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Neighbours Gardener

My next door neighbours mother calls round to their house twice a week to do their gardening, and to take my cock in her mouth, pussy and arsehole.
Sarah is fifty four and a semi retired horticulturalist. Her daughter and son in law are basically non gardening lazy sods. So Sarah maintains their garden for them when they're at work.
As to how we began fucking (I work from home) we got chatting about plants, her son in laws lazy ways and how her daughter could do with a real man. Then she added, so could she.
When I asked what she meant, Sarah blushed and told me she'd not had sex since her husband passed away.
I put on the charm letting her know she was still a very attractive woman (And she definitely is) and that many men would love to pleasure her.
It was my turn to blush when she replied "I don't want making love to, I want Fucking".
It wasn't what I was expecting off Sarah, yet even so when she asked me if I was alone, I couldn't resist inviting her in.
It was the most passionate sex I think I've ever had. Sarah was prepared to try anything and in the two hours we spent having sex, I came twice having fucked my neighbours mother's mouth, pussy and at her insistence, her tight arsehole.
For her part, Sarah didn't stop orgasming and I swear at one point as I was sucking on her clit and finger fucking her pussy and arse, Sarah had a series of massive orgasms, flooding my mouth with her juices.
We fucked in every position as Sarah was like a sex starved teenager wanting to try every way for me to fuck her.
I was literally knackered by the time I made us a drink as we sat on my patio.
Even then she wanted me to tongue her pussy. So with the neighbours capable of seeing us, I licked her soaking wet pussy as she lay back on my patio seating, making Sarah climax twice more.
Afterwards I let her know anytime she wanted to enjoy some sex, to knock on my door.
It's been a year this week since we first fucked. It never gets boring and Sarah is just as horny and dirty minded as she was that first time.
She messages me now when she's on her way round to do some gardening. It probably would only take a half hour a week to look after her daughter's garden. Yet Sarah takes at least two hours each time she visits. That's because we're fucking like rabbits.
It suits us both as I don't want commitments just yet, and Sarah can't get pregnant anymore. And for Sarah she's got a younger guy who absolutely loves screwing all of her holes.

  • Squirt - And The Aftermath

    This has been a weird month for me. I met a guy and he was the first to make me squirt. The way he fingered me and the way my pussy reacted sent a fountain of moisture out of my pussy. He proceeded to make me squirt that entire night of play. This newly found response to his finger stimulation also brought out the exhibitionist in me.

    A couple of weeks later, as he is finger fucking me into a squirt, he tells me he told his friends about it. His friends started to harass him to see it. My mind went crazy thinking about them knowing and (maybe) watching. This, coupled with his fingers, led to me soaking the bed. This was the hardest and deepest sexual release that I have ever had. The anatomy of the squirt is not an orgasm, but they always are combined with an orgasm.

    The next day he texts me and asks to video the squirting. I was turned on by the thought of this, albeit no video of my face. That night we took a video of me squirting. Afterwards he asked if his friends could see it. The next morning I told him it was okay. That entire day I was the horniest I have ever been. Knowing that he was showing my pussy and me squirting to his friends created the perfect storm of sexual need.

    He came to my apartment after work as I told him I need to be fucked. He took me to the bedroom and fucked me good. As he was fucking me doggie style, I tell him to video it. He did. Holy fuck was that a turn on. Later that night I told him to share it with his friends. As he did, his phone blew up and I did all I could to not finger myself right then and there. He fucked me for a second time before he went home that night.

    A couple of nights later we go out for a drink. We ended up running into two of his friends. Honestly, it felt staged but whatever. After a couple of drinks the videos came up in the discussion. I was a mixture of embarrassed and turned on. They said the videos were crazy hot and thanked me for sharing them. By the end of the night I was super horny and I needed a good fucking. Jokingly I said you guys can watch Chris fuck me if you want. They all went silent. So I said it again. We paid our bar tab and we headed to Chris’s house. On the drive, Chris fingered me, soaking the inside of my stretch pants. I was in trouble.

    When we got to Chris’s house we went into the living room. As Chris and I started to play, the other guys just sat there and watched. My exhibitionist took over and I gave them a show, squirting like a fountain all over the floor and couch. The desire filled the entire room. The other guys had to be horny. As we started to fuck, I told one to video on my phone. Chris was plowing me. My tits were flopping around like crazy. Out of nowhere, the other friend puts his dick in my face. Without any hesitation I grabbed it and started to suck it. I sucked it just as hard as Chris was plowing me. The guy with the video now gets his turn as he continues with the video.

