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Making A Decision

Three months ago, my wife who's whole idea this was, and myself, indulged in watching each other have gay sex.
After a whole lot of badgering and pleading from her, I finally gave in to her suggestion that we BOTH at least once in our lives experience gay sex.
Her suggestion was really based around her wanting to see my 'cute arse' being fucked.
The only way I'd agree, would be to watch her having sex with another female, so she reluctantly said yes.
She had sex with an older woman who we contacted through a website, and we travelled to her home.
I sat masturbating as I watched them make out. My wife did get into eventually, but I could tell she wasn't really comfortable.
The night came when my wife got to watch me with another guy. Again an older person, but someone who I instantly felt comfortable with.
He's forty six, divorced and most definitely into dominating guys like me.
Getting naked in our lounge was so relaxed as he had me remove his boxers. Looking at his much larger cock, I instinctively opened my mouth and let him slide it over my tongue.
Before I knew it I was giving him, he said, the most wonderful of blow jobs. I was even able after a few attempts to do so, deep throat his eight inch meaty cock.
We moved from our sofa where he'd been sat, up to our bedroom and my wife followed.
There we got into a sixty nine, but he concentrated on licking and tonguing my arsehole. And it was then I heard my saying "Yeh, I can't wait to see you being fucked".
She was sat in a chair playing with her pussy, but neither of us was interested with her at that point.
When it did come to Andy easing his cock into my arsehole, he'd put a condom on and coated my arsehole with lube, I'd bought.
That initial feeling of pain I was expecting was there, but no where near what I'd read up about.
There was discomfort, however it soon changed to the most amazing and beautiful feeling of immense pleasure, as Andy really began to fuck me.
It was then I heard my wife orgasm.
No more than a minute after that, she got up and left us to walk back downstairs to our lounge.
Andy fucked me initially doggy, then had me mount his gorgeous cock, fucking him as he stroked my dick.
But the best and my favourite position, was Andy fucking me for a long time in the missionary position.
It was far more intimate, and although it may sound strange, I found kissing him as passionately as we did, more revealing in a gay sense, than his cock plowing my arsehole.
We kissed pretty much throughout us fucking missionary, and I found myself gripping his arse cheeks and pulling the older far more experienced man into my body.
It was so good of a fuck and so intense, when I came in between us, it was if my whole body was orgasming.
Every nerve ending was firing and I just knew I'd want more.
Moving off me, Andy positioned us so he was spooning me, and he absolutely hammered into my arse whilst kissing my neck.
Cumming up my fuck hole that way, he held me tight and I loved the feeling of being taken.
So much so, when he removed the condom and had me lick and suck on his cum coated cock, I devoured it.
We stayed in the bedroom another half hour kissing and talking, and it was then after he asked, I made my decision to see him again.
My wife seemed a little sullen when we went downstairs, but she didn't say much. Only when Andy had gone did she complain about me liking it too much.
And her final comment was "No more, that's it".
Her kink, her fantasy had been fulfilled, and then some. And she didn't like it.
The fact is, I loved every second of having sex with Andy.
We now meet up at his place, but also outdoors which I now know is a huge turn on for him. We've fucked in lots of different places since we began having sex. And after tests, we now fuck bareback.
Feeling his cum spurt up my arse, or down my throat is just awesome. And I don't intend to stop anytime soon.
Only a few days ago, he asked me if I'd like to move in with him. I'm now seriously thinking of leaving my wife and living with Andy as a gay man.

  • Gym Babe

    My final year of college I started going to this gym off campus.

    One day I caught this cute young girl checking me out, I’ll call her S. I started noticing when every couple of days we would be doing similar workouts.

    Well it wasn’t long before I got bold and decided to approach her and ask for her number. She was really fucking gorgeous and I found out she was actually still in HS. Looked like a young Kim, also short, with an amazing body and nice set of tits. Her skin was also soft and silky. We would horseplay a lot in the gym and I noticed we became really touchy with each other.

    One night I decided to ask her out but she mentioned she lived at home and her parents wouldn’t let her unless she snuck out. I told her that wouldn’t be a problem we would just have to watch the time and drop her off before they woke up. Well she also mentioned a friend of hers was over so we would need to bring her along. I thought it was an excuse but it turned out to be true so I agreed and I went to pick them up.

    Now this girl and her friend were very clumsy and cute and decided to bring some alcohol, they were already tipsy. I personally didn’t know where I would take them but eventually we all agreed we wanted to go to the beach an hour away.

    When we got to the beach it was pitch dark and secluded . I guess because it was a weekday. Well we ended up horse playing around and eventually this girls friend comes up to my ear and whispers “you know she wants you to fuck her so bad”. I was caught off guard and I guess it made her a little jealous because she saw her and replied “hey what are you telling him”.

