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Won’t You Be My Fantasy

I dream of being fucked until I loose myself and can’t think of anything else. I want to spread my legs and be driven crazy with pleasure by a anyone who will want to. No matter if it is by a woman or by a man. All I can think about are the possibilities and the dreams that make my pussy wet and my nipples harden.
I can’t stop playing with myself and moaning so loud that I have to cover my mouth. My legs shaking in anticipation and my pussy dripping wet wanting to have something thrust inside me hard. Wanting to be spoiled and have myself someone who can take care of me. No matter who it’s.

  • Jackpot

    I want to go on record as having the sweetest, sexiest, most wonderful wife.
    She checks all the boxes for me. She's the only woman I've ever known who keeps getting sexier and making me want her more and more all the time.
    This isolation business has definitely made some folks realize they really don't even like their partner very much. I have no way of validating this, but I'd suspect the cases of spousal abuse have skyrocketed. Both men and women victims, btw.

    I'm so happy to say that the exact opposite has been going on at our house.
    We spend lots of time together and plenty of it is snuggly and cozy and plenty of it is raw and naughty and hot af.

    One of my greatest pleasures is manhandling my honey and kissing, licking and loving her all over, and I do mean all over. I would gladly begin at her toes and work my way up, teasing and sampling her charms, licking, kissing and tasting her all over.
    I think sometimes she may be slightly overwhelmed by her daddy's ardor, but she's a sweet little doll and gives me everything I want. Everything.

    I'm gonna keep it discrete right now, but suffice to say, I am one ecstatically happy man.
    I sure hope this thing passes but to be honest, I could go on like this for a long, long time to come.

    Bored And Horny In Quarantine

    I’m bored and horny in quarantine. I want to have some phone sex with persons out there. Message me to talk further

    Asians See Things Differently

    Four years ago in a far off foreign land my passport and money were stolen. A man who was behind me in line took over the conversation with the immigration officials and agreed to be my guarantor and put me on a plane the next day. He bought a bond as guarantee and took me to a hotel. That night he had me at his home for dinner, his family all spoke English and were polite and hospitable. The next day he put me on a plane back to the States.

    Next trip he looked me up, had me fly to him. What he didn't do in the hotel that night he did with me then. I wasn't in a position to deny him, I won't say I complied, I just didn't refuse. The experience was interesting but not out of this world. I don't like to say I've had better, it was different.

    It came to me that I was some sort of prize, a prize you just don't turn down. He was as obligated to have me as I was to surrender to him. We were both trapped by some unwritten rule of obligation. The second night involved a nice dinner, conversation about our backgrounds, our educations. What pedigree did I have? Was I quality enough to keep? Was I suitable as a side affair? Certainly his wife had met me, but for a 'concubine', was I suitable?

    He decided that I would do. I was flown to Paris, I met him and his wife there. Our rooms were side by side with a door between them. He took the opportunity to visit me, to reengage with me. The next day I spent with his wife, she gave me my boundaries, very polite, very gentle, but a concubine, not a wife. Did I understand? Yes I did, my grandfather had a concubine.

    As a second generation Korean American contemplating being a concubine surprised my close friends and family. But on a purely rational basis, a woman in her thirties has limited options, a concubine to a man of means was perhaps a good option, the best option. It has been a very good option.

    Anika Is Our All Time Favorite

    Yes, my husband and I have a young woman who lives with us. She is in college, but mainly she is in bed with us. Who goes first? Me, or my husband? Gee, let's ask her, do you want your Daddy or your Mommy to love you?

    Young women are so delicious, always have been.

    The Man Wants To Keep Me, Why Would I Say No

    The place was a small Italian restaurant, a booth in the back. He held my chin with two fingers and told me he wanted to take care of me. I sat back and asked him what made him think I could not take care of myself?

    "You have a c**t between your legs".

    He takes care of me, in that he pays for my apartment, car, I have a credit card and cash transferred into my bank account.

    Who is screwing who? Who is the c**t? He wants to take care of me? Who am I to be so stupid not to let him. He gets a lot out of keeping me for himself, I get a lot out of not having to work to live better than any of my same age friends. Who is screwing who?

    I Became An Accidental Prostitute!

    About 15 years ago I went to a fancy dress party on a Sunday night with my then BF dressed as Agnetha from Abba (the blonde one). I was wearing a very short skirt, blonde wig and sparkle make up.

    My BF got really drunk and started to act like an asshole and we got into a huge fight, I stormed off and told him I was going home. Instead I went to a bar in one of the local hotels and stood at the bar on my own, it was about 1130PM by then and the bar was pretty empty. I noticed 2 guys that kept looking over, nothing special about them but they weren't ugly either.

    After about 30 minutes one came over to me and asked if "I was working", I thought that he thought I worked at the hotel at first so was a bit confused and asked him what he meant, he said "how much for both of us?" It took a couple of seconds for it to sink in and then I suddenly realised that he thought I was a prostitute! I imagine it was the way that I was dressed that made him think it.

