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Navajo Woman

My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed within six months. After 34 years of marriage I found myself alone and lost. Friends and family did their best to get me out, divorced ladies from my church became friendly bringing casseroles over. A work friend suggested I was depressed and needed help. After six months I agreed to group therapy. Then I busted a gut, quit my job, sold my home, took off for the wild blue yonder.

I ran out of gas near Santa Fe and a tow truck brought me some gas. A Navajo lady driver, she handled the gas can like it was five pounds. Waited for me to get going, followed me into town. During the few minutes she was gassing my car I asked for recommendations of a motel, I drove straight to it. A small none chain motel, refurbished from the seventies. She suggested, I didn't ask, that I could blow off steam at this bar a couple of blocks away.

That's where I got drunk, woke up in the motel with the Navajo tow truck woman. She said I had petered out, I didn't remember. We were both naked, my white skin beside her brown skin, my soft body beside her hard body, she was short and stocky, stronger than me. And she wanted sex.

Whatever it was that I drank left a bad hangover. We got dressed, didn't shower, and went to small restaurant and got breakfast. We went back to the motel. She wanted cock, she got my pants off and started sucking on my limp cock. I laid back and after a while I got harder, she got more animated, took her clothes off, her tits were big, heavy, nipples hanging low, she got on cowgirl style stuffing my cock inside of her. She rode up and down.

I started to lose my erection, she got off and went back to sucking, turned around straddling my face, her open dark pussy in my face. I closed my eyes, she was wet and I licked holding her up so she didn't smoother me. She gave up on my now soft cock and got off. My head started to ache.

Naked she got up, went to her purse, took out a pill and told me to take it, she said it was Navajo medicine, it would make me want to fuck her. I got light headed, she slowly sucked me some more, toyed with my anus, and I got hard again. She told me to get on her, dream up a pretty girl and fuck her, fuck her and hurt her, she could take it. In a buzz I fucked, I got a full erection, I fucked and fucked, until I came. It burned. I rolled off and she sucked my cock clean and I fell asleep.

When I woke up she was gone, my wallet was open, she left a note that she took a twenty. I slept till early afternoon, showered and checked out, gassed and drove towards Phoenix where my cousin lives. My funk was over, it never came back.

Biological Clock Ticking

I’m 34 and not had any children. I’m single and it’s never been something I was desperate for, I just figured I’d know when the time and relationship came. But my biological clock seems to be ticking now. I fantasise a lot about getting pregnant, and I’m not on birth control. What I’m embarrassed by is how much I think about being knocked up by a stranger. Or being fucked by lots of different types of men one after the other so I have no idea who the father of my baby is. I think about being a slut while pregnant too. Being naked with my big heavy breasts and sucking lots of dick. Bending over with my belly hanging as they take turns fucking me from behind.
I know it’s awful and I have to think about the child. I’ve even thought about how I could make sure they’d know who their bio-dad is when they get older. I’ve also thought about how much I would get off on my family and friends asking who the father is while I don’t even know what colour the baby will be.
It just feels so natural... for the strongest genes to breed me...

Wild Girlfriend

I dated this one girl that basically saw me more like a sugar daddy. Sex with her was really good, can't say though the relationship was all that steady though, neither was her finances. Basically, if I wasn't in the picture then someone else would have to be. Didn't help her either that she was a single mother.

So yeah, she basically would do anything to keep me around which of course lead to very crazy sex, up to and including a threesome with another girl. Well, things hit a rough bump and I'll be honest, I didn't know if I wanted to stick around especially when you find out your girlfriend cheated on you.

After some back and forth, drinking, and doing the best to patch things over, she went on about doing something special for me, something she's rarely done for others. I really didn't know what she was on about until she asked me how would I feel about having sex with her and her daughter. I thought she was joking, especially since she was like, twelve maybe at the time, and honestly it's not something you just normally think about. But she was serious. So serious mind you, she pulled out her laptop and pulled out a folder to show me. There were a couple of pictures with her and her daughter and whatever guy she was with at the time going all the way back There were even a few videos that she played, like the one when she was nine straight up having sex. I don't know, it was all really wild and a hard pill to swallow, but we were also drinking and she was trying so hard to get me worked up.

And that she did. Hear me out though, it's not really my thing or even that I was thinking with a clear head, but I know I'll have to live with this guilty conscience. If you haven't guessed, that's just what happened. She got her daughter to join us that night for a three way. She just went with it all, just like her mother. And she didn't just sit by and wait. There was a carnal satisfaction watching someone stroking your dick and guiding into their daughter's pussy, or creaming into her before it gets eaten out. And just, the difference between the two, because when I ass fucked my gf, I practically was pounding her into the mattress like I was mad. The girl though, I was so much gentler to.

