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Taking Over

When I first moved into my apartment building 2 years ago my neighbors especially on my floor were very welcoming. The gay couple next door 2 guys in their 40's were totally helpful and friendly getting me situated. Being a divorced guy I had never really socialized with any gay folks but was soon used to going over there for coffee and conversation.

The one gay fellow was softer acting,more deferring and a bit more feminine than his partner who was more straight appearing. Paul was around 45 slim with blonde streaked brown longish hair and an animated manner. He was especially friendly and seemed always excited in my presence. I had known them for about a year when I noticed over a few days a lot of commotion and moving items from their apartment. Paul knocked on my door and tearfully announced they had broken up and his partner was moving out. I sympathized with him and gave him a shoulder to cry on. A week later the move was complete and his partner was gone.

One Friday evening Paul dropped by my place to chat. We had a few drinks and Paul opened up about everything. He told ne he was lonely and had not had any sex in the last few months of their relationship. He looked at me seductively and I realized I had a lonely horny gay guy in front of me. He confided in me that he found me hot and desirable but was worried him and I could not be friends as his gay desires might scare me off. I felt a bit confused as his confession had triggered an ambivalence in me that I would now reject him or alternately give in to some kind of sexual encounter. I told him this and he looked at me searchingly. He said he could understand either response but hoped we could have a friendship that was either included sex or not. We had another drink and I began thinking about what it would be like sexually to let an eager man who desired me to please me. I looked at Paul and gave him the go ahead to act on his desires. His face lit up and he moved close beside me on the couch. His soft hand caressed my leg and crotch area. Quickly he had my stiffening cock in his hand caressing it softly. He bent down and took my hardness in his wet mouth. His needy and skilled mouth worked my cock over with deep pleasurable sucking. I had never received such an amazing blowjob from a woman and Paul sucked my cock steadily until I blew my load between his eager lips. He gulped it all down hungrily until I was spent. We relaxed and talked for awhile but then I was horny again. Paul with a glint in his eyes asked if we could go to my bedroom. I nodded and we ended up naked in my bed. He touched me all over and I noticed his smaller cock was hard. This time he begged me to fuck him and I found some lube. I pushed my lubed cock into his tight small little round ass from behind as he opened up easily for me. It felt incredibly sexy as my cock slid all the way in as I began fucking him hard. He moaned in pleasure while I pounded him. I exploded deep inside his ass as my body shook in orgasm. I was spent and he caressed my chest softly afterwards. We talked and fell asleep for the night. In the morning we took a shower together and I touched his cock for the first time. I jerked him off while we kissed under the stream of water.

Since then we evolved into being a couple as sex became frequent and we spent more and more time together. I am mostly the top but I have grown to love sucking his cock to completion as well. He now lives with me as it made no sense to have separate apartments. I am so used to letting go inside his mouth or ass it is like second nature.

  • Wishful Thinking

    At this present time, I have been fucking two women regularly. They don’t know about each other, and I don’t intend to keep them both. I just want one. However, they both have what I want - sisters.

    First girl (girl A) has a sister who is her twin, both 22. They do look similar, but the one I’m fucking has the amazing body - curvy, big breasts, and very submissive. Let me take her virginity in every way. Her twin is very thin, flat chest, and just average looking. When I met girl A’s twin, she was in a relationship with a guy, but they broke up after he kept emotionally abusing her. She moved out and went back to her mom’s house and has been there since. Immediately, she has been getting fucked by guys left and right and telling girl A about it who then tells me. And hearing about it just turns me on to where I want to fuck girl A’s sister. Hell, I’d be open to having them both in a threesome, but I don’t know if girl A would want it since she’s a bit prudish and doesn’t want to include anyone in the bedroom. Her sister and I do chat on snap once in a while, but not anything that is interesting. As much as I would want to flirt, I know she’d tell girl A. So it might just have to be fantasy.

    Second girl (girl B) has a sister who turned 18 this year. Girl B is a bbw, big breasts, and let me take her virgin ass. Her sister is very attractive - thin, nice, round ass, melon sized breasts, and a very cute face. She and I have talked, but not a whole lot, and girl B was there so didn’t say much. Girl B’s sister has a boyfriend, but he’s out of state. Before she dated him, girl B would tell me that her sister would constantly say that she wanted to get pregnant as soon as she turned 18, but that hasn't happened. Unfortunately, she’s planning to move out of State in a few months. I’ve thought of how I would like to see her one last time alone and fuck her, even if it leads to girl B ending the relationship. More than likely won’t happen, but I’ll keep fantasizing about it.

