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Anyone Looking For A Pen Pal?

AnnabelleAbbess Hot mail

Good morning. I'm a 30 year old married woman who is only seeking a new pen pal. I'm a slender, white woman living in Las Vegas. Visually, I have a preference for women who look similar to me and would prefer to have contact with someone meeting that description. Please, don't think I'm excluding anyone. We don't get to choose who or what we find attractive.

I do have pictures to share, but if that's all you want, I expect you to have pictures to share in return. I do have a public career, so none of my pictures will show my face. In my daily life, I'm quite reserved and some mistake it for shy. Sharing myself with this anonymity is what I find most appealing. I do hope to hear from you soon.

Please, contact me through my email address:
AnnabelleAbbess Hot mail

  • I Watched And Let It Happen

    About 15 years ago, I was working in New Orleans for a couple of weeks. As I strolled after night back to my hotel I was along the river but on the other side of the flood wall, past the convention center and the hotel. I saw across the street a couple about 18 years old or so fallen out drunk. She was really cute, nice body, looked like C cup titties and wearing a mini skirt. A homeless guy was close to them and he didn't see me. I moved into the shadows. He kept sliding toward her. When close, he touched her arm and jostled it a bit. Neither of the couple moved. Next he shook her at the shoulder, nothing. I kept watching.

    Eventually he moved to her tits, she had on a tight top but obviously no bra. He was shaking them, squeezing them. Then he reached under her top and was feeling her bare tits under it. She moved a little giving him the chance to raise her top over her tits. They were perfect, beautiful with half dollar areolae and pencil eraser nipples that were dark pink. He started sucking on them and checking for any movement from her or her boyfriend who by no was rolled over about 3 feet away. Then he pulled up her mini up over her hips. Pulled down her panties and I got to see her gorgeous black haired bush. He was finger fucking her while sucking on those pretty tits. Soon he had his cock out and got on top of her and I watched as he pushed gently in and out of her. Soon he stopped, was pushing in and I knew he was cumming inside her pussy. It wasn't until he pulled out and walked away that I got the full realization that I'd watched a r**e. Not only watched, but got hard and was wanking off to it, and did absolutely nothing to stop it.

    I put my cock away, walked across the street and with the street flood light so close I got a better look at her body and her face, she was incredible. Then I saw dripping out of her black pussy hair, the white cum the homeless guy put into her beautiful pussy. And I did nothing but watch and let it happen. I think back and wonder if that girl knew she'd been r**ed, or did she and her boyfriend think they did it before they passed out? Did she get pregnant, not realizing the baby was from a homeless guy r****g her?

    I feel terrible some times, but I keep seeing her lying there so perfect, so beautiful with cum oozing out of her black haired, just fucked pussy.

    Never Enough

    Have been enjoying my delicious wife's sweet pussy and tight little rosebud with my fingers and tongue for several months now thanks to isolating for covid safety.
    Have always loved eating pussy since I was a teenager and had my first helping.
    So delicious to slip my tongue into that soft set of lips and fill my mouth with a woman's arousal.
    At the risk of turning some folks off, I will admit I have even done the deed when her monthly is very light.
    The real cause of this confession though is the back door. Gently kneading her sweet cheeks and spreading her open to reveal her most secret place. Gently kissing all around and squeezing her cheeks, slowly working into her crack with my lips and tongue. When I'm about to burst I'll tell her I'm gonna french kiss her and want her to kiss back.
    She was originally very, very scared and sensitive back there, afraid it was a mistake and I'd be put off. Boy was she ever mistaken!
    These days I will get her up and open and happily push my tongue as far up her arse as I possibly can, kissing and sucking her backside. Have loved her taste from the very first and makes me dick throb and drip. Have got as far as using a very lubed finger and a tiny little tapered toy in her arse. Have not been able to fit my fat veiny member in there but to be honest, I'm more interested in kissing and tasting her dirty little hole.
    The pussy is always a great wet fit and a fine little fuck, but my tongue loves getting dirty.
    Cannot wait for the summer when she will be even muskier. LOL

  • Finally Having Sex Again

    Between my wife’s cancer diagnoses and other issues taking place our sex life suffered for three years. We hadn’t had sex in 3 years! Most I had gotten was the occasional handjob every few months from my wife in the shower.

    Then 5 months ago I had a frenuloplasty to remove some tension I had for years. I was just going to get circumcised but my wife said no I like your foreskin.

    Then yesterday afternoon when I was still sleeping something changed. I woke up to my wife having her hand in my tighty whities. I asked what she was doing and she said this. She got under the covers, pulled my briefs down and started sucking my dick! Damn that felt amazing

    I could feel her wet pussy on my leg, she definitely was naked. She definitely was hairy down there but I could care less. She sucked my dick for a while till she came back up, kissed me, then said how about you fuck me.