The relationship still stayed a little rocky after that, about for five more months. And during that time, she kept things wild trying to keep me there. I may do a Part 2 just on that, but you can pretty much guess what went down.

Golf Widow

Marrying Tim my husband five years ago, we moved around a lot as he was in the army. When he retired a little over a year ago, we settled into civilian life fairly quickly.
His son, my step son Alex was fourteen when I married his dad, and even then I knew he had a thing for me. Some days i'd find my uses panties in his room, knowing he'd been whacking off while sniffing them.

I never told his dad and sometimes feeling naughty, id rub my pussy juices all over the crotch area after I'd masturbated. Then leave them in the wash basket knowing Alex would see and use them.
Soon after Time retired, he took up golf. And when I say he took up golf, I mean he'd play most weekdays and one day during the weekend.
I soon became lonely, both in terms of having my husband around, and having a high libido, I began to miss sex too.
Taking it upon myself I bought a dildo around five months ago, desperate to have a replacement cock to fuck myself with.

And it was while I was using it in the lounge with my husband yet again playing golf, Alex walked in on me. I genuinely thought he was out with his friends for the day, but he'd returned home early.
Not saying a word with the dildo poking out of my ass, he removed his shorts and having no underwear on, I saw his huge cock spring forwards.
Walking overvto where I lay on the couch, he slid the dildo out of my ass, dropped down and buried his face into my pussy.
I'm not sure, actually I am sure why I didn't stop him. It was because id become a golf widow and I craved being fucked by an actual human being and not a dildo.

Alex was amazing. He absolutely devoured my pussy, clit and asshole for such a long time, making orgasm over and over again. And throughout I could hear him saying things like "I know your taste so well".
And "You've always wanted this".
And I suppose he was right.
Id climaxed again when he got up, spun me over and not giving me an option, he thrust his beautiful cock into my pussy.
At the same time I felt him plunge his thumb up my ass and squeezing his thumb and fingers together, he used them as purchase to hammer into my quim.

It had been so long since I'd been used like that. Fucked and taken, that I found myself crying with joy.
My step son was giving me what his father should have been doing, and at that moment I couldn't have cared less had Tim walked in and found us.
Alex didn't settle on fucking my pussy either. He later told me, if could have he'd have fucked my mouth, pussy and asshole at the same time. But the nineteen year old didn't waste time in sliding his cock up my ass and treating me like a common whore. I loved it. I loved every second of him using me. I wanted to be fucked and abused as he saw fit, and for a teenager he certainly knew how to pleasure a woman.
When he began fucking my ass, I came. But I also did something I'd never done before with any lover, I began squirting as I orgasmed.
It unnerved Alex at first, until I begged him to carry on fucking me.

And he didn't disappoint me either. I was fucked from one orgasm to another and the young man just kept on thrusting into my ass.
When he slowed a little ibtook the opportunity to move us around. Making him lay back, I mounted his cock, holding his shaft to feel it slide up my pussy. And then I rode my husband's son like I've never rode anyone. In my mind I had the image of Alex sniffing my panties and it drove me wild with lust.

Fucking him that way, I controlled how deep his cock went into me, and how hard. I slowed right down and barely moved for some time. Then I'd ride him fast and deep. He was going crazy and I knew he was close to cumming. But I held him off for some time, before he reached up, gripped my breasts hard and pumped his cock upwards.
His cum filled my pussy and the young man though he'd done his thing. But I had other ideas.
Lifting off his cock, I moved up his body and sat on his face. Giving him no choice but to lick and tongue my pussy and asshole.
And to his credit my step son ate out my holes licking up and swallowing his own cum in the process.

We lay together kissing and fondling each other. And during that time I got a text from Tim. He was having few beers in the nineteenth and was going to be another hour or so.
I took hold of Alex's hand, lead him upstairs and hadbhim fuck me all over again anally in the shower. When his dad got home id not long since sucked on his sons cock in the kitchen. Alex didn't cum as he'd emptied his balls up my ass in the shower. But it did have my husband's son horny for when his dad went to bed.

On our rear porch, my step son and I had oral, then anal sex for over an hour. And to this day we fuck as often as his dad plays golf. Which given its a lockdown sport that can be enjoyed, means Alex and I are fucking most days.

