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Why Does His Taste So Sweet

A couple of times a year my girlfriend (whom is bi too) have a wicked weekend of gay sex just to spice things up a bit. She loves eating pussy and I thoroughly enjoy sucking a big hard cock. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of deepthroating almost 8" of thick, cut manmeat. Got together with this guy she works with, who is roughly half our age and ended up at his place sucking each other off endlessly, in a 69. I don't fuck guys, just suck. Started the night off on his leather couch. I laid on my back with my legs over the back of his couch while he hovered over me. I started off licking and swirling my tongue all over his huge, smooth, shiny knob then slowly engulfed most of his cock down my throat while he did the same to me. Over the years, Iv"e sucked quite a few cocks and always enjoy the thrill of swallowing cum but his was so fucking sweet that I could just not get enough. Usually kinda salty but not his. Lost track of how many of his huge loads I actually swallowed but it was glorious. I have read that diet has a lot to do with the taste, but this was ridiculous. Just wondered if others have had this experience.

  • Getting Help

    It began when I was very young. I’m in therapy for grooming, sexual assault and r**e. I can’t talk about this to my friends and family so sorry don’t read if you’re triggered by the above.

    My parents were always working so I was always getting dropped at friends and family’s houses. Some of which had older kids. Some of them showed me porn and so on. Saying the normal lies of you better not tell or you’ll get into trouble. This of course escalated to them touching me or having me touch them. I was still in the single digits when I was encouraged vigorously to give a blow job. He constant told me how good I was and how to it a bit better. He was a teen at the time. He used my mouth at least once a week encouraging me to swallow every time.
    This escalated to his friend. His friend was much more intense. He was always touching me. Telling me I was pretty, petting me and even giving me g*fts from porn and comics to g*ft cards and hoodies. He wasn’t poor like me. I actually would ask to play with his dick. I would tell him he had the biggest most manly cock. That kinda talk would earn me points. I learned quickly he liked his balls tugged on not hard but later I found that liked the illusion of heavier balls or something. I complimented his big balls how much bigger he was then mine.
    The first boy we will call J hated me talking about my male genitals but it was ok to talk about my butt or hole. C on the other hand liked it as long as it was making me small and him big you come to your conclusions on that.

    C was the first to start putting his finger in me. First my mouth then my butt. He would use the lube he stole from his parents. He would tell me how good it felt to him and how good it felt to him. He would go on and on about how amazing I was and beautiful. How liked my hair. My smooth skin and my bubble butt. Once he was able to finger me with three fingers and me not wince. He’d tell me how great it was when I’d relax. For his 16th birthday he put his dick in my butthole. He fucked me till he came inside me. There was only a little blood. J found out and soon he was fucking me too but he made me hold my dentals out of the way so he wouldn’t touch my disgusting little boy parts. They shard me often sometimes even trading off front to back. Did get a guitar and lessons.

    I was also sometimes staying at my uncles. He’d have me sit on his lap from a very young age it wasn’t till much later maybe 11 it’s all a little blurry. It started with me licking his finger clean of chocolate apparently how I did it he liked and kept asking me to do it. Escalated to while was sitting on his lap and he’d grind into me. He gave me beer and whiskey and tell me I was a man when I got dizzy. He started jerking off while I sucked his finger and then I just graduated to sucking my uncles cock. I actually started needing and lusting for the attentions C,j and my uncle. I missed the coming Jesus wasnt even a teen yet. They introduced me to green and x.
    J started making pluck and keep me skinny. He liked me little and hairless. He’d call me fat and other shit. C and my uncle never did that. I actually got jealous of j when he had a girlfriend. He’d say u was better at blow jobs and that she’d never let him cum in her. All of them would.
    No none of them are in jail. My uncle died drunk driving. C went off to Cambridge and j last I heard after he got dishonorably discharged he was living on the streets. If any of this reminds you of your child hood I urge you to seek help and discuss it with a professional. I have questioned everything since I started. My present gf and her partner have been so supportive. They don’t know all this but enough to know I’m really fucked up and they never push. Good luck

    Could Have Been Really Bad

    Over the holiday weekend I got oral from my niece on my brothers couch while everyone was asleep. My wife did not want to show up, some family drama amongst woman, I don't know. I spent the majority of the time with the kids, including my favorite niece Leida. She was always hyper active as a kid. I was shocked, she looked like a young woman. Still pretty young in the face but the body of a plump college girl. Definitely talked like one. My brothers wife is a gorgeous blonde foreign woman he met in Europe. Only had girls with her, four of them. I was practically babysitting the whole day. I got tired and put on a movie after dinner. I had worked out the day before in my brothers gym, and felt stuffed. After the movie ended Leida fell asleep on my stomach and all the other kids went to bed. Mid sleep I felt her tug my cock, I woke up and kissed her and our lips met. Truthfully I was super erect from sleeping, thinks got the best of me. I pushed her head down and she gave me a wet sloppy blowjob while we were laid out on the couch. I was about to finish in her mouth when one of her sisters turned on the lights and scared us. She didn't notice but it got us to stop. We both went to bed afterwards. It was a little awkward the next day.

