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I had oral sex with my 55 year old neighbour years ago,I was 26. Then I stopped talking to him as I felt ashamed and guilty... recently we reconnected and he said he loves me and wants to marry me. My family is strict so they surely won't agree due to age and religion.But still I can't stop thinking abt him...we are talking everyday now and I think I am falling for him. I am confused because I want him but I don't want to go against my family...he is currently in his native country, coming back here in few weeks.Planning to meet him...as we miss each other alot... I am worried I might end up losing my virginity to him as I really loved his way with me last time we were together...his tongue was magically moving in and out of me.

I am scared and confused.

PS: The oral sex was only foreplay with licks and sucks,I didn't allow penetration as I was scared and wanted to remain virgin till I get married. He respected my decision.

I love you Zal bby.

  • Help.

    I had oral sex with my 55 year old neighbour years ago,I was 26. Then I stopped talking to him as I felt ashamed and guilty... recently we reconnected and he said he loves me and wants to marry me. My family is strict so they surely won't agree due to age and religion.But still I can't stop thinking abt him...we are talking everyday now and I think I am falling for him. I am confused because I want him but I don't want to go against my family...he is currently in his native country, coming back here in few weeks.Planning to meet him...as we miss each other alot... I am worried I might end up losing my virginity to him as I really loved his way with me last time we were together...his tongue was magically moving in and out of me.

    I am scared and confused.

    PS: The oral sex was only foreplay with licks and sucks,I didn't allow penetration as I was scared and wanted to remain virgin till I get married. He respected my decision.

    I love you Zal bby.

    Car Sex

    Most mornings, before just recently, during the week, I'd park up and watch a little gay porn.

    When he arrived on his bicycle, he'd quickly put it in the back of the van, then join me in the front.

    Nine times out of ten, my cock would already be rock hard and out of my work trousers.

    Welcoming him in, I'd give Michael a long kiss, then press him down to suck on my cock.

    Depending on the time, or how quiet it was, once he's enjoyed my cock in his mouth, we'd either fuck in the front of the van. Outside if it's warm enough, or in the back of the van.

    We both love bareback sex, and I especially love cumming deep inside his eager arsehole, after fucking him hard and rough.

    Micheal does have a large cock himself, and recently has wanted to fuck me. So only a few weeks ago in the back of the van, over bags of sand and cement, my sisters son fucked me until his cock unloaded up my arse.

    It wasn't pleasant for a while, and he had to stop every now and then so I could get used to his dick being deep inside my fuckhole. But once I got used to his size, and being fucked, I began to enjoy the feeling.

    Now when I park up, it's a flip of the coin as to who fucks whom.

    I'm still fuckin my nephew more, but I do now enjoy him fucking me every now and then.

    I just wish we could fuck and enjoy one another indoors sometimes.

  • The Elder Neighbor That Hired Me To Work!

    So I finally had to go over to her house to "work". S**** again answers her door in her silk robe. I was made to go sit in her living room before I got to work. I was waiting for her to talk to me about something she mentioned. She offered me a place to live if I ever need. Anyways again she grabbed my cock again. So I got fed up with her. I just got completely naked put my cock in her hand and told her led the way! S**** this is the day I let you have what you want! She was blushing but took no time pulling me to her bedroom and locking the door! This freaky woman finally got me to fuck her! Let's just say she wants me to stay the night!

    Lousy Job, Lonely Town, One Short Encounter

    I was 24, and had just gotten a job at one of the most backwards, isolated, depressing excuse for a college in the USA. My boss thought she was really smart and deigned to "tutor" me in management-employee skills and relations, but frankly she was an idiot who didn't know her ass from a hole in the ground so these extra sessions just made me resent her even more. The teaching was clearly subpar and many of the professors obviously just filling a space with long tenure there because they belonged to the right church (not a requirement to be faculty or staff there, but apparently more important than actual qualifications for those who stuck around). The pregnancy rate was sky-high among the female students, doubtless--as I noted to another person from a metro area as surprised as I was to find herself working there--because there was absolutely nothing else to do there on a Saturday night.

