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I'm At The Point Where I Might As Well Get Pregnant

I get drawn into the conversation of how bad we had it growing up. Single mother, two kids, shitty job. My brother is worthless and can't keep a job. I worked from the time I was 13, earlier really, babysitting, odd jobs, I cleaned houses, worked as a file clerk, hostess stand, waitress, anything to make money. I never considered myself pretty. I attracted older men, always older men, never anyone my age. My first sexual experience was with an older man. I was 15 and he was a creep and when he stuck his dick in my mouth I vomited. I had sexual experiences with other women, I could lay back and take it but sticking my tongue in another woman's pussy I didn't like. I turned 18 having had sex with a couple of older men and several older than me women, girls really, not older like the men.

As a fully mature 22 years old I decided to get over my hang up with eating pussy and I came onto a girl at work (I was working reception and she worked in accounts payable). I was forward with her and told her I wanted to kiss with her, I was hot for her and I wanted to touch her titties. To eat her we took a shower together and I let her wash me completely and I washed her completely and then we shaved until we were totally shaved. Her pussy was really clean from the shower and her shaved pussy turned me on and I ate her with pleasure, I got very hot doing so and when she triggered and climaxed it felt really good. I told her I loved her and we stayed together.

An older man at my work wanted a piece of my ass. He didn't leave me alone and asked me for my panties and asked whether I kept a shaved pussy. He told me that he liked kissing a girl's behind, her hole, and he wanted to do that to me. He did it one afternoon after work in his office, I laid over his desk and he ate my butthole. It felt really good and when he stuck his dick in me I let him, I just grabbed the front of the desk and let him pound away until he finished. That was the first time I liked having a man fuck me.

I have my girlfriend, we live together. She is from a hispanic background and lesbians aren't liked very much and she is not married and not pregnant so she gets lots of shit from her family. When I'm with her, and her family, I'm so blonde and tall and blue eyed and don't speak Spanish. Some of the old men look at me like they want to fuck me. I don't feel accepted so we don't go there very often (she isn't accepted either because she is a lesbian).

My brother told me a while ago that he had a vasectomy when he was 18. That puts all the pressure on me to have a grandbaby for my mother. My girlfriend and me went to a lecture on conception and pregnancy (for women who want to get pregnant). We are good candidates, we're just the wrong kind of couple. Some old man will do it, I just won't tell him why I'm letting him. My girlfriend isn't sure she could go through it (the sex part, not the pregnancy).

  • I Cheated With My Brothers Friend Again

    I recently my wrote how my boyfriend is in jail and I ended up fucking my brothers friend well it happened again last night . I knew what I was doing I had a few drinks and then rang him and invited him round . As soon as he got to my house he was kissing me and lifting my dress up feeling me and so on so I pushed him on to the couch and was grinding on him , I undid his belt and pulled his pants down and starting sucking his cock I deepthroated him for around 5 minutes but he said he didn’t want to come he pulled me off him he stood up and pushed me over the couch lifted my dress up and pushed my panties down and started fucking me really hard it was really forceful but sexy he grabbed my hair and went even harder before he came he pulled out turned me around made me sit and he came all over my mouth and face so being a slut I licked my lips lol we cleaned up then half an hour later we went to the bedroom and I rode him until I came then let him bend me over again we carried on drinking and fucking all night then we past out when we woke up I gave him a hand Job and then spent a few hours cuddling and kissing in bed then he went home and I wrote my boyfriend a letter telling him I love him like everything is normal

    Two Gym Sluts I Jerk Off To

    I saw them come out of the locker room today. Tiny shorts with big thick asses, sports bras with tits almost popping out, etc these girls looked ready for a fuck fest. They don’t go to the gym to work out, they go there because they know we watch them pretending to work out half naked with tiny shorts that basically get swallowed by their ass cheeks. They love attention from us pervs they just won’t admit it. Why else would they be wearing such tiny tight clothing with makeup and hair down? These sluts just want attention and they’ll keep getting my cock hard at the gym. Keep wearing those tight leggings that keep riding up your ass it gives me more fuel to jerk my cock

  • Staying With Sister

    For context I'm F45 - About 30 years ago now I was around 14 or 15 and staying for a few days with my sister and her husband. I always thought that he was handsome and used to fantasize about kissing him, him touching me and of course seeing him naked. One night I was lying in bed, not sleepy, and I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from their room. My bedroom door was slightly open so I got up to peek through the gap but of course their bedroom door was shut, I was transfixed imagining what was going on and thinking about his hard cock. After a few minutes I heard him grunt as he finished. For some reason I stayed looking at their door when it opened and he walked out, naked, to use the bathroom. My eyes nearly popped out as I saw that his cock was still half hard and to me, looked huge. He didn't notice as I swiftly moved back and closed my door. My finger and pussy got a good workout that night and many times after.

