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Fringe Benefits

My husband and I work from job to job trying to pay bills. I have a job in fast foods. I really am a good worker. My manager has two children and had a vasectomy. My boss was a flirt and I flirted back with him.One day he called me into his office and bragged on my work. He then unzipped and pulled out his erect penis. He asked me to give him relief. I started blowing him then he stopped me and pulled down my pants. Lean over his chair and he enters me and we both climax . This is something we do often and put a napkin in my panties to collect his cum and I go back to work. He made me assistant manager and give me some paid hours off often. I look forward to our “stress” breaks.

  • My Younger Years

    I haven’t cheated on my husband 25 years now. After high school graduation I got married. My husband had just graduated college and had a good job we have done well. I started college and attended classes full time. Birth control didn’t work well with me so we did whatever not to get pregnant. My husband was very over weight so we had only limited sex. Starting my second year in college I had class with who became my lover. My lover was the example of a perfect physical hunk. Over 6 ft tall very fit and built a hunk of man. We started talking often and even studied together. I was attracted to him and didn’t think he would find me attractive. One day he invited me to his apartment for lunch. I shouldn’t have accepted but I drove us to his apartment. After closing the door he walks over to me and started pulling my shirt over my head and I let him take it off. He fondled my breast and sucked them then started taking my shorts off. I stood before him totally naked. He took me to his bed and did everything a woman wants except full sex. He then got undressed. He has a perfect penis size and shape and I had to have it. In my orgasmic condition I didn’t tell him to pull out. He climaxed in me twice in an hour. I had many incredible orgasms with this lover for years. Off the chart orgasms compared to my husband. I had classes 3 days a week and we had sex almost every day I had classes. I did get pregnant and had my first daughter at the end of second year of college. My lover enjoyed pregnant sex but my husband didn’t want to hurt me or risk hurting he baby. My lover called me at home often after birth and I invited him to my house while husband was at work. My husband honored doctors order to wait six week before starting sex again. My lover loved my milk breast and we had sex his first visit. The sex was amazing as usual with him. I started my 3rd year of college pregnant again finished fall semester and had my second daughter 10 months after our first daughter. My husbands mother agreed to babysit the girls so I resumed college and my affair. We tried protected sex for a while but the ultimate was feeling my lover climax inside me. Got pregnant with our third daughter. After her birth my in laws paid to have my tubes tide because quote my husband and I can’t be responsible to ..(continue confession)

    My Delusions Came Home To Roost

    The day came when I was carried off and sexually assaulted. I think of that day every day, I don't obsess about it but I think about it. That day I 'grew up', the world is not fair. I am physically unable to protect myself. I need a man's protection and I need to stop being naive and stupid.

    My Youth Pastor

    I have been doing things with my youth pastor for almost 3 months, like touching and sometimes licking eachother. Last night he texted and ask if I was going to be there tonight. Only 3 other kids showed up. We talked and played games. He called their parents and asked if we could go for icecream. Everyone could so we took the church bus. He dropped everyone else off and we got to the street before my house and he parked in the school parking lot. I figured he'd wanna touch me or jerk some or me lick and suck on him like we have been. We laid in the flat part in the back of the van where there were no seats. He asked if I'd get naked for him. He did to. We were touching and kissing. It was super hot to me cause it was so bad, he's 35 and I was only 13. It made it feel badder and but more fun knowing its bad. He laid me down and was on me rubbing like we were actually doing it, just on the outside. He asked if I had ever done it with anyone yet, I said no. I did tell him I've used things to play like my brush and hotdogs lol. He smiled and asked if I wanted to feel a real one. I was nervous and said I don't know. He kissed on me and kept rubbing on. He asked again and I said okay but just alittle. He smiled and asked if I was on the pill. I don't know why but I said yes even though my mom said I don't need it yet. He opened my legs and rubbed it right on my kitty. He like spread the lips and I wont lie, I was scared but super turned on. He started pushing and i felt him like almost pop in. My body like tickled all over and it made me kinda jump. He kept asking if I was okay and I just nod. He made little back and forth and it was going in more and more. I just stared between us feeling it opening me and going more in with each push. I got scared I guess and said stop. He was like half way and just stayed there. He kept telling me how good I felt and if I liked having a real one in me. I said yes and he said its even better if its all the way. I was breathing hard but I said okay and he started again. I dont know how long it took, but I remember feeling his balls touch my butt lol. I looked ..(continue confession)

