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Hi im 19 single and a virgin do looks matter because i am not skinny but i want to date and have sex

  • Masturbation

    my kink or fetish is mutual masturbation

    First Cock I Ever Saw, Why I Like Older Men

    I'm pretty slutty in bed and my husband and father of my two kids is 48, im 24. I'm pretty sure my fascination with older men started bc I was m****ted. When I was 6 to to the time I was 14, I was m****ted my three different men who were related to my adult half-sister. It was her husband, her husband's brother and his adult son from another marriage. She was supposed to be watching me or whatever, instead she was giving these men access to me constantly. Anyway the first time went like this... My sister's boyfriend had an adult son his name was Trey, he touched me more than all three of them ever did... He was the first one to show me his cock. I had never seen one before or even knew what a cock was. I was literally six years old. I was playing with the water hose outside in an oversized white t-shirt I don't think I had anything on underneath but I can't remember. Anyway, I was soaking wet and went into this guesthouse we had outside... I went in there to change and put on dry clothes. Anyway I hadn't started changing yet, but I didn't know anyone else was in there. Then I heard Trey calling for me from inside the bathroom, which I thought was a little weird, but I generally was a good girl and did what I was told. He told me to come into the bathroom, and I did, when I opened the door he was sitting on the toilet with his shorts around his ankles, hand on his fully erect cock hairy and veiny and all that. I didn't say anything I had no idea what was going on, I had no idea what a cock was or why private areas were private... He spoke first and all he said was "touch it" in a very forceful and scary voice, he had this wildly happy look in his eyes... It was weird. Anyway... I did what I was told. I jerked him off until he came and he shot all over my face and hair, when he was done he got up pulled up his shorts and left me in there alone. I remember looking in the mirror wondering what this stuff was all over my face and hair and trying to clean myself up... Anyway after that day he & his dad & his uncle did a lot of other stuff to me, I can make other posts about it if anyone wants to hear

  • What Should I Do

    My cousin and I while growing up we schooled together, so did my wife! My cousin and I would duck school now and then, and after smoking some good weed he askes me if I have any porno? I did and got working on getting it on, while watching the movie he pulls out the thickest cock I've ever seen with a huge head way bigger head then mine! And he was circumcised am uncut but skin pulled back I guess due to all the wanking I was doing, banana shaped cock but mine was way longer then his am 9" now so back then probably a nice 8" or so. He tells me to wank mine and let us come together while watching the video I shot loads of sperm all on the toilet paper and he smile and starts coming too I guess but I didn't watch, I got up went and smoked some more weed. When I got back I see that he moved my sperm fill paper, we did it again and everytime it got hotter lmao anyway enough of that, to bring you up to date my cousin hitted on my wife in our schooling career. But nothing happened with them. Few years later I end up marrying her, best sex ever we happily married have kids but we very kinky in bed so we have dirty conversations and I bring up my cousin telling her I saw his cock and started to feed her details as we would sex it up,. She is horny for him she wants cock she wants to try his fat thick circumcised Cock. His leaving for work to another place and I don't know what I should do all those years talking about him telling her I'd bring him for you to have sex with and hearing her tell me how she would suck him clean suck his balls even play with his ass while being fucked me missionary style I have never tried sharing before don't know what to think of it or do I need please with this one.. Has anyone done or went thru something like this thinking about it makes me so horny please don't feel sky to share your experience with me. Hope to hear from you

    Am I Missing Something

    I find myself wanting to eat my cum as a jack off. Mistress loves when I clean her pussy up after I cum. But when by myself I cannot seem to do it....

  • I Must Be Growing Up

    Following my parents divorce I went back and forth between my mom and dad until he told my mom he was going overseas and wished her a good life. No child support, no alimony, my mom sold the house and we went from rent house to apartment to trailer park.

    The trailer park manager stopped by and started fucking my mom. Too long since she had dick and any dick was good dick, especially since she had turned 40. He tried getting my pants off but I kept myself away from him and my ass to the wall. But I was passed puberty and my pussy got wet and my nipples hurt when he was fucking my mom. He showed his dick to me, nothing much to look at. He never turned me on.

    I went to cosmetology school and started working and moved out on my own. One of the ladies at the shop took interest in me. Until she showed me her tits, and ass. I was even less interested in her ass than I was in that guys dick.

    But things happen and one night I went out with this cop and he fucked me before he took me home. I liked it, but dropped him and never dated him again. Next I decided to give my coworker a chance. I let her kiss me, feel me up, get her nose up my crotch. I stayed the night, woke up naked, showered with her and ate her out. I liked that, and dated her for a very long time.

