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Is There Such A Creature?

I seek the woman all sane men run screaming from...any age, appearance, weight, ethnicity, - just be the ultimate "controlling bitch" power-hungry, greedy, selfish, demanding, sexually insatiable, and totally lacking in mercy, affection, normal manners - be as rude and mean-spirited, as it's possible to be...neurotic, OCD, obsessively and unreasonably jealous, impossible to please, and with a cruel streak a yard wide, culminating in a psychotic desire to have every last second of her life, micro-managed for maximum self-involvement, through ANY means available, whether it be physical violence, mental anguish, serious over-use of strait-jacket and other total-enclosure bondage activities, sensory deprivation, breath-play, air rationing, semi starvation, or slow suffocation...near-insane face-sitting tactics, to near-lethal levels...you name it, - I'm probably okay with it...

  • Sister-n-law

    Some time ago, I received a message from an Anonymous person in my messages. I had no idea who it was. I went to open it and beyond that it was my sister-n-law(at that time before I divorced my ex-wife) pictures. See was in all of her glory..naked and in some of the pictures, she had cum on her. At first I didn’t know what to make of this. I decided to keep the pics in a private app so I could masturbate to them. Her body is so beautiful and I secretly always wanted to have sex with her. I guess this is as close as I get..

    I'm Attracted To Much Older Men

    Mom raised me, my father was never in the picture. When I got to be 8 or 9 I started feeling good around men, sitting in their arms, being picked up. I also had a sensitive baby clit. In my teens I was man crazy, not boy crazy, man crazy. For several years I was hung up on my best friend's father. To me boys my age were immature, not hot and I had nothing to do with them. College was crush after crush on professors. I finished college a virgin.

    I went to work with my finance degree for a multinational corporation. I crushed on one of the executives. At a team building outing I tiptoed and kissed his cheek. He ignored it, there. But later he called me into his office for an explanation. I begged forgiveness. But he interrogated me, I got more and more uncomfortable and wet. He told me I was a 'bad girl'. When he pushed me out of his office he did it by pushing me on the bottom.

    It wasn't long before I showed him how I felt by blowing him in his office, by pulling my dress up and giving him my pussy to kiss, opening my shirt and feeding him tits while he sat in his chair. But he didn't fuck me, that was going too far. I turned 25 still unfucked. For my 25th birthday I asked my older cousin to fuck me. He's the only same age group man to be on my radar.

    I have a friend, a 55 year old man who owns a flooring franchise. He lives in my complex. And I have my cousin to give me relief, my friend isn't able to get it up a lot of the times.

  • It Can Work Out

    A few years ago I decided to move to a very small town on the Washington coast. I was divorced and self employed and worked at home online, so I was free to do this.

    I really enjoyed this change in my life. Then after being there for about six months I met Darla and we started to become friends. We were the same age and she was divorced, too. Well, I don’t know quite how we managed, except by mutual interest, we started to have a bisexual friendship. This was something new for both of us, but we were surprised that it was quite enjoyable and nice being women like that together.

    After about a year we sort of came to the conclusion that we were being more lesbian than just bisexual, as we were actually having quite a loving and romantic relationship. We enjoyed each other’s company, and we would go out for long walks in the green countryside together, and it was quite wonderful. We weren’t exactly secret about any of this, and people around began to know, and they were all very accepting of it. Darla and I were this lesbian couple. Discretely and unknown, that we were also this nudist couple at home, which Darla and I thoroughly enjoy.

    Pretty much reaching that point, Darla had an apartment in town, and since she was spending most of her time out at my place, and I had a house, it made sense and was far more convenient if she just moved in and we lived openly together. The only problem was my daughter, who was twenty-six and single and living on her own. I felt that I should tell her, so I did.

    My daughter was surprised and really didn’t know quite what to think. I explained to her that Darla and I were just happy being together and that it was nice, and that there were no problems with this where I lived. My daughter came out to spend a few days, she met Darla, liked her, and saw that it was not this maybe imagined horrible thing.

    So I just wanted to post this to say that sometimes things really do work out, even in unexpected ways.

    The Friendly Skies

    A couple years ago I was taking the red eye from London to Chicago. I fly a lot for business and usually catch the red eye. There's usually less people and I could try and get some sleep. So this flight had more people on it then I'm used to. I get to my seat by the window in the last row of the plane. Then a woman came and sat next to me. She was attractive with a deliciously thick and curvy body. She had on a mini skirt that barely covered anything. We chatted and exchanged pleasantries. Before we knew it we were taxiing the runway getting ready for take off. As we were taxiing I couldn't help but watch her beautiful breasts bounce and jiggle out of the corner of my eye. They looked fantastic. Once we were in the air I noticed the aisle seat was unoccupied. I asked her if she wanted more room she could sit there. She said nope she was splendid in her english accent. We BSed some more and they came around handing out the blankets and pillows. We both took the blankets, unfolded them and dr**ed them across us to get comfy. There was a lull in the conversation and I started to get sleepy.

