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The Most Beautiful Cock

I am in love with my dad's cock. I'd give anything just to feel it inside me or at least have a picture of it. It started when I was 13. I would peep on my dad while he jerked off. I heard noises from the bedroom one night when mom was away, decided to peek n and that's how it started. At that age, his cock looked huge and the idea of him popping my cherry was both scary and exciting. It was so thick and veiny. In summer he was often shirtless while doing it, which would turn me on even more. He was very fat and hairy, but to me his body looked incredibly sexy. I vividly remember how his foreskin would move up and down his bog red glans, his big hairy hand pumping up and down, his moaning and panting, sweat coating his skin, his thick dark chest hair and bush, and a sleazy look on his face as he jerked off in front of his laptop. He mostly watched young girls. I'm dripping wet now.

  • My Mistake

    I was 16 when i accidentally forwarded my nude pic to my Dad and before even i could delete it the status showed as seen. I was so scared i didn’t even try to delete it. But a month went my and my father never confronted me nor did he speak a word about it.
    Gradually my curiosity got me sinned as i did it again but this time intentionally and still the same thing happened. Things like this went on as i continued to send me provoking pictures of mine and i wanted him to confront me but he never did it. One afternoon when Mom went to see my grandparents, i took a bold step. I walked into his room and before he could even say anything i dropped my dress infront of him.
    My father looked at me and then down on my body and i could see his buldge.
    But the only thing he said to me was to go back to my room and it was not going to happen.
    I kinda feel safe around him but also become very aroused. I have done this with him even more but he has never touched my body. I don’t want to have sex with him but i also don’t want him to stop staring at my body.

    My Curse, My Gift

    All the women in my family are petite. My sister is like 115 pounds and wears a b cup bra. My mom is nearer to 130 pounds and also a b cup. And then there’s me. I’m a 32L. We don’t know where they came from since even on my dad’s side the women range between A cup and D cup. It’s kind of a running joke in my family. My back hurts all the time lol. Finding a swimsuit each year is so difficult and I pretty much always have to custom order them. Sleeping is a pain in the ass too as Im constantly having to adjust them as I move around in my sleep. I’ve considered a reduction but deep down I secretly like the attention. Truth be told Im kinda lame and probably not that interesting outside the bedroom. Though I’ve found most guys can’t match my level of…idk…horniness? Does having large breasts make women more horny? Idk.

  • Sloppy Seconds

    Only once have i fucked a wet pussy full of cum . When i was 12 . There was a kid who took his 11 year old sister Anne to the wood . To fuck her . She undressed and lay on the grass for him to fuck her . When he had cum . Anyone who was watching could fuck her . If we saw them going to the wood , we would follow them . Sometimes 8 or 10 kids would be watching . They would all fuck her . I just watched them doing it . I masturbated watching . Not wanting them to watch me fuck her . Then one day i walked to the wood with them . No other kids came . When he had cum and pulled out . Anne asked me if i wanted to fuck her . Wanting to know why i never did , just standing masturbating . I told her i did not like the thought of people watching me . As there was only me there , i said i would do it . I took off my shorts and slipped in to her pussy . It was full of cum . Knowing my cock was in her brothers cum and feeling it running out of her . Got me excited . It made me cum in no time . A few days later i was walking back through the woods from a friends house . Anne ran up behind me and we talked as we were walking . She asked if i would like to fuck her . When i said yes . She led me deeper in to the woods . She took off her panties and lifted her dress up to her chin . Laying on the grass . I asked her if i could do it with her kneeling . I took off my shorts and lifted her dress . Sliding in to her pussy . This time it was moist and not wet with cum . I fucked her . Cumming in her pussy . She asked if i liked it better with no one watching and no cum in her pussy . I never got to fuck her after that . Just remembering it makes me horny .

