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My Ideal Size

Haven been sexually active and been with more guys then I’d like to admit I’ve determined what my perfect dick is

I’d love it find a guy who is anywhere from 6.5 to 7.5 inches. Decent girth and uncut

The length is perfect for my vagina. Would hit all the right spots.

The more girth the better to fill me up.

And I like uncut because I think it’s so sexy to pull a guys foreskin down to expose the head for a bj. And uncut feels so much better for anal

  • Fun Ride

    We’ve been married 10 plus years and wanted to spice up our life. We’ve been in and out of the kink scene for. While. You know Covid fucked that up badly.

    We went to display, teaching stations thing and I really enjoyed being flogged on display and so so on but as we all know basically no one wants to hear or see that. Most people prefer women in this scenario. My wife also tried a few things. Wax play rope play flogging and so on. Well we met a few people we’ve played with since. The real hot part to me is she’s been doing circuits with as a demo bunny.

    Have you ever watched your love be put on display in all her naked glory for all to see and watch her be spanked, flogged, whipped, cropped, tied up or down depending on, shocked, and or caned? She’s a beautiful woman with short blonde hair that looks so sexy when she sweating. Ok and no picture the audience touching themselves while watching! Goddamn it’s a fucking rush. Watching people cuming to my wife’s cries, screams moans and well her reddened and darkening skin.

    She and I always cuddle for a bit after a scene for after care. Once she’s come out of sub space she’ll ask me questions cause sometimes her memory is a bit spotty from sub space and orgasms. I love her so much and love watching the displays like the audience. Unlike the audience I’d get to fuck her. Most of the time she’s still riding a high and I get road head(my favorite). It’s just a cherry on top.

    Afternoon At The Dollar Theater

    In my early 30s one afternoon I decided to go to the dollar theater to kill some time and relax it was in the fall. The movie was Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger, I had a copy of it at home.
    This theater is usually quiet and I could go there and just zone out for a couple of hours. The young men that were ahead of me in line were teenagers. I'm guessing high school, and they were doing the roughhousing, talking loud thing, I decided to stay anyway.
    Once I enter the actual theater, which these aren't overly large, I was glad to see these young men had moved down to the front to watch the movie. I was glad to see they would not be that close. There was an elderly couple about the center of the movie theater center of the seats as well, I went up to the second row from the back and a little closer to the wall.
    I was just relaxing a bit waiting for the movie to start when this woman a little older than me came in and looked around and she saw the young man down below. She had a lightweight jacket over her arm and more of a summer dress, the kind of tight at the top and then pleated at the bottom, Fuller below the waist to above the knee. The movie started and I didn't pay any attention to her.
    In just a few moments, I felt the presence of someone next to me, and she was standing in front of the seat next to me, leaned over and ask if I would mind if she sat next to me because the teenagers had made her a little nervous. I told her that would be OK and noticed that she smelled very nice.
    As she sat down she pulled her jacket over the arm of her chair and I went back to watching the movie.
    When the first explosion wracked the theater and lit up the room, she grabbed my arm and me not ready for it. My arm was in her lap before I realized what had happened. She apologized, and I told her it was OK and moved my arm back on the armrest.
    With the next bright light and loud noise, she grabbed my arm again and didn't release it this time my right hand was essentially on her left knee. I was now way more focused on her warm knee and nice smell than the movie that was on the screen.
    She had her right hand on my right bicep, and her left hand around my forearm. As the movie progressed, she initially hugged my hand up her leg when she was "startled".
    At this point, my elbow is nestled in her chest, and her cheek is on my arm, just below the shoulder, and the next time the movie startled her she gripped my arm tight and slid down in the chair a few inches and at this point, my right hand is just above mid thigh, right under the edge of her skirt, which has been pulled up in her lap by my hand being controlled by her hands.
    She scooted down this last time and didn't push herself back up and I could feel the tops of thigh high hose under her skirt. I continue to watch the movie, but I wasn't paying any attention to that at all.
    I took a chance and eased out just my right pinky, and rubbed her thigh very gently above the top of her hose. It was very warm, very smooth and by now I couldn't stand up if I needed to. She jumped again, pulled her self down further and my hand up further and I am right next to the crotch of her panties. I can feel the heat so I did the same thing I did earlier and reach out this time with two fingers not just my pinky and rubbed her crotch gently right on her mound, she was wearing lace panties, which drive me nuts. She was now holding my arm with both hands very tightly, so I simply started to rub exactly what I should've been rubbing. She would alternate opening her legs a little bit, and then closing them on my hand, I finally moved just a bit and slid my fingers under the thighband of her panties, and my middle finger inside of her extremely hot wet pussy . I started to slowly fingerfuck her. She kept a tight hold on my arm so I added the first one then another finger in her pussy now I had three of them nice and slowly fucking her up and down. I started to apply pressure from the inside to lift her off her seat with my one right arm, she closed her thighs around my hand and started to thrust back. Keep in mind this took most of the movie to build this up and get to this point, and I was ready to explode and as I massaged her I finally felt her entire body tense up and shudder all over. I stopped all motions, except for holding her tightly slightly elevated in place with my three fingers imbedded .
    She relaxed her tight grip on my arm. I slid my soaking wet fingers out of her, and she slid up in her chair straightening her dress, and told me she appreciated me, helping her not be afraid in the theater, got up and walked out.
    She left me sitting there with a raging hard on and the front of my jeans relatively wet. Thank goodness for newer jeans. It was easy to hide the damp as I left the theater.

