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When I was 15 I was a sophomore in highschool and I guess i was starved for attention. I had a kinda bf at the time and during lunch period sometimes we went to the dressing rooms in the school theatre, where no one would ever be. We would make out and sometimes he'd finger me, stuff like that.

One day during gym this senior at my school kept looking at me and would make silly excuses to get close to me and take any chance he could to touch me anywhere. after class he told me that he'd love to get my shirt off, i jokingly said he couldnt afford me. he told me he had 20 bucks for me if i met him somewhere but it had to be today before school ended.
all through my next class i was thinking about it, 20 bucks wasn't much but it was more than I had, and it was so arousing to think of a senior wanting me that bad. i told him later that we could go to the theatre's dressing room during lunch.

so when the bell rang for lunch i started walking, i kept thinking "don't go to the dressing rooms, walk straight to the cafeteria" but i couldnt help it, i was getting wet and i already had an idea what i'd do with the 20 bucks. so i went to the dressing rooms and let myself in. he was already in there waiting for me. he gave me the 20 and told me to take my top off. he played with my boobs for a little, even tho i was only 15 they were already larger than most of the other girls in my grade. he had his mouth all over my chest and his hand on my ass. i was feeling so hot that when he started pulling his dick out i just wrapped my hand around it and started stroking. i licked his dick a bit and kept stroking him while he felt me up. after a little bit he shot his load all over my chest, i rubbed it into my skin and put my bra and shirt back on. 20 dollars richer and wet as hell, i loved it.

a few days later he caught up with me after gym and told me that he and a buddy of his both had 20 bucks for me, same place same time?? i said okay and when i got there during lunch he and his buddy were both there waiting. i took my shirt and bra off and they started feeling me up, the senior's buddy started touching me between my legs and by the time he slid his finger in me i was dripping wet. they both took turns fingering me while i sucked and stroked them off. i thought 2 loads of cum might be too much to have all over me so i let them cum in my mouth and swallowed.

this kept happening throughout the rest of the school year, sometimes just one of them, sometimes both, sometimes different guys that they would bring. i had sex for the first time in that dressing room with 2 guys that payed me 50 bucks each to take my virginity. i was literally whoring myself out but it never felt wrong, it was so much fun and all the sudden i had real money to spend. it got to the point where i was skipping lunch every day and meeting one, two, sometimes 3 guys in the dressing rooms. i started realizing that i could make even more money if i started doing this outside of school, so when school would let out i would go to one of the senior's houses, his parents were never home when we got out of school so he would invite friends over and we'd go down in the basement and get stoned and i'd suck and stroke whoever had money or somethin to trade. I got invited to great parties with older kids and all the guys wanted to hang out with me. i know it was because i was a slut but that didn't matter. everybody wanted to go to the party where that 15/16 year old girl was on her knees in the basement.

i bought my own car when i got my license and always had money for whatever i wanted. i've pretty much stopped being a whore in the long years since then. i'm a bartender now but every now and then when a cute guy who has had enough to drink offers me a huge tip in return for taking his huge tip, i give in. so if you ever walk into my bar and the bartender is nowhere to be found, it's because i'm out in the alley behind the bar on my knees.



by Anonymous on Jun 30, 2013 at 3:02 PM

not the words of a 31 year old female, more like a 15 year old boy.

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by Anonymous on Sep 3, 2020 at 7:18 PM

I remember my first pay day in that way. My older brother's best friend was over visiting my brother. We were all watching TV. He started flirting with me and I started flirting back. My brother interrupted to stop our naughty banter but he screwed up by calling me a whore. I was a virgin but that wasn't it. His friend jumped on it asking how much I charged. I didn't as I never had... but I was willing... He offered me $5 to be my first BJ. I already was sweet on him and as it would piss off my brother, I agreed. Right there in the living room we got ready. As soon as we got going my brother got upset and stomped off, saying he couldn't watch this. I was glad he left. I wasn't good at it. Actually, I was pretty awful, but he let me practice on him as much as I wanted after that day.

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