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The Professors Boy Toy

A few years ago I was working on my masters degree and my advisor invited me to his home for lunch on Sunday. I washed my clothes so I showed up in at least clean clothes. He met me at the door and apologized that his wife had an unexpected errand so it would be the two of us. He offered me a beer and gave me a tour of the house, including the backyard which had a swimming pool and hot tub, the yard was surrounded by a six foot fence.

He suggested that before we ate, he was going to cook on the grill, we take a dip in the pool. I apologized that I hadn't brought any swim trunks so he took me to his bedroom and found a pair of trunks to lend me. He started to strip until he was totally naked and asked me to get into the swim trunks. He didn't leave so I turned my back and stripped down. I was naked when he put his arms around me and told me I was a very good looking young man and he was happy I could come over.

His naked cock was on my ass and growing, he held me tight against him reaching around to grab my cock. He whispered something about men will be men and asked me to join him on the bed, we would take a dip later. He was a man with hair on his chest, arms and legs, his cock already erect pointed straight out, he asked me if I wanted to please him. Pushing me to sit down on the bed he leaned into me with his cock in my face asking me to prove to him that he was right.

His cock was hard and it got harder while I sucked on him. He held my face in his hands, using his hips to enter and withdraw from my mouth. After a few minutes he pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top and started to kiss my mouth. His lips were hot and wet tasting of something he had eaten before I had arrived before turning sweet, his hips grinding into me, my cock and his in a dance. Moving down my belly he kissed my chest and nipples and held my cock in his hand until he got far enough down to suck me and jerk me at the same time. I came, he laughed as he did his best to keep my cock in his mouth. He licked the rest of the cum that had fallen on my stomach and my leg.

Reaching into a small bag he kept in a drawer he withdrew a condom and some lube and asked me to turn over. He lubed my ass with the cool liquid, bent down and licked me for a while and then lubed me some more using his finger to penetrate me, talking to me telling me that I had a sweet ass and he was looking forward to being best friends. His penetration was hard, intent on getting all in, I raised my ass to let him in and felt myself lose my thoughts as he fucked. When he withdrew he kissed my ass cheeks and told me that I had done fine.

As my ass leaked cum he told me that he had decided not to use a condom, it interfered with his pleasure. Naked he took me to the kitchen and offered me a beer which I refused, we went outside into the hot tub and we kissed again for a quite a while, holding our cocks in each other's hands. He told me he had kept an eye on me and he had felt that I was the right student for him to have work with him as an assistant. We skipped the grill and he fixed a ham sandwich which we ate standing naked in the kitchen, kissing now and then, and leaning down to kiss and suck a bit on some cock.

We dressed, he made the bed and we sat in the living room listening to music when his wife came in. She apologized and asked if we had been good boys. He told her we had used the hot tub and she smiled. I left around four, he walked me to my car and told me that I was welcome, he kissed my mouth before I got in the car and he waved goodbye. I worried on the way to my apartment because I realized the swim trunks were in the bedroom completely dry.

Sex With A Black Man

I’ve been married for eight years. My husband and I still have a good sex life. Confetti was out of town visiting my sister and staying in a hotel. I struck up a conversation with a man while in the hot tub. Here goes some drinks and we talked for a few hours. We ended up having sex that night. My husband and I are both white and this man was black. I can’t tell my husband, he would never understand. I feel guilty but I also want to do it again, but I don’t want to ruin my marriage.

An Unusal Separation, Part Two

This is the follow up to #48267, wherein my wife of ten years Maggie decided that it was time for us to separate (after a multi-month dry spell of our sex life) and encouraged me to have sex with her friend Ashley that was staying with us at the time. There was wine. And Warhammer minis.

As I mentioned, that first night when Maggie essentially kicked me out of our bedroom I did not go fuck Ashley as she suggested. I spent the night on our couch, a sobbing mess. The next day, I tried to get it together. Ashley found me on the couch mid morning, asked me to help her in the garage looking for something in the boxes she was storing over there.

Day One
So in our garage it's just the two of us. Remember, Ashley is slightly chubby, pale skin, gorgeous blue eyes, and long dark hair. I initially didn't like her at all but over the months she stayed with us she won me over, and of course now my wife (soon to be ex wife) was telling me to fuck her and that she'd go along with it. Ashley was wearing shorts and a black tank, hair in a very loose ponytail. I noticed for the first time a tattoo on her thigh, an interesting rose and wrought iron band that went around the top of her thigh (like an open cuff style bracelet). I asked her about it.

"My only one," she said, and told me she got it when her grandmother, Rose, passed away. They were very close. She pulled up her shorts just a bit so I could see it better, nothing too sexy here until she turned around to show me the side and I saw just a peek of her butt where she was pulling her shorts up.

So we got to work moving boxes around and eventually (nearly an hour and half later) found what she was looking for, a special hairbrush. We also rearranged the space where her boxes were stored so that she could get to her stuff a bit easier. One thing I really remember from this experience was the garage smelling intensely like Jasmine, what I would later know to be her perfume.