    Well, let's skip all the boring details here; suffice it to say that by the end of the school year both I and the college had enough of each other and planned a separation. But by this time my boss had apparently gotten it into my head that I was homosexual because of something I said or did,, and told me it was something I needed to hide around there. I wasn't about to disabuse her of this to get on her better side, but firmly told her it was none of her business. This place was clearly very hostile to real freedom, intellectual and otherwise, and I wasn't going to compromise my integrity to try to stay there any longer.

    I don't know how this affected my reputation elsewhere, but I did find that some of my better conversations were with a few faculty from larger cities, and a couple students who also felt like this place was too small for them. One male freshman in particular, Eric, seemed to be having adjustment issues, and often came to me to talk about decisions he was wrestling with, where I think my openly listening to him was probably more useful for him than anything substantive I said. Toward the end of the year, he had resolved to abandon education completely for the time being and join the army, and said he was taking a room at the town's only motel for a night before busing to his base.

    Well after dark, indeed just before 10 that night, Eric knocked on the door of my apartment over a garage near campus. He had visited a couple times before but only during the day on weekends to chat about things. He said he felt lonely in his motel room and wanted to talk to someone. I considered telling him it was just too late, but clearly he needed an ear so I let him in though I was already in my bathrobe. He chatted for a while in my living room, but not too earnestly, as if he was nervous and wasn't really talking about what he was thinking. We talked a little about directions or grounding in life, and I asked about relationships; he said he hadn't found anyone to date. I confessed that I hadn't either in this isolated town, and then asked if he had been strongly attracted to anyone, a girl...or a guy. I said this nonchalantly so he knew it was no big deal for me. Well, he answered indirectly for a long time, but this was enough for me to know he was not quite the heterosexual everyone in this town assumed everyone else to be, and told him that while I was straight I thought it was perfectly normal to go the other way, and even thought sometimes about being with a man for a short time, even if not in a relationship. He was clearly intrigued by this openness, but still nervous about expressing his own desires, and said openly that he had never before found someone he could share his desires with comfortably. He asked more about mine, and I told him honestly that I was just a little intrigued about oral sex with a man, but no kissing or other kinds of sex.

    We then talked about other things for a while but eventually he said he did have sexual thoughts about other men, but was scared about what they would think. I said I understood that fear, but I certainly wouldn't mind hearing I was the object of someone's thoughts and wished other men were more comfortable with this news as well. "So you wouldn't be upset if I had thought about you that way?" "Upset, not at all. I'm kind of thinking about it myself right now myself, actually."

    Well, long story short he soon asked if he could suck on my cock, "just a little bit," and I encouraged him to do that. As the conversation went on he had been looking a little more directly at my exposed legs and half-open robe, and now sat on the floor as I opened it up more to expose my cock. He gingerly took me into his mouth and sucked slowly for a long time, enjoying the sensation and getting used to it just a fraction of an inch at a time. I loved studying his young face as he explored me with his lips, really exploring his own lips and their powers as they touched me more than exploring what they were touching, if that makes sense. Now and then he would stop and we'd talk, and I kept reassuring him I was enjoying this and wished he could keep going, if he was comfortable with that, and he soon did. He was of course uncertain at times if he was doing it right, and I did try to teach him a little about speed and suction force, though I actually hadn't received that many blowjobs from women before so I was sort of guessing what was good myself.

    In the end I couldn't cum in his mouth, though I wasn't sure if that was due more to my nervousness or his inexperience, but I asked to jerk off while he put his lips around the tip. I finally came a bit unexpectedly and felt a little weird but satisfied as my white sperm oozed around his lips and chin. He coughed a little but otherwise took it well, and I asked him to keep sucking me afterwards, which he did obediently. This kept me hard for another 20 minutes and then to my surprised I started feeling orgasmic again and came more weakly but sharply into his mouth. This never happened with anyone else before, I can only imagine that I was overwhelmed by the newness of the experience and a bit pent-up in my gonads.

