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Mrs. Rosen Was My Sex Ed Teacher,

Growing up in a small house with three sisters, my mother took in ironing, our father was a postman, we were poor 'but didn't know it'. One woman who brought her husband's shirts to be ironed insisted that I do it, she liked how I left the collars and shirt cuffs. One day she asked my mother if I could help her after school with the laundry, she had five boys and the jeans and gym clothes were getting too much for her. My mother sent me in a menstrual pad in case any boy got strange ideas.

I became real close to Mrs. Rosen, I learned they were Jewish, her husband owned the Savings and Loan in Town. She told me all about their holidays, and that all her boys were circumcised? Nothing better than a pretty pipi, she couldn't understand how gentile women wanted a filthy man getting her pregnant. Remember, I was fourteen. She showed me how to bake, of course she had a double oven. How to make beds, the way they did in the army. All her boys had their own bed, we slept in one bed in the children's bedroom. Good thing there weren't any pipis, right Andy? She called me Andy, my name is Andrea.

I presume you've had your period? It's the sign you're a woman. No pipis, you'll get pregnant. One day she told me she wanted me to know something. She showed me the towel she put under her older boy to sleep on. That's his seed. Boys will be boys, we're lucky we are girls, Do you think one day you will like a pipi? It drives you crazy how you want it, then you end up with five kids. Look at your mother, four girls. I couldn't sleep at night knowing the boy is already out there who's going to 'fuck' them. You do know about fucking?

Mrs. Rosen was my sex ed teacher, and what I learned I taught my sisters. I did what I was told and waited until after high school to let 'some' sob fuck me.

  • Boyfriend Got Fixed

    I had been on birth control since I was 16. It’s never bothered me. I took the pill for years before getting an IUD. My IUD is due to be changed this year but unexpectedly my boyfriend offered to get a vasectomy.

    I straight up told him he doesn’t have to alter his reproductive system for me or any women. But he insisted saying he rest her get it done at 34 rather than at 44. So he made an appointment. Before anyone asks we plan to adopt eventually after getting married.

    It was back in February when he got snipped. Quick procedure. Was also my first time seeing him in a jockstrap. Pretty sexy i think lol but im sure his balls were very sore and aching.

    After a week he switched to tighty whities and went back to work. He was lucky that he could wait a week to go back to work. We stocked up on frozen peas to ice his balls.

    After two weeks he was ready to have sex again. Since I still had an IUD there was no need for condoms. We pretty much went straight back into our sex routine. We have sex just about every day. High sex drives here. And on days we didn’t have sex I gave him bjs. We needed to drain his pipes of swimmers so cumming as much as possible was needed.

    Two weeks ago my boyfriend went to the doctors office to provide his sample. As a nurse myself I couldn’t help but get turned in by the idea of him masturbating in an office to cum in a cup. I 100 percent couldn’t work in a doctors office knowing that. My panties would be constantly soaked.

    After getting his results back and seeing that he was all clear he told me to get my IUD removed. I know a gynecologist at work so I asked him about it. Surprisingly he told me it’s quick and easy and told me to swing by his office at the end of the day. Didn’t expect to get it removed so soon and to be honest I hadn’t shaved my pussy in a few weeks so I was kinda hesitant at first to have my pussy be seen by a coworker. But he removed the IUD.

    I let things rest for three days before having sex. It’s very weird letting my boyfriend cum in me with no birth control but it feels so good not having to worry.

    New Toy

    Over the years my husband has brought home new toys for us to try. Recently, he asked if I would be open to a surprise. I said sure! About a week later he came home with a 9” black rubber dildo.

    This dildo was huge. I was worried it may not be useful - so big! This dildo was black, which would be something new for me as well.

    That night he asked me to try it out. I made sure I was super wet and worked it in inch by inch. Fuck, it stretched me out and it felt amazing. At one point he ‘helped’. He pushed with the suction cup end and he hit ‘my spot’ and I nearly came. He knew how deep I could take it and he just kept pounding on me. The contrast of white lips around that chocolate brown dildo was mesmerizing for me. He fucked me silly on an off for the entire night with that toy. In the morning I rode it for almost another hour.

    So here I sit, a huge chocolate brown dildo hanging from my pussy and all I want is the real thing. I have pummeled myself almost every morning since this toy arrived and I just need the real thing now.

    Now what? My husband has said he is open to me finding the real thing, but what if I enjoy it too much? Such turmoil!

  • Some Of Us Are Mommies, Wives, Dependents. With Higher Education.

    After college in my first year working I met Daddy Warbucks. And his need for a 'little girl'. I sold out, the house, the car, the security. It came with a price, children to fill his house's empty bedrooms. The only role is being dependent, mommy, homemaker. It turns out that I'm a 'dependent' a 'pleaser' a 'Daddy's girl'. Call me mommy, and I come running.