    Did Sis

    I’m thirteen years old. My older sister is eighteen and a slut. She’s been nothing but problems since becoming a teenager. So the other night she came home pissed fall down drunk. She does this shit often knowing full well that mom works evenings and isn’t home until one am. So it was ten thirty and she passes out on the kitchen floor. Her legs were apart in a short skirt and she wasn’t wearing panties so her snatch was in full display. So I laid down between her legs and explored her pussy with my fingers and face. It is wrong but smelling her snatch and the sight got me very hard. I parted her legs and put my dick in her. She woke up and grabbed my ass and said fuck me. Which I did. After I came I helped get her to bed and she asked me to fuck her again and I did again. She is my first. Pretty sweet. She told me the next day that won’t happen again but I bet it will.

  • Embarrassment Turned To Pride.

    When I was a kid, maybe 8-10 years old, I was often the brunt of a lot of teasing. I had a long but skinny cock and other guys called me shit like " Elephant man" or "Frank Furter".

    Well my friends by eighth grade after puberty had kicked in, that all changed. I filled out with a thicker veiny cock and a big sack full of balls and they all stopped laughing. I could top anyone in my gym class by shooting a stream of cum 3-4 feet during showering. Hell both guys and girls loved for me to take it out and show it swelling up rock hard. I had almost reached Celebrity status at school. LOL.

    Word was out that a female PE teacher had seen it and I was the subject of hushed gossip in the teachers lounge. Several teachers got real friendly with me after that. Of course, nothing ever happened but my reputation had preceded me. Even my Mom blushed when she got a look at it.

    Now, I wasn't porn material, but I found out that size definitely matters at age 14 and I was very proud of what mother nature had done for me.

    I Have Great Memories Of Being My Mother's Boss' Pet Girl

    Just touching base to share an old story. Back then I was in another state, another time, another age. I went to work in my mother's office as a clerk during the summers while I was in high school. My mother's boss took me as his pet. Including rubbing my head. Some women were against it and made snide comments to me and my mother. The response was always the same, stop being jealous of her just because she is getting attention.

    At one Thanksgiving, I was a freshman in college, my mother's boss hugged me and 'rubbed' me down. In my ear he told me I had really blossomed, had a real nice set of tits. I did. I got my butt rubbed, hugged, kissed on the cheeks, had my boobs rubbed down, had I not been home I would have lost my virginity that night. It did not go unnoticed by my mother. I lost my virginity two weeks later when he came up to see me.

    I was very proud of myself, I handled myself like a real woman. I went from pet to favorite girl, with lots of hugs and kisses. Fortunately I was no longer in the office, but the word got around.

    For all of my college years I played grown up woman while my friends were immature little bitches. As a graduation present I got a brand new Camaro, with a custom paint job, deep silver with pink flames on the side. All I can say is being his favorite girl was the high light of those years in college and after graduation. The time came when a younger man caught my eye, I found myself pregnant, and got married.

    I got a nice down payment for a house as a wedding present. As my family grew each of my kids got a 1 oz gold Krugerrand. Cars, vacations, and just for fun g*fts came my way. My mother was also well taken care of.

  • Cum Burp

    I just stumbled upon this site and love it, so I thought I'd contribute with a story that was funny to me.

    I started having sexual relationships with boyfriends in 8th grade, mostly oral as i didnt lose my virginity until about a year later. This story involves my 3rd boyfriend that I was sexual with, and it was the spring semester of 8th grade. He played baseball and I played softball, which led to a lot of days where our schedules aligned for some after school fun.

    The specific day of this story, we both had home games that started about 3 hours after school ended, and our fields were right next to each other. He lived walking distance from the high school, and the fields were at the school, so we walked to his place to cuddle and chat and maybe fool around, as we did most days that we could. I was being a bit of a tease, getting him hard and not doing anything about it, and of course he was begging for me to help him. I noticed the time and said I had to start getting my uniform on, so I did a bit of a striptease for him while getting out of my school clothes and into my softball uniform. I was topless, from changing into a sports bra, in a thong, and wearing my knee high black softball socks, when he finally convinced me that I gave him blue balls and he needed help so he wouldn't be uncomfortable during his game. I said "fine, but you better be quick". So, I got on my knees at the foot of his bed and gave him a blowjob. It probably took 5 minutes or less and he came in my mouth and I swallowed.

