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I Like Being Called Dirty Names

I just love it when men call me things like slut, whore and cum dump. When having sex I always tell men to go all out and call me degrading things. So... if I asked you to call me something dirty, what would you call me? Bonus points for something creative or unique.

  • Step Dad Crush

    My mums still asleep from way too much wine last night. I stayed over at my mum and step dads, leaving my husband at home.

    Sam my step dad and I put mum to bed just after midnight.

    We went back downstairs and minutes later I had Sam eating out my pussy and arse.
    If there's a man who loves cunnilingus more, I'd love to meet him.

    He devoured my pussy, clit and arsehole for nearly an hour, making me orgasm over and over again.

    My husband has a larger cock than Sam, but he just hasn't got it when it gets down to dirty sex. And I love dirty sex, horny anything goes sex, and Sam delivers every time we fuck.

    After we'd fucked and I'd sucked his cock clean from fucking my pussy and arse, and he'd fucked me all over again, we went to bed.

    He slept with my mum and I slept in my old room.
    However this morning I jumped in the shower with him and had him fuck my arsehole. I love having my backside fucked in the shower.

    Once dried we went downstairs and Sam being Sam had me lay over the kitchen centre island as he tongue fucked my holes, before sucking on my clit for so long. I came multiple times as he was inserting fingers into my pussy and arse.

    When had me fuck him, he sat on a chair and me ride him. I loved it as he sucked and gently bit on my breasts and nipples, making me orgasm.
    He came deep inside my pussy, which I don't normally let him do. But then he did tongue out his own cum from my pussy afterwards, and fed it to me as we kissed.

    He's just sorting out breakfast right now, so well eat. But if mum doesn't wake up soon, I'm going to get him to eat out my pussy again in the conservatory.

    I've had a crush on my step dad now for twelve years. Long may it continue.


    I didn’t start masturbating till I was 18 and in college. Is that weird? I had a strict religious up bringing. The amount of times I walked around in my tighty whities with a boner and didn’t know what to do with it wasn’t funny.

  • Wife’s Ass

    My wife’s ass is hairy and loose from years of anal fucking and toys. She goes to get surgery to repair it in two weeks. The doctor told us no more anal sex till then and no anal sex after sex.

    We have anal sex almost ever time we have sex. That will be hard to adjust too. I gonna miss her loose asshole

    Mother In Law

    Fucked my mother-in-law two months ago. My wife (her daughter) was out of town for work. My mother-in-law was staying at our house with me to help with our 3 kids.

    One night I was sitting in bed watching tv in just my underwear. Gray fruit of the loom briefs. She knocked and came in to make sure I didn’t need anything. She made a comment saying I took you as a boxers guy. I laughed and said no. Next thing I know her robe came undone and was open. She was naked underneath. Her nice tits were out and her hairy pussy was exposed. I said your daughter is as hairy as you.

    Then we ended up kissing and she took my underwear off. I tried to stick my dick in her asshole but she grabbed my dick and said I got take dick in my ass like my daughter. I was turned on by her dominant attitude. She stuck my dick in her hairy pussy. Fucked her for a good 30 minutes before cumming in her pussy.

    I pulled out and wiped my dick off with my underwear. She got up, put her robe on and left. I put on clean underwear and went to sleep.

    Lost My Load Last Night

    Getting old sucks. I gained 25 pounds in the last 5 years. I am on BP meds, reflux meds, and ED meds. My dick is less sensitive, but my nipples more sensitive. I have also developed an interest in other men.

    Started with porn. Got more out of the guy's cock than the woman's snatch. Started watching gay porn and quickly got hooked on men my age, heavy, chest and back hair, cut large cock. Like I said, like me, I have a good sized cock.

    Two years ago I was at a bar drowning my sorrows, a traveler struck up a conversation and I ended up in his hotel room with his cock in my mouth. It took a lot of work, but he did come and I tasted it. I left after the BJ.

    I found a couple of places on the internet where I could chat with older gay men. Chats from folks everywhere but close by. One guy put me onto a site where you could sort by zip code. That's how I gave my second BJ. I also met a man who wanted to party. Older gay men parties. At one of these parties I submitted to getting my ass hammered. Big cock man. Lots of lube and it took time until I got the whole enchilada. I liked it. He has taken me on as a fuck buddy, he does the fucking.

    This pandemic put the parties on hold. Last night I met a young man, maybe twenty or younger. I stood with only my undershirt on tweaking my nipples while he was on his knees working my cock. Big load.

