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Oops, I Cheated Again And Now He Wants Me To

My first boyfriend was abusive but I was too stupid to dump him. He'd cheat on me and let his friends mess with me and I'd put up with it more times than not. I'd break up with him and when he got horny enough he'd call and somehow he'd get me to come over to have sex.

Feeling low, I'd start dating any guy that wanted me back. When a married coworker started hitting on me I hit on him right back. I'm not sure how or why but I started messing around with several coworkers, single and married. Sex was getting better but my spirit was really depressed and self destructive.

Through a friend I met a nice guy. He was instantly really attracted to me. I liked him back but when he made his move, I was too sore from my last sex, so I stopped that part. He took it as that I was a virgin. I wasn't but I didn't want to ruin his sweet thoughts of me. We started dating more. I was still having sex with my coworkers and sometimes with my ex. Anyways, the nice guy surprised me by proposing to me. I accepted.

I meant to stop all the side sex and be true to my fiancé, but somehow all the guys wanted sex more often and the sex got more fun for me. When more guys hit on me I let them and I was having more sex while engaged then before. I knew I should feel terrible, but for the first time, I was feeling guilt free after sex and I had never felt that way before.

I cut everyone off a month before my wedding so I could feel tighter for my husband. We had a great wedding and honeymoon. We came home and I was ready to be normal and monogamous. That didn't last long. First they married guys at work got to me. I was able to keep it limited to them for a while but eventually I was with most of the guys I was with before our wedding.

I knew what I was doing was wrong but I just couldn't say 'No' to the guys. I was very relieved when my husband got a job out of town and I had an excuse to cut them all off and move with him. I have not always been perfect but I'm still in love with my husband.

My new problem is my husband has gotten into the 'hotwife' and 'cuckold' porn stuff. He wants us to try that. I'm afraid to go back down that road again or him finding out about my past but I feel like I owe him. I'm not sure what to do

  • Deep Dicking Down

    My wife is a real anal freak. Has loved it since her favorite uncle took her ass cherry when she was 14. He was about average sized cut cock and broke her in so she totally loves it in her butt.
    She has graduated to big fat gnarly looking dildos and really fat butt plugs that I sometimes make her wear to work. She has a desk job so after a few hours of sitting with the plug up her anal canal, when she gets home and I take it out it is pretty soiled.
    So we have gone to adult video places especially if we're out of town and we can share sucking cocks through the gloryholes. A few months ago she sucked off a dick that had to be an honest ten to twelve inches, fat and uncut. She's been talking about that dick ever since and wishes she would of backed up onto it and took it in her poop chute.
    I'd love to have kissed her and watched her face as she absorbed a foot long dick way up in her guts. She's such a slut and I get so turned on having her all used and dirty with semen in all her holes.

    Never Thought It Would Happen

    I only had fantasy about my cousin Beth after hearing she's easy,I started looking at her differently noticing how cute she was her peachy butt her nice little tits,I would wank off thinking about fucking her,she didn't mind me staring in fact she would play along,it was like she knew she had me,she would brush up against me sit open legs for me to she up her skirt,one day she called and tells me her mum isn't home yet if i wanted to pass by she will be waiting,I wasn't thinking about her being 14 and if she could handle a bigger cock,I was rushing thinking im going to just fuck her,she was behind the door when she let me in naked i grabbed her and chucked her on the bed yanked apart her legs and just fucked her,I've never heard someone screaming like that before and made sure her tight pussy got the cream,when i look at her laying on the bed her legs still spread and her bold c**t all red looking sore,that kept her knickers on for a few days.

  • Want Some

    So I been getting it pretty regular from my wife but something that happened over 20 years ago has still got me craving something else.
    What I really want is to meet and hook up with a very verbal and very dominant Asian man.
    I want him to use my lips face and tongue all between his legs.
    Want to suck his balls so good and even rim his arse out deep. The time I did it years ago I was deep tongue fucking this guy and it made him cum like mad all over the floor. If I did it again I'd want that hot creamy semen in my mouth.
    Can't get it out of my mind. Sometimes when my wife is sucking me off I pretend that I'm the one taking that guys load and he's telling me to suck his musky balls and lick his hole. He laughs when he tells me to kiss my wife with no mouthwash or anything, just give her my dirty tongue.
    That sounds so hot but I don't know if its too far out and if she would be suspicious if she thought she smelled cum on my breath.


