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I Had To Have It

What it was is my sweet wife's tight little rosebud. With this lockdown business going on we've been spending a lot of time hanging out together and naturally doing some petting and pawing.
Most mornings we'll get it together between about ten a.m. until at least noon with my big hands all over her.
Well I got a thing for her cute round bubble butt and for the last couple of days all I could think of was getting me some of that.
I told her this morning that I was in serious need of some nasty loving and we ended up with her on the floor and my wood in her mouth. She loves to ..(continue confession)

My Wife Fucked A Family Friend

When every my dad visits i let my wife sleep in his room.
Im 35
My wife April lynn is 28
Jimmy is 56 my dad
It started two years ago we where all drunk and mom had just past i asked April to comfort him and it ended with sex over night dad was happy no longer depressed
Now at 28 April lynn visits dad daily she comes home used and well fucked i like it i have a low sex drive and not as big
Dad is a machine hung like a moose April and him have two kids i raise
I buy her lingerie and shoes for her adventures tonight she has been gone ..(continue confession)

My Wife Fucked A Family Friend

Glenna is 33 5ft 6in shoulder length blond hair it naturally curls at the ends. She weighs 140 pounds. Voluptuous with curves in the right places. She has a beautiful school girl doll face.
That said she has a killer body 32D up turn breasts with little gum drop nipples. Wide hips beautiful mid drift and stomach. Thick ass beautiful legs.
I went to the meat market and store to pick up ribs and stakes then to the store for photo salad stuff mac and cheese and okra bbq with a friend from out of town
Terence or Terry and me went to college together rented a house together lived together during college.
Terry was us army artillery ..(continue confession)

The Surprise

I am divorced and my 16yo daughter lives with her mom. Well my daughter sent me nude pictures of herself by mistake. Naturally I was surprised and ashamed because my penis became hard. I stared at the picture of her nice perky breasts and shaved pussy and pulled my penis out pleading myself. Another text popped up asking show me yours.
Not thinking I snapped a pic of my dick and sent it to her.
My girl realize her mistake and called me, apologizing and questioning me both of us embarrased and turned on. To make story short Kelli and I ended up having phone sex.


I would really like to see a Muslim with a hijab get fucked by bbc.

The Truth About Your Pussy

I saw the picture of Miley Cirus "My pussy, my choice". Well that's not true, you just think that it is your choice. It may be, but one day somewhere, a man wants your pussy and he is going to take it.

He may seduce you, or feel you up and get you hot, or he may just shove your fight aside. When he does you will suck his cock afterwards to let him know you now belong to him.

First Assfuck

My wife finally let me anally penetrate her.
Well... kinda.
She was damn near passed out drunk while we were fucking. I decided to try my luck and finger her asshole which is normally something she hates but this time she didnt even flinch.
I worked my well lubed index finger through her resistant sphincter and then inched it to it's full length into her. Her leg twitched and her ring tightened on my finger.
I knew then and there that I had to have her ass.
My penis was rock hard as I lubed it and her.
When I mounted her she resisted but couldnt break through her drunken haze.
After several ..(continue confession)

Son Follows Mom To Bookstore Gloryhole

When i was 16 years old i drove my mom to a local adult world book store and went in after she did bit could not see her,so i looked in the booth area and she was nowhere so i went outside and about 30 minits later she came out and i ask where she was she said she must have been in the restroom.Well a week later i told her i was busy so she drove and I followed her there and went in just after her and i watched her go into the video booth area and i saw the door number was 6 and as i walked in a guy went into room 5 so i hurried and jumped ..(continue confession)

Perils Of Texting

I'll provide some background on the events leading up to my texting event.

This started late last Fall when the wife & her Mom headed up to a yearly girls weekend at a cottage. There was like a dozen or so women comprised of mostly family and friends form her side of the family. Well I guess at some point they got in to the alcohol and the lips loosened up and they all began spilling their secrets. My wife was no exception and she relayed to the group that my dick is too big much to the horror of the others there. They weren't shocked that she gave up this info willingly but more that she said it ..(continue confession)

If Only...

It would be absolutely amazing if my wife shared my sexual desires. She had loosened up since we got married, but there's still so much more I want. I can butt fuck her almost anytime I want. That was my biggest want for a long time. She will piss on my face almost whenever I want also. I love that. There's just so much more.