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Not Satisfied In Bed

This isn't a happy or sexy confession like so many others here. I am just frustrated with my partner in bed. I am rarely, if ever, satisfied after we are intimate. He doesn't make me cum and I have to do it myself after he is finished. I have tried multiple times and in multiple ways to tell him what I need. I tell him not to go straight for my nipples or to just carelessly finger me. I tell him I want more foreplay and that I want to be seduced. I exaggerate when he does things that make me feel good so that he can clearly see I like something he's doing. I play with him in the way I want him to play with me so he can see what I want. I have even gotten so tired that I tell him to look up what other people say about sex because maybe he will get it if he hears it from multiple people with female bodies. STILL, he doesn't do any of that. I am so frustrated that I don't even notice how long it is between the times we have sex anymore. I am tired of trying to explain to and teach him.
I love him so much, but I am so tired...

  • I Want To Host A Mr. Feet Padgent

    I have the idea of a Feet Padgent where I am the host I give points to whoever has the smelliest, the nastiest feet there is as well as points for licking soles and sucking toes.

    Tired Of Bad Choices

    In college I was arrested and convicted of distributing marijuana to minors, college kids, because I sold five grams to an undercover officer. I was given five years. My lawyer got me out after two years on probation. I lived in a halfway house for nine months and was released but had to live in the county until my probation was complete. Five years, three lesbian horror stories, a hundred thousand in legal fees, housing, and general support by my parents. They had to take out a mortgage loan. I completed an online degree in Sociology, and guess I grew up.

    After my probation was complete I moved back to the East Coast and became a lesbian call girl with my then partner. The money was good, the clients were generally wealthy, but I never saved any money. I broke up with my partner and tried getting work. A man gave me a job working in a furniture store. He liked me and he took me home with him. It was my fist straight relationship and it lasted several months.

    I live with a man in Breckenridge Colorado. He owns several rental units and I help him manage them. I am also his at home girlfriend. He isn't a catch, but he is nice to me and I like living with him. I like the way he treats me. I am not proud of my life, I am basically a live in girlfriend for sex and housekeeping and I get paid a small salary to help him with his rental business. He is a 57 year old man.

    I turned 30 last week. I am a lesbian but that has only resulted in bad decisions, bad relationships, prison, prostitution, I know I can't go straight but I can live straight. Maybe I could marry a man and have a family.

    More About It

    I just read the entry 46875 and agree entirely with what she said about mother and son sex being quite common. There is a moral denial of this, and of course there are laws to be considered, so this does greatly serve to suppress the actual figures and the truth.
    I know that personally I would never admit to having sex with my own son, although this is something that we have been doing and enjoying for years. Intimacy between a mother and son is certainly nothing new, and yes, in recent years it has become far more widespread and therefore common. I know there are those out there who will say, where are the numbers to prove this? Well, who really cares about proving it? Maybe they should be asked, where the numbers to prove that it is not so?

    Bi-Polar Crazy, But..Hot Body

    I have a cute, hot, petite blonde FWB who I get together with every so often. Problem is, she's also a raging, stumbling, embarrassing alcoholic, who starts drinking before I even arrive to take her out for dinner, an appetizer, etc. It happens every time without fail. If we go out, she will either be cut off at one drink because they'll see the condition she's in, or, if I know the staff or bartender, they'll tell me "Get her to ease up, or get her out of here before we have to kick her out".

    Thing is, too, that she has a fit, petite, hot as hell body, great, shapely ass, and is very fuck-doll sexy. The pure guy part of me can't ignore that. We started up a little bit at her apartment last night even though I knew she'd had a few at home, and I was getting hard just handling her body and kissing her. I wanted to throw her down as she did her makeup and shook her tight little ass in a short sundress that really highlighted her body. My brain goes from "Careful tonight, she's already half in the bag", to "Look at that ass..I'm going to fuck the hell out of her", which I usually do anyway.

    I've had to carry her out of places too many times, and go back, embarrassed, apologizing and adding more cash to my already high from guilt, tip. I know the deal with her and it hasn't changed. She's a raging drunk, bi-polar, embarrasses me around people I know, and I shouldn't spend any time with her. BUT..That body is just so hot, she's great in bed, and she's so easy to fuck, that I give in too often. I've never seen a woman wear dresses or sundresses like she does, perfectly tight and accenting her every curve. I can look at her and get hard. Even knowing she's nuts.

  • Hot Older Sister's Long Nails..

    I've been obsessed with, and share a huge fetish for my hot older sister's killer long nails for years. It's our thing, and we both enjoy how fun and sexual it is. She uses them on me, digs in, draws a hint of blood, and I eat, lick, and munch on her nails and fingers, which she loves. When she does them fire-engine or deep, blood RED, I can't control myself with her, so, she picks and chooses special occasions to do them that sexy. She knows it drives me and all men crazy.

    Last weekend was a family gathering, and I hadn't seen her in about a month, so, texted her, at first jokingly, the night before "Can I get RED tomorrow? Hot, Summer, Fire-Engine RED?", thinking she wouldn't do it, as she's been busy. She'd polish them for me, yes, but the hot RED took her time to do, since she did the color, then top coat for protection. She texted back "Do you miss me? If you do, then..I'll break out the fire-engine, fuck-me RED. Just. For. You". I replied yes, absolutely, and was forced to wait until the next day to see if she'd follow through.

