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I have opened my legs for at least 130 different men. Many more if you count the ones who didn’t actually fuck me. And some women too.
A lot of them are total strangers who I will never meet again and don’t know their names. I have no idea how many different cocks I’ve sucked but it’s got to be over 200. I like to service men and make them cum with my experienced mouth and still tight wet pussy.
I don’t tell anyone my “number”, I just like to know and I think about all of those different cocks I’ve had and what a slut I must be when I masturbate. I want more too. A lot more. I look quite cute and they always think I must be inexperienced to start, until I start sucking. I can’t wait to open my mouth and my legs for the next 130 men.

  • Feels Good

    Straight male, 28, 5,10 and athletic build, muscular body with great arms but no six pack or anything like that. 8.5-9" and thick which I've been told by many girls and guys that it's the best they've seen.

    When I was younger, say 16 or 17 I could play with my cock for hours and keep a semi, not getting properly hard when I wanted to, this helps with where the story is going.

    I used to lay in bed and watch porn and just stroke my semi hard cock until I wanted to cum, I would watch all kinds, normal, anal, voyeur, flashing, and of course my favorite being stepmom and stepsis, I would watch and stroke my semi hard cock and push it down towards my ass, I once watched a tranny video if a tgirl fucking her own ass and I thought it was hot.

    I would spit on my hand and get my ass nice and wet and spit on my cock to get it wet too, then I would play with my cock and push my head against my tight ass before pushing it in, I'd say I could get half of my cock in there, I would then watch videos and play with my balls as I could feel my cock getting harder inside me. Some of the best orgasms I've had were Cummings inside my own ass. Anyone else do this?

    Also, I'm a serial flasher, to my mom especially, 56, tiny petite body with B cup boobs, decent ass, I'll shower and shave naked afterward and always keep the door open, she walks past and I've caught her many times having a glance at my 5" flaccid and thick cock. I'll jerk off in my room and leave my door slightly open and moan when she walks by, I've caught her looking several times too.

    Gemstone - Introduction

    Hello. My name is Gem and I am an alcoho..... Oh no, wrong site. Let me start again.
    My name is Gem, and I am a Groupie Slut Wife. There I said it !
    I'm going to start with an introduction to myself, to find out if I am welcome here. I have a need to write about myself and to reveal the dirty truths and sins that I have committed. On my journey to find a "true confessions" site, I have become disillusioned with the sites I have found. I started off at the biggest "sex story" site and found that all the mods are interested in is the punctuation and paragraphing. I spent a month putting the effort in, but everything I wrote got rejected, until they finally published part three, which made no sense on it's own. Other sites I have tried have been very immature, very "role play" focused, and finally I tried one last week that seemed exactly right, but then realised that it is "women only". I asked if I would be welcome, as I am well aware that fellow females don't like groupie sluts, and two mods welcomed me to the site, but then one privately asked me to leave.
    Maybe I should just write a book !

    I am from the United Kingdom. So our terminology will be different. I asked one of the mods on the previously mentioned site what a groupie slut meant in the US, and she guessed that I was a girl who liked gang-bangs with rock groups and ball sports teams. Well actually they are the two types of people I always try and avoid. Rock & pop groups because they are all about drink and, well you know, and footballers because they are like overgrown schoolboys, so immature. So let me explain -
    I am a GROUPIE because I love sex with famous people. In my case, what I call "Entertainers". Actors, musicians, some sportsmen. Basically anyone who makes their living entertaining the public. I love standing outside a theatre or concert hall. You will find me at the stage door, which is often round the back, or up an alleyway, stood shyly waiting and hoping someone will turn up, invite me in and have sex with me. I love being seen with "famous" people. They don't have to be that famous, just a little will do. People will look at me, probably stood in the rain under an umbrella, in a little mini skirt, and they will think "SLUT". And they would be right, but I don't care. It's me, it's my job, it's what I love. The first unwritten rule of being a Groupie is that we never pay to get into an event, and we do always get in, one way or another.

    I am a SLUT on three counts.
    Firstly, I don't always get the chance to purely be a groupie. Sometimes the second rule of being a groupie comes into play. That is "whoever takes a groupie into a show gets first go at her". Which means that if I am stood cold and lonely, I may succumb to allowing a doorman, steward, stage hand etc etc take me in. At least once in, I can then hang about outside the dressing rooms, showing my legs or breasts off to tempt some famous person to fuck me. I just have to suck off the person who took me in first, or if pressed, let them fuck me.
    Secondly, it is surprising how many times I will have groupie sex with some celebrity, and they will then ask me if I will "DO" their friend... or brother .... father .... son ....girlfriend ! Of course I will, although my heart sinks. I am being that slut again, having sex with anonymous people who aren't even famous. I disgust myself sometimes.
    Thirdly, as I say, my body likes sensual, gentle lovemaking with famous people. But my mind is troubled. It's a bit of a bastard to me. It CRAVES things that I will not enjoy. It hopes people will take advantage of me, use and abuse me, spank me, tie me up, slap me, and most of all, humiliate me. Make me beg, show me off, blackmail me. Yes gang-bang me.

