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Be Careful

Last month I finally had to get rid of a number of photographs that I had of me having sex with my best friend, and the two of us having sex with multiple men. Jill and I are the same age and both divorced and have been for some time.

We really are perfectly respectable women and moms. Our sons are both in their thirties. But for years now Jill and I have enjoyed being bisexual and we have also enjoyed having sex with multiple men at the same time. We have just found this such a wild thrilling thing as some women do. And believe me, there has been nothing that we haven’t done. I have anal sex and double penetration, and I have been absolutely drenched in semen having several men jacking off over my naked body and shooting their loads, and with pictures of it all to tell the tale.

Then I recently started thinking what if something were to happen to me and my son found these pictures? So I knew that I had to get rid of them to keep my secret a secret. So, reluctantly I have done this. But a warning to other moms, do think ahead.

  • Fear Of Being Found Out

    I am a divorced forty-one year old woman. About a year ago I started having sex with a married friend and her husband. It has just been so much having these delightful threesomes.

    I never considered myself to be very sexually adventurous, but one day the three of just tried it for fun and it was terrific. I had no idea that I could enjoy being bisexual or that I would ever liked being watched while I was fucked. But I surprised myself.

    The only thing is that I have a twenty-two year old daughter, living on her own, but I sort of live in fear that somehow she might find out that her mom is a swinger like this. Are there other moms out there who have a secret like this?

    Just Nice And Just Normal

    I read two stories on here about it being the first time for mom and son relations and I thought how this was so much like my own story.

    After my parents divorced and it was just my mom and me, we started having sex. It really didn’t seem like a big deal. I mean, it was exciting doing that together as mother and son. But basically this was just something that we enjoyed doing together. It was pretty much just straightforward and nothing kinky, although my mom would occasionally perform oral on me and me on her. But that was it. Usually we had sex in the typical missionary position, with me on top and my mom beneath, which she liked it that way.

    For her she found it quite a luxury to be able to do this with her own son, and I felt very privileged getting to do it with my own mom. This went on between us for a number of years.

    Mom eventually remarried and I married, although my mom and I do get together once or twice a year to reacquaint ourselves intimately and we both adore this. Big secret, of course. Her husband doesn’t know that she is being fucked by her son, and my wife has no idea that I’m fucking my mother. We can only imagine what they would say if they did know!

    Still, it really was and still is just normal for the two of to be doing this, without guilt or issues as I read in one of the comments.

  • High School Asian Girl Gets Backseat Lunch

    I used to work on a college campus. It had a feeder all girl highschool attached. Those girls must've been horny.

    Matched with one on Tinder. She was graduating in a couple months, just turned 18. She seemed like a little slut because she got drunk and sent me some suggestive GIFs.

    I told her to come hangout with me during my lunch break, so she skips 5th period and meets me at some lunch tables. She was wearing the sexiest little skirt. She said she had never been with an older man. I told her I had a condom in my car.

    Within half an hour, this cute little slut was slobbering all over my rod in the back of my car, in some parking garage on campus. I pulled down her skirt to slap her ass and catch a glimpse of her tight pink thong.

    She really knew what she was doing, because after about 5 minutes I'm getting ready to blow.

    I look her in the eyes and hold her head with both hands. She is working my cock up and down with her lips. She felt so good.

    I release myself inside of her mouth. She keeps pumping, taking multiple bursts of my sperm in her mouth.

    After she took my load down into her stomach, she gave me a kiss, and pulled up her skirt.

    "I should probably get back..." she said. I squeezed her ass one last time as she hopped out of the car. She gave me a wink and said "thanks for the lunch".

    Everyone Isn't Pink On The Inside

    This should definitely be an issue but it is. I'm Hispanic, first generation born here. As you can guess, brown, dark black hair, brown eyes. Down below very thick black bush. Inside not pink, dark almost dark purple when I'm aroused. I date a girl, blonde, blue eyes, fair skin, down below sparse bush, light brown, pink inside, when she is aroused bright pink red.

