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Felt Bad

Have been married for almost 2 years when we husband and i purchased our first home in a quiet neighborhood. I’m no super model but have some quality features. I have B cup boobs but I have very thick thighs and a fat ass. To be honest my ass is what get the most attention and is what attracted my husband who admits this. Our home very small and cute nice size yard. We moved in met our neighbors. To the right is a retired couple that do a lot of travel large RV parked on there side yard. The other side is a guy named Nelson who is in early 60s. He was quite the talker and charmer. Tall man with a beard looks like he was muscular when he was younger. Still kind of in shape good looking older man.

Since we were putting stuff away and was expecting company I was in a tank top and a pair of shorts. The shorts where a little tight around my ass and since we where alone I had not been wearing any panties. So the shorts would cling and a few times my husband said damn babe that camel toe. Teasingly rubbing me all day I was hot tired and horny. I went to grab some items form the garage and since it had been a warm day the garage was open and Nelson came over to introduce himself. I could feel his eyes directed at my crotch. My husband came out a short time later and introduced himself. We spent some time talking and eventually we went out separate ways.

That had happened on a Saturday afternoon and we spent the next day Sunday putting stuff away. Monday came my husband left for work around 6 he commutes into the bay area and had a rather long drive. He would be home around 6. I work part time from home so I have time to clean up around the house. Again since I wasn’t planning on company or leaving the house I was in a tank top and a loose fitting shorts that because of the size of my ass my cheeks hang out. Some may say I dress slutty but I dress like this at home in private and hardly ever go out in these shorts. I was in my backyard putting stuff in the garbage and gardening shed when I heard Nelson say good morning we talked a bit I still putting items away and he let himself into my yard. He sat down and talked to me I was busy not paying attention and suddenly realized that my ass was almost completely showing my shorts had risen up and while is was bent over my pussy was partially exposed and he was getting a view. I stood up embarrassed and a little horny. I have always been a bit of a exhibition est but wasn’t really planning on showing my older neighbor. I played it off and was going to pull my shorts down when I walked by and I felt his hand on my ass cheek. It surprised me and scared me to be honest. He apologized and said that he was sorry and that it had been a while since his wife past and went on spilling his guts to me for the next half hour or so. I told him it was ok I felt bad for him he got up and I gave him a hug to make him feel better. Up close he was a big guy and I noticed that he had massive hands and fingers. On my hug he reached down and I had not had a chance to pull my shirts down a bit and I felt his giant finger slide into me. I was a bit horny from showing him my pussy on accident and hunting was huge and felt like a big cock to be honest. I was standing up he sat himself down I was standing sideways away from him when he told me to spin around which I did and he fingered away. I was whimpering and I could feel my pussy betraying me. We have an out door sectional where he moved me to. He had his cock out and it was in my face. My ass sticking up in the air hike had his thumb in my ass and a finger in my pussy with the other hand he pushed on my head his cock head was big and cock was veiny and very thick. I had precum on my lips. I gave it up and sucked away until I was gushing ima squirter I stopped sucking to let out a OH FUCK and he fingered away and unloaded a gallon of cum in my mouth. He told me to swallow it all and I tried to as much as I could. I took it upon myself to lick clean what ever spilled on top his pelvic area. Thinking I was done I got up but was grabbed and for being in his 60s cock was semi hard. His beard was scratchy as he kissed me then I was guided to his cock and impaled. This has been going on for about 6 months now. Every morning I’m used like a cheap whore. I get to rest on the weekends letting my holes recover. He keeps to himself says hi occasionally to my husband. By Sunday night my pussy is tingling with anticipation. He has recently started to rim and eat me out for breakfast. I look forward to this as he makes me squirt before reaming me. He brings me outfits to wear so we play dress up.

I feel bad because my husbands cock feels not as good as what I have been used to. I’m on BC but at some point I would like kids just who I want the kids from is up in the air. I let Nelson tell me what to do and he does and has me do a lot of things I never thought I would do.

  • Once We Were Happy Go Lucky, Now We Are Parents And Family Planning

    My last two years in college I shared an apartment with my friend Theresa. We got along fine, she liked to snuggle and got in bed with me often. There were a lot of titty rubs, and fingering. And some inadvertent orgasms. It was playacting and we 'humped', Theresa between my legs pretending to be a college stud. We never used any kind of male anatomy toy, the most we used was a vibrator for clit stimulation. We didn't sleep alone very often, mostly only when we were under the weather with the flu or something. We shared a pantie drawer and we used the closets to separate winter from summer wear. College was all about studying, we both graduated with honors.

