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Bottom Sissy Fantasy

I love to wear women's thongs and hook up with random guys. I am married, but I just love to be a crossdressing little slut.

  • Jen: My Moms Fat Friend

    My mom has this other friend named Jen. She used to be a BBW but is addicted to eating is now a SSBBW with huge saggy udders. For some reason she has a passion for watching gay porn and would also talk to me about the genre and show me new videos and pictures she's come across.

    Krystal: My Moms Friend

    My mom doesn't know that her friend Kystal used to show me her tits all the time. Krystal was my moms hot friend who used to come around the house all the time. Anytime my mom was in another room she would show me her big fake tits. She used to work at Hooter and missed showing off her body so now uses me to get the same attention fix.

    One time my mom went to the store and left me and Krystal alone at the house. As soon as my mom pulled out of the driveway Krystal said, "Listen here you little fuck. Ever seen a woman piss on a pair of used panties and shove them up her c*nt hole? "
    "Why would you ask me that? No, Krystal", i said.
    "We'll this opportunity is as good as any. Let's go grab some of your moms latest and greatest leak fests." she said

    I'm not sure if it's an official condition but my moms pussy leaks pre-cum all day long and is constantly aroused. She often has to take 2 pairs of panties to work to switch the soaked ones for a dry pair. I first learned about this after overhearing her and her other friend Jen talking about it. I wanted to see if it was true and went to my moms dirty hamper and was shocked. There must have been 25 used pairs of panties in there. All of them with extremely pungent odors, unimaginable. It's hard to explain, it's almost like smelling salts. One whiff and it's like doing a like of coke.

    Anyway, Krystal and I started walking to my moms room and on the way she said, "Listen here you little fag boy, we're going to find 3 or 4 of the nastiest used panties your mom has, then you're going to watch me shove them up my c*nt hole! But first I need a sacrifice. You need to eat your own load of spunk"

    And this is how I became addicted to eating my own jizz.

  • My Gf And Her Roommate

    I love my girlfriend, she is the sexiest person on the planet and I love fucking her. However, recently I've noticed that her roommate is very sexy and has incredible tits and figure. My gf has brought up a threesome before but idk how to tell her I want to fuck her and her roommate. Her roommate is a virgin and I would love for me and my gf to teach her how to suck a cock and how to take a big cock up her pussy. I would love her to suck my cock while I eat out my girlfriend. I would also like for her to watch and masturbate while I fuck my girlfriend

    From The Darkest Corner To The Sunlight

    I was every parents' worse nightmare. Substance issues, bad bad grades, really bad friends, runaway. I got brought back from Oakland by my mother and a 'private detective' who found me. I spit on him, he slapped me. I used very offensive language, he grabbed my face forcing my mouth open. I ran, he caught me, bent me over and used his belt on me. I was going home, like it or not.

    I went to a rehab detox facility, worse six months of my life. Medical, dental, psychological evaluations, intrusive and physical. After six months, I went to a 'farm' with other kids, 100% female, girls, staff, security. One year, I also went to the tenth grade. I went home to my parents.

    Today I'm a good mother of two kids, three and seven, married to a police detective, live in the house next door to my parents. I'm mellow. Don't lose my temper, I have housekeeping responsibilities, my husband likes me cooking for him.

    As to our sex life, it's normal, twice a month for sure, his job is stressful. I'm not a sex bunny, more of a social butterfly. I have a big family, the nature of our upbringing. I don't think of my 'rebellion', which I attribute to the kids I hung out with and substance abuse. I'm a forever addict, so I have to be careful. My husband is obsessive looking after me, but I need a strong man to look up to.

    You can survive, but you need a strong man to pull you out of it. Your mother is there to love you, but your Dad needs to lay the law down. My Dad wasn't there and my stepdad didn't 'interfere'. He should have taken a belt to me, but he didn't. Water under the bridge.