    I have to confess that I had taken a pill earlier in the afternoon because I planned to stream some big boy sex and masturbate, and the young man was an opportunity not to pass up.

    Up Close And Personal

    So it's been my fantasy since I was in high school to go to an older man's place and give him hardcore oral.
    I step in the house and he's wearing a bathrobe or towel.
    I'm there to fix a leaky faucet or something.
    As we walk inside, he drops something on the floor, maybe his keys or a piece of paper. It doesn't matter what it is, but he drops something & I notice and say I'll get it.
    I get on my knees to pick up the keys or whatever and he's instantly right there within inches of my face. He opens his robe or drops his towel and he's holding his good sized dick up and his big low hanging balls are right in my face. Like so close I can smell his musk.
    He says See anything you like?
    I'm on those balls like a dog on meat. Licking and sucking them and making his dick start dripping with precum. I lick his salty sweet precum off the head of his dick and take it in my mouth and suck it some.
    After a quick minute of that he turns and puts one foot up on the coffee table and I start to rim his ass. He's moaning about how good it feels and telling me not to stop.
    I'm deep rimming him and his precum is flowing like mad so I stop and lick and suck it for him.
    Soon he's saying he needs to cum and he's holding my head so I can't pull away as his load of cream spurts on my tongue and straight in my throat.
    I always blow a huge load jerking off to this.

    My Wife Took Control

    My wife and I had a weekend to ourselves so we decided to get a hotel room and go to a strip club that we like. She started drinking wine early and had a good buzz going when we went to the club. We sat by the stage and the waitress came over she was a cute young redhead, my wife loves redheads and started flirting with her. After a couple dancers came out a beautiful redhead hit the stage my wife told me get the ones out i like her. So we fed her bills and she showed her stuff. Every time she came up on another stage my wife followed her like a love sick pup. We stayed until about midnight and walked back to the hotel. I opened the door we stepped in and my wife bent over stuck her ass out and said eat it. I spent the next couple hours eating her ass and pussy finally she told me to jerk off while she watched. Then she went to sleep. I'm usually the dominant one but this was one of my favorite nights I wish she would take control more often.

    Teen Memories

    I'm 55 and married 28 years. Ho hum sex life for sure. Sometimes I think back to sex of long ago. The Summer of 1980 I was a 15 years old ball of hormones staying at my Aunt's in Maine. Made some friends, one of whom was a bad influence as they say. She smoked, snuck alcohol from her grandmother and was popular with the guys. Soon I was popular too.

    Hanging with her and two older guys in a shed at her grandmother's that was more like a kid's clubhouse now a teen hangout, we had some vodka and played cards and the guys were very suggestive. The guys showed us their dicks, we showed out tits, I was dared to "touch" their cocks. What an exciting experience. The big moment was both of us exposing our pussies to the guys, spreading our lips so they could get a close up view of our open pussies.

    Soon we were dared to suck. I remember being so nervous, wanting to so bad, but so nervous it would be gross or I'd get in trouble. The guys ended up laying side by side with their cocks out (and hard!) and right next to each other. My friend got us started, sucking one guy's cock and pushing me to try. A few licks and kisses and finally I took it into my mouth then sucked. Awkward at first because I was trying to watch my friend to copy her moves. I finally got comfortable and the two of us sucked away. Our faces inches from each other as we sucked the guys. Then we switched cocks.

    Both guys reached into my shorts to finger me while I sucked their dicks. First time for that. I remember thinking to myself "Oh shit I'm gonna get in so much trouble" when the first guy fingered me. I liked it though. I liked being wet and sexual.

    My friend, who had experience, was able to make a guy cum. They she encouraged me to make the other guy cum. Took awhile and lots of coaching (and nerves-you try sucking cock for the first time in front of an audience!) but eventually the guy did cum. My friend was excited and said "swallow-swallow-she later told me you "had" to swallow-like it was a rule) and I'll tell you that Summer I swallowed. A lot. Swallowing became such a habit It was many years later before it dawned on me that I didn't "have" to swallow.

    Like I said she was popular and then once the word of the blow jobs got out, so was I. I went home in late ..(continue confession)

    I Like Perverted Old Men

    I like perverted old men. I love the way they look at me. I love wearing short skirts and getting m****ted by them. I love being called slut, whore, cum-dump by them. I love being taken advantage of by them.
    But I love it the most when I'm being r**ed by three of their cocks in each of my holes.