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My Mother-in-law’s Panties

Dont know how it started but I love to jerk off and cum on my mother-in-laws panties. She wears bikini or string bikini style. Maybe that’s why I like to cum on them. My wife only wears thongs. Thongs are sexy but some full back coverage panties are sexy too. I’ve only seen a woman (my wife) in just thongs for the last 20 years.

My in-laws keep the laundry hamper in one their bathrooms. I go in there to pee and also too see if any panties are on top. Normally I’ll see two hampers. One for colors and one for whites. The whites bin is usually socks, shirts and my father-in-law’s briefs. Sometimes my mother-in-law wears white bikinis which is sexy to me.

But this past weekend I pulled out some red string bikini panties out of the hamper. They looked like they were freshly put in there. I could smell the pussy smell on them as I picked them up. I laid them on the toilet seat lid and got my dick out. Came all over them in a matter of seconds! I folded them up and used a dry part to wipe under my foreskin before rolling the skin back over my head. Pulled my underwear up, positioned myself in my briefs before pulling my shorts up and heading back out to where we were at in the house.

  • Underaged

    I pretend to be 18 when I'm only 16. I've had sex with two men who were around twice my age who thought I was 18 when I'm only 16. I'm still talking with one and they still think I'm 16.

    It Was Supposed To Be A Simple Job

    I was browsing around looking for simple jobs...... and I came across one.

    Sort of.

    It was a babysitting job. The only requirements was that you had to be 18 and over and female. Okay... weird. I continued reading, but basically the son prefers female babysitters and that's why it was a strict requirement.

    The pay was decent for a simple babysitting job and other then the weird requirement everything else seemed good. It wasn't located too far from me, but it was also in a good neighborhood. So I decided to take the job. I called up the job ad and was told specific details and of course I was asked my age which seemed fair.The babysitting job was supposed to be a regular thing, once a week unless there was something on.

    So on my first time there the family seemed very nice, but apparently the parents had divorced and the father (the person who hired me) would spend one day off each week to spend with his friends hence the need for a baby sitter. Anyway, the job seemed really simple, I just had to watch over a 15 year-old and his friends who would sometimes come over and they did on my first day there.

    Things were pretty chill, except I would get the occasional looks from him and his friends, and I could hear them talking about me. They were trying to be sneaky about it but it was pretty obvious to me which I thought was kind of cute. I spent the day just doing things on my laptop, while keeping an eye out to make sure things were okay. Anyway, the first day ended pretty uneventful. The father came home around 11pm and paid me and then I left. I hate walking around at night alone but I thought I would just deal with it.

    The next couple of weeks the son (and occasionally his friends) would try and chat me up and spending time with me. It was fun but it got weird sometimes. Every time I visited he would ask me if I had a boyfriend, and every time I would tell him no. Weird, but I just ignored it.

    About a month later, the father came home an hour later than usual, and had obviously been drinking. It didn't really bother me as he paid me a little extra after having the usual quick chat. Just as I was about to put on my shoes to leave, he presented me with another offer.


    He said that he would pay me $2000 if I let ..(continue confession)

  • Dirty Fetish

    This hasn't happened... yet. But I do think about it. I have a dirty fetish where I get gang r**ed by a group of disgusting, dirty and old homeless men. I think of wearing slutty clothes and going to ghetto areas during night or early morning. The thought of being forcefully gang r**ed with dirty cocks forced inside of all my holes turn me on so much while being called degrading names and treated like a object. The idea of being degraded into a toilet for homeless men is the absolute lowest fantasy I have and it gets me wet just thinking about it.

    I'm A Foot Sniffer

    I one time went to a University to smell some hot College Girls' Feet; so I crawled under the Library table and waited for some babes with flip flops on and I was going to smell their feet. Now there were some Boys wearing sandals over their socks and believe me I did not want to smell their feet because I could smell them from where I was at, and they stink. So then I noticed a pair of feminine bare feet dangling out of her sandals so I inched my nose towards her foot and started to smell her feet, they were smelly and smelled like lotion.

    Sadly I smelled her feet too much that she caught me, took my picture and alerted me to the Police as I tried to make a getaway on my scooter only to get arrested. But it was all worth it to smell a College Girl's Feet.

    Non Dairy Creamer

    So I have just a little experience with CDs and trannies. Like to hook up with a very femmy but fully functional oral topping shemale.
    Would like to let her stroke it and pump her load on my tongue.

