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Thinking About Blowjobs Without Semen

I want to stress that this an obsessive thought, but nothing I've actually done. I've given blowjobs to lots of guys, and find it a real turn on, but learned that I don't like cum in my mouth at all. But most guys want that, so I find myself in a dilemma. My thoughts sometimes go to prepubescent boys who are too young to ejaculate. I've occasionally seen one peeing outside, and once I saw a boy with an erection but he soon got embarrassed and hid it. I know it would be wrong to do this, but I wonder what it would be like to just suck a boy who I knew could never cum in my mouth so it could go on and on and on.

  • I Did It!

    I am a 42 year old married mother of 3. I am away in San Francisco for a conference and head home later today. I am sitting here in bed writing this and it is not my bed I am in. He is still sleeping next to me as I write this. I am naked and to be honest, very satisfied. I could blame it on drinking but I really only had two or three glasses of wine. I could blame it on my husbands lack of sexual drive but he actually wants sex more than me. No, I can only blame it on my lust and desire to experience another man.

    I met Marcus Friday night and immediately was attracted to him, which was strange as I never really have been attracted to a black man before. There was something about him. He was tall, handsome and oh so charming. He has this deep baritone voice that actually made me wet just hearing it. Nothing happened that night though if he had approached me I would have not hesitated to go to his room.

    Last night was a different story though. After our last meetings we were all in the hotel bar. He was telling stories about his life and military career charming everyone. He simply controlled the room and everyone in it. As things were winding down he just walked up to me and said. “I am ready to go now” and he took my hand and simply lead me to the elevators. I didn’t resist and I didn’t hesitate. In the elevator he looked at me and said “I can’t wait to fuck you.” I looked into is eyes and said “Neither can I”. He smiled a predatory smile and chuckled. He said “I knew you wanted me last night but I wanted you to think about it all day so you would be ready for tonight.” I was on fire! This man whom I just met was taking me to his room and I could not wait. I leaned up and kissed him in the elevator. If he had tried to take me then and there I would have let him.

    We got to his room and he told me to strip. I did not hesitate. When I was naked he had me spin and bend over. He whistled and said he loved my ass. I actually blushed and thanked him. He started to remove his clothes and when he was naked standing before me I looked over in the wall mirror. Seeing our contrasting bodies naked before each other was an experience I have no words for. He stepped forward and his very large cock was within reach so I just wrapped my hand around it marveling at its size and color. It felt heavy in my hand, it felt alive. He pushed my shoulders down and I sank to my knees in front of him. I don’t normally give my husband oral very often but I couldn’t wait to have him in my mouth. Right before I put my lips on it was the only time that I actually thought about my family. I thought to myself, here I am about to cheat on my husband for the first time ever. What would my family think if they knew or saw me like this? But then Marcus pushed forward and I opened my mouth wide and accepted his hard on with pleasure.

    The rest of the night was a blur of pleasure and actually a little pain as it took a bit to get used to his size. But once I grew accustomed to his largeness I was in heaven. We had sex three times last night. We started in missionary then switched to doggie style. That is the first time he came inside of me. My favorite of the night was riding him until he came again in me. I loved looking down and watching it disappear inside of me. We fell asleep after that but he woke me up an hour ago slipping into me from behind while we spooned. After he came inside me for a third time he fell back asleep and I decided to write this. I will have to deal his his semen on the way to the airport and pick of Plan-B as I am not on birth control and my husband had a vasectomy. There is no way I could explain a pregnancy!

    Do I regret it? Not right now. I am too satisfied. Will I later? Who really knows. I will have to think of a way to make it up to my husband without telling him anything. I will also have to find a way to avoid sex for awhile as I am sore and honestly I think a little stretched out.