    The night finished with all three of them fucking me. There is video of it all on my phone and that made my pussy yearn for more. For the past week, I have been contemplating creating an online portal for my vids but I just cannot commit yet. They all have had me three times and the thrill hasn’t worn off. I am in full blown exhibitionist mode now. Low cut shirts, no panties, open legs while sitting down, etc. I want everyone to see my naughty parts.

    Fun Memory From The Early 80s

    This isn't really a confession, just a fun memory from the 80s.

    In my early twenties I was riding around with a buddy when he lost control and went into a ditch. He didn't get a scratch, but I was banged up some. Nothing severe, but I needed home physical therapy for a few weeks.

    The home health care worker who provided the therapy was a petite, fit woman with Asian features who looked very familiar. I couldn't figure out where I had seen her. She didn't wear a name tag until her second visit. When I saw it, her first and last name seemed familiar too, but I still couldn't place her.

    After she left, something made me start looking through my porn stash, and lo and behold, I found her in a year old issue of Hustler's Beaver Hunt. Beaver Hunt was for amateur submissions from readers. Each issue showed snapshots or Polaroids of women, taken usually by their boyfriends or husbands. A woman could be identified by her initials or a nickname, but some women used their real names in hopes of being chosen for a bigger photo spread.

    Beside each photo, there was a description of the girl's interests, fantasies, and maybe her occupation and location by city. My health care worker listed her interests as horseback riding, sewing, rock concerts, giving head, etc. Her picture showed her stark naked, reclining on a bed holding a pillow. He tits were small but perky, and her legs were spread wide, showing a tiny pussy with lips like flower petals.

    The next time she comes we get to talking as she's ther**eutically helping me exercise my leg. I hone in on her interests. I ask her about horses, what kind of things she likes to sew, what concerts she'd been to, and so on. She was fascinated by my insight and said it was crazy how I seemed to ask about the very things she liked. My cock was getting bigger and bigger and really tenting my shorts. She noticed it and her eyes kept darting to it. I said I knew there was something else she was good at. I guided her head down to my cock and she didn't resist. She really did give good head, but I didn't let myself come because I wanted inside her. I wasn't yet able to have regular intercourse so she slipped out of her slacks and faced me. Her little pussy gripped my cock like a warm velvet glove a size too small. She did all the work and I sat back and enjoyed myself. I know it's stereotyping, but when an Asian woman closes her eyes tight and gets that agonized facial expression -- god almighty. All I can say is, I was young, she was my first Asian woman, and I couldn't last long.

    I had what I wanted, and before she left I reached under the bed spread that was covering the sofa I was sitting on. I handed her the photo of herself I had cut out of the magazine earlier. I knew it was taking a chance, but I could never resist doing asshole things like that. She didn't get mad, she just laughed and said, "Goddammit, I thought you had to be a wizard or a demon or something to know that much about me!" She said the photo was her boyfriend's idea; she wasn't really that enthused about sending it to the magazine, but she went along. We kept fucking for a while even after I got better. We drifted apart when I left for a better job in another city.

  • Please Don't Tell Anyone!!!

    O-M-G Sunday may embarrass me to death! It wasn't a date, but it was a disaster. We had a family outing at the lake. I caught a ride home with my brother and his family. I am just a 37 yr old guy and I couldn't help it.

    My brother has an extended cab pickup. He and his wife were in the 2 front seats. I had to share the backseat with his 3 kids. Two boys and his 13 yr old daughter. We couldn't all fit and daughter didn't want to sit on her brothers lap. She was wet in a tiny bikini and a towel wrapped around her. She was sitting on my lap. I tried to think of anything else but it happened. She was bouncing around and grinding on my crotch. I wanted to jump out of the truck as I started getting hard. As my dick got hard she noticed and turned around at me with a grin on her face. Maybe it was me but it seemed like she started intentionally moving her tiny ass and grinding on my dick. By the time we got to my house I was super hard. I used my bag and towel to hide it as I got out of the truck. I think she had fun doing this to me! I pray she doesn't say anything.

