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Ooo ... Some Neighbors!

I am a twenty-nine year old woman and I am four foot nine inches tall. I am very youthful and flat chested and look more like I’m about twelve or fourteen at a glance. My husband is thirty years old and five foot ten, or average height.
And yes, the two of us have often joked, with his saying that having sex with me is like fucking a twelve year old. Believe me, he is not a child m****ter or anything like that. This just happens to be a long standing joke between the two of us.
Well, at the beginning of this summer my husband I moved. I will admit that I often go nude around the house, and yes I shave, so I look probably pretty prepubescent, I know.
My husband and I had the very embarrassing experience that someone called the police on us and reported that he was a child m****ter. I had to show my birth certificate, my driver’s license as well as our marriage license, and of course he had to do the same. Of course we got it all straightened out n the end, although for a moment we both thought that we were going to be arrested. I have to admit that this was probably the most embarrassing experience of my entire life!

  • Girl I Met

    A few years ago, I was on an app before a lot of bots and scammers invaded. I was 26 at the time and browsed it often, talking to various women. I chatted with this one 17 year old girl, named Kim, for a bit till we decided to meet up one night. She was at the mall with her friend, but she wanted me to pick her up so we could hang out together for a bit.

    It was dark and I picked her up and took her to a place that was just off the main street and near a hill where no one ever went to. We talked for a bit then we fucked. I took her back to the mall, where her friend was waiting. The friend knew we fucked, but she didn’t care.

    A few weeks later, while I was at home, she texted me and said that her mom, stepdad, and little sister left to a relative’s house for the night and if I wanted to come by. I decided to head over to her place. Got inside and we sat on the couch just talking; some anime was the tv. I then pulled her onto me and pulled her shirt off; she had some big breasts for a 17 year old. We then went to her room and fucked. As I was fucking her, I couldn’t help but think about her mom and stepdad who were miles away not knowing that Kim had let an older man into their place and now she was getting fucked. I came on her breasts. She had wanted me to spend the night, telling me that her family wouldn’t be back till later the next day, but I had work the next morning so I left.

    About a week later, she texted me and told me her family wasn’t there for the night again. I went over and fucked her ass on the living room floor. After we got dressed, we sat and talked for a bit. She wanted me to stay, but she didn’t know when her family would be back the next day.

    We fucked a few more times after that. I even started talking to her friend that I had met at the mall that first time. She wanted me to fuck her, but we never got to do it. The next few months were wild. Kim enjoyed sex and would get fucked by other guys, even going as far as getting a train ran on her in a hotel room. She would send me pictures of her sucking her friend’s breasts. She would text me and tell me about a married guy she started fucking, even telling me that she wore a skirt to go see him, but his family was home so he told her to wait in the alley so she did and he came and fucked her behind the dumpsters, came in her, then went back to his family. And I remember texting her and she sent me a picture of her naked and lying on a couch. I asked her where she was and she said that her and her friend were at a guy’s house. Her friend was in the room with the guy getting fucked and she was waiting for her turn. After a while, she sent me a video of her pegging the guy’s ass.

    She and I fucked a few more times after that. Once she turned 18, she got with an ex and we stopped talking as much. Occasionally, she’ll still text me, but she’s not as wild as she was before. She’s no longer friends with the other girl since she tried to get Kim’s stepdad to fuck her and he told his wife. Kim’s not as wild as before, but she and I still talk about getting together to fuck. Hasn’t happened with everything going on, but we’ll see where it goes.

    He Was 72, I Was 16

    If someone randomly comes up behind you and says, "Are you a prostitute?", and you're not, then what would you do? Slap him and leave, ignore him, create a ruckus or call for help? I know a few friend of mine who would just play along to see what happens. But this isn't her story.

    This happened to me when I was 16. I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago, and wasn't handling it very well. My friend dragged me to a nightclub we frequented to let off some steam. In case you're wondering, we used to fake our way in at that time. We had done it before. Anyway, a couple of hours of drinking and dancing later, I had to go pee. After I came out, I got out out for some fresh air. That's when an old guy, who was apparently watching me for a while, came near and asked me, "Excuse me! Are you the prostitute?" I gave him a weirded out look and went back inside and told my friend. She laughed and said, "Why don't we say yes and ask how much is he willing to pay for both of us" She was kidding, of course! We laughed about it and another hour later, she was making out with her boyfriend, and I went out again for some space.

