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Grandson's Friend Wow !

I went camping with my family members. My grandson invited his buddy. His buddy was into physical fitness and he kept his body toned. We camped near the beach where I got to see his toned body in his swim trunks. I got to wishing that only I was younger and have sex with each other. Now and then I spotted his bulge in his swim trunks when he got it wet and it poked out a bit. I must say he was sort of toned there too !
Then one evening after he had several drinks he asked me if I would stroll along with him near the ocean edge. As we walked I kept refitting my saggy aged breasts under my top. Then he said to me that I have whopper breasts on my wrinkled aged body and asked if I would flash them to him him since no on the beach. " You'll be disappointed ! " I said to him as I exposed them to him. " i'm not young young with big firm tits but wished I was ! "as I held them in my hands.
He quickly groped them , lifting and dropping them and pulling out his dick that was good size telling me to get on my knees as he rubbed that cock on my tits and shoved it into the wrinkled cleavage. " Fuck me ! " I told him as I squeezed my breasts on his dick. I decided to give him head taking that penis in my mouth and blowing him wildly , tasting the cum that was coming oozing out.
That night when my family slept, My grandson's friend friend slipped into my bunk groping squeezing my tits as he pushed his youthful dick in me. It's been years that my vagina been fucked by a real cock. I held him tight against me I felt his sperm load in me and what a load !
The following morning I shoved my breasts into his face grabbing his cock and said, " Thank-you ! "

  • Lesbians With A Husband In Our Lives

    Just a short note. I am a lesbian and so is my partner. We met in high school and have been together since we ran away at eighteen. My partner was r**ed at nineteen and she had a girl, a man took me at twenty five and I have girl too. The father of my daughter took over and set himself up as the man of the house, and never allowed either one of us to wear pants.

    We are totally lesbian, everyone around us knows it. We are the couple. Our daughters know it. That we have a man living with us isn't because we invited him in. He shoved his way in, he took me for a woman, imposed his will on us and gets his sex from me. He works as a mechanic and part time he drives a big rig for a trucking company when they are short of drivers. Three days out of town and I know I'm in for three days of him getting even.

    I learned from my mother, give him sex and he will shut up. Cook him dinner and he will shut up. Keep his underpants and socks clean and he will shut up. In our house there is one man of the house. We know it, our daughters know it, our neighbors know it. Did we want a man? No. But we have one and he ain't leaving, he has it too good here.

    The best sex my wife and I have is after he rolls off and goes to sleep, and I'm all hot and hungry for her, and she is hot waiting for her turn.

    We Fucked

    I did something very bad recently. My fiancé and I are getting married in the new year and it’s been wall to wall wedding prep for the past few weeks. Her younger sister is a really talented singer and recorded a track for us to play during the ceremony. She came round to drop off the track one Saturday whilst my fiancé was out browsing table setting designs and… well, we fucked. I’m not even sure how it happened. There’s always been mad sexual tension between us and she’s gorgeous and there we were listening to her track on the sofa and the next thing I know we’re tearing each other’s clothes off. The sex was insane. I think we were both really turned on to be doing something so forbidden. I felt terrible after but there’s no denying how much I enjoyed it at the time. We agreed to keep it a secret and vowed it could never happen again. Trouble is I can’t stop thinking about her.

  • Best Camping Trip Ever!