    Autumn Fun

    For the past 2 years, the guy that moved in upstairs and myself have become rather good friends. We both enjoy fishing and camping so each fall, we've gotten together for a weekend up north for some relaxation. The first time we did this, I found out that he is gay. We were bedding down for the night and were chatting when the inevitable subject of sex became our main topic. He told me that he does like women but much prefers being with men. Keith flat out asked me if I had ever been with a guy sexually, to which I said no but had often thought about it. He then asked me if I was interested right now, to which I told him, not now but maybe at some point. Anyways, nothing more became of it until this past fall when we decided to take a whole week off. The first night was rather chilly and drizzling so we ended up huddled next to each other playing poker and sharing some scotch to keep warm. We were both obviously feeling pretty good when he leaned towards me and french kissed me. Our tongues snaked around one another's, while our hands explored then we got naked and slipped under one of the sleeping bags. We laid there kissing and touching for quite a while and eventually we ended up in a sixty nine. I told him I was only interested in sucking my first cock just to see if I liked it and no fucking. Bliss. No better word for it. His cock is 8" of pure bliss. Managed to somehow gobble most of him down my throat without too much gagging and loved feeling it throb while he sucked me. We both came very quickly, filling our mouths to overflowing and continued to slowly suck. Loved licking his thick shaft and sucking both of his balls, then had fun talking dirty while i slapped his cock all over my face while he did the same. This time we both squirt all over each other's faces and just laid there enjoying the cream. That week, we spent more time sucking than fishing or anything else for that matter. Am now hooked on cock. He still does want to fuck me. Maybe at some point.

  • My Addiction

    I am a straight male. I am not attracted to men, I do not want to date a man. I know there will be responses to this that say BS but it is an embarrassing fact. A few years ago I started sneaking some play time with one of my wife's toys. A small 5 inch vibrator. I really enjoyed the anal stimulation and masturbating with the vibrator in my ass gave me intense orgasm's. I started working my way up until I could take her 8 inch suction cup dildo. The feeling of being full and bouncing up and down on it was amazing. At the same time I was watching porn videos of men using toys in their ass and even videos of men being pegged by their wives. But I was too afraid to ask my wife.

    One afternoon I just felt I had to know. I took off early from work and drove to an adult bookstore not too far away. I went to the back and straight into one of the booth's. I took off my pants and applied some lube to my asshole. I played some porn and waited. Finally another person came inside the booth next to me. He stuck his hand through the hole and wanted my cock. I refused. When he retracted his hand I bent over and placed my ass against the hole. Apparently, he wasn't interested and walked out of the booth. A few minutes later another man came into the booth and I did the same thing. This guy went for it. He began pushing what I estimate to be a six inch cock inside me. The feel of a live, warm cock was better than I could have imagined. It felt great and when I felt his cock twitching and the warm cum hitting my insides. WOW! After he pulled out I stood up, grabbed my cock and started jerking. I came all over the wall in just a few seconds. I put my pants back on, walked out of the booth with my head down and got out of there.

    That was about a year ago. Ever since then I have been hooked on the real thing. I don't suck cock or even want to see the men. About once a month I would go back and get my fix. A couple of weeks ago I did something a little extreme but it was worth it. I had to stay out of town overnight for work. Instead of staying at a nice hotel I got a room at a cheap motel with outdoor access to the rooms. I posted an ad on CraigsList that gave the room # and instructions that the "door will be open, walk in, dump and go". I lubed up, bent over the side of the bed and hid my face in a pillow with the lube on the bed beside me. Finally the first man came into the room. He took the lube, opened his pants and stroked until he was ready. It felt like a nice 7 inch cock. I stayed in that position for about 3 hours and a total of 6 men fucked me. The best part was when 2 men arrived at once. One spanked my ass cheeks as the other fucked me. They took turns and while they used me my hard cock was grinding against the bed and it was too much. I actually came without touching myself!

    It is embarrassing but I am hooked!

