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Wife's Cousins Par Two

From my lying position, even with her cardigan on I could see her pussy under the hem of her night-dress. My cock started reacting straight away as I studied the vee of her light hairs and lips. I took full advantage and sat up at the last possible moment and took the mug off her thanking her and studied her cute arse as she returned to the kitchen. I took a few sips before trying to settle down again.
I could hear Rachel in the kitchen getting herself ready for collage I guessed. Suddenly to my shock, I heard her swear, I had never heard a bad word come from her mouth before. A moment later she came into the bedroom wearing a skimpy blouse and those jean with that white belt. She was also holding the left side of her head.
She had caught her necklace in her hair and asked if I could help her. I sat up straight away. Rachel slid onto the bed next to me and leaned over me kneeling. Her top flopped loosely forward and I could see down and saw her small tits. That made my already twitching cock swell even more.
My fingers started to untangle her hair. My cock began to stiffen and rise. It was springing out the gap in my shorts and I moved a leg up to hide it but only succeeded in making it worse. It was there right by the edge of the duvet now and the head popped up. My fingers worked quicker in my panic. I hoped she could not see it. But she had. As soon as I released her, her head went straight down on it and she took the head into her mouth and started sucking.
A moment later she pulled the duvet down and her tiny hand was wrapped around my cock and sucking more into her mouth. I groaned niceties telling her that was good as she bobbed down my shaft. I leaned forwards putting a hand between her legs exploring her jeans and pulling the zipper down. My fingers struggled with her belt. Rachel stopped for a moment and undone her belt pushing her jeans and knickers down enough for my hand to get there.
She went straight back to sucking on my cock. My fingers explored her young c**t. Her soft pubic hair felt good on my fingers and her small slit. I strummed gently pushing a finger in making her groan slightly and I found her clit and thumbed it sending her wild.
Her pussy dampened as I pushed a finger inside her and pumped delicately, she whimpered and shook, and her pussy flooded. I kept going working my fingers around her squelching inners. She faltered on my cock as my fingers brought on another gush of wetness. She grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her, she looked at me bending herself up. “You can Fuck me if you want, I am not a virgin.”
Yes, of course I do I thought as I keenly slipped out of bed and knelt behind her. She looked round as she amused position on all fours, “Go easy with me you look very big.” I promised I would look after her and holding my cock in one hand parted her arse cheeks with the other and pushed my erection against her lips.
She groaned as I eased into her tightness. In slowly spreading her open. One of my hands wondered up her blouse and I squeezed on her small breasts slowly inching into her pussy. I eased back pushing in deeper making Rachel moan each time. With both hands on her breasts now, I stabbed my cock into her tight pussy. She groans and I felt her pussy flood yet again, that encouraged me to increase pace and give her every inch.
I am fucking her hard, her pussy is dripping with her juices and I am quickly getting the urge. I slow slightly but I am still banging into her hard. It is coming. I slow even more and keeping pumping a second too long. A stream of cum squirts into her inners as I pull out. More squirts over her mound and arse. Rachel shuffles off the bed and pulls her underwear and jeans on.
She rezips and re-belts before looking at me, “We should not have done that, but I am glad we did.” We said no more about it and she left for collage twenty minutes later. I felt good and bad at the same time. Still what was done was done. I went about my day as normally as possible and thought nothing more of it.
I was a little more than concerned when Rachel did not come back that evening. Nor the Saturday. In case there were some awkward questions I did not want to mention it to my wife, guilt I suppose. She did not mention anything, and the weekend slipped away uneventful. That Monday morning, I just happened to be in the bedroom tidying up when I heard a car screech off outside.
I looked out through the window and saw Debbie. She was wearing a bomber jacket over her black tee-shirt and jeans and behind her was Sharon, wearing a summer dress. My heart thumped rapidly, and my mind raced as they descended the steps. Had they come to challenge me, had Rachel told them something, was that why she had not been here the last few days.
Trying to remain natural and innocent, I opened the front door. Debbie smiled straight away as did Sharon. I smiled back, they did not seem angry, so everything was okay or was it. They had come to collect Rachels stuff. Now I was worried. Mark was coming back at one to pick them up. I invited them in of course and accepted my offer of hot drinks went through to the kitchen. The two girls sorted out Rachels duvet and pillow and bag of clothes placing them close to the arched doorway ready.
Debbie and Sharon both sat on kitchen stools explaining the house was finished early so they could go home. Rachel apparently had spent the weekend on a planned trip with some friends from collage. Well that explained all that then. I could relax for the moment. Debbie was her usual flirty self and Sharon was genuinely happy, smiley, and talkative.
I sat on a stool opposite them and realised I could just see under Sharons dress. I discreetly checked out her underwear. I kept taking discreet looks and Sharon caught me looking, she kept talking to Debbie and at the same time spread her thighs a little giving me a view of her pubic mound underneath her knickers and pussy lips outlined in the materiel.
I flirted at Sharon who surprised me by flirting back. It seemed more than just a little tease or that’s what I thought, and she appeared to be discreetly checking me out. I did not mind, made me feel good and Debbie was also checking me out and I had thoughts of having a threesome, knowing it was unlikely, but my cock began to swell
Then a horn sounded outside. Sharons face changed to one of unhappy and annoyed, “Mark.” She said looking at her watch, “It is only quarter too.” A second longer blast created rapid movement, “We better go.” Sharon said, “He’s still in a foul mood.”
Debbie slipped off the tool and collected Rachels duvet and headed for the door. Sharon slid forwards on the stool and as she did so, the back of her dress snagged and caused it to slide the hem up. I eyed Sharons pussy again. She smiled and followed Debbie. I too followed picking up Rachels pillow and followed Sharon. My cock was rock hard.