    After 18 years of marriage, my wife and I needed something extra to keep us going. I'd stretched her holes to the max, fisting her and regularly using big objects like water bottles in her pussy and ass. She has always been up for new things. One night we were naked and looking up porn on the internet and we saw a woman whose "thing" is stretching both of her holes, porn last name Luvcox. First, she is just a little plumper than my wife, but they could be sisters. Then we saw her take cocks into her peehole. We couldn't believe it. I've regularly pressured my wifes peehole when eating her with my finger, getting in up to the first knuckle. So we both were intrigued. My wife loves the pressure my first does on her peehole.

    So we started with some tiny insertions, then very thin, small dildos. After that it was small vibes, and now after 6 months, I fucked her in her peehole. She went crazy came 4 times while I had my cock in her. She normally only cums once from vaginal fucking, multiple times when I buttfuck her, but this was nuts. She went crazy. So now, I can fist her pussy and her ass (she cums from fistfucking her pussy, but not her asshole) and now when I don't want a used up, blown out hole, I fuck her peehole.

    thank heaven for the internet, and thank you to that porn woman in those movies.

  • Like Mother Like Daughter

    If this bothers you I'm sorry. It does not bother me and it should not bother you.

    My mother is an artist. Her friends are artists. I grew up around artists. Anyone who ever spent any amount of time around artists knows that many are gay or lesbians. Sex is many times taboo, both with who and what they do. I witnessed a whole lot of sex, straight sex and gay sex. My mother was what we call bisexual. She only ever had straight sex with one man, my father. He prohibited her from ever having sex with another man. So, she had sex with many different women.

    When I was 12 a photographer asked my mother if I could model for him. She gave her permission and I went to his studio. Lots of studies, shadows, poses. Many of which were nudes. Nothing commercial. A friend of his came by one day while I was being photographed in the back yard. I was nude, just turned 13. The man asked for me, took me inside the house and he had sex with me. When I got home I told my mother. She asked one question, did I like it? She assured me that of all the sins, the sin of the flesh is the one you repeat often. Enjoy myself, if I liked him well enough.

    Like my father, he became attached to me and was very firm about not having sex with other men. On one occasion he wrote his initials on the lips of my vulva with a magic marker. My mother had his initials tattooed. And I was now and forever to belong to him. That same week when he found that his initials were tattooed he had my name tattooed on his chest. I was 13 and he was 30.

    I posed during all of my teen years, nothing gross, but definitely explicit. I was shaved for the photographs, my initialed vulva lips clearly visible. These photographs have been sold to private collectors of girls my age. During those years I became quite comfortable with sex.

    The day came when I went off to college. Before I left I had his name tattooed across my behind, the idea being if someone pulled my pants down they would see I was labeled, owned. My mother told me to keep my nose clean, no sex with men. If she could abstain so could I. Find a girlfriend instead. Learn to love a girl.

    My sex life is divided between the man, my husband now, and a girl, now a woman, I met in my psychology class. I have one child, a girl. I pursue painting as an art form, I enjoy painting nudes of young women. Young. My mother and I get along very well, we are surrounded by artists, we have husbands who can support us quite well. My college girlfriend is my everyday companion. Unlike my mother who has enjoyed being with many different women, I am committed to her. She told me to find a girl to love, I took her advice to heart.

    Wife's Friend

    My wife has this really HOT friend named Jeanette with a smoking HOT body. I always fantasied about seeing her naked but the most I ever saw was her in a bikini. I wanted to flash her and see if anything would develop but that was wishful thinking on my part and I knew if I ever did anything remotely like that my wife would kill me.

    Her friend moved into a house in the country. It was only going to be for 6 months but it was cheaper and nicer compared to where she had been renting. The couple that owned it were going to live in Europe for 6 months and possibly a little longer.

    My wife and me went over to help her setup a few things when she first moved in. I was doing most of the heavy lifting and sweating a bit. I took off my shirt while I was doing the work. The place had a swimming pool and I made a comment about going in for a dip but didn't bring a swimsuit. Jeannette said there are no nearby neighbors and I could go for a swim in just my underwear. My wife then said something that I was not expecting. She suggested I just swim naked like I do when on vacation and adds that Jeanette won't mind. Jeanette quickly replied to say that she had no problem with it. I didn't know how to respond. My wife then asks what I am waiting for and tells me I would feel better after a swim. I was still in shock with what my wife suggested and realized my fantasy of flashing her friend was actually being approved by my wife.