  • A Little Help For A Friend

    A good friend on mine, Ron had a problem and I thought I had the solution. It seemed that a couple that had been long time friends of he and his wife had broken up with the husband leaving his wife to live with a much younger woman. They were a very attractive couple much more attractive than Ron and his wife. As it turns out Ron bragged to me about how while taking his wife to work, she asked Ron if he could drop by and see how Teresa was doing. Well as Ron told me, he ended up having sex with her. He was bragging about it and showing me pics of this gorgeous creature and the good thing he had going. I told him, “Dude she will fall for you and want you to leave your wife if you keep this up.” He ignored me. Well, in a panic some months later, it went exactly as I told him. “What am I going to do, Clint???”
    She was wanting him to tell his wife and leave her. He was beside himself. I said, this is what we’ll do. I’m a single man, by most standards very attractive. Set up a meeting, I’ll take her out and get her to forget about you. That’s exactly what we did. Ron took her out for a lunch, I popped by like it was a happenstance, joined them and then called her later telling her how impressed I was with her and asked her to join me on a hike, since she too was an avid hiker, which she accepted. The natural assumption of course being that Ron was married and thus nothing between them had been going on. My deal with Ron was he would pickup the tab on all my expenses with her. Movies, dinners, gas, all of it, which he gladly paid and that once I took her want for him away, I would dump her. Well as I knew from pics, she is gorgeous but pics didn’t do her justice and they don’t tell you anything about her personality which was fantastic. We had a lot of fun and we were sexually engaged within five dates. This is where it falls off. As stunning as she is, as a lover she was terrible. She’s a visual delight in bed, but her participation is absent. She doesn’t believe in oral, taking or giving. She enjoyed foreplay but didn’t give it back. And the missionary position was the only position she would allow. I being a bachelor in my forties thus very experienced, was not willing to settle for this but at the same time, felt it a shame to have such a delight out of bed disappear. In my world no meant no. Several attempts were made to go down on her, fingering was also out of the question, with each time her response being, I think it time to go. I decided desperate times take measures. After a particularly long hike through the mountains, we retired back at my place where I ordered Chinese. I said, Let me give you a nice massage, surprisingly she said yes. She laid there fully clothed. I said, I need you nude. “Oh no. I don’t think so. Not with the lights on.” I turned down the lights, she reluctantly disrobed to her panties and bra. Laying face down on my bed I applied the oil and worked my magic. I, after some time, undid her bra and slid her panties off. Having covered most of her back I worked her legs, being sure to brush my fingers ever so close to her pussy. It took some time, a long time but with each approach of my hands up her thigh’s, she slightly spread them more and more and moved her butt up towards the ceiling. She was willingly exposing her pussy now. I ever so lightly touched her vulva, and she closed her legs. I backed off. It took a good while but before long she was letting me once again, have full view. This time I forcefully drove my face into her pussy. She tried to push me away. I threw her onto her back my face still in her muff. She pushed on my head telling me to stop but I didn’t. I held her tight and licked and kissed her vulva. She is all but five foot tall and a hundred pounds, I’m six three and two hundred and thirty. Needless to say, she couldn’t stop me. I realized the risk but was hoping for the reward. My tongue manipulate her clitoris my fingers penetrated her pussy. After several minutes of this, she gave up the fight, grabbing a pillow placing it over her face as I ate her out. It took 20 minutes but she ended up screaming into the pillow as she gushed out an orgasm. We’ve been married now for five years. I no longer a bachelor and her no longer frigid. We fuck like rabbits. I could not be happier in and out of the bedroom.

    Hurting Sitting Staring At My Husband's Empty Seat At My Table

    In high school I was a loaner afflicted with severe acne. After medication, and a change in climate I cleared up and went to college. I became involved with another girl in a pretend lesbian relationship. She is a lesbian, me not so much. I met a man at work, he put a fence around me and I got married last summer.

    But I've cheated on my husband with my college girlfriend. I tried, I said no, but my resolve wasn't strong enough. My husband took it badly and he moved out over Thanksgiving.

    I'm hurting so badly, I was a fool, and I don't think I can live with the consequences.

  • Who I Am

    In high school, I had a reputation of being a slut. I could not help being fully developed in my chest and being extremely fit. I could have helped how many boys had their go at me, but what’s the fun in that?

