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Sex Party

I went to a party with a friend of mine at a pretty nice house. As soon as I walked in I was blown away by the number of hot guys there. There were a few women but not many. My friend disappeared so I started talking to a group of guys. Some time went by and I had stuck around this one guy James. He was tall and muscular. Two guys came up and whispered something to him and he nodded. He leaned over and asked if I wanted to go upstairs. I said sure not knowing what to expect.

I followed him and the other two to a room towards the back of the hallway. There was a large king sized bed. The other two started kissing and taking off clothes. James came up to me and began taking off my shirt. Then he started unbuttoning my jeans. I look over and the other two guys are completely naked. And rubbing each others cocks. I start to get hard watching. James pulls down my pants and boxers to reveal my hard cock. He motions to the other guys and they come over as James is stripping quickly. James has the biggest cock of all of us. The other two guys start rubbing on me, and take my hands to rub on them. James pulls me to the bed and makes me lay down. He starts sucking my cock. I am so focused that I don’t notice the other two guys up near my face. The put their cocks near my mouth so I immediately grab one in each hand and begin sucking.

After a few minutes one of the guys maneuvers me into a 69 position but I am on top. I am going to town on his cock, and I feel something press against my ass. I look back to see James straddling my ass and pressing his cock between my cheeks. I can tell he lubed it up as his head begins to side in me. The other guy quickly moves to the guy under me and begins entering him as well. James has filled me up with his cock and pounds me hard as I am deep throating the other guy getting pounded. We are going at it for quite some time and I feel James moan and start cumming.

As he pulls out I get off the other guy but keep my ass up to keep the cum from pouring out. The man I was sucking off now begins to straddle me and slides right in. His friend that was pounding him wipes off his cock and comes around to my face. I was so horny I immediately started grabbing his cock and sucking. I look over to see James recording us but at this point I didn’t care. I hand cocks in both my holes and couldn’t take it. Cum starts shooting out of my cock, and I immediately feel cum shooting down my throat. I am draining the cock in my mouth and the cock in my ass blows in load. Both guys get out of me and I swallow the load in my mouth. I stand up to walk over to James who is still recording and both loads of cum pours out of my ass onto the floor.

He stops recording and puts the phone away. I asked him what he was going to do with that, and he said he would pleasure himself to it later. I cleaned myself up and got dressed. As I went downstairs I found my friend waiting for me and said he couldn’t believe what I did. I asked what he was talking about. He proceeded to show me the whole video of me taking three cocks and three loads of cum. James had air dropped it to the entire party. I was the talk of the party. I’m pretty sure the video is posted online somewhere as well…

Riding On Top

Went out with a close friend and went back to my place afterwards. We were chilling on the couch and I ask if he wanted to see my room. He didn’t hesitate to head back there. As soon as he stepped through the door he was taking my clothes off and I began to return the favor. He took off my boxer to reveal my hard 5inch cock. I kneel down to take his off and his was a hard 7 or 8 inches. I pushed him on the bed and crawl up to his cock.

I begin to lick up and down his shaft. I work my way down to his shaved balls and suck on them as I work his cock. I proceed to deep throat him while keeping eye contact. My cock is raging at this point. I reach over to the night stand and pull out some lube. I work the lube all on his cock and start to straddle him. I have one hand on his chest and reach behind me with the other to guide it. I get the head of his cock inside me and begin to lower myself. I work my self up and down until he is all the way in. I begin to gyrate my hip to work his hard cock inside me, which causes mine to flop around.

He grabs my cock and jerks it as he is inside me. I didn’t lad but only a few minutes. I bust my load all on his chest. That must have turned him on because he grabbed my hips and started thrusting hard. His balls were slapping against me and I could feel his huge cock destroying me. I lean over top of him and he thrusts even harder. I hear him moan and feel the rush of his hot cum fill me up. I crawl off and he pours out of me. I asked if he wanted to shower, which really just meant round 2.

Size Comparison

A friend of mine and I were drinking one night. We have never hooked up but I was hoping it would happen. We started talking about some of our past experiences and I made a comment that I typically end up with guys that are bigger than me down below. He asked if I had a small cock. I said I didn’t think so. He said if you had to guess a size when it is hard what would it be. I said maybe 4 or 5 inches. He said oh, so it must be pretty small when it is soft.

I just frowned. He said he was sorry and didn’t mean to offend me. He was just intrigued. All of a sudden he asked if he could see my cock. I said only if I could see his. He told me to face away from him, strip down, and he would do the same. I did what he said and he the. Said we would turn around on 3. 1,2,3 and we turned around. My soft cock is about 2 or 3 inches and hangs above my balls. His cock was magnificent. His soft cock was as long as my hard cock. The head of his cock hung well below his balls.

