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Chastity Cuck

I recently moved to my current city to be closer to my friends. I'm close with all of my friends and we know alot about each other but there is always things you keep to yourself.

Two of these friends are dating and I've gotten super close with Anna(fake name) she and I both work overnights at our jobs so we text alot and when you talk enough you begin telling each other everything. Anna knows about my fetishes including my chastity fetish as well as that I'm bi ( I came out to her)

We joke alot poking fun at each others fetishes as well as other things but she sometimes jokingly calls me a cuck.

What she doesn't know is I want nothing more than her and her boyfriend to lock me in chastity and cuck me. I want them to humiliate me, fuck me, and use me for their pleasure and then cast me aside. I regularly fantasize about being locked up and her "forcing me" to suck her boyfriends cock and have him fuck me and when he's done fuck her making me watch frustrated and used.

  • I Want To See My Friend Wife Masturbate

    I just would love it! Lmao no shame. I just want to see what it looks like and how aroused she would get! Female masturbation is my favorite porn category. I wish she mistakenly send me a xrated video or some shit ! Lol

    When I Was 16, I Got My Dick Sucked By My Friends Older Sister

    She was so fine ! Nice ass, nice breast, ex cheerleader.she was 5 years older than we were. One day after school my sophomore year. I walked to my friends house, but he wasn’t there. We were like brothers, so it wasn’t weird that I could just walk in. Anyways I went up stairs and heard the shower on, me being a horny teenager. I opened the door to peak sure it was one of the sisters(he had 3) turns out it’s his older sister showering(C) I’m a handsome guy during this time I was pretty built too, played football corner backer. No problem with females, but damn her ass was fine!

    To my surprise she didn’t reject me watching! So I go in ! Lol take my shit off and get in the shower with HER! This was like a fantasy or something lol.now I’m in the shower gripping her ass, sucking her titties and using my fingers to rub and stick in her asshole lol

    Im hard as fuck now! So I told her to suck my dick! Willingly she proceeded to kiss lick and immerse herself in a dick sucking trans of some sort !!it was like my dick was some person she was in love with the way she handled it! I still had a flip phone at the time recorded everything! she swallowed the cum, and then I fucked her from the shower to the hall to the room to every inch of flooring upstairs !! Everybody in schools and in the community was crazy over her ass because she was sexy! but here I am 16 sticking my fingers in her ass and fucking her like she was a sex doll lmao after that I stayed fucking her ass! She was my fun!

