Randomized confessions..

One time when I was 17 I went on a vacation with a few of my buddies. We were staying at this nice resort in Cuba. While we were there we were taking a lot of photos of evrything we did and saw. We spent the last day in the pool the entire day, mostly around the swim up bar. The bartenders were these two ladies who were really cool and friendly and made really good drinks. Before we left I told my friends to take a picture of me with the two bartenders. So they hope up onto the pool side where I`m standing and pose for a picture with me. I was standing there with my arms around ..(continue confession)

When we were growing up my younger brother was a total nerd. Anyway I caught him showing his mates my underwear so my friends and I jumped on him stripped him to his tightie whities and hung him from a tree branch by them. Needless to say they soon gave way and he had to run home naked. Very funny

I was writing an email to my crush and wasnt gonna actually send it.. I was just trying to make my friend shut up - she wouldnt leave me alone about asking him out. So i went to hit save to draft and accidently hit send! EEK... i dont know what to do cuz u havent had to face him yet but i know i will have to tomorrow and the school dance!! :( ADVICE???

~Teen Blush!

My next door neighbor Jack was 13 at the time and I was 14 and we both habve balconys that are next to eachother. Well, one day when he was not home I wasnted to see if I couls cross from one to another and see into his room just to pull a little prank cause sometimes we would do that to eachother and talk and stuff out there. Well I got into his room and next the window I found pictures of me naked and sleeping and Masturbating. I didnt think he watched me all the time!!1 But he did and he had a telescope hiding too. I didnt pull the prank I wanted . I left and got a lock on ..(continue confession)

I would love to here some gay stories if anyone has any good ones, also would love to have hot chat with someone that real makes me hot and horny

I know theres other people out in the world just as wierd as I am, but I have to ask and wonder. I am in love with myself, i have so many pictures of myself on my Phone, I like who I am and what type of person I have become also. I love myself so much that I believe that if I lose enough wieght and gain more muscle to my body I will only like myself only more. I honestly believe I would have to Masterbate to myself every night just because there wont be a body better than mine, or if anyone is worth the effort for my "Perfect" body I would feel that they aren't contributing. ..(continue confession)

This is about a neighbor that lost her marbles a long time ago and continues to lose them every day. QuackQuack, I just can't help it she looks just like a middle aged human duck. OK, there might of been a time in the last few years that we tried to get along with her, but lately she has completely gone insane. She has had quite a few men (no, not a few... a couple hundred at least) in and out of her apartment and I wonder if she hooks to pay the bills. Whores gotta eat, too. OK, ok the reason I write this is: She lives a few houses down, and she is always outside minding everyone's business ..(continue confession)

Some day, I am going to rub my brother's roll on deodorant
between his ass cheeks and then all over his face. Why? Because I think it would be hilarious and that's what sisters are for, to torment their brothers.

i got a boner

When I was about 14 I guess I was a bit weird and didn't hang out with a lot of other kids and didn't have brothers or sisters.

A friend from school had a sleepover and I was invited. It was exciting as I hadn't gone to one before. Well, long story short, I got horny and, not knowing any better, assumed that it was okay to take care of it the way I usually did. I asked the other girls if anyone else was feeling horny and wanted to do it as well. Needless to say I totally misjudged that room. i got called Fish Fingers for years after that.