    Now I was horny and noticed they were getting a little loud so I asked them both “how about we go back to my car?”. We all agreed and on the way I carried S on my back. I opened the door for her and watched her crawl in bent over and I couldn’t resist so I slapped her ass. She turned around with a smirk and said “hey…do it again”. Her friend noticed and mentioned we should just fuck already. To which I replied okay but you keep a look out. I got in we locked the doors and immediately I started making out with S in missionary. It was fucking sexy I was so turned on and I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world with two hot girls in my car.

    After a good make out session and undressing I got S on all fours in the backseats which was really uncomfortable for me and started giving her raw back shots. Thankfully she was short so it was really just me who had to figure out how to thrust my cock in her while not hitting the roof of the car. Her friend kept watch the whole time and even watched us as I started to make S pussy super wet and creamy. I remember I even looked at her and gave her a smirk as I bounced Ss ass on my cock for a good minute. Ss moans were so hot and both of us were steaming up the car so bad we had to lower the windows. But that didn’t stop me from continuing to talk dirty to her and fuck her rough. At one point the car was swaying too much so Ss friend told us to slow down. I’m pretty sure she was touching herself the whole time. I remember our last orgasm I was pulling Ss hair and I leaned over and grabbed her friends hair with my left hand and made out with her as I slowly filled Ss wet pussy stroking the deepest I could. We pretty much wrapped up after that as it was getting close to early morning times and I didn’t want their parents waking up to them not home.

    It was a crazy night, definitely my best college hookup.

    I Want This Random Girl To Destroy My Hole

    Honestly, it's a little off putting. I thought I was a heterosexual cis gendered male before this girl. Then I met her through a mutual friend and I've literally only been able to think of her putting me in a tiny chastity cage and fucking me senseless with a strap on.

    It's more than that too, I want her to do literally anything to me. I want her to force me to eat my own cum, to spank me, to make me wear hear panties and bra, I want her to make me roleplay as so many different things, like a submissive sissy housewife, as her horny, begging, bitch in heat, pet that can't go another moment without her cock. The list goes on. I even started training my hole in case someday she actually does all those things.

  • Creepshots And Upskirt Photos Should Not Be Considered A Bad Thing

    Nobody is negatively affected by them, as they often don't have the face of the girl. I don't understand why people taking them is considered so bad.

    Seriously, We Have A Problem

    The day came when kissing her happened. Unplanned. Now we both have a problem. We both kissed a girl.

  • Public Masturbation

    I love hiking and pulling out my penis, if somebody comes by I just lower my tshirt. I touch it or stick it out as much as I can and will jerk off anywhere. I’ve never been caught but just the chance of it excites me until I cum.
    Does anyone else do this or caught somebody jerking off?
    Please reply

    I Beat Up The Movie Theater Attacker Last Night

    Remember the Movie Theater Rampage guy who bragged about randomly attacking people at Movie Theaters?

    Well I met him yesterday and here's the story of what happened.

    I was watching Shang Chi in a Movie Theater and I won't spoil the ending but I wasn't able to enjoy it become some idiot in front of me for some reason started punching the guy sitting next to him for no reason as soon as the audience began clapping.

    The idiot then started punching the person in the next seat down and punched the guy in front of him and I went over and asked this loser what his fucking problem is and started punching me too.

    I was taken back by the punches as he then started throwing popcorn and threw a soda and it hit somebody with it and that person was steaming mad.

    The idiot then went over to another row and started attacking a random person before the guy who got hit with the drink tackled the Movie Theater Hitter and started punching this idiot.

    I then also took the opportunity to get payback as I punched this idiot multiple times in the face and kicked him in the head and kicked him down the aisle of the theater.

    Theater Security came in and broke up the chaos and thankfully dragged the Movie Theater Attacker from attacking anyone else during his punching rampage.

    My Movie Theater experience was ruined by this fucking idiot and I hope he gets the fucking shit kicked out of him in Jail since he wants to fight so damn bad.

    Restroom Jo

    I’ve been reading these confessions all afternoon making myself so horny. I just wanted to stroke my dick so badly.
    I decided to go into this dept store where I’ve been to many times and the restrooms are in the back. I went by the shoe isles first so I could pull my dick out and see it in the mirrors as I walk by. I then head to the bathroom . They have that liquid soft soap , so I put some in my hand and go to a urinal and start jerking off. I hear someone in the stall but I don’t care I need to finish even though he might hear the squishing sound from the soap on my penis.
    In no time at all I start to come and I put my other hand in front , catching some of it on my fingers. I put my fingers to my mouth licking them clean. I don’t know if he saw me through the space of the stall door or not, but didn’t care at the moment.
    That happened about 10 min ago and now I’m in the car telling you.