Curiosity Got My Hole

Being in a sexless marriage for nearly two years (we've been together since being teenagers) one of my neighbours comments pricked my curiosity.
Chris my neighbour, who's just turned seventy, told me he and his wife hadn't had sex in years. But that hadn't stopped him from having sex.
When I jokingly asked him who he was fucking, I wasn't expecting him to say, guys he met off a gay hook up site.
He'd told me all this because he found me sat on my rear patio looking glum. His words to me were "You not getting any". Which lead to his comments.
I must have given him some kind of quizzical look, because his next statement before he headed back inside his own home was "They like my nine inch cock".
My first reaction was yeh right. And I kind of left it at that. However a few weeks later, I saw him dropping off a younger guy outside of the shops I was at. The young guy leaned right over and they kissed like lovers before he got out of Chris's car.
And it turned me on like never before.
Later at home I saw him in his back garden and couldn't help myself. I asked him if he'd fucked the young guy I'd seen him with. Chris smiled and said they'd just ended a year long affair, as the young guy was moving.
Still smiling my neighbour said "Why, you wanna take his place".
It had never occurred to me I'd ever want to have sex with a man, but I couldn't deny his comment had my curiosity going again. And my cock aching for sex.
There was no deep thought to what I said to Chris, I just reacted to how I felt when I said "Where".
If you'd have said to me within half an hour of a much older man inviting me into his home, I'd be on my hands and knees on his couch, taking nine inches up my arsehole, id have laughed at you.
But that's precisely where I found myself. Chris had told me we didn't have long before his daughter brought her mum home. So you could say I had a crash course in gay sex.
As soon as we got into his lounge he took off his trousers and boxers, sat on his sofa and told me to suck it.
It was the first guys cock I'd seen up close, let alone having to suck it. And I was totally new to male male sex. Yet that didn't matter to Chris as he pushed my head down to his growing cock.
His dick really is nine inches and makes mine look small in comparison. But Chris did let me take my time somewhat in getting used to having a guys cock in my mouth.
I wasn't I'll admit, very good at giving head. Not that first time anyway. But time that day was of the essence, and to be honest by the time his cock was practically flooding my mouth with pre cum, I had a bizarre need to discover what all the fuss was about being fucked.
Kneeling up on his sofa after Chris had me strip naked, he spent about ten minutes licking and tonguing my arsehole. Id had it done to me in the past, by a girlfriend who loved anything anal, but my wife had never tongued my hole.
Chris is so good at it, I found myself begging him to fuck me. It's still a thing between us that he had his full length up my arse within half an hour.
He calls it his bedside manner. I'll call it, him having a beautiful cock.
When he first entered me, I didn't think my arsehole could take his size. I wasn't behind the door, id seen gay porn and knew men could take large cocks and items up their fuck hole. But it was my first time and I was a little scared.
A natural is what I guess you'd call me and my arsehole. Yes there was some pain and resistance. Butt, pun intended, my arse enveloped his cock and Chris wasted no time in fucking me as hard as he wanted to.
The seventy year old would put younger men to shame with his sex drive, and how rough he loves to fuck. He pounded me for a good fifteen to twenty minutes, stopping only once to have me lay on my back before entering me again.
Leaning right over me, thrusting hard into my arse, my neighbour pulled my face to his and we began kissing.
I loved it. I can't tell you how much I'd missed that intimate act of kissing and we didn't stop kissing until my cock had erupted between us, and Chris had cum deep within my bowels.
Still kissing after we'd both orgasmed, his phone bleeped. Lifting off me, he said we had about fifteen minutes before his wife got home. It gave him ten minutes to have me suck on his cock and taste his cum and my anal juices. Again I loved the sexual intimacy of giving him pleasure that way, and its now something I always do for Chris.
When his wife walked in, she smiled at me, gave him a knowing look and asked if i wanted a cup of tea.
It was a little surreal drinking tea with his wife there, and I got the distinct impression she knew her husband had just fucked me.
It's been easy for Chris and I to have sex over the last nine months. We have oral sex most days, and when my wife's at work and Claire his wife is out, or these past few months 'having a snooze' he fucks me so wonderfully.
I now know Claire knows her husband is fucking me. She's totally indifferent to us having sex, but I still feel weird knowing she's in their house, as her husband is balls deep up my arsehole.
As for my wife, I'm not going to hide anything if she discovers our neighbour is fucking me. After all, I now believe she's having fun with her female hairdresser.

