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Trying It Up My Arse

I confessed to my girlfriend that I have wondered what its like to have a dick up arse, she has offered to fuck me with a dildo on one condition, she ties me up and there is no backing out,
as a reward she will let me fuck her up the arse, I would like comments from the guys who have tried it, Frank

  • Have It All

    Once I received my first load of sperm from a boy when I was 15, I fell in lust with it. I love cum. I love it in me, on me, I love to eat it, swallow it, play with it, rub it into my skin. From the very first a couldn't get enough. When I was 17 I let an older man have sex with me for my first time. I wanted him to cum in me so badly but he wouldn't. It was OK, he pulled out and shot on my little boobs and I licked it all up. Eventually I got what I wanted and he came in me several times. A few weeks later I let a boy from school have sex with me and he didn't care, he was bound and determined to give me his cum inside me. After a while the man started having anal sex, I came like a rocket. Vaginal was good, I had orgasms most of the time, however with anal I was fucking him back, I couldn't get enough. The boy from high school wouldn't do anal with me, to him it was dirty. My best was when a friend asked if he could share me with other men. We went from him and one other to full on gangbangs. It's sometimes tough to get a larger group together who will go after one another as I don't want to clean up during, I just like it all sloppy, but it used to be mainly 3 to 5 or 6 guys, I did 11 guys once and 13 guys twice. I was in cum heaven.

    I started taking anal, followed by the man pulling out and sticking his dirty cock in my mouth. I felt it was the best of both worlds, dirty anal sex, and dirty cumslut oral. I have progressed to not feeling fulfilled until I've let a guy have sex in all three places and between my little boobs too. I love it and I love getting cum. Starting at 19 I went on birth control and get plenty of cum in me that way too. One repeat guy calls me his cumdumpster, another calls me his cock and cumsleeve. I like it, when I was 21 I did it with my first couple, involving a woman and I licked her husbands cum from her and I loved that too. I've only done it with 3 different women, that married woman was always in a threesome, but the other two were alone. I wish I had the nerve, but I'd never do it . . . I want to have cumdump tattooed over my vagina, and buttfucked tattooed on my bottom. I won't but I really want ..(continue confession)

    Day Of Wonderful Bi Sex

    Yesterday I secretly meet with my regular buddy, I entered his home, the storm door closed and the front door open, the light pored in, he ask me if I wanted to take care of his cock while he set in his chair facing the open door, cars driving by!
    I really got on my knees one the cushion he had placed for me...
    At once I knew this turned him on, he was hard as he pulled his cock out of his shorts, normally I suck him up to a nice hardness,,,,,

    It was amazing sucking him in front of the door ,knowing people were driving by, my back to the door!

    I know you prob couldn’t see in ,but it was amazing, my cock was hard and dripping pre-cum....
    After a short time I felt him tense up and shoot some cum in my mouth,
    I worked him slow, I was enjoying his cum, when he pulled back and jacked his cock, slow...
    I then realized he wasn’t through, I ask him to shoot on my face, I let my tongue dance on his cock head as he jacked off, all of a sudden he said I’m cumming!!!!!
    I took him back in my mouth, it was amazing how much he came,,,
    I’m ready for more........
    Then later at home my wife invited me to join her in the bath tub,
    It’s was amazing then we went to bed, she knows how to get me going with nipple play, then she gave me an amazing BJ which she rarely dose, I kept thinking how it felt getting and giving head, wow,wow,wow!!!!,
    I moved between her legs and she tasted so good ,soon she was cumming so hard.....then I mounted her and emptied my full load in her,
    I only wish I had them in bed at the same time

  • Busted, But Still Fucking

    Its almost nine months since my mother in law busted me as I was fucking a teenage girl from our neighborhood.
    My wife, her daughter, was working away for eight weeks, and I was so horny for pussy and ass.
    The neighborhood teenager I know, is a dirty little slut, and it took no time at all to have her sucking on my dick. A fortnight after first fucking her, I was balls deep up her ass in the living room, when my wifes mom Jane, walks in.
    I was busted and she knew it. She told the girl to get out and dont bother returning. I thought she was going to begin shouting about how much of a cheating bastard I was.
    Instead Jane stripped off in front of me, dropped to her knees and pulled me and my cock into her mouth.
    In total shock, it took me some time to respond, but when my mother in law released my dick and said "You better fuck me good boy". Everything changed.
    Three hours. That's how long we had sex for. And in those three hours, I fucked her mouth, pussy and asshole many times over.
    I also, and this was a first for me, fisted her asshole too. In fact Jane is extremely anal and often had me eating out her pussy, but especially her asshole over those three hours.
    She must have had dozens of orgasms by the time we showered together. Then in the shower she had me fucking her ass again.
    Sitting in the lounge afterwards, she phoned her daughter like nothing had happened. And indeed I thought I heard her say "Yes dear, she's gone, and I am looking after him".
    It was another fortnight before my wife got home and each evening Jane called by for sex.
    We experimented trying anything and everything. Jane revelling in having a younger mans hard cock to play with.
    Jane also introduced me to one of her dildos she brought with her. Again anal being a first for me. Having her suck on my dick as she fucked my ass with a dildo that first time, will stay with me forever.
    Some of the days, it was like our first time together. Long periods of sex, but others when she had things to do, were quick fucks, but still amazingly horny sex.
    When my wife returned home, it was like nothing at all was different. We were having sex, great sex, but after a month without seeing her mom, she shows up with my wife out shopping.
    We ended up fucking in ..(continue confession)