  • Yes, I AM Serious!

    Looking for one or more, preferably, truly sick assholes, willing to keep me in a rubber bag, permanently...easy access to mouth, ass, and cock...anything possible - apart from actual physical wounding or trauma...mental agony a definite plus...maybe sedate me once a week, and hose out the bag, or not...your decision...I'm told cum has some nutritional value, but the zippered opening over my mouth, permitting access to demanding cocks, would also accommodate hot digs and such...hydrate me with piss....the possibilities are endless, for the right person(s)...now wait for the deluge of dump this votes...oh ye of little imagination...

    My Wife's Cones

    My wife has the most amazing coned-shaped breasts and nipples I’ve ever seen. I’ve had years of pleasure playing with those bad boys.

    I’ve dreamed of showing off my wife’s breasts and nipples to other men; alas she would never fulfil my fantasy. I’ve asked her to go topless on holidays so many times but have always been answered with a definite “no.”

    I have photographs of her topless, but she has never agreed to them being published on the internet, I have respected her wishes.

    My wife has never smoked or done any illicit substances. We had a dinner party with three other couples a few weeks ago. Later in the night, our host offered us some ‘stuff’ to smoke. My wife was a little drunk and agreed to try. There was a lot of laughing and coughing, but she quickly became hammered! We all then followed and it’s fair to say much frivolity was on display.

    My wife then gets up to make a speech, which is not usual. She thanked our hosts for a wonderful dinner party, the best she had ever attended. She then goes into a monologue about me! Amazingly she discloses that her nipples and tits are perfect cones and that in her teens, she was very embarrassed by them. One of her friends supported this by saying my wife would never change in front of her when they were at school. My wife then says that one of the reasons she loves me so much is that I had made her feel good about her body and her unusually shaped breasts. She then tells our friends that I’m a very naughty boy and that for years I’d tried to get her to show her tits to other men!!

    The general tone was one of hilarity at my wife’s hammered disclosure. She declares that to say thank you for making her feel good about her breasts, she had decided to make my fantasy come true. She then lifted her top and bra up, exposing her marvellous breasts to the others in the room. One of the other women tried to stop her, but she would have none of it!

    The three other men in the room, our friends, were fascinated by my wife’s cones-shaped breasts and nipples. Comments started along the lines of “Wow they are beauties” and “Holy fuck you’re a lucky SOB to have those to play with” My wife was enjoying every minute of her exposure, and so was I.

    The pièce de resistance then happened. The other three women then decided to do the same and joined my fantastic wife in exposing their breasts to the men in the room. Two of the women even brushed their tits against each other!! I can’t decide which I enjoyed more, my wife’s exposure or seeing our friends’ exposed tits. It's probably a dead draw.

  • Married The Gangbanged Whore

    The first time I fucked the girl who would be my wife, I was 16 she was 19 only a month away from being 20. She was in a two room motel suite. I was asked by her then BF who orchestrated 12 guys to fuck her in that weekends gangbang. I went in for my turn, I was the 8th guy to fuck her, two had already gone twice, she's had loads of cum dripping between her pussy lips, pooling under her pussy and ass, and on her belly, pussy, tits and face. I got my first piece of pussy in that used up whore c**t. I fucked her several times like that, even a few times at her BF's place when he took pity on my and would tell her to fuck me solo. That first time I kept slipping out of her pussy on my out strokes, and she stopped and asked if it was my first time. I was ashamed but did admit it was. She thought it was sweet she said and slowed me down. I still came fast and she kept moaning and groaning after so the guys thought I'd really done some first class fucking.

    I was in my third year in college and at the student union here she is. She remembered me and was almost blushing when I went up to her. We sat and had coffee, she said she'd gotten rid of her past and wasn't like that anymore. She wanted to go to school and get a degree. She was a year behind me even though she was 4 years older. It took a lot of doing, and my convincing her that I wanted to date her, the new woman, not the (her words) slut and whore that I'd fucked back in our town. She eventually gave it and after several days, about 6 we were in her apartment and I fucked her. She was different, loving, kissing, doing anything sexual to make it good for me. So, after I went to grad school and got a great job, she graduated and is a nurse, we are married, and have incredible sex. I have a beautiful, sexy, wife with a teens body at 32, now a sexy mom.