    I saw the old man pacing up and down the corridor and he began to leave when he saw me. Maybe I was just too drunk, but I decided to approach him. And I did. He apologized for what he said and kept apologizing straight for 15 minutes. I asked him to calm down and got him talking. He was a 72 year old gramps, with thick glasses, liver spots and all, who was scammed by a website offering escort services. He was asked to wait at the corridor to meet a girl who would be dressed in pink shorts and a black crop top. My dress had him confused that's all.

    However drunk as I may have been, I knew what I was doing. And after I heard his story for a while, I felt the urge to tell him that I was indeed her. I wasn't, of course, but I was probably in a strangely playful mood. Call it being 16, drunk and horny, but after stopping myself a couple of times, I blurted it out, "I'm the girl! I was just making sure you're not a cop."

    And my night's destiny changed! The gramps beamed with joy and asked me if I wanted the money now. I took it. It was quite a sum. I then asked him where did he want to do it? A few minutes later, I was walking down the quite street with him, texting my friend that I had left with another friend of mine. To be honest, I was shit scared at what I was doing. The old man lived nearby and we talked and walked to his apartment. It was a small one bedroom home in a run-down building.

    After we entered his apartment, he closed the door and pinned me against it and began kissing me sloppily. His hands were all over the place, finding their way to grab my breasts and feel my pussy. From there, he took me to the bedroom and we had sex. I remember him eating me out and fucking me for about 5 minutes and cumming inside. As I sat on the bed wiping myself between my legs and processing what I just did, he told me his whole life story. An hour later, we fucked a second time. It was short too, but this time, the gramps wanted me to ride him. It ended the same way. I blew him for a while, rode him for a few minutes and he was already ready for bed.

    The next day, after I sobered up, I thought of telling him the truth. But I didn't. He asked me for my number, but I made up some excuse to not share it. He offered me some more cash, if I gave him a quicky before I left. A quicky he said! All he could do were quickies anyway. I felt sorry for him (after hearing about his life story the night before, which was quite sad to be honest). So, we had a 'quicky' in his shower. I was sober now, so I asked him to pull out. After the shower, I ate some breakfast which he prepared and left.

    To this date I wonder what happened to him. I missed my period the next month and thought I was pregnant. False alarm...but was I scared shitless. So....did this make me an escort? I took his money after all. Did I need it? What's 'need' anyway, but a guiltless 'want'! So I suppose I did it for the money after all!

    Holiday Threesome ( Kind Of Long Story )

