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My Step dad is horny for me.

Please don't start giving me crap, cause this is what happened and I never planned it.

This is not a m****tation story but it's probably just as bad.

Up until sixth grade, I would sit on his lap to do everything.
He was kind of my booster seat. I was kind of a needy kid. My real dad had left when I was really young.

There was a really awkward time that I can clearly remember. It has stayed with me ever since.
One evening we were watching some zombie movie. I remember being really scared and excited at the same time. I could not sit still. He was wearing sweat pants and a white t-shirt. I was in my baby doll pink shorts and a Sponge Bob shirt that I loved dearly.

Well these guys were running from these zombies and they were about to get eaten. I was scared and my body was bouncing uncontrollably. I didn't realize just where I was bouncing, I just kept hearing a light "Umph" sound coming from him when I did. I had my hands dug into his knees and I was trying not to scream. I had involuntarily locked my ankles under his thighs and was clenching my entire body.

That's when I felt the hardness rising from under me, forcing up against my pelvic area. I distinctly remember the warmth and a throbbing. I was still really scared from the movie and part of my butt cheeks were firmly holding his shaft while the head was poking right into my sensitive little mound. For a moment, It was like I was straddling a lead pipe. It was still swelling as I was still clenching. I think he sudden realized what was happening and wasn't his fault, but he suddenly shot up from the couch. I had to pick myself up off the carpet. I was confused thinking I did something wrong.

Next day it was as if nothing happened and I was happy. We still watched movies and stuff but I usually sat next to him. I thought he forgot all about it.

The crazy thing was that I found a little box in the garage, up by the Christmas ornaments last year that had a packet of developed photos of me. They were from the back yard when I was sunbathing in my two piece.
Some were even stuck together with dried cum.

I can't blame him, though. I'm just a bit conflicted.



by Anonymous on Aug 7, 2018 at 9:41 AM

46 here. Sorry if I came on too strong in the last few posts. I guess I got wrapped up in the fantasy as well. The thought of you being an unaware sex toy for your brother turned my crank really hard. It probably goes back to a dry spell I had during my crazy times when I was full of hormones and spunk but didn't have an outlet. I had fantasies about the girl next door that paralleled what your brother seemed to be getting away with. You were the unfortunate recipient of all the questions I would have asked her. Again, apologies.

That said, I wonder if your fantasies were fed by something similar. I gather from your remark about wanting a regular boyfriend that you're currently unattached. Do you think your fantasies of being your brother's irresistible, but normally unattainable sex goddess might spring from a similar blend of loneliness and libido? In short, are you in heat because nobody is hitting your good stuff on a regular schedule?

Since you told your brother you have video, I sincerely doubt he'll try crawling on top of you in the middle of the night anytime soon. (You may still get the mouthful, or a belly covered in cum, but I doubt you'll wake up to a pleasantly beat up, dripping pussy full of his sperm.) Now, all bets are off if you look like a young Angelina Jolie. He's had a taste and the urge to dump another load in your tight juicy hole might be too much for him to resist - after all, going prison sex on you by surprise in the night just got him a gentle talking to.

As the other guy said, I hope you post here again if there are any more incidents with your brother. As far as your step dad is concerned, I'm still inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it won't be me getting fucked in my sleep, and you know him much better than I. Any odd looks or subtle gropes since the late night mouthful of cum from uncle mouth breather?

If you do get a sleeping fuck from step dad, any idea how you'll handle it? I know you said you'd come back with that story. Do you think you'll continue here or start a new confession?

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by Anonymous on Aug 7, 2018 at 9:44 AM

Sorry, got the number wrong above. It should have said "43/45 here."

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by Anonymous on Aug 7, 2018 at 6:41 PM

Last night, my step dad was sitting watching TV and called me over.
He said that my brother had come to him with a story about how I had seduced him.
He told him that I had been coming to him in the night and rubbing and sucking his cock.
After many weeks, of my constant touching and rubbing, he came to my room and had sex with me.

What? I was shocked and really betrayed. I tried to tell him that he was lying and that I never did those things. He stopped me and asked if we had sex or not. I told him yes but it wasn't like he thought. He asked me to tell him what happened and not skip any details. So I told him the story. That was all he needed.

He asked me to tell him about the first time I had sex and if I masturbated. Then he wanted to know if I liked to have sex and if I had sucked cock and if I liked it.

I was really confused why he was asking. He went on to tell me that mom would be very disappointed if she ever found out. I think I'd die if she heard that story. Especially cause it was not true. I told him to please not to say anything and he said he wouldn't. It would be our secret. First he wanted all of the details about all the guys I slept with and everything we did cause he didn't trust me anymore. I had a lot to make up for if I wanted to regain their trust. He asked me if I ever had sexual feelings for my little brother and I confessed that I did, but it was over. He wanted to know if I was on birth control and I told him I was. He just said, "Good, good".

