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Since I was about fifteen I have always had this secret bisexual side, discovering that sometimes I just enjoyed being with another guy. I never did it all that much, but I had a few experiences that I thoroughly enjoyed. Of course not being gay, it was not easy meeting other guys who felt the same way. That was just sort of the thing that you never admitted to and kept secret wanting to avoid the gay stigma.

Well, about a year ago I started to become friends with a guy at work. We’re the same age and we’re both single. There was this good chemistry between us and we started to hit it off, and we both began to become curious about each other, like if there couldn’t be maybe a little something more there.

I guess that we were both feeling particularly brave because we were over at his place, and we got to talking about relationships and things. Neither of us were seeing a girl right then and we talked about how relationships could be difficult and how it would be nice just to have something casual and fun. He made a remark and jokingly said, “Well, I guess that there’s always other guys.” I laughed and said how I guessed that there could be. So we joked about it some more and finally he asked me if I would ever be interested in doing something like with another guy. I said I didn’t see why not, and I asked him if he would be, and he answered the same.

Having reached that point, we happily kissed and we made out for about fifteen minutes. Then we got out of our clothes and naked and we started seriously playing around. Somehow in our enthusiasm he butt fucked me. Man, I had the biggest hardest boner while he did that to me and it was so great. It had been a while since I had last been butt fucked and I loved it. With him it was just so easy and so much fun doing that. Well, two days later I butt fucked him and it was so incredible doing this together.

During this last year we have been butt fucking each other all the time and a lot and it’s like we can’t get enough of it. We have both been wondering if we are gay or just bisexual. What does anyone have to say about this?

  • Co Worker Surprised Me

    I was working for a large mfg company at one of their plants. I was a manager at the time, but had no direct reports at my offices. We had big projects constantly and a lot of us would regularly work weekends even though we didn't have to, just to impress the big bosses come bonus time.

    One Saturday I was working a few hours in the mid morning and one of our Staff was also there, it was just the two of us, which wasn't that unusual. M was pretty plain looking, had glasses, dark hair, cute face and a body she kept well covered up. She never wore anything sexy, just a pleasant person, average, 30s woman. She was nice to everyone, I never heard anyone speak ill of her or have any problems with her. I never looked at her as sexy, just a reliable, hard working, co-worker. She was a divorced Mom, never dated from what I had heard, just focused on work and her son.

    I had to tell M I was going to start something on our big computer that might impact what she was doing. She sat a few cubicles away from my office, so I walked over and when I got to her cube she was sitting down, I was standing. I started to talk to her and was looking at her face and she was staring at my cock that was about 2 feet from her mouth. I mean just staring at it. She had to know I saw her staring. I had just never had a woman be that obvious.

    I have a decent sized cock, it's not huge but its very thick with a very large head. I was in pretty good shape at the time, so I was wearing some fairly snug fitting jeans and it was pointed siddways so probably pretty obvious, especially the big head.

    I stood there watching her gawk at it what seemed like a minute, and didn't say anything. She finally snapped out of it and looked me in the eyes, I didn't say anything for a few seconds, then said "do you want to touch it?" and took her hand and put it on it. I was taking a pretty big chance because a lot of people had been fired for office relationships, but she knew she'd been busted and couldn't deny she had for the most part initiated or at least encouraged something.

    She started rubbing it through my jeans and after a little bit. I said "do you want to go in my office?" and she nodded her head yes. I took her by the hand and we went into my office and locked the door.

    I turned around and she started kissing me and after a couple of minutes put my hand on her tits. I started unbuttoning her top and squeezing them through her thin bra. They were nice sized probably a C cup and very jiggly, they were perfect for her nice firm body. She undid my pants and started stroking me, I was already slick with precum and after a few minutes she got on her knees and took me in her mouth.

    I was gently stroking her hair and sort of lightly face fucking her mouth, she added her hand while sucking at the same time. I was getting really turned on and didn't want to cum too fast so I stopped her and started taking off my clothes, we were fully nude quickly.

    She had a full bush of dark hair already damp from our touching. I started teasing her pussy with my fingers a little then laid her back and started licking and eventually finding her clit and gently sucking it. She started moaning saying it had been so long since anyone licked her and after about 30 seconds grabbed my head and grinded my mouth on her clit and she came. We laid there for a minute or two, then I mounted her and she guided my cock in her. She said she hadn't been fucked in a couple of years and her pussy was so tight I thought I was going to bust just from trying to slide it in.

    I had to slow down and pull out, then push it back in. She was really getting into it because as I would pull out it would be free from her tightness and get a bit bigger. Her tits were perfect, jiggly and hanging off to the side and would flop around when I would fuck her.

    We did this for about 15 minutes and I could tell I couldn't hold back much longer. I gradually picked up speed while she fed me her luscious tits. I was alternating between kissing her and sucking them. Finally I straightened up and started pumping her hard. She said she was cuming and grabbed my hips and slamming me into her.

