Randomized confessions..

ok i'm 17, and a female and this happened last year when I was 16. Well I decided to try something daring one night so I took some nude pix of myself and created me a page on the net to store em. I really didn't plan on showin them to anyone I just wanted to see what it was like. Well there's this guy I had a huge crush on at the time who sat beside me in class. During class we were always passin notes back and forth, nuttin bad just normal teenage gossip and stuff like that. Well one day I decided to give him a thrill so I wrote the url address for my nude pix on a sheet of paper, folded it up and was about to give it to him when the teacher called my name! He told me to get up, come to the front of the classroom and read whatever it was that was so important it just couldn't wait. I started beggin him not to make me do it, I even starting crying. But he said I had to, so I got up and went to the front of the class. I tried to hand him the note thinkin that if he'd read and saw what it said he wouldn't make me tell the class, but he wouldn't look at it. He told me to face the class and to start reading. "Hey, I know you thing I'm hot, and I'll bet you really wanna see what I look like without this stupid school uniform on. Well if you go to this website then you can see what I look like naked"

In the letter I had to say the actually website which doesn't exsist anymore.

I just put my face in my hands and cried as all the guys in the class wrote down the website. There was 26 guys and 11 girls in our class. The teacher who was just as shocked as everyone told me to go sit back down. He took the note from me and said that he was sorry about that, he had no idea it was gonna be anything like that at all. But it was still my own fault for taking the pix, putting them on the net, and then passing it out in a note in class.
Well I wanted soo bad to get home and get on the computer to delete the site but between cheerleading practice which I couldn't miss then I got home and wasn't allowed on the computer till I did my homework and chores, so it wasn't till after 9 p.m. before I could get on. My site had one of those visitor's meters on it so you could see who and how many had been on that page. Well untill then it had been on 0 because I never told anyone about it, but when I got online that night it had had over 300 visitors. Out of that 300+ there was only a hand full that I didn't know. I was so humiliated that I stayed home sick from school the next day, luckly it was a friday so I had the weekend to. It didn't help though cuz the humiliation I recieved that monday was indescribable. After 3 months of it I finally talked my parents into transfering me to a different school.

So in high school I developed a hernea and had to have surgery. While they were at it, they circumsized me as the doctor recommended it. The next easter, my family was all sitting around the living room at my grandmother's house talking about my surgery. My mom mentioned the circumcision and my uncle said he would be interested in seeing the results as I'm the first in the family to be circumsized. I laughed but my grandpa decided he would like to see too and made me stand up and lower my pants. So there I am in the middle of the living room with my pants down and my bare ass and dick in view for my family. Now, my dick is facing my grandparents and a couple aunts and uncles. My butt was facing my six cousins, all in the teens, three girls in high school, and I didn't want them to see my dick, thats for sure. Just as I was pulling up my pants, my other aunt, who is sitting on the other side asks to see. (NO!) I said later, but she waved me over. So I come over and turn away from my female cousins and slowly drop my pants enough for her to see. She reaches out and graps my stuff, moving me to center view, the girls could now see my dick! My whole family has now seen my dick and ass!

i want my sister out! shes almost 20 and still living at home. what the hell is wrong with her? she thinks shes god. fuck her! sometimes i want to piss in a cup and pour it all over her damn bed and fucking clothes. i fucking dislike that fucking bitchass cunt. leaving the fucking stereo on at night! just to piss me off! FUCK HER! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! FUCK HER ! why cant they kick the fucking twat out!?

I'm a 19 yr old gay man who even though I havent had sex with a man yet I have giving a few blowjobs to them, I'm small in nature about 5' 8" and have been a closet crossdresser for a few years, reasontly I told an older fried of mine about me dressing hes 29 and I let him see me dressed fully in his house twice, being dressed and around him we kiss and I sucked him off a few time but now he has told me I sould be ready for the next step letting him in my ass, he's very nice and I want to but I'm nervous, I like him alot and I like dressing for him and getting the gifts he give me, I think letting him be my 1st would be nice, he says he only wants to do this when I'm ready....I think I am but not sure but I have feeling for him.. plus his cock looks huge

i like a girl..

shes my best friend..

and has been for a while..

but i know.

i can never have her..


shes never gonna want me..

shes straight.