That night, when we all bedded down, I went back to my couch and Ashley was sitting there. She told me she knew something was wrong and asked if it was her fault. I held it in for a good long while, then with a big sigh the tears started again. No sobbing, thankfully. I told her Maggie was seeing a lawyer and that we were done. I didn't mention the other part. For my trouble Ashley hugged me and held me. It was nice, soft, jasmine. I slept that night.

Day Two
Maggie is gone all day, so Ashley and I do yard work and run an errand or two. That night I went to knock on Ashley's door. I could very faintly hear the music she was listening to, and she was quietly singing along. I stood there for maybe a full minute just listening, then went back to the couch and thought long and hard about that tattoo and the little extra show I got to see the day prior.

Day Three
That morning was the day Maggie was going to see the lawyer, I believe, so again I'm alone with Ashley. She brings me breakfast on the couch - toast, scrambled eggs, OJ with bourbon in it (good girl). We sit side by side and eat.

She asks me, " are you okay, what's going to happen with all this?" I told her I had no idea, but today was the day that it would start to be official. There was paperwork involved now. I hadn't mentioned Maggie's proposition, but here I shared "she's trying to set me up with someone, if you can believe that."

"Who?" Ashley looks concerned. I looked at her for a long time saying nothing. She fully blushes after a few minutes. "Really," she says it like she's trying to cover up something.


"Like take her place?" she asks. "Just like that?"


"I couldn't wear her clothes." We both laugh hard at that one, maybe a bit too hard. Maggie is slimmer, more athletic.

She's still blushing, she reaches for my OJ and bourbon and takes a hard swallow. I don't know why but that's when I notice she's wearing MY t-shirt, an old Ozzy Osbourne shirt I forgot I had hung up in the guest room. I went through a phase in high school.

And I just lean over, take the glass from her hands, and kiss her. Soft, orange juice on her lips, that jasmine smell. And we're kissing each other at that point, softly, continuously, no rush and no one else on earth but the two of us. I slide my hand under the blanket she has in her lap and stroke her thigh, right on that tattoo and just under her shorts on the outside of her thigh.

Her hands are on the side of my face and back of my neck, nothing like Maggie's kisses at all. Ashley is trying to bring me into her and give affection to what feels like my entire head and neck. We're holding each other tightly at this point, I'd let her suffocate me if she wanted to at that point. She pulls me down on top of her, and her legs start to wrap around me. We’re still in no hurry, and some of our kisses are silly, playful, some intense and passionate, some take my breath away, some make me want to weep. She is pulling something out of me.

I stand and she pulls off the t-shirt, exposing her large, soft, chubby breasts and cute tummy, little muffin top. I kneel and start kissing up her right knee, up to her hip, across her stomach, and finally toward her breasts, which she has pushed together and pressed into my face. Again, this suffocation feeling mingled with passion is overwhelming.

Sitting there in her short grey shorts, no top, breasts pressed together, smiling, blushing, inviting me to come on over. This image will stay with me forever.

I think I’ll stop here, but she did give me an incredibly sensual handjob-tit wank, and I shot all over her beautiful breasts. We showered after that, and we team fingered her in the shower to an orgasm, where I held her while she shuddered and turned to jello in my arms. At dinner that night, Maggie joined us and she smiled watching us together - she knew it had happened at that point. First time I saw Maggie smile genuinely in months.

That night I went to bed with her, and haven’t left since. Maggie and I did separate and did so incredibly amicably - I’m pretty sure Maggie had met a woman and has been trying to figure out her sexuality. She hasn’t dated anyone that I’m aware of, but she’s mentioned a friend a couple of times that I didn’t know when we were together, Sheila. I can’t be upset if someone had that kind of revelation and was stuck being married to me.

Maggie took all the furniture (barring what was in Ashley’s room) and the car, I got the house. I willingly gave Maggie money to help her get started. The master bedroom is empty currently, Ashley and I will be taking it over after all our new furniture gets here in January. We have a fenced in backyard, Ashley wants to get a dog as soon as possible.

There is definitely a new lady of the house.

My Boyfriend Mom

I feel really attracted to my boyfriend mother, she is really hot and looks very young (she is 33), I would like to enter her room at night and begin to kiss and touch her until she surrenders to me and havinf really hot sex, I am bi and will I always fell submissive with guys but I like to be dominant with girls, just thinking about her calling me mistress and following my orders, maybe even using sexy clothes for me.