    Let me start by saying I'm not bi but have always had a curiosity, like a lot of other women. My husband and I also dont have any secrets, that I know of anyway. He's aware that I've always been a little curious. With covid, I've also shared with him that I've had, he has too, some crazy dreams here and there. He works from home and I'm in a little office with one other woman. Just us. I've confessed to my husband that I've had some dreams about her, about her with us too.
    We've all been tested recently so we decided to have her over for Thanksgiving. She lives alone and it's just us here so it was nice to have some company. So after dinner and clean up, we sat and just chatted about the stresses of the situation and talking about missing just people in general.
    She was the one that started the the talk about how some people are covid stressed to the point of strange dreams thoughts. So my husband jumps right in with, yeah we've had some too, usually sexual.
    We were all drinking some wine and I think she was feeling good when she admitted that most of her crazy dreams are about sex too. Red faced and a little reserved she said she's had more than one dream about us, and then followed up with and she was involved.
    My husband said, "you mean like a threesome?" Yes, she said but more than just straight sex, there was a lot of lady play in the dream.
    I couldn't believe the conversation we were having but moreover, could not believe how incredibly wet I suddenly found myself. She excused herself to use the rest room and I was so insanely horny and asked my husband if we were thinking the same things right now. He smiled and said yes and did I think she would do it?
    She came back and that's the moment I decided I was gonna go for it. I just told her flat out he and I were talking about her dream and if she wanted to, we wanted to. She turned red again and just smiled nervously. My husband stood and took my hand and reached for her hand as well. Let's go he said and we stood, he led us to the bedroom. We stood all facing each other and he kissed me passionately. Asked if he could kiss her. I said yes and he kissed her equally passionate kisses. He pulled back and she and I leaned in for our first kiss. It was amazing. The butterflies, the all over body tingle, I was overcome with sexual energy. She and I were so engaged it took a moment to notice my husband was running his hands all over both of us. We broke for a moment and he was so slow and gently removing my top and bra. Then removed hers. We sat on the bed and licked and kissed and sucked on each others breasts. He kissed me and then her and stood and left the room with a smile and closed the door behind him. We looked at each other and I told her this is my first time. She said she was with a girl once back in high school. She kissed me again. So soft so nice, i was melting a little and she started kissing down my neck, to my breasts and kept going slowly kissing down my body and was rubbing my pussy through my pants
    It felt so nice, so natural. She undid my pants, stood and pulled them and my panties off. I moved up on the bed, she was rubbing and kissing on my legs and she moved toward my pussy. I was so so wet I could feel myself leaking. Then it happened, her tongue and lips felt incredible on my pussy, it took maybe a minute and my whole body clenched tight and I came like never before. I've never had full body spasms before, but my god, I was convulsing, no control with the biggest, longest and most amazing orgasm I've ever had. As I started to come down, she moved up to kiss me. I could taste myself on her lips. Just like when my husband kisses me after.
    I pushed her onto her back and straddled her. My pussy rubbed on her stomach and I started kissing down her neck and body just like she did to me. I stopped at her belly and licked my juices off her stomach as I undid her pants. I was ready to taste her. I pulled her pants and thong off and and just stopped for a moment. Completely shaved and soaking wet. The only thing I could think to do was start with my fingers like I do when I masturbate. I've only seen another woman in porn before but my god, it was beautiful. Her pussy looked so pretty, I was ready. I lowered my head down and began kissing on her labia like my husband does and I love it. I felt so natural, the taste of her was intoxicating. I focused on the sounds of her pleasure with every kiss, tongue flick and then I slowly inserted a finger inside her, she let out the sweetest sigh and I latched onto her clit, sucking and licking as I worked my finger. Her back arched, legs stiffened and I felt her hand on my head as she let out a moan and had her loud orgasm. I could feel her pussy pulsing on my finger, my lips and could taste her juices as she came. She pulled on my hair a little to guide me up to her and we kissed long and tender kisses. Our bodies fully against each other. It was amazing. We both fell asleep. Lol.

    It had now gotten dark out and I woke to my husband kissing me awake. He hadn't turned the light on so couldn't see was naked. She was still asleep and he whispered in my ear that he would like to play too if that's ok? I rolled off the bed so she wouldn't wake up and led him to the guest room. Turned on the light and realized he was naked and was hard and ready. I laid him down on the bed, kissed him and got on him in 69 position, we both love that. We were going at it and I hadn't noticed her coming in. We had left the door partly open. It wasnt until she was on her knees at the foot of the bed and reaching over to hold my hair back. She watched me sucking and licking his cock for a moment then lifted my head and kissed me tasting him on my lips. Can I? She asked. I didnt say anything and she leaned forward and took him full down her throat. No gag reflex like me. She was sucking him and I have to be honest, it was a weird feeling but at the same time., it was somehow very hot to see another woman sucking cock up close. Between that and his tongue, I couldn't hold it and had another amazing orgasm. She kissed me while I was cumming which just made me cum harder. No turning back now and honestly, no jealousy either. I rolled off him and she got into 69 position too. He was now licking her and i got in the same position she had been. Watching her suck him got me horny and wetter than I already was. She and I alternated sucking him and kissing while he at her. She started moaning louder and I knew she was getting close. I took her head in my hands a d kissed her just as she was cumming. She came down and rolled off him. I lay down on the other side of him and started sucking and stroking him. She joined in. We were alternating sucking him and I was ready to get fucked at this point. I climbed up and straddled him. He slid in easily. I was riding him reverse cowgirl and she got on the floor and was licking his balls and my clit. It felt amazing but I knew I was not going to cum again. I decided this was it. If I'm going to share, I'm sharing all. I got off him and guided her on her feet and onto the bed. I put her on her back. He got between her legs and looked at me like he was waiting for permission. I looked at her, she just nodded and sighed as he pushed into her. He was fucking her.. I was in a trance. She started pulling on my thigh and pulling me to her. She guided me to straddle her face ..(continue confession)

    My Life

    Yes, actually it fucked up my life. I drank too much, and I ended up under a guy and pregnant. He married me, which was both good and bad. I never had a a life, I had babies instead. Might as well, after all I had one why not a few more? I never worked out of college, I have been a housewife and stay at home mom. If I had to get a job I don' have any skills. I know all about putting up with a man who wants sex, wants the house picked up, wants his shirt ironed.