    Not too mention his other sister sucked it first

  • Canal Boat

    Invited back to their canal boat after enjoying an outdoor classical concert, I knew why I was being asked back.
    Or at least I thought I did.
    We'd met months before and I'd mentioned then in a semi drunk state, that I have a big cock.
    We get to the boat and Mark says to me "Please fuck her hard. She loves it".
    Michelle his wife is a slut as I've found out. She adores cock and as a nineteen year old then, I wasn't going to disappoint her. Or more to the point, miss out.
    So there I am after lots of mutual oral sex, in between her legs fucking her missionary.
    I'm really pounding into her when I feel Mark spread my arse cheeks and begin tonguing my hole.
    It's not unpleasant, so I carry on fucking his wife.
    This bit I'm unsure of.
    Somehow after maybe five minutes of him tonguing my arsehole, I feel his hard and what seems like huge cock, enter my arsehole and I'm immediately loving it.
    There was some pain, but no where near as the wonderful pleasure his cock is giving my arsehole, cock and mind.
    It's absolutely amazing. And I genuinely couldn't help myself from telling a man I hardly knew to fuck me.
    I'd had sex with girls my age before, but never had gay sex. So having Mark make me experience anal in such a way blew my mind. It wasn't just good, it was absolutely amazing.
    And Michelle got the benefit as well, as Mark fucking me only made me and my cock more rampant.
    When Michelle orgasmed, and wow what an orgasm, she shook violently. Mark stopped fucking me and pulled out. Which I was instantly disappointed at, then Michelle got up from beneath me, put on a robe and went to sit outside.
    As soon as she left, Mark pulled me up so I was kneeling, then reentered me. If being fucked almost flat on top of his wife was amazing, then having just his gorgeous cock pounding into my arsehole as he fucked me doggy, was simply undescribably brilliant.
    I'd never felt so in tune with my body. Every nerve ending was alive with sexual pleasure and Mark knew it.
    He changed his pace, his depth and the force in how he fucked me.
    Mark was telling me things too. Telling how beautiful my arsehole felt on his cock. How I was a natural receiver, and how if I wanted to, he'd teach me to enjoy gay sex more.
    And all this information came through a fog of sheer joy he was giving me.
    My orgasm nearly had me crying, it was that intense and everywhere throughout my body all at once. My cum shot down onto their bed, but Mark just kept on thrusting into my arse. Then like a freight train going through me, he came hard and pumped every last drop into my bowels.
    Wrapping himself around me, he kissed the back of my neck, then withdrew to lay next to me. Only then did I see his gorgeous cock.
    It couldn't have looked more similar to mine. Same length, same girth and even has the same upward curve.
    Pulling me to him, we kissed, my first male kiss. And at the same time he had me massage his cock and balls.
    After some time kissing and caressing where he massaged my arse cheeks, he pushed me down so my face was at his cock. It was rock hard again by then, so doing what I'd had girls do to me in the past, I opened my mouth and sucked in his dick.
    That didn't come as natural to me, but Mark guided me over the next twenty or so minutes.
    When he decided he wanted my arse again, he had me put my ankles on his shoulders, then Mark slid his cock back into my cum filled hole.
    We fucked for a long time in the missionary position, not changing once. And throughout we kissed too.
    Michelle which I didn't know at first, came back into the boat and watched her husband fuck me. Only when he'd cum for a second time, deep inside my body did I know she was there.
    Her words were "Utterly beautiful".
    For two months I visited their canal boat. Sometimes I'd fuck with them both, but mostly as Michelle worked shifts in a hospital, Mark and I had sex.
    He taught me everything over those two months before they decided to sell their boat and move to Portugal.
    They didn't move straight away, but by then I was also having sex with a married guy I met in the shop I worked at.
    He was more into fucking me like a sex toy, than any real intimacy. But I enjoy that type of sex too.
    I miss Mark and Michelle, but I do hear from them time to time.
    They are returning to the UK for a couple of months soon, so Michelle can do some medical training. Mark's already asked if I'd like to move in with them whilst she does her training.
    I've already said yes.

    In Pantyhose

    I'm a straight man who loves wearing panties for my pleasure and I have a fantasy about women dressing me and watching my walking around in front of them. I really love the fael of my ass cheeks with a little pair on I have a good sensation in them. wish I could find a woman to help me to get my first time getting into every one she wants me to.

  • I Told My Wife I Don't Care Who Fucks Me

    I don't know how to feel. I just ended up confessing to my wife that this month my hormones are through the roof. I can't controll it and it's been getting worse.

    I told my wife tonight "I don't care if it's you or if you find someone to do it, but I need to be fucked hard bad" and I just don't know why I even said it.

    I'm just that horny this month and it's not gotten any better. Masterbation hasent helped, what sex I've gotten hasent helped, and I don't care who ends up fucking me. I just need sex, and that scares me.

    Also in case people question "gender neutral", I'm Non binary and use She They, prefer females. Site dosent really have a good NB option, sorry.


    I loved to be in her pantyhose and panties and walk around in front of a mirror and see how it feels. I really liked it and to this day I still do.

    Hots For Petite HS Girl

    I need to get this story of my chest.

    When I was in HS i met this older petite girl named Tina. Tina was one to two years older than me. She was petite, less than 5 feet tall, short hair, cute face, tan skin, cute bubble butt, with A - cup boobs and had a bubbly personality. I was a very shy person back then and really did not think much of her because a lot of my friends knew her. Tina also had two siblings, one of which was a a girl who was a freshman.