    While that was satisfying for me, he wanted not reciprocation, but to stay the night. I let him sleep on the couch and when he got up early to get to the bus, I woke to see him off and gave him a long, strong man-hug. I never saw Eric again and don't know what became of him, but I hope I helped him a little bit towards recognizing who he was and wanted to me. Even though he was no longer a student, I'm sure I would have been fired even faster had my boss learned of this, but that wasn't going to happen. I heard the place nearly went bankrupt a few years later, and I thought good riddance to them and their skimpy salaries and skimpier minds.

  • Party Cheating While Being Watched

    A couple years ago I started dating Nancy, a young plumpy girl of about 21, but generally pretty confident about herself. She liked having parties at her parents' house when they were away and invited people she met online to just hang out. She was great at talking about sex, and often told me about her interest in being with a woman, but had some limits in the bedroom; in particular, she would never let me cum in her mouth or on her face, or do anal, and I didn't dare cum in her pussy so that limited our repertoire somewhat. She was pretty good at giving handjobs at least, so that was our main outlet for a couple months.

    Mid-summer she had a larger party at her house with several people, a young MF couple, and at least three each of single guys and girls. One of the later, Charlotte, was a little thin with dark hair, and was slightly older than me, and had known Nancy for a few months. Nancy had talked about having sex with Charlotte before and had broached the subject with her but never acted on it. I also noted that Charlotte was attractive, and Nancy suggested that maybe we could both go down on her someday, which might make Charlotte more comfortable than just being with a woman, since she was more "bi-curious" than attracted to women per se.

    The youngest single lady, Laura, was about 19, not as big as Nancy but with just a little juicy baby fat on her, along with sizable breasts. She had a kind of devil-may-care attitude, wore a baseball cap backwards and brought some food to share in her college backpack. Everyone else brought various items to share, some to grill, and we had a very nice full picnic that afternoon with a lot of conversation.

    There were also a few men in their younger 20s, but I remember less about them, as they were less involved in the complexities I'm about to describe.

    Nancy was very generous with letting people lounge around the house, but she did impose one strict rule: no surreptitious sex, noting that the last time someone did that it was "nasty to clean up." So occasionally people drifted into different rooms but all within public spaces (kitchen, garage, etc.)

    At some point I needed to go to Nancy's room to get something I had left there, and simply assumed it was unoccupied; I burst in to find Laura sitting on the bed with her shirt off and bra just barely holding in her generous tits. I apologized and started to back off but she said it was ok, Nancy had given her permission to change there. I went to get my item at the head of the bed, but did comment I was pleased to see a little more of her. She smiled and said there's even more to that--and slipped off her bra. My eyes boggled and I said that was a wonderful sight. She replied "glad you like them" and covered up again, putting on a different shirt. I definitely hung out watching longer than I needed to, but we did both return to the group soon and said nothing more about this.

    Later that evening a few people left, but the remaining people got more comfortable with each other, and the conversation turned more toward sex. Nancy started asking Charlotte if was ready to open herself up to a woman. Charlotte asked how this fit with her rule, and said she'd follow her own rule that any sex had to be public so she could make sure that it wasn't messy, and oral sex on a woman (unless she squirted, which Charlotte laughingly assured she didn't) was easy to keep clean with a blanket on the couch. We had all had just a little to drink so inhibitions were down, and Charlotte was excited to have her work on her. We pulled off her shorts and took turns touching and then licking her while everyone else watched. I sat next to Charlotte for a while to kiss her breast, and also enjoyed watched everyone else's reactions. The young couple was just sort of silently watching and didn't seem terribly excited, but maybe were just embarrassed about revealing any sexual effect or interest it might be inciting in them. Laura, on the other hand, was entranced and goggling at the sight as if she couldn't get enough of it, and kept giving me the eye as if she was impressed by the bold action I was sharing here.

