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Sis And Law Vs Niece

My wife's older sister is 54 and absolutely fit. She's not quite a model, but she's petite and fit and obsessed with not aging so she can still fit in teenager's clothes without looking like a saggy old hag trying too hard. She mostly pulls it off except for a few outfits that she just should let go at this point...but the average mini skirt and tight pants and even bikinis she pulls off just fine, maybe if she'd just stay away from the booty shorts...that seems a little desperate...

Anyhow - lately she's been very aggressive with me, trying to get me to respond to her, and a few times pretty much said flat out hat we should have sex.

I'm torn between the yes and no...I've been hooking up with my niece...her daughter...since she was in high school. So she's my niece but not a blood relative, but still I get it's not the best situation. The daughter-niece is now 29 and we still get together a couple times a year even though she is also married and recently had her first child (not mine). She's hot, too, not in the way her mother is, but taller and a little thicker with a cute round butt where her mother is flat.

So I'm stuck to some degree. I'm already hiding a relationship with my niece from everyone. Even though the sister in law wants to hook up, I'd hate to ruin either my marriage, my side action with my niece, or both. Somehow the status quo works, and I'm tempted to take the risk to see what the sister in law is like in bed, something I've thought about for years.

I Found My Life And My Family And I Have No Regrets

My grandmother told us growing up that you knew you were in love with a man when you ached inside to have his babies and to cook for him. Well it's true, my love came for a married man. And it became an affair. His wife was pregnant and she was unreceptive and I was there jealous that his wife was pregnant and his wife cooked for him.

At the Christmas party that year she was seven months, she was beautiful. She walked in holding his hand, he kissed me on the lips, I put my face up to him. She noticed and waved her finger at me, a naughty girl rebuke. I was standing with friends looking at her at the table where she was sitting. We looked at each other until she called me over to sit with her. She was warm, she glowed, she asked me to sit close so we could talk. She leaned into my ear "I'm relying on you to look after him, he needs you, but you know that"

We talked about babies, she didn't want to get pregnant but now there was no where to hide. She let me put my hands on her baby and feel her baby move. She called her baby a parasite living in her. That hurt me, she laughed and hugged me and promised she already loved her baby, she was stuck but she wanted her baby now. We got up and went outside to get some air.

She took my hands in hers, told me to look into her eyes. Tell her that I loved her husband, that I would die for him, go with him wherever he took me. I told her what my grandmother told me when you love a man. She asked me to come home with her, come live with her and him. He would like that, having me close to him like that. She wanted to watch me cook for him. Help her with her baby. Have my own baby.

We were young women then, 23 and 24. Together we have seven kids, over fifteen years, my youngest is three. We became housewives, after my baby was born I stayed home with her. Grandma disapproved of my lifestyle, but she knows that all I ever wanted was to cook for him and have babies. She lives with us now, she approves of him, of us. A man does what he does and the women follow. The women cook and have babies.

Game Of Tonk

When I was between Wifes, on one Saturday night I was with a friend his girlfriend and my ex-wife, we where all in our 20’s I will say my ex was good looking and his was no where near as hit, but had great tits

We had eating dinner at her apartment ,then we got to playing cards,I don’t remember how it got twisted into what happened but each person when it was their turn got to pick a card game,

We had been playing a lot of tonk at work,
I added a new twist to the game and renamed it (TONK FIR SEXUAL FAVORS,)

Knowing I couldn’t lose...
First I was the only one who had ever played regular tonk and making the rules up to fit my needs

Who ever wins gets to call the shoots on sexual please,

Of corse I won, and as much as I wanted to watch the girls play I decide to have my buddy watch his girl snd my ex please me, they both sucked my cock and I fucked them both, he never said anything but he wasn’t happy,
I nutted in his girls moth,ummm

  • It Happened At The Kitchen Table

    This was embarrassing to me, but I’m hopping no one saw it, it happen about 5 years ago, my wife didn’t know I had been on gay men sites, chatting snd it led to me sending nudes and then to having gay sex with a few of them, but what happened one night while friends where at our home must have made my face blood red,
    We had eaten a nice dinner ,the wife had cleared the table and brought coffee and desert , my laptop was close by snd my wife ask me to show them pics of a resent trip,
    Not really realizing I had forgot to delete some nude pics of myself
    I started showing them pics, when all of a sudden I saw nudes of me,!!!!!!!!!