    One day during lunch i ended up sitting next to her and got her number. In my head i always looked at Tina as this cute petite girl, but boi was I in for a surprise... After I got her number and began texting here daily i slowly started to realize that she was actually flirty and more mature than me.

    One of Tinas friends invited her, her sister and I to go to the mall after school. Tina had her own vehicle and offered to take us. While we were shopping around Tinas friend left us to go shopping for something on her own. As we shopped around I could over hear Tinas younger sister say things like "Omg i thought he didn't like you?", "How did you get him to talk to you?", "Are you going to tell him?". I could tell Tina was getting annoyed and embarrassed a little. After a while her friend came back and Tina agreed to drop us all off.

    After Tina had dropped off her friend and sister for after school activities, it was just me and her in the car. "Are your parents home right now?" she asked. Without thinking too much of the question I replied "No they usually work late". "I am a little exhausted and thirsty, would it be okay if I grab a drink at your house?" she asked. "Of course I should have something for you to drink" I said.

    After we were inside we ended up chatting and get to know each other more. I noticed that Tina was becoming more touchy and flirty. For example, she would rub my shoulder, bump into me and grab my hands. At one point while looking for stuff in my parents fridge she crawled up from under me to bend over in front of me to look for produce to snack on from the bottom shelves. While looking Tinas bubbly ass started rubbing up against my basketball shorts erecting my dick. Tinas ass was moving up and down and the sight of her bent over had really turned me on. I was super nervous and after a few minutes she grabbed some fruit and turned around and said "Can we snack on these fruits while we watch something on your couch?". "Yes lets find something to watch" i nervously replied. On the way to the couch I caught Tina taking a quick peak of my erection with a smirk on her face but didn't mention it.

    I cant remember what show we were watching but as time went by Tina ended laying her head on my lap. Within a few seconds i could feel blood start rushing to the tip of my penis and I had an erection that was pretty much pushing itself onto Tinas face. Tina quickly noticed and got up to pause the tv. "Omg are you getting hard for me?" she asked. Nervously, i replied "Well...I...i am getting really hard". "Thats so hot, has anyone ever taken care of you when you get like this before?" she smiled as she started to caress here hand over my basketball shorts. "Woah...well...no not really" I lied as I remembered the things i had done with my ex whom Tina was a friend of. "Your so cute, I know thats not true." Tina said as she moved in closer to kiss my erection through my boxers. "Its okay let me take care of you" Tina pulled my boxers and my erection sprang into the air.

    Now, moment of truth, I definitely do not have a big cock but plenty of woman in my past sexual life have consistently mentioned that it was rather girthy with a length of 6.5ish inches. Tina mentioned the same thing and laughed saying "Look it reaches your belly button!". Tina got on her knees and slowly started swallowing my cock as she pulled back my foreskin. I let out a sigh of relief and tilted my head back as TIna began to swallow and take in more of my cock. After a couple of minutes Tina began passionately blowing me and i began to hear sloppy wet noises and my cock began to slam into the back of her throat. I could not believe this friendly cute girl who all my friends knew was doing this. After a couple of minutes i felt like i was going to explode. I tilted my head forward and our eyes met. My cock was now purple blueish and her mouth was at the top of my head, she was staring deep into me with her beady eyes. I couldn't take it any more so i carefully grabbed the back of her head pulled her away. I remember wet gooey spit stringed out from the base of my cock unto her lips as i pulled here away (I am super amazed i didnt just cum in her face right there). "Woah your gonna make me cum Tina" I said. "Ugh please you have no idea how badly I have been wanting you. I fantasize about you fucking my brains out at school. I get so wet when I see you walk around with those basketball shorts." Tina yearned.