    All this plus seeing those gorgeous tits flopping sent me over the edge. I started grunting and moaning she said "i want you to cum in me, give it to me" and I gave a big push as deep as I could and felt streams of cum shooting out into her. Her eyes got wide then half closed like that was what she wanted.

    We held me there with my cock in her for a few minutes and we kissed and sucking while I started getting soft and my cum was starting to leak out. I got her a towel and stared at her sexy body while she got dressed. She had sexy sheer bra and panties, you never would have known from the regular outfits she wore that there was a sexy slut under those clothes.

    We started having intense sex sessions when we could, but unfortunately we never knew who would be working on the weekends, the opportunities for us to be alone were few, but we would always take advantage of it when we got the chance.

    She eventually caught the attention of the big boss at the site, they started dating and ended up marrying. He was a lot older than her, and she confided in me that he was lousy in bed, but she needed financial security and he provided it so she didn't have to work anymore. I couldn't blame her.

    Its too bad our circumstances weren't different because we were definitely sexual soul mates.

    She was a really good sweet person. And man could that girl fuck.

    First Time

    My first time having sex with another guy happened just 2 years ago. I met an older guy on a gay hookup site , we were a perfect match, both married, both with no experience, but eager. I was in Boston for a meeting and he managed to fly up on some business pretext (he traveled a lot, so it was easy). I met him in his hotel room, we chatted a bit, and we both started to get stiff. He made it clear that he wanted to be sucked, but would not reciprocate. That was fine by me; Ibgot on my knees, undid his pants and out sprung a beer can of a cock! I immediately started to lick and suck his meat. We moved to the bed , and lust came over me, and I started licking his ass. That drove him nuts. I sucked and rimmed him for about 40 minutes until he blasted my mouth with cum. I swallowed all of it. Then I did the walk of shame back to my hotel, smelling of cum and ass. Finally, I sucked a cock!

  • Finding What "turned Out" Meant

    My boyfriend was 25, divorced and had a lot more sex experience than I. In speaking with two of his ex's they warned me that he would "turn me out" and it made them self loathe for a while. I really didn't know what it meant. But he did it, he turned me out. It started in small stages.
    - first, it was his talking about me in front of friends, then in front of two or three at a time he'd feel me up over my clothes while kissing me, then his hand in my blouse under my bra if I was wearing one, which I usually do not wear one.
    -Next he pulled out my boobs in front of a friend and laid me back sucking on them. Knowing how wet I get from boob play he invited his friend to take one and he'd take one. both of them feeling me between my legs, lifting my skirt showing and sniffing my wet panties.
    - Then my boobs out in front of groups of friends, them all feeling me
    - started giving my BF head in front of his friends, when it was the guy who sucked on my boob I did it to them both. My boyfriend telling me how hot I looked with another guy.
    - boyfriend had sex with me on the couch with three guys watching and urging him on when he came in me. They all looked at my crotch and his cum after he was done.
    - the guy I sucked off, was with us and after my boyfriend was done cumming he got between my legs and did it. Again the boyfriend that night telling me how hot it was seeing me enjoying myself with another man. I didn't enjoy it, but I pretended to orgasm with the other guy and with my BF when others were watching.
    -Then it was sex, oral and between my legs for the BF followed by 4 guys, 2 of whom went twice.
    -My first gangbang, 8 guys plus my BF.
    -boyfriend sharing my butt for sex with two others. he was my first in my butt and the first to cum in my mouth and he knows it.

    Now - I'm a turned out whore and that is exactly what I feel like. I've asked him if he can go back to being the only one, and he said no, that I've had so many cocks now I may as well just keep acting like this.

    I'm a turned out whore. NOW I know what they meant by that when I asked his ex girlfriend and his ex wife.

    One Special Summer

    The summer that I was fifteen I had a gay affair with my best friend, Josh. It was not that either of us was gay, it was just something that worked out between the two of us.

    It was just great having this male side to our friendship and we both thoroughly enjoyed that.

    My mom kind of suspected and she just asked me if the two of us were doing something together, and I admitted that we were. She had absolutely no problem with that. Josh, though, said that his parents would never approve, especially his father, so he had to keep it a secret from them. Still, we were discrete about it, but when we were together we didn’t necessarily bother to hide it, either. When we went out we even did things like hold hands and we kissed in the park and people saw us and we thought that was kind of bold and neat just being boys like that together.

    But because my mom knew and was accepting of Josh and I having this boy-affair, we were free to go over to my house while she was at work and we would have sex. It was just so cool and felt so good doing that together as boys and we both loved it.

    Our affair lasted about a year. Then we both started dating and we tapered off and eventually it just ended. Now, though, looking back some twenty years later, that was a very special and wonderful summer in my life and I have great memories of it. Neither of became gay because of our experience, and I find myself surprised that I had been so openly gay with another boy. But it was wonderful.