    I must've dozed for maybe 30 minutes but then I felt movement and woke to this beautiful creature masturbating under her blanket. I sat up because I was wide awake now. She then looked up at me as she continued rubbing her clit. I was completely erect just watching her. She then grabbed my hand and put it in between her luscious thighs. Her pussy was soaked. I fucked her with my thick fingers and then swirled them around her clit. She closed her eyes and was really enjoying it. She then took my hand and was licking and sucking my fingers clean. I was so turned on. I felt like my cock was going to explode through my pants. She then reached over, undid my trousers and released my raging hard-on. It felt so good to be unconfined. She began to stroke me as I continued to finger her slit. She popped her head up to see if the coast was clear then she dove down to take my 7 inches all the way to the back of her throat and then some. She deep throated, sucked, and slobbered all over my knob. It was amazing. She continued to suck me and just as I was about to cum she stopped. She sat up and started playing with herself with her left hand and was jerking me with her right. As she was doing this I could see flight attendants starting to come around to see if anybody needed anything. It was only a matter of time before they got to us. The attendant was only a few rows away and I could swear she looked over and saw us but my row mate didn't seem to care as she continued getting us both off. I then heard little squeals and heavy breathing. She was cumming. That pushed me over the edge as I exploded all over the blanket. She continued to jerk me until every drop was squeezed out. She finally let go, licked her hand and fingers clean and fixed her blanket. Just as she was done the flight attendant came to our row and asked if we needed anything. She gave me this look as if she saw us fooling around. My travel companion asked for another blanket for me. She told the attendant that I've seemed to have spilled something and made a mess of the blanket. The attendant shot me a look and then I said no I'm fine with this one. As she walked away, the English woman who just jerked me off started to giggle. That was a close one she said. We both laughed and laughed. She kissed me and then we fell asleep. When I woke up we had already landed and the plane was mostly empty. The attendant woke me up and said it was time to go. The English woman was nowhere to be found. I got up and went to baggage to see if I could find her but she wasn't there. When I got to the taxis I saw her a few cans ahead of me. I tried to get her attention but she didn't hear me, got in the cab and took off. That's the last time I saw her.

  • Sapphic?

    Susan and I have been good friends for years. We’re the same age, we are both divorced and we both have daughters the same age who are best friends.
    At the beginning of last summer our daughters began happily having a very Sapphic friendship and they were quite open about this. They were frequently spending the night together, sleeping in the same bed, either at my house or hers. Susan and I saw no harm in this and we thought that it was better that they were doing that sort of thing with each other, rather than messing around with boys and taking risks. So we were thankful for that.

    One morning Susan was over at my place and we were having coffee, and our daughters come blithely strolling into the kitchen naked. They said how the weather was warm and they just didn’t feel like wearing clothes, and they looked very pleased with themselves. Well, it was hardly anything shocking. Our daughters remarked on how the two of us were friends and we should just join them, intimating that Susan and I should be more Sapphic or bisexual in our relationship. Susan and I of course just rolled our eyes.

    Well later, privately, Susan and I talked about that. Neither of us were bisexual nor particularly had any leanings in that direction. Although we both knew how this was becoming quite trendy, and we thought how it would be convenient and maybe fun. It was a few days later that Susan and decided to try it. We got naked in my bedroom and to be honest we both felt a little silly. But once we got into the proper mood, we enjoyed a very nice mutual masturbation session. We did this a few more times together and found ourselves actually becoming quite loving and enjoying the femininity of this. It really was quite appealing.
    So feeling quite careless, one day when we were enjoying ourselves, we just left the door to my room open. Our daughters were so surprised to see the two of us naked together on the bed, and we just told them, well, why not? So since that time our daughters have been enjoying their relationship and Susan and I ours. It really has worked out very nicely.