    Off to work we found a cute two bedroom with a yard, I wanted a dog and we got a golden retriever. Dancing was something we liked and we found a girls only dance club where we could let down our hair without guys ogling us. We danced bra free, the feeling of dancing titties helped set the mood for later on when we got home. We ate pussy from the very beginning and eating pussy was our way of going all the way, always working to end in an orgasm. We never dated, or entertained any sort of activity with a male anything, our golden retriever was a girl.

    The all girls scene was alive and well, and we met several other 'couples'. We had parties, and some of them got raunchy, with naked girls on the tv. We got along well with this group of girls, and we had late night parties with everyone naked. It was nothing but hormones. From time to time we hired a male stripper, and laughed at his ding dong. we were happy, content, in our element. We lived a life where we could be free to be in love and to play around without side glances or disapproving eyes. One thing, though, in spite of the parties, and the naked roundtables, we didn't step out from each other. We were committed.

    At a birthday party for my sister, she turned 21 so it started at a club, and went from there, meeting up with some of her friends later. We were back at her apartment, she was still in college, and some frat types came over. I was grabbed and shoved down between on the carpet and summarily fucked by my sister's boyfriend, a lesbian gang bang my sister set up for me. It wasn't funny, or welcome. Theresa did her best to bathe me and wash me out but the truth is that neither of us had ever been on birth control. All we could do was wait for the inevitable.

    The news of the pregnancy was ice water to us, to my sister and my family it was different. They wanted me pregnant, and preferably put under the hand of some neanderthal, barefoot in the kitchen. Theresa did her best, she kept her composure, but the truth was that I was pregnant and our world had crashed and now it was all different. We did our best to set up a nursery, and to plan for post partum care for the child. We opted to wait and find out after birth if we had a son or daughter. Either one was welcome, by the time he was born we were ready to be parents, and we got married.

    Whether you want to call Theresa my husband, call her the man of the house, or whatever. I took her name after we got married, and our son has her name, and we are a family. There are no more wild parties with the 'girls', now we spend time with baby showers for other lesbians, and lesbian weddings, and lesbian parents. We have preschool to think about and we talk about a sibling. Theresa offered herself but that's my department, like it or not I will have to submit again to it. I can't do IVF or any other artificial conception. My sister's now husband will have to do, after all he fathered our son, he will father the next one. There is no way around getting pregnant. He's the father, and he will be the father again, and again.

    Sleep Sex

    From a fairly early age, I had an interest in having a sexual experience with a man. At like 10 or 11 years old, I would find ways to get porn, and I would hide it in my crawlspace. When certain friends would come over, we would jerk off together in the crawlspace, while looking at the porn. None of us ever got the courage to try more than that, and eventually we even stopped jerking off together, as we were much more focused on chasing girls.

    I got to college, still having never had that one experience I was hoping to have, and during spring semester of my freshman year, I started dating a woman who would eventually become my wife. She was two years ahead of me in school, so she graduated at the end of my sophomore year. During my Junior year and the first half of my senior year, she worked in the town where we went to college, while I continued towards my degree, and we lived together. During my senior year, we got engaged to be married, and she also got a much better paying job in a big city, about 2 hours from my school. So, during my final semester, she moved away to start her new job, and I was going to follow after I graduated and found a job up there.

    Shortly after she moved, I started to get very lonely, and started watching a lot of porn. Somehow this reminded me that I never got that one experience with a man I had been looking for since I was little. I started posting personal ads, back when you could do that on Craigslist, and got coffee with probably more than a dozen guys, with the purpose that we would hook up after. Every time, one of us (usually me) would get too nervous, and we would go our separate ways.

    Finally, I came up with the idea that I needed something to give me the confidence to do this before I get married. I had a surplus of ambien, because doctors seemed to give them out like candy back then if you struggled to sleep, and decided that I would take an ambien before the experience, so I wouldn't get cold feet again.