    Dreams Of

    I keep having these deep fantasyland sexual daydreams .
    Its of my wife being seduced by another man and fucked senselessly into a dazed pleasure coma then when she cant take any more and she thinks she is done then i want to fuck her

  • On Loan Out

    My uncle died of a heart attack at age 45. He was a Church Deacon and missionary. He married a 35 year old woman from from the Philippines. She is five foot five one. She is super hot to me. Six months after my uncle dies my mom started loaning me out to my aunt .
    Im 19 first year of college and living at home because im broke.
    It was during a Saturday a few months back i kept looking up her skirt while i held her latter so she could put up new curtains. Once that was done i helped her take somethings down to the basement.
    I could not help it i kissed her and she let me. She even stood on the tip of her toes. She let me keep kissing her and i got bold and grabbed her ass then she pushed away. It was weird for a minute but we brought more stuff down to her basement.
    The last load i kissed her again this time she kissed back and i felt her up.
    He did some oral and had sex on a stack of boxes.
    She is the first experienced woman I've been with and its every Friday and Saturday now that we have sex. Its been three months out of six months that we have been having sex.
    But now im falling in live with her but i know for her its just sex

    Now And Then

    I told my wife five years ago about my cuckold fantasy. I am 30 a high school and college track star. My parents adopted two boys ages 8 and 9 when i was 8 they where from Cameroon and Benin Africa. As teens we grew up together as brothers.
    As a teen i caught them and there girlfriends having sex and i was fascinated by watching black men have sex with white girls.

    At age 24 i met my wife Donna at 25 we married. At age 26 i told her about my fantasy after she caught me watching porn and reading a few online stories.
    She reacted way more calm then i thought she would. She waa not down with it up front and at first..
    After a while i caught her in a chat room and on reddit and on a few sights asking questions about cuckold sex. She moved on to reading a few stories and watching homemade or novice cuckold porn.

    Donna is from Kentucky and her family is strictly against interracial sex.
    After awhile donna joined a few sites and started chatting with bbc bulls.
    She traded pics got pretty erotic on there and even ordered an eight inch black dildo.

    Now she just turned 30 and im six months older then her. For six months she has been talking to a on line with a guy named Tyson. They exchanged cell phone numbers and have been chatting and getting to know each other I've been added to the chat.

    This last weekend we invited tyson over for the opening of football.
    We watched a few games hung out. Donna was so nervous and excited. She wore a short summer dress. That was five shades of purple. It was see through almost. She wore a see through white strapless slip. It looked more like retro 1960s lingerie. The dress stopped half way down her thigh. I pulled out a pair of white thigh highs for her to go with it. And i handed her a pair of black open high heels with purple roses on them.
    She had me zip up he dress. She put on two neckless and headed out to the living room.
    She sat on couch and said im not wearing panties.

    Now no bullshit my wife looks just like kieren magenta kirby the girl from the band delight and specificity from the video groovers in the heart.
    Just as im taking in her. Red then black then purple hair hair yes red on top then black middle then 6 inches of purple at the bottom. And as im looking at how ..(continue confession)