    Great Revenge

    My good friend of many years called me up and we met up for drinks. He seemed bothered and asked if I could help him move in a few weeks. I asked if Stacy and him were buying a new house. He said not exactly and filled me in. Apparently she has been fooling around on him and he found out. His wife is a good looking nurse blond hair blue eyes big fake tits and a really fat ass. Problem is that she the nicest person. He told me that he had been using some app to find her location and it was a lot of tech talk to be honest but he had broken into her phone and found a bunch of shit on it. He was pist so on Saturday he and her went out and he played it cool. He text me and asked me to meet him at his phase for a get together. I headed there and when I got there it was he and his wife and myself. She apparently had a few to many and could barely put a sentence together.
    When I walked in he was pouring another shot and had walked over to her and gave it to her. She accepted it took the shot and was headed to grab a white claw. My buddy looked at me and said I’m getting even. Apparently the guy that she was cheating with was a bit jealous. He grabbed her phone unlocked it and let me read through the text messages. I saw a few nudes tits ass shit she would send over. Lots of love you and can’t wait until we are together I don’t want to share you type shit. As Stacy staggered into the room my buddy had 2 more shots ready for her. She took the first one the second one sat there with a dazed look he stood up and pulled her top down and let one of her tits hang out. She had on some legging and he came from behind and pulled her leggings off.i got the hint stood up and proceeded to pull and twist her nipples. With in minutes we where spit roasting her. My buddy had his camera out and phone as did I. We took pictures videos of Stacy. At one point I was buried deep in her ass with her yelling she was going to cum. We took turns fucking each hole. To be honest her ass felt really good. With it a mess i took it out and shoved it down her throat. Through all this she was a willing participant. On out last load we both dropped it on her face. She had cum in her hair face chin. It was a messy facial. At the same time we where using her phone to send her friend pictures and video clips. My friend sent the last picture of her caked in cum with the text that read can’t wait to be with you and feel you kisses on my lips. They where barley visible as they had all kinds of shit on them.
    I spent the night and the next morning was a doozy. I sat through her admitting her cheating and we sat through the phone call with her Other man sounded like he was crying to be honest. She said she was hung over sore and scared. We threw the video on the tv showing her how much she liked it. My buddy kept her for about a year and would let me come over and fuck her. When he finally divorced her I let her move in with me. She had no job or any skills. Besides sucking dick and fucking I let her pay me rent with her ass. It’s a good setup I have at home willing and ready pussy. My buddy got what I was doing and is ok with the situation. He has told me a few times dont merry her. Just use her up she is a cheater. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  • Found Out Why

    Was at a disco club in the 1970s. I could never make out in those places if I had $100 bills sticking out of all pockets. I spot this Latina goddess and we started dancing. Shaking her stunning ass and pumping in and out.

    She leaves with another guy and me with a twitching dick.

    I was 20 years old at the time and used to use my brothers drivers license to get into these clubs. I decided to leave and as I was walking to my car this older gray guy Says leaving so soon? I Answer yes I can’t make the broads and the drinks are too high.

    He goes on to say hi have some crown royal in the car would you like a drink. I said sure why not. We’re drinking really getting toasted and he’s telling me about his world conquest blah blah blah and comes out and says have you ever had a guy suck your dick. Me being naïve answer some of my friends did and they enjoyed it but to answer your questions no. At that he starts rubbing my cock. I let him because I was really hot down there. Then he says let’s get in the backseat there’s more room He had one of the big Chryslers and we got back there he starts playing with my rock hard dick. Telling me how beautiful it was. And me thinking come on put it in your mouth. Then I told him go on Suck it as I couldn’t take any more playing. He then sucked the head out of the foreskin swallowing the pre-cum before burring it in his mouth. I told him to wait as I wanted it to last longer. We both looked at it and it was jumping and then he continued. Not being able to take it anymore I grabbed his head and pumped furiously first I could feel the cum explode and then the feeling which had to be the best as I was just used to jerking off all the time. We just sat there talking about the experience and around a half hour or so later I told him to do it again. This time I gave him a good long mouth fucking. I wanted to find him again but never did. I did find other queers but that wasn’t really my game and I switched over to women which I really enjoy giving cunnilingus.

    Tried Bi Sex

    So back when Craigslist was a thing I decided to try sex with another man. I was mostly curious having played with a few other boys when I was in my teens. I was in my late 30s at the time. So I was looking at the ads and found a guy about 30 minutes from my workplace. I could come and go as I pleased in the job so after a few back and forth messages I went to his place at lunchtime.

    When I got there he opened the door and all he had on was his bathrobe. It was untied so I could see his cock right away and I instantly got hard. It was awkward at first but we went to his couch and he took off his robe as I undressed. He had a beautiful cock about as big as mine 7 inches and thick uncut. He started stroking and I climbed on top of him in a 69. We sucked each other for a few minutes and I moved down to his ass hole and started licking it. It was so hot to eat his ass. He got on knees and put his ass up in the air. I must have made him really horny because he started moaning . I put my tongue up his hole. I was hard as a rock. He reached back and gave me a tube of lube. I rubbed it all over my rock hard cock. I put the head of at against his hole and pushed the head in. Holy fuck it was tight. I fucking loved it. Took a few minutes but I got my cock all the way in and started fucking his ass. He was moaning and jerking the whole time. I might have lasted 5 minutes. I told him I was cumming and could I cum in his ass? He said yeah I want your cum. That’s all it took and I had the best orgasm of my life. I shot a huge load up his ass.