    I wasted no time rolling her over and eating her pussy. Man that was something I missed. Minutes later I sunk my dick in her pussy. I missed that feeling. I didn’t even last 2 minutes before I filled her pussy with cum. Pulling out my dick my uncut dick was dripping pussy juice and cum.

    So glad her sex drive is back finally!

    I Just Wanted It To Be Over

    I was begging for it, and a one of the kinkiest guys I fuck with arranged a gangbang for me. I was full of myself and wanted 10 guys, I got 12 and thought that was great. It went on for hours, I was sore after the first three guys, they wouldn't stop, I don't know why but after the first few guys everyone started going bareback and I was a mess. I keep myself trimmed but since it was going into cold weather it's thicker hair down there and it was a mess, I could feel it all dripping out of me, I was laying in a pool of mancum. The guys just kept coming, some rolling me over and getting me on hands and knees for doggie, others wanting sucked hard before fucking. Others just came into the room I was in, shut the door, inserted and fucked till they came. The lights were off, I never even saw some of their faces.

    At the end which resulted in me having sucked to completion 5 times, and taken all 12 cocks I got fucked 21 times and my friend did the last time in my butt inviting any of the remaining guys in to watch. My friend asked me how I liked it and I told him I'd never do it again. I was so sore, just getting pounded and pounded. I never came, I was a mess, the bed was a mess I had sperm all over me. I don't know what I expected but that wasn't it. I guess I knew it was about being a fucktoy, a total slut and I wanted to experience that side of it, but I think I like being kissed while it's going on. I got fucked or sucked guys a total of 26 times and never got kissed or even rubbed to get me off. From about the 3rd guy I just wanted it to be over. Three or four of the guys were really thick, two of them really long too and it was really uncomfortable, they just stuck it all the way it and went to pounding.

    Now I know what its like, I don't want to experience it again. That was Saturday, today is Wednesday and I have trouble crossing my legs without feeling it down there. I had sex for the first time over a year ago, have had 9 different partners till this weekend, now it's 21 guys that have been in me. I wish it hadn't happened. My friend called this morning asking if I was up for it again this weekend, he picked up some great weed, and the guys have been asking for it again.


    I Am A Secret Wife

    Not really much of a confession. I am secretly married to the CEO of the company where I work. Three years ago the company had a global strategy conference in Georgetown, Bahamas. I was one of several support persons tor the conference, executives and regional managers. I was assigned to the CEO, like his secretary. During a sidebar discussion I told him I was a virgin, I had taken an oath at my church not to have sex before marriage.

    The following afternoon we were going over the evening presentation slide deck when he touched me, my behind. I slapped him, he grabbed my wrist and then let me go. Later that evening before the dinner he presented me to this Minister of the Anglican Church and he told me he was there to marry us.

    Papers were ready, sign here and here, now do you take this woman, do you take this man, bing, bang, boom you are married. And he kissed me. Thirty minutes later we were at the dinner. As a married woman he got my virginity. We don't live together, I work in the PR department, we have dinner and a movie, go to the museum, watch football. He has access. His worst habit is putting his hands under my butt to kiss me. He does pillow talk to me about some stuff with the company, things he can't talk to anyone else about.

    Cunni What ?

    It was difficult enough having sexual fun with my geeky looks as a kid. Yet I have a big cock. Only I didn't get that far for a long time, it seemed.
    Then when I was eighteen a married woman I knew back then asked me if I enjoyed cunnilingus. 'Cunni what ?' was my reply. (I genuinely thought she was talking about an Irish dance)
    Sitting down on her sofa, she proceeded to remove her skirt, her knickers and spread spread her legs wide.
    Her pussy to me, looked beautiful. And as she parted her labia, she told me to lick and suck on her pussy and clitoris.
    I'd by then, just about managed to finger a girl my age in a dark alley. And that only lasted until she gripped my cock saying "You ain't putting that fucking thing in me". (Laughable now, but true).
    The married woman was someone who I knew from college, that's all I'll say. Someone who asked me round for sex once she knew I had a nine and half inch cock.
    My first taste of pussy was amazing. I was hooked from the off, and I clearly remember her now, screaming from the oral sex I gave her.
    I practically made love to her vagina with my mouth and tongue, and even stuck my tongue up her arsehole when she asked me to.
    She orgasmed many times all over my face and nearly passed out the last time with her riding my face.
    My cock was achingly hard by then, but she just wanted to have me lick her pussy and arsehole. Or so it appeared to me at the time.
    But it was only the start. Once she released my cock, she went into sexual overdrive. I swear I went from a virgin to fucking her like I'd fucked hundreds of women within an hour.
    But first she spent an absolute age licking, sucking and sometimes gently biting on my cock.
    I'd already cum once from her expert mouth giving me such amazing head, spurting my load all over her little tits, before she had me tonguing her pussy again.
    Rock hard from licking her pussy a second time, she had me fuck her as she leaned over the arm of the sofa. I went at it like a bull in a china shop, fucking her with absolutely no finesse at all.
    Pulling off my cock, she had me pause, sucked my dick for a while, then in a long calm fuck (I was so eager first time), she began instructing me how she liked being fucked.
    She chose all the positions and how hard and deep I thrust into her pussy. And when I thought my sexual day couldn't improve, she gripped my cock and had me slide it into her arsehole as I spooned her.
    Keeping me deep inside her arse, she begged me to cum up her as she began to shake. Within seconds my cock was erupting up her backside and officially I'd broken my cherry.
    For nearly a year I fucked the married thirty something, and each time I was made to tongue that gorgeous pussy and arsehole of hers.
    She taught me everything, especially that Cunnilingus wasn't no Irish dance.