Fed Up With Women

I’m so fed up with lady drama. Like it doesn’t end. I can’t do this heterosexual norm. Anyone want to help me get cock stuffed for the first time? Or at least guide me into the right direction for finding place and enjoyment with the same gender.

Works Cum Slut

Where I work on nights, there are hundreds of opportunities to suck cock.
Passengers, colleagues and other agency operatives.
Throughout the past two years I've built a reputation, albeit a discreet one, of sucking off men who want to dump their load down an eager throat.
I'm married, but love cock. And especially older mens cocks.
Let's just say, through the right way, you can arrange for me to meet you, in many different quiet places and I'll suck you off.
If we've had sex before, and both having gotten tested, which some regular men I have sex with have, then you can fuck me and fill my boyhole with your seed.
Most nights I'm on shift, I'll suck off one to sometimes maybe three guys. And if one of my senior managers is in, I'll visit his office for a well earned fuck, because he just loves sliding his little cock of his up my ass.
However and why I'm here tonight, is to tell you, only two weeks ago I drained the balls of two older men, sucking them off in different places in work. And was fucked by a guy my age in the bathroom before he boarded his flight first thing in the morning.
I never take risks in terms of sex, but the dude had the biggest upward curving cock I've ever gone down on.
I just had to have him fuck me with it, so I leaned over the toilet and let him give it to me.
When he busted his nut up my ass, he told me I was real cock slut, and he was right.
Totally stoked about the night I'd had, I was buzzing with excitement and decided to pull off on my way home to get a coffee.
In the small cafe I ordered coffee and a Danish. And watching me was an older service manager I know from work. He's normally a bit frosty with me, but that morning he came over and said one of his guys had mentioned I'd 'helped' him out. And given he lived a block away, could would I help him out too.
Texting my wife to say I had to stay back to cover, I ended up at his apartment for over an amazing hour.
He's in his sixties and boy does he have a lot of sexual energy. His cock is so fucking thick, its almost impossible to suck. But then when you have an asshole like mine, its much better than a blow job.
He came twice deep within me both times, making me cum without having to stroke myself. He then told me I could call by anytime from then on if I wanted to.
I've been tested since and thankfully I'm ok. I wouldn't recommend bareback sex with strangers, but that night was such a thrill. I won't be doing it again though. However in the fortnight since I've come to love being fucked on my way home several times. And each time the sex gets dirtier, harder and far more enjoyable with a guy who I used to think didn't like me.

First DP

Homecoming dance in high school, I went with a group of friends instead of a date. Ended up at one their houses in the basement where three of us got frisky and had sex. Because we were already exploring the new, we went one step further and they both wanted to be inside me at once but I'm not into butt stuff and I was so sure they couldn't fit but I was hopeless horny as hell. While straddling one of them, the other tried to push himself into my vag as well. It was awkward and hard, but the moment the head pushed in wow it was something else. Just, this fullness I've never felt that I swore I couldn't take any more, but gradually and gradually I did. I've never done something so risky or adventurous like that, thankfully neither of friends told anybody at school what happened

Todays Kids' Behavior

In the tenth grade after a football game I lost my virginity in a car with an older boy. He dropped me off but I had put my sweater on inside out and my mother got me to confess. We had a vigil, I wasn't pregnant and my father never had to know what I did.

I have a 17 year old daughter. I found her in bed with another girl from school, last November. Her excuse was that it was safe sex, two girls can't get pregnant. True, but. Her father doesn't know, the girls are friends and overnight at eachother's homes. They say it was just playing around but they always sleep together in the same bed. They have an intimacy, too intimate.

If and when the topic can be brought up they claim that lesbianism is the natural state, that's why in the olden days men had more than one wife. According to them all the girls do it, no big deal. They are both level headed, A students, college bound. Of course I don't want her pregnant but that would be easier than this.

  • Addicted To The Hobby

    This past week I cheated on my wife with a prostitute. This was the 13th time. It's been 4 years since the last time. I thought I'd kicked the habit, but some very triggering things happened this last month and I found myself ruminating on past sexual exploits. I started visiting posting for escorts and one thing led to another. I kept telling myself that i wasn't going to do it. But then I booked a hotel. I told myself I wouldn't go to the hotel and just stand up the escort. What did I owe her anyway? But I knew I'd be there. And I did go. I hate myself for going and yet I couldn't not go. It's as if someone else was in control of my actions. I met the woman at my hotel door and then we undressed and I was totally into it. I'm ashamed and hurt and feel that I can never truly break free of my lusts. I don't want to hurt my wife and I certainly didn't need to see this escort. My rational brain cannot make sense of this.