Randomized confessions..

ok first u should know that my grandma is staying down here for an entire month in order to watch my sisters and i. she's also staying in MY room.and she's always there. now dont get me wrong or anything i love her but she can really tick me off sometimes. so anywho she had told me to stay out side and swim with my sister while she went in to make a salad. well i really didn't want to but i was like sure ok. well we have a diving board and i was getting on it so i could dive off(duh) and all the sudden my 4 year old sis pushes me off and since i wasn'ton it enough to hit the water i fell right on my butt on the concrete and then slid into the water. when i got out my entire thigh area was red. so i got really pissed off (i'm going through PMS) and called my mom. now at our house we have rules like u cant swim without an adult. well anyway my mom didn't answer her cell. so a little while later she called and said that she got a message from me so i was like "ya i thought that MeMe was here to watch the kids" and then a vpice came on the phone that definatly wasn't my mom, it was my grandma and she was like "i only asked u to do 1 thing" i was like oh crap and i hung up the phone. i was so emmbarrassed that i couldn't look at her for the rest of the day.

I guess I'm not very subtle when it comes to flirting, but I was trying to be with this guy I really like a few months ago. I mentioned something slightly involving my body just to kind get him thinking about it but without being obvious, but he totally called me out on it. oops..


Hey, I wrote snowblowing snowboarder. Anyway, I work at a gym(yikes,I know). It's just one hottie after another coming in and workin' out. Sometimes it's high school boys, sometimes it's workin' men. They come in and pump iron, sweat and look generally manly. I'm still not out, and I like it that way. It keeps the awkward factor out of the picture and is great for catchin' some guys off guard.

Now I get a membership to the club and consider myself somewhat good lookin' but I'm by no means drool material. I weigh 165 at 6 ft tall(desperatly trying to put on weight). One night, I'm at the gym, goin' through my normal routine. Answering phones, cleaning equipment, taking reservations, that kind of thing.

Now I've been here long enough to know most all the regular members by name, but tonight a new guy walks in. He's kinda short but ripped(tight shirt). He checks in and introduces himself and we chat for a second and I think nothin of it. He's a new member so I'm really nice, and tell him we close in about an hour.

I go about my duties for the next 45 minutes and eventually start my closing rounds. It's a big gym so a few rounds are required to account for everybody. Closin' time finally rolls around and most everybody has already left. I turn everything off systematically leaving the mens locker room for last. When I finally get there I find out someone's in there. Low and behold our new guy is in the men's spa. Looks like he's half asleep, so I walk up to him kinda quietly. He's not wearin' anything cause it's in the men's locker room, and he's is hot!

Bigger pecs and nice round arms. That's all I could see distinctly above the bubbling water, but it was enough to make me start to bone. I finally spoke up and said "Excuse me sir, but the club is closed." His eyes flutter open and he smiles kinda doughy eyed. "Really?" he asks,"I must of lost track a time. Everyone else gone?". "Yup, I even locked the doors."I said.

I don't know if he took that as a come on or if he could see my bulge or what, but it is was kinda dark back by the spa and I couldn't really see very well, but next thing I know he asks "Wanna come in and sit for a while?"
I wanna say 'Fuck yeah!' but instead I say "I'm not really supposed to." He just smiles and says "I won't tell. Everybody else is gone right?"
I manage to shrug and say OK before I start strippin'. I notice he watches as I get out my clothes. Not very shy I guess. Anyway, I get down to my boxers and hesitate. He smiles again and says "Bashful?" Then he stands up from the water showing his very stiff dick. It's not very long but kinda thick and has a very ball like head. I let my boxers fall to the ground and step into the spa. The water is really hot and almost kills my boner as I sit down. He sit's down across from and our feet touch.
It's kinda quiet for a minute and then he asks "like workin at the gym?" I say yeah. "like guys?" he asks. Yeah I say kinda laughin' now. He stands once again and moves foreward. He leans over me to grab a water bottle from behind me. His cock is practically right in my face. It's maybe seven inches but beefy none the less. Instead of sittin' across from me he now sits down next to me. He takes a drink from his water bottle and sets it back down. One of his nice round arms goes under the water. A few seconds later I feel his hand on my junk. He gropes me and jerks my cock a few times, pulling my foreskin up over my head.
He then leans in and starts kissing me his other arm around my shoulders. I lean into his arms and start to fiddle with his nipples. Pretty soon he's pumpin' my cock pretty good. Then he stands up and pulls me up with him. Then he sits me down on the edge of the spa so I'm mostly out of the water. He wastes no time and goes down on my junk, first just licking and pulling at my balls. Then he really started to go to town and I blew after about five or ten minutes. He swallowed most of it but some landed on his big chest.
He sets down again across from me and I went over to him. I sat down on his lap facing him and began to kiss him and rub my cum all over his chest. I could feel his dick pokin' my ass under the water. I don't usually go for barebackin' but he started to push his dick up my ass and I wasn't about to stop him. Wasn't my first up the ass but it was my first without lube. Since it was thick it fuckin' killed me at first but the heat of the water kinda dulled the pain. Atleast he started slow. He started fuckin' me faster as I rubbed his hard nipples and we kissed.
He started to cum in me but then pulled out and cum shot up between us and floated on the water. We sat and made out for a while longer and then got out and dried off. We talked a little as we got dressed and then I let him out of the club. We smile at eachother whenever he comes in now, but no repeats yet, though he does check me out in the weight room mirrors...