    No Laws

    My son, who is twenty-four and single, and I had been having sex now for several years. The fact that we live in New Jersey makes this quite possible, as New Jersey has done away with laws concerning i****t between consenting adults.
    And, yes, I would say that here this has become a lot more common now that it does not have to be hidden and kept secret.
    This is really just such a special thing for a mother and son to share, and I am so glad that my son and I do. I know half a dozen other mothers who enjoy such an arrangement. For anyone out there who does not think that this doesn’t take place, they are sadly fooling themselves, and for those who think that this is somehow wrong she just mind their own business and keep their opinions, please, to themselves. Nature does make this possible so it is quite natural.

    Not Feeling Guilty

    I got pregnant and then married at 23 to a 47 year old man. I had number two back to back. For fifteen years sex was there, never exciting but sex twice a month. My husband is now 67, on a series of medications, total ED, he hasn't fucked me in seven years.

    I met a handyman three years ago, he is no one you what to marry. He is rough and can get physical. I learned to avoid getting a black eye by getting on my knees and sucking his cock till he calms down. He is a beast, he tore me open and I needed two stitches in my ass, he fucks on impulse whether I'm ready or not. I spat on him once and I got slapped around.

    I felt guilty of cheating on my husband, I don't any more, I hide my bruises, take what he dishes out on me, kneel and suck if he is in a bad mood, and if not I take it and keep my mouth shut. My husband is like an older brother, he provided me with a nice life, my kids are in a good college. I can't complain considering what triggered my marriage. If he discovers me he will through me out, but not seeing my lover boy is not an option.

    Girl As Boy

    My boyfriend, or man friend is 32 and divorced, he got a divorce when his wife caught him with another guy. He has said very outwardly that he is bi and likes to have sex with younger men as well as me. We've been dating since I was 18. I have short black hair, straight as an arrow body, and no boobs at all, not even bee stings, just smallish nipples. I had very long hair but he wanted me to cut it short. Starting after about 6 months, we would tell each other our wants sexually and so far we haven't left any unfulfilled. I do object somewhat to his main kink but I do it for him as it keeps him from going with other guys. I don't have issue with his being bi, just want us to be exclusive to each other.

    I sometimes will wear a boys tee shirt, jockey underwear, socks, jeans etc. and comb my hair like a boy. When I do this he has anal sex with me and he and I pretend I'm a young man. I have even started having a dildo with testicles inside my undies for him and a few times he likes me to be "versatile" and get on top of him and fuck him with a strap on.

    I don't mind, we're exclusive, I'm his boyfriend and his girlfriend.

    Hear The Wetness

    Want to take my wife to a nice swing club where we sit and chat with others. Her panties off and in my pocket. New friend sitting next to her fingering her under the table. Her hairy wet pussy makes squishy sounds when two-fingered. He brings fingers to her mouth to suck on. I can smell her pussy and bring my hand to touch and find his hand already there and fingers inside.
    Later she wants dp and I finger her arse when he's fingering her pussy.

    Dirt Road

    My confession is too off the charts for most I venture to say. I have become obsessed with dirty atm porn films and fantasies.
    I love rimming and getting rimmed.
    Have done it with women and men both but never at the same time. Would be very exciting to do a dirty threesome mfm though.
    Had been chatting with a chap who got really nasty and still gives me wanking fodder with his comments.
    Long story short he wants to fuck my wife's arse and switch back and forth from her bum to my mouth and finally giving her a deep cummy creampie that he says will have brownie sauce on top. I know it's sick but cuckold's brownie gets me so hard.

  • Trying It Up My Arse

    I confessed to my girlfriend that I have wondered what its like to have a dick up arse, she has offered to fuck me with a dildo on one condition, she ties me up and there is no backing out,
    as a reward she will let me fuck her up the arse, I would like comments from the guys who have tried it, Frank