    Damn what a head rush, I quickly took the lamp top into hand leaning it back
    And quickly deleting the pics while never stop talking about the trip,
    I hope and don’t think his wife saw the pics, and I know my wife didn’t from her seat, but if she did she got an eye full!!!

    It never bit me but damn it was close

    On The Rebound

    Just before the pandemic happened a couple of events took place that influenced what happened next. First my live in girlfriend moved out as our relationship was not going well. Secondly, the gay neighbor's live in partner also moved out for similar reasons a couple weeks later. They lived across the hall so I could often see their unhappy interactions.

    I was 34 and newly single then the pandemic hit and dating again seemed unwise .One day my gay neighbor invited me over for coffee and expressed similar sentiments .We also commiserated with each other over the loss of the relationships we each experienced. Don and I started spending more time together as we had a lot in common in terms of interests in history, art ,music and philosophy and our conversations were very stimulating. I missed my ex less and less and he felt the same about his former partner.

    Don is 64 and I would say a short chubby ,gregarious guy. He is bald and has a white trimmed moustache and lively blue eyes .I am the opposite physically tall, lean ,full head of hair .In hindsight I would say opposites attract but to that point in my life I had not felt sexual attractions to men.

    We were both light smokers and moderate drinkers of wine. However we had also both discovered we enjoyed cannabis edibles with THC in them and enjoyed the high of consuming them. We both worked from home due to the pandemic though he was semi retired and worked less hours. On weekends we started spending more and more time together chatting ,watching movies and listening to music. He also cooked some amazing dinners we both enjoyed. In the course of that we started doing edibles together and this made the company even better.

    One Saturday evening we were doing edibles in his living room and we were both fairly high. Our eyes met and stayed looking at each other .I noticed he looked more and more sexy to me and I could not stop staring at his face. He felt the same way and told me how handsome I was .He leaned over and kissed me softly and I felt sexy and desired as he kissed me insistently. I responded and opened my mouth kissing him back and loving how his moustache felt caressing my lips .The necking between us intensified and eventually he led me to his bedroom. I felt deep lust and horniness and watched him take off my clothes on the bed. My cock was incredibly stiff and I noticed once he was naked his fat shorter cut cock was hard as well which turned me on. Don explored my body and soon had my cock between his lips and began sucking it tenderly. He took my big cock in easily and began deepthroating me causing me to moan in pleasure. He gave me an amazing blowjob and made sure I blew my load while he swallowed it all. After he finished I lay there peacefully as he lay beside me. I got the urge to please him and went down his body taking his fat cock in my mouth for the first time .His hands guided my head as I sucked his cock eagerly. I found I loved how it felt in my mouth and his moans turned me on .I sucked him passionately wanting him desperately to unload in my mouth so I could taste him .He rewarded me with a thick creamy load which I savored and took all in .It was Don's turn to lay back content .I slept the night and Don blew me again in the morning.

    I went back to my place in a daze wondering about all that transpired. I wondered if it was the edibles that led to our sexual encounter. The next time I saw him I decided not to do edibles and see what happens. We ended up making out and going to bed again and had another wonderful sexual encounter with mutual oral .We both realized we were now lovers and we did not need any substances to enjoy each other. In the last 6 months we have grown closer and closer sexually and emotionally .We now have intercourse together regularly and take turns receiving the other's cock in our asses. I love how Don fucks me with that fat cock from behind .He fills me up perfectly as I moan in pleasure. A couple weeks ago we were sharing a cigarette in bed after sex and we both looked at the other lovingly and expressed our love for one another .We have become a couple now and I sleep over every night. In the new Year I am moving in with Don as there is no longer any point having separate apartments .I am becoming his live in boyfriend and this feels right.