As we stood there, my cock started to grow. He said you must like what you see. I notice his cock start to move. I take a step closer and take his cock in my hand. I feel it grow and it is massive. I have to take my other hand to hold it up. I start rubbing it and it is at least 9 or 10 inches. My hard cock beside his looked tiny, but he didn’t seem to care. He led me over to his couch. He laid down and I got on top in a 69 position. I could hardly get half his cock in my mouth. I can feel my entire cock in his mouth. It feels amazing. I can’t couldn’t believe how good it felt, and all of a sudden I start to cum in his mouth. I could tell he wasn’t expecting it.

He sat up and said well how do we want to finish me off… I knew it would hurt, but something inside of me told me to try it. I asked if he had any lube. He smiled and went and got some. I crawl up on his couch on all fours. I feel as he works some live inside of me. All of a sudden I feel the head of his cock start to enter me. It’s so tight. I lean my head down to the couch and arch my back. He slide in quite a bit. I know it’s not all the way in. He pulls out a bit then pushes in even more. I feel my cock start to grow again. He begins to pick up the speed. His hands are grabbing my hips. My cock is fully hard again. He must have felt it because he reached under with his hand that had lube on it and start to jerk it.

He start to moan and all of a sudden he thrusts all the way in. Every inch of his cock was inside me and I can feel the cum pouring into me. He slowly pulls his cock out of me. My cock then starts to cum again but hardly anything comes out this time. It was quite a mess that poured out of me.

Cumming On Top

I went out with a friend for some drinks. We came back to my place that night. As we were watching a show on the couch, I decided to make the first move. I moved my hand up his leg slowly. By the time I got to his cock, it was starting to grow. I could tell it was quite big. I got down on my knees in front of him on the couch and started to remove his pant. As I pull his boxers off, I’m looking right at his huge cock. I’m about 4 or 5 inches when hard, and he had to of been twice as big as me.

I don’t hesitate to stick it in my mouth. Using two hand and sucking, I begin to work him. I try to stick it in my mouth as far as it would go. I massage his balls while licking up and down. It gets pretty sloppy. I continued for a good while, but know that I needed him inside me. I strip down, and I am as hard as a rock. I grab some lube I had hid in the side table just in case. I cover his cock in lube and work it inside my ass. As he is sitting on the couch, I straddle him and slowly work the head of his cock inside me.

I continue to lower myself down on him. He is over halfway in and I feel like I am full. My cock is throbbing, it feels so good. Then he puts his hand on my hips and begins to thrust into me. With each thrust, he goes inside me deeper. His balls and slapping agains me. I’m holding onto his shoulders tight. I feel the biggest orgasm come over me. I shoot the biggest load all over his chest. He continues to pound his huge cock into. All my cum is drained out and my cock is shrinking. My soft cock is only 2 or 3 inches. It looks small now flopping back and forth. All of a sudden I feel him tense up. He grabs my shoulders and pushes me hard down on his cock. He starts cumming deep inside me.

I can feel the cum leaking out around the sides of his cock. I stay there for a moment before standing up. As I do, cum just pours out on the floor. I get turned on looking at the mess. That was the best round of sex I had in a while. I tried to talk him into round two, but he said he had to go. When he left, I had to get myself off again. This time I recreated out hot scene with my dildo. While it did the job, I definitely wanted the real thing again!

Shower Dildo

I bought a new dildo recently, and I can’t get enough of it. It was a 9 inch suction cup with balls. The first couple times using it I was only able to get it 3 quarters of the way in before cumming. Last night I was super horny from a porno was watching of a couple in the shower. I decided to take the dildo to the shower. I lubed it and my asshole up. I suctioned it to the wall of the shower and slowly worked it in. I could feel myself getting stretched up. I knew after a few minutes that I would not be able to get it all the way in standing up.

I pulled the dildo out of my ass and suctioned it to the seat in the shower. I lowered myself on it and began bouncing on it. After about 3 bounces, I was all the way on the seat and my balls were pressed against the silicone balls. I picked up the pace and worked all 9 inches in and out. I grab my cock and work it as I’m bouncing. I shoot my load with the dildo deep in me. One of the best feelings I’ve had in a while. That’s about to be a nightly ritual.

Proving A Point

During college I became close with a large group of friends. During this time I began actively hooking up with guys and girls. It was well known among our friend group that I was open to anyone. One night we were hanging out at my place and drinking. The majority of the gang had to leave early, but me and a guy named Zach ended up being the last two there.