Debbie went straight out the front door that swung back closed. Sharon stumbled and dropped Rachels bag. She took a step back and bent down to pick it up. I was a pace behind her and slammed into her knocking her forwards. In that same moment I dropped the pillow and gabbed at Sharons hips pulling her back to stop her head hitting the front door.
Sharon made a small noise and remained bent over. She looked round at me with a strange expression on her face. I looked at her wondering what was wrong. She pushed her arse back. It was then I realised my hands were still on her hips and my bulge was right between her legs. I apologised and released her taking a step back. She stood upright saying, “It felt nice.”
I did not miss the opportunity to banter. “Be nicer inside you.”
“That is naughty,” She laughed starting to open the front door.
“Would be very ..(continue confession)

Wife's Cousins Par One.

I have made this in story format. These are true events as I remember them and about thirty years ago.

Rachel and Debbie were cousins of my wife and their sister in law Sharon had married the brother Mark. Rachel was the youngest, she like her sister, was slim and petit and had the facial features that reminded me of singer Kim Wilde. She was shy, softly spoken and didn’t say much. She was of school age when I first met her but even so, I checked her out when I could get away with it.

Debbie on the hand was very outspoken, older by three years and again was slim and petit and an inch taller than her sister at five feet two or three. She was pretty and wore glasses that made her appealing in a strange way. She was also very flirty around me but remained discreet with it. She made it obvious she was interested but it went no further, and I think she was just being a tease.

Sharon was two years older than Debbie. She had been with Mark since school and been together ever since. She was hot, very attractive in her looks and turned many a guys head. She was always bubbly and smiley and seemed happy in life. More recently that had changed, she was not her usual self, noticeably quiet and a little distant and she wore a put-on smile. My wife told me her and Mark were having a few problems.

We had been summoned for an urgent meeting, something had happened, and they needed our help. We arrived and found the house in disarray. We were ushered into the small lounge and I found a spare chair at the table. Rachel took orders for tea and coffee and still looked about thirteen wearing a cartoon character sweater. She was also wearing blue jeans with a white belt that for some reason got me excited and she had her short brown hair up. We exchanged brief smiles and I checked her out as she disappeared into the kitchen.

Then Debbie came into the room. She spotted me and we said our hellos. She was also wearing jeans and jumper. She went into the kitchen and started helping Rachel with the brews. Rachel started to bring the drinks in. She looked so innocent and sweet and I found myself scanning her body as she made a couple of trips.

I was having dirty thoughts wondering what it would be like fucking her seventeen-year-old pussy as she came out the kitchen followed by Debbie. I scanned between her legs and licked my lips then looked up realising she was walking towards me. I found myself flirting with her and noticed her face was going red. She shyly smiled and handed me a mug and as she drew close, I was certain there was an arousal aroma about her.

