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My Dear Aunt Meg

I spent a few summer weeks with my aunt between my junior and senior years of high school. My aunt was then and always a hard core lesbian activist, a lawyer on a mission. She was hoping to encourage me to join the fight.

She introduced me to a thirty year old lesbian yoga teacher, very fit, slim, with a very pretty face. She invited me to join her in her morning yoga workout. Her leotard was so tight, her nipples outlined against the fabric, her kitty left nothing to the imagination. I wore gym shorts and a big shirt. The first thing she did was get rid of my bra. Unlike her I had grown real boobs, but I learned she liked real boobs. We went through various poses, about an hour on the mat. She stood in front of me and felt up my kitty through my shorts, then ran her hand over my boob.

After dinner that night she offered me a massage. She laid a large towel on the bed, stripped me naked, piece by piece, oiling her hands as she went, playing with my breasts, rubbing her hands hard against my shoulders, and thighs. Her focus was clearly on my bushy front, offering to trim me up. A pair of scissors, a razor warm water and cream and she shaved me until I met her approval. A long hot kiss on my clean lips, and a comment about keeping myself nice and neat for my girlfriend.

We did yoga, nude yoga, she had a small camera and she took dozens of black and white pictures she developed in her studio. She introduced me to massage, to cunnilingus, to mutual clitoral enlightenment. Her kisses were deep, her hands sensual. We were slick with oils, she took my inhibitions away, sex was full body, ecstasy the only goal.

My aunt accomplished one goal, breaking me from being self conscious, scared of my desires. She failed in getting me to join her movement. I returned home, went to college, became third grade teacher. For many years I focused my hidden desires on my very close friend from grade school. I remembered my aunt's yoga friend's advice, I always kept myself neat and trim for my girlfriend. Times changed and we finally got married at 50, my 80 year old aunt was there to cheer us on. She is in heaven now surrounded by lesbian angels.

  • A Knicker Fetish.

    For as long as I can remember I have always gotten turned on by women's underwear, all different colours and cuts and material from white cotton bikini bottoms to tiny g-strings and everything in between.

    And what turns me on even more is the dream of having completely random women send me pictures of their knickers on kik or snap. To wake up to my inbox filled with complete strangers pictures of the knickers they are wearing is a sexy dream.

    Against all odds, my kik is meatballsurgery and my snap is nobadstory.

    Best regards.
    Me :)

    Here We Go Again!

    I was twenty-five when my mom and I first had sex. She had been divorced from my father for about two years. We had always been very close, and one day I was over at her house and we were both feeling in an affectionate mood. My mom just asked me straight out of I wanted to have sex. I had no problem with that, so we did.
    I think it’s such garbage when people say things like the parent is always the responsible party. I was an adult and the choice was mine. There was no seduction or taking advantage, it was very much straightforward and consensual. For the past four years my mom and I have been having intercourse regularly and this is very special between a mother and son. And no, it is not as uncommon as some people would lead you to believe, especially between divorced mothers and their sons.
    A large part of the problem as I have read on here, and agree with, is that there are the people with their moralistic views which they would like to impose on everyone else, and then there is the question of legality, which is why nobody talks about this. And yes, in Japan and a number of European countries i****t laws between consenting adults have been done away with. You can check on line. I know somebody made the comment that this is not so. I don’t know what internet service they were using or on what planet. Also you can check and see that yes, mother-son sexual relations are definitely on the rise and becoming much more common place. I can hear it now, that this is all made up, and someone will get on their soapbox and start preaching and saying all of their made up moralistic claptrap, which is all that it is. So go ahead, blast away. No one is interested in what you have to say. It just more mouthing off from uninformed people who wish to remain uninformed and living in their imagination of how they think that the world should be. Or is that bucket of sand? The one that they stick their heads in?

