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I Fisted Myself Haha

Okay so i’m single rn so i’m not getting much dick currently haha and masturbating is my go to as anyone else would probably do haha! I prefer my fingers because I can only cum by my clit so dildos don’t really work! I do have a couple vibrating ones that feel nice every so often but I still prefer old school! But this morning I did something new and it feels fucking good! I fisted myself out of curiosity and pure horniness. I started touching myself after reaching a few sex stories on here and I became extremely wet after I read one confession on here and it just hit me right. My bef under my ass had probably a golf ball size wet spot from it and my pussy opened wide up for anything haha! I started to finger myself slowly once rubbing my clit got old and when I stuck a few fingers in I was shocked how easily they slid in so naturally I stuck another one in and then I had three fingers inside me again it was very loose so I just said fuck it and I sat up and I put my hand in the “fisting” position with all my fingers coming to a tip and I quickly just shoved it in and it went all the way up to my right and I just kept working myself I came so hard almost instantly! After I was done and I pulled my hand out it was like covered in my slime if thats what you wanna call it haha! I kept rubbing my fingers together because it was so slippery and there was strands of my liquid slinging between each fingers like a spiderweb and that has never ever happened before! And yes for the guys going to read this! I did lick some of it off of my fingers because fuck it I taste fucking good haha!

  • I Confess Finding My Drunk BBW Sister In-law Passed Out Nude

    Are you ready for part 3 ? Check my profile for new pics and leave a comment for part 3 of my confession!

    Pimped Out

    It's funny how even in our own personal lives, history can repeat itself.
    When I was a teenager I was a hard worker, determined to buy this car I wanted so bad so I did all the kinds of jobs I could to earn my way to my dream. I mowed lawns, pulled weeds, cleaned out gutters, you name it, I did it.
    To my good fortune I met Mrs. Martin who lived a few blocks fromy house. She employed me to do her yeard work. I trimmed her hundreds of feet of hedges, mowed her lawn, and did all her landscaping. The third time I did work for her she invited me in for a cool drink while she got the money to pay me. I had me shirt off because bit was very hot that day and she says Larry, you have a beautiful body. I was embarrassed to be honest, being 16 years old and not really good with girls I just said thanks ma'am. She wasn't the most attractive woman in the world but she was tall thin and well kept. The next thing she said changed my life forever.
    Larry would you fuck am old lady like me for money?
    I was unable to answer. Looking back now it's kinda funny. I stammered , red faced not knowing how to answer. I was honestly terrified. She laughed and said, I'll give you $100 to fuck me. Yes ma'am I'd do anything for a hundred bucks!
    To make a long story short , I ultimately confessed to being a virgin, and for the next few weeks she taught me all about sex. I learned how to kiss, eat pussy, how to manually stimulate, massage, and fuck every hole she had. I fucked her three times a week every week for the next two years. Starting that fall she started hiring me out to her friends. I'd go to her house and someone new would be there. She would whisper in my ear, if you like her you can fuck her and get a hundy for that too. Now Mrs. Martin didn't paye a hundred every time I fucked her. But I did get a hundred a week every week since the first time, which was cool because it was great getting paid to fuck her brains out. I would have paid her for it actually. But now I was making at least 500 a week fucking all these other old ladies. I even fucked a really fat one a few times. I didn't really want to but Mrs. Martin said the poor girl hadn't been fucked in a decade. To be honest it was some good tight pussy. But I wouldn't eat her out, although she loved to suck my dick.

    Let's jump forward twenty years. I got divorced from my cheating psycho redhead wife at 38. I went on a few dating sites and started dating a few women. Eventually I agreed to meet an older married woman named Nancy. She was a good looking blonde who was 53 and wanted just something casual and NSA and discreet. No prob, Nancy I just got divorced and really just need sex. We meet and have a few drinks then back to my place.
    We had a great night of sex. I ate her pussy for a half an hour, she claimed that he husband never ate her pussy in 20 years of marriage. I made sure to make up for that. We fucked and then I ate her out again for another half hour or so then fucked her again. We have been fucking ever since about once or twice a week.
    However, after a couple of months when we first started she made me a proposition. She said she has lots of other friends who aren't getting what they need at home. Women who married rich men for a comfortable life. They would pay good money for my services.
    I know you won't believe this but I really don't care, I fuck 5 other older women and get $500 a pop. I wouldn't even work if I thougt I could get around the IRS.

    Yes I got that car when I was 17. My parents always bragged about what a hard worker I was. If they only knew how hard.

  • His Age Turns Me On

    I love stroking the gray hair on his balls and taint while we 69 with me on bottom.

    Straight Male For Bi & Gay Client

    I started escorting in 2011 on a website for straight escorts without much success. The good times only started when I joined the now defunct rentboys website.

    My first client was a fit married man in his 40s. I was the more nervous of the two. I arrived at his hotel room and found him in his bathrobe. He sucked my cock and when he finally got me hard enough he rolled a condom onto my cock and I fucked him. I remember thinking that his hole was incredibly tight. I finished in his mouth and we spent the rest of the hour cuddling before I left with my fee and a very generous tip.

