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One Week Before Wedding Day

I have been happily married for 13 years, but recently I have been getting a very naughty desire. I want relive the gang bang I had a week before getting married.

I worked with a guy that was always flirting with me. He knew I was getting married and just kept the pressure on me to fuck him before I got married. He added that his friends wanted me too. He kept pushing me until I gave in. I asked him where and when?

I met him at his apartment. When I went in, the room was a cloud of pot and a sea of black men. I made it here, so I must want this is what I told myself. As I got to the living room, they all circled me and piece by piece they took off my clothes. Soon I was naked. My hard nipples on full display. My cleanly shaven pussy available.

I started reaching for cocks to stroke and was gently pushed to my knees. Lots of sucking and lots of fucking later, I left the apartment gaped and ruined. I smelled like a whore. My used body covered in sticky or crusted cum. My bra and panties never made it home with me. I got home, showered and sat on my bed. Did I just do that kept flowing through my mind and my soul. I didn’t feel badly at all. I felt relieved it was before I actually was married.

It is now 13 years later and I need this again. I crave this unreasonably naughty desire to be used like a whore.

  • My Daughter In Law

    About a year ago, I had a sexual encounter with my daughter in law. It was alcohol induced, but make no mistake, it had been coming for a very long time. There was always sexual tension between us. We finally gave in.

    My sister knows, but nobody else. We play very often (like every week) and I enjoy it every time. I am bisexual and so is she. We have skin to skin play, toy play (vibes and dildos) and even some food play (whipped cream, chocolate and ice).

    I know this is wrong, but it is too fun to stop.

    Vacation Exploration

    I have been married for 19 years. For much of that marriage, we have had an open relationship. We understand our relationship is missing some things sexually, so we allow each other to fix those things on our own.

    One of those things is cock size. My husband isn’t that big. I personally enjoy a large cock in my mouth and in my pussy.

    While on vacation with some friends in March I was introduced to black cock. I met a man at a bar and I ended up taking him back to my hotel room. He said he was hung (several times throughout the night), so of course I was intrigued. He finally convinced me to touch it as we stood by the bar. I was pleasantly surprised for sure.

    We kissed and touched and eventually it was time to undress. I was shocked at the size of this man….huge was an understatement. As I got on my knees I could feel my pussy start to heat up. I did all I could to please this man, even telling him to push my head to help it go deeper. Spit was everywhere!

    Then he lifted me up, tossed me on the bed, dragged me to the edge, lined up his cock and drove balls deep into my pussy. Without any hesitation, he started to deep ball fuck me. I was in heaven. Within two minutes I had cum. I have been hooked on bbc since that first cum.

    Currently, I have four bbc fuck buddies. I enjoy two per week on average. If I am lucky, I will line up all four in the same week, but that is rare.

  • Riding On Top

    Went out with a close friend and went back to my place afterwards. We were chilling on the couch and I ask if he wanted to see my room. He didn’t hesitate to head back there. As soon as he stepped through the door he was taking my clothes off and I began to return the favor. He took off my boxer to reveal my hard 5inch cock. I kneel down to take his off and his was a hard 7 or 8 inches. I pushed him on the bed and crawl up to his cock.

    I begin to lick up and down his shaft. I work my way down to his shaved balls and suck on them as I work his cock. I proceed to deep throat him while keeping eye contact. My cock is raging at this point. I reach over to the night stand and pull out some lube. I work the lube all on his cock and start to straddle him. I have one hand on his chest and reach behind me with the other to guide it. I get the head of his cock inside me and begin to lower myself. I work my self up and down until he is all the way in. I begin to gyrate my hip to work his hard cock inside me, which causes mine to flop around.

    He grabs my cock and jerks it as he is inside me. I didn’t lad but only a few minutes. I bust my load all on his chest. That must have turned him on because he grabbed my hips and started thrusting hard. His balls were slapping against me and I could feel his huge cock destroying me. I lean over top of him and he thrusts even harder. I hear him moan and feel the rush of his hot cum fill me up. I crawl off and he pours out of me. I asked if he wanted to shower, which really just meant round 2.