    I bought lube, in preparation, and made the arrangements with another Craigslist guy. He was a married guy, with a dad bod and an above average sized penis. I told him my plan, and he was totally fine with it. So, I took the sleeping pill when he said he was on his way, and gave myself an enema, in case we had sex. I left my door unlocked, in case I fell asleep before he arrived. He let himself in, and when he got to my room, I was barely awake. I was wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. He asked if I was still okay with this, and I garbled out some words that he thought meant yes. He quickly took his pants off and straddled my chest. He put his soft cock in my mouth, which quickly got hard, and he put his hands on my head and thrusted in and out of my mouth. I have no clue how long this took place because the sleeping pill was making it hard to stay conscious. Eventually he climbed off my chest, and flipped me over and started applying lube to himself and to me. My last conscious memory of the night was feeling one of his hands spread one of my ass cheeks, while he slowly started to insert himself in me. I don't remember any pain, so I must not have stayed awake for long after he started.

    When I woke up, about 10 hours later, I was very groggy, a tiny bit sore, I was fully clothed, and my asshole was still moist and sticky from the cum slowly seaping out of me while I slept on my stomach.

    Somehow, this odd experience scratched the itch for me of having one day sex experience, despite the fact I didn't really participate in it. I still jerk off thinking about it, but am happily married and wouldn't do it again.

  • Wife's Family Were Nudists.

    When I was in the military stationed on the West Coast, I me a really hot girl while at the beach. We hit it off right away and within a few months we were engaged. When I got leave, we decided that we were going to go meet my future in-laws in Arizona.

    As we were driving to Arizona, Beth told me she wanted to warn me about her family life. She informed me that she had grown up in a nudist environment and prepare myself even more than just meeting her Mom and Dad.

    When we got to their place and rang the doorbell, I was preparing for a very awkward moment, to my surprise her parents answered the door fully clothed. We went in and met the folks and unpacked our things. Later we went out to dinner and it was a typical meet the parents type of evening.

    After we got home, her parents decided to take a dip in the pool and Beth and I joined them later. It was dark in the backyard with the only lights being underwater in the pool. Beth and I were wearing swimwear and as we sat on the side of the pool, her Dad got out to grab a towel and have a smoke. He was butt naked and he came over and gave Beth a big hug pressing his cock up against her and whispered in her ear.

    With that, she slipped off her top and bottom and dove in the pool nude. Beth and her Mom swam over to where I was sitting with my feet dangling in the water. Her Mom encouraged me to come on in and she and Beth pulled me into the pool and her Mom told me to lose the shorts and she and Beth pulled off my shorts. It was a great feeling being naked in the water. Even better was when Beth's Mom grabbed my cock and squeezed it before swimming away laughing like a kid.

    After our swim we went inside, we were nude and we were toweling off while Beth's dad fixed a round of drinks. For the first time I got a good look at my future MIL. Kathy was 40 and a very curvy blonde lady with a huge set of fake boobs. As I was checking her out, Beth asked her Mom what she thought of her man. Her Mom said she thought I was beautiful and wrapped her arms around me and pressed her boobs up against me for a long hug. For the next 10 minutes, I had a half erect cock and it was as if nobody noticed or even cared.

    The next three days were more than I could have hoped for. We were nude almost all the time unless we went out someplace. Beth's Dad had to go into town several times and check on things at his business. He told the women to keep me entertained and they sure as hell did just that. The three of us even showered together with a happy ending for everyone involved.

    Breaking The Ice, Hot Beginnings In A Hot Tub

    In college a friend invited me to go skiing in Colorado, staying at his family's condo in Breckenridge. Lots of talk about snow bunnies and partying till late at night. We drove from Austin, got in after midnight. We slept till noon, and hit the slopes for an afternoon run.

    We came up short on the snow bunny front. After SpaghettiOs we had a beer and turned on the tv. Just as boring as being back at UT. After a while he suggested a dip in the hot tub, with 28 degrees outside. We got into swimming trunks from the owner's closet, quick walk outside into the hot tub.

    Talking, staying low in the water, he took off his trunks and asked me to join him. Sitting there with the water jets going, my balls free, it felt good really. When he swam over, taking my much reduced manhood in his hand I didn't resist and he kissed me. Who needs snow bunnies, and things got hot between us. A quick naked run back into the condo, toweled off we settled down to blowjobs and more serious stuff.

    Pretty horny we hunted for something to use as a lubricant, found some hand cream under the bathroom cabinet, and adopting the position we finished in style.

    Three days of uninterrupted sex, who needs snow bunnies. We drove back, the ice broken. Me, him, we drove up wishing, at the same time pretending snow bunnies were on the agenda. All in all, a memorable ski escape before our last semester.

  • My First Piece Of Ass.

    I literally got my first piece of ass when I was 14. I was of course a horny little kid that played sports and had a nice build for a growing boy. All the girls thought I was hot and I had dated a little, but just a little kissing and feeling up a girl was as far as I had gotten, until I met Phil.