  • How I Turned Into A Cum Eating Faggot

    Hi, my name is Ethan and I'm a cum eating faggot. I was born in the year 2000 which makes me 23 years right now. Ever since I can remember I've been a horny little fucker obsessed with jizz and tits. I love edging my big horny prick for multiple days, usually over +3 days and then emptying my balls right into my horny little fag mouth.

    I have some theories of how I turned out this way but I want to tell you a couple of things about me. First, there is my mom, Tara. She's a very horny 5'9" half-Korean half white MILF with a dump-truck booty. She's got a descent looking face but the main thing everyone loves about her is her ass and big mature bucket c**t. Her pussy is always dripping and leaking pre-cum throughout the day. How do I know this? More about that later...

    Ever since I can remember my mom was very open about nudity and sexuality. As I mentioed before, my mom is a 5'9" half-Korean half white MILF with a big ass full of cellulite and dimples. Ever since I can remember she's been walking around the house in just a thong and a loose shirt, most of the time.

    Becasue of this, I've always been very comfortable being nude at home. As soon as I got home from school I'd strip off my clothes and give my cock and balls some air. I was cursed, or blessed depending on your perspective, with a really large cock and balls. My mom is a size queen so my dad has a giant dick as well. In fact, all the guys my mom fucks have big dicks. More about that later too...

    I live at home with my mom and sister. My partents have been separated for quite a while and my dad lives at his own place 15 minutes away.

    As you can Imagine, my big dick is always getting hard around my mom when I see her fat cellulite ass jiggling around as she walks around the house doing chores. I always tell her I like her fat ass and she tells me to stop looking and will start ti flex and and pull down her shirt if she's actually wearing a top which is only 50% of the time and seems like she's wearing shirts less and less.

    Here 's an example of how hard it is to live with my mom. I few years ago I could hear her getting slammed out by one of the guys she brought home. My sister and I were never actually introduced to these men, but we would hear them come in her rooms back door in the middle of the night and pound out my mom while she pretended we were asleep.

    For years my sister and I would hear my mom moaning and getting fucked hard and loud at 2a.m. as if there was nobody around. We'd hear all kinds of wild shit like "Fist my c**t you dirty ni**er" or "Spit on my gook face". My mom has a way with words and always says the wildest stuff both when she's taking a beating from a BBC or just when we are driving around.

    I remember waking up at 1:30 in the morning to the sound of her ass getting slapped or the loud gagging and slurping of cock sucking.

    My Hotwife

    I have been fucking this hotwife for about a year now. She is mid 40’s, curvy, white, a mom and wife and a complete nympho. She loves my cock and will do anything I tell her to do. She used to have hubby there to watch and to humiliate, but now she comes running when I call her. We used to always use a condom, now she begs me for my raw cock.

    A few months ago I told her that I had told my friends about her. I asked her if she was into multiple men. She nearly begged me for it! I set it up and it was fantastic.

    Me and four friends took her to a fancy hotel in the city and fucked her for an entire day. Obviously we were not fucking for the entire day, but you get the point. My hotwife, Sarah, got her white body thoroughly fucked by 5 well hung black men. We took pics and sent them to her husband and we even took video. She didn’t care. She loves my dick and she is completely submissive to me.

    The irony….she asked me for more cock on the next gang bang day!

    Fucked My MIL She Doesn't Remember

    I met my wife, M in college, she is 3 years older than me in great shape and hot as can be. Sex was amazing, once I finally convinced her I was more mature than my years. She and I were from the same city but didn't know each other. So the title - I fucked my now mother-in-law G and she has no idea that I did.

    it was 11 years ago, in high school, my now wife was already away at college. I was with some friends driving around, stopped to get a pizza and walking back to the car this super drunk woman was staggering around looking for her car. I recognized her as working for one of my aunts, and went over to help her. She was absolutely in no shape to drive and would have wrecked if not worse on her way home. She was divorced, daughter at college and as I found her car I offered to drive. I got no response, she was really out of it. I put her in the passenger side and got in to drive. I had to get her drivers license out of her purse and wallet to see where she lived. I'd been there twice but wasn't sure of the address number. Driving her home, my friends followed me. G was all over me. leaning against me, rubbing my chest, putting her hand in my shirt after she opened some buttons tweaking my nipples which was something new to me. Then she unzipped my pants and was tugging on my cock as I drove.