    Whatever Floats Your Boat.

    When I retired from the military, I bought an older 34' sailboat with the idea of refitting it and sailing around Florida and the Caribbean. I was living aboard in a marina and spent over a year going thru the boat and getting it ready for extended cruising.

    I was also picking up extra money detailing some of the other boats for folks who were mostly weekenders. There was a couple who were docked several slips down from me. I had struck up a friendship with them and they asked me to do some detailing and cleaning up their boat. I had hung out with them at the complex's pool and bar. He was about maybe 70 and his wife was 58. She was a good looking gal, what you might call a "Trophy wife". The old guy was loaded with dough and she always dressed sexy and was a real head turner, and she knew it too.

    After working for them on and off, one night they invited me to go on a sunset cruise with them. We cruised on out to the edge of the bay and anchored up, as the sun was beginning to set on the horizon She mixed a batch of margaritas in the blender and we were listening to music and getting mellow.

    The wife, Rita was standing there swaying to the music and she grabbed my hand and we began to dance slowly. She had both arms around my neck and I was holding her around the waist. "Hold me lighter" she whispered and before I could move, she was pressing up against me

    She had this loose fitting slinky, flowered dress on, that slipped off her shoulder. Roger the husband, tells me that Rita has had the hots for me after she saw me shirtless all sweaty working in the sun. "I noticed you filled out those cut-offs you were wearing too." she laughed out loudly.

    She reached down and started to rub my cock thru my shorts. Now I'm trying to figure out exactly what to do next, when Roger says "Show him what you've got" She pulls the flowered dress over her head and she naked underneath. Not only that, but she's got fabulous boobs. Obviously not real, but they were big and firm and had big hard nipples.

    Roger tells me that at his age, he's not all that much in the bedroom anymore and He'd love to see me give Rita a good hard fucking. I just stood there in shock trying to believe what I'm hearing as Rita pulled down my shorts.

    "Isn't this a beautiful cock" she asks Roger. He agrees with her and as he's admiring my hard cock, he starts stroking it. She takes me by the hand and leads me down below to a large V berth. I'm laying on the bed and both of them are taking turns sucking my cock.

    By the time the evening was over, I had fucked her twice. The last time was doggy-style while Roger played with my balls and fingered my ass. He then ate out her wet cum filled pussy and sucked me dry, cleaning up both of us.

    After that, I was often invited over to their home. Sometime old Roger was able to get it up when Rita tickled his ass hole with a vibrator. Then we both gave Rita that hard fucking she wanted. I even fucked Roger's ass with Rita's encouragement as she fingered herself

    Don't be judgemental....It's whatever floats your boat.

  • I Am Corrupted

    I am a old single woman who has issues in life. My husband left me 10 years ago after abusing me for 3 years. I men i tried to date later only cheated me and called my ugly. My daughter called me a whore and left me. In a nutshell i am a total mess.
    I was angry frustrated and more importantly hated myself.
    For the past two years i have been drinking alcohol sometimes too much. I tried to contact my girl and wish her on her birthday but she called me a whore again and how she does want me to embarrass her family.
    It hurt me so much that i drank a lot that day. There is a college guy who stays above my flat and i was frustrated with the loud music he was playing. I walked up to confront him but i something weird happened to me. When he opened the door their were three more boys and i kinda felt aroused watching the handsome lads. I was so much in rage and drunk i kissed the boy and grabbed his dick before i stroke his size two times and left.
    I am so embarrassed i have done such an act but i am currently in a turmoil of should i have not come back to my room and let things flow where it could lead to.

    My Wife Reminded Me .

