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I Only Wanted To Suck Some Cock

As soon as I got out of the car they were at me. I was their fuck puppet, their whore, their fun for the night. Black cocks, big black cocks taking away my masculinity one at a time. I stopped being me and became Useless. that's the name they gave me. Useless as they rode me, Useless as they slapped my white ass, Useless as they bred me and Useless as they left me in the dirt. I am USELESS and I deserve my name.

I Like Perverted Old Men

I'm a 20 year old student and I like to wear revealing, slutty clothes especially short skirts. I love it when perverted old men stare at me or grope me. I often take the train and I purposely stand close to old men so that they might try to grope me.

I've even had sex with men old enough to be my grand dad. I like it when they are rough and treat me like a slut. One time I told a man that I like being treated like a slut and called dirty names and he came up with some really interesting names to call me to say the least.

If anyone is interested I can ..(continue confession)

Irish Cream

My cheeky girlfriend and flatmate for several years is a usually soft spoken and quiet girl but when she has a snootful of good whisky the devil comes out in her. She knows I like it when she gets in the mood and talks dirty to me.
The other night we got back from the local and she was teasing all the way home about her having an itchy arsehole and wanting me to fix it for her. Every time she made a crack about what she wanted it made my prick throb. When we got there she started taking off her clothes as soon as the door was closed and by the time I got to the bedroom ..(continue confession)

I Always Wanted To... Now...tomorrow

I never, ever stepped into my sisters room. Never. I looked in several times to holler at her for school or dinner. One time I looked in to holler at her for taking to long to get ready to go out for dinner. She was standing in front of her mirror, her long dark hair over her shoulders, wearing nothing but black shoes and lacy topped white socks. No panties, no bra. Her hips are starting to get wide and her little titties aren't so little anymore. There is sparse, coal black hair covering her pussy. The prettiest flawless white skin I have ever seen. She knew I was gonna be looking in on her. She had to know. I ..(continue confession)

We Need To Help Each Other Right Now

I am at home with my mom, and my newborn baby girl. Across town, well out in the suburbs is his other mom with her nine month daughter. She tried making it on her own but she had to move back with her parents. At least I can fake it and blame Covid.

I met her after I was confirmed pregnant. As to him, daddy boy, well he is out in Wyoming working for an oil company. More stress because his job is insecure right now. My parents can pick up my support and my baby's support. If he loses his job I have had several talks with his other mommy girl about moving her and her baby ..(continue confession)

His Values

We were happy, or so I thought. Our sex life was good, yet still he asked the same question.

Time after time I said no, and time after time he'd try again.
Eventually my resolve wore thin and I acceded to his wish.
He chose a young man, Calum, to share our bed. I know I am attractive and I know men and women look my way and think of deflowering me. Until Calum I was true to my husband, our marriage and my beliefs.

That night two men, one my husband fucked me. There was no love making. I was fucked in my mouth, my pussy and my arsehole. I tried not to ..(continue confession)

I Wish I Wasn't A Virgin Anymore.

Hello anonymous chatters, I will try to have the strength to start telling you my story because I feel embarrassed for my "condition" and this may seem to be a joke for you but for me it is very real and a very uncomfortable fact.
Ummm, so I am a 30 year old woman who is still a virgin at this age, I know it's a little shocking but it is true. I never had a boyfriend before,never been kissed by a guy before, never slept with anyone because my parents were very strict and I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend until I was 20 years old. This made me very frustrated and made me kinda depressed because my ..(continue confession)

Once In A Lifetime Experience

A cruise ship loss of good judgement. A close friend of mine was turning 35 and she wanted to g*ft herself a cruise in the Mediterranean. She had enough miles to cover both her flight and mine and I needed a vacation so we signed up for a seven day cruise.

Once there we spent the first day getting familiar with the boat, bars, restaurants, shows, shops, and our double room on a budget deck. The weather was nice but not for sunbathing, too early in the season, our room had a small window but not a view, so life for us was out there in the social areas, the bars.

It was there where we ..(continue confession)

A Kink I Didn't Know I Had

I've been with my husband for nearly 20 years now. His cock is my first, my only, my favorite. 18 year old me getting to explore him when we were in HS changed me from a shy and awkward girl into the woman I am now. His cock transformed me into something I would have never imagined before we got together - teenage me would have called me a "slut." But I love the taste, feel, and smell his cock and balls, and have him almost as ready to go now as when we were teenagers. I've always been fascinated by making him cum, from the first handjob I gave him in the dark through his boxers until now.

Recently, ..(continue confession)

I Love My Room Mate

I'm in love with my roommate. I am in a committed relationship, but I love my other male room mate and have for years. That wasn't really an issue until I found out that he may also have feelings for me in return. But I'm unsure because he didn't out right say it.
I love my fiance. Our sex life is great and so is our romantic life. I don't understand why I can't get my roommate out of my mind. He knows about my feelings regarding the room mate, but I said I moved on a long time ago. He is still worried I'm gonna leave him or cheat on him, and that makes me sad.

..(continue confession)