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I Accidentally Creampied And Nearly Impregnated My Girlfriend

So my girlfriend and I are both 18 and in our last year of high school. We met a few years ago as sophomores but we gradually raised it to a romantic relationship. She's very tall, a little taller than I am. She has a nice body, but more importantly, she's kind. I'm not a very handsome or tall guy, but I think I look at least decent. My penis is a bit smaller than average being a little more than 6 inches, but my girlfriend acts like it's the biggest thing in the world. Anyway, you're here for the juicy stuff right? This took place when we were having sex for the first time and things got a lot more hectic than either of us intended. Enjoy!

One day, my girlfriend invited me over to her place because her parents were gone and she wanted some company. We met and just did some normal friendly stuff but then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. She told me she wanted to have sex with me and it took me a few minutes before saying yes. Neither of us had any protection so she asked me if I could pull out. I warned her that I wasn't really sure but I would try my best.

We started fucking slowly at first but then I had the feeling I was about to cum. I did remember to pull out but my body wasn't as fast as my brain. I didn't pull out fast enough and the head of my penis was stuck inside her as I started ejaculating. I just couldn't gather the energy to pull out as I was shooting millions and millions of sperm into her vagina. I had not masturbated for the whole week so I was very scared because now a week's worth of cum was inside my unprotected girlfriend. I actually started to cry a lot and apologizing but she actually didn't seem upset. She was smiling and told me it was fine. She said me I couldn't pull out on time because my cock was just soooo big.

So after that, we drove quickly to get Plan B and she took it. Now a few weeks later, she's not showing any pregnancy symptoms so I guess we're in the clear, free to continue sexually exploring our bodies (with safety, of course). This was a very difficult confession to write about because while it sounds hot and sexy, it also taught me a serious lesson.

  • Bible Lessons From A Pastor's Wife

    Hi honies! I'm a pastor's wife and I have a thing for younger cock.

    A couple of years ago a family which attended my husband's church noticed that their foster-son was quite bored during services. He would fall asleep, draw on his arms, stare out the window - just anything to zone out.

    They asked my husband if he could give him private Bible lessons to help. My husband didn’t have the time but I did. With joy I started giving him Bible lessons about three times a week at our home. He paid attention enough, but I noticed he was also often looking down my blouse (I don't need to wear a bra).

    A first I pretended that I had noticed nothing and let him enjoy the view of my mommy boobies. A few lessons later I asked if he wanted to touch my breasts. He was startled for be caught. I asked again and he nodded meekly. I took off my blouse and shook my tits. His eyes grew as large as saucers.

    With sparkling eyes I reached out to him and put his hands on my breasts. I moaned when spontaneously started to knead my knockers. He asked if he might lick them. I said yes, and greedily he licked and sucked my mommy boobies.

    I asked him if he ever had a girlfriend. He said no. I said that I wanted to be his girlfriend of sorts, and started to rub his crotch through his pants. He grew rock-hard fast and came even quicker, blowing a huge load into his pants and shirt.

    Embarrassedly he just stood there, thinking I would get angry. To his great relief. I thanked him for his g*ft of love cream. Our hungry mouths found each other and we kissed passionately.

    Breaking off our kiss, I told him that we needed to do something about those dirty clothes of his. Humming very seductively, I took my time to strip him completely naked. Then I kicked out my shoes and ordered him take off my skirt and panties. Musically and lovingly I laughed at his nervous and clumsy attempts to put up an experienced lover act by trying pull the two of them down together in a single yank, which I found very endearing.

    After various pulls I could finally step ot of my skirts and panties, and the both of us were totally naked. For what seemed an eternity we devoured each other with our eyes, complimenting each other: I laudeed his young, lean and smooth teenage physique, he praised my mature, voluptuous and motherly body.

    Again I touched his, this time naked, young pleasure pole and started to stroke it. His cock was still moist from the load had blown in his pants, and I liked its wet and slippery feeling against my hand. A little while latter his dick erupted like a volcano, spraying my breasts, belly and c**t with his teenage love juices.

    With a telltale look in my eyes I licked my lips and gazed at my belly. First he had no clue what I wanted. Soon enough the penny dropped, but he was reluctant. I told him that would be the way to my heart and into my c**t. He hesitated, and then with roar he started licking me clean. Eagerly he worked his way down, lapping up every drop of his cum until he went fully down on me, while kneading and caressing my buttocks with his teen hands. I moaned and groaned before bursting into an orgasm, squirting my pussy juices into his face.