    Bosses Driver

    Every morning for the last ten months, I've been walking round to my bosses house, which is literally five minutes walk. Then after half an hour or so, driving us both in his truck to work.
    My boss who is fifty four and built like a man mountain, was disqualified from driving for a year and used to have his wife take him to and from work, but now I perform that task, and also another.
    His wife has invariably left for work herself by the time I arrive, and my boss will be waiting for me.
    He'll make me a coffee, but we both know I won't be drinking it, not until I've sucked him off and swallowed his cum. Or he's fucked my arsehole and dumped his load deep inside my bowels.
    It began when I took the driving part of the job, and my wife had been given notice of redundancy. The extra money he paid me each week, helped immensely.
    However on a drive into work one morning, he told me if I was to give him a blow job there and then, he'd double my weekly bonus.
    Down a side country road, I sucked on my first cock and actually loved the taste of his cum when his cock erupted, filling my mouth.
    The following day we didn't wait to get in his truck, I blew him in his kitchen.
    The first time he fucked me, his wife had just left after making me coffee. I'd sucked on his cock for a while, then he just said "I'm gonna fuck you boy".
    Bent over at his kitchen sink, he slid his cock up my arsehole. It hurt a little, but that soon went and from then on it was pure pleasure.
    At work that day, putting in a drainage system on a lawn, he fucked me again in the woods behind the clients house.
    From then on I was hooked.
    His wife knows he's fucking me, and also knows I'm married. She was the person who put in a good word for my wife, when she applied for and got a job.
    I no longer have to drive my boss, as he's able to drive again. However we'd both miss our morning fucks, and his wife would have to cope with his large cock and his massive sex drive on her own.
    Three days ago in his lounge, he was fucking me from behind on the sofa. We were both semi naked and I was close to cumming.
    That's when his wife walked in. She'd left her lunch in the ..(continue confession)

    The Lickrish Quartet

    I see the cult erotic film from the 1970s and it was erotically interesting. But I am still trying to work out what its really referring to. Sexual desire and metaphor of gun shots for shooting cum. the floor of sex words from dictionary they roll around having the quickest boring sex on. The kid going back in his memories either the son or the fathers childhood or both. Because all this film does is recycle around a dialogue and sex film. and I guess we know where they get the porn stars from after all and its their night out and they take them back to the castle. It has potential to be a better film with more erotic metaphor and what it lacks is something better then just the repeat of the parents in the next generations film. It lacks expected kinky for this era and is not that kinky by today's standards. The female has sex with the dirty old blob and then takes up with his son. how weird who would do that? Is there porn films on this script? I bet there are. The son appears to get back at his brainless sex addicted porn watching parents by making spectacle of them. Now that could have gone further and much more revengeful then just a knife man and the son dressed up like the father again at the end is really disgusting. Are we really a slave to our genetic inheritance or shared environmental circumstances? One would hope not. If this is a cult sex film then its bad. Kinky sex should be better in the location of a castle. I mean where is the vampire even? Not enough erotic sex and not enough character mo nor is the audience really getting into characters head enough intimate. The main character should be the son and the old blob should pick up some chick off the street and why is he locking the wife in a dudgeon down stairs ? he should want to see her be fucked by a dozen men or at least some jail bird of sorts. The son needs to be the one we see the view point of more. Seriously what shit is this? The speed way? what does that have to do with sex? or porn? and it would be kinkier if the chick was a i****t affair like a cousin or half sister. This is about the beasts within us all or it should be but this film lacks any real beast and sex turn on cuz it took me ages and ages to climax to. That is kind of what its mocking that we can switch a button ..(continue confession)

    Double Time

    So my nympho wife loves giving oral and loves making me happy. She gives the best blowjobs you can imagine and is like the old saying she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
    A few years ago we relocated to the Great Lakes area due to employment opportunities and when we settled into our new area we started talking about what kinds of dirty fun we could have. We have been together for long enough to know each other's likes, dislikes and fantasies.
    Our turn-ons are pretty similar so we can have fun together.
    She is very subby and never refuses an order from me. She likes to be dirty talked and treated like the lowest crackhead whore while she's sucking cock. I like to tease her and degrade her and call her bad names too. So it's a win and win situation.
    So I told her I had a plan for some fun and she was definitely on board.
    I put an add on the old craigslist site where you could find all kinds of sex partners. I said that my 33yrs old pretty blonde wife would like to show what a great BJ she is and we would like an ordinary guy between maybe 25 and 55 to blow.
    We got a shitload of answers from lots of men. Me and her went through them and knocked off a few right away for whatever reasons. We got it down to maybe a half a dozen and I went through them again and contacted 3 or 4 and finally settled on this guy called James.
    He was Chinese American, 36yrs. and was from a couple or three towns away.
    Sounded good from the second contact so we went through available times and dates and tried to set it up. The plan was for us to get a motel room at a place that was not fancy or too high price but not a real crack den either.
    So I found a place and made a reservation. The plan was to get there in late afternoon and let us get settled, let her change into really slut clothes and slut makeup and hairstyle.
    Once she was ready I'd text James and give him the room number to the place.
    Meanwhile James texted around noon and wanted to know if it was ok to bring his cousin who is his best friend and they usually double girls when they can.
    I was all for it and wanted to watch my wife suck too cocks so I told her and she naturally agreed. Told James and Chuie they could expect a ..(continue confession)