    I was pretty drunk (very actually) by then and still really pissed at my BF, I should have ran but for a reason that I have never been able to figure out I just blurted "£300" thinking that would make him go away, I didn't even earn that in a week then. He just looked at me and said "OK, me and (whatever his friends name was) have to go to a Cashpoint to draw it out, we will be back in 10 minutes". I had every intention of just running at that point but I was also really turned on and a lot scared, which made me even more turned on. They left and I just stood there, drinking even more and wondering if they would come back.

    After about 10 minutes they both returned and the one that had been quiet before came over and asked if I had a room there, I was so nervous at this point that I lied and said yes (I figured that if they thought I was registered there and was with someone else then there would be less chance they would hurt me!) but that there was another girl with me and she was in there. They both had rooms so suggested that we went back to one of theirs, that was the longest short journey I have ever done.

    As soon as we walked out of the bar into the hotel corridor and were out of site of the staff he handed me £300 in cash, all in £20's and it dawned on me that not was this only real but that I had no condoms! I told them that I was just going to pop into the ladies room to count (he actually looked quite insulted about that) and to wait outside. I went in, went straight to the condom machine and bought a pack of 10 with the change I had in my handbag before popping into the cubicle to check that all was fresh "down there" :) I was incredibly turned on by this point and was already really wet but I still couldn't believe that I was going to go ahead with this!

    They actually looked a bit surprised when I came back out, I think they thought that I was going to climb out of a window! We carried on up to the room and not one word was spoken all the way there. One woman came into the hotel corridor just before we went in to his room and looked at me as exactly what I actually was, a cheap hooker!

    I wasn't sure how it was supposed to start but that was quickly resolved by the first guy that had spoken to me taking off his T-shirt and starting to take off his jeans, which prompted the other guy to do the same, in what seemed like seconds they were both naked and both hard, they were both quite athletic and both had decent sized dicks, about average from my experience.

    The taller one of the two came over and pushed me into a sitting position on the bed and pulled my head towards his cock, I was actually going to do this and just like that for the first time in 3 years I had another mans cock in my mouth! He pushed me back so that I was lying down and kneeled over me, while he was slowly fucking my face his friend had pulled down my skirt and knickers and was eating me out, I genuinely thought I was going to explode! I had never done anything like this before, had certainly never been with 2 men and here I was being paid for it!

    I felt the shorter one move away and thought that he was about to fuck me so I mumbled "condoms, handbag" as best as I could with a mouth full of cock! He got them but it turns out that he wasn't ready for that, he wanted what his friend had been getting. The taller one climbed off me and they took the opportunity to take off the rest of my clothes, I was now fully naked, in a hotel room in front of two strangers and I was being paid to fuck them!

    They stood side by side and had me get on my knees on the floor to suck them both, it was totally and utterly surreal swapping from cock to cock like some porn star. Almost without warning the shorter one grabbed my head (I think he was about to cum!) and pulled my blonde wig clean off!! That had all of us burst out laughing and stopped everything in its tracks for a few minutes, I took the hairpins out of my own blonde hair (shorter than Agnethas wig!) and the next thing the short one had his cock straight back in my mouth whilst the taller one watched. I wasn't really blowing him a such, it was more that he was fucking my mouth and I knew what was coming as he got faster and faster, he dug his fingers into my head so hard that it actually hurt a little bit and then boom, he shot his cum right into my mouth. I have never really been a swallow kind of girl, I normally spit it out but I had no choice with this guy as he still had hold of my head and I swallowed this complete strangers cum in front of his friend!

    As soon as he had finished he pulled his dick out of my mouth and it was instantly replaced with the tall guys, I couldn't believe that I had just swallowed a load of cum from one cock and seconds later I had another one on my mouth. Tall guy didn't last long either and before I knew it I was swallowing his load as well, 2 loads of cum from 2 different guys in minutes!

    Things calmed down for a few minutes then, I honestly think that they thought that as they had both cum that was it, maybe it is with an actual prostitute I have no idea but I was so turned on at that point there was no way they were getting away with it that easy!

    Within minutes I had sucked them both back hard again and this time I was going to get some enjoyment for myself. I spent the next 3 hours being fucked on all fours whilst sucking the other one off, riding one while his mate stood over him and fucked my mouth, getting fucked in the ass (I had only ever let my BF do that once and with him I hated it, not this time though!) and shorty even mentioned trying a double penetration (one in my pussy, one in my ass) which I was game for but the tall one didn't want to get that close to the short ones cock!