    I get to the gathering, and she greets me out front, giving me a hug and our usual, quick-lip, full kiss that often went longer than a greeting. Hiding her hands from me at first, she went up the back of my shirt, dug her nails in, and asked "Guess What?". I knew, before seeing. She'd done the red for me.

    I rarely left her side all day, always touching, feeling, tasting, and licking her nails, more obsessed than ever with them and her. The main bathroom was occupied, so she went to the extra one in the finished basement. I followed and went in with her. She was laughing, saying what if someone comes down and hears us in here, but, I'd already been having a her nails and body and had her against the sink counter. I guess that got her going, because she lashed and dug those nails into my back, shoulders, and chest until little drips of blood were beading up, as red as her nails were. I didn't want to stop, and it took her and us minutes before we did. The only thing getting us to stop and me to let her go was that we were gone long enough that people would start wondering where she, I, or us went, and would start calling out our names or knocking on doors.

    Even later, as things started to wind down and I was helping her ..(continue confession)

    Home Invasion

    Me and my girlfriend Bayley bought our dream house right after getting married at just 23 years old. Our families had connections so we got amazing paying jobs right out of college. We had only been dating for 2 years before we got married. We hooked up after a college party and we fell for each other. Funny thing is as most college girls bayley had gotten around a lot in her 1st 2 years of college. It didn’t bother me because after all she did choose me in the end but I did always get a little concern she thought my cock was too small with it only being just under 5 inches. She never said anything so I figured it was just me being stupid. Now to the night of the break in, it was 2 am and I went to go get a glass of water from the kitchen. When I walked in the kitchen I suddenly saw a man in my house looking through my stuff. I yelled at him to get out of here but he just sprinted at me and tackled me. I have no idea what happened to my security system but it had not gone off. I’m a prideful guy and am in good shape from working out 4 times a week but I had no chance against this guy, he best the shit out of me. He probably would have killed me if it weren’t for my wife running into the kitchen to see what was going on. Of course my wife sleeps in a thong and a t-shirt every night so that’s all she had on when the intruder took notice. He completely forgot about me and ran after my screaming wife who tried retreating to the bedroom. I chased after them and right before she made it to the bedroom the man grabbed her and through her into the wall and she Laid on the ground crying in fear. I ran in to make the heroic save but was caught immediately my a hard right hook that led to my head hitting the wall and me going out cold. Now this is where I become very embarrassed in my cowardness but for some reason turned on? I was not out long and when I woke up I was in the hall just outside of my open bedroom door. I couldn’t see in from where I was but I could hear everything. I heard some gurgling and gagging followed by the man yelling “ya you like that you whore, and don’t think about biting down or I will kill you and your pussy husband” I realized my wife was being ..(continue confession)

    Friends Mom

    My best friend growing up lived next door. His mom and my mom were friends from the time I was little. His mom was and still is smoking. She was the mom we all had the hots for. In the summer of 2014, right before football camp started, I saw she was on Snapchat. She shared pictures with a group of us. A few weeks later being horny and stupid I made a fake account to try to catfish her. It was really dumb but to my defense I never expected her to actually fall for it. I sent her messages acting like I was sending them to someone else. She responded once and asked me about what I was asking.

    I explained that I must have the wrong person then talked about how I was trying to ask a new friend about sexting. We talked for about three hours and before we finished I sent her a couple of dick pics and she sent me a picture of herself in her bikini top. It was amazing but I thought that was it.

    A couple weeks later, laying in bed, she sent me a snap chat. We talked then switched over to KIK. She was bored and pretty much told me all about herself. Her sex life before she got married, sex life after. I started feeling bad but she was really enjoying having a 'stranger" to talk to. We talked for 18 months and never shared a photo of our faces or discussed my age exactly. She thought I was a college student in my early twenties and it was clear she was a 40 year old married woman.

    One night when she was drinking she sent me a picture of her bare tits. She started sending more and more. She got me to make videos of myself jerking off for her to watch. She loved watching me cum. She finally took the big step and sent me a video of herself masturbating. I watched her make herself cum over and over. She sexted with me all the time. I had to be careful because I would be with friends trying to watch her without them seeing. She would do whatever I wanted and send me the videos.

    She started to drop hints about wanting to meet. For real. There was no way I could do this she would hate me. The fact was I was in love with her. I would see her in person and she'd be friendly then an hour later she'd be telling me how to make myself cum on KIK.

    I didn't know what to do so ..(continue confession)

    Let Me Grow Up

    I am fed up with my 'boss'. I am tired of being spoken over, told time and again I don't know what I am saying. I am not an empty headed person, I think, not just feel. I am also not his to treat me like he has total say in my life. I am in college, and I appreciate that he is paying my tuition and books. This semester I decided not to attend, to work full time. Next semester I will have to see if we can go to class.

    What he doesn't know is that I don't disagree with him, I just hate that he sees me as a empty headed person. I have worked for him since I turned 16, I got good grades, I don't drink, smoke or get high. One day I will get married, bring a baby home, vote, pay taxes, I will not go crazy or let myself be influenced by psychos. If he needs me in his old age I will take care of him, he takes care of me, I am only asking him to let me grow up.

    Moms And Sons

    I know that there has been some ongoing debate on here about how common mother and son sex is, and I would have to say that it is quite common. It’s just not the type of thing that discussed especially, but I would say that probably around forty per cent of divorced mothers have had sex with their sons from what I know, and from just general knowledge between divorced moms.
    I think people who say otherwise are just in a kind of moralistic denial of reality.