    I took my clothes off and was now naked. I asked if they were going to be going for a swim too. My wife said she wasn't but Jeanette said she would. Jeanette turned to my wife and asked if she wanted her wearing a bikini or could she go in like I was? She was asking my wife for her approval and my wife said as long as she was comfortable swimming naked she had no problem with it. My fantasy was now getting better. Jeannette undressed and I saw her naked from head for the first time ever. I was glad I was in the water because I got an instant hard-on and I don't know how my wife would have taken it if she saw that.

    My wife stepped away to use the bathroom and Jeanette mentioned she saw my hard-on earlier. She said she has that effect on guys and adds it was nice to see you at full size. My wife returned and Jeanette was sitting on the edge of the pool with her back to my wife. She had her legs spread enough to see her perfectly hairless pussy. I started getting a hard-on again and Jeanette made it worse by spreading her pussy lips open with her fingers. My wife couldn't see what she was doing but I was seeing her pussy and clit very clearly. I was rock hard and Jeanette said I better get out of the pool before I shrivel up. My wife then also shouts over for me to get out too. I think Jeanette was doing on this on purpose just for a little embarrassing fun.

    I got out of the pool and couldn't hide what had happened. My cock was rock hard and the first thing my wife says which was a bit of a relief was that I get a lot of those on the beaches when we go on vacation. Jeannette was surprised that I did and my wife says you should see what he does to get rid of them. Jeannette asked what that was and my wife tells her I usually go off to the side and take care of myself quickly. Jeanette replies that she wouldn't mind seeing that. My wife turns to me and tells me to show her. I asked if she was serious and was told we are all friends here and to just go ahead. I didn't know if I wanted to go that far but I realized I may never get the opportunity again and started. Jeanette asks if I want her to help me along. My wife asked her if she meant stroking me? Jeanette said what she meant was to spread her legs to get me aroused but would stroke me if she allowed it. My wife said she could stroke me if she wanted to even a blowjob if she wanted. Jeanette was surprised but my wife said it was all good but just no intercourse.

    Jeanette starts stroking me and then starts sucking my cock. I blew my load in her mouth and she swallowed it. My wife tells me to return the favor and give her pussy a licking. I got in between Jeanette's legs and went to work. When she began climaxing she began to squirt and I mean squirting big time. I was drenched by her . We had a shower later and we both cleaned up.

    On our way home my wife apologized to me and said she used me to see something of Jeanette. She told me her friend had always told her she squirts a lot when getting oral sex and she wanted to see first hand. She then says she didn't need to apologize too much to me because she could see I enjoyed myself too.

    My Dumbass Cousin

    Me and My Cousin never get along, we've been fighting since we were kids and in particular there were times our parents had to pull us apart because our fighting was seen as embarrassing especially when we were little we fought eachother at Thanksgiving and had to be told to get along.

    One time when he came to visit we would play Slap Tag by slapping eachother in the face while running around our Grandma's house that later escalated into a fight between me and him.

    When I went to his house he was so bossy, bratty, and always wanted me to do whatever he wants because it was his house, needless to say everytime we played video games he cheats and brags about it and calls me a loser and I punch him and we end up fighting.

    When we played a board game he was always changing the rules so much and whenever I told him I was tired of playing the same game he would refuse to listen to me and call me a loser so once again the fists started flying until me and him were both separated.

    We then played Checkers one time and as always he fucking cheats and then hbreaths his disgusting pickle breath knowing how much I hate pickles and then I took the Checkers Board and hit him upside the head with it causing checkers to fly all over his room and then he takes out an old VHS Video and hit me in the head with a video and then all hell broke loose as both of our parents had to pull us apart.

    One time we were doing a contest at the Mall and I was the one who found the thing that needed to be found and then he starts saying he found it first and I yelled at him saying I found it first and then we ended up fighting in the damn store where the contest was held at leading to our family being banned from the Mall.