    It was easier after that first time with a guy. I started enjoying the sex more and I even made friends with several of my regulars. We would have a meal and we would return to their hotel room for sex. I enjoyed the overnight and weekends bookings more than the quick one hour sessions. It made me feel like less of a whore.

    A number of my clients were closeted married men. Other clients included visiting businessmen, college students and athletes looking for a discreet hook up. Two of my clients were former classmates from my high school, I knew one was gay but I never suspected that the other, a cocky football player, was anything but straight.

    I was also popular with the straight but curious guys. They would all suck my cock and I would fuck every one of them. If my client was a virgin I would tongue-fuck his ass before I fucked him. I tried to make their first time memorable.

    I think that the first time I kissed a client was a month after I started escorting. I was pounding him hard and on an impulse I kissed him. It was around that time that I was more comfortable having sex with a guy. I enjoyed the kissing and cuddling as much as the sex.

    I continued having sex with men for 6 years even after I paid of my student loan because it was easy uncomplicated sex. When I resumed escorting last year, my clients were mostly the same type of guys. Some were even clients from ten years ago. I’ve even sucked a few cocks for the first time last year. I’m on PrEP because many of my regulars prefer a bareback fuck.

    My family and job commitments give me a small window to meet clients in the late evenings. My wife doesn’t know what I do but I have no regrets. I justified escorting for financial reasons but there’s also a huge thrill in having sex with men. They seem to enjoy it more than my wife. I have 8 regulars including a married coworker and I manage to fuck one maybe two a day sometimes 3 on weekends. It’s a lot harder now that I’m not in my randy 20s.

  • Surprise Encounter

    If you're looking for some bizarre, explicit or fictional erotic story then I suggest you should skip this one. This is something that's happened quite recently and has questioned how I feel about my sexual gender. I've selected 'Straight Female' and that's what I've always considered myself to be. That is until about a week or so ago. Let me try and explain.

    My boyfriend, Jack, and I were invited to a party. As with all parties we usual find ourselves in different groups. Jack, finds guys he knows to talk to and I catch up with all the latest gossip with the girls. To be honest I'm not really interested what anyone else is doing in there lives. But, I listen and show a bit of false interest.

    As time wore on I found myself talking to a girl called Amy, whom I'd never met. She was a few years younger than me but, unlike me, she oozed self confidence. She had a natural charm. Tall and slim, almost boyish, with legs I would die for. Apart from some lipstick she had no need for make up, her skin was flawless and her long blonde hair looked perfectly natural. But, here's the thing she had no pretensions. You would think someone with her looks would have a innate feeling of self-importance. But, she didn't, just the opposite, she was just a simple, easy person to talk to. Someone you would instantly like. There was, however, a wicked sense of mischief about her and during the course of the evening she poked fun, not in any nasty way, at every other female in the room. I've never laughed so much in a very long time. Perhaps, I might have had too much wine I'm not that big a drinker.

    Anyway, when it was time for Jack and I to leave I went upstairs to get our coats. When I was coming out the bedroom Amy was right in front of me. I thought she was coming for her coat so I moved to one side. As usually happens she moved the same way. So, I moved the other way and so did she. Then something really weird happened. I started to giggle a little about the mix up, too much wine, and then she kissed me. Her tongue was down my throat and her hand up my skirt. under my pants and right on the button. Before I had time to react it was all over. Amy had disappeared into the bathroom and I was stood there, like a dork, a coat over each arm.

    Now here's the real reason I'm writing this confession, it's not really a confession anyway because I haven't done anything wrong, but it turned me on. I was all over Jack when we got home. He didn't quite know what had hit him. Wet, and as horny as hell.

    Now, here's my dilemma. I found Amy's number in my coat pocket and I can't stop thinking about what happened. I'm totally in love with Jack. I could never, ever hurt him and I'd be devastated if I lost him. Yet, the thought of taking things further with Amy is a huge temptation and a terrible torment.

    What should I do??????????

    White Women With Big Fat Legs.

    White 50 to 60 year old white wqmen with those big legs. Damn! I love walking around in F lorida and and all I see is big legged mature white women.

    Meeting Tonight

    I am meeting a guy tonight for what I hope is for mutual blow jobs. He has an amazing, big cock, can’t wait to suck it and swallow his cum!

    Alex And Mary The Last Memories

    Well, here are a few last memories from our only time swinging with my boss Alex and his wife Mary back in the 1980s. My wife Karen and I spent over a year in the ‘lifestyle.’

    Alex was always horny when Karen was around. I recall staying over for the weekend and coming out of the shower to join Karen, who had showered and was getting ready in the guest bedroom. I was only gone 5 minutes, and during that time, Alex had been to the guest bedroom and fucked Karen. I walked back into the bedroom to find my lovely young wife naked on the bed with a massive cream pie seeping out of her hairy pussy. I wiped her clean and then gave her another equally enormous cream pie.