    I have four kids, I am 28 years old, I have a 39 year old husband who is both husband and father to me, I am totally supported, I have never earned a penny for my support. My skills are all about being a wife and being a mother. He makes a good living, I have a nice four bedroom home and a pool in the back yard and drive a nice car. I have credit cards and a debit card and he never gives me any grief over spending for the kids or if I buy myself a bra. He likes us to dress well, to have vacations, to spend time at the club. He wants his family to not worry, everything to make us happy.

    I lost interest in sex, breastfeeding is not a sexual thing. He probably has a some honey on the side at work, if he does I don't blame him. I can't be all that attractive to him now, I gained 30 pounds since college and my breasts are suckled to death. I don't know why he wants me to get sexy for him, I let him have sex because it is my wife duty. I want him to be happy, have a nice slim woman, nice tits and ass, not a mother woman with big tits and a fat ass. The girl I was when I met him.

    For My Bf

    I like having my boyfriend and do anything he wants. A month ago while it was still warm days he got me to sit and fuck my pussy on his gear shift in the car while he watched calling me names. The big knob and thin shaft really didn't do anything for me but I was wet and he thinks it got me off. He started calling me names, nasty names, even wrote on me with magic marker. My mom found some of the markings when she came in while I was in the shower. This past weekend I spent the whole weekend with him, and he got me really stoned, and was talking about how he needs more excitement in our sex life. I promised to do anything he wanted as I always have.

    In shame, I got on the floor on my hands and knees. He put a blanket over my back, and led in his dog. The dog licked me, sniffed me and with some trouble mounted me. He came in me, then pulled the knot out with his cum splashing out of me and dripping all over. My boyfriend immediately replaced him and was pumping me from the back and came inside me. Over the weekend the dog did it to me in both my vag and my butthole. In my butt, twice the knot wouldn't slip out and he turned around and we were butt to butt for over 15 minutes each time. My boyfriend took pictures. When not taking pictures he was slapping my breasts calling them saggy, hanging udders.

    I feel like total crap about it, my boyfriend treats me like a piece of meat just there to satisfy him and now talks even dirtier about me. He marked "Filled with Dog Sperm" on my belly and "assfucked by dogs" on my butt. I just hope no one sees it before it fades away.

    My First Time

    After graduation I took a job as a math teacher in a private junior high in suburbia. I was alone, far from home and my first real experience in a big metropolitan area. I got an apartment close to the school. The counselor at the school befriended me and helped m meet people. She was mid thirties and divorced, no children and had a wide friends group she let me join.

    At a party at her house, for which there were only women, and lots to drink, I saw something that I didn't have permission to see. I was sitting in the small den and I pulled a picture album out of the bookcase. One of those that is 5 X 7 ring binder picture album. I opened it and the first picture was a black and white of a young girl, eleven or twelve, naked with her finger on her lips suggesting you be quiet. There were more, all of the same girl, naked, some with her legs open, others with her legs closed but all of them showed her very clear vulva and slit. No hard porn, very suggestive porn, her chest with her nipples and her very distinct vulva. And she was a pretty girl.

    I was captured by the pictures, I hadn't noticed that the counselor was behind me, watching me go through the pictures. She leaned down putting her arms around my neck and asked if I liked them, her father took them, he was a photographer. Her hands went down over my shoulders and she cupped my breasts, kissed my cheek and asked me if I liked pussy and then whispered in my ear that she liked pussy.

    She let me stand and put the album back in the bookcase and she took me by the hand back into the kitchen to talk with the other women that were there. I was her new girlfriend and these women were all lesbians. I got my pussy eaten that nite, on her bed. I got kissed and I had my breasts played with, and my nipples kissed, and I was naked and she smiled at me when she looked down at me. She had me open my legs so she could see me. It was my first time.

    The next morning she took me back to my apartment to change and we went to a brunch at this small restaurant in town. Behind the reception was a large picture of a naked man, with a lipstick X across the genitals. On the wall across the room where we sat were pictures wall to wall, ceiling to the backs of the booths of girls kissing, all 8 X 10s, some black and white and others color, young girls, older women, some baby girls and older women. At the tables, were foursomes, and others couples, some young women, some mixed, an older woman and young woman like us. This was a lesbian only brunch on Sundays, this is the social element where I was going to belong.

