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Ive already confessed about dating my cousin, ad the sexual intimacy we had once and how she got with a new guy and how it made me depressed.

I never told what happened after...

Basically I felt alone, that feeling when you break up with a girl you love, especially how pretty and attractive she was and how nice her body was built.. " Her body was mine, that was mine to make love and to f*ck but now shes letting another guy have sex with it and love her " yeah, guys know that feeling.

Because of this I resorted to stealing her clothes, my favorite? fresh worn undies, preferably thongs to give me both of her smells that I once loved and took for granted.

Well to be honest I stole A LOT of her clothes.
It was obvious they were missing and she obviously knew it was me.

She had found a lot of her underwear hiding inside my pillow case, more than some with stains on them from using them for my pleasure... this was the easy party. Jeans, bras, bikinis you name it... I had it... and wore it.
$60 bikini- wear it under my clothes.... yeah she was PISSED.

We didnt even talk after.....didnt look at me.....
I continued to snoop her room for dirty clothes and undies,
I gave up on caring, she caught me a lot of times in her room
and had to steal back her clothes every day, she LITTERALLY had to guard her laundry on laundry day as my room was downstairs with the washer and dryer.

Well.... my cousin was pissed, told her sister who told my sister, my sister told my dad who in return told my step sister, my step sister told everyone at school.

I was known as the cousin f*cker, id be teased and beat up.

everyone just knew I was my cousins panty thieve and not the real story.

No one knew about the love we had together... maybe if they knew.


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