  • Eater

    I love to masturbate. Since I was 12 I wanted to eat my sperm. Yes I did do it a few times growing up but never enough to get a taste for it. Finally I started to eat my own sperm every time I came and now I love it. It's been 6 years now with no end in sight.

    Becoming Gay?

    I started becoming friends with another guy back at the beginning of this Covid thing. We were the same age and both single.

    Well, we were bored with all of the restrictions and not being able to get out, and we thought that maybe it would be fun to mess around together as guys. So we tentatively tried it. We got naked and played around and engaged in some very fun and satisfying mutual masturbation. Both of us thought that was great. We did this and we started to become more relaxed with each other and about doing that together.

    We discovered how nice it was being able to be that way with another guy. It was just enjoyably and satisfyingly masculine. The two of us became cautiously more adventurous and finally we had anal sex with each other. I had never thought about ever doing that with another guy, but I was amazed by how thrilling it was to feel him fucking my butt. I didn’t mind fucking his, but I sure loved having him in mine. It was such an extraordinary thing doing that together as guys.

    Both of us began to eagerly look forward to being together, to just lounging around naked and having sex. It was so great. Neither of us thought of ourselves as being gay, just friends . But now we are roommates and having this very nice relationship. So gay or not it sure is great.

    I was just wondering if there are other straight gay guys out there and what they have to say about this.

    Hard Times

    When I was 20 years old I was working a job that didn’t pay much. Being that I lived in Columbus it was expensive so I was always broke. I had sex with a guy I met one day where I worked, he was a customer. He was an older well off business guy. I kinda asked him what line of work he was in because I was looking to find a better paying job.

    Then he told me if I’m looking for some quick cash he knows a few guys that would pay to have to stay the weekend with them or travel for a weekend with them. Himself included. But he said expect to get fucked and suck their dicks a few times a day if the wait it.

    I thought about it for a week a decided I’d try it out to see how I liked it. I told the guy I hooked up with I’m interested in it because I need some money. He texted back say this Friday if I can take off work he’d like me to accompany him on his weekend trip to LA. Said we’d be back late Sunday night. I said okay.

    I’ll called into work suck that Friday and went to LA with him. When we got there we went to the hotel room where he fucked my ass bare and came in me. Then we went out to each. On Saturday and Sunday he fucked me in the morning and at night. Then we were back in Columbus on Sunday night. He ga e me a ride to my place and told me to stop by his place tomorrow. I stopped by his place the next day where he gave me 1000 dollars.

    I thought that was great, 1000 dollars just for taking cock for 3 days. Then he gave the address of his friend and said go to his place tonight. Went to his friends that night. Got fucked bu his big fat uncut dick. Guy was in his early 60s and loved to fuck. He gave me 200 dollars just for that. He hadn’t had sex in over a year. I spent a few weekends with him and he gave me 1000 dollars for each of those weekends.

    Then the next guy was the same. I’m fat uncut dick. Was an easy 1000 dollar weekends with him too.

    So for 4 years I got passed around between those 3 guys sucking their dick for getting my ass fucked for money.

    Every 3 months we all got std checked and the one paid for me too see a doctor to make sure my butt was in healthy condition.

    Years Apart

    As a seventeen year old, myself and two other trainees were invited into a house by the home owners wife, when we were landscaping their back garden.
    All three of us had her sucking on our cocks before we took turns fucking her pussy and arsehole.
    Over the three days we attended the house, we all continued to fuck her, but I fucked her the most having the biggest cock.
    Eleven years later, I'm now fucking her daughter, yet didn't know she was her daughter until recently.
    When we met, we both recognised each other, but obviously said nothing.
    Her husband has long been kicked into touch, as he couldn't cope with her constant sex drive.
    On our second meeting my girlfriend popped out, leaving us alone supposedly for only a few minutes, but was gone an hour.
    In that time I had my dick sucked, licked out my girlfriends mums pussy and arsehole making her orgasm multipletimes, and fucked both holes too, cumming twice inside of her.
    When my girlfriend got back, she acted like nothing had gone on, but you could smell sex all over the house.
    Later on back at mine with no chance to shower, my girlfriend sucked my dick and went crazy for my cock up her arsehole like never before.
    She'd never been that turned on and I swear it was because of her mums essence on my dick.
    Now when we visit, my girlfriend always makes an excuse to leave us alone for a while, and her mother and I fuck like animals.
    When we get back to my place, it's always the same, really rough ferocious sex and she never fails to cum so intensely.
    I'm beginning to think, they're both using me for sex, and probably tell each other everything.
    I'm not complaining, I'd just wish they'd let me know so I can fuck them together.

  • To Be A Whore, Once

    Since I was 18 I wondered how it will be to sell your body to an unknown stranger.

    I sometimes drive to a parking place where there are prostitutes, standing in line.

    I wonder how it would be stand in that line, and after a while selected, and go to the bushes behind the place, and get used for money.

    Then how it will feel returning home to my husband, with my pussy filled, and kissing him while I am still dripping in my panties.