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My Kink

I love wearing silk thongs that are a size two small for me. That make my ass look bigger and it feels good on my pussy when I bend over and it rubs it gently. I love to be clean shaven down there and that mixed with the soft silk thongs make me so horny. Sometimes when I take them off at the end of the day they’re completely drenched from my little c**t down below and I love to lick myself when I masturbate in bed before I go to sleep

  • More Horse In The Pool

    I'm thrilled to have something to post after reading so many stories here.

    I tested my daughter today to see if she could bring my granddaughter to swim after work. I posted yesterday that on Sunday they were in the pool and I was able to finger my daughter to several orgasms while we pretended to “ride a horse” which was a pool noodle we straddled. I’ve never done anything sexual with her before now other than notice that she is a hot piece of ass. She and her husband are also trying to have a second baby.

    My daughter texted she’d get out of work soon. She’d pick up my granddaughter from daycare, stop by home for some swimsuits, and be over.

    She arrived and I figured she’d immediately come after me asking why I fingered her and saying we couldn’t do that. Instead, she took my granddaughter into a spare bedroom and they changed. They came out in swimsuits. My daughter had on another bikini, but this one was a thong. I never saw her wear a thong bikini and it gave me the sign she was looking for more than just a swim. We made nervous small talk until we got in the pool. I suggested we play “horse” and my granddaughter shouted “Yea!!” Just like yesterday, my daughter got in the middle, granddaughter in front of her and me in the back. My daughter sat back in my lap onto my already hard dick.

    I wasted no time in repeating yesterday’s moves. I put my hand on her belly and quickly found my way into the top of her bikini thong. I fingered her slow and deep and brought her to a few orgasms while we paddled around the pool. “Are you two still trying to get pregnant again?” I asked. She got out a small, “Yeah…” before cumming again on my finger.

    I couldn’t take it knowing that and pulled her off the pool noodle and we stood in water hip deep, me fingering my daughter from around her waist as she held my granddaughter floating in front of her facing away from us. I didn’t say anything and gently withdrew my finger from her pussy. I pulled her bikini bottoms down to below her butt, pulled my own shorts down. She instinctively bent at the waist slightly, waiting for it.

    I pushed my dick into my daughter as she stood in the pool. It took a few gentle thrusts to bottom out in her, but when I did all she said was “Oh, God…”. Holding my granddaughter floating in front of her, my daughter stood with me buried in her pussy. I reached around and grabbed both breasts under her bikini top and began pulling her back on my shaft. I didn’t go slow and soon my granddaughter was laughing at all the splashing and shaking in the pool as I fucked my daughter. All her mommy did was moan and grunt as I fucked her. We fucked standing oiut in the open where a nosey neighbor probably could’ve seen, but I didn’t care at the moment.

    As I got close to cumming I started slamming into her harder. My daughter could feel me getting close. She tried to look back at me saying, “I’m not on the pill!” “I didn’t think so.” I said as I fucked her harder a couple more thrusts then let loose with my load deep in her pussy and held her back against me. I hadn’t fucked in a while, so I put a lot in her pussy. All she said was stuff like “Oh God Dad, Oh Dad, Oh, Ahh…” over and over until I finished spunking in her.

    I let her go and we both pulled ourselves together. I said, “If you get pregnant, we’ll just say it looks a lot like you.” I tried to joke and she smiled a little smile. We got back to talking about random crap until we got out of the pool. We said nothing about the sex, just talked and played with my granddaughter. I finally asked if she’d be over tomorrow and she replied, “If you want me to.” I said, “Definitely.”

    My poor son-in-law. We didn’t plan this, but now I fucked his wife and maybe will get her pregnant with my next grandchild. Who knew playing horse in the pool would get us this far! Hopefully I’ll have more to post after tomorrow!

    Eating Her

    I licked my cum out of my wife after We got done fucking and I liked it a lot

  • She's A Whore, And I Fell For Her Like A Teen Age Fool

    Going out with my friends. I was picked up by them, we went to a club to get something to eat and a few beers. The conversation turned to guys night out, versus girls night out. Guys go to the strip clubs, the girls go shopping. Why not take us to a strip club? We want to know what its all about. Like going into the men's room, is that a urinal? Is that girl really topless? Let us see.