    Best Buddy

    There's never any pressure when we meet. We're both happy to receive, as well as fuck. But I'm more passive and he does have the much larger cock.
    We met at out local pub and exchanged stories over our losses. His and my wife both dying of cancer.
    Sports, hiking, and travelling were, are things we have in common. As is a very high libido.
    It was Baz who first brought up the subject, saying since his wife died, he didn't want another relationship, so he often met guys who would suck him off.
    I'd had no experience with men, but craved sex. However like Baz, I didn't want a relationship either.
    We were two fit healthy men with high sex drives and it just made sense to me, plus the alcohol I'd drunk that evening, when Baz said I could come back to his a have some fun.
    In his lounge, he immediately got naked and I followed. Before I knew it, I was in a sixty nine with him on his fireside rug and sucking in his cock.
    I basically copied what my wife had done for me in the past, and what Baz was so expertly doing with my six inches.
    It didn't take me long to understand his nine inch cock was a delight for me to suckbon. And within, I'd say ten minutes he was sliding a saliva coated finger up my arsehole.
    It didn't cross my mind to stop him, and it actually felt great. The sucking continued as he put another finger deep inside my backside. Then all of a sudden he pulled away, spun me around and over, put his cock to my hole and slowly entered me.
    There was some initial pain, but to me it was the feeling under that. A feeling of pleasure that I focuser on.
    Baz fucked me deeper and faster, until I was gripping the edge of the rug and pushing back onto his cock.
    It was beginning to feel utterly amazing and I let Baz know by telling him he could cum inside me.
    He moved over me then, lying on my back, still fucking me, turned my head and we shared one of the most passionate kisses I've ever had.
    Kissing him just as passionately back, he grunted and then I fell his cock explode up my arsehole. It was pure delight for me and I kissed him even harder.
    With his balls drained up my bum, he pulled out, but then turned me over. Sucking my cock back in, it didn't take too long before I shot my load into his mouth.
    He moved up my body, kissed me and we shared my cum, both swallowing the seed of my loins.
    We lay on his rug chatting about what had just happened between us. I let him know just how much I'd enjoyed him fucking me, and Baz said I was by far the best gay fuck he'd had. He also said he enjoyed fucking more than being fucked, but sometimes was in the mood to take cock up his arse.
    Not saying anything then, he pushed me down and I understood what he wanted. Sucking his cock back into my mouth, I gave him a much slower blow job. A more involved blow job, licking his balls, Kissing all along his thick cock shaft and when he pushed my head lower, even tonguing his arsehole.
    His cock responded quickly and was ragingly hard soon enough.
    Getting me to lay on my back on his couch, Baz entered me for a second time as he leaned over to kiss me.
    We lay Kissing and fucking on his couch for a long time. And in that time, I thought of my wife and the love we shared. With Baz sliding his cock deep into my body, I finally allowed my wife's memory to ease into full love, as a tear rolled down my cheek.
    Baz still doesn't know I had that moment, but he did know I wanted him deep inside of me as I pulled him hard into my arsehole.
    He came a second time, filling my hole with his hot cum deep inside my bowels. Holding each other, we kissed and spoke in each others ears.
    We agreed it wouldn't be a one off, and it definitely hasn't.
    We go to the pub together. We hike together and before Covid, we attended local amateur football matches together.
    Since our first time together, I have fucked Baz several times, but more often than not, its him fucking me.
    And what's really fantastic now, is our respective families accept who we are to each other. It was a shock at first, but they've all been supportive. Baz is living with me at the moment as Covid strangles normal life.
    There isn't a day that passes, that we don't laugh, have fun and have sex. I love it, and love how eager Baz is to fuck me. Having said that, this morning I had him bend over in the shower, as I filled his arsehole with my cum.
    Baz is definitely my best buddy and my lover.

    An Unusual Settlement

    Last February, my marriage ended, though at the time I didn't know it. My wife of nearly 10 years, Maggie, started withholding sex from me, claiming she wasn't feeling well every time. To my credit, I tried to support her at first. But we started fighting about it, and by early April we were in a dead bedroom situation, and I resigned to a sexless fate. We both came from some pretty broken homes with infidelity, so agreed to keep trying therapy and even medical consultation. She was absolutely miserable, but at that time I didn't realize it.