    Lovingly I raised him up, telling him that he had done great. We kissed long and passionately, enjoying the mixed taste of his cum and my pussy juices on our tongues, before I licked his face clean. Then I sat him down on a chair and went on my knees.

    First I licked his young dick clean. Then I pressed a kiss on his cockhead before tenderly swirling my tongue around it. I tickeled and cupped his brewing balls and enjoyed the feel of the bubbling of an upcoming load of seed. (That is one of the things I that I like about teen boys, the speed with which they get hard (again) and produce cum.)

    Enjoying the sound of his ever louder moans, I licked his cock up and down before pressing warm, wet kisses on his inner thighs and stroking his legs. Smiling from ear to ear I licked his balls and a little while later I took those cream marbles of his into my mouth. First sucking them gently and then harder and harder, while simultaneously stroking his cock and inner thighs. Happily I noticed that this time he lasted a lot longer.

    When I felt that he was to cum fairly shortly, I quickly took his young manhood completely into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue and gently scr****g my teeth along the length of its underside as she let most of it slide back out. I sucked on the head with light pressure and then I slid her lips along the sensitive length of the shaft taking it back into my mouth. I covered his cock with her mouth, closed her lips about it tightly and licked his cockhead all about. Overwhelmed by my exquisite treatment he exploded like a Icelandic geyser, erupting into a massive violent orgasm, spewing various spurts of cum deep into her mouth. I laughed and swallowed his whole love load.

    To my tremendous delight I noticed that he was still rock-hard. Tenderly I pulled him out of the chair and onto the floor where I took him into my invitingly outstrched arms. Gently he instintively laid himself down on me. His rigid cock pressed hard into my belly. He gasped as I grabbed his young manhood and placed it between my puffy c**tlips. I smiled with my eyes closed as Ifelt his virgin teenage cock sliding slowly and gracefully into me as I continued to take him into me until he was deeply embedded in my c**t, his dickhead pressing against my womb and his balls lying on my asscheeks. His young hardness in my mature wetness. What a feeling!

    Looking deep into his eyes I told him that since this was his first time he for the moment need not think about my pleasure, but just pound away. Also, that he should not be afraid to hurt me because I can take it and simply fuck me as hard as he could. And so he did!

    My sweet boy didn't waste time satisfying my wishes. He began to pump his cock in and out of my tight c**t. I moaned with pleasure and clenched his manhood with my c**t muscles. My pussy clasped his cock and pulled his foreskin back so his sensitive cockhead would be rubbed intensely by my c**t walls as he thrust it deep into me. I clenched his cock securely with my c**t to draw his foreskin over his cockhead as he withdrew on the backstroke.

    My legs wrapped around his waist and I locked my feet together, shouting "Fuck me harder…Fuck me harder" at the top of my lungs. He quickened his pace and his balls slapped hard on my asscheeks as he thrust his teenage cock deep into my pink motherly pussy. I rolled my hips as I fucked and the sensations nearly drove my young lover mad. Squeezing my legs around his waist I thrust upwards to meet his thrusts with her own.

    This horny teen of mine was in a wild delirium as I fucked his brains out with my tight pussy compressing around his cock as if to strangle it. I moaned and felt herself hurtling toward another orgasm from the wonderful cock fucking her. Suddenly, he grunted a deep guttural sound, his cock stiffened as he drove it as deep as he could. He started shaking violently, stuttered, cried out my name, and then he exploded. His warm thick white frothy cum spewed out of his cock to splash against my c**t walls.

    I too, erupted in orgasm as she felt the warm teenage cum bathe my inner c**t. I felt my walls tighten as I nearly passed out in pleasure from one of the most powerful orgasms in my life. started convulsing violently. Watched in loving awe by my young lover, I stiffened, screamed and shuddered, shaking uncontrollably in climax once again. I spewed and squirted my c**t nectar each time I spasmed with an orgasm, drenching his cock and balls with my pussy juices.

    It seemed never-ending, wave after ..(continue confession)

    She Got Used To It

    My wife is 29 and hot as can be. Great body, beautiful face, absolutely perfect. She is also a perfect fuck slave. She loves to be degraded and humiliated. I started making her go out with buttplugs up her ass regularly. It was hard for her to stand up first, then to walk around without looking like she had something stuck up her ass. She got used to it and liked it.