    My Drunk Mother

    first let me say I was young and didn't realize it was wrong but I want to experience the opposite sex. here we go

    when I was 13 my parents divorced and mom was drinking a lot. I hated her when she was drunk but late one night I was going to the bathroom and I saw mom sleeping on the couch. I could smell the alcohol and she was snoring. I turned on a light because I was going to tell her to go to bed. when I turned on the light i couldn't believe my eyes. moms robe had opened up and I could see moms boobs and pubic hair. this was the first time I saw a grown up woman nude. moms body was so much different then my little sisters. I just looked at moms body for like ten minutes then went back to bed. in bed all I could think about was moms body. this was the first time I ever got sexually excited.
    i went back to the living room and mom hadn't moved at all. I got my camera and took pictures of her to look at when i wanted. looking at moms body i got up the courage to feel her boob. when i touched her nipple i was amazed moms nipple got long and hard in my hand. i watched her face the whole time to she if she wss waking up. then i felt moms pubic hair which was so cool because i didn't have any yet. it was soft and fuzzy then i felt something between her legs which i hated found out was her labia lips. exploring her i discovered moms vagina and it was warm and slippery and my fingers slipped inside of her. this was amazing that i was exploring and learning about the opposite sex. i sucked her nipples while fingering her and used her hand to masturbate. i licked my fingers and liked the taste and when i came i put my sperm on her lips and used some on my fingers pushing back inside of her.
    now i couldn't wait for her to get drunk. every time she was drunk i would feel her up and exploring her body.
    about a year later she was sleeping on her side nude so i got behind her in the spooning position and slipped my penis into moms vagina, within seconds i was Cumming inside of her. the feeling of her warmth how slippery she was and sex for the first time was incredible.
    all of my first sexual experience's were with my drunk mother. it was the greatest experience of my life

  • Ex's Site

    So I found a fake profile of my ex on Instagram. It was an account linking to a pocketstars account for her. I asked her about it but she said it was justa fake but it had about 50 posts on it. What should I do?

    Mature Titties

    being a bit cheeky when i was younger ended up with a mouthful of dd fully grown mommy size tits,
    ever since ive always had a thing for ,lets say mature larger breasted ladys.
    whats wrong asked marie ,iwas doing my homework (more like perving over her thick thighs in her skirt) in my head i was putting my hand in her panties.a bit later i got to touch her silky wet lips.i soon got the chat about her and her mommy size tits,to my suprise she liked it.now what to do.it was obvious i had a hard on(at that age i was wanking about 4 or 5 times a day)i brushed past her making sure my hand touched her tits.next minute or so was bit nervy.a bit of playfighting i got to grope and stroke her.i felt tits and brushed over her nipples,her top lifted and i fumbled with her bra.she undone it and her tits seem to get even bigger.i couldnt help but take my cock out b4 i spunked my pants.i touched my cock and shot the biggest load(felt it so hard from my balls to explosion)i thought oh no,my hand felt her hairy pussy and my cock was hard again.guiding my virgin cock she pulled me in and i came again.we played about that afternoon ,i licked my first pussy sucked and groped dds and first gobjob.i still her from time to time and lucky enough she lets me jack off to her.xx

    Been Thinking About It Awhile Now

    So a couple of years ago before the damned pandemic, I often took my lovely younger wife out for an afternoon tea and a cookie or a danish that we'd split and just chat about the day's events, etc.
    So there were a handful of guys and women who worked there and made up coffees and teas and so on. One of the girls was a slightly butchy girl who seemed awfully friendly and even a bit flirty with my wife and myself.
    There was also a young guy who after we had chatted a few times told me he was gay and was also thinking about getting on hormones prior to a sex change. Naturally that's pretty serious and not something you'd probably say in casual conversation. This fellow was also quite flirty with me.
    Anyway, I found myself looking at him a little differently and with a little bit of curiosity and lust.
    Thought he was cute and would probably be a good submissive cocksucker just the way I like it.
    Sadly the awful virus struck and we were under lockdowns and isolation followed by the vaccinations that don't really give me a lot of confidence.
    So I never met up with the cute young guy and haven't even seen any of that crew in a couple of years. Feels like lost opportunities.

