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Gay Men That Have Had K9 Sex Step Up

I want to here about men having sex with k9’s, I confess I do too, but I want to hear as much as I can about the Experience and how to get it to happen

Spanking, Thank You

This is a part of my confession about a rekindled i****tuous affair with my brother.

I was on my way to the kitchen, completely naked of course, not wearing my stilettos or butt plug when he noticed the difference in the way I was walking. He says "hey, did you forget something?". I had enjoyed the spanking so much the night before so I did it on purpose hoping he would notice and decide I needed another spanking. "Oh yes, I'm sorry, I will take my punishment". I leaned over the big arm of the sofa, waiting. He went to my room and brought back the large ass plug and a leather belt. The sight of the ..(continue confession)


I had not seen my best friend from college for several Months because of social distancing. My wife Heather and I invited Scott to spend the weekend to hang out at our house and pool. Scott and I were sitting out talking and drinking while Heather decided to lay out and catch some rays. Heather was wearing a cute bikini and was laying on her stomach. As usual, she undid her straps to avoid tan lines on her back. I teasingly walked over and grabbed her top away from her not worried about exposing her because she was laying on a towel.

After about ten minutes she switches from her stomach to her back giving us guys a ..(continue confession)

Daughters Doubt

Listening to my daughter and her fiance having sex month after month, had been both exhilarating and frustrating.

There is no father, so my fingers and another new dildo I bought last year, were my sexual relief each night I heard their sexual exultations.
I knew from things my daughter had said, that Ben is well endowed and each time I heard them having sex, I'd imagine him fucking me as I slid the dildo in and out of my pussy and ass.

Nine months back my daughter tells me she's bought me a present for my birthday and it's on my bed. I presumed Ben was out back fixing his motorcycle, so I went ..(continue confession)


My wife sucks dick so good I mean she knows wtf she is doing with a blowjob sometimes wen we go out to role play i pay her to just pull up on random men and suck on their dick in front of me. I sometimes make money off her sucking dick.

True Story

My long time gf has three sisters which I fucked evry single one they all sucked and swallowed me her mom has sucked my dick and swallowed me her brother baby mom let me butt fuck her I fucked her cousin and the baby mother of her male cousin .

Knew Each Other.

Iv been married and happy a long time yet this nagging urge to look longer at young men who had what to me seemed quite big cocks was going to get me in trouble at my local swimming pool.Shower time only added to my frustration as i knew deep down this fantasy i had of sucking a big cock just once was never going to go away until id tried it. Locally i could not face the embarrassment of anyone finding out so i placed a small advert and arranged to meet a young man who boasted a big cock and then to my utter horror turned out to be 18 and very local .Both of us were wearing easy ..(continue confession)

I Want To Fuck My Boss

It's simple. He's 8 years younger than me and a cute little mix of awkward and occasionally amazing when he's on about something. I want to get him drunk and totally take advantage of him. I've caught him glancing at my cute little ass and tits a few times, and the week we had to stay late and work on end of year reports absolutely made me soak my panties with how close we had to be all night, him with those cute little sleeves rolled up and me in my skirt and blouse that shows too much chest when I move just right. Ugh, so good.

Maybe when our office starts letting us travel again I can get ..(continue confession)

Happily Married Woman

After living alone for several years, burning out on activism, I found myself in a casual relationship with a man twenty years my senior. In one of the many conversations he asked me why I was scared of just being a woman. I reacted with my training and felt horrible the minute I spoke, his question was simple.

I apologized and he said that I had just proved his point. That New Years Eve I went to a hotel party with a group of friends. One of the men there was new to me, we were the two single people there. That night I decided to just go along. The short of it is that I went home ..(continue confession)

My Secret Life

I’m married to a woman but am really a homosexual. I love sucking cock, getting fucked and eating cum. I’ve had sex with possibly 200+ men.
Most recently my main playmate is a short pudgy but VERY kinky 74 year old man. His tiny 4” uncut cock doesn’t cum. Our playtime is mostly assplay. We take turns on a rimming seat licking, kissing, sucking and tongue fucking each other’s gaped asshole.
He has a dungeon room set up with a swing. I get in the swing and he fucks me with huge dildos and is working on fisting me. He has prostate and kidney issues and can’t piss much but he loves for me to piss ..(continue confession)