    Now she can take a 3" thick buttplug up her ass and walk around like there is nothing different about her. I make her wear short skirts without panties, and we go to stores and other public places and she bends over to look at things on low shelves and lets men and women look and see the plug in her ass. She has one in her all the time now when I'm not fucking her. Last night in her short skirt, no panties, we went to a restaurant and the whole time through drinks and dinner she had that fat plug in her ass. Without panties the skirt is so short she is sitting on her bare bottom and pussy, the seat pushing that big thing into her. I can look over and watch her as she is subtly grinding in her chair. I asked and she said it wasn't uncomfortable, she was doing it to feel it better.

    My wife is a buttplugged, anal slut for me.

  • BF And Gangbangs

    I was 15 when my boyfriend first had sex with me. He was my first. He was the first in my mouth, then so I couldn't get pregnant first in my butt when I was 14, and at 15 I let him be the first between my legs. He was 18 and within a few months had his own apartment. My mom knew we were having sex and put me on the pill, and I'd stay over a lot at his place. It was at his urging that I started letting his friends have sex with me. I was pretty chubby and wanted to keep him as a boyfriend. A teen girl, not real pretty, and a bit fat, wasn't that popular so I had a boyfriend and vowed to keep him. Soon he had me over for the weekend, and I got naked as we usually did when together. Then others came in, I wanted to get dressed but he wouldn't let me. Soon there were 11 other guys there and he took me in the spare room and tied me to the bed. My arms were at each post, and my legs pulled back and tied to the same post, I was spread and open.

    They all came in mostly one at a time, sometimes 2 or 3, and took turns in my mouth, my pussy, and later my butt. Some came inside me, others came on my hair down there, yet others on my boobs, on my face, and in the hair on my head. After he let me go he told me not to clean up, a lot of guys were still there, and I smoked a joint and had a couple of drinks. I had cum all over me, guys were laughing and poking at my boobs, my big butt and talking where they'd fucked and where they shot their cum. I had it running down my legs from both holes down there. I got fucked 4 more times on the floor in the living room while everyone was there drinking. I know I was fucked over 25 times through the night, don't know how many guys but in one night I went from having only the guy who took my virginity to being a slut. Lots of guys took pictures.

    They all were gone by 2am, I took a shower, cleaned up and cleaned out as best I could and went to bed with my boyfriend. He wanted sex but I was too sore, he did it anyway. That evening it happened all over again with a different group of guys, and a few repeats. He told me as he was doing anal to me that night that I'd had 25 different guys plus him. I was so sore, everywhere, all places for sex were used too much and too hard. He wrote things on my body during that last night. It gets him excited, so I let him. I just don't want anyone at home seeing what he wrote. I couldn't take that. I don't know how to tell him not to have sex, or not to have a gangbang again, I am too sore.

    I took that shit for a year, after having let over 60 guys fuck me, me suck them, buttfuck me, I finally left him. I'm alone now, but I'm not being used by guys as a hole to cum in anymore.

    New Chapter

    I took early retirement a couple yrs ago at 63 and moved to a quite seniors apartment building. Being a divorced guy I had not dated women for several years and wondered if I was done with that .I had increasingly found online dating frustrating and the women selfish and expecting a lot in terms of being wined and dined with little reward in return.

    As soon as I moved in this sixtyish plump blonde made a beeline for me and regularly invited me over for coffees and dinners. She made it clear she would have sex if I was the right man as she had been married twice. So she asked many questions to the point I got tired of it and broke it off. Too much effort and little reward I thought.

    A short time after that this slim late 60's gent started paying me attention and inviting me over for coffees .At first I politely declined as I pegged him as gay and even though I had a couple casual homosexual encounters in the past when some gay guy blew me when I was between girlfriends I was hesitant to go there in my building.

    Floyd was gently persistent however and eventually persuaded me to drop by his place one afternoon. I had not had sex in awhile and I guess susceptible to a man's advances. Sure enough after a coffee or two he suggested some oral satisfaction and I allowed him to give me a nice blowjob. It was really enjoyable better than most any female blowjob I had ever had. I started visiting him regularly and he happily orally serviced me. His mustache tickled my cock a bit but made it feel even sexier as he went down on me.