    The problems for me started in college. I was a slut…no other word for it. I love cock. I am a cumwhore. Then came Professor Aldrich. He knew I was a slut, so he took every liberty with me to get my A grade. I literally handed in nothing all semester, in turn I used my mouth as a show of gratitude. This continued until the business world.

    I sucked so many cocks of clients on sales calls that I won salesperson of the year four of my first eight years.

    So here I sit, 32 years old, all the success and money I could want and all I want to do is suck cock. Like, every day, I crave it. I guess I have just been a slut all of these years!

    Married A Lesbian Girl On A Whim, She's Been With Me 20 Years Now

    This goes back to 2003. I was a graduating senior, she was also a senior, foreign student from Latin America. She and I had a class together and were assigned a group project, that's how we became friends. She was a mix of sorts, a devout Catholic, a lesbian, a stepfather who despised her (for being a lesbian) and wouldn't let her into his house, a mother who was totally intimidated. Her worst nightmare was finishing college and having to return to her country (which also was unwelcome to lesbians).

    In a moment of enlightenment I suggested that if she got married she could stay and avoid the whole issue, after she got her papers she would be free to follow her own path. But, I told her during the time she was married she had to play the whole role, she had to be the 'wife' and I was the 'husband'. I didn't do dishes, I didn't cook and I didn't make the bed. Two years for her papers, she agreed, but no sex. I agreed, but I could have a girlfriend or two.

    We eloped and let her family know, who were of course angry and unsupportive, and my family wanted to know who was this girl. She had a very hard time being a wife person, she hated it to the core of her bones. Playing the role went against the grain with her. And as for me, well she was my wife and one night I told her that I wanted to see her naked. I had a right to see her naked. She was not helpful, and piece by piece until I pulled off her panties and she lay naked on the bed in front of me. Naked, I spread her legs open, and I took off my pants and consummated the marriage. Now she 'was' my wife.

    I don't know, but I had sex with her several more times that week and going into the following week. On her bed, on my bed, in the living room on the carpet, across the arm of the easy chair. Wherever she was my dick was after her and my dick did what dicks do, I fucked her. The more I fucked her the more I wanted to fuck her. I never took into account that she was a devout Catholic, and she had always only been with other women, she got pregnant and now 'she' was married. She didn't like sex, but sex became part and parcel of being married, as was her being pregnant. She did the wife stuff, the cooking and cleaning and I did the husband stuff, worked my ass off so she could stay home and be pregnant.

    Over these twenty years I have had a few lovers. She never really understood why I didn't stick with one and make her my mistress. As long as I was getting sex with a lover she didn't have to put up with it herself. Nothing is worse for her than me coming home from a two week trip and getting two weeks of sex out of her. She has a friend, Monica. with whom she has sex. She won't let me watch and if I catch her in a moment of intimacy she argues back, what did I expect. She and Monica are a pair, joined at the hip or something like that.

    Monica is the man in the relationship, and she and I get along well enough, as long as she doesn't get into arguing women's rights and LGBT nonsense. Keep it out of my house, and help wash the dishes. My wife, btw, has two children.

    Last night, after work, I came home and my wife looked particularly appealing. She is 100% Latina, small, small tits and hips, very pretty to my eyes, and has that air about her. I took her back to her room and told her I wanted it, right then and there. Close the door and get her ass on the bed and give me her tits and her pussy, and I fucked her. She is particularly a good fuck, even if she mostly lays there and keeps asking if I'm finished. After sex she answered me by telling me to get a girlfriend. I told her I didn't want a girlfriend, I want to fuck her, I want her cooking for me, and I want her being my wife like we agreed when we got married.

    Of course my wife won't ever say it, but she really does like me getting horny for her. She tells Monica later, 'I'm his wife and you know that, don't say anything'. Monica keeps her mouth shut, she knows better than to argue with my wife about that.

    Conflicting Fantasy

    This has been on my mind recently and I needed to find somewhere to talk about this so here it is. So truthfully I don't get along with most of my family and I am pretty estranged from a lot of them which is honestly fine by me. I don't really align with them politically and we all have essentially nothing in common but the relationship isn't really hostile outside of a lot of pent up frustration from past situations.
    Well to be honest about a week ago I had seen a photo of one of my cousins, he is quite a bit older then me. Wife, Kids, Military, whole nine yards sort of thing and because of his job hes taken to working out quite a bit. I would be lying if I said he wasn't physically attractive, especially for a man over10 years older then me. A lot of feelings about some of the not so nice experiences I have had with his side of the family sort of rushed in along with truthfully horniness and all I could think about was pushing his head between my legs and having him go to town on my clit. The thought of hate fucking him was so hot I was dripping wet and I honestly came a few different times to the thought of riding his dick and him sucking on my tits. Now I feel like I have sort of developed a fetish for these fantasies. I don't know if I would ever act on them, considering I don't ever see a time where I could outside of some of the family I do see often but overall I get along with most of them but the thought still drives me crazy Has anyone else ever wanted to hate-fuck a family member?