I left college this year and last month mum and dad went on holiday for two weeks . i was left to get on myself. My papas friend who was single , a few streets away said to mum and dad he would look in on me and make me a meal from time to time and not to worry. True to his word he did on the evening they went away. He was a kind guy and was in good shape for 62 and good looking. We had supper together and he said b4 he left to go to his house the following evening and he would make me a nice dinner.
After the meal and wine, we went to watch the telly, and he opened another bottle of wine . He started asking me if i had a girlfriend ,which i did have two ,and asked all about them , and how often i had sex with them. All the time he was sipping the wine and his other hand was gently touching himself .i began to get a bit hard, and i asked him why he had not married.
he had a girlfriend when he was young he said but he then found out that his best pal was fucking her too and he gave her up. As the night went on and the wine was finished, I went to make a coffee as i was quite pissed. He said i would be better staying the night there and going home in the morning so i said ok. he showed me his spare room with the single bed, but it was bloody freezing in there i told him. The radiator was not working he said and if i wanted i could sleep in his room as he had a kingsize bed. I agreed. So off i went to finish my coffee, and then went for a shower. As i entered the bathroom he was standing at the sink with a towel round him ,shaving. He said he always shaved at night and had to shave with a blade as the dark bristles looked as if he wasnt shaven.
I slipped off my boxers and went into the bath and pulled the curtain over some of the way and began to shower. I looked over to see him at the mirror shaving and realised he could see me in the shower.I began to lather up my equipment and rub well getting nearly erect but not quite, i tried to make it look as if i was just washing, and i could see him glancing in the mirror at me while he shaved.He had a real hairy chest ,a mixture of black and silver hairs .When i finished i stepped out and grabbed a towel to dry myself. Seeing i was done, he took off his towel and wiped his face and said he would get a shower now i was finished. as he stepped towards the bath i dropped my towel to reveal my half hard cock which he looked at and he turned enough for me to get a look at his which was also half hard.
I went into the bedroom and put on my boxers and sent into the bed which was nioce and cosy. ten minutes later he arrived with his towel on and the remains of the bottle of wine. I had two mouthfulls of it and he finished the rest. He then rubbed his arse thru the towel and picked up a pair of pyjama bottoms and dropped the towel facing me as he put them on. they were the old fashioned type with the open slit in the front and im sure he meant it when he put them on to let his cock and balls stay out of them as he pulled them to his waist , he then tied them with the cord and put his tackle inside giving me a slight grin. He got into bed and run his hand over me and over my boxer front asking if i was warm enough, i said yes and said are your jamma bottoms warm to wear at the same time running my hand over one leg and slighly over his crotch. he said good night and we both were on our sides facing each other. A few moments later hemoaned slighly and moved his hand to between us and the back of it was slightly pressing on cock.
I didnt know what to do and after about 5 minutes i did the same and moved my hand to gently press on his. I began to get hard which he must have felt and i was beginning to feel he was getting hard too. then he sighed and shuffled a little closer to me and turning his hand so his palm was on my ever getting hard cock. I thought well 2 can play at that game and did the same. I could feel he was really hard and wished that he would make the first move as i didnt want to , but nothing happened and finally i turned over and went to sleep. In the morning i went to the kitchen where he had made some toast and asked if i slept well. On hour later i said i would have to go home,thanked him for the nice night and he said why dont you come back tonight as ive a nice bit of beef there enough for the two of us, so i said i would , thinking that was a clue to what was in store. That evening was a repeat of the previous one , nice meal with wine, him having a shave as i showered, we were a bit more intoxicated though and i showed more cock as i stepped out the bath, which im sure he appreciated and in turn his towel was off him when he walked past to the bath showing me a beauty of a big cock really hard. I had seen the big bulge thru the towel while he shaved and he was looking at me rubbing the soap over my cock and pumping it well ending in getting the shower head and washing it and playing the hot water on my balls. Nothing was said and again we lay in bed, him with his jammies on and me with my boxers. the same ritual commence with hands pressing against cocks and i was getting pissed off as an hour later nothing had happened, then he groaned and eased back his arse taking his crotch away from my hand only to return it later right up to my open hand with his hard cock and balls out the slit of his jammy trowsers, I made a moan and slowly let my fingers reposition on the cock and could feel it throbbing as he flexed his big muscle, I was rock hard and decided to do the same and with my spare hand moved back my arse and undid my buttons on my boxer front pulled out my cock and balls and moved forward to have it resting on his palm.I felt him quiver a bit and we stayed like that for over 5 minutes with both our cocks moving on their own against our hands. I was pissed of and i knew he was not sleeping he was randy like me and i took the matter in my own hands, or in other words i took his hard cock in my hand and started wanking him and feeling his balls , he moved slightly over onto his back and i said to him , come on now this is what you want and stop kidding around and he said "thats fuckin good can you suck my cock for me, Sure i said and gave it a go for a minute. The night went on with us both in 69 sucking away and us coming all over each other. Thru the early hours of the morning I slid down and started sucking his big shaft again and he woke up groaning saying dont stop , he came and then he sucked me off too. In the morning he said what a night it was and he didnt a want to make the first move in case i didnt like it, good thing i did. I could go on with what happened the rest of the 2 weeks, but thats enough for now.

If there are any young guys reading the confessions or anyone that has any good hot stories i would love to read some new one please post them if you have one. makes me so hot and hard to read about young guys and there frist time

When my sister and I were young, we had this crabby old [email protected]$*% living next door. One night, my sister and I took turns shitting into a bag and then crept over to the neighbors house and emptied it on her car!

Everytime I beat my meat, I have a strong urge to want to lick the cum off my fingers after I ejaculate. But after I ejaculate, I lose the urge to lick my cum.

Man, I'm on some new medicine that constipates me. I shit no more than twice a week. It feels like concrete log coming out my ass. Yesterday was one of those times. The turd was hanging, and too hard to pinch off. I had more that felt like a baseball needing to get out. I finally had to reach under, and break the turd off my ass.
And the stink! Now when I go, regardless of how much air cleaner or opening the window, the smell hangs in the air for an hour. It's just really f'n gross.