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Solo Nasty Freak Shit

So lastnight I was being nasty having i****t and gay thoughts.
And my sister came to mind. I always thought about fucking her, but that will never happen. So I did the next best thing, I found her dirty panties

  • Watching Him Masturbate

    During the whole of lockdown, I watched one of my neighbours masturbating every single day.
    Most days he'd wank twice. And after a couple of weeks watching him and touching myself, I began playing with my pussy and arsehole for real, letting him see me naked and so aroused.
    His name is Dan, he's forty three and has a huge cock. Far bigger than my boyfriends.
    It got so we'd time it when we were alone, and able to have voyeuristic sex together.
    He'd watch me intently as I fingered my pussy and arse, used items to fuck myself with and massage my clit until I came multiple times.
    Dan would stroke that gorgeous cock of his and gesture that he wanted to fuck me.
    Well after lockdown, the married neighbour I now adore, fucks me every day.
    His wife works at a health clinic, he works from home. So I visit every day and have him fuck me with that beautiful large cock that I used to witness from fifty feet away, from my bedroom window.
    I'm not a girl who turns heads, but I do keep in shape. And with a teenage pussy and arsehole that now loves older mens cock, Dan's taught me how to become a dirty bitch for him. And I love it

    Graduated To Being His Wife And Mother Figure

    Starting when I was 17, during the summer between my junior and senior years of high school, I began a sexual relationship with a man. A man, not a boy, or a college kid, a man. During that summer it was all sex. Nice sex, this man sees women as either a daughter figure, a wife and mother figure. I filled his daughter needs.

    He helped me attend college, bought me a car, sent me to Europe for a semester. I don't think it ever crossed his mind that I would have sex with any one else. All through college, including my semester abroad I bit my lip and kept myself for him. The longer it went the harder it was for me to understand his obsession about being the only one to have sex with me. I was horny, he is a grown man, sex is nighttime cuddling, with sex as the goodnight kiss.

    I took a job with a large E&C company as a Treasury Specialist. I was going crazy, I was having sex once, maybe twice a month. Every time he pulled me in for sex I wanted it pretty bad. I could go twice, but he wanted to talk, love me, talk about the future. And all this led to being alone with a guy I met at work and getting to the point of penetration. When his penis bumped up against my vagina, I froze, screamed, pushed him off. Right then I felt, understood that I belonged to him, exclusively.

    I was the young girlfriend, he was a grown man, and my outlet had to be masturbation, not sex with another man. Ina discussion with a female coworker she told me I was a wife, when I was still in high school his girlfriend, but now I was his wife. Learn to get my kicks by cooking, being his warm body wife at night. But I didn't live with him. And that was where I needed to adjust my expectations.

    A wife lives with her husband, wakes up beside him every night, cooks for him. If I belonged to him, like I felt I did, then I needed to move in and get married. Me, twenty five, he forty seven, time to be a grown up. So I moved in. we got married, and when he has sex with me I feel I belong to him. When I prepare breakfast I feel I belong to him. When I sign my married name I feel I belong to him. When I twirl my wedding band I feel I belong to him. As his wife and one day mother figure.

  • CNC Fuck That

    I told my husband I wanted to do CNC with someone else as we've have done it but I still feel safe even though he does go all out.

    He set it up with a friend that lives over seas but was visiting for work. I like the whole capture roleplay and not just being banged like a toy. So i didn't know what he looked like,was slightly worried I would not find him attractive but my husband said it didn't matter for what I wanted. And he was not going to be around for it so I wouldn't get the safe feeling.

    When it happened I panicked as I could tell it was not just one person the way I got grabbed and I said there was only meant to be one. But I was hit hard in the head and put into a van and had my clothes pulled off me. And got my hands cuffed and let's tied apart And was gagged. And a guy kneeled on me and put his cock in my pussy and fucked me, it hurt but didn't last long. The van stopped and the guy left me there alone and the van moved again and I couldn't do anything and it freaked me out.

    When it stopped a guy climbed in back and tried to fuck my ass but couldn't get it in so got lube and fingered me before he tried again and eventually got it in and said he was going to take gag out. Soon as he did I swore like hell at him and said who the fuck was he and the other guy... By time he finished I was in tears and asked to stop it. I heard what I hoped was the first guy climb in and not someone else. And he put a plate with lines of cocaine Infront of me and I said help me and took3 of them and got my pussy rammed but I came. I asked to be untied cause it was hurting. Someone said hurting where and fucked my ass which now that it was lubed didn't hurt as much as first time but still hurt but again I ended up having an orgasm.

    They said my husband would be over to get me and that my ass was bleeding. When I was alone I actually felt good in a fucked up way, but it was painful. And at A&E having to explain the anal tear was humiliating.