    Then we had Baseball Practice one time and when I stopped at First Base he caught the ball and said I was out when clearly I was safe and before long we got into an argument and then we had a basebrawl on the Baseball Field as teammates, coaches, and our dads had to sperate us both as we were both benched from playing Baseball and were both Grounded as a Consequence.

    Then one time my Dumbass cousin started getting on my nerves when we were in the car while his Dad was running an errand as he puts his damn fucking nasty ass feet in my face and then flicks rubber bands at me and we ended up exchanging punches until his dad got back in the truck and as we were riding in his Truck he starts punching me and I hit him back and his Dad tells us to knock it off with the fighting as he pulled his truck over to break up our backseat brawl.

    Then My Uncle took us to Dairy Queen and we did nothing but argue by calling me a geek and a loser and we had a food fight at Dairy Queen as we threw fries at eachother he hits me with his hotdog and got mustard on my face and then I stood up and chased his ass into the Dairy Queen and put him in a headlock and then dragged him into the restroom and then we started fighting in the Dairy Queen Restroom as I wanted to put his head in the toilet and give him a swirlie but his dad breaks us up.

    His Dad stops at a Gas Station and again my dumbass Cousin continues to piss me off and tried taking me shoes and throwing them out the window and I took his hat and threw it out the window and then we got into a fight at the Gas Station and was broken up when my Uncle saying will you boys ever get along.

    Then one time at Thanksgiving my dumbass cousin got on my nerves with the name calling and breathing his pickle breath at me, I fucking threw mashed potatoes at him and he threw Green Beans at me and then I took a pie and threw it at him and before you know we had a food fight that turned into a fist fight with me and him brawling on the table s food got ruined and we were both punished.

    Me and my cousin haven't talked to each other in years and it's no skin off my back because my cousin is a fucking dumbass.

    Married The Man That Deserved Me

    First, this is a true story. I'm 66 now. When I was 13 until I was 15 the youth minister at our church had sex with me. Then when I was 17 I was used in a frat house gang bang, resulting in a pregnancy and an abortion in Mexico. During college I was screwed on the kitchen floor in a student apartment, guy unknown. I got to my first professional job anything but a virgin.

    In those days, late 70s early 80s you put out or you didn't move up. It was that simple. My boss was a 34 year old with a nineteen year old wife he married in Las Vegas. He wanted nothing more than to ditch her, a drunk night in Las Vegas married to a stripper. At least her boobs were natural. He asked me to help him dump her.

    Divorce was not what he wanted, he wanted an annulment. My job was to negotiate the annulment, we are talking I could go up to a grand. In 1979 a grand was money, rent ran about 175 a month. I went to his apartment to negotiate, I had the cash. She was not interested, at any price. She was married. She had hit the jackpot. I went back to report. My boss was pissed, upset, he could not be married to a stripper.

    I went back. This time I wanted to know about her. How long had she been a stripper? Was she a hooker? When had she lost her cherry? How many men had fucked her? The idea was to prove she was used pussy, not marriage material. Well, she claimed she had stripped for two months. She was from Ames, Iowa. Never been fucked until she got married. She was a true blue virgin the night she got married. My boss was fucked, she was not going anywhere on her own.

    I decided to fuck my boss off. Show him what used pussy was, tell him while he was fucking me which number he was. Let him know my 13 year old pussy was fucked. He had a true blue farm girl. Keep her and quit bitching. He had a keeper wife, he could have married a whore.

    He went for the fuck, the more he heard, the hornier he got. The man liked used pussy, especially pussy that had been around the block. He got his mouth going and jerked off while he slobbered around. A regular whore fucker. His Las Vegas wife was too pure, she didn't deserve him. I talked her into going home to Iowa, keep her mouth shut about Vegas, annulments left no record. I married my boss, got the house, the car, the picket fence and an honest name. Two peas in a pod.

  • Big Milk Juggs

    My girlfriend and her daughter have never been shy about nudity, both are nude in their house around me often. The daughter is knocked up and starting to show.

    When I went over last week the daughter came out after a shower to talk to her mom with just a towel around her waist. Her juggs have started to become enormous, engorged with milk. I couldn't take my eyes off of them.

    Big round large cantaloupe tits, sticking firm, high and straight out. I can't wait to see how much bigger they get. I'd be happy to help relieve any excess milk the baby doesn't want, lol. I'd love to milk her.