Auntie Sex

45 years ago my auntie took my cherry she was my first ride and 45 years later I can honestly say she's the best I've ever had I shagged her a good few times after she took my cherry as well thing is I've also spent the last 45 years wanking myself pretending I'm shagging her and I think I will til I did the she had the best pair of legs I have ever seen on a woman and I've been between quite a few over the years she once said to me if I wasn't on the pill would you get off and I said no chance and she said you mean if you could get me pregnant you would I said definitely this made her ride me even harder cos she liked being on top but preferred doggy style or mission when I shot my load in her she has a 43 year old daughter and I often wonder if it was me who got her pregnant

  • Gay Sex

    I'm a straight male but now and again I get hankering to want to wank a well endowed guy off particularly a black guy not just wank him but play with his balls and stroke his thighs . The other th I g that I have fantasizes over is a well endowed black man bending me over and taking me from behind I want to feel him shoot his load into me . I think this stems away back to when I was 13 there was a disused railway line near where I lived and I went along it on my bike I saw this huge tent pitched at the side on the embankment and when I drew up to it a man came out naked he had permed blonde hair and only pubic hair above his huge cock and on his balls I was like a rabbit in headlights any he came over to me and asked if I got a fright to shock I said no he said would you like some juice so I said yeah cos I was thirsty so I went into the tent with him and there was 3 other men then there all muscular and well built and well endowed like the guy I saw outside the tent two of the men were having sex the 3rd one was ranking himself off over the 2 that were having sex I was transfixed the man that was wank g suddenly gave a huge grunt and shot the biggest load of spunk I had ever seen o er the 2 that were having sex not long after both of them shot their loads too the blonde guy said to me I can see your not fazed by this I remember saying it was the size of their go cos that had got to me compared to my small one blonde guy says she but your not finished growing yet so yours will get a lot bigger for some reason I dunno why I asked him if I could touch his cock and said of course so he laid down on the floor of the tent ushered me beside him so O went over he took my hand and put it on his cock then he said slowly start walking me which I did he then said cup my balls in your other hand and also stroke my thighs which I did I got a hard on and my Dick was throbbing like he'll he encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing and I came in my pants he then asked to increase my ranking of his big rock saying to me faster faster am gonna come and when he did it's was just spurting out into big pools he was moaning like hell my hand was covered in his thick hot creamy come and I don't know why but I just liked it off my hand and swallowed it it tasted salty but was quite nice they then started smoking weed the guy who I had walked off asked to see my cock he started rubbing my balls my cock went hard and after about 5 minutes I shot my load for a second time I wanted myself silky that night but I never saw those men again soon after that I lost my cherry when my auntie seduced me am saying that but I was a more than willing helper and when I shot my load in her I thought my balls had burst

    Bad Writer

    I want to try to write erotic stories but every time I get in the mood to write I eventualIy get horny and begin to masturbate, and when I finish I dont feel like writing anymore.

    A Girl's Girl

    After college I got job as a waitress in a small bistro restaurant that unknowing to me was a lunch place for lesbians. The cashier was a lesbian, the other waitress was a lesbian, the bartender was a lesbian. The manager thought I was a lesbian, a problem I'd had before. Except I wasn't.

    The bartender developed a crush on me, and she carved me out for herself. Petite but assertive, a pint sized dyke. At a party she kissed me on the lips, she put both hands on my breasts. I pushed back, she took that as foreplay, she was small but knew how yo get me on my back. My first experience with a girl. I did nothing, she did it all, mouthing me into an orgasm. To her a sure sign I liked it and I liked her.

    She bought me a g*ft, a collar and a cuff to keep me on a line. The weeks passed, the cuff on her wrist was a signal to look for a collar on my neck. Lilly tattooed on the inside of my wrist made it clear who held the line on me. Her birthday was coming up and all she wanted for her birthday was for me to go with her to meet her parents, sitting in their home with a silver chain attached to my collar and on the other end the cuff on her wrist.

    She made hard love to me in her girl bedroom bed. The noise carried to the other rooms in the house. She let it be known that we were like one, tied to each other, and it was time to add the knot. The wedding was in her parents' backyard, the guest list included family, friends, coworkers and a few patrons of the bistro, lesbian of course. She dressed me in a gown, she wore a white suit, we walked down the isle attached by a Swarovski chain, from a sterling cuff and matching collar.

    I had no choice but to admit to myself that what other lesbians saw in me, was me.


    I've just been watching some shemale vids and (WELL HERE GOES)..... I want to suck some cock. THAT'S IT I'M OUTED.

    Can't Get It Up Anymore

    I can't get hard anymore. My wife was perfectly content to stop having sex a few years ago, sometimes I can jack off on her naked body, I lick her pussy and she does have orgasm that way but never wants it. I missed being able to fuck.

    I just decided for some reason, to look for guys. Knowing I couldn't fuck, nor cum from getting sucked, I let a married man who was about 40 fuck me. After the first few times, I got used to it and it didn't hurt. He started lasting longer and longer and I was at least getting some body contact and having sex. I would get hard enough for him to jack me or me to jack off while he was fucking me. Soon I needed fucking and he wasn't around for a few weeks and I found another man. He had some friends, I even let 4 of them all bang me one afternoon.

    Now months later, I regularly get fucked about 10 times a week from a few different guys, mostly bareback as they are married and have tests. I still eat my wife sometimes and jack off onto her pussy but I like having sex, even if it's not the way I used to have it.