    We arrived at her house, and she couldn't get out of the car on the slope of the drive. I helped her, put her in the house and she told me to bring her upstairs. First she unzipped and slid off her skirt, opened her blouse and took off her slip. Her light brown, nice and hairy pussy could easily be seen through her see through panties. Her ass was moving in such as sexy way, one of her big tits was pulled out of her bra and she stopped half way up the steps and pulled my head to her nipple. I sucked on it as she pulled my cock out again. Her holding my cock my holding around her waist, she pushed my hand into the back of her panties and on her bare ass as we went upstairs. In her room she immediately took off the blouse, bra and as I started to leave her panties. "Don't you want me" she started crying "No one wants me anymore" I assured her that wasn't the case but she needed to sleep.

    Dropping to her knees she started sucking on my cock. I pushed her away and told her I'd be right back. I had my friends come in and told them what was going on. They all sat around, I found out later pouring drinks, and I went back upstairs. She was in bed and leaned over the edge to undress me. I let her suck me to get hard, I ate her hairy pussy that tasted incredibly good, then I fucked her. She passed out a little and with my underpants back on I went downstairs. Two more guys went upstairs and came down soon. Time to leave and I went up to get my clothes and she was begging me to fuck her again. I kissed her tits, her lips then got on top of her. In a few strokes she said that wasn't what she wanted. She started calling me her ex husbands name and told me I knew what she wanted. She pushed me off and rolled over. Spreading her ass cheeks she told me to give it to her, give it to her the way I always liked. She was only the second womans pussy I'd fucked, and now she was the first ass I fucked. She was out again. Downstairs we cleaned up and left.

    It was 5 years later coming back for the holidays I went to meet my new girlfriends mom, and that's when I was so damn afraid. She didn't remember anything, nor me. I'm sure she knew she'd been fucked due to the sperm in her but she was I guess too drunk to know, care or remember who fucked her. As long as she didn't remember I was safe with her daughter. We got married and I did have the occasion to see my MIL changing once and got to see that pretty body again. I look at my wife and know that if she ages like her mom, I'm going to be happy for a long time.

    Enabled My Husband And His Girl Friday With A Love Baby

    My husband is a high profile executive. He has two secretaries, now called Executive Assistants. Olga is the Exec type, mid fifties Masters in English. Organized and efficient. She has worked for him for twenty years and has climbed the ladder with him. We are friends. Bethany is a cheerleader, a people person, keeps his calendar, takes his suits to the cleaners.

    He started taking her on out of town trips. She never had those opportunities, he told me. Big hotels, fine restaurants. I defended her, gave her tips on where to go, what to see. When she came up pregnant I knew immediately he was the father. Instead of tough parenting I took her in.

    It's not his fault, her fault, it's my fault. I enabled it. Olga told me, she is his honey.

    Now we have a love child. I have embraced her. My weakness is loving her, from the moment I met her, the granddaughter I always wanted. I can't be angry with her mother. It doesn't do any good being angry with my husband.

  • Moms Secret

    I was 15 when I caught my mother cheating on my dad. School ended early that day and when I arrived home mom was nowhere to be found. I went upstairs to my room, but as I passed my parents' bedroom I could hear a groan. I looked through the keyhole and saw my mother, naked on her bed on all fours. There were two other people there. One behind my mother, the other in front of her and both penetrating her.
    I watched for a moment and couldn't believe what I was seeing. The two others were boys from the neighborhood. One 17, the other 19 years old. I could see them taking my mom hard and she was enjoying it. They slapped her butt, called her bitch and both finally came inside her.
    I never told her that I saw them. Nor did I ever tell her that I jerked off right at the door.