    While on me knees I said, "ok, now I need to get ready!". I quickly stood up and he jumped to his feet too, to give me a hug and a kiss. I must have had a gas bubble in my chest that let loose when I stood up too fast, and as he was pulling me in to kiss him, I couldn't hold back the burp from that gas bubble. I tried to push away from him, but he thought I was trying to be playful and he pulled me towards him forcefully. The burp came out as his tongue was going into my mouth, and unfortunately for him it was a bit or a juicy burp, and a dollop of his cum I just swallowed shot out of my throat and into my mouth, right onto his tongue. He immediately repulsed away and spit onto the floor. I literally keeled over in laughter, probably for 5-10 minutes straight. I laughed my ass off, almost completely naked on his bed, while he gagged and ran to brush his teeth. He didn't find it funny at all, but we did still have fun together until we broke up at the end of the summer that year. I still think it's one of the funniest things that's ever happened to me.

    Blind Date

    Kay was my mother's friend, about thirty when this happened, and because she was blind I often helped her out, usually shopping. She didn't wear sunglasses. She'd gone blind in her teens because of some infection or something, so she looked OK , just didn't look straight at you. She had a guide dog too.

    We were sitting on her sofa one day having tea. We'd been somewhere, maybe the shops and she said she was worried about her looks since she couldn't see herself getting older. I said she was very attractive. She asked me about girlfriends and said I must be getting plenty. I was in my teens. I told her I'm trying but having no luck.

    I said girls today like to keep their legs together, and she said I should buy some condoms. I said I haven't got to that point yet. She said it'll happen.

    I said can I ask you something very very personal and she said what? I asked if I could feel her breasts and she said why would you want to do that ? I've been dreaming about it, I told her.

    She hesitated a bit then nodded, said OK. I ran my hand over her sweater, felt her bra, getting horny because it felt so good. I felt her hand on my leg. She said I was trembling, I told her I was excited. She felt my groin, found my hard on. Yes you are she said. She then lifted up her sweater, undid her bra. Would you like to kiss them ? she asked, showing her nipples. You bet I did, so I sucked on them.

    She felt my stiff cock again and asked if she could feel me without my clothes on. I didn't feel embarrassed because she couldn't see it, so I pulled my jeans and jocks down. She stroked it softly then without warning went straight down and took it in her mouth, deep throating it. I said O M G this is fantastic, I think something's gonna happen real soon, so she so suggested we go into the bedroom. We undressed on the way. I lay on the bed and she went down on me again. I begged her to stop or something will happen real soon but she only went on, sucking and stroking even faster. So I blew big and she took it all and swallowed.

    After I played with her pussy and fucked her two times. She told me it was the best ever.

    I fucked her a lot after that maybe six months, or more, Years later I discovered she'd told my mother. My mother didn't give a shit about me fucking her, only worried I would break Kay's heart. So they were discussing me and the sex, my mother warning Kay that I would soon move on and get a girlfriend.

    Used My Granddaughters Roommate

    I was staying at my granddaughters house watching her new dog. Her roommate is 22 and a nurse for kids. She worked all night. I was in the shower for the morning. I finished dried off wan walked out with my towel around me. Standing outside the door was my granddaughter’s roommate. She had only panties on her 36c perky tits on display and you could tell she had been crying. She cried I lost a little girl at work that was supposed to live. I am numb. I need pain, I need to be used. No rules no safe word. Do you know what that is? I said yes I was a master in bdsm when I was younger. She said I want intense pain, if I scream for you to stop don’t. Choke me, use me make me cry and scream. I dropped my towel my 9” cock was rock hard . She said oh fuck a horse cock. I said get on your knees. I fucked her mouth hard forced my cock down her throat even though she couldn’t breathe and was chocking and spiting up. I grabbed her hair and took her to her bedroom. I am 6ft strong and she is like 5’2 and tiny. I threw her on the bed slapped her tits hard. (Found out later only her bf had fucked her before with his little dick) I bit her nipples as she screamed and cried. Her pussy was wet I shoved my big cock balls deep ripping open her tight little pussy and fucked her senseless while choking her she was having multiple orgasms while crying and screaming. I filled her with cum. Turned her over tied her wrists to the bed. I got my belt and beat her ass, back and legs leaving her with welts and she was bright red. Screaming for me to stop but I laughed. Then I spit on her asshole and had to force my now hard big dick in her virgin ass she screamed stop . I was fucking her ass balls deep she was begging me to stop she could not handle the pain but I didn’t and she passed out. I finished in her asshole and woke her up. I fucked her a few more times both holes and fucked up her body. She was red everywhere from the beatings. Hickeys and bite marks all over her body . She finally collapsed and fell asleep. 10 hours later she was up could barely walk came out naked and her body was a mess. She hugged me and thanked me. I picked her up and gave her a bath and just loving her. I dried her off and laid her on her bed. She said will you make love to me. I kissed her we made out. I licked and kissed her whole body. I ate her pussy for about 45 min slowly. Then kissed my way up her body and as I kissed her I slid inside her and slowly made love to her. She came so many times I lost count. I finally came inside her and we fell asleep together and I stayed in her bed. She was off for the next 3 days and we fucked hard and made love soft. I fucked her against the wall, bent over the dining room table all over the place. We probably fucked 40-to 50 times some normal some rough. It was a time I will never forget.