    Which just leaves me to tell you about my role as a WIFE. If I carry on writing here I will tell you much more of course about how I got started in all of this. Basically, I am from an ex-mining town in the North of England (although I have moved away thank God). No one there had any money, I had two older sisters who bullied me and parents who didn't care. I never had any friends, and I stumbled into becoming a groupie at the one thing we had locally - a new Leisure & Sports Centre that that entertainment at weekends. From there I ventured to the nearest City and hung about outside theatres and entertainment complexes. A very shy girl waiting to be picked up. I would occasionally see other groupies who there was mutual hatred with, which is why I stuck to the entertainers they weren't interested in rather than rock groups. I also came across my future husband who I saw collecting autographs with a couple of his friends. The friends didn't like me (no one does) but HE always talked to me and accepted me. We went to a few shows together and he saw me go off with much older men, and accepted it all. Then one night, when I had been well fucked and was really happy, I invited him in at my parents house when he walked me home. I started confessing what I had done that night, and within minutes we were rolling on the floor naked, and fucked three times without stopping. Wow. What a slut I was. We were married within a year or so, with our own house, far away from anyone we knew. He accepts me for what I am, and I tell him MOST things while we have sex. As soon as possible after they have happened. And we have sex a LOT. He doesn't like the slut side of me, but has no choice. Sometimes I confess my sins, sometimes I taunt him with them.
    Being a groupie makes me happy.
    Being a slut makes me depressed sometimes.
    When I fulfill my cravings I can get suicidal. Not for long, but hubby looks after me.
    If I was in the US I would have a team of psychiatrists and psychologists. In the UK we get nothing. Just a blank stare when I open up to a GP. Occasionally a leaflet.
    OK, I'll stop now. Thanks for reading if you got this far.
    Give me a tick down and I will quietly leave.
    Give me a tick up and I'll stop by and write some more when I get time.
    Love, Gem x

  • Our Marriage Style

    In college is was on a dance team which kept my life busy along with studies. One of the support staff later became my husband. I knew he had sex with many of the dancers before we married. He knew I had a high school boyfriend and had had sex with 11 different guys by the time I was a senior in college. On a night with dance season almost over circumstances gave us the opportunity to be at his shared apartment just the two of us. We got drunk and wasn’t careful and I got pregnant. We married had two more children and are a busy happy family.
    We are both professional workers with decent salaries. My job is going different places with 3 other ladies doing group interviews at large employers selling different policies.
    We are expected to be pretty ladies and dress appealing to help make sales better.
    My husband and I satisfy each other sexually. We aren’t an active open marriage lifestyle but we enjoy if each other gets the opportunity to have sex with someone else. Frankly my husband prefers mastuerbating over sex with me. I find semen on my body or get awaken him cleaning semen off of me constantly.
    My husband has shared and I believe him, he has only had sex with two other woman after we have been married. Being I have to stay physically appealing and dress appealing I get propositioned almost daily. But reality I don’t have sex with other men 2 or 3 times a year. If I acquaint a man, filter out jerks and perverts, get treated with respect I invite them to my room sometime. I always tell my husband when I have sex with someone which really puts him in sex overdrive. He loves for me to have sex with others. My husband usually has sex with me morning and night for a few days after I have a fling.
    I make a away from home trip usually once a week. My husband always gives me a strong greeting when I return home wondering if I had had a fling on that trip. I think he wants me to have flings more often than I do.

    As Far As I Can See Women Have Only One Weakness

    I find women such wonderful creatures. Deadly, yet more desirable than any other.
    Its a poor man that hasn't experienced her wrath, her beauty or love.
    In all fairness these creatures can never tamed or mastered. Their needs and wants change with the wind, imagination and insanity.
    As far as I can see women have only one weakness.
    The want of a better man.

  • Foot Fetish

    I have a major foot fetish for my older sister and aunt. they both have huge smooth soles and are absolutely gorgeous. even my college friends when theyve been round love them and ive even seen one of my friends rub their feet for them and some rumoured to have done more. one claims to have had a tickle torture then footjob session with my sisters soles. do you think its true?

    Mother And Daughter

    For about eight months I was fucking an older married neighbor.
    She's very attractive and extremely sexual. So when her husband, who works away a lot, wasn't home, I was fucking her.

    You name it, we were doing it. Oral, fucking, anal, ass to mouth, some fisting, toys.
    After a few months of fucking my neighbors wife, I began dating a girl my age. Someone I worked with.
    I'd always stay at her place, as it was close to work and we'd fuck a lot.
    Even so I was still screwing my married neighbor.

    On a Sunday afternoon with her husband working in Europe I was fucking my neighbor. My cock was deep up her pussy and she had me fucking her asshole with a dildo from behind.
    She'd just started to orgasm when her lounge door opened.
    We both looked to the right, to see her daughter, the girl I was dating from work, stood in the doorway.

    What's crazy, is her mom continued to orgasm on my cock as my girlfriend began to shout at us both.
    Obviously we stopped, but I was still horny as fuck and my dick was so erect.
    All I could think about was fucking them both, but unfortunately it didn't turn out like that.

