Randomized confessions..

My embarrassment came not because of anyone or anything I had done.

It happened when I was 14 at school, our uniform in the summer was instead of tights we had to wear knee high white socks. The boys used to try and lift our skirts up and all sorts but by this time we had learned how to avoid it.

On summers day a huge gust of wind came from behind my friends and I blowing our skirts up and exposing our underwear.

When I was in grade 5 me and my friend were really bored so we decided to flash cars that went by. And I did it to a car with people i thought i didnt know. So after i did it I watched the car turn into the driveway of my neighbours who I see all the time and he yelled out "YOU AND YOU,YOU LITTLE HORES" and by the next day my brother knew and he told my mom and I got grounded. And he still mentions it.

In 7th grade PE class me and another boy were dared to walk out of the lockerroom in our underwear,while there were girls in the gym.We did it!
In just our tighty whities and t shirts.The girls cheered,whistled and laughed,trouble was the other guys held the door so we couldn't get back in and the girl's PE coach caught us.She said since there wasn't a chance of us ruining our clothes,we would sweep and mop the entire gym for our punishment.Which we did,with her and lots of others looking on,still in our underwear!

There's pictures of me, really sick ones. kids at my school saw them cause I wouldn't agree to do even more posing. I did it to get some cotin (that's precription pain medicine). The guys who took them were jerks who wanted to put me down. They posed me with a real arrow up my butt like it got shot there. They posed me with a lit cigar in my vagina. They made a four picture thing showing one of them putting this like foot long polish sausage thing up my butt till it was nearly all gone. I got called into the principals office because of the pictures. There they were on his desk. I just looked at the floor. I couldn't look at his face. I told him the whole story. He didn't tell my parents for which I'm thankful. We think we got all the pictures back but what to do now is up to me.

I was not quite ready when my date showed up so I told my little sister to go keep him busy until I was ready. Later my date was acting weird and told me my sister asked him if he wanted to play "stink finger." WTF?

I was rather sympathtic to him after all he's starting his vacation today. Then he started whining he should know after 20 years that it means no sympathy. As a matter of fact I think I'll go to a hotel for the night as soon as he goes to bed.

Quite a few years ago my sister and her girlfriend blackmailed me into licking their feet and toes.

Being they blackmailed me, is licking and sucking my sister's toes and feet incest.

It was my freshman year in college. I had just gotten used to the campus during orientation. I desperatley needed to go to the men's room and release my "Big Guy" for a much needed pee. My bladder was contractiong so fast. Me pee was about to come squirting out. It turns out that the only men's room was out of order, so I had to use the coed bahroom. I am a very shy pisser and had just gotten over my shyness of pissing in front of other guy in a urinal. I was so desperate that I went ahead and decided to let my "Big Guy" free. I walked in and the bathroom had mostly guys in it taking a leak in the urinals with some girls in the stalls. I thought that I was pretty safe. I started peeing. I felt so relieved. The urinals that the college had were the ones that droppped all the way to the floor so any male of any size could answer nature's call. The bathroom became more crowded and all the stalls filled up with girls as I had began my pee. A moment later, a very outgoing girl by reputation had come into the bathroom cupping her crotch. he hobbled in because her knees were locked together. She looked like she was about to burst. She glanced around and noticed that all the stalls were taken. I guess she couldn't hold it any longer because she stepped up to the urinal next to me and dropped her pants. She looked like she was humping the urinal as she was relieving herself. Since the urinals dropped to the floor her piss went in to them. She was groaning with relief. I stood there in amazement and embarrassment. She was exposing her whole bottom to men and women, and I had just gotten over my fear. From that day foward, I felt proud and wasn't embarrassed by pissing in front of others. Th next day I even saw a few of her friends and her pissing in the urinials.

I kissed quite a few girls as a kid...
No one except the girls know.

When I was a little boy of four, I think, I got to tell the department store Santa everything I wanted for Christmas. There I was on santas' lap, telling him how I wanted army men and dinosaurs (at least, that's what I remember wanting at that age), all the while, I was relieving my full bladder. To this day, I recall leaping off of Santas' lap to join my parents, while Santa was staring down at the wet pee stain on his pants. You know, I do seem to recall my parents walking away with me really fast.