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My Learning To Suck Cock Is Going Well

Just a few moments ago,I meet up with my secrete more dom friend that has let me become his personal cock sucker, he has a room mate and I just snuck in and quietly drained his balls, sucking him to full on hard then working him till he told me are you going to make me come quickly?
I took my mouth off of his cock and said it’s up to you,
I know he was nervous about someone else being in the house, I loved it,
I slowed down and worked him, he whispered you are the best Vick sucker ever,
I’m new to this do that turned me on, soon he ..(continue confession)

Tried It Once

I saw this crazy video of some euro slut sucking a guys dick. Thing that made it different from a million other blowjob vids was the girl's mouth was full.
Her mouth was full of SHIT! She had a small turd in her mouth and was sucking this dudes dick. Took a few minutes but she got him off and he shot his load in her dirty mouth and the money shot was her mouth open filled with his cum and also the remains of a dirty brown piece of shit.
This was one really fucking sick vid and it makes me wonder are these girls strung out on dope for days and then they do what they're ..(continue confession)


I have two male friends and one night after a good bit of goofing around and me playfully lfashing them, it got more intense and there was a fast and then awkward experience where I was with both of them.

I guess this is a thing that happens. The real confession part is that after a time period of feeling odd, we were all at a party downtown, and i basically invited them bth over, all of us pretty much knowing what would happen. And because it was more planned out, it was slower and better. We were all like "OMG, this is going to stop," and I agree, but it's a thing I think about a lot ..(continue confession)

Town Slut

I have been the town slut since I was 13. My ass is huge, even know and really tight. My tits are perky c cups. I have long brown hair that I xont like to cut and blue eyes. I was also blessed with a small waist. I'm short, so thankfully its small. I live in a small town in Kansas and I will probably get old here too. Yes my parents found out I was hooking up with the older men in the town around the time I was 15, but I didn't stop and I never gave any names. I still won't. I want it ND provoke it. Everyone knows it. My pussy loves old man cock and ill keep ..(continue confession)

Normal Sad Post

Just spitting things into the void, to expell some of the dark matter.

I am planning to off myself, probably hanging. I'm typing this out here just because it's always on my mind and I have no one to tell.

I am trying to stay alive while my mother is still around, because I think it would be unfair to her, as she's basically the only person who cares for me. But it is really, really hard to hold on.

Every day I fantasize about doing it, and wonder when when when will I finally be able to go? My only comfort, and the only thing that keeps me from doing it, is reminding ..(continue confession)

She Has No Idea

Simple and quick. My wife has no idea that I've been having sex with her uncle and his husband for over 20 years. She is aware I like men as well as women and we have had another man in bed with us a small handful of times over the years but has no idea I'm taking it on both ends from those boys every chance I get.

Not since January before stay at home and current state but fuck I miss it.

Cocksleeve Fuckpig Wife

I mean it in all the best ways. My wife is a total sub when it comes to sex, she's up for anything I want to do no matter how kinky. She was a slut from the time she started fucking in her very early teens. By the time she was 14 she'd been fucked by 24 different guys, many times each. After that, gangbangs, bukkake, anything. If the guy wanted to do it, she did it. I knew it when I met her, she made no bones about it letting me buttfuck her on our first date. She went to the toilet and left the door open while she peed, I walked over and watched the pee flowing from the c**..(continue confession)

Town Slut

I'm making this confession of a dirty fantasy that me and the wife have shared for a long time. Not to the point of trying it and it's not an every time thing, but it does slip in when we're really hot sometimes.
First off I'm mwm, 55, abt 6'tall, 210, average 6" thick cut. More important for you to appreciate this is my naughty wife. She's mid 40s and looks ten years younger. Tallish and slim, abt 5'7" and 125lbs. Small but perfectly plump and perky tits, great legs and a cute little round bubble butt. Long dark hair that goes all the way down her back to her ass and deep brown eyes. When she gets ready for bed and ..(continue confession)

Gay Men That Have Had K9 Sex Step Up

I want to here about men having sex with k9’s, I confess I do too, but I want to hear as much as I can about the Experience and how to get it to happen

Spanking, Thank You

This is a part of my confession about a rekindled i****tuous affair with my brother.

I was on my way to the kitchen, completely naked of course, not wearing my stilettos or butt plug when he noticed the difference in the way I was walking. He says "hey, did you forget something?". I had enjoyed the spanking so much the night before so I did it on purpose hoping he would notice and decide I needed another spanking. "Oh yes, I'm sorry, I will take my punishment". I leaned over the big arm of the sofa, waiting. He went to my room and brought back the large ass plug and a leather belt. The sight of the ..(continue confession)