    At Last

    I have wanted to try it for so long, fantasised about it, had dreams about it, watched porn showing it.
    I have been with female partners since I was 16.
    But I have for all these years wanted to suck a cock, for it to spurt inside my mouth so I can taste all the cum. That’s 50 years.
    I hope that in the next few days I will suck and feel that first bare cock under my tongue, in my mouth, feel it’s shape, feel it enlarge and pulse as it cums.
    All my adult life I have longed for this. Will it happen, it should if all goes well.
    I’m so horny thinking of it, I think I will cum myself once my lips are sealed around that stiff penis and as I fondle the balls, when I am worshipping all that manhood, on my kneels, nearing, serving it with pleasure.

    Measuring Up (inspired By Post 46878)

    I'm in a LTR with a woman I'll describe as "Chubby" and I have a side thing with an NSA "Supersize BBW (450+ pounds) Friend With Benefits. I wrote about my FWB in posts 46809 & 46841 and I was the one who posted the Deodorant for women that had a secondary use when you emptied it, see 46855.

    Growing up and going through School "Sex Ed" and learning on my own we were always told "The Average Penis is six inches" Well I've been handling mine quite a bit since I was a Kid...I can make a Proud Standing Soldier and Red Rocket Astronaut. looking Down...It Looks Pretty Long to Me! I'm Sure I must Have six or six and a half there! I gotta be above average, Right?

    Along the way you discover Porn and see these Hung Guys like John Holmes and Black Guys with Twelve Inch Diks! These Guys are Freaks of Nature (Right?) But you're like...Hey, its Porn. Thats how they got the job Average Size White Boys need not apply.

    When I was in the Navy I worked on Helicopters and met a ton of the best friends you could ever want. One of them invited some of us to attend his Wedding on Long Island. To make a long story short there were single women in attendance who got starry eyed seeing one of their friends in that awesome White Dress and imagined them in her shoes. The Grooms younger Sister (20 yrs old) was coming onto me. I'm a horny 20 yr old too so I'm going with the flow, the reception was da bomb...I was dancing with Kenny's sister and she's rubbing that gown all over me (Her Parents were there so she couldn't get TOO slutty)

    She pursued me after that and through some good luck my Squadron sent a detachment to Rhode Island to do some test and evaluation (away from spying eyes) for a Helo Sonar System Westinghouse was developing. Jeanne would drive up on weekends, I'd get a Motel Room and we would Fuck our Brains out, I'd take her to Dinner in Newport and we'd go back to the room and Fuck some more!

    During one of our sessions she told me she wanted to measure my Dik (probably gonna brag to her friends, right?). She was in College so she had a ruler in a bag in her car. I considered Myself "Studley McStudMuffin" so I laid back and let her work her Magic and get Mr. Happy to Attention. Go Ahead Baby, Measure that Iron Rod that makes you squeak and squeal so much! She Placed the ..(continue confession)

  • I Wanna Do Her!!!

    I (23M) am waiting for my hot divorced (27F) neighbour to give in. She is crazy hot. Huge knockers with her sensual ass that she flaunts. She works at the supermarket, two streets across.

    I have been dropping subtle hits for a long time now. Stolen a few pairs of Panties and Bra to masturbate. Returning them with my dried jizz. Called her over for dinner and drinks. She knows I'm chasing her. She purposely wears revealing clothes around me. Sticks close. Sleeps over.
    It's not love if you are wondering. I wanna fuck her mindless. I wanna train her into my onahole. What should I do??

    I'm Sorry

    I was staying quite late in the office and was planning to go for a drink. On my way out I stopped at the bathroom for a piss, when a young blond petite girl came in. She was starring at me the whole time and I asked if she enjoyed what she saw. She said yes and if I would let her touch it.I said sure and next her hands are on my cock stroking me and then on her knees swallowing and slurping my cock. She wasn't very good at it but she looked me in the eyes the whole time she licked, swallowed and gagged. I lost it the moment she started moaning and began touching and rubbing her pussy. I grabbed her, put her on the sink, tore apart her cotton panties and dived my tongue on her fair haired little pink pussy. She tasted very sweet, was dripping wet and so turned her on her tummy, spread her legs  and was so turned on and painful hard, that I slammed my dick in her pussy in one move. It was the tightest i ever been and at the beginning wasnt able to slide as i needed to. I was crazy horny and took her very hard pulling her hair and slapping her narrow ass hard , enjoying the reddening and she was crying and moaning encouraging me to split up her tight little hole. I pinched her plumb nibbles of her hardly noticable boobs, rubbed her clit and fingered her very tight ass hole with q finger,
    then shoved s second in and she was shaking, moaning and crying when I shot my nut in her pussy. I kept fucking her for a while cause I still was so full and it was so tight.When I slid out of her my cock was covered with cum and blood. I was dumbstruck watching her pink little pussy sipping cum and blood as well. I took some toilet paper and wiped us clean. I avoided eye contact, zipped me up and left without saying a word. I dont fucking want to know how old she was. Im such a sick fucker.