    Once I heard this my demeanor quickly changed. I dont know what came over me but i turned into an animal. "Im going to fuck your brains out then" I said as I got up. I quickly got Tina up, turned her around and smacked her bubbly ass. I yanked her cute shorts off and caressed her pussy lips. I bent Tina over and slowly began plowing my cock in her wet pussy. My god, it was by far the wettest pussy I have ever felt. I grabbed Tina by her hair and began picking up the pace as her ass began bouncing right off my cock. The moment was pure ecstasy, all I could think about was how warm her pussy felt and the grip of it as i began moving in deeper and deeper. "Omg please dont stop fuck me out, cum inside me daddy" Tina moaned. In shock I replied "Wait Tina I dont have a codom" I replied nervously. "fuck it, shoot your cum inside me please " she yelled. I grabbed TInas neck and slowly began thrusting harder. After a few thrusts i began to feel my balls empty into her pussy. Since I was taller i bent over and immediately started biting on Tinas lips. It was a good 5-10 seconds of cum streaming out into her warm pussy. When I slowly pulled out I could see her pussy lips grip the edges of my cock as it was sliding out. Miraculously Tinas pussy had sucked all my cum out like a vacuum. That is a moment that was engrained forever in my mind. And suddenly realiziation and anxiety overcame me thinking about the implications of said event. "Awww dont worry plss. Trust me you wont get me pregnant, I know my body" she replied.

    That was basically the first time I had really good sex when I was young and I am thankful I didnt get this young girl pregnant. I am also very thankful no one has found out about our past sexual adventures including her current fiance i think. Sometimes I fantasize about this moment while I look at her pictures online. Tina and I continued to have sex after our first time but eventually ended up moving on. I know in the future meeting up could potentially mean problems with infidelity so for now I just fantasize these moments in my head. Her younger sister is super cute now, maybe one day I can fuck her brains out as well.

    Underwear Wrestling

    When I was in Middle School and sometimes in High School me and my friends would Wrestle eachother in our underwear. Along with my previous stories I shared involving changing in the locker room and being called Underwear Boy I wanted to share another story involving underwear wrestling.

    So anyways it all started in Middle School, I stripped down to my underwear and socks and this one guy began kicking my legs several times and yes it was annoying but it was hot as the boy grabbed me into a headlock and dragged me on the floor and put me in a figure four leg lock.

    For some reason all of the boys in the locker room targeted my legs because I always wear briefs and my legs are very smooth looking and all of the guys call me chicken legs because of how skinny my legs are.

    We usually get yelled at for Wrestling in the Locker Room so I would call my friends over and we would Wrestle eachother at my house.

    I would strip down to my underwear and socks and my friends would also get in their underwear and socks and we would Wrestle in my living room and as always my legs were a target.

    So the guys would put me in sharpshooters and figure four leg locks and believe me my knees took a beating from them but it was a turn on for me.

    Then when one of my friends put me in a Boston Crab the boy put his nose between my socked toes and sniffed my feet.

    I felt him smell my feet and it made me blushed as he stopped Wrestling me despite my sore knees to sniff my socked feet.

    Turns out he had a foot fetish and was turned on by my legs after I changed in the locker room for the first time and the real reason he Wrestled me was to smell my feet.

    I think my dick nearly came out my underwear after he sniffed my socks so many times by saying how much my feet stink and that he loved smelling them.

    Then he started to tickle my feet and believe me my feet are very ticklish even with my socks on. I laughed so hard from him tickling my socked feet I almost peed my undies but he always kept my socks on because he knew that I loved being in my underwear and socks because it's who I am if my socks got taken off then my undies are going too.

    Anytime my friend would come over we would wrestle eachother in our underwear and socks and smell eachother's feet and tickle eachother and it was always fun.

  • Just Got It By A Big One

    I just finished getting fucked and walking back to my parents house. They guy who fucked me had the biggest cock I've ever taken. He stayed the first time fucking for about 40 minutes, and with my mouth he came around again after another 20 minutes or so, then the last time he had that big monster (cock can thick and twice as long) up my ass for an hour. He got a mirror and showed me, my asshole has a puffy ring around it now, it looks like a pussy. He said it feels like one now too.

    I really enjoyed getting it by that big a cock, though I am a little concerned about how it may wreck my hole if he does it too much. I want it though, as much as he will fuck me, and he really likes being with a smooth twink.