He put his arms around me and pulled me close. He told me that my feelings were not wrong. It was just me becoming mature and sexually active. My hormones were just telling my body that it was time to have sex. I should not be afraid to act on these feelings cause they were natural. He was a man with similar urges and when a man and woman acted on those urges, it would feel so wonderful. Now he was pulling me on top of his lap. I had this deja vu feeling of him and his cock. I was kind of really turned on. I can't say exactly why.
He turned me around so I was straddling his lap. He pulled me back onto his chest and cupped by breast hard and with his other hand, he undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock. It was not as big as I remember, but still hard as a pipe. He was stroking it over my thigh. Like it was my penis and he was jacking me off. All the while, his wrist and knuckle was rubbing my wet pussy. I didn't know what to do with my hands so I held up my skirt to give him more room.

It didn't take long for him to cum. Not long at all. Then he was smearing his cum on my panties and crotch, like he was cleaning himself on me.

My breast was tender and I was still horny. He helped me up and then says, "remember, I won't say a word to your mother so don't worry. I'll keep our secret." Then kissed me on the cheek like "Goodnight."

I walked away with my thighs kind of sticky and my pussy swollen and buzzing. That gave me the idea to pull out my rabbit vibrator to finish the job. As I was coming (hard), I swear I heard my door quietly creek close. My little brother, the snitch?

I walked away

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by Anonymous on Aug 7, 2018 at 9:14 PM

It seems your brother is a student of the old Chinese guy the military types like to quote about strategy. He came out with a preemptive strike while you thought there was a truce in place. He's bolder than I thought and has the upper hand now. Don't be surprised if the late night visits resume and you regularly wake with a swollen sperm filled pussy. Or if you get awakened so he can watch your face while he fucks you. He dared big, and if he saw or heard any of what transpired between you and your step dad, he's bound to be feeling bullet proof where sexing you up is concerned. Sorry to say, but it's no longer your fantasy, it's his.

About step dad, you gave up all your power and bargaining position as soon as you started detailing all of your sex life that didn't involve your brother. If you told him you suck cock and like the act, (And especially if you gave any hint you like the taste of cum), expect to go from cum target to oral receptacle in short order. (Ok, I'm a perv. I'd like to know the answers to the questions he asked, but won't push.)

Anyway, in the short term, I can see you getting a lot of attention from both sides. Quicky bedtime blow jobs for step dad and late night fucks with the snitch. (Unless the snitch gets jealous and decides he needs to know how good your oral skills are - so he can be like dad and blow his load down your throat.)

It's probably a good thing that you felt at least a little turned on when step dad was rubbing your slit with his knuckles. I don't think it takes a fortune teller to see you'll be spending the week your Mom is away with your thighs spread for him and maybe the snitch as well.

Unfortunately I don't see an easy way out. If you tire of the unending sexual demands placed on you, the choices are moving out or showing the nanny cam footage to your Mom and destroying your family.

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by Anonymous on Aug 7, 2018 at 11:54 PM

Since my mom goes to work very early, she's already in bed and fast asleep. My sex-dad always has a beer or two but tonight, he asked me to drink with him. He had poured me a tall glass and said he didn't want to drink alone.

As I sipped the glass, he asked me about my day. I didn't do much but took a nap and then went out for a hike. I took a shower and shaved myself. You know, legs, under arms, thighs and crotch. He said that it was important to stay clean and fresh. Hmmm. Where's this going? I was fresh out of the bathroom and ready for bed. I was wearing some old style gym shorts, white with red trimming. My t-shirt was a Marvel one with the Avengers. Men's X-Large. After a while, I noticed that I was almost empty. Can't have that, he said. Refill. He talked about his day and how stressful the job was and how mom didn't appreciate him as much as he deserved. He does so much for all of us.
She was so busy with work stuff that she was not doing much around the house and not "appreciating" him the way he wanted (or as often).Next we talked about how I was getting to be such a beautiful young lady and shouldn't be afraid to open about my sexuality. And there it was.

Just because friends say that some things are considered, taboo, as long as she was open and accepting, everything was fair game. Mom is not open to new things and had become very prudish about natural and honest love. According to him, she was considering sending me to her aunt's in Phoenix because I could get a job there. Of course he was against that and he could make sure that he wouldn't let that happen.
I would have to pull my weight and pick up the slack around the house. In turn, I would be treated as an adult and be just like mom.