    Turned Out

    When I was 12 years old jthe janitor a black man with 13"black brought me to his mop sink and fucked me in the ass so hard it hurt but I loved it I sucked his cock swallowing his tasty cum ! I was hooked I was a slut for the black man started my journey for black cock could get it of my mind got married I would get high rent hotels and ride giant dilldios dreaming of black cock , one time a black guy caught me looking at his ccovkasked me if I was a punk I said only for black cock boy was that fun it's a secret but IAM looking now for a well hung black master to stretch my pussy I am hear to please black men my dilldios are black and 14" I take everything white boy wants to be black and hoe thanks black cock love it

    Sweet Bottom

    I was having a great time playing with my wife and getting her more and more turned on. I'm very oral and love to kiss, lick and suck her all over, and I mean all over.
    At one point I had her turn over and push out her sweet little round bottom so I could have what I was craving for days. I just couldn't wait anymore and slipped my hot hungry tongue into her bottom. The taste and texture was absolutely amazing. I couldn't get enough of her dirty little hole and was begging her to open herself up and give me what I needed. She's still quite shy about anal but she knows it makes me crazy and she helped satisfy my nasty desire to rim her as deeply as possible.
    My dick was dripping wet and after more playing with her I had her blow me. The cum was so strong I couldn't move for like 5 minutes, just laid back and enjoyed the afterglow.
    I did return the favor and she had a moaning, groaning orgasm too.
    I love my naughty wife.

    My First Time Nude Modelling

    I just turned 19 and have been modelling for 4 years. Since I turned 18 a part of me has wanted to try modelling nude and part of me has been too scared to go through with it.

    Well, recently I contacted a modelling website looking for "art models". They were looking for models to do a series of poses totally nude. When I spoke on the phone with their booking agent, I started to feel chilled all over as I found myself agreeing to do a test shoot for them.

    Every night for the next week before the shoot, I laid in bed at night and stripped myself all bare n touched myself and totally masturbated thinking about exposing myself and allowing the images to be posted online for everyone to see!

    The day of the shoot I wore a short skirt and tanktop and panties, no bra and sandals. When I arrived at the office building and walked in knocked on the office door, my knees got weak and I had serious butterflies in my tummy! OMG what was I doing! Part of me felt like running away but the door opened and I walked in, feeling like I had crossed a threshold and there was no turning back.

    I met the agent I had spoken with and sat on a couch and chatted with him for a few minutes before he asked if I was ready to do my test shoot. I nervously nodded and he smiled: "Just take a deep breath and relax" he said, "naked is natural!" It felt anything but natural to stand there waiting to strip and pose for his camera but I was there and it was time to face my fear head on.

    He told me to undress and with trembling hands I stripped off my tanktop as I kicked off my sandals. I stood there quivering with bare feet and bare breasts, red faced and embarrassed! I pulled off my skirt and finally my panties. OMG I felt so exposed and totally vulnerable but.... all those erotic urges from all those times I masturbated, thinking of this moment; They all came flooding back and washed all over me!

    He had me do pose after pose: a profile on my knees, my back to the camera with my left hip pointed out a little, then full frontal, all bare and exposed with my feet spread apart on the floor and my arms behind my head. I felt so hot and horny submitting to the all seeing lens as pic after pic was taken of me. Dozens of pictures of me posing totally ..(continue confession)