    Stepdad Update #5

    My stepdad is now my own private sex toy.
    After i told him i have been recording his little wanking missions in my bedroom once he thinks he is home alone and the fact he practically forced fucked me at the weekend when he thought i was drunk.
    I asked him if he could drive me to a friends because it was her birthday party and he knew he had to say yes.
    Half way there i said pull over and i want you to lick my pussy,
    He found an empty pull in point and I jumped into the back seat and he followed.
    I lifted my dress up over my hips and opened my legs and pulled my knickers to the side revealing my freshly waxed pussy,
    He started to take out his dick so I asked him what he thought he was doing.
    I told him I wanted my pussy licking and nothing else.
    He started licking and sucking my clit i held his head by his hair with both my hands just like he did to me last weekend and i was thrusting myself against his mouth and face.
    I could feel his face was getting really wet and slippery .
    I starting calling him names but he didn’t react.
    I had a great orgasm and told him to clean me up with the tissues he keeps in his glove box .
    I climbed back in the front seat he stayed in the back and tuck his hard dick out i told him to get driving right away before I phone mum to let her know what a prevert her husband is.
    I told him if he needs to cum he can do it while driving so I wouldn’t be late.
    He did just that,
    He came all over his seat and floor while driving in about 2 minutes.
    Once we arrived i said now clean yourself up before you get home and expect a call tomorrow when I need picking up.
    I shut his car door and walked away.
    I love my new found power over him,it’s given me so much confidence.
    Im going to enjoy my power.
    Hayley x

  • This Is How You Don't Get Pregnant

    I thought I'd share this after reading so many confessions here.

    When I was 16 I had already had sex a few times. I loved to cum. I loved being licked and penetrated but was so scared of getting pregnant that I hardly ever allowed boys to fuck me unless of course they had a rubber. Then my classmate Lisa got pregnant even though her bf used a rubber. After that, there was no penis getting in my vagina, no matter how much I wanted it. I couldn't even ask my mom to get me on the pill because good Catholic girls are all virgins you know. Then I met Danny. He was a junior while I was just a sophomore but he liked me. I was totally in love with him. He was so cute and strong, and had the nicest hands I ever had on me. After a week of being bf and gf we started to do more than kiss. I would suck him off every chance I got. I enjoyed it but once he came that was it. Nothing for me. After a few weeks of that he wanted to fuck but I said no way. When I explained that I wanted to more than anything but didn't want to get pregnant he made a suggestion.... Anal. I was like, no way! He eventually convinced me to try it. I have to admit, I'm glad I did. I could just leave it at that bit I know y'all might like to hear the details. It's been about 20 years but I can still remember it pretty well. So here's how it went...

    He was smart enough to take his time. Until now the only oral that happened was me sucking him off, which I loved. I have always loved sucking cocks and still do to this day. But I digress... We were in his room and we get naked. He sucked on my nipples for a bit and was rubbing my pussy which was amazing. Then he had me turnover and lay on my stomach. I was so nervous, if he hadn't gotten me so worked up, I wouldn't have gone any further. Then he was massaging my butt, which felt really nice and I relaxed a bit. Then came a big surprise, he spread my butt cheeks and started licking my butt hole. It was exquisite! I came on about 30 seconds. I was shocked. My pussy was flowing without any kind of direct stimulation. He stopped for a second and laughed saying, I guess you like that. I'm like oh yes please don't stop. He licked me for a few more minutes and I came two more times. Then he asked if I was ready to be fucked there. I was scared honestly, but also curious. If licking me there felt so good, maybe getting a dick in there wouldn't be so bad. He had some lube in a kind of big bottle and put some on his finger and rubbed it into my butt hole slowly. It felt nice. Then he slid his finger in and put more lube in me for a bit. I was loving it. I might have cum again bit was still a bit scared. Then he got on top and I felt the head of his cock start to go in. It really felt nice. It was a lot bigger than his finger but was warm and squishier than a finger. He was really gentle and took his time. It was a bit weird feeling at first. But felt good at the same time. It hurt a little too but not more than the first time I put a carrot all the way in my pussy when I popped my own cherry. My pussy was flowing juice out like a river now as inch by inch he slowly put more and more cock in my butt. It stopped hurting all together after just a couple minutes. He was now going all the way in and back and it was amazing. He kept asking if it hurt, I said no, no, it's nice, I like it. So he started fucking me a bit faster. It was it a couple of minutes really and I felt him tense up and shoot in me. WOW! I exploded. I squirted all over his bed. I screamed and screamed yes yes fuck me!!! I loved it. He collapsed on me and we laid there for a while catching bout breath while he throbbed inside my butt. I told him I loved him and he could do that to me anytime he wanted. He fucked my butt three more times that day within the next two hours. He never lasted muchore than five minutes or so. But I didn't care because I never came so much with all my masturbating.