    Finally Laura asked Nancy if it was only ladies who could get off, or if blowjobs were ok. Sitting up from her muff-diving, Nancy said "that could be messier--you need to swallow *everything*!" Laura said "I do!" but Nancy just dove back down between Charlotte's legs. Laura then gave me a very direct "may I?" look, and I quickly nodded yes and smiled. She quickly approached and kneeled down in front of me, backwards baseball cap still on, and in seconds had unzipped my shorts and pulled my hard cock out and into her mouth. Nancy looked over with great surprise at this unplanned, undiscussed move, and then up at me with a quizzical and somewhat judgmental look, though it was perhaps tempered by the fact that a second ago her tongue had been buried in Charlotte's clitoris. I think Charlotte also looked over with interest, but I wasn't touching or paying much attention to her anymore, just focused on Laura's smooth hot mouth sliding down my shaft. The young couple were talking quietly and holding each other, but still didn't do much beyond this. My legs brushed against Laura's sides, though she was still fully dressed and in this position couldn't even see her cleavage, but no mind because her beautiful mouth was all I needed now. She never looked up, and actually kept her eyes mostly closed as she pumped her head up and down on my shaft. "That's so good" I whimpered, and then tensed up as I began squirting into her mouth. Nancy was just staring at me over Charlotte's pussy as I ejaculated, and Laura true to her word kept her mouth completely on me as she sucked up all my semen. I had a lovely view of my rigid shaft in her pretty mouth, held still for a minute as she slurped and rubbed my urethra with her tongue. Finally she pulled back and squeezed me several times with her hand, bringing up a few more drops of cum which she then licked off the tip.

    "You did it just right, nothing even on the blanket!" I told her. Laura turned to Nancy and said "I told you I could do it!" Suddenly I felt that it was more about showing off to Nancy than pleasing me, though she certainly did that for the time being. Well, I can quickly summarize the rest without so many details: Nancy made Charlotte cum, but that was our last night; she broke up without much explanation, and I never saw Laura again since she actually came in from way out of town and I moved the next year to another state. So nothing lasting came out of that, but since Nancy and I weren't really going anywhere as a couple this was probably the best reason to break up I could have had, and never regretted it for a second. Getting my cum into Laura's beautiful mouth was worth every second of exposure and risk.

    Latest College Tour Trip

    I’m so excited to post tonight! Yesterday and today were great after the crap I posted about on Monday. I love my kids more than anything.

    I took my son to his latest college tour. After being caught by my daughter on Monday I panicked all night worried she’d tell her father we had sex with her brother. When my husband got home Monday night I had a plan. I arranged it to bring her along. I pulled her out of school for two days saying she wanted to see the college too.

    Yesterday morning (Tuesday) we packed for the trip. The campus tour was at the end of the afternoon. My daughter was nervous that she was going along. On the way out of town, we went to the outlets so I could help buy her some outfits. Her brother waited in the car. We bought a super short black suede mini skirt and a little denim dress that zips up the front with no sleeves and a scooped neckline along with some black ankle booties. She looked alarmed by the tight clothes.

    Before getting in the car, I started a mother-daughter chat. I asked, “Are you okay about yesterday?” My daughter acted exhausted, “Mom I’m fine. Like I was surprised big time.” I had to ask, “Was it your first, did if feel good?” She was honest, “Yes it was. It felt great, but it’s weird it was my brother. I wasn’t planning to do it yet.” “Why wait?” I asked, then,“So do you want to do it again?” She slowed, paused, said slowly, “Ummm, yeah, okay.” We did ‘Are you sure’, ‘Yes, I’m sure’ a few times, and she said she was in.