    I have always loved the outdoors. My family were always going hiking and camping when i was little, so as i grew older my love for it never faded.
    When i was 16, my best friend and i planned a week long adventure in a national park. We were going to head out on a Friday morning and wouldnt return until the following Friday, giving us a couple of days to recover before going back to school.
    Finally the day had arrived, i had spent all my free time that week preparing. I had all my gear packed and ready, and i dressed for the cooler weather. We jumped into mike's truck at 4 am, and made it to the trailhead around 8 am that morning.
    The first day was pretty uneventful, and we were able to put quite a few miles behind us. We camped at a decent spot and were back up for daybreak to tear down, repack, and get back on the trail.
    On that second day, the trail got a little tougher, but we were both experianced hikers and made good progress. We found another decent spot that evening and set up camp, and were kind of suprised to see a couple of girls already there. Not that we thought it was weird for girls to be hiking, but we thought the cool weather would keep most people from going out there.
    We introduced ourselves, and found out that the girls were both in their early 20s and that they were out camping on their holiday break from college. That night we built a fire and the girls joined us. We talked and laughed,and had a great time hanging out.
    Later that evening, after we ate a little dinner, we said goodnight and went to our tents. Even though their tent was a little ways away from mine, i could hear them whispering and giggling. I heard one of them say that she thought i was really cute, and i fell asleep with a big smile on my face.
    The next morning, we made coffee, had a bite for breakfast, and the girls asked if we minded if they would continue the trail with us. Obviously, we were more than cool with it, and we all set off down the trail together.
    Around noon, the temprature had risen quite a bit. We had all pulled off our coats and then some as we hiked along the trail, and we came across a creek. We all dropped our packs on top of a big rock, and went to the waters edge. Mike and I took off our shirts and used the water to clean ourselves up a little.
    While i was washing my face, mike started tapping my arm. When i didnt acknowledge him immediately, he tapped more insistantly. "What?!?!" I barked looking at him through the water still poring from my face. Mike had his eyes fixxed over my shoulders and just pointed. I turned around to see both girls standing there in the water, their clothes hanging from a branch behind them.
    My jaw was hanging open, and I watched the two beautiful women bathing themselves in the cold water of the creek. One of them looks over and smiles before saying, "What are you, a couple of queers? Come join us."
    I wasted no time, my boots and pants went flying as I scrambled to go over to them. Mike on the other hand, complained about the water being too cold. I couldnt argue with him on that, the water was FREEZING; however, there were 2 butt naked girls in it and my hormones as a 16 year old guy wasnt going to allow me to miss out.
    I walked out into the creek, the fridgid water burning my toes. As soon as i got close to the girls, they began bathing me. They would take handfuls of water and splash it up on me, and using only their hands they scrubbed me down. One of them turned me around to face Mike on the sadbar and grabbed my junk and started stroking it and asked, "dont you want us to wash you too?"
    Mike just turned around and answered, "no thanks" before starting back up the hill.
    I was shocked, Mike had always talked so much shit about getting with girls and here he was walking away from what seemed to me like an opportunity of a lifetime. I remember thinking, "oh well, your loss" and i turned back and began to touch the girls as they touched me.
    One of the girls bent over and started to suck me off, while i used my fingers to explore the other's pussy. After a few minutes, the girl who was sucking my dick stopped and guided my dick into her friends warm wet pussy.
    She rocked back and forth for a bit while i thrusted into her, her friend kissing me and used her hands to play with my balls and her friends clit.
    I felt her pussy pulse as an orgasm overcame her entire body, and i was about to blow one myself when she pulled away and her friend used the cold water to wash her friends pussy from my shaft, then she sat me down on a rock before straddling me and lowering herself onto my dick. It was like starting all over, which i didnt mind at all. Her pussy was so warm and so tight. She slid up and down the length of my shaft for only a couple of minutes before i felt her tense up and squeesed my dick out with a shower of her juices all over my lap and stomach. She let me finish, and i came on their faces. Best trip ever!

    My Brother

    I was 12 when my brother, 14, stated fooling around. Both parents worked and we had all day to ourselves. It was summer vacation, we were bored and it all started with some ill show you mine if you show me yours. It quickly progressed and the next day we had lost our virginity to each other, it was great!. We kept it up, we were lucky not to have a pregnancy!. When I was 20, our parents died, leaving us the house. We set up as husband and wife, no one ever knew the real story. We now have 3 beautiful, healthy kids together, we are raising them as nudists, as we are. It sounds weird, but we are happy!

  • Open Relationship

    About a year ago, I gave in to my husband’s wishes of having an open relationship in our marriage. In truth, I never thought he would actually meet anyone else and for me I had no intentions of meeting anyone else.

    Within the first month, he had gone on one date. It became a little more real at that point.

    By the second month, it was maybe three dates. At this point, I told myself to allow the thought of other men sleeping with me to enter into my mind.

    Month three: coffee shop interaction with a much much much younger guy. Three hours later I was sucking his cock in the parking lot at the park. This one interaction woke up a very dormant pussy and has brought me to where I am today.

    I have not kept count, but I have given up my pussy, mouth or ass to dozens of guys in the last nine months. It was like the starter gun for a running race went off somewhere deep inside my pussy. My husband has not been able to match my desire or my activity and now he is unhappy we have an open relationship. To this is have explained that he asked for this and I have no regrets.