    Late April, Maggie's best friend Ashley comes to see us one night for a dinner. I do catering as a career so I'm always good to entertain friends, even when someone doesn't tell me they are coming so I can prepare a bit better and have decent wine in the house. Nonetheless, I make do (as usual). A good meal and some cheap table wine, and Ashley is telling us she has lost her job thanks to Coronavirus and isn't going to be able to make rent. Maggie tells her without missing a beat to move in with us and take our guest bedroom. Well I had been using that space to paint my minis for Warhammer, but okay - we'll help out her friend, of course. Also, yes I'm a huge dork - sit down.

    Not a great start to all this, I hated Ashley for about a good month. And she knew it so she was trying extra hard to win me over. Ashley isn't bad looking - really dark hair worn loose and long, super pale skin, light blue eyes. She's chubby but not unattractive. Ashley started touching my arm when she spoke to me, helped me in the kitchen, my designated sous chef since Maggie never had an interest (Maggie hated taking orders from me), and lots of long talks over experimental wines.

    At this point we are sitting in mid-July, and things are pretty good. Still no sex for me and Maggie, but with a new person in the house, at least there is someone to talk to - and a few of those conversations drifted into our marriage. I tried, really hard, to keep all that out of our talks but it was nice to have someone to talk to. I relocated for Maggie due to her job so I had to adjust while she had a social circle to support her, so having Ashley suddenly a torrent of blocked up social energy just came out of me. I know, not much of a confession yet and I'm getting emotional. We'll get there.

    August, and one night Maggie and I are getting ready for bed. I turn off the lamp, and she says, just as we settle in, almost so quiet I don't hear it "I don't love you anymore. I'm sorry."

    I'm in shock, and ask and ask if I did something wrong. She says no, and I ask if there is someone else. She says no to that as well. So what do we do, I finally say, still in the dark.

    "I want a divorce," she says. "I'm going to see a lawyer this week."

    I'm still not mad, but I'm starting to hurt more than a little bit. I start to get out of bed, I'm not planning to stay here tonight. "I want you to go fuck her," she says. I ask who.

    "Ashley. She'll fuck you, she wants to. Go fuck her, stay with her tonight."

    I ask if this is a joke. Maggie turns on the bedroom lamp and I see those calculating eyes. No joke, she says. She's good for you, and I want you to go fuck her.

    "I'm scheduled to see a lawyer in two days. I do care about you, so take a head start with Ashley. I trust her, she's been a friend for a few years, and I know she will treat you right."

    I didn't go fuck Ashley that night, instead I slept on the couch and cried all night. No shame, I was with Maggie for ten years and there were feelings there.

    It took me a couple of days, but I did eventually go visit Ashley in her room. If folks want to hear about that, I'll share it (going on a bit long as is). Ashley is definitely a giver.

    The main point of this story is how my now ex-wife gave me a pretty solid assist in finding someone else after we split. Weird, but thanks I guess. Thanks to all of you who might read this, it's good to get some of it out.

    Aunties Sister

    My auntie ( my mum's brothers wife ) took my cherry when I was 15, when I stayed there for a few days ( my uncle was away with the T.A. at the time ) because there had been a few break ins nearby in recent weeks. In one instance one woman and her daughter were sexually attacked, now I was 15 but I was quite tall, in fact I was the same height as I am now, and I was very muscular, as I played football and trained 5 days a week. My auntie had the sexiest legs I had ever seen, and the very thought of them used to give me the horn ( and still does ).

    I was doing some light exercises in the back garden, so all I was wearing was a t shirt, shorts, socks & trainers, my auntie appeared in her dressing gown with a basket of washing to be hung out to dry, so she proceeded to do this, I happened to look round as she was bending over the basket and I could see her tits down through the top of her bath robe, I dont know if she knew I had as she didnt say anything. When I finished my exercises I went into the house got a cold drink of water and went into the living room, my auntie was on the phone to one of her friends.

    I was needing a shower so I asked if it was ok to have one, she said of course, so I sat down to finish drinking my glass of cold water, and when I looked across at her ( I dont know if this was deliberate ) and the way she was sitting her robe was open a bit and I could see her sexy thighs and also right up her short nightie she wasnt wearing any knickers either.