    Dangerously Curious

    A week before my 11th birthday I spent the weekend with my BFF, she had a hot stepdad, I could tell he was interested in me but didn’t understand why, the first night after I took a shower I simply wore my panties and a large T-shirt, I could see him staring at my crotch so I decided to show him a little more by pulling my shirt up and spreading my legs al little, after a few minutes he got up and headed to his room, I got up and said I was going to the bathroom, I peeked in his room and he was jacking off, I watched for a few seconds and giggled and flashed my hairless pussy at him and even rubbed it for about 10 seconds and then he moaned and started squirting stuff in the air, I laughed and went to the bathroom. After we returned to the living room, my friend said she was tired and was going to bed, I lied and said I wanted to finish the movie we were watching and would be to bed after it was over, about 30 minutes after she went to bed her stepdad asked why didn’t I go to bed, I told him that I wanted to play with him, he said that was a bad idea so I took off my shirt and panties and sat on his lap looking him in the eyes and said I wanted to become a woman and he should help me do that, we went in his office and he put on some porn and told me to do whatever I wanted, it didn’t take long to get his dick in my mouth (I had sucked a few boys cock before) I thought he had a big dick then be really he was on the smaller side, about 5 inches, I really loved sucking dick as I found it put me in control, I had never had anyone touch me or get me off, that changed that night, he rubbed my little clit to the point I couldn’t focus on sucking his cock, he then asked me to put my pussy in his face and that was it for me, I was holding his dick with my right hand and trying to hold myself up with my left hand and all the while I was cumming so hard, I had 3 orgasms before he stopped, I was so horny that I got off 2 more times while sucking his cock he blew a huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed most of it but a lot of it ran down my chin and on my flat chest. I have swallowed cum before but not that much. I knew his wife would be home soon so I got dressed and kissed him and said I wanted more.

    The next night went differently, after my friend went to bed, I got naked and let him eat my little pussy for what seemed like hours but really about 30 minutes, I came so much I felt exhausted, as I was laying there legs spread wide I felt him between my legs and when I looked he was putting his cock in my pussy I told him no because I didn’t want to get pregnant, well I haven’t had a period or even started puberty, he assured me that I could not get pregnant, so I said ok, I felt a painful stretching in my pussy and that was it, he was completely inside me, he started pumping in and out of me then I felt him explode inside me and that was it, I was done for the night. We went on to have a little fling from time to time, I’ve never told anybody this story,

    Family Ties

    There's a young manager in work, Andrew, I've been fucking for the past six months.

    He's such a cock slut and really enjoys my nine inches.

    Once he knew I was well endowed, he was giving me sexual innuendos. Eventually I fucked him in a store room, after he'd given me one hell of a blow job.
    Now most week days we'll find time and a place for me to empty my balls bareback up his shit pipe.

    He's not the only guy I'm fucking however. I have an extremely high sex drive, which means I'm also fucking a neighbour of mine, Gareth, who's in his late forties.
    He's divorced after his wife caught him tied up on a dining room chair, being fucked by a younger guy.

    And that's how he likes me fucking him too. He loves being tied up, cuffed up, or held and being fucked roughly.

    We began having sex when he saw my cock hanging down after I'd had a shower.

    He'd called by to give me back a drill I'd loaned him.

    I was stood naked at my patio door when he appeared. Within ten minutes I was balls deep up his arsehole, riding the older man as if we'd been fucking for years.

    Last month however, I was fucking him in his home when I saw a picture, a new one, of him stood next to a young guy.

    When I asked Gareth who the young guy was to him, he replied "He's my son Andrew".

    He went on to tell me how his son's a manager and doing well at work. And then told me he's a lot happier these days as he's met a guy in work he's fallen for.

    Instantly I knew there was a close bond between them, as Gareth spoke so lovingly of his son.

    And that's my dilemma. With lockdown slowly easing, Gareth has invited me to a barbecue he's going to have for his sons birthday.

    It's in a fortnight's time, yet neither know I'm fucking them both.

    So now what do I do?

    Be Careful

    Last month I finally had to get rid of a number of photographs that I had of me having sex with my best friend, and the two of us having sex with multiple men. Jill and I are the same age and both divorced and have been for some time.

    We really are perfectly respectable women and moms. Our sons are both in their thirties. But for years now Jill and I have enjoyed being bisexual and we have also enjoyed having sex with multiple men at the same time. We have just found this such a wild thrilling thing as some women do. And believe me, there has been nothing that we haven’t done. I have anal sex and double penetration, and I have been absolutely drenched in semen having several men jacking off over my naked body and shooting their loads, and with pictures of it all to tell the tale.

    Then I recently started thinking what if something were to happen to me and my son found these pictures? So I knew that I had to get rid of them to keep my secret a secret. So, reluctantly I have done this. But a warning to other moms, do think ahead.

  • Fear Of Being Found Out

    I am a divorced forty-one year old woman. About a year ago I started having sex with a married friend and her husband. It has just been so much having these delightful threesomes.

    I never considered myself to be very sexually adventurous, but one day the three of just tried it for fun and it was terrific. I had no idea that I could enjoy being bisexual or that I would ever liked being watched while I was fucked. But I surprised myself.

    The only thing is that I have a twenty-two year old daughter, living on her own, but I sort of live in fear that somehow she might find out that her mom is a swinger like this. Are there other moms out there who have a secret like this?