small renthouse and my husband had to commute. Our friends dropped us and we had to make new friends in our new neighborhood, married with children friends. After two years I did it again, this time fraternal twins a boy and a girl. We weren't poor poor, but pretty poor pinching pennies every day.

    We survived, my husband was promoted and we made ends meet. What I want to say is my friends, the mothers with kids, saved my sanity and my self esteem. I was one of a few college graduates, my husband one of a few white collar workers, but no one cared. We were at the median household income with four kids and every one is all right. I mow the lawn, my husband does the dishes. I didn't do it for the tan, I just like to mow the lawn.

    OK so this isn't about sex or cheating, or gays, or anything like that. It's about a young couple that had to adapt to a new reality. A black couple. Our neighbors never noticed because it just doesn't matter.

    It's Not An Confession, But An Question.

    Hey guys! So, first of all, my name is Capovski (no, it is not), I'm close to my 20's, straight male and I never had attraction to other men, that's why this post is strange. The thing is, I'm a writer and artist and I'm working on a LGBTQ+ comic that I won't give many details, but the least I can say is that the MC is lesbian and it's a story about maturity and self acceptance. Why I'm doing that? I don't know, I just want. But here's the funny part, I'm not gay or bi, I don't have LGBTQ+ friends (I don't have friends at all), so I'm searching for opinions or other things related to some of the details of my work, more specifically, the age and the way some of you accepted yourselves, if that was ever a problem.

    So here's my question. At what age did you guys discovered yourselves? 9? 10? 57? Did you have some problem in your self acceptance? Please, answer me and give your opinions about my work, if you think it will be trash, crap, horrible, bad, more or less, okay, interesting, good, with some potential... I know that it isn't the right place to ask for that, you can mark "remove it" if you want, but I have something, so here's an confession for you guys.

    When I was 17, I had a girlfriend. Her name was Lana (no, it wasn't) and we lost our virginity together. We fucked over and over and over again, and we were open about our wishes. I told her that my wish was to fuck two at the same time and she surprisingly accepted. So we marked to do it at a saturday, when no one was home. She brought her friend, both of them started, I had an pussy in my mouth and a mouth in my dick. They changed their positions and them I licked my gf's pussy and fucked her friend's pussy. Then, I fucked my gf while fingering her friend's pussy. It was the best night of my life, but unfortunately, we never did that again and my girlfriend broke up with me a year later.

    So that's the confession. Bye!

    Lonely And Wanted Some Company

    My daughter finally got married after 2 year delay and i felt alone.i knew my nephew liked me for nearly 10 years and started getting a little friendly with him and not to long ago we ended up in bed.that day it was what i call a normal day just flirting and next minute im in my bed with just my tights on that was ripped open and had my nephew eating my pussy.i was grabbing his hair to make sure he didn't stop and had a orgasm.my nephew quickly gets up and i got to see his dick and it was impressive and i was basically folded in half.i like it a little rough.i had my legs up near my head and he wasn't gentle in putting his dick in and was saying no when he grabbed my throat and fucking me hard.when i was saying no it wasn't for him to stop that was just me playing around.i can honestly say ive never had sex with anyone like it before.we had sex in 4 different positions i let him do what ever he wanted to me.i don't regret it for one second i wish we done it sooner.

  • A Rain Storm Brought Her To Me And Now The Sun Shines On Us Again

    I lived off campus and walked to and from campus, six blocks. I got caught in the rain and got to my duplex sopping wet. The girl that lived next door came out with a towel repeating 'poor baby, poor baby'. She followed me in to my side, helping me peel off my clothes while wrapping the towel around me. Still in the towel we fixed a pot of tea, and talked for the first time.

    When I stood in front of her and she asked to see what there was there to see, she opened the towel letting me know she liked what she saw. I was still cold, my nipples on alert, she leaned down and sucked one for a second or two. Her smile led to a kiss and we went back to my room where she helped me dress.

    We became friends, we dated, moved in together, became college lovers. When I look back on my college years, those years I was there with her fill me and I feel good. Graduation took us in different directions, one day I married, named my firstborn after her. We found each other again several years ago, we are the closest of friends you could hope to be. Our husbands could never imagine what we mean when we talk about our college days.