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I Like Perverted Old Men

I like perverted old men. I love the way they look at me. I love wearing short skirts and getting m****ted by them. I love being called slut, whore, cum-dump by them. I love being taken advantage of by them.
But I love it the most when I'm being r**ed by three of their cocks in each of my holes.

Official And Sex With Foreign Representative Of The Company

I am working as Secretarial Assistant in an MNC. I am married for last12 years and no sex with my husband as he is diabetic and suffering from erectile dysfunction. In November 2019 I had an Official Tour 3000 KMs away from my workplace. A lady employee of the HQ office received us at the Airport and escorted us to the five star hotel. The first day after our presentation and meeting with the foreign Representative i.e. a handsome man of 6.5 feet height and well behaved named Harry, we had a brief tour around the city. Back at hotel in the evening, my Boss told me that you are in charge of the foreign representative and as per protocol must attend to his proper stay and secretarial assistance. Well, after dinner I was told by my Boss that some work is to be completed, as such report to Harry for secretarial assistance. Without suspecting anything I knocked and entered his Room and after some formal talks Harry simply told me are you ready for Sex. I was in sheer shock at that blunt statement and could not say a word. He just took it as silent consent and locking the room hugged me. I was too speechless and submissive that I could not resist. He was too loving and caring that after removing my dresses he removed his dress and saw his member a well 8.5 inch thick white penis slightly curved upward in 90 degree. As I was deprived off sex for too long without thinking anything the next moment it was in my mouth which felt too big for my mouth.

To be frank when I saw such an erection of a foreign man which was throbbing, he just stroked his penis one or two times and the head of his penis just mushroomed and seemed to be saying take me in your mouth. I could feel the blood in my veins too rushy and my head was filled with excitement, felt it may burst. Slightly blind with such rush of blood I simply caught his cock with both of my hands and had to pull to down to position it parallel to my mouth. As I caught the cock in hands I could feel the hotness and the electric vibrating effect which made me open my mouth and had to forcibly push the cock head inside as it was bigger than my mouth. His pre-cum was salty in taste and could feel the cock head edge becoming harder and pulsating. While he slightly pushed it ahead down my throat I could feel the suffocation. He was careful not to make it rough. After some sucking I slid ..(continue confession)

My First Few Experiences

I was completely unaware hoe easy it is for a guy my age to find sex. Loads of guys in their 20s love some older dick. Especially my hairy dick. I never groom it. Also been finding out that my underwear of choice is a turn on for lots. I wear white Calvin Klein briefs, always worn briefs.

Just recently as of this year started fucking guys. Earlier this week I was buying condoms at Walmart and got hit on by younger worker there. Around 9 pm when he got off work he ended up at my house bent over my bed as I fucked him. Now he knows why I buy magnums.

  • Oral Fetish

    I have always loved oral sex. Giving and getting. My dream would be to be in a 69 with a hot woman, licking and sucking on her sweet juicy pussy, while another guy is fucking her doggie style. I don't mind my face and tongue coming in contact with his cock and balls. I want to be sucking on her clit when he blows his load inside her. Then I want to clean them both. Once he recovers, (I might need to do a little fluffing for him) I want to get behind our girl, and lick and tongue fuck her ass while she rides him Cowgirl style. The taste, the scent...mmmmmm!

    I Need Cock

    i wrote a while ago about my fantasies and what i wanted to do but right now i just want to know what others would do to me.

    when i first started masturbating i would think about being bent over a bathroom counter and getting fucked so hard id almost cry. i would play with my nipples until i felt almost dripping wet. i was sexually frustrated and just wanted some cock inside me but i didnt even realize thats what i wanted. i was so wet, i know any cock would have slid its way into my slit.

    i was rather petite back then, long black wavy hair to give you an idea. i wont lie, i had an ugly face but had a nice ass, my boobs were never big. what would you have done to me? please comment. im horny and i want to sit on a nice long cock.

  • In My Sisters Nose

    My younger sister has always been a very sexy beauty. When we were younger and on family trips to the beach she would always walk beside me holding my dick. Yes our entire family are nudist. I have never touched my sisters body, never had intercourse or even tried. I have seen her do all the things a girl would do in private, like masturbate, shave, pee, poop and even insert tampons (YUK!). But she always teased my dick and no matter how many times the parents admonished or punished her she never stopped.

    One evening we were relaxing, watching tv after a long fun filled day. I was dead tired. Don't know why this evening was differrent but her touch was like electricity going though my dick. All she was doing was using her finger to trace up and down my dick and around the head and it got so fucking hard it hurt. She was laying long ways on the couch with her head on my chest when she put her fingers on the underside of my dick and pushed it against by belly and started moving up the shaft when I started cumming harder than I ever did in my life.