I was wondering is this real? It was like two big glasses of beer or like four regular beers. My lips were starting to feel numb and I really had to pee. I was like I'm going to the bathroom. I'm sitting in the downstairs toilet when he just walks in. He continues the conversation while I'm peeing. Just really casually talking about how I'm an adult now and shouldn't be treated like a little girl.

So I ask him to turn around so I can wipe. He kind of does but just smiling. After wiping and washing my hands, he was like. What I mean is that I need you to do some stuff for me and I'll make sure mom doesn't find out.

We walk back to kitchen and my balance is off a little, now. He's sitting in a chair in the kitchen so he pulls me back into his arms. I kid you not, hands start to wander all over my chest and thighs. His kisses start on my neck and work up to my cheek and earlobes. Never felt anything like that. His hands start sliding up my hips to my belly and tits. He keeps talking the whole time about how this is right and it feels right. I'm a big girl now and this will be our secret. How oh, so good. Then, with his thumbs in my waistband, he slides my shorts from my waste and leaves them around my knees. He isn't worried about my panties, it's like they aren't even there. His fat fingers working in little circles. I think my head goes back and my eyes are closed.

When I open them, from the darkness of the living room, I see my little brother with phone in one hand and his hand in his boxers. He was watching and recording.
The kitchen was bright so my step couldn't see him. We made eye contact and that's when he smiled at me. I reached down to rearrange my shirt and of course his hands. When I looked up again, my brother was gone. All that rubbing on my little swollen clit was too much. I tried to hold my moaning down but couldn't stop shaking. He could tell what I was experiencing so he shoved his fat middle finger all the way to his knuckle. I couldn't stop if I wanted to.

He let me up when my body finally relaxed. As I got up, he whacked me hard on my ass. I almost tripped on my falling shorts.

I had to take another shower and now I'm writing this. I went from barely having sex to having the most erotic experiences I couldn't have imagined. Wow. I can't believe that I almost can't wait to see what happens next. What is my little shithead brother up to?

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by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2018 at 5:12 AM

Last item first, Sweetie. Little snitch is building a blackmail / stroke file he can hold over both your and step dad's heads. He may not use it immediately. He may add to the file if step dad insists on using you in open areas of the house. So far he has an incident. If he gets video of you on your knees or back servicing step dad's cock, he has evidence of an "affair".

At that point he can compel you to service him as well; either directly or by going through step dad - after all, in his mind you're just the convenient family cum dump, it's not like he's asking step dad to share his wife. And don't be surprised if he records you sucking his cock too for extra leverage.

Depending on your mind set, the whole thing can bounce between horrifying abuse and intoxicatingly sexy. Being the shared lust object of two men under the same roof with little control over your use would be a submissive's dream, but could ramp up the anxiety you wrote about to intolerable levels. And not to add to that anxiety, but I have to ask if the snitch has any close friends. This could run off the rails quickly if he can't keep his mouth shut about having hot pussy and a skilled mouth on tap any time he feels like getting off - unless, of course, you get off on the idea of pulling a train for him and his five or six closest buddies.

On to step dad. His thing is pretty straight forward. He feels like he's not getting enough sex from your Mom and doesn't want the hassle of starting an affair with an age appropriate woman. You're right there already, sleeping under his roof, eating food he paid for, nubile, pretty, of age, and already sexually active with his son. He managed to brow beat you into telling all and now he's testing the limits of what you'll tolerate. He's masturbated on you and finger banged you to orgasm. I truly hope you like the taste of cum, because the next stop this train makes is his cock in your mouth. Oh, he will justify it to himself and maybe to you too that it's only "fair" that you blow him since he got you off last night, but the truth is he just wants to cum in your pretty mouth and watch you swallow.

Unless you volunteer to move to Phoenix, your life looks like it's headed to a submissive place with lots and lots of sex. If step dad and the snitch are reasonably skilled lovers, you may get a couple or three orgasms a day out of the situation. If they're not, you'll get frustrated two or three times a day.

Last thought, tread lightly around the snitch if he gets video of you sucking cock. The vindictive urge to put "Stepsister sucks my cock and swallows" on Pornhub if you displease him could be great.

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by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2018 at 7:52 AM

46 here. Wow, it did turn into a m****tation tale after all, and quickly. I guess it doesn't matter who the pictures belong to now.

It looks like your step dad is giving you a choice of moving to Phoenix or hanging around and being his naughty maid. You know, cleaning house and clearing his balls of their build up.

It sounds like all is not well between him and your Mom. There's a lack of intimacy and he's looking for a sexual outlet that doesn't involve his right hand. You brother's tale of his oversexed cocksucking sister set things up for him on a silver platter. He's testing the waters right now, cumming on you and masturbating you but I see this turning into a full blown sex on demand "affair" in short order.