    Needed That Fuck

    I'm 35, 7 months pregnant and my husband won't touch me! My step sister is my best friend and my landlord. She and her husband are amazing people. I admit, I've always had a little thing for him. So she and I were chatting a couple weeks ago about everything and I filled her in about my husband's "issues" with what I can only say seem to be he doesn't find pregnant women attractive. She was being really nice about it but let go that her husband, my step brother in law, couldn't get enough when she was pregnant. (So jealous)
    I don't know what kind of conversations they had but this last weekend, my husband is away on business, I get a knock on the door. My step brother in law. Says he's coming to check on me. That was nice! I invite him in and we sit on the couch for a few just chatting and he was offering to get me pillows, make me dinner, do dishes etc. I admit, I was a little weirded out by the niceness but he was so cute and awesome, I got over it.
    He left his phone on the coffee table and got a text. It was my sister. I glanced down at it and read, "make sure you show her a good time"
    Ummm, what?
    I didn't say anything but when he came back in I told him he had a text. Picked up his phone, read it and looked at me and smiled. Fuck he's cute when he smiles!!
    Do I'm sitting on the couch, big old pronounced belly wearing a maternity sun dress. Ya know. Feeling all kinds of sexy, lol. He gets on his knees on the floor in front of me and asks if he can touch my belly. He puts his hands on me and starts gently rubbing and massaging my belly. It felt nice.. so nice I caught myself getting wet with his touch. Told me to close my eyes, I did. His hands so gentle I couldn't help the slight moan I let out. He caught that and just looked up at me and said it's all OK as long as you're OK.
    Seeing that text she sent I immediately knew what he was saying. I was already so wet I couldn't resist. His hands were expert, he leaned in and kissed my belly and I was powerless. Not gonna get into a ton of deep details but I let him pull my panties down. His tongue was amazing. 2 orgasms and he stood, put on a condom and slowly and masterfully entered me. It was heaven... no dick in 4 months and here I was taking a slow gentle fucking from a man I commonly fantasized about with full permission from his wife, my step sister!!
    I looked him right in the eyes the whole time and he mine. I came again. It was amazing. Still very slow. Very gentle movements he told me he was going to cum. One last gentle push inside me I felt him spasm deep inside as he had his orgasm. It felt like he was pulsating and spasming for an eternity. It felt so so good...
    He slowly pulled out and no words spoken, went to get a warm towel and cleaned me, put my panties back on and kissed me on the forehead. Pulled up his pants and got me a blanket to wrap up in and left. I was in heaven, I needed that amazing fuck. A few hours later, my sister knocked on the door. I was really nervous that she was gonna come and yell and scream but she walked in, and offered to help me to bed. We didn't say much to each other but she helped me to bed and said I love you sis. And left.

  • One Of Many Stories, This One Still Makes Me Feel Good Inside

    I thought I would sit and relate about an assignment I had offshore. At the time I was in my early thirties, a technician for an equipment company, sent to run some tests on a piece of equipment that was behaving poorly. I got assigned to a bunk room with an Australian mechanic. A big man, late forties, heavy set, big beer belly, hairy chest, two day old beard, loud and obnoxious. I was straight out of training, clean cut, shaved, no oil or grease under my fingernails. He wanted a blowjob and had his cock out of his pants giving me orders to get down and suck his cock.

    I had heard about this, sort of like prison r**e, and I told him to fuck off. He grabbed me by the small of my neck, his hand was very strong and he was able to maneuver me to do what he wanted, falling off the top bunk onto the floor and down on my knees, his horrid cock in my face but not having any choice I had to do what he said and opened my mouth and let him push his cock right in. His cock was nasty, both in smell and taste, but I knew I was beaten so I did what he said and started to suck on his cock, and run my tongue around its head and pee hole and I got him to calm down and settled back so I could give him a blowjob.

    I have no idea how big around his cock was, but it was big enough, my hand held it but it wasn't a small cock, and my mouth went around it, and it sure wasn't a small cock. I wanted more than anything to get him to go off, if I didn't I knew the next step was taking his cock up my ass. I tried, but he wasn't going to cum and I resigned myself to what was going to come next. The beds were too small so he had me take ahold of the washbasin and lower my pants and he took his cock and lined it right up against my ass. A dry fuck like that is always painful, but I got up on my tiptoes and opened up as best a I could and swallowed his cock up to his balls and let myself enjoy it. It was a mighty good fuck, and he did reach orgasm and filled my ass with his junk.

    We were friends from then on and I convinced him to let me lube up, his cock slipped in nicely and he gave me several more good fucks. I gave him the best I had, but blowjobs never did do the job. He laughed at my penis, compared to him I did not have a cock. He sucked it because he liked it and I let him finger my ass while he blew me and I got off well enough. I got my job done and three days later I was on a helicopter back to shore. I had carried a condom with me but never got a chance to have him use it, his bare cock just felt too good for that.

    Twenty years later newbies ask me why I like going offshore. Dumb question really. There are men out there who know how to make you feel welcome. And sometimes you are lucky and you happen to share a room with one of them.