    My Fantasy

    Heading for a Thanksgiving dinner sometime during the 1980s I was asked to pick up my father-in-law‘s cousin. My wife was already over her mothers preparing Thanksgiving dinner. I had never met her before but I heard about her. I arrived at her apartment knocked on the door and 50-year-old woman answered who I thought was very very sexy but plain. She was a little agitated because she wasn’t ready and didn’t expect me so early. The place had a slight smell of pussy and iron. The place was a mess untidy but it turned my cock on. She told me she was going to take a shower and get ready and I wish to wait. After she finished I asked use the bathroom I really wanted to smell her panties. I went in close the door open the hamper and pulled out a pair of her panties. They were soiled and my dick just got hard. They had a strong smell of pee and c**t. I had to act fast I stuck them in my mouth and they were still warm and damp and sucked the crotch pussy and ass like a lunatic. To this day I wish I would have given her a bath with my mouth in my fantasy I have always wanted to find a woman it doesn’t wash often so I could do that. I fantasize swallowing her spit cleaning ears armpits neck tits deep in her ass feet sucking all over her body and then her piss and cheese smelling precious pussy. I never had this fantasy until that day exclamation point

  • Sucker For The Ones That Cry

    I was at this bar when I saw a girl sobbing so I went over. She looked up tears streaming down her cheeks. Well to cut a long story short I took her home. As we walked her hand kept grabbing my ass, I'm in here I thought. Inside her flat she was all over me, fondling my cock her tong down my throat. She was really strong and aggressive and soon exposed my cock and gave fantastic head too. I was allowed to place my hand between her legs, this girl was a dude. In panic I tried to get free but she was to strong. She held my hands above my head as my shirt was ripped open and her teeth bit my nipples one then the other. She moved up sitting on my chest. I watched as she got her dick out and slapped my face with it then ran the tip across my lips smearing pre-cum on them. 'lick your lips lover boy', she demanded. I had always been curious and instinctively did so, my resistance wilting. Her cock was again introduced to my mouth and then I was a first time cock sucker. She was loving it, well that and the dominance. My hands were free and as I pleasured her she removed my pants and lubed my ass. I was assertively coaxed into the doggy position and she got behind me, grabbing my hair and slapped my arse. My cherry was popped and after the initial pressure, in her cock went and I was being fucked. She smacked my bum again and announced she was going to pump a baby into me {a little opptomistic}. She gave it a good go anyway and I orgasmed as I felt her semen decorate me, each jet taking away my masculinity. For about a minute I was there her entire weight bearing down on me then I felt her cock fall from my ass and the she got off. I stayed the night and was woken numerous times to be fucked each time as her whore or as she exclaimed her cock sleeve.

    I Think I Turned My Wife Into An Anal Slut

    When my wife and I started dating 7 years ago, she said no butt stuff. Slowly, I started rubbing her asshole when we masturbated and she finally admitted she loved it. She would have pretty damn intense orgasms from that.

    Over time I started focusing more on her asshole and started inserting my thumb a little when I was fingering her pussy. Her orgasms got stronger and more frequent from this, to the point where if I didn't play with her ass a little during masturbation, she'd have a hard time orgasming.

    About a month ago, after massaging her back and butt, I spread her legs and starting licking her pussy and tongue fucking it. I moved back towards her asshole and when I finally hit it she made a little moan and moved her hips. I took that as a signal to focus on her asshole. She moved to use her vibrator on her clit and actually pushed my head with it back to her asshole when I started eating her pussy again. She orgasmed pretty good a couple of times while doing this, and when she went doggy for sex, I inserted my entire thumb in her ass.

    This weekend while we were masturbating together, her pussy was very wet and I was fingering her pretty good and rubbing her asshole like usual. She was kind of struggling to orgasm, so I decided to go for her asshole. I took my index finger that was nice and lubed up with her pussy juices and started rubbing and then penetrating her ass. I got my finger completely in and finger fucked her ass and rotated it around. She had the most intense orgasm I have ever seen her have. It was amazing!

    The next night, I started out with massaging her again and then started eating her pussy and quickly moved to her asshole. She was flexing her asshole around my tongue and using her vibrator. She had a couple good orgasm from this again. She then wanted my cock in her pussy. She rolled over for missionary and I was fucking her pretty good, but she wasn't cumming like she normally does. So, I wound up grabbing her ass, sucking her nipples and fingering her asshole while my cock was in her pussy. I was so tempted to move my cock to her ass, but the fingering got her off several times.

    I think my wife is becoming an anal slut and I'm loving it!

    Office Whore

    I had only been married a couple of years and worked for a large company with many male employees, I often wore short skirts for work and soon started to get male attention, anyway one day I gave a guy a blow job and he told some of the others who also wanted me to blow them, I said I would as long as no one told my husband, after a few weeks I started allowing them to fuck me , that's when my boss said I should be the office whore. From then on my job was to let all male employees fuck me whenever they wanted, soon many of the men invited their mates in to fuck me. Eventually I was fucking about 5 to 6 men a day 5 days a week and every other Saturday, mostly bareback. I always shower when I get home and my husband still doesn't know after 5 years and thousands of fucks . . . I have the best job in the world

    Our Boss, The Man Of The Hour, And We How We Showed Our Appreciation

    In 2013 I worked in an accounting department of all women, I was a junior accountant. Our big boss was a man who really looked after us, ran interference with the all male departments, took on a VP who called out one of our girls snd berated her to tears. We loved him, he had our back. To be fair he was old school, he hugged us, kissed us, and from time to time you got a pat on the behind.