    I learned about being a lesbian that first year after my graduation. I learned that I liked to see pictures of pussy, and better still to see pussy, to touch pussy, to kiss pussy, to lick pussy. I liked breasts too, I liked to play with breasts, to kiss nipples. And I liked to kiss while I touched pussy. While I went out with her, I spent a lot of time with her album, those pictures are seared into my mind. Innocence, not porn. Just a naked girl who was learning how powerful her pussy was.

    Who Will Help Me Get A Rest Tonight

    I need to masturbate to get to sleep tonight. who will write me a sweet lullaby erotica story?

    Mmmm Panties

    My very first experience with women's panties

    My family n I rented at a local restaurant in our area we moved in there when I was 15 now the landlord and them stay in the same property as us and this man stayed with his family 3 children a son which he n I became best friends and his two sisters which one I ended up jaming but that's a boring story compared to this one, his wife was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen by the time lmao she was gorgeous big boobs fair skin she was about 1.6m high n weighed about 60kg with 34dd boobs she was fucking hot.
    Our families got on well so we got very close to another another n since the boy was my best friend I would be in their house often. I was a horny freak n wanted to play with my cock just like every young teen out there but one day when about to wank my horny cock I see the landlords wife hanging clothes on the line n this was done at the back or side of the house we stayed in I started to peek thru the window n watched her hang clothes nothing exciting till that afternoon I visited there house and while there I needed to pee so I went into the bathroom and while doing my business I look down n see the laundry basket n there sitting on the side a thong my heart start racing as lust tells me to pick it up n look at it.

    I can still remember that day even tho it's like 13years ago I pick up the yellow thong from the laundry basket n turn it over to find a women's thong for the first time in my hand the front had Tweety bird on it n said to myself such a lucky bird as I bring it to me closer I start to investigate the gessets mmm the corth looked so sexy no stains but I could get a strong aroma the smell of pussy mmmm a thick hot mature women's pussy smelt so musky with a mix of pee but not to much her pussy smelt fucking sexy and ever since that one thong I've been hurting down her panties I've seen panties thongs for a sexy 45 year mum she also used full panties but mostly g strings. I went to there bathroom also very visit I went there, and some occasions I smelled the string that rested on her rose bud her most private part of her body her asshole. wow what an intoxicating aroma so musky but so powerful not like shit but the smell of a asshole that is been kept away I was such a fool looking back I should have deposited some sperm in them so when she washed them she would have known her panties are getting played with. Has anyone had true experiences like I did please share it with me

  • Fluffer Nutter

    At 15 I got kicked out. I was caught stealing. It wasn't that much. A package of cupcakes. I had a sweet tooth. Maybe it was worth fifty cents. That was 1972 and early summer and I had no money and no place to live and school was no longer an option.

    So I did something absolutely insane. I hitch-hiked all the way from Rhode Island to California. I figured if I'm going to be homeless I was going to do it in L.A.

    It took two weeks to get there. I had no idea how incredibly dangerous a thing that was. At the time it was an adventure. Sometimes I walked for hours and never got a ride offer and another time I got a ride from Pittsburg to St. Louis. The average was probably about 20 or so miles. There were just not a lot of people going a long distance westward. I probably met almost a hundred different people that way. They ranged from Roman Catholic priests to truck drivers. About half expected me to give them something in return and being a young slender and dare I say cute fifteen year old boy with long hair and a hippy persona about half the people who gave me a lift expected some sort of sexual favor and about a third of them were girls. I've heard that between five and ten percent of men are gay but I think that's closer to maybe 25% and the same number probably are bi. I sucked at least 40 cocks before I got to L.A. Before I started I'd probably describe myself as slightly bi curious. I had been attracted to hundreds of girls and women of course but could think of only two guys I'd do it with and like me both were young, slender, effeminate and had long hair, in other words, kind of girly. That's probably why I got as many rides as I did and why I had to pay for those rides with sex of some sort at least half the time. But surprisingly I got the same requests from a lot of women. The oldest was a woman in her sixties and all she wanted was to suck my cock. So I agreed and she took out her fake teeth and gave me the best blow job ever.