    My girlfriend dumped me and moved jobs. However even though she promised her daughter she would, her mother didn't stop fucking with me.

    It was a disaster for a while, but as things calmed down and my ex girlfriend didn't tell her father, I figured when I saw my ex out in a bar with some of her girlfriends, I'd go and talk to her.
    She told me I wasn't the first guy her mother had fucked behind her dad's back. And suspected her dad knew and accepted his wife fucking other guys. She even suggested he might like the idea.

    That night I went back to her place and we had such amazing sex. It was if her inhibitions had been lifted and we got into some really dirty sexual experiences.

    We're now kind of back together, but we only see each other a couple of times a week due to work. But the sex continues to be awesome.
    She knows I haven't stopped fucking her mom, but we don't mention it.
    I'd love to fuck them both together and did recently suggest us all getting together over the festive period.
    She didn't say yes, but she didn't say no either. What she did say was "We'll see".

    First Gay Sex

    I am recently divorced. I consider myself straight but recently I started watching gay porn. Started out with me just watching straight porn, mostly interracial. It turns me on to watch a black man with a big cock fucking a white woman. But recently I started to get turned on by the man more than I thought about the woman. I Started wondering what would feel like to be with a man. One night after a few beers, I created a profile on Grindr. I started talking to this guy who was about my age and we seem to hit it off with our conversation. Long story short we ended up meeting, and had a few drinks. He is bi so he has a little more experience than I do. We had a great time getting to know each other, and was very comfortable bringing him back to my place. We started kissing, and it turned me on more yI had ever been turned on before. Even when kissing a woman. We wound up taking our clothes off and he had the biggest cock I’ve ever seen in person. It had to be at least 8 inches. I guess the rumors are true about some black men. For some reason I wasn’t nervous, and started giving him a blow job. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I was so turned on and when he started to cum I didn’t pull away. I let him cum in my mouth and I could feel my cock getting even harder. I came harder than I ever have in my entire life. I never intended this to happen, but it was the greatest sexual experience of my life. I’ see him regularly now, and can never get enough of him. I’ve even started letting him fuck me. I can’t even put into words how amazing it is. Sometimes I don’t even cum. I just love making him feel good. It’s not an emotional connection, it’s completely physical. I enjoy making him feel good and being nothing but sex toy for him. I don’t even care if I cum. It feels amazing just to be taken by him. I learned what a jack of spades is, and he gladly treats me like I am a piece of his property. It’s all in fun, but I have never in my life experienced sexual gratification like this. This is cliché, but I love worshiping every inch of his body and letting him use me and feed me his load. I don’t even think about sex with women or any other men. Being a sub for this black God will never compare to any fantasy that I have. There you go. A straight White male that turned into a jack of spades and I don’t know what I’m gonna do. And I love every second of it.

    We Want To Feel A Dick Again, But Maybe A Stranger Is Better

    Two years ago I participated in a fmf threesome after a late night party. It was my first and her first. We got real close after that experience and during the pandemic we decided to live together. A couple of weeks after she moved in I took my pillow and got in bed with her. We made love, did it all, and have been together ever since. In March we got married.

    This will be our first Christmas as a married couple, we are poor, not rich. Our guy friend from that threesome has invited us to spend the week from Christmas to New Years at his cabin in Colorado. Hint, hint, he wants us to 'sleep' with him. We have not had sex with a man since that night two years ago. We could use a good banging, you just can't get that from pounding pussy to pussy.

    For a while we have been debating whether we are lesbians, or even bisexual, or straight girls who went lesbian because of the pandemic. Honestly, we love living together and being married, but we could use a dick now and then.

    We haven't agreed to accept his invitation. Maybe a stranger would be better, no strings attached.

  • The Sauna

    I reversed cowgirled a guy with a huge dick in the sauna while on vacation. My husband was hung over and stayed in bed. I got a massage and hit the hydro area and relaxed. Unfortunately I was really horny and it was dead. Just me and a nice looking older guy. He caught me looking at him a few ties and smiled at me. He followed me into the sauna and said hi. Said he was surprised such an attractive woman was on her on. I explained I was married, my husband was back at the room. He said something like, well, I'm interested if you are and asked if I'd ever fucked in a sauna. I said no, he said now's your chance and off came his bathing suit. He sat next to me, took off my top, sucked my tits and yes I was going to let him do what ever. He stood up and the biggest dick I've ever played with was in my face. I sucked him pretty good, he then got down, pulled off my bottoms and spread my legs. He was all fingers and tongue and he made me cum, it was such a relief. He sat next to me, I sucked him until he was ready then I straddled him facing away and sat right down on his dick, wiggled it in and slowly slid down and rode him until he came. we got dressed, went in the hot tub where I cleaned up my pussy, then said my good byes and took a shower, ate lunch, went to the beach and waited for my husband to find me. He eventually showed up. The guy was there for a couple more days and even engaged me and my husband in conversation a few times. He gave no hint and my husband actually kind of liked the guy. It's funny, at first I was really worried about getting cause but once the guy was gone I knew there was no way and it's just a nice memory. No worries.