    Braking The Ice On Feelings Bottled Up For Most Of My Life

    I have harbored gay thoughts all my life. Circumstances aside, I never had the guts to try. Until things got strange at the wedding of a son of my cousin. It was a night time affair, the estranged father of the bride was there, shunned by her and her family. The affair was for him to walk her halfway down the idle, the stepfather the rest of the way, and 'give her away'.

    I was alone at the wedding, my wife refused to go. I gravitated to the father of the bride, we drank at the bar. I'll say we were both sloshed, we went out on the pool to get some fresh air, by the outdoor dressing rooms he made his move, trying to kiss me on the lips, he landed several kisses on my face and cheeks. We stumbled into the dressing room where he got in a forced kiss.

    The strange thing was I didn't object, not really, it was the pushing and shoving that I resisted. The second kiss was all wet, with his arms embracing me to him. There in the dark, on my knees I sucked his limp dick. It didn't matter to me, I was supercharged, and after a while he got harder, and I settled down to live out feelings I'd had since my earliest days on swim team as a kid. He came, and I sucked it out of him. Running it through my teeth, until I swallowed his cum in my mouth.

    It ended there, he went back to his hotel, I went back to mine, I flew home the next day, my secret to myself.

    Four years later, I was in Amsterdam negotiating to buy a ship from a Turkish shipping company. I'm a lawyer. The negotiations went on and on, for us price was king, for them it was face. I ran into opposing counsel later that night, a heavy set man in his fifties. We agreed to a drink in the bar. I felt his presence, I felt an urge to kiss him. I held back but the urge got stronger. I suggested that a nightcap upstairs and we could chart a path forward our companies could agree to.

    Surprised that he agreed, in my room, ties and costs off, shoes kicked off we stood toe to toe with a Cognac in our hands, delivered up from the bar. A sip, I stepped forward and kissed him on the lips. He responded, the urge to kiss was so strong that I kissed him again, with 'passion', and he responded in kind. We were on the bed, clothes off, socks the last to go, having a grand old time. We both had strong erections, pleasured by stranger's hands, and mouths. His nature was lead, I followed, let him, enjoying his attention. The session ended after he accomplished his desire, and he jerked me off.

    It worked, the parties came together, the ship title changed hands. Turkish flag, to Panama flag, the Mediterranean to the southern coast of South America. The real success was gaining my feet under me, to trust my gut, to let it all hang out. And follow my nature.

  • Blast From The Past.

    Imagine my surprise when I heard from an old friend from back in my time in the Brit Porn industry. "Shelia", a stunning slim redhead, had also worked in the industry back in the day. We had even shared a flat in the West End and we both were party animals. LOL.

    She had found me oddly enough from my YouTube videos that I have been doing for several years. She was blown away after finding out I was still at it at age 56 doing my Biker Shop videos. I explained to her that it all started when I met my current husband who owned a bike shop in Cornwall and the videos just seemed to explode after a year or so. I was thrilled to learn that she was going to be in London for several days after being in the States for many years.

    We made plans to hook up and we met for dinner and hit a club before going back to her hotel. After a bottle of wine and some chatting, she showed me a number of photo shoots she had done for "Milf or Cougar" spreads. We discovered that we were both on " Only Fans," but had never seen each others work until now. Talk about a small world. She complimented me on how great I looked and said "Dana, you're still all boobs". I had to confess that mother nature had been very good to me in my " Old Age" .Before I knew it, she was peeling off my cocktail dress and admiring my 38DD all natural boobs.

    Such wonderful memories came back to me as if we were in our 20s again exploring the haunts of Soho. We also explored each other's bodies with our tongues hitting all the important spots. Yes, we were both older and no longer had those porn star bodies, but our passion had not waned after all those years.

    We spent two days mostly in the hotel doing lines or in a club. The time passed much to soon
    and she had to leave for some business in Antwerp. She told me she could get me some photo work, but I told her my " Biker Shop" was all I really wanted to do now. She promised to ring me up when she came back thru the UK.....Dana.