    Phil was a retired teacher in his late 50s who lived down my block several doors. He started getting friendly with me , just being neighborly and I would mow his lawn and do other odd jobs around his house.

    I was mowing his lawn one summer and when I finished he asked me to come in and cool off with a cold soda. I was shirtless, wearing gym shorts and he took a towel and wiped the sweat from my face. As we talked he moved the towel down to my chest and stomach. He was asking me about girls and if I was getting any pussy. I had to admit that I was still a virgin.

    He put his hand between my legs and felt the weight of my cock and balls. "Too bad you're not getting any pussy" he told me and then said he bet I had a really nice cock. I was already getting hard, of course and Phil pulled down my shorts and played with my hard cock.

    He admired my hard young cock before taking it in his mouth and I was almost dizzy as he slowly sucked my cock. He pulled my cock from his mouth and it was rock hard and twitching a little with each heartbeat.

    "I've got something that every young boy needs and it's even better than pussy" he said and he dropped his shorts and bent over the sofa. He urged me to press my cock against his ass and me moaned as I pushed it in a little and then all the way.

    Needless to say, it didn't take long for me to shoot a load of cum in his ass as he jerked off. I continued to do odd jobs around Phil's house for about a year. I would fuck his ass every visit, sometimes twice in one day.

    Later that year I was able to get my first piece of ass from a girl at church camp, but my first piece of ass was Phil's and it was great.

    My Husband Is A Sissy

    I had no clue when I met him nor for the first years of our marriage. Then I came home early from a weeks trip and there SHE was. My husband who isn't the most "endowed" man in the world was in my nighties, garter, stockings, see through panties and bra. He didn't even react when I came in. He just said hello to me got up and kissed me and sat back down. I asked whats going on and he said it was what he normally did when I was gone. He was a crossdresser and liked feeling feminine. I was somewhat speechless, I'm sure my jaw dropped open. The man who regularly fucks me, eats me, even buttfucks me was actually looking really good in my lingerie. I just said I didn't know what to say and he took me into the bedroom, stripped me, and didn't make love to me he fucked me like when we were first dating. It was extraordinary. He took off the panties leaving all else on, and gave me some of the best sex we've had. After he insisted that I not clean myself, but leave his sperm in me and leaking out, he selected white see through panties and matching bra and a thin shortie nightie. I put them on, me in white him in black. We returned to put some porn on the tele in the living room. He was all over me, kissing me, sucking on my nipples, and rubbing my panties into my crotch getting them all cummy, his and mine.

    I finally asked him. He'd been doing this since he was about 12. He used his sisters undies and many times would wear panties under his work suits. Sometimes undies, garter and stockings. I never knew. I asked if he was strictly straight and his answer was "Not strictly". His first sex was at 11 with an older boy. That continued for a few years. Probing further I found out he was the bottom, sometimes the other boy would use his hand on my husband and only a very few times used his mouth. My husband, at 12 - 14 was sucking cock and getting fucked by an older boy. After that boy found that he would wear his sisters undies, it was that way all the time. My husband even now is not that tall, very thin and quite frankly has a bit of a femme body, indented at the waist, legs as shapely that I wish I had them, and the cutest butt every. That butt was one of the things that attracted me to him. Little did I know that it attracted other males too.

    His next lover was a man in his 20s. He'd invent "jobs" so he could stay over at his house for the weekend, all the time, dressing in lingerie, undies and even skirts, dresses and blouses for the man and basically being his girlfriend or wife. He says that even when we started dating in college that he had two male lovers and dressed for them. He loved me, and wanted to be with me exclusively so he stopped cold turkey. Until about 2 years before I caught him, he started to dress again. So I accepted that my husbands butt and mouth had more cocks than mine, even more than my pussy (only 3 including hub), and we moved on. He usually dressed late in the evenings, came to bed in sexy lingerie we bought for him. Sometimes I'd look at him and his panties with him all tucked in, actually looked smoother than mine. I do have pretty prominent pussy lips though. He actually looked better than I did.

