Randomized confessions..

has your brother or sister ever done anything to embrassing you wat was it gave details?

  • I once climbed over my back fence when i was about 12 and took some lingerie off my neighbours line. (She was about 19). I then put on some stockings and a gstring and masterbated on her little scotter. I left the cum right their on the seat.
    Would be interested what people think about this behaviour?

    When I was 15 and my younger sis 13, our mom began dating a guy that we hated. I guess the main thing was that he was in the military and if she married him, we'd have to move around, which we hated the idea of since we loved our high school.

    So we made up a story that when our mom was in the hospital having an operation, he had come over, given us beer, and asked if we wanted to watch a porno. According to the story, when we said no, he put it on anyway and then tried to touch my butt.

    Our mom dumped him without a second thought. She never dated again when my sister and I lived at home. She's had boyfriends since, but never anyone serious. I feel really bad.

  • Those of you who have had your dick sucked by both males and females, who does it better?

    When we lived in the same community as some amish people dad always said they were straight as a string. I grew up real close to this one family, one of their boys was the same age as me, when we turned 16 we started doing lots of wierd things, playing with each others dicks, I sucked him off a few times, then one day in the field waiting for another wagon to be brought over, he pulled out his dick, told me to take my pants down, I did, he took his down, he stuck his finger in this one mares pussy, then stuck it in my ass, and fingered me. That was different, but I liked it, a few minutes later he fingered the mare again, then me, then he stuck his dick in my ass. It didn't last very long, and it didn't hurt, it just felt kind of weird, and I knew he'd shot his load. I let him do it a few times after that, then we quit, I never told anybody about it, but I've always wondered how many of the amish boys screw other boys before they get a girl friend.

  • the other day i was at a mall in the city next to mine. this wasn't the usual mall that i went to, but it had some stores the other didn't so occasionally i went there. since i didn't go there much i didn't no where the bathrooms were, i only knew there was one on the bottom floor near the food court. there are 3 floors in this mall and at this time i was up on the 2nd floor and i was trying on clothes at this new store. while trying on clothes i got the urge to pee but i still had more stuff to try on so i didn't want to leave yet. finally i started to get really desperate and i walked out with my stuff still in the dressing room and asked the lady , who was the manager there if i could use the bathroom. she told me know that it was for employees only, by that time i was holding myself with my hand in my pants becaue i was so desperate. the manager started laughing atthe condition i was in and a small dark spot formed at the cortch of my pants. i was able to gain control again and i walked back to the dressing room to get my purse and bags. when i got back in there, a wave came over me and i doubled over from the pain. i was able to with one hand unbutton my pants but as i tried to pull them off i started leaking and finally a nice hard piss started flowing through my pants. at that time i was furious that the lady did not let me use their bathroom when i was so desperate that i pulled off my soaked jeans and thong and pushed myself to take a crap in the corner of the dressing room, and then since these were rather large dressing rooms that i had chairs in them, i walked over and sat down on the chair and managed to piss a little more on it so the next person would get a surprise. i left the store immediatly and no one had seen what i had left. after i felt bad but the bitchy manager deserved it. after about 4 months the store closed anyway so oh well

    I peed my pants while trick or treating

    suck your dick whenever I want to? The only thing is that I am a male. Is that OK?

    Yup... I pretty much hate the majority of my neighbors with every bone, muscle, vein and internal organ in my body. This being said there certainly are some sweet people on my street too.

    Something you should know about my family. We have a dog. I'll be the first to admit she's not perfectly behaved but she's not near as bad as the neighbors think she is, and neither am I.

    Incident 1:
    Puppy and I were going for a walk at around 7am, and as we were walking by the neighbors house we passed a giant dog... dropping right in the middle of their sidewalk. Of course this is rather disgusting, and it's not like I was going to or COULD do anything about it (I needed my bag for my dogs own business) so we sidestepped it and continued on our way; not giving it another thought. Later that day (at around 2pm) we were going for another walk, and went by it again (the neighbors were having some yard work done at this time). I made eye contact, nodded and smiled my greeting to the gardeners as we passed by, again avoiding the crap. On the way back, however, the neighbors (a rather elderly couple) were backing out of their driveway, stopped when they saw me, rolled down their window, and beckoned me with the wave of one finger. Thinking this strange as I've never conversed with them before, I went forward and bent over so I could make eye contact. The man pointed at the dog crap (now thrown onto the government owned patch of grass that I still have to mow)and said

    "That's illegal you know."
    I couldn't just let THIS one slip by.

    "Yes sir, I know it's illegal, but why are you wasting your breath and time telling me this when you should be telling the person who left it there."

    "IT did it. The workmen said they saw her do it." he said now motioning to my dog standing behind me wondering what the heck was going on.

    OK It's on now... and WHAT?! All the workmen saw her do was drop her tennis ball for me to kick along the sidewalk for her.

    "No sir, SHE didn't do it; and I don't honestly see how the workmen could say they saw her do it considering its twice as big as her head. I don't understand how you think it's plausible that it could come from her. Also, this was here at 7 this morning, when I was walking her; leading me to believe it was done sometime last night or earlier than we were even up. Maybe before you go accusing every person you see with a dog you should think things through; and consider firing those workmen, they're obviously pathological liars."

    On this note I walked around their car and headed for home without looking back.

    The fact that my dog and I got blamed for something we definitely did not do ticked me off to no end, and the mans ignorance smarted like a slap to the face. It was time to do something unreasonable and immature to get back at these people. That night at around 11 we were going for our final walk, leash-less, I realized I had to use the bathroom. I slowly made my way up onto their porch and pissed on the mat.

    No, my dog didn't crap on your sidewalk. But I pissed on your welcome mat. :)

  • I hate my neighbor soooo much. I know this is not healthy for me but I just can't help it. She moved in a little over a year ago. She is a real estate agent. She seemed really nice and business like. At that time (8/2003) I was very depressed and took an overdose of pills. I have since been in counseling and am on meds. I confided in her. Stupid on my part I know. Anyway she told my neighbors about my sucide atempt. I have lived next to her for just over a year now and have never said anything to her about this. Today she came over and accused my son who is 16 of called her a hooker. She waited until I left to do this. I came home and went to her door. One thing led to another and she said "Why don't you try to kill yourself again?" At that moment I saw red. I ran to her door and as she tried to close it I shoved my foot into it so she could not. I called her so many names, like cunt and bitch. I just lost it. I would have beat her down if my 16th yr. old son had not pulled me back. I feel like a total maniac right now. I have lived her 14 yrs. She has been her 2. I would like to run out of the nieghborhood, have any suggestions how I can accomplish this?? I live in California. Any suggestions would be great.