    Our dates through up their hands, sure if you really think you want to go there, it's boring. Well, let us decide. Maybe we might learn how to do a table dance and shake our tits in your face. Not that my boyfriend lacked having my tits in his face. We went.

    We were the only female customers, lots of tits walking around. After our eyes got used to the light we sat at the stage and watched a pole dance. Boring. We went to a booth and told our boyfriends we, not them, wanted a couch dance. The girl shrugged her shoulders and put her tits in our face. We asked for another girl, small tits like us. She danced much better, got my pussy wet. I looked her in the eye and asked for a kiss. I got a kiss, and a wet pussy.

    I told my boyfriend I didn't care what it cost, she was the girl I wanted entertain me, nice tits, nice face, nice ass, and my pussy was already wet. My friend and her boyfriend left, I sucked on her tit, she let me, holding my face. Boys can't touch the girls, those are the rules. But a girl? Maybe yes, if she us into the dancer which I was. She sat in my lap with a glass of Champagne, she kissed my lips, and let me kiss hers and twirl her nipple between my fingers.

    The manager came by and talked to her, to keep the kissing and touching under control. Extras was another thing, a grand for the night. I told my boyfriend to buy her for me so we could take home. In the car we made out, her tits felt so right. Her stage name was Helen, her real name Lee Anne. At home I told my boyfriend to leave us alone, come back in the morning. We took a warm bath and licked our pussies and kissed our behinds.

    So long without pussy, I ate her with the hunger that can't be explained. Her pussy, so neat and trimmed, her pussy so tight, her lips perfect, her clit raw and ready. She list her control, surrendering to my mouth, she came in waves and waves. I felt good, I hugged her so tight, and we kissed and kissed, until she was ready to make love.

    In the morning, she slept in my arms. My boyfriend came over, I sent him away again. We lazied around, talking, kissing and hugging. When it was time to get her to her apartment she held onto my hand. A long kiss dropping her off, when could I see her again? She had to ask her manager, a girlfriend was 600 a day and she had to dance three nights a week or lose her place at the club.

    Our D&D Game

    Heads up, lots of Dungeons & Dragons terms here.

    I'm a DM for a group of girls I lived with in college. I ran them through Lost Mines of Phandelver for their first campaign and then Curse of Strahd for their second. One of the girls asked if our next campaign could be highly sexual. The others said that they thought it would be fun and that they trusted me to DM something like that for them.

    After coming up with a world for their characters, the party is called the Four Whores.
    Trouble, the tiefling warlock of the fiend (worships the demon prince of lust)
    Syrena, the satyr glamor bard (inspired by Critical Role's Fearne I think)
    Nimm, the tabaxi thief rogue (sold as a sex slave but escaped)
    And Ellia, the human conquest paladin (self-titled "Dom Mommy" of the group)

    The first few sessions were a little strange as the girls were finding out how far they wanted to take the detail in each game. We've gotten into a good groove now. They now own a brothel that they've yet to name and each adventure usually ends up with them having sex with the monster(s) and or villain(s). Which is odd to DM as they want me to describe the actions. One of the girls does camshow stuff and was just playing with herself on camera as I was describing in detail her character getting gangbanged by orc raiders. Kinda distracting but I won't complain!

    Would love to hear suggestions of interesting encounters or monsters or magical items I could throw at them! Let me know.

  • What I Wear Underneath

    Today I decided to wear a white silk bikini style panty that had ribbon around the outside with a small see through strip at my pussy. I wore a black laced bra with some darker blue jeans and a light nude tanktop

    My Girlfriends Dirty Desire

    I love tasting my wife and I love to always finish sex with cleaning and licking her up to taste her and she always was curious why I loved to finish with oral sex and I was scared to tell her I just like to like up her sweat and juices and the other day I finally told her and I think she has a kink for it now and yesterday she was driving and we were at a red light and she made a smirk to me and told me you wanna taste my wet pussy? And of course I said yes. She then leaned back a bit and opened her legs as much as she could and the she said do it then. I then scrambled to unbutton her levi jeans and I slipped my fingers in and dug around inside her and pulled out and she demanded me to lick my fingers as I watched. I then did and Went back in for more and I think she got turned on because I scooped up a big bunch of her grewl and I swallowed it all

    Summertime Driving Lesson.

