Randomized confessions..

My girlfriend is 22-year old blonde babe knockout. To keep her happy (and to keep my Mr. Happy happy) I agreed to be a test subject for her college assignment. Her and five other girls were part of a group studying male erections during sleep, like how many times, how long in duration and stuff like that. Some of the girls got their boyfriends to agree, two of them paid test sunjects. For several nights I had to be observed totally nude to see what if anything sprang up while I was asleep. To save time, the girls decided to videotape each of their test subjects, review the tapes and write their reports. What I didn't know (my girlfriend claims she didn't know until the last minute) was that they had to do the viewing TOGETHER. To make matters, worse I knew all but one of the other girls. I also was told I had the smallest erections! To top it off, they had to turn the video tapes in as part of the assignment to their female instruction, who will be my professor for a class this fall. I am so totally screwed and humiliated!

I was 12 years old and just started my period recently and I didnt realize I had a leak and in the bathroom a young girl I think you need a band aid because your leg is bleedind and her mother handed me a quarter to get a tampon. Has anyone had this happen to them?

Two weeks ago at a weekend market we saw a gross sight. A granny, ( about 55 ) with possibly her two daughters and hubbies, and 2 grandchildren. The two younger ladies, late 20 to early 30 olds wore mini skirts, looked good,but the grandma, wore a micro mini. We and all other market-goers saw the bottom of her bum cheek. She did have good legs and an obvious fake tan, but she was too old. I hope she at least wore a G-string. She was oblivious to the fact that she was showing everybody her bum and proboably at at times more, as she was constantly bending over. We all thought it was gross and that after about the age of 30, such fashion should be forgotten.

My mom use to drink alot when I was a kid and sometimes when she was really drunk she would make me do things with her sexually. I never wanted to do it and was real ashamed and embarrassed over it for many years. When I became a teenager she was really jealous of whatever girlfriends I brought home and use to tell me if I did not take care of her that she would not let me see my girlfriend. One time one of my girlfriends was over the house and my mom called me into her room. She asked me if I was having sex with the girl and I said no. She told me I should never have sex with any girls in her house and I said ok. Then she told me to go down on mommy for a few minutes and take care of mommy before I went back inside so I did. I did not know the girl was watching from behind the door and she left before I finished taking care of my mom. The next day at school the whole school knew that I ate my mom out the night before and was teasing me.
Many times now I think of my mom and jerkoff to thoughts of her. I did not realize back then how good it was and never found a woman like my mom.

I used to cut myself when i was younger.I used razors,glass,soda cans,porcelin,anything with an edge.I used to bleed all over the place.Most times i needed stiches.I hurt inside still.

What is the most perverted thing you ever did?

when you go down on your girl, what is it that she likes best/what is your best "move"?

Lately my cousin has been looking at me fuuny. She is 20 yrs old and i have many thoughts about her. I would love to see her naked and to suck on her pussy

I slept over at my friends house again, and later on the next day, I saw my friends moms hot red thong it the laundry hamper, so when my friend was outside, I grabbed it and took a huge whiff, and man did it smell heavenly. I love doing that.

I was just wondering, what age do guys usually start jerking off?