    Taking It Out On Her

    My neighbor is a real ass older guy in his early 50s makes good money. I was a senior in high school and live with my parents. Home for the summer before starting at the local JC. Playing baseball for them so I’m in shape. Greg the neighbor has always been an ass to me and my friends. We play loud music are loud and have people over a lot. Nothing crazy just hectic during the day an early evening. He hates that and he caught me and some buddies checking out his wife. She is 48 blond slim with fake tits and a nice curvy ass. They never had kids so are joke was she is probably still tight. He must of over heard us once after checking her out and since then he really doesn’t like us. I’m working out one after noon in the garage and went for a jog. When I got back Jen the neighbors wife was outside saying good bye to one of her friends who was also smoking hot. She got in her car and drove off. Me being the horny fucker that I am made the comment to Jen man she is smoking hot who was that. Jen looks at me and says that was a close friend of mine from college. What am I trash. Jen was in leggings and a fitted shirt. I said hell no both of you must get hit on all the time. She laughed and I kept on it. It had been a while since I had gotten any so I was pushy and flat out told her she was freaking gorgeous and I’d do anything to get some of her. She was taken back and gave me a smile. As she stood there kind of in shock I noticed that her white leggings where nice and tight and she was sporting a nice fatty camel toe. I pointed that out and she was a little embarrassed. She posted my hand away when I rubbed it. I put my hand right back on her smooth crotch. Really rubbing the camel toe through her pants. She was really hot and after a bit was just letting me rub it not really saying anything. I asked her if we could go into her house. Thinking a little about it she agreed and I followed behind her. When she turned I gave her ass a smack and it felt nice. We went inside she stopped and looked and said she wasn’t sure she let me in and we should not do this. Mean while I’m pawing at her pussy through her pants. We kissed and I went for it sat her on the couch and for the next hour or so took my time licking her tight little ass and sweet pussy. She had a little hair and it looked well trimmed. She tasted as good as she looked. She wanted to return the favor and sucked me off for a bit. Didn’t really do a good job at that something we will need to work on. I had her mount me and rode me cowboy style. I fingered her ass for a bit and said her husband didn’t like that but she enjoyed it when she was younger. After dropping my second load no we talked a bit had another make out session and slid my cock into her butt. First time I had my dick in an ass. It felt great so tight like my dick was incased like a sausage. I pounded that little to hard because she asked me to slow it down a bit before I broke her. I did and she took it and rode it herself after a while. This has been going on for almost a year. I have gone out on a Friday fucked a random girl and come home to Jen cleaning my cock. We have even gone out a few times and fucked in public places. I did her at the Giants Stadium during a baseball game and got caught by security. They kicked us out and we finished up in her car. Thanks Greg

  • My Son’s Cock

    Being a mother i have been in turmoil with my thoughts. My son is recently married and there is creak on his window which he is not aware of. One late night i couldn’t sleep and headed out of my room. But there was a noise coming from his room. I couldn’t hold my curiosity and peeked through the creak. I got to see him making out with his wife and she was giving her the breast job. I was unaware my son has such a large cock now and the sight has made me hooked. I often peek through that window and watch them. Sometimes i do get to see him masturbate. It has now become a sin as I masturbate everynight in my bed. I am a old woman which no husband but even though i know how wrong my feelings are i still end up indulging.

    I Never Thought I Would Be One Of Those Girls,

    I was at a lunch with my boss set up by our bankers. During the introductions the question went around the table, 'what school did you go to?' Realizing they had overlooked me the head of the table asked me 'did you go to school, honey?'

    Suck it up. Answer truthfully, I went to a private Tennessee college. Be a bitch about it. How about snarky, I don't need school, I get what I need between my legs. But my boss beat me to the punch, 'Linda's our strategy Director'. No reference to school.

    It was a very different week. Things had been terrible, we had lost a huge client and I was responsible. I had to 'hitch up my big girl panties' and go to my boss about it. My boss listened. I told him I would do anything for him not to fire me. I saw in his eyes a look that had never been there before.

    Later that day he told me, never apologize that way, 'it's the pleading of women, girls really, not executive material. It's not the school that makes you, it's the character'. I half expected him to tell me, 'get on your knees and show me'. Unfortunately I would have, anything for him not to be disappointed with me. I walked out of the meeting wet in the panties.

    I was not able to get the customer back, I didn't get fired. I slept with my boss instead, I did the girl thing to ingratiate myself. He has me where he wants me, and I get wet when he holds me.