    My parents and I would often drive up from Florida to the Great Smoky Mountains for a summer vacation, We would always stop at my Uncle's place in N Georgia and spend a few days. My uncle ( Dad's brother) and his wife Darci would spend the summer at their lakefront cottage in a place called Blue Ridge

    That summer right after I turned 16 , we did the usual thing and hung out at my uncles a couple of days and then went up into the mountains and stayed 3 nights in Gatlinburg ( one of my favorite places ). Afterward we drove back to Georgia and the first thing we saw was my uncle's riding mower upside down in a ditch at the bottom of the driveway. My aunt Darci who was working in the yard wearing a bikini top and cut off jeans rushed up to me us. She went on to explain how my uncle had flipped the thing over the day before and had broken his ankle.

    We later found out that my uncle would be in a cast for two weeks and then get one of those walking boot things. Then my parents decided that I was gonna have to stay with my Aunt and Uncle and help out around the place the whole two weeks. I was really pissed and I told them that I was planning on getting my license when we got back home. My Aunt and uncle agreed to pay me and my aunt told me she would take me driving anytime I wanted. She told me it was a great place to learn to drive, mostly country roads and not a lot of traffic. After seeing her in that bikini top and her butt hanging out of her shorts l decided this might not be too bad.

    Aunt Darci and I hit it off right away, my uncle spent most of his time in a recliner with his leg propped up and she and I started getting closer. Every morning she'd be fixing breakfast in some kind of thin gown or T shirt. I'd just sit there taking it all in. "Almost too hot to wear clothes" she laughed and gave me a wink.. Every afternoon we'd go for a drive around the area, she would scoot over beside me and she's say "Just pretend like I'm your date" and giggle like a schoolgirl.

    One evening we drove into town and she pointed out the local Dairy Queen and we stopped for a milk shake. It was the typical small town teen hangout with kids my age hanging around. When she got back in the car and she slid over beside me, we got a few looks from the locals, Aunt Darci was my uncles second wife, he was 39 and she turned out to be 31 and playful. We were driving along just as the sun was setting and came to a dirt road, she told me to turn in. I drove a short way and came to a dead end beside a river, some kind of little park.

    She told me this was a place where the locals came to make out , then she asked me if I'd ever made out in a car. I told her a few times, but just on a double date, since I didn't have a car yet. Then she said , " Well your driving now," and She slid over even closer, she put her hand on my thigh and started to kiss and nibble on my neck. As we were kissing, she took my hand and put it on her boobs, they were big and her nipples were hard. She put her hand between my legs and and rubbed my now hard cock. She started fumbling with my zipper, when a truck with some kids drove up. " Oh Shit" she said, "We better head back home now".

    As we drove home, the sun had gone down and then was a cool breeze blowing thru the car, she kept her hand on my cock and I tried to just concentrate on driving. When we got home, My uncle was wanting to know where the hell we'd been, She fixed him dinner and when she went for a shower, I walked out front and sat on the front steps in the dark. A little later she came out wearing an oversized tank top that hung off her shoulder and as she stood in front of me I realized she wasn't wearing panties

    She told me not to worry about my uncle, She had given him a pain pill and a beer and he was done for the evening. She then lifted up her shirt a little exposing her pussy, shaven smooth . She slipped my fingers between her legs and I fingered every hole as she pressed her boobs into my face. She told me to stand up and as I did she pulled my shorts down and slipped my cock into her mouth as my knees buckled slightly. Then she pulled her shirt over her head and pushed me back down on the steps. She climbed on top straddling me and guided my hard cock into her wet pussy.

    It was my first piece of ass ever, and I didn't last long before cumming really hard.. But that was ok, my uncle really was done for the night and Darci and I spent the night having sex...Along with driving, I even learned how to correctly eat pussy.