    We ended up using 8 of the 10 condoms (I let them take them off so they could cum in my mouth) and I swallowed 3 loads of cum from each one of them. I lost count of the amount of orgasms I had and the whole thing only came to an end when my phone rang, it was my BF!! I obviously didn't answer but used that as my reason to get dressed and leave, they were both pretty much worn out by then anyway.

    i went back down to the lobby and called a cab, the receptionist giving me the same look as the woman in the corridor had done earlier which wasn't surprising, ..(continue confession)

    My Overweight Friend

    I have a friend who is pretty chubby, and I might have feelings for him. But damn, I just want to fuck him. I want to spread his ass cheeks and kiss his hole while he moans. I just want to fuck his butt and listen to him moan my name. I want to pull my dick out of his ass and finish in his mouth. I also want him to do the same to me. I want to feel his thick thighs collide against my ass as he fucks me raw. I want to feel his cum spurt all over my face. I can’t get enough of his body, and all of my other friends make jokes about his weight too, which he doesn’t mind, but damn. It kinda hurts to listen to tbh lol

    My New Job

    So I started a new job during covid which means all of our training is done over video chats while we work from home. On this particular day I was so horny my body hurt, since I was only listening to calls I didn't need to be on video chat so I figured I could quickly get off so I could think straight again. I spent most of the morning with my vibrator completely unable to satisfy this urge. With the ache only growing worse I decided I needed penetration to really get off, so I bust out my dildo and get comfy. I start really getting into it roughly fucking myself with the dildo while I torture my clit with the vibe I am so close to cumming when my mentor asked to video chat so he could explain something. I quickly right myself leaving the dildo in me but shutting off the vibe so he wouldn't hear and accept the chat. While he is explaining I mute myself and turn the vibe back on and start subtly rocking on the dildo, I NEEDED to cum right then. Only it turns out that I didnt actually get muted and he heard!

    He quickly figured out what I was doing and asked if I was masturbating, I tried to think of an explanation that wasn't fucking myself while at work but was coming up blank. Luckily for me all he did was ask if he could watch. Now playing with myself while someone watched was not something I did often but I was so keyed up I needed it in that moment so I said yes. I angled the camera down so he could get a clear view of the dildo stretching my pussy while I rubbed my clit. He guided me told me how to use the dildo told me how he wanted to fuck me and make me swallow his cum. Then he told me to mute myself and continue fucking myself like he told me to while he took another call, and I wasn't allowed to cum until the call was over. I barely managed to hold out cumming right when he clicked off the call. He had me bring my webcam closer and slowly pull the dildo out of my pussy so he could watch as all my pussy juice leaked out. He told me to rub my cum all over my pussy while i sucked the didlo for him. I got so wet it leaked out of me and dripped down into my ass. I told him i was getting horny again but this time i wanted my asshole filled.

    He told me he wanted to see me fucking myself until lunch (we had about an hour and a half) while he continued to take calls but this time I couldn't cum until lunch because this time he wanted to hear. So I got on my knees my ass facing the camera so he could see me better. I even got a second dildo out and deep throated it since he enjoyed it so much and I love the feeling of choking on a cock. I was so wet at this point it was running down my thighs I went to put the second didlo in my pussy but he told me I wasn't allowed until lunch when he could hear me but he did want me to put my vibrator to use again and play with my clit while I fucked my ass. When lunch finally came he undressed and started stroking his cock for me and told me to slowly slide the second dildo in my pussy and once again guided my hands fucking me through the screen. I came multiple times over lunch before he finally came all over himself right before he had to go back to the phones. Neither of us got dressed after that I took some time to recover then we started up again he picked the positions I got into and how I played with myself while he jerked off for me. We came multiple times throughout the rest of the day until I had to go back to class training so we had to stop. He is now my exclusive mentor and we have played together many times both during and after work although we now use our phones video chat not our works video chat. He really likes when I leave my phone under my desk and play with myself while I am in class training on video with my boss and I use my headphones so he can tell me how he wants to fuck me. We have decided to meet in person this weekend so he can finally fuck me in all the ways he has promised to I cant wait!

  • Discovering My True Inclination

    Getting up the courage to 'confess'. Nothing illegal, maybe immoral.

    I have been reading here and on other sites confessions of young women who find themselves in a predicament outside of their control. My predicament happened while still 17, a freshman at a large state university. I decided to attend after all the dorm rooms were taken and with the help of the student affairs office I found a room in a house off campus with a 2nd year vet student.

    She was nice, but she was the boss of the house. OK with me, between 17 and 24 there is a lot of age difference. She not only ran the house she rearranged my course load, set up my study time, at the kitchen table where she could keep an eye on me, and she took me down to planned parenthood to get on birth control. With a two hour lecture on sex and staying virgin.

    A week of classes and Saturday was my day off. She found me in my room getting dressed in my bra and panties and her reaction of my teen mother selected underwear was priceless. That afternoon she took me to that store in the mall and guided me through a varied big girl panty selection, and fitting me for a big girl bra. I guess I was nervous while she fitted my boobs in the bras. I had never been felt up, I was felt up, by her.

    That night I learned about big girl grooming, down there, by her. And a long kiss on my freshly shaved tutu. That night, I was drawn to her room, with nothing but her panties on she invited me under the sheets. For a girl from a good family being kissed on the mouth, felt up by another woman, fingered, licked, eaten, clit stimulated by fingers and tongue, brought to my first ever bona fide orgasm.

    I say a bit immoral, being the young girlfriend to an older grad student, kept in the closet, hidden away from any worthless boys, spooned against her naked breasts, kissed, hugged, eaten for dinner and breakfast I was a big girl in college now. As to the birth control, that was insurance but I never really had any need for it, no penis got close enough to make it necessary.