    I Remember My First M2M

    I was in mid teens and started having sex with this much older woman. Tess was an OK looking, 62 year old with an incredible body, hairy pussy and DD titties that she loved sucked on and rubbed. She taught me everything about sex, and more than I bargained for. She brought over a few friends, one at a time to spend "naked time" with the two of us. I ended up fucking other women. She would usually send us into the guest room as her bedroom was reserved for she and I. I fucked 5 of her friends, one really fat woman who was only about 33 and one woman at 38 who was incredible in her body however; she was a butterface. The other three were older than Tess. Then she brought over a short rather chubby girl. She was only 20 i was in my mid teens, and she and I were kissing, I was feeling her tiny little boobs, and sucking on her puffy yet erect nipples. Tess left us and I was horny as hell. The girl sucked my cock and I asked to fuck. We went to the spare bedroom and the girl got dressed and under the covers right away, leaving her perky little boobs exposed. When I went down on her, there was no pussy instead a cock. she called it a clit but it was a cock. However; no balls. She'd had the surgery to help with her hormones so very little testosterone I guess.

    She told me to kiss it, since she'd sucked mine, and I didn't want to but I asked if I could fuck her after I did it. She said yes, so horny teen me, kissed the shemales cock, licked it as per her instructions, and it got pretty hard which surprised me with no balls. She pulled me up and face to face, she was already lubed and held my cock at her asshole. I pushed in and fucked her. After i was lying next to her on the bed, thinking about having just fucked a guy, and she got on top of me. Her lubed cock was hard and again no balls . . . but she pushed into me despite my trying to get her off me. She pumped me for a few minutes then grew soft and pulled out. "It's only right, after all you did it to me" she said.

    Tess came back, we were dressed in the living room and watching a movie on TV. Tess immediately asked me if I like her, i mumbled I didnt know and she asked if I fucked her. I didn't answer, the gurl piped up "My ass is sure sore from something". Tess kissed me and congratulated me then asked me if I got it in return. The gurl said I did. Tess asked if my ass hurt and I said no. The gurl left and with that tess talked about the pleasure a mans ass can give him.

    She started taking me over her knee to play and open up my asshole. She played on my prostate, and finger fucked me then would fuck me with a vibrator. As I got used to it, she'd use strapons to fuck me, then strapons that vibrated. It became part of our regular sex, and the gurl came over a few more time. Each time I fucked her and she stuck her not totally functioning cock in me and played around. Then one night alone Tess while I was bent over her knee her playing with my asshole, asked me to tell her intimately and in detail of what the gurl and I did. By this time Tess convinced me it didn't make me less manly, in fact it made me more of a man as I opened myself up to all types of pleasure. She had another friend who wanted to have sex with me. This time it was another man, a man in his 50s, married to a woman but he wanted me. She didn't tell him about the girl, only her fingers, vibes and dildoes. He wanted to take my virginity. I guess in a way it would be, first cum in my mouth and first one to cum in my butt.

    I just came back from the night with him. I got fucked by him 3 times, and sucked him off once. At the end he gave me $1000 in cash. Tess and the gurl were waiting for me. I had to tell them all the sordid details. That was a eight years ago now and I've definitely realized what pleasure a woman and a man can bring. Or anyone in between!

  • Tulip

    Some of the things written on here are more boasts than confessions and some are patently untrue, but don't get me wrong I love reading them all.
    But this is a real confession and full of regret.
    My girlfriend and I decided a few weeks ago that we should finish seeing each other. She's single, I'm married and a lot older than she is.
    I'm holding her back.
    I had a great education and run my own business. She was lazy at school not really pushed and as a result she doesn't have a great job. But she's one of the brightest and most observant people I've ever met.
    She's also sexy as fuck.
    She's tall, slim, with the most beautiful white, white skin. She has long beautiful legs, an amazing ass, and the most beautiful tulip shaped c**t, which looks absolutely perfect when she comes to see me freshly waxed. She has a fabulous neck, and when she takes off her geeky glasses, the prettiest face and the most sparkly eyes I've ever seen.