    My FWB Club

    Growing up I knew I wanted to be a normal wife and mother. The thing was, all my friends were guys as I LOVED playing sports, but I was attracted to other girls more. The first person that kissed me was the across the street neighbor girl my age. She called our kissing "practice" for when we got bf's. I found I liked kissing her a lot. Practice sessions started getting so hot we'd take off all our clothes while kissing and explore each other during and afterwards. She got to eating me out and we really liked it. She loved eating me out and I was happy to let her.

    She always wanted me to eat her out like she had been doing to me. I wanted to as well but whenever I'd get near there I'd feel too grossed out to lick much and stopped and stalled. I happily did everything but eat her out, much. I thought that was a good compromise but it wasn't. She started being mean to me and we stopped messing around. After a while we became frenemies.

    As I was losing my friend to frenemy status a cute guy friend at school offered to show me his if I show him mine. The idea of finally having an excuse to expose myself to him excited me so I agreed. He told our guy friends and I ended up doing the same thing again with the rest of the 6 boys in my circle of guy friends.

    My guy friends and I started playing fairly innocent sex games after school. With me being the only girl in our group it always revolved around me. At first I felt picked on but I liked the attention enough to keep returning and participating. This was when I saw, felt, jacked and sucked on my first boners. They were all different. I soon felt like I had 6 boyfriends and I loved it. Eventually, I got each one of them to be able to eat me out like my frenemy used to. Way later than that we all started losing our virginities with me. One was my first and I was the first for all of them.

    At school and at my house we were all just friends. My parent's made it clear I wasn't to do anything but group date in public places until college. On the other hand, at each of my friend's homes I was their son's steady girlfriend. The boy's parents LOVED that their sons had a hot girlfriend he was banging and gave us space and condoms. Not once did they get upset catching me naked in their homes. Seriously, I could have dinner at their home naked and screw their son on the couch as the parents watch tv in the room with us and the parent's would just beam with pride in their son. The double standard was shockingly hilarious.

    Our FWB group splintered, ended and got together a bunch of times. We all got together and messed around each time one of us got married. I met my husband through one of them so he knew about my FWB group before he even met me. He was impressed with me and fell for me pretty fast. It was cute.

    A while after I was married I let myself get talked into doing a 'solid' for a female friend by being the third in a threesome for her faience. It was my first time with a woman since my frenemy so I was hesitant. Turns out I'm ok with eating out now. Not wild about it but a good sport now. My husband's response was the same as my FWB group; they all wanted their own FMF threesome with me. It took a while but we did. I still try to give my husband one at least once a year.

    I still have my FWB guys. We don't all live near so we get together when we can. I love that my husband and two of their wives know and are supportive of our little FWB club

    New Secret Account

    So I've been reading these confessions while playing with my pussy for years. Figured I would start sharing some of my own secrets. I've always loved being naughty and taking nudes. To everyone who knows me I seem sweet and innocent but really I have an insatiable sex drive at times. I've met up for hook ups and had men cumming to my pictures all over the world. I'm an ebony bbw with huge 46DD tits and I love the idea of turning men on. I just made an OF account in anyone wants to see me showing off

  • Little Cousin

    My girl cousin is 5 days younger than me. We grew up in the same place and she was always a support for me in how much I love baseball. We are always going to game night together.

    Now we are adults and have not been to a game in years. Her husband is gone and so is my wife. All of the kids are grown and I don't have to work. I asked Peggy to be my guest and going to the game together.

    Went to the game and then went to a hotel. We are getting ready for bed and I have a few glempses and she is looking very good. I made the comment on how much I used to have thoughts about what if she was in my bed after getting home from the game.

    She said that she would have the same thought back when she was 14 15 and I said, I think you are still looking that way to me. I turned off the lights and went to her and we enjoyed our time together and we ended up fucking most of the night.

    We now live together but the kids think we are just friends and family. We do keep two rooms for their sake but TRUTH is never sleep apart. That's been 11 years ago.