    We were bf and gf for about 6 months. I eventually let him fuck my pussy with two rubbers on which made it last until he got tired of it then he would butt fuck me til he came. I preferred it in my butt though and still do to this day.

    Memories That Need To Be Let Go

    Back when I was in college I had a summer job working as a waiter. The bartender was a Mexican man in his thirties and he befriended me. At one point he invited me to his apartment, a non airconditioned garage apartment in the run down Mexican neighborhood. Inside he got undressed until he was only in his briefs, and he danced for me and laughed. Laying back on the bed he invited me to lay down with him.

    He stroked his dick into an erection, blowing me a kiss, he invited me again. I fought the urge to leave but surrendered and went over to him and he helped me undress, rubbing my chest and back, kissing me, stroking my dick until I was totally naked. He took his briefs off and his erection rubbed up against me. It took a few moments before I was sucking on his dick and he was toying with my ass. He got up, brought a bottle to the bed, fingered my ass with the content and then mounted me and inserted his dick in my ass.

    Laying back naked on the bed after he had fucked me, he took a camera and took several pictures of me naked. A few more with his dick against my lips, his dick in my mouth, his dick in my hand, and after getting erect again his dick in my ass. I cooperated, enjoying the moment.

    A few days later I was at his apartment again and after we had spent time having sex and getting fucked, he showed me the prints of the pictures he had taken earlier that week. Back and white, a couple 8 x 10s, the rest 4 x 6. I loved them and after begging him he let me have them, keeping the negatives. These pictures went into a shoe box hidden under my bed.

    From college, to my first apartment, until today this box has been with me. I've had several lovers these many years, some a day or two, some for a time, But my heart never forgot Samuel, and when I needed too I relived my summer with him by touching, remembering with these old black and whites.

    I know I need to get rid of them, they are a memory of a very long time ago. But if I die someone will find these pictures of me makes on a bed, of Samuel, his beautiful dick in my hand, against my lips. I love these pictures, very naughty pictures of when I was young.

    Crossdresser Nightmare

    I'm a bi male but at the time of this story, I'd only had GF's and had never been with another man. But I did crossdress and after a while had become very proficient at making myself look like a woman, albeit a trashy one.

    One of my friends was getting married and as a sendoff for him, we all went to a small greek island for the last vacation of his single life. We had a great time, lots of alcohol and local girls. On the second to last day, the bachelor boy decided that we all dress up as women as it would be funny. I didn't know what to, do I make myself look ugly so they don't think I dress up all the time or go to town and not care. I went to town, full makeup, wig and black cocktail dress and black pantyhose I'd bought from a store.

    Everyone else looked terrible and here I come looking like some hot teen looking for action. I made some excuse that I'd watched my sister getting ready that I'd learned how to do makeup, not sure they bought it but as the alcohol flowed I didn't care.

    Towards the end of the night, we were all very drunk and in one bar this really handsome guy started to hit on me. To begin with, I ignored his advances and just laughed, trying to tell him that I was a guy, but he couldn't speak a word of English. He started to get a little more forward by constantly putting his hand on my thigh and stroking my leg. I kept pushing his hand away but he was very insistant. I thought i was with my friends so didn't want them seeing me with another man, but to my horror they'd left the bar without me noticing and now im on my own.

    Need To Suck And Fuck

    Ok so I'm married, 2 kids and wonderful wife. For the last year I have been having some very Bi fantasies and noticed that I am reading a lot of the bi confessions.

    I love my wife dearly and have no desire to have another mail included in our sexual acts, however I do want a cock, nothing massive yet!!! I find myself looking at trans porn and looking for trans escorts, but haven't had the courage to do anything.

    I wont go on grinder out of fear my wife will find out and end my marriage, but the urges are getting a bit more intense, when reading certain confession i can feel my underwear getting slightly wet at times.

    We have pegged but the wife has gone off this, she was very into it and Cumming freely with no hands drives me mad. i want a nice creamed asshole once this is done i want this new cock to go back in and fuck me using there cum as lube, i want to be used like this even to the pint that if he want me to take the load on my face and clean it with my tongue I will.

    What can I do?? I think if I do this once it will be out of my system and that's that but my sexual drive is gone into overdrive and this is all I really want at the moment.

    God I need this to happen but absolutely terrified.

  • Thoughts

    Wondering what was y'all thought about last before making yourself come or making y'all lover come. Male and females please comment