    I Fucked Crazy Mary

    I was in my mid teens. Worked in a neighborhood strip mall. Crazy Mary was this older woman probably in her 50s, acted crazy all the time, yelling at people on the street, having a ton of men up to her apartment and fucked them loudly with the windows open. I tried to get her to fuck me, for my first time, I was desperate, but no go. My boss knew her and knew her before she got as strung out as she was. He knew her ex husband and her two daughters. Mary was 52 and looked in her 60s. She was high most of the time, and finally my boss convinced her I was hi son and she should "take care of me".

    I snuck in at night, not wanting anyone to know I was going to fuck the old broad. She let me in, and immediately got naked and told me to do the same. We had a beer while naked, and she started playing with her pussy, very loudly telling me she liked rubbing herself. She got up and came over to the couch, pushed me down on my back and straddled my face with her hairy pussy. She told me to start licking, especially taking time on her very large (though I didn't know it at the time) clitoris. It was 2 inches long and when it got hard it looked like a little three inch long cock. She rode my mouth and got off screaming several times. Then she lifted up, walked to her bed and laid down. I went over and got on top of her, and fucked her. After I wanted to stay and do it again but she didn't like to fuck more than once at a time she said. She kept my underpants on her dresser as a souvenir. She told me to come back the next day.

    I fucked Mary off and on for about 4 months, I don't think she even paid attention if I fucked her pussy or her ass, she just wanted fucked. She still fucked a lot of other guys. One time I went up and there were 4 guys waiting while one was fucking her, she'd been through 5 other guys before that. After they all left, I looked at her laying there, cum all over her bed under her, dripping out of her pussy, all over her hairy pussy on the outside, on her little tits and in her hair and on her face. She'd had no idea how many times she'd been fucked. I got on and stuck my cock in her asshole and fucked her hard and fast.

    That was my last time fucking her. A month later she was found strangled, a bad sex act gone wrong was the general thought.

  • Sex With My Babysitter

    My wife and I have been going through a dry spell now that she just gave birth to our third kid and we're both working full time. I've been thinking a lot about my old babysitter from childhood as a result, I've never told anyone because it might get her in trouble...

    My mom divorced and remarried when I was a kid. I was 14 and my two half siblings were 1 and 2. I hit puberty very early and was involved in sports. My mom got a babysitter since I spent most summer mornings at practice.

    Our babysitters name was Ashley. She was 20 and attending a local community college. I thought she was a smokeshow. She had a plump, round ass, C cup breasts and a pretty athletic (but slightly curvy) frame. She'd sit out by our pool in the afternoon and I'd watch her from my room and jerk off into a sock. I'm pretty sure she found my socks and used kleenex when she was cleaning up one day.

    One day after showering she confronted me about it matter of factly. I was super embarrassed but got hard. She put my siblings to bed for a nap and then we went to my room. I had no idea what I was doing. She gave me a blowjob and swallowed. She then bent over the bed and let me have sex with her. I came inside her in under a minute.

    We continued this for the rest of the year. She showed me what she liked and we even developed a code phrase "Do I need to clean my room?" to hint at going upstairs. She had only ever had one boyfriend but had a pretty high sex drive that pretty much matched mine at 14 years old.

    She was usually wet and had really strong orgasms from penetration. I'd get back from practice around noon and shower while she put my siblings to bed for their afternoon nap. We'd sneak down into the basement and I'd fuck her on the couch. I would cum inside her and then keep thrusting and usually cum a second or third time. She would usually cum a few times. She had to get an IUD as emergency contraception because she wasn't on birth control.

    Once the school year started she would give me a ride to school so that my mom didn't have to buy a car. On the way to school we'd park behind this warehouse and I'd fuck her quick, and then we'd do the same after she picked me up. Sometimes she'd ride me or I'd bend her over in the backseat. Sometimes I'd sneak into her parents house on the weekends a fuck her in their basement.

    Looking back it was basically statutory r**e. I never felt abused though and she was always kind and matter of fact about it. She always told me that we could stop if I wanted, but that it had to be a secret. I'm glad she got an IUD or I would've been a teenage dad. Eventually she went off to state college her junior year and we stopped seeing each other. I found her on facebook and she looks happily married with two kids. I didn't realize at the time, but that was probably the most sexually satisfied I've ever been. Cheers to Ashley, I miss her.