    I sat up front with my son driving and reclined my seat to talk to my daughter. I pulled my son’s hand on my bare leg and pushed it under my t-shirt dress. My daughter saw and said, “Oh my God, Mom?” My son laughed and pushed aside my thong and he slowly played with my clit then ran his finger down into me. My daughter watched her brother’s hand in me until I orgasmed. After, I said, “Next stop, you sit up front.” We changed seats at the next stop. My son started with his hand on her leg. My daughter sat rigid in her seat but he said “relax” and she loosened up just enough. He petted her through her shorts and she pushed her crotch forward. He had her pull her shorts and thong down to the floor and she put her hands in her lap until my son pushed them aside. She gasped loudly when he first touched her bare pussy. For the next 50 miles my son fingered my daughter to four little orgasms.

    I asked my son if he tried to arrange a threesome. He said no and I was relieved. I said to the kids that we would see who our tour guide was and if we could get him (if it was a him) interested in dinner and explained to my daughter we’d try to have sex with him. She reacted and said, “Wow, really? That’s crazy!” The tour guide ended up being a boy named Tony. He checked me out but eyed my daughter in her running shorts and baggy sweatshirt constantly. My son invited Tony to dinner. He hesitated so I added, “We’d love if we could talk more.” He agreed but had class until 8pm. We planned to meet at the restaurant after. It worked again to pick up the tour guide!

    I booked a nice restaurant. My husband and I went there on a romantic weekend. I had on the hot blue flowered dress my son and I bought and my daughter wore a black turtleneck and the suede skirt. My son loved we couldn’t sit in the taxi without exposing our thongs. Neither of us could walk far without butt cheeks hanging out, we were always pulling our hems down. My daughter was uncomfortable and being shy. Tony smiled when he saw us. He said “Wow, you all look great!” then acted embarrassed. We sat my son and me on one side and my daughter and Tony on the other. I saw Tony sneak glances at my daughter’s exposed lap. He was single. He loved staring at my daughter’s legs and lap. By the end of dinner it was easy to get him to come back to our room.

    We took a taxi to the hotel. I asked my daughter to sit on Tony’s lap to make space which he easily agreed to. At the hotel she and I walked ahead of the boys and she quietly told me Tony had an erection poking her in the butt in the car.

    In the room we sat two on each double bed, my son and I on one, them on the other. We drank but it pretty was quiet. After a few minutes I made a move and started rubbing my son’s thigh. I sat closest to Tony so he could see “up” my dress and still see my daughter’s exposed lap. As we talked, my son put his hand on my upper thigh right at my hem, which didn’t cover my crotch at all. He ran his hand up my thigh and began rubbing me through my thong. Tony was wide-eyed but acted calm. I turned around to kiss my son softly then turned to Tony, “Can you keep a secret?” I asked. Tony just nodded.

    My son and I started kissing while he began massaging my pussy through my thong. Tony and my daughter watched us until Tony made a move on her. They were both stiff, but soon started kissing. Tony put his hand between her legs and she spread her legs enough to give him access. Tony was soon inside my daughter’s thong fingering her. She seemed to loosen up a little bit. My son helped me out of my dress and I helped strip him. We got on the bed me on top of him and I said I wanted a long slow fuck. I wanted to watch my daughter. She held Tony’s crotch while he continued to finger her, then he undid his pants and soon had his penis out for her. He started to rush. Tony pushed her back on the bed then pushed her turtleneck and bra up over her breasts so he could first squeeze then suck both breasts, still fingering her. His shirt still on, my daughter began jerking him off gently until he finally rolled over on top of her, pulled her thong aside and lined his erection up to her pussy. He asked if she had a condom…which we completely forgot about. No condom he quickly said “I’ll pull out”, he pushed up on his hands over top of her and began to press into her pussy. She moaned softly while he began to work in and out of her lubing her up even more and going a little deeper each time. My son craned his neck upside down while I slow fucked him to watch his sister get taken.