    When I was done my cocked slipped out and he turned around and started sucking my cock. I got hard again. It was surreal. He was jacking his hard cock and after a minute or two he shot his load. Porn is one thing but seeing a real man’s cock shoot cum while he was sucking me was so much hotter. I didn’t cum again cause I wasn’t a teenager anymore lol. I quickly got dressed and thanked him. Never saw him again. I’ve jacked off to that memory a thousand times since then.

    Much Older Man

    In truth, I have always had a high sexual desire. In truth, I have never had a monogamous relationship. In truth, I have always wanted more.

    A few years ago I met Rob. Rob is a 57 year old man. He is highly successful, charming, well spoken, financially stable and sexy as fuck. Of note, he has children close to my age. He also fucks me like nobody’s business. When we met, I was 24 and he was 52. I was a server at a higher end restaurant while transitioning to my current career as an accountant. He charmed me from moment one. I knew almost immediately that if he wanted in my pants that I would say yes.

    As the dinner wore on, the flirting intensified and eventually he gave me his phone number. At this point, that high sexual desire was right on the edge of ramping up. After work, from the parking lot, I texted him, thinking it was safer than calling. He texted me back immediately. Some small chat and an invite led to me going to his house. Once at his house, small chat turned into kissing on his couch. Maybe fifteen minutes later, we went to his bedroom. We got undressed and his cock just hung there, almost taunting me to touch it. I reached for it and instinctively dropped to my knees. He was fucking hung. Thick, long and a big mushroom head. I took what I could in my mouth and started to suck. My pussy submitted fully and started to soak herself.

    He gestures for me to climb into the bed, where he proceeds to lick my pussy and ass. He owned that oral. He enjoyed it. He wanted to please me.

    He then stands up, pulls me to the edge of the bed and slides his cock on my clit. His head almost made me cum. He then grabs my legs, hooks them to his shoulders and drives his cock deep into my pussy. A few pumps later, while looking into each other’s eyes, I came. It literally took less than one minute for him to make me cum. That night, this man took all of me.

    To this day, this man is that only man who fucks me. We have a relationship but we really are not a couple. We are more than friends with benefits. He is not a sugar daddy, although when we do go out he pays. He is very generous with g*fts (holidays and birthdays) and never expects anything back - I always do though. The age gap basically prevents anything more. In truth, we have a good thing and my pussy has never been more satisfied.

    My Stepsister Gave Me My First Full Frontal View

    Curious of how a girl looked naked I drilled a hole in my stepsisters bathroom. I could climb into the attic and look down at her in the shower. I wasn't caught until my parents remodeled her bathroom and they found the hole behind the light fixture in the shower.

    After the blow up my step sister called me a pervert, but if I wanted to see a naked girl why didn't I ask her. She not only stripped naked, she gave me an anatomy lesson, both front and back. I was thirteen and she was going away to college. It was a lesson that fueled my masturbation for a long time.

  • Making New Friends

    All this happened after a road accident. I was driving to see my friend for Christmas, from college it was seven hours, and a car crossed the center line and sideswiped me. Broken hip, femur, internal injuries which required abdominal surgery. Far from anywhere. The nurses were nice, competent, small town feel. Adopted me really. The doctors, surgeon, orthopedist, all nice, competent. But I was lonely.

    My folks lived overseas, retired. I did have a college health policy. To be released I needed someone to take care of me. The wound, mobility. Again my folks couldn't take care of me. Worry yes. So I was in the hospital.

    One nurse, Helen, offered to take me home. She was single, 32, caring. A little plump, blonde, blue eyes. She set me up in the living room, on the couch, to make it easier moving around. Bathroom was difficult, I couldn't balance myself, I needed help. She was competent, knew just how to lift me and set me down. A sponge bath. While she was bathing me at her house she mentioned in passing that she was a lesbian, and if it bothered me.

    She cooked and left lunch for me, she sponge bathed me at night, helped me to the toilet in the morning and when she got home. A diaper while she was gone.

    Oh, the sponge baths, she changed my hospital gown, laid me on a towel, and spent her sweet time. She looked at me in the eyes while she bathed my breasts, between my legs, and took her time. When she took me to the toilet, I stood and held myself up leaning on the counter and she washed my butt. Day in and day out. When I had appointments drive to see the surgeon, xrays of my hip and femur, home again. Dinner, and then a long sponge bath, naked on the towel.

    I liked lying naked while she bathed me. She spent time on my breasts, and washed me gently between the legs. As I got better, she massaged me into an orgasm. As I got better she sucked on my nipples. As I got better she breathed on my pussy, before giving me long kisses.

    I was there for twelve weeks, the last four weeks I slept in her bed. She put some music on and danced in front of me as she took her clothes off. She spent time with her breasts before spending time with her pussy, before spending time with my breasts and my pussy.

    When I was well enough to travel she drove me to school.

    I'll be spending the summer with her. I'm going to switch majors, go into nursing even if it costs me two years.