    This is the cautionary tale of be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.

    I A Homosexual

    I didn't really want to do this but I confess for real that I am a sissy homosexual that wants to be cuckold by my alpha wife. I want to eat women lingerie and make up. I've told my wife ,15 years ago that I am a homosexual after she tricked me with alcohol. After a few drinks without eating anything all day, she had me slam down vodka and cold drinks that she prepared for me. She kept forcing me to drink up shoving glass after glass intoy hand and directing.thd glass up to.my mouth. She gote naked instructing that I was to keep my legs opened the entire time. She asked questions that made my small cock to pulsste when her questions about being with women failed. It was when she asked...,,,",,who said that I was talking about women,,,? Ever been with a man before babe? Man??u little penis jerked and pulsated!! Ahhhh she said now we're getting somewhere. Been with a me and huh, hon?? Kidding and hugging on bed? I in etbhe was good looking huh?? I bet his cock was nice!!? My clit was going crazy. Did you give him babe job bab?
    I bet you fucked him good huh? It his ass feel good to your little cock, babe?? Did he find you or did you go looking for him, hon?? Tell me hon,,!! We're being truthful here right? So tell me that you went to bed with another man! Tell me
    I won't tell anyone!! (She did) I've fucked a fewen when I go on businesses. I just sit there drinking my drink and men will hit on me

    So now you tell me you've been to bed with a man doing that homosexual thing with each other. Do you start or did he start? You kids and fuck don't you? I know you
    You can't go long without giving. Was he cute, you know, the one that you fucked? I bet he was! My cock was now swollen. Each time shed say was he cute and did he have a nice cock,,,??? You sucked him? My clit would pulsate. My precum was oozing out andy shaft was covered. I see you have your cock is giving you away since I mentioned you being with a man
    I know you've been with a man
    Tell me hon?!! You've been with a man in your hotel room. Fucking on him
    Be as man for once. Step up to the plate be truthful
    You know you have. Iny mind I'm confused. I know I've been with many men while on the road. She kept pressing and pressing
    Finally I said ITS TRUE!!! I've been with a man
    before. She stood there over me drilling. She let out " I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT I WAS RIGHT!!!! I LNEW UOU WERE A FAGGOT. YOU'RE A FUCKINH FAGGOT...I KNEW IT! She had a shitty eating grin on her face from one ear to the other. Are you the guy on bed?? No...when they fuck me I'm the woman. Her mouth fell open. "THEY"?? Yes I said. THEY I said...Yha to shut her up. They use you as a woman?? Yes. They use me as a woman. They bringe nice lingerie to wear. I like it very much. We sat there and talked. She asked if I took care of the men? I shook my head slowly yes
    You suck them off? Yes I said. Do you swallow or spit? I smiled and said I swallow. PHEW she let out. GOOD!!! CAUSE IF YOU SPIT, YOUR NOT ANY GUN FOR THEM!
    So for the record, br ca ho is not just a faggot, but a sissy faggot on his way to become the best cuckold beta husband ever.

    Such A Lovely Treat Part 1

    Ran into an old pal of mine yesterday. Greg and myself have known each other since grade 1 but have not seen one another in probably 15 years, give or take. When we were in maybe grade 10, there were constant rumors of Greg being gay which way back then, was a whole different ballgame than it is today.
    Anyways, it turns out that he and I are both really into building and fixing computers. He invited me up to his place today, to view a new processor. So since I was awake early this morn, I text him and he was just climbing outta bed and told me to come up for coffee. Roughly a half hour later, I was sipping fresh brew while he showed me what he was working on.
    Still in his pj's, we sat there yakking computer lingo and about old times then suddenly I decided to ask him if those old rumors were actually true. He turned to me, smiled and asked me why I wanted to know.
    Without a word, my hand ended up on his leg, then moved to his crotch. Nice, is all I could utter. He looked in my eye's and I knew right away that he was as horny as me. We stood up, kissed and sucked each other's tongues then he led me to his bedroom. On our way there, he slipped off both his top and bottom then spun around and helped me undress. By the time we made it there, we were both totally naked and touching.
    I gasped. His cock is about the same length as mine (7 inches) but a lot thicker. His balls are very big too. I immediately knew what I wanted so I sank to my knee's and was greeted by such a beautiful specimen of male anatomy. I giggled, looked up, then managed to swallow almost half. He put his hands on my face, massaged my neck and told me that he wanted to face fuck me really hard and fast. My mind started to work overtime as I thought about having such a thick dick being rammed down my throat, but there was no way that I was gonna stop so I relaxed as much as possible as he began.
    I almost blacked out from the intensity and constant gagging but loved every second of it. When he really got going he held my head with both hands and just face fucked me like crazy. Few min later, he slowed right down. Kept his cock balls deep down my throat, throbbing then spurt the biggest load that I can ever remember swallowing. My mouth was a bit sore from being stretched but I loved it all.
    Ended up fucking and sucking most of the day. Maybe in part two. Am kinda sore.