    There Is No Feeling Like Being Your Sugar Daddy's Baby

    I never set out to be a sugar baby. I met him at work, a man who every girl would want for a father. Caring, parental, strong, protective. He calls me Baby. We went to see a client, in two cars. When he walked me to my car he just kissed me on the lips, and then "I love you Baby".

    Later, another day later, he told me he thought I would be a good Mom. Not all girls give him that feeling. The following weekend I went to a baseball game, with several members of the staff. He was there, "Look at that girl, and that one over there, and the one walking up the stairs. You know what they have in common? They are not my Baby, you are my Baby, that's what makes you different".

    I sat beside him and put my arm in his. "If I'm your Baby, are you my Daddy?"

    I think that's the day I 'officially' became his Sugar Baby and he became my Sugar Daddy. When he held me in his arms, under him, and he penetrated me and held me tight I knew he was my Daddy and I loved him. I love being his 'Baby'. It's the best feeling in the world.

  • Never Thought I Would.........continued

    So here I am a 72 year old man and after years of no sex with a Woman I am enjoying sex again but in a totally different way! I have hooked up with a very nice college kid and we have met twice now and both times I have given him oral sex and find myself constantly thinking about it. He enjoys it because like I said before his girlfriend isn't into that and for me I found the feeling of his hard young cock going in and out of my mouth is starting to change me. Yes, I pay him as we both agreed because college kids always need the money and I am comfortable doing that. So after several weeks we are trusting each other more and more so we exchanged phone numbers so we no longer needed to use the site where we met. Our late night conversations were getting more and more sexually erotic and I was admitting things to him I never imagined I would. He said he really enjoyed the way I sucked him and thanked me for giving him the much needed money. Then he asked If I was interested in doing anything else that I have only thought about since he met me and I took a deep breath and answered YES! I said if we could manage to find a place inside, just the two of us I would want to sit back and watch him slowly undress in front of me until he was totally naked and I could see all of his toned young body for the first time. I also reminded him that I would be willing to compensate more for anything we did beyond oral sex, he readily agreed and I was getting very excited! Then several days later he told me his parents were going on vacation for two weeks and he was going to be alone some nights except when his girlfriend stayed over, she lived quite a distance away and she worked so she would just be there on the weekend. He said late at night would be better just to make sure there would be no one stopping by unexpectedly so we picked a night during the week and I went to the address he gave me. It was late, around midnight and I could not believe how excited I was while driving there. He greeted me at the door and I was so relieved to see him there alone. We made small talk for a few minutes then he went to the kitchen to get us something cold to drink. He got up put on some music, set down his drink and walked over and stood before me. He put his foot on my knee and told me to take off his sandal, so I did and then the other one. I watched as he started rubbing his chest and shoulders and stomach and then he reached down and pulled his shirt over his head and off. It was as I thought, he looked so athletic and smooth and I was starting to get very warm! Then he unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down the zipper letting the shorts fall to the floor, stepped closer to me wearing bikini underwear and at that moment I could not take it any longer so I slid my fingers in the waistband and slid his underwear off. In an instant I was on the floor on my knees with his semi-hard cock in my mouth feeling it grow and getting harder by the second. I realized at that very moment that I was changing and rapidly becoming a cocksucker, I wanted his cock so bad and didn't care that I was paying for it! He told me to stand up and for us to go in his bedroom. We did and he layed a towel down and I once again on my knees took his big cock in my mouth and struggled to take as much as I could and then it happened! I held his hips, stuck out my tongue and held my breath and for the first time felt his cock slide past my gag reflex and into my throat. He gasped and moaned as he pulled out and then slowly back in again and again as I realized he is actually fucking my mouth and throat. Why that made me feel so good I'm not sure but it did, I'm getting to be quite the cocksucker I though to myself. After several more seconds he said he was going to cum so I gently squeezed his balls feeling him tense up and I grabbed his hips very tight and he let out that familiar groan and as he shot his cum into my mouth I wrapped my lips tightly around the head of his sweet cock and this time I was brave enough to swallow his young cum. The sensation was unbelievable and it was nothing like I expected, I loved it!!! He fell back on the bed catching his breath and told me I was awesome. We walked back into the living room and he gathered his clothes and we walked to the front door I gave him a $100 and of course he said thank you and reminded me we had about two weeks. Driving home I could still taste his cock and a trace of pee and cum and realized I wanted to do more with this kid............way more!