Debbie sat on the floor on a bean bag opposite me looking at me and her sister. That’s when two more people came in from the kitchen and obviously had come in from the back yard. Mark and Sharon, both looking unhappy. Sharon stood next too, but just behind Mark. I looked at her, she was gorgeous, short black bob style hair, pure round sexy face. She was wearing her bank assistants’ uniform of white blouse and blue blazer and skirt. She looked hot. Our eyes met briefly, and I deliberately flirted to make her feel good as it was obvious, she needed some cheering up. She half smiled then looked away.

The parents started to explain that one weekend the main water tank had burst in the loft and caused thousands of pounds worth of damage to the girls bedroom and seeped down through part of the ceilings into the front room and there was a lot of water damage.

My attention was drawn by Debbie, I had felt her eyes on me. I looked across at her, she was sitting with her knees under her chin and hugging them. She relaxed her arms and parted her knees a little. She looked at me flirting and spreading her legs more. Each time I looked in her direct she spread her legs.

I kept eye contact as she looked around the room as if to see if anybody was watching. Debbie looked at my crotch then down at hers and thrusted indicating the sexual act. I looked at her a little shocked. Did she indicate she wanted sex with me? Or just teasing. Well I thought, if she were teasing that’s fine but if she were serious, I would fuck her brains out given the opportunity. Play her at her own game.

I kept eye contact with her and smoothed down my trousers so she could she my semi erect bulge. Her eyes scanned down, and she noticed it straight away. She looked up her face thrilled. Our eyes questioning each other, she nodded, and I nodded in agreement. She looked away smiling as if triumphant and closed her legs with a hand between them and obviously touching herself.

Sharon must have seen something. She kept flicking her between me and Debbie. She had a strange look on her face. Debbie stood and made the excuse she had some work stuff to do and left the room. As soon as Debbie left the room, I caught Sharons eye. We held our gaze, I licked my lips and thrusted at her too. She seemed genuinely surprised. Her mouth twitched and she smiled in acknowledgement and seemed a little happier.

Temporary work had made the house usable but now rectification work needed to be started and it meant putting a lot of stuff into storage for a couple of weeks. It also meant a shortage of living space and the parents were going on a planned holiday. Could we take some stuff into storage and put up one of the girls for a couple of weeks? Yes, we could.

My cock twitched as I had dirty thoughts. Under normal circumstances if she were serious, it would be difficult to get the opportunity to fuck Debbie, but now, Debbie was going to get her twenty-year-old pussy pounded as often as she wanted and in my flat. Those thoughts were dashed when it was decided Rachel was coming. It was closer to collage and Debbie was going to Mark and Sharon’s as it was more convenient. Debbie not staying was probably best anyway.

We lived in the basement flat. Had its own access and front door. Nothing special, two main rooms front and back. A long parallel hallway that ran front to back with the kitchen next to the front room and the toilet and bathroom at the rear. There was a back door that led to an enclosed small yard and shed that used to be the old outside toilet.

We put Rachel in the living room, she slept on the sofa and was quite happy with the arrangement. I worked permanent evening shifts and hardly saw her. I used to get home around two in the morning, and she be gone by the time I woke up. Did not know she was there really.

It had been just over a week now. It was Friday morning in fact. I stirred hearing the alarm, I turned over and hit the snooze button. A second swipe failed to stop it five minutes later. I woke and realised the bedroom door was open and the alarm was a distant one. My wife had already left for work by the empty space next to me and I sleepily cursed her.

Bright sunlight shone through the gap in the already light-coloured curtains and along with pressure now on my bladder disturbed any chance of getting back to sleep. I slipped out of bed and made my way out into the hallway and headed for the toilet. I had forgotten Rachel was here. As I went into the kitchen, she came out the doorless front room wearing her night-dress that just about covered her dignity.

I checked the small lumps on her chest and our eyes met briefly. Her face was of surprise and she gave me a little grin as I passed her and went straight on down into the toilet. It was not until I reached the toilet that I realised my morning wood was proudly sticking out the gap in my boxer shorts. Too late to worry now if she had seen it, and by the look on her face she probably had.