    Visiting Grandma

    When I was 18 my grandma wanted some help with her yard. She would have been 62 at the time. After trimming some bushes, weeding, and fixing a broken tree swing, I hide behind a few trees and smoked a joint. Then went inside to tell her I was done. I found her in the living room watching TV. She was rubbing her crotch and quickly stopped when I entered the room. She thanked me and asked if I wanted a drink of lemonade. I accepted her offer and asked her if I could lay down and nap for a while before going home. She said I could nap in the spare room.

    I find I get horny after getting high and also after doing strenuous work. So after laying on the bed in the spare room, and being horny and high, I started thinking about an earlier time when I jerked off in front of my Grandma. That got my dick very hard and the bulge in my pants was very obvious. I was laying on my back contemplating removing my pants and jerking off, when my Grandma came in to give me the lemonade. While giving me the drink I noticed several times that she was glancing at the bulge in my pants. The made my dick throb and my level of horny increase. I decided I had to beat off hard. I got up and closed the door after she left the room, then took my pants and underwear off. Laying back on the bed I grabbed my cock and started stroking hard. As I was beating my achingly hard cock, I became fixated on the time before when she watched me. After a few minutes of fantasy I started thinking about opening the door. My heart started to beat fast as I got up and open the door a few inches.

    After a few minutes I purposely started beating load and moaning. Next thing I knew I saw movement at the door. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my Grandma at the door peeking in through crack I created. I got crazy dirty horny at this point and started squeezing and pulling my balls, and stroking my cock hard. After about 5 minutes and noticing that she was still watching I started thinking of what to do. Deciding on a plan of action and my heart beating out of my chest, I got up and open the door completely. As I was doing this she ducked away into another room.

    Laying back on the bed and disappointed in her response, I stroked slow while thinking of that other time she watched. I heard a little noise by the door and thought she was out near the door. After a few minutes I got up and went to the door and my Grandmother was standing there by the door but not in front of it. I grabbed my cock and started squeezing it, and said 'hi' to her. She looked down at my throbbing dick for a few seconds then looked up and said 'hello'. She asked if I needed anything and I said I didn't, that I was OK. I then went back to the bed and, after a few seconds, my Grandma stepped to the doorway and leaned against the frame.

    I started stroking and pulling on my balls. Her eyes went from looking at my face to staring at my cock. I felt so dirty horny I was totally consumed in a raunchy sexual mindset. While my Grandma was watching me beat my dick hard and hearing me moan and grunt, she had a slight grin on her face as she slide her hand down her pants and started rubbing. After I started staring at her crotch she started quietly moaning. My cock was aching hard. As precum started running down my cock I smeared it all over my dick and balls.

    As she was rubbing hard in her pants, I stood up and went to stand near her and contained stroking my wet glistening cock. In silence, and standing near her, we continued to watch each other. I was so close to cumming I new I wouldn't last very long, so I started moaning and jerking very hard and fast. After a minute or so I started grunting loud and couldn't hold on any longer. I started shooting a lot a cum on the floor in front of my Grandma. As this was happening she grabbed her boob hard, squeezing it, and rubbing in her pants hard. After squeezing out the last few drops of cumming, I sat on the edge of the bed in front of her and with my legs spread apart, continued slowly stroking my cum covered dick. She rubbed for a couple of minutes, I then asked where something was I could use to clean up the cum. She smiled, the showed me where a clothe was I could use. All the while I had no pants or underwear on. She grabbed a rag also and I followed her back to the room. We both kneeled down and clean up the cum. With one hand I was cleaning up cum and with the other I was still holding and squeezing my semi-hard dick and balls. While cleaning she would continue glancing at my dick. We stood up and she said "Thank you for the help in the yard" then looked at my dick and said "you should be able to nap easily now". I just made a "mmm" sound and laid back on the bed while squeezing and pulling on my balls. She watched me for a few more second the left, back to the living room and TV. I did fall asleep easily and had a very satisfying nap.

  • I Don't Know Why So Many Women Reject The Facts Of Life

    Let's face it, strong rich older dominant men melt your pussy. I can't explain it, but it happens. My boss can melt my pussy just by talking to me.