    The youngest was also fifteen and in her western state, fifteen year old's could get a driver's license. She claimed I was her first but she had already decided it would be a one night stand when she saw me hitching rides. She only got me five miles further up the road but was by far the best fuck and almost convinced me to take up cattle herding to be near her.

    I finally arrived in L.A. a couple of weeks later and managed to hustle a couple of hundred dollars along the way. Truckers have the deepest pockets and the greatest hunger for getting their dick sucked and you'd be shocked by how many want young pretty boys to suck them off. In 1972 $200 was a lot of money, perhaps three to four weeks wages as a dish washer back home. But it didn't last long. Even at $15 a week in a cheep motel, the money dried up fast and was almost completely gone by the end of the summer. When everyone else my age was going back to school I got a job as a dish washer earning enough to keep my place and eat and occasionally catching a movie but never much more than that.

    Then one day I was standing in front of a window at a shop in a fancy neighborhood ogling some mostly naked manikins dressed in about the sexiest lingerie you ever saw when a sleazy guy in flamboyant cowboy gear walked up to me and introduced himself. I thought he was a pimp until he explained that he made x-rated films and wanted to know if I needed a job. I told him about my dish washing gig and he laughed and said he could pay me three times that much and still be paying me less than I was worth. I agreed to my new job and got into his Caddy and rode with him back to his studio which was in an old warehouse in a run down neighborhood with a lot of bars on windows and doors. You wouldn't know it was a porn studio from the look of the outside. Inside it was a hotbed of activities mostly involving naked people and technicians.

    He explained to me that most of the male porn stars are gay so they have a hard time getting hard and staying hard around naked women. He explained that he needed a cute young boy to get their motors running and my job would be "fluffer." Mostly I smiled at them, let them kiss me some and then suck them hard and then be available off camera so when they got soft in the presence of a woman I would jump in and suck them hard again so they could continue the scene. For that I got $200 a week. That was more than my Dad made in the factory and he considered that a decent job that paid the bills. Due to my small cock the producer didn't want me to join in on screen but I was exactly what the guys needed to stay hard. Technically, my job title was "preparations technician." It was something I could put on my resume and I even had my name appear in some credits. I did this until Halloween and had almost a grand saved up by then. The day before Halloween one of the actors told me about a better job I could get actually appearing on screen and making a lot more money. I told him my cock was way too small for porn and he told me that with my looks the size of my cock didn't matter as long as I smiled and looked into the camera while getting my throat fucked by huge gay cocks. So I agreed to the job and that was how I got on the other side of the camera. I was in a lot of demand as a twink porn star. I got my photos on the cover of over a hundred 8mm films. We made three films a week in those days, all shot on 8mm and almost all of those were silent. By 1973 they started making some 16mm and those had sound and were higher resolution and faster speed so they were higher quality.

    A nutter was someone who would shoot their load on camera usually on someone's face or pussy. In gay porn a nutter was the same but in my case, I mostly came without being touched with a big cock up my ass. It happened by accident the first time. After that, directors wanted me to do it every time. Turns out if a cock is big enough and is rubbing against my prostate I cum involuntarily, especially if I'm horny which I always am with a cock up my ass. So we would start the scene with me sucking off a well hung stud then he'd take me in his lap and He'd fuck my ass or we would do it doggy style with him behind me. We would change positions a few times then the director would tell me to cum and as long as the guy fucking me had a big enough cock and was fucking me hard and fast enough I would. Then he would pull out and either cum on my ass or on my crotch. Other scenes I'd just have him cum on my face. But due to my reputation I now always got fucked in the ass in a position where you could see on film my cum squirting while I'm getting fucked without having to touch my cock or have anyone else do it.

    But, doing gay porn does not mean you get to continuously suck cock and I was REALLY into sucking big cock. There just wasn't enough work even for what I did so despite earning $500 a film ($1000-$1500 a week) as a bottom or twink, I also worked part time as a fluffer still and getting another $100 to $200 a week doing that. Some weeks I made almost $2000.

    So in porn circles in the early 70's I became known as the "Fluffer-Nutter."

    But such things didn't last.

    By the time I turned 18 directors lost interest in casting me. I had grown up and so was no longer as appealing as once I was. Unfortunately my cock didn't grow up with me and was little bigger at 18 than it was at 15 so there was no demand for me to ..(continue confession)