Randomized confessions..

Why is it that most americans are so illiterate?

  • Once I peed on a cop car when I saw it parked infront of a bank. A lady came out and laughed and I ran away to avoid the cop.

    If you're on the pill and you wind up getting pregnant do you still get a period each month or does it stop?

  • theres this guy i've liked for about 4 years, and he used to be friends with my brother but he isn't allowed to come over any more. one day he was talking to my friend on line and she told me that he was asking about me and said i was cool and stuff. does this mean he might like me or was he probably just wondering because he used to see me all the time? please help

    Have you ever sat on one toilet together with your boyfriend/girlfriend while peeing/pooping? Ever had sex on the toilet while taking care of business?

  • I would like to thank my boss for the qualifications I have earned since working here.
    I am now qualified to work at Disney Land, as I've put up with Mickey Mouse stuff here.
    I am now qualified to be a proctologist. I've been working with enough assholes here.
    I am now qualified to work in the fertilizer industry, after putting up with all the shit here.
    I can go on, but you get the picture.

    I have this thing for an old friend of mine. She knows that I find her very attractive since I told her the matter openly. The problem was that I told her the truth a bit too late, when we were years of good friends. She enjoys our friendship and dismissed the idea of a relationship - frankly speaking, I too know that it wouldn't work.

    Years passed, we're still good friends but see each other less often, and I have a girlfriend whom I adore and want to spend my life together.

    The other night, I went to some other friend's house to have a few drinks together. My girlfriend knew that I was going there and we both knew that no harm was to be done. After a wildly random chain of events though, the scene is as such:

    My old "friend" arrived and is lying on the couch. Everyone else is asleep. I'm sucking and licking her toes and feet whilst caressing her legs and butt. I want to fuck her brains out but she finally manages to stop me and convince that it would destroy everything. I finally come to senses, and leave.

    I still love my girlfriend, no question. I also know that I will never be able to hold myself back when the other girl is somewhere near me. Hopefully, she is more sensible.

    I was caught fucking aniother gurl by my gurlfriend.

    My wife is going to be out for a few hours on the weekend and her friend is coming over to help me out with some decorating. We both know that we find each other very attractive, and we know we wont wreck our relationships but she is entertaining the idea of masturbating in my house when she comes over. I wont even be in the room when she does it but the idea of her playing with herself in my house is totally hot. I really hope she says yes, she says that she is really loud when she cums...I would love to hear her moaning......

  • Would you sleep with another women for a price?

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my sisters and i experimented a lil when we were young.. lots of kids do.. and many women told me stories.. i could never had imagained.. much less admitted to... but.. i still remember when she pushed my head in closer.. and tightened her leggs.. that sick filling of being trapped.. could never.. would never do it again.. have never.. ever told anyone that story... never!!!!!