I have a roomate who has a very nice figure (butt, abs, penis,..) and he always strips naked to change into his sleeping boxers. I get very turned on but he is straight and I am not outwardly gay. After a couple of months of watching him undress and then masterbate, thinking about him later, I bought a playboy and showed it to him before going to bed. I acted like I was so aroused I could not contain myself so I began to masterbate pretending to look at the pictures. As he shook his head and begin to strip, I watched and blew the biggest sack you've ever seen by the time it was all over watching that beautiful ass appear out of his Calvin Klein boxers. He had to tuck his penis into the loose boxers he wore to bed which was my climax.

What is the preference for girls, loads of hair, trimmed, thin strip or bald.

I am 17 and about to have my first lesbian session with my lover and my hair between my legs is just trimmed. I know she is shaven as I have seen her in her lace panties but I don't want to seem minging to her she has never seen me fully naked and although our relationship is still secret I want this to go right for my first and don't want any problems.

Girls what do you prefer?

When i was in 10th grade, i was on the cheer squad. On one friday we had a pep rally, and the cheer squads had to go in early that day to practice and get ready, etc. i had to get up pretty early and i felt really mooky, and i had coffee with a lot of sugar in it. well about an hour after i had gotten to school, we were through practicing and were finishing getting the gym decorated, when i really felt like i had to poop. i didn't really have time to go, we had to finish setting up for the pep rally to start second period. 20 minutes later, we finished setting up and we went in the small corridor outside the gym and had to wait in formation until the whole school got situated in the gym then our squad would come out first, before the A squad which was 11th and 12th grade. As we were standing out their waiting to make our entrance, all i could think about was how i had to poop. i was not comfortable at all. after a few minutes everyone was ready in the gym and some coaches were making announcments and the A squad was throwing candy and little pom poms into the stands just as we were getting ready to do our opening routine (the A squad was always used for the finale and things in between we both did.) Anyway, i supressed my need to poop as much as i could, and decided i would just go out and cheer my best. we ran out and everything started out okay, things seemed to be going off without a hitch and i felt perfectly fine. it wasn't until halfway through the routine when i faced a serious problem....i was one of the supports for the girl who was the flier to climb up on. well, as she climbed up on me, a lot of my energy shifted to holding her up and it was putting the extra pressure on my whole body...it made it very difficult to control my bowels, and then the worst happened..as i was standing there holding her up, my knees kind of started to shake a little and then i pooped my panties....it came out fast, but it was still fairly solid..thank god it wasn't diahrrea. i just filled my panties with a bunch of soft logs. it wouldn't have been so bad, except that our school colors are blue and white..and my skirt was blue...so what color would that make the panties? yep, you got it. i pooped in white panties, and i was in a situation where i was going to be flashing those panties to hundreds of kids a few times..i couldn't exactly run off the gym floor at that point, but i was starting to panic. i couldn't remember what we were going to do next, i just kept thinking "oh my god i pooped my panties!"
i tried going with teh flow of the squad, and things were not good. even though the poop was well contained in my panties, there must have obviously been a bulge or a stain. after the first tiem we came up and my line had to spin forward and kick, obviously making my skirt fly up a few times, a lot of cheering stopped and a significant amount of kids said "ewww" and stuff like that, and ther ewas murmur..my face turned dark red, and i tried to just continue but i couldn't. i burst into tears and ran off the gym floor! that was the worst day of my life, i pooped my panties in front of my entire school, and people still talked about it even in my senior year. it wasn't until a few weeks before i graduated when there didnt seem to be anyone talking about it. but whenever there was a new kid that had a class with me, someone would point me out to them and say "she crapped her panties while cheer leading in a pep rally." it was the worst and unfortunatley most defining moment of my high school life...high school sucks, majorly. another bad part is, i had to pay for the cheerleading uniform because it belonged to the school and i stained it when i pooped my panties.

Okay, I'm the husband of the original tub pissing poster. To all those who called my wife a bitch I say - you don't know the half of it but our marriage is none of your business. We've got kids and neither of us fancies spending the rest of our lives alone. Taking a wee in the bath now and then isn't enough for me to leave home about. That said, when my mate's make fun of my situation I just tell them - what she don't know won't hurt her! The new house has fine plumbing and I'm grateful.

Towards the end of our school life (16 years old). I broke up with my long term girlfriend for her friend. Little did I know this was planned by my girlfriend and her mate to humiliate me, as revenge for weeks earlier as I had been bragging about our sex life. Obviously my girlfriend found out and was very annoyed and upset or so I thought, turns out she was seeing someone else and wanted to break up with me in style. We all went to our leavers party at her house and had a laugh and towards he end of the evening she stood up in front of everyone and relayed the story of what had happened. She asked the audience if I should be punished and as it was mainly girls they said yes. First they pinned me and stripped my, wanked me until I came and wanked even more. They shoved a shoved stuff up my ass and generally messed about with me. In agony I hoped that would be the end put sadly it wasn't I was forced to eat all their pussy's all 15 of the girls.

One day I decided to go to the local mall to browse around the stores for clothes and what not. Well there were a few girls I knew from school there who knew me and they always pranked me in some kind of way.

Well they were all really hot and they decide to come up to me and start talking. The one girl comes up to me and starts hugging me while putting my hand near my crotch. Of course, after a few minutes of doing that, I had an erection. Well once I had one, she obviouslly was hoping it would happen and I was embarrassed. That however, wasn't enough for these pranksters...

Once that happened, one of the girls was behind me and she pulled my pants down and the boxers went with them.

Right there in the most crowded part of the mall, just about everyone say me with a boner. And the girls shouted..."Look at ******, HE'S GOT A BONER!!! HAHAHAHA!"

I couldn't move for like a minute. My face was beat red, and I haven't gone back to the mall for a long time.