    I married the gangbang slut, my first ever fuck, and have no regrets.

    Good Choices

    I just turned 26 single male in shape work out gym rat that works for the family business. I am payed well and can afford most things people my age probably can not. I date off and on and use the gym for a place to work out and hook up.
    I have realized that the gym is not the place to go and meet someone to have a long term relationship with. I use it as a hook up spot and most of the women I have dated or hook up with are married. Some have been single or engaged but most married.
    My most current fuck doll is 38 with 2 kids stay at home mom. She does her best to keep her home running and from what I see she does a good job. She is a little blond milf about 5 foot 2 dirty blond hair is a natural brunette found out while going down on her. Tiny waist fake boobs and a thick little ass.
    All it took was for me to listen to her. A week later we would work out and hook up in our cars. Her day consists of getting and dropping the kids off at school meeting me for a romp going home and getting stuff around the house down picking the kids up from school dropping them off at what ever practice they have going on. After that rather then stay at practice she comes over for a couple of hours and i get to to relax and relieve pressure in her mouth pussy or ass.
    I honestly thought that I would be getting tired of her by now but she makes good choices when it comes to what she wears for me. Something panties sometimes no panties. Her tits are fake so the girls stand in place so no bra and her nipples seem to always be poking out. She has these nipples that poke out when she gets all hot. She sent me a picture of her nipples fully erct and she had hung Christmas ornaments from them. It was a good little picture of her. I made it so that pic pops up as her caller id.
    On her anniversary she was supposed to go to dinner and a party with there friends. That days she went and had her hair and nails done she wore this tight little black fitted dress that made her tits pop out and hugged her hips. She stopped by my place on the way home from having her hair done and so I wouldn’t ruin her makeup I ended up depositing a load on her pussy and a load in her butt. She ran late and didn’t get a chance to go home. Her husband had left to save the reservation and she was going to drop her car off and grab an Uber so they would only have 1 car at the restaurant and after party.
    You guessed it I followed her home she parked in the driveway and got right into my truck. It was hard to keep my hands off her so I pushed her head down on my lap and she willingly gave me some road head. It took about 15 minutes to get to where her husband and friends were waiting. She had me park around the corner from the restaurant while she finished sucking me off. I was fingering away while she was sucking me off. I could feel the mess down on her panties. I pulled her head up out my seat back and told her to ride me. She did as she told and rode me fast he lipstick was all on my cock her make up still looked good. She came at the same time as I and I let it soften in her. She pulled her dress down fixed her lipstick. She grabbed some tissues and shoved them down around her ass and crotch. She said it was a sticky mess. I pulled up to the restaurant stopping a door down from the entrance and gave her a smack in the ass and sent her on her way telling her to have a happy anniversary. As she got out she gave me a smirk and said she would call me in the morning.
    The next morning came and she started her day as always and we met at the gym as usual.
    She told me that her husband was a it upset that she was late but she blamed it on the Uber driver taking her to the wrong place across town. After a few drinks he thought nothing else of it. She said that dinner was good and they went to a bar afterwards and had more drinks and had a good time. She drove home he drank a little too much and he wanted sex. She said that she did not have time to clean up and first thing he wanted to do is go down on her. She had cleaned up at the restaurant but said she could still feel sticky down there and around her but from it leaking. She also that he went down and didn’t say anything. He tried to get hard but the drinks had got to him and ended up passing out.
    We finished our workout and I took her in her suv and nutted in her twice. She surprised me by wearing a butt plug during our work out and lettting me slam her butt in the car.
    We have been spending a lot of time together and her husband either doesn’t care has a side chick as well or doesn’t notice. Either way I’m getting my balls drained daily. Even while she has her monthly visitor.
    We have good sexual chemistry is what she tells me. I tell her it’s because I make her cum.l and fuck the shit out of her. She agrees and will continue to do so. I might see how much she would be willing to do. Il post again after a few weeks and I bring up my ideas.

    Had A Child Not My Husband's

    My husband and I have a lot in common and we knew we wanted to build a life together. One of those things we have in common is we're not monogamous types. Not before we married or after. We were both as discreet as possible. Neither of us were poly in the sense that we wanted other people in our domestic lives.

    We wanted a child, and I put the extracurricular fun on hold until I conceived. We adored our daughter, but we both decided our family was complete. I was scheduled to get a tubal, but my husband got very sick from covid even though the pandemic was on the wane. It took him 8 weeks to recover. I took care of him and of course I still had our daughter to care for. I got stressed and had a quickie with an old FWB one afternoon. My perscription for birth control had run out, but I used a condom which failed. I was nervous, but I thought, what are the chances? Then I missed my next period.