    We met online and I think fancied each other immediately. We are so different, and this has mystified and thrilled us from the start, the way we have got on being such completely different people from different backgrounds.
    The first time we met I hired a hotel day room. She arrived late and was so shy all she could say was 'this is so wrong', which of course it was but then suddenly somehow we were kissing then she was naked,and she was sucking my cock.
    The second time we met in a park near where she lives. It was a mild but cloudy day in spring. She wore a dress. We had a picnic and drank champagne (we've always drunk a lot of champagne together) and then I was fucking her from behind with my naked cock on a park bench. (I swear I'm going to have a plaque made and screw it to that bench!). We smirked at the dog walker who went past shortly after we'd finished. That was the first time I had my naked cock inside her. It felt fabulous, but not just the sensation, it was like the commitment and trust we made to each other at that moment.
    We fucked in so many places: posh hotels, rough toilets, outdoors, cars in the rain, car bonnets in the sun, balconies, Gardens,in front of mirrors in her kitchen. So many memories..
    I wish I'd cum in her mouth more often.
    I wish she'd worn stockings and suspenders more.
    I wish I'd fucked her in the ass more often.
    I wish I'd made a climax as powerfully as she made me cum
    I wish she'd woken me up with my cock in her mouth (but she's a lazy bitch in the morning)
    I wish we'd fucked in the cinema. I wish I had caned beautiful red parallel welts on her ass.
    I wish we hadn't ended.
    So many regrets, and yet I have had the best sex and the most thrilling excitement of my life.
    But she has to move on.
    We console ourselves with the thought that we would never get on. And yet...
    I'm full of guilt - my wife doesn't deserve this.
    Early on she said to me 'I'll fuck you but I don't want to relationship with you'. But (problematically) we have developed a relationship. We may only have seen each other a couple of dozen times, but we chatted online almost every morning, and I've fallen massively in love with her and now trying to get over things.
    Once she accused me of pushing, pushing myself on her. I know shes right, i did. I couldnt stop myself. But we can't control how these things go and I genuinely fell deeply in love with her. I think of her ALL the time. Its totally bonkers but as the married guy i think i've felt far more jealous of her occasional fucks with 9other guys than she did of the fact that im married .
    So what next? My wife doesnt deserve this. And yet i have wondered how life might be if i were with my Tulip . We often said to each other that we would quickly end up hating each other if we were together permanently. It would be reassuring to both of us if that were really the case . I hope it is for her. And yet for me i'm really not sure. We've spent 3 days together twice and once 4 days...maybe not so long, but not nothing, and no cross words.
    I know this is all wrong and fucked up. Perhaps I just want her to tell me to Fuck Off.To say to me that she really is ready to move on. (I think she is. She should be) but if she isnt , i can only think of the joy we're missing.
    What a selfish fucker i am!
    But if youd only seen the way she smiled and laughed with me and covered me COVERED ME with kisses when we were deeply entwined together, you might understand even if not forgive .
    Deep breath....

    Horny Latina Milf

    I'm a 35f. I love to go on online websites or sext with older men sometimes girls. I love older men who are dirty and makes me feel dirty. Sometimes, i video call them and masturbate and i really want to do it now. I enjoy men looking at me when I'm nude and telling me to do things for them, while the man is stroking.

    Two Women

    My girlfriend is hot, hardbody, C cup tits on a medium tall frame, very fit, natural blonde even on her pussy. She is beautiful and we fuck all the time. However; I don't get everything I want from her and she is frustrated because she knows it. She won't suck to completion, when the precum starts she pulls off and I have to use my hand and shoot on her tits, or her pussy. She won't even let me shoot on her face. I tried to do anal three or four times and she told me that it's over if I keep trying to stick it in her ass. If I do she's going to the police because I know she doesn't want it. Yet it was her that told me to smack her during sex. I mean really hard in her face, on her tits. She asks me to squeeze her tits so hard they bruise. But only fuck her pussy.