    I immediately got a horn, which bedgan to throb like feck, I quickly mumbled that I was away in the showewr and got up and left, I had been in the shower about 15 mins when suddenly the door opened and my auntie came in and said sorry I cant hold this in til your finished and she had a pee in the toilet, all the time I'm standing there naked with my crown j*wels on display, once she was finished she just said to I'm sorry to burst in but I couldnt help it and went out.

    later that night I was in my room in bed when my auntie came in and gave me a cup of tea and some biscuits, she then left but didnt close the door properly, and went into her room, I could see her in the mirror in her room getting undressed, and I saw her completely naked hairy bush the lot instant horn for me. She then left the room and went down stairs.

    Now I had a porno mag a pal had gave me and I was looking through i when my auntie suddenly came in, she said to let me know all the doors and windows were locked downstairs, and she spied the mag on the floor and picked it up, looked through it and suddenly put her had down on the duvet above my throbbing dick, then she said if thats what pictures are doing to you what will the real thing do ? At that she opened her robe and she was stark naked I nearly blew my load there and then.

    She then said theres no way I can let that go to waste and propmtly took off her robe pulled back my duvet and got in beside me, my dick was doing back flips, she pulled my boxers down a took my dick in her hands, she then let go rolled over on her back and said to me pussy is aching to have that dick of yours inside so come on mount me which I did only lasted a few minutes before the contents of my balls shot deep inside her, I shagged her another 3 times that night and Ive continued to do so for years now, but thats not all.

    Her sisters usband died suddenly and she sold the house and moved near my auntie after she had moved in my auntie asked me if I could help her decorate her house as I'm a painter & decorator, so I said ok. When I went to the house I was expecting to see a frumpy mature woman, oh no she was just like her sister, ( I found this out later ) I mean same build etc.

    My first job was to paint the living room, which was fairly straight forward, after that the hall and stairs, it was at this point my aunties sister apeared at the top of the stairs wearing a robe and short nightie and I couyld see right up to practically her tits, this gave me the horn, oh and she knew what she was doing.

    As I found out later as my auntie had told her all about me. She just said to me feel free to have a shower when I was finished, which I did, but that was not all, when I went to have a shower the bedroom door was open and there was my aunties sister lying on the bed with just her short nightie on, bare legs on show which my eyes gleefully absorbed.

    While I was showering she just came in took of her nightie and sexily said can I join you, I wasnt going to say no not to that body, she lathered my dick and played with it until we sort of knew it was time for bed, I crewd her 3 times that night filling her bush full of thic creamy spunk each time,

    Thats not the end of the story though as I continued to shag her a few times a week ever since, its even better when my auntie comes in and joins us, they have to be the sexiest women I have ever met not too skinny not too fat ust sexy and curvy and they make my balls boil, Ive told my aunties sister had I met her years ago I would have shagged her then married or not married, she has said to me she would have let me, somehow I think she would have.

    Strip Club Adventure

    Well I had been trying for ever to get my wife to go to a strip club with me. My wife is a smoking hot 38 year old with nice tits , legs, dark long hair, beautiful face and deep green eyes. She has a very exotic look. So one day we were hanging out with some friends and they wanted to watch that 50 shades move . It was quite exotic and after a few drinks my wife was really horny . Soon after the movie we left for home. Well I decided to try again asking her about stoping at a strip club. To my surprise she agreed. Soon we were inside and all the girls dancers were over all her like a bee on honey. They kept telling her how beautiful she was and how sexy she looked, all were showing her a lot of attention. One dancer even gave her a free lap dance . It was so hot watching the dancer rub herself all over my wife. My wife even got a free feel of the dancers tits. At one point I think I saw the dancer slide her hand up my wife’s skirt and get a feel. The dancer rubbed her tits all over my wife’s face even guiding her nipple to my wife’s lips. My wife tongued her nipple for a few seconds. It was so hot. My dick was trying to bust out my pants.