I made sure it was back to being sulky before coming back out. Rachel had slipped a cardigan on and asked ..(continue confession)

While His Girlfriend Was Getting Ready Downstairs...

When I was a 20 year old student in Liverpool a few years ago, I had a brief but hot affair with my sexy neighbour. He was about 10 years older than I was and lived in the flat below with his long term girlfriend. We only met because he came up to my flat one night to ask me to turn my music down. He was handsome, muscular and clearly checking me out, which I loved. I gave him my number so he could just text me if the music was too loud in future, rather than coming upstairs, but pretty soon we were sending each other flirty messages and teasing each other. I knew he wanted me and it wasn't long before things came to a head and he snuck up to my flat one Saturday afternoon. Within minutes he had me naked and bent over my sofa as he fucked me from behind. After weeks of sexual tension, it was amazing, and made extra exciting by the fact that his girlfriend was in their flat, just a few feet below us, with no idea that her boyfriend's huge dick was inside me as he told me how much sexier I was than her. He came all over my back before eating out my pussy and arse until I had my own, mind blowing, orgasm. For the next couple of months we had lots of dirty, illicit sex whenever he could sneak away from his girlfriend, who as far as I know never found out about us. It only ended when I moved out of the flat. I suppose I should feel guilty but I to be honest, it was one of the most fun sexual experiences of my life. They're now married with kids.

  • Sissy Life

    I've grown into a weak looking guy, feminine and honestly a bit too short compared to most guys. I was mistaken for a girl so many times growing up. I had become insecure about my chances of dating any girl and then 2 years ago i met a man. He was strong, handsome and smart. He was willing to hang out with me and i saw in him a very good friend. But i was jealous of him. He could get any girl he wanted.. but at some point he started treating me more like a girl. Like he wanted me. And things led to another and i ended up turning gay for him
    "Let your inner woman come out, sweetheart" he said. It hit a trigger in my mind. Maybe i should have been a girl. Maybe i want to act like a girl. I look too feminine to be called a man. I discovered he was into traps or whatever it is. And he was my first ever person i'd dated. We had sex a lot and plenty of good times. Now i am starting to embrace my true self. I am happy to be a woman and i get such love and attention from guys. I did not think that was possible
    Discovering myself was the best thing that happened

    A Bit Confused, I Could Use Some Help Right Now

    From my junior year in high school until I graduated from college I only had sexual relations with other girls. But once I went to work and was surrounded by men I gave into a man's advances.

    Can you be lesbian and have sex with a man? Can you be lesbian and outgrow it?

    I feel I am lesbian but right now I am totally taken by this man.