  • Moms And Dads Can Be Surprising

    When I was fourteen sort of had an infatuation about my older brother, who was two years older than me. The two of had always gotten along well, and there was never anything untoward between us. But I was one of those girls who wondered what it would be like to have sex with my own brother. I found that quite exciting and thought how special it would be. Of course I never told him that, although he was the focus of many a maturational fantasy.

    Well, we both went on and got married and all of that was regulated to past thoughts. Now I’m forty-two and divorced, and my brother is forty-four and divorced. Having the chance, the two of started spending more time together and enjoying each other’s company.I was surprised that after my divorce I found my private thoughts returning to my brother, and yes I began thinking about him while I was masturbating and teasingly wondering what it would be like all over again.

    Then this Covid thing hit and it was boring and in many ways life was put into perspective. One day when my brother came over to my place I was quite deliberately naked. Of course he was surprised, and I felt a bit modest and daring doing that. Then I simply asked him if he wanted to fuck me. My brother was not expecting this from his sister, but he got naked too, and we went into the bedroom and fucked.

    It was so incredible finally to feel what it was like to have my brother’s penis in me and it was better and more exciting than I had ever imagined. And I was so excited when he was actually ejaculating his sperm into me that I started climaxing. It was both thrilling and breathtaking I can tell you.

    Afterward he told me how great it was getting to do this with his own sister. We fucked two more times that day and we both knew right then that this was something that we were going to keep doing.

    Six months ago, with both of us having been thinking of moving anyway, we moved out to the west coast and started living openly together as a couple. Mom and dad knew that we were sharing the same place and I think that they suspected what is going on, although they never said and were just accepting of this arrangement. I suppose they thought that at our age we knew what we’re doing and if that’s what we felt like doing then they’re ok with it.

    Well, at the beginning of this month we invited them to come out and spend a week with us. Craig and I had made arrangements to have separate bedrooms, not wanting to see mom and dad go purple. When they arrived they were very happy to see us. I was feeling very guilty about not being honest, so I felt the need to be completely honest before they even got settled in, thinking that for better or worse that I should get this over with. Discretely I took mom aside and asked her if she knew that Craig and I were actually having a romantic relationship. To my complete surprise she just laughed and said, yes, that she and dad had pretty much suspected. She told me that they were quite understanding and happy for us. So needless to say, we scr**ed our alternative plans and the two of just slept together and mom and dad just acted perfectly normal about it.

    My mom joked about it while we were all having breakfast that first morning, and said how we were all just one big happy family. Our dad just smiled and did not disagree. Later my mom and I did talk about this, and she said how they knew that we weren’t going to have any children together, so they didn’t see any problem with our relationship.

    I am still just so surprised that this has all worked out. That our parents don’t think that we are sinful and immoral, but just happy together as brother and sister, and I seriously suspect that there are quite a large number of brother and sister couples out there. I’d like to hear from some.

    That First Time, As Well

    This is in response to "That First Time."

    The first time that my mom and I had sex it was very easy and straightforward, too. My mom and my dad had divorced six months earlier after a rocky marriage, and she moved into a new apartment. I was nineteen and going to a local college had been living at home, so I moved with her.

    My mom is sort of thin and attractive, and is a rather serious sort of down to earth person. The two of us had always gotten along in a mature kind of way. The apartment was much smaller than our house, and it was different with it just being my mom and me and neither of us minded that.

    We had to share a bathroom and my mom had no problem in my seeing her naked. She was very casual and comfortable about that. Being quite practical about it she said how she was divorced and that some mothers and sons did things like be naked together and have a close relationship. We had been in our new apartment for about a week, and one morning I suppose that she was in the mood, and I was coming naked out of the bathroom and she was right there in her room naked, and she said that I could come in and join her.

    It was nice being naked together and we hugged and then we had sex. It was remarkably straightforward and easy. After that my mom and I started enjoying having sex together just as something that we did. It was nice and now it’s been that way for over a year.

    I think that it’s really neat and wonderful that we can be physically intimate as mother and son. I know that lots of people would probably think that this is awful and immoral and sinful for a mother and son t have sex. But in fact it’s not like that at all. For us we enjoy the closeness. It’s as simple as that. So it’s not always anything untoward like people think or want to think.

