Randomized confessions..

How do you tell a friend that you googled his phone number looking for church dinner info, and came up with his escort service profile as the only hit, complete with nude pix?

My friend and I started "messing around" with each other starting at about 13 years old or so. It started with "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" and progressed from "you jack me off and I'll jack you off" to "you blow me I'll blow you." He was kind of a loner and didn't have many friends around school. I had lots of friends and even started dating a very pretty girl who I had an enormous 'puppy crush' on. But since he and I lived about eight houses apart he would often come over after school and on weekend evenings. My neighbors started puberty I'd find myself messing around with both of them and they were brothers. One was 13 and the other 14. Sometimes I'd mess around with one and sometimes both of them together. The older one seemed to be more on the gay side and the younger one seemed to do it more out of curiosity.

I was completely confused during this whole time because I had loving feelings for this girl but was phyisically messing with the boys. I was too shy to try anything with the girl. Teenage can be a bitch man.

Entering high school at about 14 or 15 I decided that what I was doing with the boys was not right so I was going to not let that shit happen anymore as I'm starting high school and the girls was where it was at.

I decided that summer before high school that if..no, when those guys suggested doing something again that I would put a stop to it. Well sure enough one night that summer my neighbor up the street stopped by. We hung out for awhile and ended up in my room where he suggested we play some strip poker. I told him I no longer wanted to do that stuff anymore. He agreed that it was not right and all that shit but keep insisting we do it "one last time." As I'm hummmmin' and haw'nnn, he locks my door and starts undressing. My head was saying no but my cock was saying yes. He said that since this was our last time that he would even let me fuck him in his ass if I wanted. We never did anything like THAT before so I was a little shocked. As I'm sitting there in silence thinking about it he gets up on my bed and lays face down. Then he lifts his ass off the bed, runs his hand over his ass and says take this now dude. I said "okay but really this is the last time."

I quickly undress and he notices my rock hard cock and says are you sure this is the last time and I say yes. He spreads his ass cheeks apart and as I start to push the head of my cock in him he starts to squirm because it hurt. I grab the lotion from my drawer and rub some on his ass and all over my cock. It starts moving easier in his ass but I'm still going slow. Once I'm all the way up inside him I stop for a minute until he tells me to go. Then i start moving in and out. The feeling of his tight ass around my dick was the best thing we'd ever done. Watching my whole dick disappear inside him until my pubic hairs were touching the back of his ass was a sight to see.

I start moving faster and faster as our bodys are slapping each others. He is fucking moaning loud "oh shit" "ohhhh" "keep going." I tell him that I'm going to cum and he tells me to cum on his back. Well shit I couldn't stop and the next thing you know I'm filling up his ass with hot cum. I'm yelling "oh shit." I keep pumping until every last drop falls and then slowly pull out. I fall on the bed. He rolls over and had his own cum all over him and the bed. He tells me that we came at the same time. The smell of all that cum in the room was unforgetable. After we catch our breath we start to clean up and dress. He says are you sure that was the last time? I tell him maybe one more time. I ended up fucking him all summer and on the weekends during school. His family moved halfway through our freshman year.

Meanwhile the younger of my next door neighbors started hanging with his own friends but his older brother would still come over all the time and I'd let him suck me off and I'd treat him like my little bitch. I'd cum on his face and make him swallow my cum and a few times I'd take a shower and walk around my room naked with a full hard on while he was there and tease him. I don't know why. He would beg me to let him blow me and I wouldn't let him.

As I got older I started hanging out with my own friends and stopped hanging around them. Only when I wasn't going out with my friends or my girlfriend would I let him come over for the sole purpose of getting a free bj.

I want to suck my best friends dick so bad my mouth waters just thinking about it.