    I'm living with an accountant. He's happy with me. The sex is good for him, but for me it's so so. I'd rather put my nose up a girl's ass. But I don't. He pays the bills. He likes me talking dirty, he likes me showing him my tits, he likes me sucking on his dick, he likes me spread eagled on the bed. So that's what I do. He pays the bills. He did watch me kissing with my ex girlfriend and talks about that a lot.

    One thing for sure, I won't ever be in my mom's situation, living in a trailer park fucking the manager. No, I'm going to make sure my accountant is happy.

    Erika's Got A Gun

    So I met this cool, super chill girl back in January at college, part of our little friend group. No big deal, we all hung out through the whole spring, and now she and I are doing summer classes so it's just the two of us. And she's cute, of course. Skinny, small tits, fantastic ass, always well dressed. We hang out in each other's form rooms , play video games, watch movies, and talk shit about everyone else. Typical stuff.

    Yesterday things took a turn. We were playing OW in my room, she'd brought her PS4 over so we were playing for a long time. I couldn't help it, I just kept checking her out, looking at her cleavage and the little slip of lace pink bra o could see, looking at her legs and the white knee highs she was in with this plaid skirt that was short but not too short, smelling her because we were sitting so close on my bed. I was playing for absolute shit, too distracted.

    The match ended, we were waiting for the next one to start. And then we were just kissing, I don't know who started it but it got heavy and quick. I was feeling up her tits, touching her tooth soft legs, squeezing her ass and getting my fingers in her almost black hair. Her leg was on my thigh, and then my cock over my shorts, her free hand in my hair and slightly pulling it around.

    Clothes started disappearing, and that's when it happened. I saw those matching lace pink panties, and a cock sticking out of the top of them! Surprised, I stopped touching her suddenly and she noticed. There was an awkward silence, then she grabbed her clothes and went into my bathroom in silence. A few minutes later the door opened, and then she left my dorm room without saying a word.

    She won't respond to my texts and I tried calling her. I just didn't know. I'm not gay, have never done anything with a guy. But I don't think of her as a guy, and I really just needed to process what I saw and what happened. My family is pretty liberal, hell my mom came out as a lesbian three years ago (and weirdly set my dad up with her stepsister as an allie oop on her way out). It's not family, it's not our friends, it's not what people will think (no one would fucking know anything anyway). I just needed a minute to decide in the moment what I have since decided. I would have kept going had I known beforehand, I think.

    Now I think I've lost my best friend and that sucks. I don't know what to do.

    Walked-in On Teenage Step-daughter Having Sex With Your Boyfriend

    Came home from work. Walked in the front door and found my step-daughter on the couch, in the living room, TV blaring, on her back, legs spread being fucked by her teenage boyfriend. At first they didn't even notice me. I had a good 30 seconds of hearing her moan as he fucked her.

    When he did notice he jumped up, his dick pulled out of her and he ran to the bathroom. Butt ass naked. I got a good view of my step-daughter completely naked from the front before she pulled a blanket over her and ran up stairs.

    That perfect tight ass of hers showing as she ran off. The confession here is that now all I can think about is how she looks exactly like my wife naked. Only younger, and perkier. Now, I know exactly what my wife looked like in her teens. We didn't meet until late 30s.

    I waited for the boyfriend to come out of the bathroom and actually handed him his clothes through the door. I made him give me his phone and unlock it on the pretense that he better listen or I'd call his parents.

    I scrolled through the text with my step-daughter. Found several dick pics he sent and a few of her. Nothing completely nude, but she tried really hard to be sexy. I deleted the pics of my step daughter, told him no more pics from her at all and if he ever fucks her again without a condom I'd do terrible things to him.

    Let the boy go, unharmed, but basically in tears. Told the same to my stepdaughter. Went through her phone and found she had very recently texted an ass pic to another boy... I made the same deal with her and never told her mom.

    Quick Cummer

    I started dating my girlfriend 3 months ago. We are both 19 and our first kinda serious relationship. Anyway we started having sex last month and all was great. my girlfriend has an absolutely incredible ass and we hadn’t fucked doggystyle yet. I suggested it and she got on all fours and was ready for me. I love a nice ass and it’s my weakness lol. I’m rock hard and admiring her ass and I’m like really revved up because her ass looks so good from that position. I don’t even get my cock in her pussy before I start just cumming everywhere. I was so embarrassed.

    She looked really confused and asked what happened and I just told her I came. She laughed and said I guess you really do like my ass lol. Anyway I’m a little hesitant to try doggy again. I should probably jerk off before we do it. Just never had that experience cumming so quick. God I love her ass

  • I Want To Start A Sock Store

    My name is Sean i'm a skinny white dude who wears glasses and I like feet so much that I want to run my own sock business where I model them and allow anyone to smell my feet as well but the socks stay on so who wants some socks?