    Truth Or Dare

    When I was younger I had a neighbor named Trey. Being 2 young boys we did what all young boys do. We played "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" we would touch we would sneak into our parents porn mags, watch late night hbo. Seeing eachother naked and playing with eachother became common. This continued until I loved away in 6th grade.
    No longer neighbors we didn't see eachother daily, but I was still in the same city. One day my parents Took me to his house, to ask if he wanted to spend the night. I already had a plan. My dad drove a van with the back seat that folds into a bed. This was the perfect place to get to stay up and have privacy. We had snacks, Movies etc. Once everyone went to bed, I said "Let's play truth or dare and anything goes" of course the first dare was take off your underwear for both of us. Trey was cut and had more pubic hair than me he was also a little bigger, I am uncut. As much as we had seen eachother naked, be never tried jacking eachother off. So after a few dares. He dares me to jack him off for 30 secs, I took his penis in my hand and counted out loud to 30. When I was done I dared him to do the same. He returned the favor. After that it was pretty much open season. He dared me to put his dick in mouth. So I tasted his cock and took him in my mouth. Being that young we weren't aware of the mechanics of a blowjob. So it was just in my mouth without any real action. I then of course had him do the same. Eventually we laid side by side in a 69 position so we could play with eachothers cocks. we then got the idea to go outside of the van. So we were naked in the front yard at maybe 2 or 3 am. "Swordfighting" holding eachothers cocks while they pee'd. I wanted to make him cum without his help. So I had him lay down on the bed and continued to stroke his cock, he took over for the final few strokes and I didn't get to feel him cumming in my hand. I don't know how many times we came that night. But it's a memory I think about commonly and would love to repeat the experience. Only with him though.

    First Taste Of Pussy

    Sure, I've thought about it a handful of times in my life. What woman hasn't?

    This was last night. Summer coming to a close, my husband and I refilled the hot tub a couple days ago and were thinking of hopping in. My best friend who rents the upstairs apartment from us was sitting around with nothing going on so we invited her to join us. I should mention shes divorced, grown daughter and lives here alone.
    So we hang out in the tub for a while just chatting and sipping on some wine.
    Time to get out cause we're all getting a little too warm. All 3 in towels and we sit around and have a couple more glasses of wine. We end up sitting on the couch talking and theres one of my husbands Netflix shows on TV and a scene comes on where 2 women start kissing and making out. I admit I was kinda enjoying the scene and my friend says, that's so hot!

    Husband says something like, on that note, I'll go get another bottle of wine. I think he was probably thinking the same, lol. Hes across the house and she whispers, I want to try that. My pulse jumped a little and I said I would too at some point. She leaned over and kissed me. I was thinking at some point, not right this second but something gripped me and I kissed her back. It was nice, soft full lips, very sensual, somehow very natural.
    Neither of us noticed my husband coming back in. He was standing there with an open bottle and we just stared at him deer in headlights. He didnt say a word. Poured us each another glass and went and sat in the arm chair across the room. Dont let me stop you and took a sip and smiled.
    She and I looked at each other and went right back to our kiss.
    Long story short, no idea what time had passed, my bathing suit was off and she was giving me head as good if not better than my husband. 3 orgasms later, I was so lost in it all, I yanked on her suit, off it came and I was licking my first pussy. It was amazing!! Her scent, taste, softness, I was drunk with lust. Now I know what my husband is talking about when he says this primal instinct takes over when hes eating me out and just doesn't wanna stop.
    I didnt wanna stop either. Her reactions and her orgasms just fueled this desire in me. It was incredible!!!

    She had to stop me. ..(continue confession)

    I Love My Son

    in april 2019 i went through a divorce that saved me and my teen son. we found a place to stay together and he was able to continue going to school normally while i took care of everything else. we got closer and closer as time moved on and the way i dressed at home slowly became more 'relaxed'. just 2 months after we had moved in together and i was blowing him before and after school. it was so wrong yet felt so right seeing my son feeling good in my mouth and it also made me happy that i could help him unwind.

    since becoming lovers i have never been so happy and my son looks like the man i want to spend the rest of my life with. he is quite handsome and has told me that he used to have a crush on a girl but now he would much rather date me than any other girl

    i have long moved on from simply sucking his cock. he takes me in all kinds of ways and all my holes are his. he is a huge fan of anal haha but i enjoy it too :) never would i have thought that i'd fall in love with my own son but i do not regret it one bit. i take care of all his needs while he just does his best at school

  • My Time In Juvie

    Did some bad stuff as a kid and had to spend a year in juvie. Horrible time, time as a kid is hard. For nearly all of my sentence I was getting fucked in the ass by some older boys in there. It was a surprise for sure. I didn’t know what to do so I just let it happen. I figured it would happen once or twice. But it continued for my whole sentence.

    Never told anyone about it till I told my wife a few weeks ago when our youngest son just got sentenced to juvie