Randomized confessions..

boy, i found out fat girls are like tricycles...they're both fun to ride until your friends catch you

I've always been the uptight, straight-laced type of person who never does anything too naughty or out of the ordinary. One night, when I was about 18, I was hanging out at my friend's apartment. She was younger than I am and had a serious boyfriend and baby. He was a possessive, insecure butthole, and he always made little come-ons to me right in front of my friend. I liked him when I first met him, but it all went downhill from there. I never told him to his face that I didn't like him, though. Anyway, I was drinking with my friend and her boyfriend wasn't drinking, and I had, oh, about 5 too many. All I remember is that I had turned to a pool of jell-o on the couch and I heard my wasted friend and her completely sober boyfriend muttering something. Next thing I knew, he was on top of me with his tongue in my mouth. I remember yelling, "Nuh-uh" and shoving him off with all my might. That was all I remember. My friend and I never discussed that night until about 2 years later. She confessed that she ordered her boyfriend to come kiss me because it made her horny at the time, and she also informed me that her and I had a heavy make-out session....yep, us two girls. I was horrified and embarrassed, because, like I said, I would normally never do that kind of shit. I have never told another soul about that.

Hi my name is Jessica I'm 15 and was caught shoplifting. My mother took me back to the store where I shoplifted from and made turn myself in. She then grounded me in front of them and asked them what they thought I should be punished from. A few of the girls said that I should not be allowed to have t.v., go out, have friends over. My mother asked me how long I thought I should be grounded and I said a week. She then asked the store employees and they said at least a month. My mother grounded said she thought two months so in the end I got three months and 1 week she also stated to the store employees that I was going to have a very hard time sitting for a few days. Nothing happened she was just embarrassing me. I was already embarrassed getting caught and then my mother making me go back in front of the store employees and tell them what I was grounded from everything and even more embarrassed that she asked what they thought I should be grounded from and for how long. She said since it was there store I stold from they should have a say I how I was punished. Is this fair???? or should I have been grounded from something else!!!???

I am a female, by the way...

anyways, in grade 7 I had worn my new thong and low cut jeans and was sitting in english class. i had a wedgie, and i kept sitting up and down to try and get it out. I was aware that my pants were getting lower, but not too low. besides, it was so damn annoying! all of a sudden i feel a HUGE wedgie right up my ass crack! I cant see who did it, but everyone is laughing. It stops, and i reack down my pants to pick it out. I see that my crush's friend had done it! It was so humiliating!

Saturday night I was at my boyfriends house, his parents were gone, so we were fooling around. We were on the sofa and he said I want to try something, and wanted me to get on my hands and knees. I did and he was fingering me, well that started to feel really good and I got real wet, then all of a sudden I screamed with pain, he had put an ice cube in my pussy. Needles to say we are no longer dating.

In our area, mold & pollen counts are way up. Well, it plays hell with my sinuses.
I was in a meeting when I started sniffling, then coughing. During my coughing spell,I farted. LOUD. I was really embarrassed, but what was worse is that it stunk so bad. Everybody around the conference room heard it and smelled it.

Jenny here, female since and 37, has anyone had sex with a father and son? it is a huge turn on to me, I have been with a father and his son seperately but never together, has anyone experienced a father and son with them at the same time

One afternoon a few years ago, my mother and dad were at work and my sister and her girlfriend were out somewhere. I figured the two girls would be out for awhile. So I decided to ride my exercise bike totally naked. I was riding the bike for 25 minutes or so when all of a sudden I heard my sister and her girlfriend screaming with laughter. I didn't hear them come up the steps because the bike is a little noisy when anyone rides it. I jumped off the bike and tried to cover myself up with my arms but it didn't do any good. My sister told me to put on my underpants to lessen the embarrassment. My sister asked me how long I have been riding the bike. I told her 25 minutes
and she said good. I don't know what she meant by that. Then I knew what she meant when she made me sniff the bicycle seat for a few minutes and made me lick the bicycle seat for 10 minutes. They were getting a charge out of it. Afer I was done kissing and licking the bicycle seat, they made me give the bicycle seat 10 more kisses and 10 hard licks. I think I will use the exercise bike when I am totally dressed.

well when me and my ex use to make out we really got into it one day and i dont no what happen but i just started cuming and i felt really wet then all of a sudden we stoped kissing and i looked down and she looked down and the cum came threw my pants and onto hers and it was so hulimateing she satretd laughing but was very saptheic about it but now shes my ex and told a couple of her friends now im known as cumboy

Being I had incidents of bedwetting mom got tired of it and finally when I was 6 she warned me that if i kept wetting the bed I would be diapered. I was scared and stayed dry for awhile but one morning woke up soaked. My older sister Terri tattled. Nothing more was said that day but that night mom called me into her room and I saw the diapers rubber pants and powder. This was in the 60's. I started to cry and swore no more wet beds but she picked me up took off my clothes and told me to be still. I was double diapered and then has the rubber pants pulled on. My sister Terri was smiling saying at least now your room wont smell of pee. Then mom put on my jammies. I watched some TV then was tucked into bed. I remember waking up wet but at least the bed was dry. Mom took the rubber pants off and unpinned the soaked diaper and put me in the shower then I got dressed for school. I was kept in night diapers for another 2 years. It was very embarrasing as relatives knew, so did some of Terri's friends who came over and saw my buldging bottom. Once my cousin Elaine who was my age saw mom diapering me on her bed and I was very embarrased. Finally at like 8 or 9 my bladder grew and I stopped wetting so I was taken out of the night diapers. My dad thought I was a weakling for bedwetting and I got no sympathy there. I have done research on this topic and found out that many kids (mostly boys though) have gone through the same thing. It sucked.