Some time back I posted a story about my hot Fiji Indian pool boy...and the first time we fucked. Since then we have been very regular fuck buddies and all was just fine until the inevitable happened..we were caught in bed nude and asleep in each others arms by my neighbours son who had come over to get me for a run. My bedroom opens directly to the pool and we had fucked with the doors wide open. I completely freaked...felt sick in the stomach and started to jabber on about shit...he stood there in his little running shorts and T looking at us as I grabbed a sarong and pulled the bedclothes over my beautiful nude lover who was as startled as I was. Then he just held up his hand and stopped me jabbering. Without saying a word he pulled his T over his head and slid his little shorts off, just standing there in a jock strap, socks and runners. He is only 22 and has a great tanned cock immediately hardened and I dropped the sarong to the floor. I slid the doors closed and led him to the bed. We both pulled back the covers to reveal my hot lover...his smooth black body arched as he got into the middle of the bed. His huge erection was soon in our new friends mouth...I got in behind him and spread his legs so I could enjoy his beautiful tanned ass in his jock and went down on his smooth hole, licking and probing it with my tongue. We moved about the bed, kissing sucking and licking...rithing together in intense passion, now all nude. Then with my lover on his back I entered him, exposing my hot ass to our new fuck buddy... He slide his beautiful young bare cock into me. We fucked and kissed, then I pulled out and guided him into my lover...watching two beautiful young bodies totally emerged in hot deep bare sex was too much for me. I exploded over them before I could get into his waiting ass...exhausted and dripping in sweat we took a nude swim...I had no idea our neighbours son was gay..we had been going for runs for weeks and he didn't ever hint at we run along the beach with new a great little spot at the river mouth were we fuck and sunbathe. My Indian lover joins us in my bed twice a week when my wife is away after he has done the pool in his thong while we watch nude from the day bed. He can't be seen running with us....



by Anonymous on Mar 5, 2021 at 6:58 AM

What a beautiful story I would luv to be in bed with a couple of men from India they are so sexy

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by Anonymous on Mar 6, 2021 at 5:28 PM

You are right about that...beautiful slender smooth bodies with just enough tone...jet black hair...long smooth penises...tight smooth anusessoft warm lips...deep throats...

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by Anonymous on Mar 26, 2021 at 6:32 AM

I would love to be the lover of 2 men omg I'm such a slut when it comes to men from India they're so damn sexy I can't help but give myself to them and I love the accent whispering sweet things to me as he takes me and makes me his slut

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by Anonymous on Sep 11, 2021 at 1:00 PM

My first cock was 15 and 6" I was 10 with like 3" .The first time I saw his cock,he asked me to sucik it and I did and swallowed a big load of yummy juice.After several weeks of this,he said he wnated to fuck my young ass and I never heard of that but eventually his cock wnet in amidst if my tears which soon turned to pleasure.We sucked and fucked each other for about 6 years,,but sucking,swallowing and getting fucked,.Since then,I suked oVER 100 different cocks was was fucked by many and I alsao fucked many.My fave were young boys.

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by Anonymous on Dec 4, 2021 at 2:20 AM

I am overtly gay and spent a month in Fiji a few years ago. One of the hotel staff was an Indian and we had a few chats. He eventually asked if I was .gay..that he thought for sure I was.
I said sure and then he said he had a gay 20 year old nephew who he was sure could please me...for a few dollars of course.
I had sex with the gorgeous thing in my room, daily for a fortnight. Devine...Smooth, slender, tight, and hung.

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