    Can’t Believe I Liked That

    My bf and i decided to take a cruise just a quick one that leaves LB and comes back in a few days. At the last minute he bf was invited or so that what was said happened. I didn’t care he is a nice guy a little on the heavy side but nice. Our room was just a few door from each other. The cruise ships room are like boxes. All lined up and packed in. Thin walls which is the main focus of this confession. First day we hit the pool and grab some drinks I’m 5 foot tall 140 lbs curvy body type. Big boobs big ass big hips. I have never had a problem getting a date ok. We are definitely feeling the booze I am we head back to the room my bf is playing grab ass with me. I’m horny specially with his hands grabbing at my ass tits and wet pussy when in the elevator. He kissed me and could feel hands all over me. Felt great to be honest we get to the room I’m talking to him telling him that I need to be fucked. We get to the room and I’m instantly thrown to the bed and feel him licking me. Bikini bottoms pulled tot he side top off. I’m getting ready to cum and I am sucking on my bf cock when i realized i had my bfs cock in my mouth then I felt a rather large dick splitting my pussy open. It was his bestie that was fucking me. I felt his hands grip my hips and he thrusted in me and I tensed up and hard a rather long hard orgasm. I fucking squirted all over the bed. He never stopped fucking me just got all wet from me and kept pounding away at me. They switched spots and I was flipped on my knees and pounded doggy style. I heard a knock my bf went to see who it was all the while the cock still in my mouth. I hear his voice say keep sucking me. I want the security guy at the door to see you sucking dick. All I said was yes baby and tried to out his dick down my throat. My bf was covered up and the guy at the door asked if we could keep it down a bit. I was at and angle where I could see the door a bit. My mouth stuffed with cock and some random guy watching me just bob up an down on a cock. The door was closed I was flipped around and this went on for a couple of hours. The next couple of days I was used like a little slut and loved it. I sucked a lot of dick and had both holes fucked over and over those few days. It was the best vacation.
    When we got back to normal life I was a little confused on what would happen. My bf from the time ended up cheating on me and we broke up. I continued to fuck his bestie and actually fucked a few more of his friends. All one night stands not at the same time. I found that I did enjoy having at least to cocks at one time. I did not care for the DP that fucking hurt. Felt like I was going to be split in half. I should have had the bigger cock in my pussy and the smaller cock in my ass. That might have helped. I’d definitely try it again if the right guys were willing to share me. I don’t go out looking for a spit roasting but if the situation happened to present it self I would definitely go through with it. Shortly after I let a friend and his dad go at me. That’s a longer confession for another day

    My Wife Doesn’t Wanna Look At Me

    Me and my wife had an arranged marriage and we have been married for three years. She is 4 years younger than me and everything between us has been perfect except the sex which i am concerned about.
    There is a weird desire my wife loves and although it is something we do i feel concerned why.
    She likes me to fuck her mouth and she enjoys the oral intimacy more. However the weird thing is she wants me to do it while i grab her legs and lift her upside down. I do admit it takes out all my strength to do it in this position but i often lose myself as i get closer to climax. Even if i lay her down she makes me stand infront of her face and rail. It’s weird she only enjoys the sight of my balls and cock and doesn’t want to look at my face or make me look at her bottom while i do it.
    She tells me she likes it rough and how i should use her like a doll to cum.
    Things have become very weird as i question if she will ever want to have sex normally looking eye to eye. I admit i like how good it feels to do this but it is really weird since this is what she is wanting all time

  • My Dad Has Me Excited.

    I was home from school for 2 weeks before leaving for a summer symposium. While I was home, I saw my dad naked, not once but several times. At first he tried to cover up and act as it was an "Oops" thing. He would apologize and tell me he was used to living alone, but it kept happening.

    I can remember when I was something like maybe 13-14, I saw his hard cock when he was showering and I had to go pee. it looked huge to me. We used to wrestle around and I could feel it get hard or I'd sit on his lap and grind on it as he tickled me. I can still remember touching it when it poked out of the slit in his boxers.

    My Mom being around was probably the only thing that stopped this behavior. But they are divorced now. Now that I'm of age and have seen his big cock again, I'm very apprehensive about going back home for a few weeks before school resumes. BTW I'm still a virgin.