    One night when I slept over I watched Floyd jack his cut cock over himself after he had polished me off. I found myself looking at his cock closely for the first time and liking what I saw. In the morning I went down on him after asking him if he would like me to return the favor. I had never sucked a cock before but his average size cock fit in my mouth fairly easily and I enjoyed how his dick stiffened in my mouth. For a 67 yr old man Floyd came pretty easily and soon blew his creamy load down my throat which I swallowed as I was so horny sucking him I felt the desire to taste him. After this I began sleeping over more and more and we engaged in mutual oral. Sucking his cock regularly loosened up my inhibitions even more and we began kissing a lot and cuddling in bed more and more. I started realizing I enjoyed gay sex and affection with him much more now than I ever did before. He begged me to fuck him one night and I obliged fucking him hard doggy style until I blew deep inside of him. I now fuck him often as well. The plump blonde saw us recently smoking cigarettes in the garden in front and has put two and two together smirking at me in the hallway. I don't really care now that she knows that Floyd and I are lovers. He satisfies me more sexually than I am sure she ever would have.

  • Leading A Guy On Before We Got Together

    So basically me and my boyfriend have been dating for a good while now and it’s been great. I’m 23 and I’m a slim bodied girl with big boobs and a perky bum. Before we got together I had gone a few dates with him and he was completely exclusively seeing me, nobody else. We never said anything about being exclusive but I never rubbed it in his face. And I’d imagine if he found out what I’m about to tell you, he’d have never gone out with me in the first place.
    So rewind back to when I met him first. Was pretty how I meet most boys. Was in a club and he offered me a drink, I thought he was really nice and hot too and we exchanged numbers. We got texting and we met up outside and had dinner and that. I kinda like him and he definitely liked me. He really went all out to make me feel appreciated, he’d always text me and was there for me if I was down but at this point we were more so friends. We hadn’t even kissed.
    One week we were talking and he said something about heading abroad for a month for work. I promised him we’d keep talking while he was away and made plans to meet up when he came back. So that was that for a while. I thought to myself that he must really like me but we weren’t together so it was a little intense for me and I was kinda glad he was away.
    He was gone for a week at this point and myself and my friends headed out clubbing as we usually did. I was dressed extremely sexy and was really feeling good. The night raged on and we were having a great time. That was when a guy kept making eye contact with me and checking me out. He made his way over and we danced together for a bit. He offered me a drink and we got chatting at a table nearby. He was really hot and I could tell he had only one thing on his mind.
    I wasn’t really in the mood but I still thought he was hot so we exchanged Snapchat names.
    We danced for a little bit more and eventually the time came to leave the club. I stayed with him for a while and then regrouped with my friends. I had unopened messages from the guy that was away on work but I ignored him cos he was too much. I had a few days off so I was staying in my friends college accommodation for a while. We went back to hers and all roommates were still up and were also drunk. She lived with 8 people in total, so there was a full house when we walked in. They all knew me and were really good fun. There were 5 girls and 3 lads who lived there.
    We got into the living room and the party continued long into the early hours of the morning. There were people in the house that didn’t even live there and that I had never even seen before but it was still so much fun. 2 of them were definitely only just after turning 18 and I was just 22. But I was so drunk that I became their best friends. One of them invited me outside the back garden for a smoke so I joined him. He was about the same height as me and he looked so young. I’d say he was just out of school. We were at the side of the house and it was pitch black but enough that we could see each other perfectly. When I’m drunk I get extremely flirtatious and horny and I was definitely flirting with this guy.
    There was a lot of tension and it was immediately intensified when we started kissing. It gradually went from kissing gently to aggressively making out and biting each other on the neck. I let him put his hands under my dress to play with my tits. He was kissing me while he and one hand on my tits and the other with two fingers in my pussy.
    I had a hand down his trousers playing with his balls.
    He jeans fell to the floor as I pulled my panties down. He lifted me up and pinned me against a wall and wriggled his dick around until it slid into me. He was holding me up all while fucking me as hard as he could. After about 5 minutes of straight sex he pulled out and was completely wore out. I got onto my knees and started sucking his dick. I sucked him so hard that he busted within 30 seconds straight into my mouth. We got ourselves back in shape and we exchanged Snapchat’s and he had his year of birth in his name which made him 18. Oh well. We went back inside and nobody even questioned us so we resumed drinking. Eventually I had passed out and woke up on a couch. The next morning I got a lift back home, got a shower and had a good sleep. I got talking to the guy I was dating once I woke up and we FaceTimed. He was asking about the night before and I told him all the stories bar one obviously.
    As we were talking I got a Snapchat off the 18 year old from the night before and it was a pic of him with my panties captioned “think you forgot these”.
    I told him to keep em and he replied “gladly”. He then had to hang up and go back to work so I lay in bed. About 25 minutes go by and I get a Snapchat off an account I didn’t recognise. I immediately remembered once I opened it who it was. It was the guy I met in the club. He asked if I was up to anything and I said no but I was hungry. He offered to pick me up and go to a drive thru so I got some nice clothes on and went with him. I wore gym leggings with no underwear and a gym bra with a hoodie.
    He was really nice and drove a nice car, we got food and decided to go for a drive. We drove for about 20 minutes and got to the top of a hill that overlooked the town. It was beautiful and I was really attracted to this guy. He was laying the moves on me but being respectful at the same time. I removed my hoodie and decided to be more forward with him. I pretended that I caught him looking at my boobs and was nice about it. Then I said he could touch them. He was shocked and when I removed my bra he was in awe. I mounted him in the driver seat and we started making out. Within 2 minutes I could feel how hard his dick was. He was grabbing my ass and squeezing my tits so I decided to pull his trousers down and pull my leggings off. He was so big and veiny and clean shaved. I started rubbing my pussy on his cock and I got so wet. He then pushed it lower slowly and I lowered myself onto it. It was tight but it slid in perfectly. We fucked in cowgirl and he was moaning so loud. It was definitely one of the biggest dicks I ever had in me and my pussy was getting sore. He grabbed my ass with both hands and fucked me really hard and fast. The car was rocking and it felt incredible. It was so good that we both weren’t being careful enough. Without realising, he had cum while still inside me. When I pulled myself off him it all dropped out of me onto the car seat.
    (Thankfully I didn’t get pregnant).
    I cleaned myself up and we sat for a bit and then drove me home. I was wore out so immediately passed out in bed. A few days roll by and the guy I’d been dating returned home early and we met up and for some reason we still hadn’t kissed even after the date. But we talked a lot about what we were both up to for the past while. Little did he know that as we were texting and getting along great for days and weeks after, two guys that had fucked the soul out of me recently were still getting nudes from me and I was being such a slut. Up until the week we became a couple, there were four guys I was sensing nudes to. 3 of them I was nude on FaceTime ..(continue confession)

