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Reliving Old Memories

I travel a lot, or at least I did until recently. This got me thinking that I needed to watch more for situations with hot girls. It then occurred to me to watch for anyone dropping off in short outfits and go from there... The best one was this really young girl, still with a wedding ring...or at least the engagement ring...dropping off her guy at the airport at the gates. They hugged as if he was going off to war (he wasn't...I don't think...). Her dress was SHORT. The dress was no longer than just below the bottom of her wrist, close to where her thumb met her hand...way above fingertip length. She had on black wedge heels and nothing else beside her long brown hair. From behind, her dress just covered her ass but allowed you to see where her thighs met her ass, but again just barely...but it was that short.

They kissed and hugged passionately, his hands on her ass the whole time, until he finally went through security to get to his gate. She waited and waved a few times, then started walking back to the parking lot. I waited a second, then followed behind her. She couldn't walk very fast because of her tall wedges, so it was perfect. Short term parking was in the big garage across from the airport, and you had to walk a long tunnel, then take escalators then stairs up, or suffer some very slow elevators. First thing I did was when we were about to the tunnel I pretended to bump her ass with my hand while I talked on my cell with the other. Her ass was firm but soft, if you know what I mean. She clearly worked out to keep that body just so.

I apologized and put my phone away. She said nothing at first, probably more taken aback than anything else. I'm good looking for my age, so she didn't seem too afraid and said "that's okay." I smiled at her and I said, "If you don't mind my asking, where are you flying in from, you look like you were at an island or something." She laughed and replied "No, just dropped my husband off for a flight." "Husband?" I said, "You're too young and cute to be married already." She laughed back and said "Thanks, but I'm 23 and we've been married almost a year already." We walked together to the escalator and she got on with me just behind her. Awesome ass, great body, legs hot...but she couldn't walk fast so we just walked slowly as we talked.

At the top of the escalator were the steps. I thought she'd go for the elevator but she went for the steps instead. "What floor are you on?" "Four" she replied. "I'm on six" I lied...I actually had to pick up a rental on two! I left her walk a few steps ahead of me at first and sure enough as she walked the steps I could see between her legs. She had enough of a thigh gap that I could see her pussy lips as she walked up the steps. I couldn't believe my luck at first, but then I went for it... "I'm sorry, but you are so fucking hot!" I said "and I can see you aren't wearing any panties, was that for your husband?" "Oh my God," she said at first and put a hand over her butt between her legs from behind, "you can see that? I told him this was too short but he wanted to see me in it." She stood still for a second and I got to the step behind her. I reached up to her and patted her hand over her ass and said "Hey, no panty lines in a dress like that, plus it makes you 10 times hotter!" I held my hand over hers and she withdrew her hand as if we shouldn't be touching, but that just left my hand to palm her ass for a second and I got a fingertip on her ass cheek for a split second but then made sure to remove my hand instantly after that. Couldn't go TOO fast.

"Where are you going after this?" I asked. "Home" she said, "nowhere else." I said "That's a shame, because you're all dressed up, I thought maybe there'd be a boyfriend." That broke the tension and she laughed again. "No boyfriend." she replied "Just my husband." I said "do you want to get a drink or something?” Still standing there, she laughed again, and turned around. She wasn’t adjusting her dress, so her hemline was up to her crotch at this point, a little shadow at the top of her thighs. I stepped up next to her, and said “Or, we could just hang out in your car and talk.” With that I took my free hand next to her and put it between her legs, just brushing her pussy with my middle finger. “Whoa! What are you doing!?!?!” she replied and backed up a step…but she stayed on that step. “Sorry,” I said, “I wasn’t thinking, it’s just you are so hot in that dress.” She replied “Thanks, but I’m MARRIED!” She emphasized the married part more than shouting it. I replied “Yeah, and you’re all dressed up and he’s on a plane leaving you alone. I’m sorry, I just think you’re so hot.” “Well, thanks,” she said, “but I knew this skirt was too short!” she said and yanked it down in front just enough to recover herself. I quickly said “Oh, please, don’t’ cover up, you’re so beautiful.” I knew it was working when she unclenched her legs and stood relaxed again. I stepped up a step again, standing aside her again. She didn’t move, so I lightly put my hand under her skirt again and caressed her bare pussy with my finger. She didn’t say anything, just looked down at my hand partway covered by her dress as I massaged her pussy gently.

What really happened: After about a minute or so of me working my fingers over her pussy that I was just able to push the first part of my finger between her lips and feel the warmth inside her pussy. As I was about to push in further she pushed on my wrist with my hand “I’m sorry, I can’t do this. I have to go.” With that she quickly ran up the steps…well, clomped as fast as she could in her heels. I got a few glimpses of ass and a little bit of pussy until she rounded the corner and was gone.

What I wanted to happen: Fortunately no one was using the stairs at this moment, because we stood for a couple of minutes counting the talking and now the soft groping. I bent my head down to sort of make eye contact as she looked up from her crotch and I asked, “Can we go to your car?” “Yeah, ok.” She replied. We walked the rest of the stairs with her ahead of me and I just stared at the bottom of her butt cheeks and pussy lips peeking out of her dress.

We got to her car, an older C-class Mercedes and I parked my bags up against the passenger side of her car. “Do you want me to use a condom?” I asked, “I don’t have anything if you don’t.” She replied “I think we better use one.” So I got one out of my bag. “Why don’t you sit in and recline the seat. She did as I guided her. Once she was in, I said, “Now get back out and I’ll sit in.” She spread her legs to get out and gave me a great look at her shaved pussy and gaping pussy lips, the supple wet pink between her lips let me know she was already ready. I sat down and pulled down my pants and underwear to reveal my erection. She didn’t need prompting at this point and got on top of me in the car. I rubbed spit on my dick just before she sat down on it, taking my length part way in before hovering for a second, then slowly working her way up and down my shaft until I was all the way in to my balls. I could kind of get my hands inside her dress form the top to cup her breasts, but it was awkward. I settled for massaging her tits through her dress while she bobbed up and down on me. We did this for a few minutes then I looked around and said we should get out of the car. ..(continue confession)

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