    Boys Who Dress As Girls

    i still don't quite know what it is about looking at a truly beautiful girl, long hair, lipstick, breasts, flat tummy,nice bum, sexy lingerie and long smooth legs and then seeing that bulge in the panties or maybe the outline of a cock through the lace. whatever it is (and i do love it) , i became very obsessed at about 15 and when i got the chance would spend entire days edging and watching tgirl videos. my favourites were convincing transexuals, with small natural or hormonal breasts and a small penis that gets hard when she submits to a man. i like to watch men dominate them but not in a nasty way. i like the girls to act and dress in a very feminine, even slutty way and to be very submissive. i like girls with hard little dicks who love being fucked hard by real alpha males.
    i had a profile on various shemale sites and several forums where people would comment on videos. i would correspond with some of the others and after a couple of years of this, one of the men asked me if i was going to the tranny weekender in manchester a few miles away. i said i wasn't but i had been thinking about this and i decided to go on my own and check it out. if it looked like the kind of thing i would be recognised or filmed at i would just get out of there.
    it was a revelation. there were some frightening looking old drag queens about but there were also a good number of stunning natural looking 'girls' and my obsession hit new heights as my mouth went dry and i couldn't take my eyes off the way they moved. there's just something about the way that they almost carry it off and then just maybe a gesture or walk is slightly too exaggerated that gives them away and makes me love how much they want to be girls.
    i had a few drinks and loosened up a bit and ended up talking to two of the more obvious, older, not my type trannies at the bar where i was amazed to find i could get served with alcohol (i definitely didn't look my age and i wasn't eighteen yet). We were joined by a guy in his early forties who i recognised from profile pictures as the guy from the website. i found he was ok and told him who i was. he was delighted, got the drinks in and introduced me to some of the girls who made a fuss over how young and cute i was, much to my mingled embarrassment and enjoyment.
    when i left he pressed a pair of lacy panties into my hand and said one of the girls i had been talking to had been wearing them. as i left he told me in a jokey way that i should put them on when i got home and jerk off into them. i just laughed but within 30 seconds i knew that that was exactly what i would do.
    i started to do that regularly and got a total boner just from pulling them on , although i really loved to let it ease off and then look at the slight bump through the lace that my little cock and balls made before rubbing myself through the panties until i came.
    my friend from the website asked me if i had done this and i told him that i had not. he kept teasing me about it and then one night when my parents were out and i'd had a few drinks i told him that i was wearing them at that moment in front of the computer. he told me to jerk off into them right now.
    i'd already crossed a few lines but i knew that by doing this i was becoming something else entirely. i did it though and it got me very hot at the time and whenever i thought about it afterwards. he had me do this a few times but i think he knew that i would soon want more and he wasn't wrong
    shortly afterwards he told me he had a couple of 'girls' coming over to his house, one was a girl from the weekender and that i should come over and hang out with them. i was really up for it and my imagination kept going in all directions as to what would happen.
    when i got there the two 'girls' had arrived. they dressed female full time although as i arrived they were transitioning into full slut hair, make up and sexy outfits. they were both in their late 20s and i couldn't believe my luck. shelley, the one i'd already met kept telling me what a cutey i was and giving me a squeeze or two. the taller one, who had long, dark hair and small, natural looking boobs was talking to me as she was doing her make up and i started to get very hard thinking about getting it on with her. she was doing her eyes and talking to me through the mirror, eye to eye when she said 'i believe you can't get enough of Shelley's panties, baby'
    i blushed scarlet but she just smiled. 'well i'm in no place to criticise' she said 'i'd love to see you in them though, i'll bet you look really hot'
    it was at that moment that it dawned on me with a sickening feeling in my stomach that i hadn;t been asked over to enjoy the girls. the sole purpose had been to get me to dress. he'd brought them over just to tempt me into it.
    it was only a few moments more before i realised that the sickening feeling was excitement. i strongly wanted pete out of the way but i was aching for this hot pair to make me up like them and dress me as a girl.
    they were very good and didn't overdo it. though not naturally very hairy, i had my legs, arms and body very attentively shaved. Shelley did my hair. subtly making a few cuts that could be brushed into a very feminine look but also brushed out again. by now i was loving this, especially as pete stayed out of the way and let the girls work their magic. again the word 'subtle' crossed my mind as they did my eyebrows and a very little make-up. i was concentrating on my lips as the lipstick went on but immediately afterwards i caught a look of the whole of my face and hair at once and i felt dizzy as a flustered, excited, young and i have to say very beautiful girl stared back at me.
    the girls, of which i was now one, were cooing over how sexy i was and how well their work was turning out.
    it's all about the clothes though babe, they said and brought out a bag with a huge amount of every kind of women's clothes. they seemed to have it worked out already though and produced some cream coloured hold-up stockings which they helped me into. at this point my briefs came off. i'm usually embarrassed in front of other people because it's quite small but i think i'd sort of gone past that. i did blush again slightly as the taller girl said quite feelingly that she wished she had a little cute one like that, but i could tell she really meant it so for once i felt quite good about it.
    the matching panties were very lacy and stretchy. although i have a slim figure my bum is big enough that it filled them out and they firmly cupped the outline of my little package partially visible through the holes in the lace. this was topped off with a sort of bra come bikini top that was perfect in not making me look like just a boy in a bra. i had a moment as i gazed at myself appreciatively to reflect that i was exactly what i would want to jerk off over if i was at home. perhaps i had finally found out why.
    shelley produced a check patterned micro-skirt and i was squeezed carefully into this. it was ever so slightly too short and she remarked 'Good. He loves to see just a hint of a nice bum below the hemline'
    it took a second for the meaning to register but then of course it was obvious. what else was i here for, only now instead of wanting him to stay out of the way i was really longing for him to look at this lovely, hot teenage woman and tell me how sexy i was
    i had blushed again though and the taller girl saw ..(continue confession)

    A Twist Of Fate

    Back when I finished college I got an entry level job at a mid sized company. My first assignment was to mirror a girl in the accounting department to learn coding and vendors. I had met this guy at the mall and he was set to pick me up after work to go out.