    The Devil Made Me Do It

    On my way to college I pulled off the freeway to get gas and a bite at a McDonalds. Sitting on the side of the parking lot was a kid with a sign begging for food. Certainly I was on a budget but 3 bucks I could spare. I asked him to follow me and tell me what he wanted and he told me he couldn't go inside. It was then that I boycotted McDonalds and asked him if he wanted to eat at Denny's across the street.

    We took a booth, he disappeared into the bathroom for quite a while. When he came back we ordered the grand slam. He ate it all, mopping the last bits up a biscuit we ordered. He was hungry, had run away from home back in Alabama and had dreams of California. I wasn't going that far, but I was headed west and he agreed to a ride as far as Amarillo where I turned south for Lubbock.

    He slept for a good two hours. Awake we talked. He offered, I didn't ask to pay his way. I asked how, he didn't have ant money. He answered without hesitation, I could fuck him. Keep in mind that 1977 wasn't a time where you thought of just fucking some guy, not when there were girls in college to fuck. Quickly he followed up, how about a blowjob? And he leaned over the bench seat in my pickup, got my dick out of my pants and gave me the blowjob of my life, up till then, going 60 miles an hour. I came, not a bit, a lot, emptied my balls and he laughed.

    We got to Amarillo later that afternoon, I rented a room at a motel. He spent a long time in the shower, washed his hair and clothes. Naked he laid on the bed and I went for his freshly washed dick. I sucked him. He held my dick in his hand, got me hard and he offered up his ass. We used spit, he told me he could take it. His ass was tight, and once inside it was a struggle getting in balls deep. The climax, when I came was out of this world. He took it, sighed as I pulled out. He had paid his bill. We sucked and fucked again that night after getting some pizza for dinner.