    Giving Him What He Deserves

    So for starters i've always been not very masculine like weak girly looking and sensitive. I used to be bullied as a kid for not being as tough or physically capable as my friends but that's all behind me now... I am 5'6, smooth and soft body and for a long time all of these being my insecurities along with having girly features. But now i am close friends with some guys who accept me as one of them.

    Except they often comment on how they would fuck me if i was a girl, that i should have been born a girl, that with my slightly long hair all i need is some girly outfit and they could not tell the difference. It's cool because they're always there for me and never let me down. I don't take what they say badly.. in fact from them it feels sorta nice. Like they're clumsily complimenting me.

    Then there's this guy.. let's call him John. He always complains how his gf never gives him head and often follows up with something like "Hey (me) why don't you suck me off instead?" Or "(me) could do it. He passes off easily as my gf". But the boys just laugh it off jokingly calling him gay. Except that the more they kept saying that....the more i've been thinking about it and maybe it would feel nice to suck my best friend's cock.

    One friday late afternoon, we were all hanging out at John's place like usual and at some point it was just us 2 when the rest left. I usually stayed till later because i lived close to his place. We were just hanging out in his room just sort of taking turns playing GTA V until he got too absorbed in his conversation with his gf. Then came the usual complaint. But this time... With my heart racing idk what came over me but i offered to give John head. I said "if you really want a blowjob from me...i can do it". He started laughing and telling me he was joking but his laugh stopped as he realized i was serious and came close to him. At this point i was checking out his crotch for any reactions but i decided to just put my hand on it and to feel it directly. And there was a huge boner hiding in his pants it was honestly shocking. He didn't resist. "I'll suck your cock anytime you want me to, John..." I whispered to him. He wasted no time in pulling me off the bed, gently pushing me down on my knees and pulling down his pants. From there i did not hesitate to slowly take him in my mouth, kissing it, licking it all over, enveloping the tip and more and more of the shaft until it hit my gag reflex, at which point he asked if i was ok with such concern for me. That was so cute. It almost felt like he was treating me like a girl. But i did my best, getting deeper and fighting my gag reflex, giving him the greatest pleasure he could feel while my own boner was straining in my pants, and i could feel it wet from my precum. I kept on swallowing his cock until he couldn't hold it in anymore and grabbed my head to thrust deep and cum down my throat. Needless to say, i was coughing and gagging hard but i did my best to endure it. When he pulled out he caressed my cheek as i stared up at him and realized i really enjoy pleasuring John.

    This was a month ago. I've been regularly giving him blowjobs in secret but we're also working towards having sex... Like John fucking my butt. It's really embarrassing but i can't deny that each time we were alone together, i fell a bit more for John. I only want him now and he treats me so well. I love you John. I wish we could stay together forever. I'll give you head as much as you want ❤️

  • Suck Off Other Guys While They Look At Vids Of My Wife

    I am a happily married guy. However I have a secret I keep from my wife. I enjoy showing off videos of her masturbating or us having sex to other men I meet online. I don’t do it often. Maybe 4 times since 2019 but it is a major turn on for me

    My wife is a very attractive brunette with a nice tight body and amazing ass. Each of the guys I have sucked have been married and range in age from 28-50.

    We usually start our stripping naked an jerking off watching the videos. I love when they tell me how hot she is and how they’d fuck her in front of me. This then leads me to reaching over and stroking them before getting on my knees and servicing their hard cocks. They love it and most of the time they don’t get head at home so having a hot mouth on their cock while looking at a sexy woman it usually doesn’t take them long to cum down my throat.

    I plan on doing it again when I go away for work next week. The biggest cock I sucked was probably eight inches. I prefer the more average sized ones as I can suck better. If you have any questions ask in the comments.