    I was waiting at the door when the owner walked up and asked what I was doing. I told him I was waiting, that the guy was late but I was sure he would be there. Well being a father of girls he told me that being late was disrespect and a sure sign of someone I would do well to brush off. And he stayed there making small talk. The guy showed up 45 minutes late, the owner disliked him on site, turned to me and told me I couldn't go with him. No can go. He told the guy to leave and never to bother me again.

    Well, the guy did bother me, I went to the owner's office and told him he was bothering me. Well being a father of daughters he told me that from now on he would get someone to take me home and to stay off the bus. He also gave me whistle, and sent a guy from purchasing to buy me a pepper spray and told him he was to drive me to and from work.

    In one week I went from the new girl to the owner's pet. I was invited to his home for Thanksgiving, he had five daughters, plus me. One by one the daughters married, each husband to be had to pass the test. I was no different, my husband had to pass the test. He gave me away, my birth father chose to not participate and gave me the same wedding g*ft he gave his daughters as a wedding g*ft. A paid for house.

    Christmas we celebrate at his home, all the daughters including me and the 'grandkids'. I am the only 'girl' who decided to work with him in the business. Only the old timers know I am not a birth daughter.


    back when I was 16 I let a married guy fuck me, and I sucked his dick. In return I got to fuck his fat wife. It was good pussy, I got her in her mouth, her pussy and her ass as much as I wanted. In return I was his sex partner. He fucked her a few times while I was coming around, but not often. Usually he would do it before I came over before school for my morning fuck. When he'd already fucked her and was off to work she had me lick her clean of all his sperm, then I could make it with her. Many times if he was still home, I got fucked and had to go to school with sperm in my ass. This went on for over a year.

    I met another woman in the neighborhood through them, and she was widowed and was letting me fuck her without having to be fucked by another man. She knew about the neighbor fucking me and me sucking him and didn't care. She knew it was just what a young guy had to do to get some steady pussy. Eventually; I finally got a girlfriend who let me fuck her. I kept with the widow for a couple of years and recently moved away for college, though probably will go back due to the virus and do virtual classes. IF so I have a hot widow of 48 and a chubby but very pretty girlfriend of 18 with really huge titties to fuck.

    Maybe She's In Denial

    My wife has lived the first 10 years of her adult life as a lesbian. All through college, and up until she was about 28, she had been in relationships with women.

    When I got a job at the same restaurant she was working at, we hit it off. I thought she was sexy and the mystery of a lesbian made it even better. One day, about a week after she broke up with her lesbian fiance, she asked me to go on a date.

    We went to a movie, then to a bar. After drinking for a while, I asked if she wanted to come to my house. Well she did... We fucked. Like amazing rough fucking also.

    So we made it a steady thing. We dated for about a year before we got married 4 years ago. A year into our marriage, she tells me she wants to fuck my ass with a strap on. She still had the equipment, but we went a and got a dildo.

    Now, she wants to fuck my ass every time we have sex. And that's a lot, maybe 4 or 5 times a week. I don't hate it, I've actually developed a liking to it. It just makes me wonder if she is in denial about being gay. She tells me she loves our sex life, and until I see otherwise, I'll assume its true.

    I Hooked Up With My Daughters Ex Boyfriend

    I've had this bottled up inside me for months now and I need to spill and confess and put it out there somewhere in the universe. I feel so dirty and ashamed of myself but the stress of holding it all in is unbearable so... here goes.

    I'm a 44 year old divorced mom with an 18 year old daughter. My daughter had broken up with her boyfriend Matt back in May so I was surprised when he came over our house one day in late August. He said he wanted to talk to me but once we were sitting on the couch he went on and on about how hot he thought I was. I felt flattered by his attention and I hadn't been with anyone intimately for months. I let him kiss me and fondle my breasts though my shirt but once it started it quickly got out of control. I completely gave in and let him undress me and play with me. He licked my pussy until I bucked my hips and climaxed sooo hard! I was totally lost in the lust and didn't resist when he entered me and fucked me, thrusting harder and faster until he came inside me!