    He was my first, I had never done a guy. Leaving him at a gas station on the highway gave me feelings I had not felt since we had given our dog away. I finished college before I fucked a guy again, a kid at a park where I ran. I got scared with the HIV explosion and didn't fuck a guy again until I agreed to a male prostitute in NY during a conference. This time, lubed and condom were in order, he took his business seriously. Lately I've been fucking an IT kid, he rents in the same apartment building where I live.

    My Most Unexpected Life

    I was a senior biology major in 1984. I met a PhD candidate from Oaxaca Mexico thru my professor. He exuded that Mexican macho vibe and he fucked me to death that night, owning me in a way I never imagined. I married him right after graduation in order to move to Mexico with him. We lived with his parents while our house was built.

    Six months later we moved into our house, the downer was that I was not yet pregnant. My husband's grandmother stepped in an hired a fertility woman. I got the baths, the rubs, the diet, but after several months no progress. It was then that a young woman, 16, was brought to my home. The idea was that another fertile young female in my house would excite me into becoming receptive. If not, my husband would still have the chance for a son with the young woman, girl to me.

    This is where culture goes sideways. She was a girl from a good family, but in dire financial circumstances. As a concubine she had room and board, school and the chance of being first to deliver and produce a son for my husband. He took her, destroyed her, by the time he was done her eyes saw no other man, she was pregnant and she was a Daddy's girl, sleeping in his arms. I cried. I was a family failure, nothing worked, I wasn't pregnant and a 16 year old had shown me up.

    Her pregnancy was my responsibility, as was her schooling. If I couldn't come up with a son, then my surrogate, his concubine, was mine to nurture and take care of. Being young myself, heart broken and barren I through myself into caring for my surrogate. If it wasn't for me to have children then I would love her and the children she would bring into my home. She responded, she glowed in her pregnancy, she loved my husband as only a young girl can, she took to me as her mother-sister. And no matter how we went to bed, who went first, who he took into his arms, she woke up deep in his arms.

    She bore a son, and with the help of the midwife, she delivered her son into my hands. I laid her son on her breast. Caring for her and her infant consumed me. And I got pregnant. Convincing once again the tried and proven fertility myths that surrounded me. I bore a daughter, good but not a son. She bore a second son, and I bore a second daughter. If ever a decision to bring her to my, by then our, house the boys proved them right.

    Time only proved everyone right, I never quite became a Mexican wife, I never bore a son, three daughters but no son. Not the life I imagined.

    Hotel Pickup

    I stopped off at a hotel for a drink after a bad day at the office. Sitting there a guy started talking and asked me what I did. I grumpily told him I did what women hanging around hotel bars usually did although I wasn’t working then.
    He smiled and asked how much I charged. I said 250 but again not working as I didn’t have my “things”. He paused and then did would I go bare for 500.
    I said wait here and went to the toilet. I was excited this guy wanted to buy me and thought why not he’s cute. I took off my panties (not a matching set that day) and went back out. Lets go I said.

  • This Pain Has To Stop - Looking For A New Bright Path

    I am a shy single woman and I am not working at all and I just have not been able to find a man ever. I crave sexual pleasure and watch a lot of porn and I enjoy it but it is hard to say how different real good sex is compared to porn or what I have experienced in real life like assault that was not pleasurable or fulfilling and not a beautiful thing. I like to appreciate the body and its a beautiful thing like sex is. Why feel shame for wanting to have sex expression because were I live its literally like sex is only for the pushy nasty people and not for the nice good people. Like I am so fed up with it. I used to be beautiful and I never got sex then anyway. I had literally 3 nights of cruel gross as shit sex by a scanky dirty old big violent man when I was a virgin and I wanted a young single man with ties to wife or kids and man who looked better then him and acted better then him. I wanted someone who would treat me better as well. I just nothing to compare it to and I would love to have a great genuine romantic sexual experience rather then the bullshit sex and violence. That is too hurtful and not somewhere I ever wanted to go.

    My old neighbor wanted to marry me and r**e me and that was shocking to me to think what dumb people are thinking. Nothing stops the hurt of young men my own age shutting me out and wondering why I was not good enough. Then you see so many ugly awful bad people getting all the sex and money and it makes you sick to see it and for once I want the good stuff to happen to me. I just wanted a sweet normal natural romance and wedding. What the cops is wrong with that?