    Recollecting About My First Time

    I was in the tenth grade and had just gotten my license and my first car. I drove up to my uncle and aunts lake house. We were sitting out on the deck, the old geezers talking politics and the women gossiping about their kids. One of the guests, in his early thirties, put his hand on my thigh and asked me to show him my car, a 280Z with T Tops.

    Walking around the house to where I'd parked the car I kept thinking of him touching my thigh the way he did. We got in the car, I had my hand on the shifter and he put his hand on mine. I felt like pulling my hand away but I didn't. He asked if he could drive it. We changed seats and he started the car and we drove out to the lake road.

    He drove to another lake house, telling me it was his parents and he wanted to show it to me. By the time he was showing me his parent's room I started to feel real uncomfortable, he was touching me, kidding me, asking me if high school kids still played boy and girl. He said something about how lucky he was, and I was lucky too. That's when he grabbed my crotch, followed by 'like that?'.

    I confess I liked it, he must have seen I liked it. He grabbed and felt me up. He asked if I wanted him to unzip my pants. I nodded, his hot hand on my junk just got me hard. He crouched down and sucked me. He stood and told me to let him know if I wanted him to stop. He helped me undress and he got undressed and what happened next was on his parent's bed.

    It was sex, I kept thinking what girls did knowing that was the day they were getting fucked. I wondered how it would feel. When he had me give him oral I got really hot, I wanted to do it more than anything. I wanted to turn over on the bed and just go for it. His technique was good, he positioned me for deeper penetration, he fingered me with his index finger which already had lube. He then took his position, told me to just let it happen and enjoy.

    He and I never hooked up again. But the memory of sucking his cock for the first time and giving him my ass for the first time won't go away. It was forty years ago today.

    Helped Out My Friend With Her Only Fans.

    One of my friends has an Only Fans account. One day she texted me asking if I wanted to get my dick sucked ASAP. At this time I didn't know she had an only fans and it seemed very suspicious. I was trying to think of how to respond in case it was some kind of prank or trick but before I did she told me some guy was offering her 5k for a live and private show of her sucking a dick and taking a facial. I didnt want to be in a porn going out to the internet but she assured me my face wouldnt be in it.

    I went over and she blew me for about 10 mins. I busted a nut on her face and she got her money. She checked that it would be ok with me, but has since made it public on her site. At first i felt ashamed a bit but now I get turned on by the idea that there are probably alot of dudes that have cum to a video of me cumming on a hott chicks face.

    If anyone wants to see me get my dick sucked, I believe her name is ciera on there.

  • The Old Woman

    She's 71, weighs about 200lbs, and has super huge tits and a hairy pussy. She's paid me for sex for the last 2 years. I've only fucked her with my cock in her pussy about 10 times, sometimes it goes in her mouth and sometime up her tight butt. Mostly though, I have to dress in nylons, garter and a shorty nightie, all black. I already have pretty long hair, so I put on some eye makeup and lipstick. We kiss, then she feeds me her big tits, I suck on them for about 20 minutes or more, feeling her pussy. Then she pushes my head down and while I'm licking her clit and her pussy, finger fucking her she calls me Sharon. Then she cums, and when she recovers she leaves the bedroom. When she comes back she is wearing her strapon cock. I lube it, and have already lubed myself. I then get fucked in my ass till she cums again. Sometimes it's 5 minutes sometimes is up to an hour of having my ass pounded. I usually then lay there and she watches me used my hand till I cum all over myself. She licks it off me and sometimes feeds me a little on her finger.

    I can then take off the makeup, get into my street clothes and when I come out of the bedroom and bathroom, she is waiting in her fat housedress with an envelope of cash for me. I do this twice a week sometimes more, and have for the last two years. Each time there is between $150 and $ 400 in the envelope depending on how many times she came or how long she pegged my ass.

    it's money, that's all I can say. She was the first pussy, ass, and mouth I ever fucked.