    He turned fifty and we wanted something special. All eleven girls agreed to give him a very personal g*ft. We hired a woman photographer to take some risqué pictures, including full nudity, sofa pictures and naked in the blooming bluebonnets. An overall picture of the eleven of us in a full frontal nudity. We all loved the album, and signed our happy birthdays on our individual nude portraits. Some girls lipsticked up and left a pair of red lips for him.

    He was taken aback, but went through the album, page by page getting to know his girls a little more personally. The album was on his desk, for his personal pleasure, his 55 year old secretary hated it.

    The company was sold three years later and he took me with him. To be his, and only his, to keep his bed warm, to show him my appreciation, to meander around his place as God intended. I didn't go to work again for five years, and then against his wishes.

    On the tenth year of the album, when he turned sixty I invited the girls to his (our) place for a reunion. The album on the coffee table, time to check up on being ten years older. I won't say who suggested a selfie, bare boobs, for his pleasure.

  • My Secret!

    I think about this often. No one knows about this but I am very anxious to be used by a group of men sexually. I watch gay porn gay gang bangs are a huge turn on. I have a lot of dildos and sex toys and I love playing with my asshole and will stick most anything up my ass.
    This all started as a young boy growing up out in the country. I would sneak around and hide outdoors take my clothes off and spend a lot of time putting a lot of different things up my ass. I jacked off all the time and always ate my own cum. I used my cum in my ass for lube all the time. All I thought about was taking a boys dick up my ass.
    One day i was buck naked in the woods and had the end of a coke bottle in my ass jacking off. I was in another world thinking about fucking my ass and getting to eat my cum in a few minutes. I heard something behind me and when I looked there stood two older boys with their pants down stroking their big hard dicks.
    Once we saw each other things got out of had pretty fast and next thing I know I am between two much older naked boys with big hard dicks and they are all over me.
    I really never tried to refuse them until one of them tried to fuck me up the ass. His dick was way too big to go in my ass but he wanted to put it in me. I ended up on my back with one of them sitting on my chest with his dick dripping cum on my face. He put his dick in my mouth and I started to suck him.
    Next thing my legs are raised up and the other guy is trying to fuck me. I couldn’t move and with a big dick in my mouth the other one got his dick up my asshole. I got fucked up the ass and in the mouth and they r**ed me over and over and each time they stuck a dick in me I wanted more.
    By the time I left there my ass was full of cum and each of them had shot their cum in my mouth. They told me if I told anyone about it they would beat the shit out of me. Then they told me to meet them
    There the next day so I did. Same thing happened they pulled my clothes off then r**ed me for a couple of hours. It went on for a couple of years and they brought other boys sometimes and I got my first black dick when I was 14.
    Ever since that day I have had a huge anal fetish. I love to use my ass and stick a lot of things up my ass. I love to fuck myself with most anything and will let other men with big cocks fuck me also. I have had two men at the same time more than once. Two cocks up my ass at the same time many times and my favorite was two much older Hispanic men in my hotel room. Both had big thick long uncut dicks and both were an ass full once they got their dicks in me. They were rough and fucked Me very hard shot huge tho k loads up my ass and made me gag on their huge dicks.
    I was fucked at both ends in every position and had my ass used and abused like never before. They tied me to the bed and r**ed my asshole took pics of their fat dicks in my asshole and their cum running out of my ass.
    We met again a month later and I was shocked when they showed up at my hotel room with a woman they used me in front of her for hours and she had me eat her pussy many times and she loved my tongue up her ass. She sucked my dick while the guys fucked me then just before they left she pulled out a big black 12” rubber cock and a harness. She put it on and the two men held me down while she got on top of me and fucked my ass with the huge black dick and u sucked the other two guys off.
    By the time they left I could hardly move and my ass was used like never before. Now after several years I have this gang bang fantasy and I think about as many as 15 hung men using me and fulling me with hot cum. I would like to be in a cabin way up in the mountains for several days with a lot of hung men using me day and night fucking me outdoors a lot too. Me getting r**ed and fucked tied up and used filled with cum forced to take huge dicks up my ass fucked until I scream and men putting two dicks up my ass at the same time. It’s just a fantasy but if it ever happened I sure would enjoy it. I have taken a huge cock or two up my ass over the years and nothing feels as good as that