    Then there is Maddie. Maddie is 40 years old, 5ft. 8in, weighs about 190lbs. She's thick. She is not pretty at all, probably was in her younger days, and basically now functions, and she is aware, as my cumdump. She calls herself a fuckpig and cumpig. She does love cum. She sucks to completion, I can also blast on her face, in her hair, anywhere I want. We fucked a lot, in all three holes until I met my GF. Now it's mainly that I use her mouth and her ass. She is fine with it, and whenever I come over, she is more than willing to lay on her stomach and let me ride her asshole till I shoot inside her backdoor. I do eat her or rub her to orgasm usually before I buttfuck her. Sometimes I will fuck her pussy for her just to not be a total A-hole. She is vocal, dirty and talks so damn dirty when I'm buttfucking her it makes me cum even sooner, which means I'm ready for round two sooner. I've gone to Maddie a few times after fucking my GF and she licks me clean of her pussy juice and says she loves the taste of my girlfriends pussy.

    So the hot hardbody or the cumpig who loves getting buttfucked? I have them both. I am fine with it. Some say I'm an a-hole to Maddie, others to my GF but I don't care, I get all I want in all holes I want.

    Trick Or Treat Drunk Bare Feet

    I was hosting a Halloween Party and everything was having fun until someone knocked at my door as a man in a clown suit was turning the handle of a life sized jack in the box.

    The Jackass in the box popped out as a big nasty bare foot kicked me in the face along with a pie as I immediately kicked him in the balls and stuffed him inside of his box and went back inside.

    Then as the party continued the doorbell rang yet again this time it was a Pizza Boy. However we already had plenty of Pizza then the Pizza boy revealed his bare feet and stuck his foot in a Pizza and started sucking his toes as I hit the Pizza boy with his own box and slammed the door on him.

    Then some time later the back door opened as a man dressed like Elvis came into my kitchen holding a guitar as he stood on top of the food table with his bare fucking feet and began singing all shook up.

    His bare feet started to get in and ruin the food we had made and then the Barefoot Elvis slipped on a banana peel and fell off the table completely ruining all of the food we had made. I took his guitar and beat him upside the head as me and several other guests dragged his barefoot, drunk ass out of my house.

    Then as we turned on to watch horror movies in the living room, I go to turn on my tv and find my bathroom on the tv and a man sitting on my toilet taking a shit while all of us at the party watched on in disgust as he stuck his feet in my toilet and began to smell his fucking feet as everyone groaned in disgust, not to mention we had kids here.

    I immediately ran up the stairs and found water all over my floor and turd stains all over the floor, and no sign of the sick bastard.

    Then I began to hear cotton Eye Joe playing, I ran downstairs to find the same man this time wearing a Cowboy Hat, A Vest, No shirt underneath, bottomless chaps, a thong, and those god awful Cowboy Boot Sandals standing on top of my furniture with my guitar that I got from a Travis Tritt Concert and he began singing Cotton Eye Joe and then began stripping off his outfit while Children were in the room wearing now only a Thong as he grabbed a stuffed horse on a stick and began to ride my friend Julie around with his horse.

    I then called the Cops and them went over, took my Guitar and beat this idiot Upside the head as me and several others dragged this idiot out of my house and the Cops came to arrest this drunk, half naked, barefoot jackass.

    Happy Halloween Assholes.

  • Football Day Pay Day

    For the past few seasons, my husband and I partake in a funny tradition. On various football game days, he invites some friends over to watch football. The very first time we had this watch party, EVERYONE was drunk and my less than smart husband offered me to the guys. The catch, there had to be some type of payment. All four friends and hubby turned my into a whore that day.

    Over the years payment has been in the form of plumbing for our new bathroom, work on my minivan, pool cleaning, money…amongst other forms.

    As most have been invited in the past, they come prepared.

    Last week, we had eight friends over. This was a busy day for me. It is all in good fun. And let me tell you, eight dicks in one day is work, but it is worth it.

    I got us the following: shed roof replacement, new tires for my daughters car, landscaping for two weeks (basically we pay for the season less these two weeks), I got dentist visits for my family and of course the normal form of payment. All in all, it was a good day.

    This is meant to be fun and most is just a way for the guys to get off sexually in a safe environment. Just saying, my pussy loves football party day!