    We had great sex,but then he asked me to use a dildo on him. That lead to a strapon which in turn lead to my wearing mens undies (I have really small boobs, his aren't too much smaller than my little one) and fucking him. He acted totally like a woman when he was dressed, I was having sex with a cock, but a cock attached to a woman, a woman who wanted me to fuck her with a cock. Then I just asked him after several months. He admitted he was getting fucked by a man, he was sucking the mans cock. I even tried to let him have sex with the man while I was there too. I just didn't want sex after that though. The man got very demanding, I thought he was gay but I guess he wasn't. After he fucked my husband my husband cleaned his cock with his mouth, then the man got on top of me and put his cock up my ass. My husband watched, kissing me, sucking on my neck, and even licking the mans asshole. When brad, the man, left my husband had two loads of sperm in his butt, I had one in mine, and one from my husband when Brad made him fuck me while he watched. After Brad was hard and made me suck him and when ready he fucked my husband again.

    That was 3 months ago, I haven't had sex since. I don't want it. My husband is happy he is a sissy again, and talks about sex with me all the time. I don't even want to hear about it, but I do.

    Sharing Me, Changed Everything.

    My husband said it was his fantasy, something he'd longed for us to try.
    So I went along with his fantasy when we stayed in a seaside town a few weeks ago.
    Basically we split up in a bar and my husband watched me being chatted up by several men.
    I chose a guy who was the complete opposite of my reserved husband, and invited him back to our hotel room.

    On the way we kissed, I sucked his cock a little and he played with my pussy. It was then once he was so horny, I told the guy my husband would be back at the hotel, but it was ok as he was into watching me being fucked (Even though we'd never done anything before).
    It didn't phase the guy one bit and with my husband already back in the room, having walked past as I was having my pussy played with, he let us in.

    There was cringey chit chat either, as the guy told my husband to move away as he kissed me hard.
    We ended up on the bed and in a sixty nine, and I think at that point my husband was enjoying it.
    However once we began fucking, both vaginal and anal, with the sex being savage, my husband started to protest.
    I was loving it I have to say. The guys cock wasn't too much larger than my husband's, but the way he used me, the way he fucked me was totally different and I was orgasming from the moment he slid his cock into my pussy.
    The sex was raw, dirty and quite forceful. I was Fucked, not made love to and my husband decided it was enough.
    But the guy made my husband sit back down with a threat and carried on fucking my arsehole.
    He swapped from my mouth to my pussy, then my arse in different positions and had me craving his cock.
    It got to the point where I couldn't have cared less that my husband wasn't enjoying what he was watching me do. And I did everything the guy wanted me to.

    It was in the early hours of the morning with my husband asleep on the chair next to the bed, that our guest left us. But not before he'd fucked me again in the shower.
    It was a gentler kind of sex, but still more passionate than with my husband and afterwards I agreed to meet him again.
    My husband was in a terrible mood the next day, but I kept reminding him it was His idea.

    We've been back four weeks from our trip, and in those four weeks I've driven the fifteen miles once a week to meet up with my seaside lover.
    We both know it's only sex between us, so we don't hold back. I've done things sexually with him, my husband would never want to do and that includes last week when I spent two hours at his home having sex with him and a friend of his.
    They both fucked me in every hole and I cane away knowing I'll never be faithful to my husband again.

    I'm already chatting to an older man who lives near us, and the conversations are getting more and more sexual. Its only a matter of time and opportunity before I invite him into our home for sex. And I just know from the things he's said, the sex will be rough.
    Just the way I'm finding I love.

    And Now What?

    In high school 12th grade I witnessed an assault and m****r of a girl in a parking lot. The perpetrator was never caught. It affected me more and more as time went by. I saw shadows, felt a man behind me, became more and more paranoid. Help didn't help. I left college worse than when I got there. I didn't go out at night, didn't go into parking garages, stairwells, strangers houses. I lived with my mother, I didn't go out.

    I was helping my mother set up for the annual bake sale at church one Sunday. He was lost, looking for a room in the office building. I wiped my hands and led him to the room, alone. He was between me and the door. I went into an anxiety attack. He held me in his arms, I stopped trembling. He sat me down in a chair, and I answered his questions one by one. I told him about the night in the parking garage. I let him walk me back to my mother.

    I became attached to him, so much so that I went to work for him. I was completely open with him, my feelings were safe, he listened to me. I knew I was in love, but never considered that he loved me. One day I asked him a question one day and he told me that you only teach the ones you love. As I left his office he touched my face, 'you know I love you, I love you very much'.

    I felt I was too young, he was my mother's age. A day later I told him I loved him, very much, and ran away.

  • Black Man's Bitch

    I hooked up with an older black dude that face and ass fucked me. He was brutal but i will go back to him and next time he says he will bring his hung black friend too.