    I was going to terminate, but I kept putting it off. I guess the pregnancy hormones started working on me. Although I wasn't showing much visually yet, one night after my husband fully recovered, we were making love when he felt a slight hardness under my usually flat tummy. My husband is not st*pid. He figured it all out before I had a chance to fully explain. He was mad and I broke down in tears, and he didn't speak to me the rest of the night. The next day, however, he sat me down and said this could have happened to either of us. He could have got a girl pregnant and part of our salaries would go to child support. He said he'd raise the baby as his own. We had another adorable daughter, and he's been as devoted to her as he is toward his biological daughter.

    We haven't told my FWB he's the bio father. I know that's not right, but it's just so easy to go on as if I conceived by my husband. We've told no one the truth.

    Accidental Messy Anal

    My wife who is 3 years younger than me still has a very high sex drive. I’m very thankful for that. And one of big turn ons is anal sex

    I know lucky man anyone would say

    My wife tends to be very clean. As in there isn’t much of a mess when doing anal. Hardly ever have anything to wipe off my dick

    We were visiting my wife’s father over the weekend. He always enjoys the visit with his grandkids and us.

    While they all were outside in the horse barn my wife pulled me back to her childhood bedroom. She pulled my pants and underwear down giving me a bj. As she was sucking me she asked if I was ready. I knew that meant she wanted fucked in the ass. Sure I said.

    She bent over the bed and in my dick went. I figured we needed to make it quick so I just started fucking right away.

    I don’t know if it was the instant pounding I gave her ass or if it was something we ate the day before but I felt a really strong warm sensation around my dick. As she moaned she obviously was cramping. And the feeling got fuller around my dick and warner. Literary felt like I was fucking a thick cake batter or fudge.

    I slowed my pace down and my wife says we may have an accident on our hands. I knew what that meant, she had diarrhea and it was surrounding my dick. As I pulled out further I could see my dick was obviously covered in poop

    Not wanting to get any on us I pulled her thong further away from her butthole and I grabbed the towel she had on the bed.

    As I pulled out it obviously leaked out. The smell of sex and diarrhea filled the room.

    My wife who was definitely embarrassed but also fully aware messes can happen asked what sound we do. I told her let me wipe you off enough so you can take your panties off.

    My dick covered in the brown mess as I wiped her clean enough to make it to the bathroom to finish emptying her bowels

    I followed behind and told her to just let it all go as I hopped in the shower to clean my dick off. Thank god we shave our pubes!

    As I washing my dick in the hot shower water she’s kinda just laughing at what happened and told me thanks for the loosened up butthole.

    As she finished up I was till in the shower and I pulled her in my dick all clean I tuned her around and had her wash her butt off

    I stuck my dick back in her now clean butthole to get my load out. Didn’t take long. Obviously I came out a tad dirty again but it was worth it.

    I dried off and dressed as my wife said she needs more time in the bath. I knew the cum might upset things so I told her I’d go outside with the rest of the family

    About 25 minutes later my wife comes out. She’s feeling a lot better.

    As she kisses me on the check she whispers thanks for the the sex and thanks for not freaking out

  • Rocking A Bush In The Late 90s

    The year was 1999 I was 33 years old . I was well into my career by that point. As a flight attendant I had a great job by my love life lacked.

    I hadn’t had sex since 1988. I was just too busy I said but I really missed sex all of those years that I didn’t have a guy in my life.

    The last time I had sex at 23 bushes were still popular. It was the 80s so at least where I was from and all my friends all had a full bush in our panties.

    Thought out the 90s all my friends got married. And the few that I saw naked occasionally still rocked a full bush. So I never thought anything of me not grooming mine

    But in 1999 around new years I decided I was finally gonna get me some dick. And I had my eye on a pilot i regularly flew with.

    He was a bit older than me but single and good looking.

    We were staying in Denver. Supposed to head back to our hometown the following morning.

    After running into him in the hotel restaurant we hit it off. Within an hour we were in his hotel room. As I’m pulling off his jeans I could see the obvious lines of his hard dick in his white ftl briefs.

    As I pulled his briefs off I noticed right away he had no pubes. His cock was bare! What had I missed? Guys had pubes last time I saw a dick. But I got right to sucking. It felt great to have a dick in my mouth again

    But as he tossed me in the bed and worked his hand up my skirt I forgot I was hairy! My skirt came off and he pulled my panties off. He said holy bush! I blushed!

    I said sorry I don’t.. as I was talking he said I haven’t seen a bush since the 80s and I actually miss them. His face was in my pussy instantly eating me out. And it felt amazing!

    As he fucked me he ran his fingers through my bush. Complementing my body and my bush.

    Before I knew it he had pulled out and was cumming all in my bush. Rope after rope of cum. Obviously he needed the orgasms too. As he was cumming on me the hot cum on my clit make me orgasm again.