    I loved giving myself to him, but after he finished I immediately thought of Katie and how crushed she would be if she ever found out. Even though they were broken up, she would have felt so betrayed. I tried to get him to leave but he wanted another turn. I was afraid Katie might come back before he left and told him so but he laughed and said it would be awesome if she caught us! I thought he was joking but when he saw how scared I was he told me if I didn't want her to find out I better be nice to him from now on! OMG what had I gotten myself into!

    I took him upstairs to my bedroom and let him have sex with me again, taking another cumshot in my pussy. He left about 20 minutes before my daughter came home and it was all I could do to act as if nothing had happened. Matt called the next morning so I had to meet him downtown and drive to a secluded spot and let him have me in the backseat of my car. I lied there naked being groped n fucked, moaning and climaxing as I surrendered but all the while fearing anyone, maybe someone I know would catch us.

    Over the next few weeks I gave Matt sex 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes at my house and sometimes in the car. I told him how scared I was that my neighbors might notice him coming over so often, so he had me meet him at his brother's apartment the next day. Matt's brother Paul was in his early 20's and had an apartment downtown. The first time I went there and walked in expecting just Matt, it was Matt and Paul both waiting for me! Over the years I'd had my share of sex but normal sex, one on one. I couldn't imagine doing anything like this but here I was, having to submit to it.

    They had me strip in front of them then they took me together, touching me everywhere, putting me on my knees n using my mouth, putting me on my back and doing me one in my pussy and one in my mouth. They switched back and forth between my 2 holes several times before Paul blew his load in me. Then Matt fucked me n came inside me. I felt like a dirty pornslut letting them share me but quivered and came multiple times.

    After that first time with the 2 of them, I had to go over to Paul's apartment 3 or 4 times a week for the rest of September so he and Matt could fuck me as much as they wanted, spending themselves mostly in my pussy and sometimes in my mouth. The 2nd weekend in October, Katie went to spend time with her dad. Matt called me and told me to go to Paul's that Friday night.

    When I arrived Matt and Paul and 3 other guys were waiting for me! I just stood there in shock at first and felt like running away. I could not imagine going through with anything so totally kinky and perverted but I knew I had no choice. Matt had 2 of his friends, 18 year olds with him and Paul had one of his friends and now I was going to have to submit to ALL of them!! They had me strip naked then they groped me and put me on my knees and took turns in my mouth and omg, they were relentless! all 5 of them all over me with their hands, taking turns fucking my mouth and my pussy 2 at a time over and over and over, for hours

    Matt and Paul and their 3 friends kept using me for sex until every one of them had 4 orgasms each, most of it pumped into my pussy and the rest in my mouth. The 3 friends finally left around 2 am and I got some sleep on the couch. Around 6 am Paul woke me up and fucked me and came in my pussy again and a little while later Matt did the same thing. By 10 am the 3 friends were back and the 5 of them passed me around and took turns on me all day long!

    A few of them fucked my ass and spanked me. My breasts were groped and squeezed and slapped. Their hard bare cocks kept entering my mouth and pussy, thrusting until more cum was released inside me. It was so surreal being used for sex so many times all weekend long. Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday until 4 in the afternoon when I was finally allowed to go back home. They must have blown more than 50 orgasms into me altogether and I submitted to all of it!

    I guess I feel like something has changed deep inside of me. It is totally embarrassing to confess this, but I have masturbated sooo many times reliving all of what I've submitted to so far. I'm still afraid of getting caught but in my whole life, I never knew sex could be so overwhelming, so electrifying. I'm conflicted with feelings of guilt and shame and fear and mindblowing lust! My daughter Katie is planning to spend this weekend with her dad. Matt has already told me to show up at Paul's apartment this coming Friday night. I'm assuming it will at least be Matt and Paul and the other 3 but I really have no idea...maybe more horny boys? As I confess all this my hands are shaking, anticipating whatever might happen in just a few short days from now, but my fear is totally overshadowed by irresistible lust!