    On another occasion, we had spent the day in the lakes with Alex & Mary. On the way back in the evening, we stopped off for a meal at a country restaurant. I was driving, so I didn’t drink; however, the other three did. It was dark when we had finished, and as soon as we were in the car, Alex got Karen into the back of my car and started fucking her. Probably driven by the drink, Karen got into the fucking. This was unusual as she tended to be very subservient and submissive when Alex was fucking her. She was saying things like “Fuck me harder and faster, big man” and “ Stretch my fucking pussy out” These comments, along with many others, were highly horny to listen to. Mary was sucking my cock in the front as my wife was savagely fucked on the back seat of my car. Alex responded in the end when he came shouting, “You fucking whore, take that, you fucking cum bucket” It was a long time ago, but I’m pretty sure that’s close to what was said.

    One weekend we stayed at A & M’s on a Friday night as one of the salesmen was getting married on Saturday, and we were all attending and staying at the reception hotel. On Friday night we got a takeaway and watched a film together. As we watched the movie ‘Romancing the Stone’, Alex and Karen sat together, and despite Karen’s several objections as she wanted to watch the film, Alex had managed to get his hand down her jeans and was playing with her pussy. They ended up with my wife’s head on his lap, and he rapidly diddled with her pussy. I could see his hand quickly moving down her jeans as he violently finger fucked the mother of my child. Karen was still trying to watch the film and saying, “Alex, please later, oh you are such a bloody nuance” In the middle of the film, Alex had her jeans and panties off, bent over the coffee table with Karen still trying to watch the movie and Alex fucking the shit out of her.

    The next day was also very memorable. We all dressed up in our finery, but Karen looked incredible in a white and blue dress; she also had stockings and suspenders. Alex couldn’t keep his hands off her! Despite her and Mary’s protests, Alex had Karen’s dress up, licking her pussy and quickly fucked her doggy style as she lay over the sideboard in their hall. He finished quickly, and again despite both the ladies complaining we would be late, I then fucked my wife. So by 10:00 am, Karen had already been fucked twice by two men.

    We checked into the hotel and attended the service, which was held in the hotel. There was a delay after the service but before the reception as the photographs were taken on the hotel grounds. I noticed that Alex and Karen were again missing in action and found Alex again fucking Karen on the bed in our room. I waited until he had finished and also fucked her. Four fucks by 1 pm! Karen then sent us both away as she needed to ‘freshen' up. After the reception, there was another 2-hour delay before the evening party and disco. Both Alex and I fucked Karen, and then I went to Alex’s room and fucked Mary, who was getting upset at being left out. I enjoyed that my boss’s wife sucked my cock hard that 10 minutes earlier had been up Karen’s pussy! My wife had then been fucked six times by 6 pm.

    The evening event was great, and afterwards, we both again fucked Karen, so that was eight times by 11 pm. The last two fucks were long as both of us had empty balls! The following day I looked at Karen’s knickers from the day before. Oh, fuck, it looked like a spunk bomb had exploded and dried in them! I found this very erotic and kept them for a couple of weeks. Alex tried to fuck Karen again before we checked out at lunchtime, but Karen would have none of it as she was too sore!

  • The Office Girl

    Years ago I was the office manager in a small department store. There was a couple of full time employees working under me and four part timers. There was a three month probation period.

    Diane was about 25 and she wasn't shaping up too well, turned up late once a week and rang in sick on busy days. Anyway it was her time for review and I had pretty much decided to let her go and advertise for a replacement.

    One Friday morning it was time to do her appraisal and I arranged to have a one to one and gave instructions not to be disturbed. The other staff had realised that she was going to be let go and were in agreement.

    I sat behind my desk in the small back office and heard Diane knock on the door. She looked at me with hesitation in her uniform of striped blouse and navy pencil skirt. She closed the door and sat down. As I began to explain that her performance wasn't good enough her eyes began to tear up and she became sniffly... I stopped talking and asked her to have a few minutes to compose herself

    She told me things were bad at home, her boyfriend was treating her badly and she pretty much begged to be given more time to get her act together at work.

    I was reluctant to do that and explained why I couldn't change my mind.

    At that moment things took a weird turn... She said that she knew I looked at her in a lustful way. I hadn't even thought of her in a sexual way, she was a plain young women, flat chested and not curvy.

    She got up and came round to my side of the desk... Asking if I'd like to see what was under her blouse?

    I was saying no as she eunbuttoned her top to reveal a black lacy bra, maybe 32b. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her left breast then kissed me hard.

    By now my cock was coming to life and she was running her hand up and down the front of my suit trousers. I was praying no one came into the office. She unzipped me and knelt on the floor in front of my chair.. Taking off her top and sliding her mouth onto my hardening cock. As she sucked I could see she was playing with her nipples and softly moaning.

    I placed my hands on her head and began to fuck her mouth... Fast and hard. She was moaning and breathing hard, rubbing her teeth on my shaft... It didn't take long before I exploded, all over her face and hair.

    She quickly got dressed and tidied herself up. I gave her an extra month to get her work act together and the meeting was over