We were playing a drinking game before everyone left, so the two of us continued. We played a form of never have I ever, and he said never have I ever sucked a cock. I gladly took a drink and looked at him. He asked me what got me interested in guys, and I told him it was the thrill of doing something taboo. He said he couldn’t imagine he would enjoy it. I told him it was no different than being with a girl. He told me he didn’t believe me. I looked at him and said I’ll make a deal with him. If I couldn’t change his mind by the end of the night then I would by rounds for him the next weekend.

He just looked at me at first. Then he said, how would I change his mind? I told him to trust me and all I would need him to do is put a blindfold on, strip down, and lay on the floor. He said I don’t want any cock in my mouth! I promised him that would not happen. So he drunkenly agreed to my request. I told him I would step out and for him to holler when he was ready. I stepped to my room and grabbed some lube just in case. I undressed to my boxer and heard him yell that he was ready.

I walked out to see him naked on the floor. His cock was soft, but quite long. His soft cock was about 5 inches. I kneeled down beside him quietly. Without using my hands, I bent down and began licking the tip of his cock. He said woah! But I said shh trust me. I saw his cock twitch. I took his soft cock all the way in my mouth. As I begin working in, it begins to grow down my throat. I pull it out to look at it and it’s at least 8 inches if not longer, but real then. I am extremely hard sucking his long cock. I am being sloppy and making sure I pay attention to his balls and all.

After about 5 minutes I take his cock out of my mouth and stand up. He asks if he can remove the blindfold and I told him not yet. I take the lube and rub some all on my asshole. I reach down and work it on his cock. I begin to straddle him and lower myself down to my knees. I feel his cock poke me in my crack. He didn’t say anything at first. I reach back and grab his cock. I place the head of his cock in my ass and he slides in. I lower myself more by placing my hands on his chest. All of a sudden he begins to thrust his hips.

He begins to pick up his speed. I tell him he can take off his blindfold. He immediately takes is off and grabs my hips. All of a sudden he is pounding my ass like there is no tomorrow. My hard cock is flopping up and down. I know I won’t be able to last much longer at this rate. I push back on him so he is all the way inside me and I begin to cum. The first shot hits his face and the rest pour all over his stomach. That was enough to make him cum because I suddenly feel him tense up and the shooting sensation deep inside me.

Once he finishes, I slowly get up and his cum pours out of me. He had the biggest load I’ve seen in a while. I go and grab him a towel. We sit there for a while and he agrees that I would not have to pay for his rounds and that he would definitely need to try that again soon.

Self Cum Shot

I started masterbating at the age of 12. By the time I turned 13 I was watching porn. I was always intrigued with blowjobs. I wanted to know what it felt like to get my cock suck.

One day I decided I wanted to try to suck my own cock. I waited for my parents to leave. I decided to strip down and lay on the floor against the wall. I worked my feet up the wall and flipped my legs over my head. My cock was rock hard and pointing straight down at me. I was only about 5 inches long though. I kept pushing my head up at my cock. It was so close, that I could stick my tongue out and barely lick the tip.

I began jerking off while licking the tip of my cock. After a couple minutes I can feel that I am about to blow my load, but I keep licking. All of a sudden a huge shot of cum goes straight down my throat. I shift and the next two shots hit my eyes and face. I sit up, and the cum runs down into my mouth. I decide to swallow it. I actually didn’t mind the taste.

Back Shots In The Woods

A friend invited me to go out riding 4 wheelers. He lived out on his families farm with over 100 acres of woods with trails. After about an hour of riding, we stop at a small creek. He told me her was going to hop in. He starts to strip down. I look over to see him pull down his bottoms. His soft cock as around 5 inches. I could feel myself getting hard. He looked over and asked if I was going to join him.

I slowly strip down facing away from him. My cock was still growing to its full 6inches. I go to get in the water and I see him looking at me. I apologized for being hard. He said there was no need to apologize and maybe I could help him with his. He walks over to me. I reach out and take his cock in my hand. I start working it. He puts his hands on my shoulders and leads my head down towards his cock. It is now close to 8 inches. I take the head of his cock and place it in my mouth.

As I am working it, I hear him moan. He stops and tells me to come over to the 4 wheeler. He leads me over and he grabs a bottle from his bag. It’s some kind of lotion or lube. He must have been planning this. He lathers up his cock then tells me to get on the machine. I straddle the 4 wheeler, lean forward, and grab the handles. I feel him massage my ass and working some lube inside me. Then he places the head of his cock in my ass. He slowly pushes it in.

I know he is about halfway in and it was tight, but I needed more. I begin to push back and it slides in until his balls hit mine. He starts to pump and all I can do it grab hard to the handles. He has his hands on my shoulders and is tearing my insides up. I know I am about to blow, but dont tell him to stop. I shoot my load all on the seat.