    I cum on her chin, it hit her in the mouth and filled both nostrils full. She jumped up and and stared at me wide eyed and standing there in the darkened tv room with the tv light behind her she looked like an angel from heaven. The parents just looked over and told me to go finish that in my room and don't come back with out my underwear on. Sis had to go wash her face and go to her room. Even though we're older I still see her fully nude and she still does her girlie routines aound me like always and I still don't put my hands on her and she's learned her lesson about playing with loaded guns.

    My Sister

    I was younger and found my dad's porn collection. I would always see girls giving head. I got curious what it would feel like. I convinced my sister to suck it. It felt amazing. I liked it so much I would always bribe her to get her to suck it again.

    You Never Know

    So I work construction in the northeast. I'm mwm, 43, about 6 feet, 210, buzzcut salt and pepper hair, decent shape, average, cut, about 6 plus inches and thick.
    Two summers ago I was hanging on the back porch in just some old cutoff shorts having a Heineken and looking at the stars.
    Saw the neighbor's 20 something kid come over and stand in my yard just below the deck and he made some small talk. Rumor was that he's gay on the DL and never seen him with a girl. Ever. So he's chatting away and from where he's standing leaning against the fence post I think he can kind of see up my shorts. I casually adjusted my junk since I was commando I got my cock and big balls over to one side and was starting to get hard from the whole thing so my wood was kind of going down the leg of my shorts.
    Greg, the neighbor, sort of moved a little and he still was more or less at eye level with my legs and I'm positive he's looking at my meat.
    So I invited him up to the porch for a brew and as he came up the stairs he kept his eyes on my crotch. Pointed to the chair next to mine and ran in to grab him a beer.
    We sat and talked a little but mostly just hung out and I still saw him looking over my shorts and not in my face as we talked.
    After a little bit I put down my empty bottle and Greg says he's got a joint if I wanna join him. We had to be cool and not be seen by anyone so he suggested going behind his dad's garden shed where there was a small space between the shed and the next neighbor's fence. Kind of a breezeway.
    So we walk back there and the only light is from the halfmoon and my lighter as I fire that thing up. We had a few hits and I said I was good. He pinched it off and asked if I wanted to take it for later so I put it in my cigarette pack and in my pocket.
    As I'm getting ready to go back out to the porch Greg put his hand on my package and said something about how he could make me feel good.
    I told him I'm not into guys and he says that's ok he doesn't wanna do anything except suck me off, that's all, I don't gotta do anything but lean back and enjoy it.
    Well, between everything else and the fact ..(continue confession)


    I love a girl's boobs who lives nearby my house. She is just 13 and has got amazing boobs at this early age. I really want to suck her boobs , press them real tight that she would cry and exploit her sexually.

  • Fertility Center Fun

    I am a nurse and used to work at a fertility center for 5 years back when I was in my late 20s. I was married and cheated on my husband with one of the patients

    I have not cheated on my husband since and what I did would have gotten me fired but thinking about it now has me very horny and I’d like to share.

    We saw many patients on a daily basis at the center who have trouble conceiving. Usually the husband will go into what we call the jerk off room to provide a specimen of fresh semen to be implanted into his wife. Some guys have trouble so we have magazines etc for all types of interests. Sometimes they have to come back multiple times as well if the implantation is not successful.

    So anyway this one husband I found extremely attractive. I have a huge crush on khal drogo from game of thrones and he looked a lot like him. Big and muscular with long hair. This was his third time coming back to deposit a sample and he was having trouble.
    He came out and said he couldn’t do it because of the pressure and it not working the past two times. I told him we had magazines but he said he just couldn’t do it today and was going to leave.

    I’m still not exactly sure what overcame me other than I thought he was hot but I told him to come back in the room with me. I knew what I was about to suggest was extremely risky especially if he told on me. However I know I am attractive. I’m a petite brunette about 5 ft 3 and 115 pounds with a sexy round ass.

    So I told him I could help him out but he could never tell a soul. I locked the door behind me and he gave me a funny look. I told him I was dead serious and that we didn’t have much time if he wanted to get this done.

    I gave him a specimen cup to hold and then I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear to reveal a quite impressive half hard dick.
    I could tell he still couldn’t believe what was happening but I started to stroke him and he got fully erect quickly. I stroked him slowly at first selfishly as I wanted to enjoy this too.

    Not much more was said verbally between us but as I was stroking him he started to rub his hands down my back ..(continue confession)