I left college this year and last month mum and dad went on holiday for two weeks . i was left to get on myself. My papas friend who was single , a few streets away said to mum and dad he would look in on me and make me a meal from time to time and not to worry. True to his word he did on the evening they went away. He was a kind guy and was in good shape for 62 and good looking. We had supper together and he said b4 he left to go to his house the following evening and he would make me a nice dinner.
After the meal and wine, we went to watch the telly, and he opened another bottle of wine . He started asking me if i had a girlfriend ,which i did have two ,and asked all about them , and how often i had sex with them. All the time he was sipping the wine and his other hand was gently touching himself .i began to get a bit hard, and i asked him why he had not married.
he had a girlfriend when he was young he said but he then found out that his best pal was fucking her too and he gave her up. As the night went on and the wine was finished, I went to make a coffee as i was quite pissed. He said i would be better staying the night there and going home in the morning so i said ok. he showed me his spare room with the single bed, but it was bloody freezing in there i told him. The radiator was not working he said and if i wanted i could sleep in his room as he had a kingsize bed. I agreed. So off i went to finish my coffee, and then went for a shower. As i entered the bathroom he was standing at the sink with a towel round him ,shaving. He said he always shaved at night and had to shave with a blade as the dark bristles looked as if he wasnt shaven.
I slipped off my boxers and went into the bath and pulled the curtain over some of the way and began to shower. I looked over to see him at the mirror shaving and realised he could see me in the shower.I began to lather up my equipment and rub well getting nearly erect but not quite, i tried to make it look as if i was just washing, and i could see him glancing in the mirror at me while he shaved.He had a real hairy chest ,a mixture of black and silver hairs .When i finished i stepped out and grabbed a towel to dry myself. Seeing i was done, he took off his towel and wiped his face and said he would get a shower now i was finished. as he stepped towards the bath i dropped my towel to reveal my half hard cock which he looked at and he turned enough for me to get a look at his which was also half hard.
I went into the bedroom and put on my boxers and sent into the bed which was nioce and cosy. ten minutes later he arrived with his towel on and the remains of the bottle of wine. I had two mouthfulls of it and he finished the rest. He then rubbed his arse thru the towel and picked up a pair of pyjama bottoms and dropped the towel facing me as he put them on. they were the old fashioned type with the open slit in the front and im sure he meant it when he put them on to let his cock and balls stay out of them as he pulled them to his waist , he then tied them with the cord and put his tackle inside giving me a slight grin. He got into bed and run his hand over me and over my boxer front asking if i was warm enough, i said yes and said are your jamma bottoms warm to wear at the same time running my hand over one leg and slighly over his crotch. he said good night and we both were on our sides facing each other. A few moments later hemoaned slighly and moved his hand to between us and the back of it was slightly pressing on cock.
I didnt know what to do and after about 5 minutes i did the same and moved my hand to gently press on his. I began to get hard which he must have felt and i was beginning to feel he was getting hard too. then he sighed and shuffled a little closer to me and turning his hand so his palm was on my ever getting hard cock. I thought well 2 can play at that game and did the same. I could feel he was really hard and wished that he would make the first move as i didnt want to , but nothing happened and finally i turned over and went to sleep. In the morning i went to the kitchen where he had made some toast and asked if i slept well. On hour later i said i would have to go home,thanked him for the nice night and he said why dont you come back tonight as ive a nice bit of beef there enough for the two of us, so i said i would , thinking that was a clue to what was in store. That evening was a repeat of the previous one , nice meal with wine, him having a shave as i showered, we were a bit more intoxicated though and i showed more cock as i stepped out the bath, which im sure he appreciated and in turn his towel was off him when he walked past to the bath showing me a beauty of a big cock really hard. I had seen the big bulge thru the towel while he shaved and he was looking at me rubbing the soap over my cock and pumping it well ending in getting the shower head and washing it and playing the hot water on my balls. Nothing was said and again we lay in bed, him with his jammies on and me with my boxers. the same ritual commence with hands pressing against cocks and i was getting pissed off as an hour later nothing had happened, then he groaned and eased back his arse taking his crotch away from my hand only to return it later right up to my open hand with his hard cock and balls out the slit of his jammy trowsers, I made a moan and slowly let my fingers reposition on the cock and could feel it throbbing as he flexed his big muscle, I was rock hard and decided to do the same and with my spare hand moved back my arse and undid my buttons on my boxer front pulled out my cock and balls and moved forward to have it resting on his palm.I felt him quiver a bit and we stayed like that for over 5 minutes with both our cocks moving on their own against our hands. I was pissed of and i knew he was not sleeping he was randy like me and i took the matter in my own hands, or in other words i took his hard cock in my hand and started wanking him and feeling his balls , he moved slightly over onto his back and i said to him , come on now this is what you want and stop kidding around and he said "thats fuckin good can you suck my cock for me, Sure i said and gave it a go for a minute. The night went on with us both in 69 sucking away and us coming all over each other. Thru the early hours of the morning I slid down and started sucking his big shaft again and he woke up groaning saying dont stop , he came and then he sucked me off too. In the morning he said what a night it was and he didnt a want to make the first move in case i didnt like it, good thing i did. I could go on with what happened the rest of the 2 weeks, but thats enough for now.

My crazy sister is always on some weird diet. The latest one you have to eat steamed brown rice, grapefruit, and just drink green tea. I stayed with her last week and had to eat this stupid food. I guess I thought the upside would be that I lost the 5 extra pounds I've been wanting to.