    Living in England there are many ancient houses and Stately homes . One of them near to us . Is now a business centre . With a cafe and small shops in the old stables . Recently we visited the cafe for a meal . The building is at the end of a country lane . About one and a half miles long . Just before you reach it there is an old church and a graveyard. The church is at one side of the road . The graveyard is on the other . The graveyard is a lot higher than the road . With a large mature tree between it and the road And a tall grassy bank . As we were driving past the gaveyard my wife pointed to the tree . Saying can you remember what we did under that tree . There was and still is . A wooden seat built round the trunk of the mature tree . As we drove home . She was talking about the days before we married . When we used to walk up to the church on nice summer nights . We would sit on the seat kissing . I would put my hand up her dress to finger her pussy . Very few people or cars used the road . Most only going to the pub at the start of the road . She would remove her panties and sit with her back to the tree . With her legs open . I would kneel on the grass . Licking her pussy . Giving her an orgasm . Being so much higher than the road . People in cars could not see us . When she had her orgasm I would drop my shorts and she would put a condom on my erect cock . Then i would sit on the seat . She would lower her pussy on to my cock . Riding me to make me cum . Happy days . Talking about it got us both horny . When we got home we had sex . At times we also had sex behind the church .

    Neighborhood Bulge Watcher

    I have been blessed with a large set of balls and a pretty good sized cock, which makes for a bulge that gets attention, and I like the attention.
    One day I was at my neighbors house while he was working in his yard. I had on a loose pair of shorts that show off my bulge pretty well when I looked up and saw his pretty young wife looking out the front door at us. I conveniently propped up my right leg on a tree stump and caught my pretty little neighbor staring right at my package, while her husband was busy pulling weeds.
    I kept up the show and she kept staring. This was getting me hot and started making me hard, which of course made my bulge even larger.
    Next thing I knew, I caught him staring too.
    I can't wait until their preteen daughter gets home and give her a show too.

    You Know This Story

    My son is home from college. He works so I help him with his laundry. In his bed the other day were a pair of my panties. That same day, I found a pair in his laundry basket.

    So, now I am torn: does this turn me on or should I be ashamed that he is doing AND getting caught?

  • Getting Close To My Mother In Law

    My MIL is 68, petite and has huge breasts. I have long admired them and love it when we hug and I feel them press against me and I "accidentally" let my arms rub past them when we break apart. She often kisses me on the lips and it's a real turn on. Mornings and evenings she often wears a top without a bra, yes they hang down, but the thrill of the sight of her nipples poking out is amazing, I've lusted over them for years. Her husband is disabled now and I've had to help him into bed, making sure I rub my arms against her and feel as much as I can.
    On night my wife went to bed after many wines, MIL was also tipsy but stayed up to talk. It was her birthday and she was wearing a red dress that was a little low and showed her fantastic rack off perfectly. Her husband was stood in front of us and she put her right arm around my waist. I decided to put my arm around her and as I did my hand touched her left breast. It felt incredible. There wasn't a reaction at all and I wondered if she had felt it. Being a little drunk myself I was feeling brave and decided to press a little harder, still no reaction. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Next move was to open my hand and hold it against the side of her gorgeous left breast, I'd wanted to do this for so long and I wasn't disappointed, it was so soft. The only thing that wasn't soft was my now stiffening cock, it was pushing itself against my jeans and had my heart racing. I slipped my hand underneath the big soft orb and started to squeeze, half expecting MIL to push my hand away but nothing. Was she enjoying it? I was guessing she was. Soft, full and massive, to feel the fullness and weight of it was a dream come true. I so wanted to feel her nipple and went in search of the main prize but unfortunately the dress and substantial bra kept it from my grasp.
    I don't remember what happened next but we'd moved position and I now had my right arm around her waist and decided to rub her back, which quickly turned into stroking her bottom and a period of light squeezing. My cock was now pushed against her and it felt amazing, I was hoping she was wondering how it would feel inside her. I have absolutely no idea what her husband was doing all this time as I never made eye contact with him.
    We said goodnight and I went to the bathroom and stroked my cock and shot my load very quickly.
    Next morning I got another kiss on the lips, a look at her rock hard nipples through her top and moved my arms in slow motion pressing against those sexy tits, looking in her eyes as I did so.
    Next visit in a few weeks.....