He keeps going, as my cock starts to shrink. He is pushing me down more so my ass is higher up. He starts to groan, and puts all his weight into a final thrust. All eight inches is inside me as he releases his load. As he pulls his cock out, his cum pours out of me onto my loads. We decide to go back to the creek to clean up before riding back to the house.

My Favorite Toy

I went to an Adam and Eve recently looking for something new. At the time the only two toys I had was a cock ring and 5 inch dildo. I went into the shop and just looked around. I had a talk with the young lady working about what I was interested in. I told her I just wanted something more filling. She led me over to the suction cup dildos. There were different lengths and colors. I immediately picked up an 8inch black one. She asked if I would need lube, and I said definitely.

I opened it during the car ride home. It felt huge in my hands and made me slightly nervous. I was hard as a rock by the time I got home. I stripped down and held the cock next to mine. It was almost twice as big as I was. I took it to my room and suctioned it to the full length mirror. I got on my knees and started sucking it. I could only take a couple inches in my mouth. As I was choking on the black cock, I resisted the urge to touch my own.

I decided I had to have it inside me. I slide it down the mirror a bit lower and grab the lube. I stroked the cock to lather it up and massage my asshole with lots of lube. I turn around on all fours and position myself doggy style with the head poking me. I reach back between my legs and force the head inside me. I definitely wasn’t prepared for how big it was. I slowly push back. I look back at the mirror to see it inside me about half way. I don’t know if I can take more. I start to pick up speed and slide it in and out. Pre cum is starting to leak out of my swinging cock.

I wanted more so I pop it off and place it on a chair in front of the mirror. I straddle the chair and lower myself on it. I get about halfway again and feel the pressure, but I want more. I watch in the mirror as I push down harder and see myself take in more cock. I feel the rubber balls press against mine. I begin to just grind on the chair. I start grinding faster and know I’m going to explode soon. As soon as I grab my cock, it shoots the biggest load onto the floor. I stay seated with all 8 inches inside me as the cum finished pouring out. My cock shrinks back to a soft 2 or 3 inches and I began lifting my self off the massive cock. It slides out and I can’t believe I fit it all inside me.

Sucking Fun

A guy that I had been getting to know asked if I wanted to hang out with him and another friend. We all went to a movie and back to his place after. We started drinking and chatting. The conversation turned to our favorite types of porn. I told them I like watching blowjob video. I told them it doesn’t matter who is giving the head, but the bigger the cock the better.

His friend asked if I have ever sucked a cock, and I said I had. He then asked what the biggest cock I had sucked was, and I told him maybe 6inches. He looked at the friend of mine and smiled. I asked what that was about and he said that he could help improve that number a bit. I told him to prove it. He pulled his boxers down to reveal a very long soft cock. As he started working it, it began to grow! It was about 8 or 9 inches. My friend looked and me and said I should try it out. I get on my knees and take his head in my mouth. He takes his shirt off and I just look up at the naked man with his cock in my mouth.
All of a sudden my friend turns my head to show me his cock (big but not quite as big). I grab his cock and shove it in my mouth. I am working his friend with my right hand and sucking my friend off. I pull the other cock to my mouth and push both heads in my mouth. I lick up and down both cocks and it gets sloppy. I I hear the friend start to grunt but the first shot hits my eye. I get his cock in my mouth and swallow the rest. My friend then starts cumming on my face and shirt.
I was super hard so they agreed to help me finish.

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Alone In The Hotel

I was on a work trip staying at a nice hotel on the 8th floor. As I was driving to the hotel I noticed a Pricilla McCall store so I stopped in. I had never bought anything before but was interested. I walked around the whole store but kept getting pulled back to the dildos. I’ve fantasized about using one so I figured I should try it. I found a 6.5 inch suction cup dildo that looked similar to my erect cock. I bought that and some lube.

I was excited to try the toy. I checked in the hotel and was hard the whole time. The room had a king bed with a couch and coffee table. Huge glass shower. I threw my stuff down, stripped down, and opened the dildo. I started sucking on it first. I enjoyed that, but wanted it inside me. I decided I would put it on the end on the coffee table and sit on it. I lubed it up and lowered down. It was tight and a bit painful but I kept going. Slowly I got to a point that it slipped in and I felt the rubber balls against my balls. I gripped the coffee table and bounced up and down. Less than a minute and I blew a huge load all on the floor.

I used it at least 8 different times throughout the trip. I suctioned it in the shower, on the head board, on the window, and on the mirror to watch myself. There was so much cum around that room. It was a great weekend!