Well I lost 5 pounds all right, but not how you would think.

On the plane on the way back from my sister's house, someone threw up all over the bathroom. The stewardess cleaned it up as best she could, but the smell was so bad that the next person who used it, puked as well. To keep this from happening the third time, the stewardess just closed the bathroom. That meant that there was only one to use.

I was glad to get the awful airline meal because I was so sick of the awful rice and grapefruit. But my stomach wasn't used to rich sauces. It began cramping and I remembered that I hadn't taken a dump the whole week I was at my sister's.

I got up to use the bathroom. Only there was a super long line since there was only one open. As I stood there, the cramps got really bad. I could feel the shit moving through my intestines. I tried so hard to hold it in, but I could feel my asshole beginning to gape. My anus is pretty loose already since I love anal sex, so it soon expand to allow the thick turd to descend. I could feel it poke out and come to rest in my panties.

If I had been wearing my tight jeans, the turd would have shown. Instead, I had on loose capris. As the turd continued coming, it had plenty of room to spread into. I kept hoping it would pinch off, but it seemed to be getting bigger. Soon my panties were full.

Luckily the strong vomit smell covered the stench of my shit. WHen I finally got into the bathroom and emptied out my panties, I had a load of shit the size of a bag of sugar.

I want to commit suicide. I want Jennifer Lopez to sit her bare ass on my face and smother me to death.

i have 2 very lovely Pixie-bobs i let them out of the house now in then my cats walk around in my front yard while im wtaching them and the nighbor sees my cats that ass hole will burn in hell he let their very evil dobermen's chase ater my cats i ran inside and get my husbands Sniper rilfe and i put the dog back in to hell where it came from then the damn nighbor sues me but i won the case bewaere of nighbors who have dogs they are not right in their head and are disgusting vile and freaks let your dogs hurt my cats i will send your dog back to hell.

I was sleeping peacefully at 9 a.m. this morning, when suddenly this booming started rattling my windows. It sounded like this: bump bump bump bumpbumpbumpbump bump ba bump ba bump bumpbumpbumpbump.

I looked out my window, and my neighbor had all four of his car doors open, and his trunk, and was blasting his car stereo as loud as it could go while he changed his oil. He must have his bass turned all the way up. The music is distorted, and his car windows are rattling. I couldn't believe it. I had to stand there for a minute to fully wake up and understand the situation.

I stumbled downstairs and outside. I walked up to him, and he didn't hear me coming. I said, "Would you mind turning that down?"

He looked at me and said, "Are you serious?" Then he turned the volume control down one notch.

It's 10 a.m. now, and I can still hear it. i heard it while I made coffee, and I heard it while I was in the shower. What kind of moron does that at 9 a.m. on a Sunday? How can people be so completely inconsiderate?

I hate them and thier dogs

My dumb ass pimple face douchebag of a neighbors BOYFRIEND has really pissed me off. I first of all did NOT call the cops on your STUPID ass girlfriends truck which by the way is ALWAYS parked the WRONG damn way. Someone ELSE did. I just happen to walk outside to see why the cops where in YOUR girlfriends drive way. THEY happen to ask ME if i called them and of course I told them NO since I didn't. How DARE you make a threatening jester at ME when the cops where yelling at YOU. And YES I have the right to stand on the sidewalk with OTHER neighbors to see what the hell was going on. You want to threaten me little punk ass bitch then you had BETTER be ready to handle MY rath. I am the homeowner in this neighborhood NOT you. You just loaf off your girlfriend and her skanky ass mother. I PAY taxes to HAVE the right to live here. YOU just bother everyone here with your shitty ass Volkswagon which by the way is a turd with wheels. Get it fixed pecker head. If you try and fuck with me again I WILL kick your fucking teeth down your throat THEN I will have my brother and his friends make you wish you had NEVER come to MY neighborhood that I SO VERY MUCH LOVE. The neighbors and I are SICK to death of YOU and your friends and you fucking girlfriend and her MOTHER. FUCK YOU DEBRA CRAWFORD for having kids because your skanky ass daughter and her twat squad is pissing EVERYONE off in the neighborhood. Be warned the COPS are totaly on OUR side and WE can't wait for the day when either YOU or your daughter and her boyfriend fuck up and get arrested. Fucking dope heads. I hate all of you in that god damn house. I wish nothing but bad things on you and your family for making this beautiful new neighborhood a not so nice place to live. We all work so damn hard to have our nice houses and pay the high taxes to stay here just so you and your fucking rats can fuck it up for everyone. And YOU pimple faced douchebag may your testicals get SUPER infected and fall off. After dating April I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't ALREADY got an STD.