    My daughter made soft little grunts and Tony pumped her in rhythm and then started pounding her harder and faster. She bent her knees a little which allowed him more motion. Tony said, “Here it comes!” and started tensing and clenched his ass as he exploded in my daughter’s pussy. She hissed out “Oh No! Not in me!” as if whispering to stay quiet. He quickly pulled out and shot the rest on her belly. That wasn’t supposed to happen for sure. When they finished, my son and I fucked. I played with my clit as my daughter watched until first I orgasmed then my son pumped a hot load into me. I could tell by how he came that watching his sister turned him on, too.

    We laid the four of us talking while I played with my son’s penis. He got semi-hard, but was distracted as his sister copied me and rubbed Tony back to life. He got hard faster. In the middle of talking, I got off our bed and got on top of Tony on theirs. My daughter laying beside us, I fucked Tony until we came. Tony didn’t say much as we fucked, but at the end he realized he had just fucked a mother and daughter. He was still in awe when we said goodnight and he left. My daughter finally got undressed and we sat on the bed naked and talked. I asked my daughter, “Did he go inside you?” She replied “Yes, two squirts.” ..(continue confession)

    Low Man On The Totem Pole

    I took a job as an expat accountant in Dubai. My boss, an Englishman, was a hard core poker player. He insisted I join him when he played other gamblers. I lost my $300 in a couple of hands. The others continued to play, at times the pot was a few hundred, other hands thousands. Since I was out of the game I was the bartender. I was serving up the seventh, eighth drink, the men were getting drunk, playing cards got more and more expensive.

    After the game ended around 2 a.m. my boss asked me to help clean up. The other men left and he told me to stay the night in the guest room. I was almost asleep when he came into the room and told me I had to learn the pecking order, he was at the top and I was at the bottom. He held me down forcing a kiss on me, he grabbed my cock and holding me down got my cock in his mouth. By then there was no doubt in my mind I was getting fucked that night. I still tried to resist but it was like spitting against the wind.

    His cock was big, and his cock in my mouth was big enough to make me gag. I gagged, spit up, his cock went down my throat. I felt I lost consciousness, I had to breathe through my nose. While I was gagging, breathing, he was getting my shorts off. Bare naked he withdrew from my throat, turned me on my stomach and in one thrust tore me a new asshole and fucked the shit out of me. He left me there, wet, bleeding, shit on my legs and ass. I cleaned up, took the sheet off the bed and went to sleep with a sore asshole.

    Being the low man on the totem pole can only be overcome when a new man comes to town.

    I'm A Mother Now, I Have A Family Now

    As a mid twenties lesbian I was impregnated by my then boss. He refused an abortion, his wife told me she would adopt the baby, when I was due to give birth she told me I had to get a grip, I was the mother, she would help me, they would provide ample support, but I was the mother and in a few days I was giving birth. And she told me "IT was not A baby", "SHE was MY daughter".

    I went home with them, to live until I was able to care for myself and my daughter. I breast fed, to build a bond with my daughter. I lived with them, my daughter's father and my daughter's step mother for seven years. I went to college. I live in the house next door. My daughter stays with her stepmother after school until I can pick her up. I met a 'woman' who I liked a lot and tried to have a personal relationship, but she wanted me to separate from my adoptive family, especially my daughter's father, which I won't ever do.

    I am the mother of his daughter, he is the father of my daughter.

  • How Long Should I Wait?

    I am a 22 year old woman who never had sexual intercourse with a man.
    I started dated with a guy and today was our second date.
    How long should I wait until I will sleep with this guy?
    He is 35 years old so I guss he will not be very patient with me.
    And he doesn't know I am a virgin, I am too scared to tell him the truth I am scared he will freak out.
    I am attracted to him but I don't want to feel pressured that I have to sleep with him soon, I mean I want him but I want to let him to get to know me better.
    Another question: when should I tell him that I am a virgin?