    This went on for 2 songs. Later on a different dancer came and sat next to my wife. It was like I wasn’t even their . She mentioned to my wife how sexy she looked with Crystal dancing for her. As she paid my wife more compliments I noticed the dancer mover her hand up my wife’s skirt all the to her pussy. I couldn’t see for sure but by the look of pleasure on my wife’s face I was sure the dancer was fingering her. As this was going on my wife reached over and was rubbing my cock through my pants. A few moments later that dancer got called up to dance so everything came to a abrupt stop. I did reach down and felt my wife’s pussy. It was swollen and dripping wet.

    I excused my self to the bathroom. When I got back my wife was gone. The table waitress came up to me and said we had been invited up stairs to their members only area. She said a Keven who’s a regular ordered a bottle of champagne and asked if we would join him.

    When I got up there my wife was already in a conversation with Keven. A really nice somewhat younger guy maybe 30 to 32 in age , dressed nice and attractive.

    We all talked and enjoyed the champagne. He paid for a couple of lap dances for my wife and for my self. You could definitely tell he was a big spender their. One of the dancers that gave my wife a dance was that same girl that was fingering her. Man she was all over my wife. We were in a private area so the dancer was very bold and in front of us she let my wife suck and kiss her tits. The dancer sat on my wife’s lap facing her and has my wife sucked and kissed on her tits the dancer reached behind her and fingered my wife’s pussy. But the some ended soon after that stated and again it all came to a abrupt stop. I could tell my wife was very sexually frustrated . I’m sure she was brought to almost climax each time but fell short.

    The liquor was getting to me so I excused my self to the restroom. I took my time getting back, looking around the club at the different dancers and putting dollar bills in their G string . When I finally got back up stairs as I walked up I noticed my wife giving Keven a lap dance. I thought man that is sexy. I stoped and watched for a bit not wanting to interrupt the dance. Then another song came on and I decided get make why way to the table to get a closer look at her lap dancing on Keven. As I sat down she looked at me with lust in her eyes, she winked at me with a smile and kept on rubbing on him. She had her back to him leaning back onto him as she moved her hips grinding down on him. As I sat down I was so surprised to see Keven had his hands up her shirt and massaging her tits. It took me a moment to grasp it. OMG that was so hot watching him feel off her tits. Then I look down and notice her skirt was pulled up a ways exposing a view of her pussy. I had to look 3 times before I believed what I was seeing. Her panties were pulled to the side and I could see Keven’s dick inside my wife’s pussy. She was fucking Keven . I almost came in my pants. I watched his cock slide in and out and around as she road his cock. I could clearly see Kevens pants unzipped and his cock now pushing upward into my wife. His thrust would lift her as she continued to ride him.

    I’m not sure how long they fucked but it felt like for ever . Then I watched my wife cum with his cock deep inside her. Shortly after that I watched him thrust up with a low grunt and I watched his cock pulsating as he shot off streams of cum in my wife’s pussy. As she got off him some cum poured out her pussy. She then unzipped my pants and lowered pussy down onto my cock it slid in with no effort she was so lubed . OMG I was so horny I didn’t last but a few seconds before I added more cum to her pussy. It was a crazy night. We fucked again when we finally got home. She said she had been so horny from the movie and the liquor took its effect and when she felt his cock rubbing on her pussy through his pants as she was doing the lap dance. Then before she knew it she was unzipping his pants pulling his cock out and guiding it into her pussy.

    We have yet to back to a strip club but I would definitely go back if she wanted to.

  • Ooo ... Some Neighbors!

    I am a twenty-nine year old woman and I am four foot nine inches tall. I am very youthful and flat chested and look more like I’m about twelve or fourteen at a glance. My husband is thirty years old and five foot ten, or average height.
    And yes, the two of us have often joked, with his saying that having sex with me is like fucking a twelve year old. Believe me, he is not a child m****ter or anything like that. This just happens to be a long standing joke between the two of us.
    Well, at the beginning of this summer my husband I moved. I will admit that I often go nude around the house, and yes I shave, so I look probably pretty prepubescent, I know.
    My husband and I had the very embarrassing experience that someone called the police on us and reported that he was a child m****ter. I had to show my birth certificate, my driver’s license as well as our marriage license, and of course he had to do the same. Of course we got it all straightened out n the end, although for a moment we both thought that we were going to be arrested. I have to admit that this was probably the most embarrassing experience of my entire life!