Your brother is a weasel. I hate to agree with the other guy, but he's building a blackmail file. There's a thin line between love and hate, and you rejected him as a potential lover so he's looking to hurt you and get back in your pants. While I hesitate to agree with the other poster above, there is a chance you'll face humiliation and a gangbang or two if he decides you're not enthusiastic enough in sucking his dick or quick enough in giving up your asshole on demand.

I think you're looking at a lot of sex in the next few weeks and maybe a double penetration by father and son while your Mom is out of town.

Again, keep us posted and good luck.

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by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2018 at 12:39 PM

46 again. I have to ask. At the end of the first line in your post 53 you refer to your "sex-dad". Was that intentional or is autocorrect screwing with you along with your brother and step dad?

Also, does step dad know about the nanny cam?

I guess I should give an example or two to explain what I meant by humiliation in the post above since you may lack the twisted imagination of your garden variety teenage weasel. Most break down into two or three large categories.

The most common I guess is flashing of some sort. Super low cut blouse, high cut skirt, no underwear and a walk in a crowded public venue. Or same clothes, serving him and his friends refreshments will a lot of bending at the waist so they can get a good look at your fun bits.

Second would be "fun with sperm". The basic idea being to mark you with his cum in an obvious visible way and drag you out into either a public setting or a private one with his/your friends. (The ultimate version is a quick fuck in a public restroom followed by a lap or two around the mall while his cum oozes from your bare snatch and down your thighs past the hem of your skirt.)

Last would be "how much do you hate me now". The classics here are demanding a tongue bath for his shaft and sack after fucking either of your other holes, golden showers, rimming, and being "discovered" mid blow job by one of your (or his) friends.

The list is probably far from exhaustive, but it's all I can recall from a list given to me by a drunken submissive one night. She swore she was bright red with embarrassment and dripping with excitement through all of it.

Again, good luck and keep us informed.

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by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2018 at 1:30 PM

Submissive? Does that mean slave? I hope not.

I do sometimes fantasize about being taken. You know. Someone taking control and telling me that it's ok to do the things I lust for.

When my brother was pushing himself inside me and not waiting for me to say anything. That really turned me on.
When my step dad was caressing my nipples and sucking my neck. I really felt free.

The look in both of their eyes were exciting. They were on fire with sweat and desire. I almost wanted them to orgasm so they could see it was me that gave that to them.
I want it to be sexy and raunchy at the same time. Weird, I think, but I want to be kissed softly and then grabbed by the hair and called a fucking c**t, in the next breath.

Maybe if I'm sunbathing outside, someone can come up behind me and just lay on me, crushing me under their weight and then force their fat, sweaty cock in one of my holes. Maybe with their hand over my eyes so I couldn't tell which one it was and then just stroke in and out till they cream pie me. Maybe even leave me naked outside so I have to walk in with only my towel. Well, maybe I'll press my luck with my brother tonight if he sees me in something racy and no panties. Or maybe I can wear my tank tank top with no bra. My nipples get really hard with the fabric and the side of my boobs show everything.

I'll wait till mom goes to sleep.

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by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2018 at 1:42 PM

Any plans to tempt step dad? Or do you think he'll just take what he wants without provocation?

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by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2018 at 1:48 PM

Again, does the thought of giving head excite you? Do you like the idea of being mouth tucked and forced to swallow? Do you like the taste of cum? I ask because those might be on Dad's menu in the near future.

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by Anonymous on Aug 8, 2018 at 6:30 PM

Tank top with no bra? A dress short enough to reveal your lack of panties? You'll have me wishing I was your brother by the time the night is done. Even if it means getting Dad's sloppy seconds.

I'm guessing you won't see this until after your night has run its course. I hope you get the tender primal r**e you seem to be hoping for.

On the subject of submissives, your instinctive grasp of the idea seems fairly sound. Submissives give up control or power to another in the relationship; especially sexual control. Like the concept of gentle r**e mentioned several posts back. Seen a few articles over the years that echoed your feelings. That is, when choice is taken away, so is the responsibility to do anything but enjoy the messages coming from your nerve endings. With some that can lead down the path to whips, chains and safe words. With others it's a less extreme line that dictates the what, when, and who of the act and completely frees the submissive of any feeling of shame or confusion.

As an example, the dominant partner could whisper sweet words, give you gentle kisses, caress your breasts until you're panting, pull you to your knees by your hard nipples and then say "You know why you're down there whore," and pull out their dick for a nice long suck. (Or make you pull it out.)

At any rate, I hope you enjoy your evening and (fingers crossed) you get to service two cocks and have many orgasms before sleeping.

Please post again if your plan is a success or if you're successful in ways you hadn't planned (with details about what's going on in your head, not just what's happening to your body.)

And one last nosey request; will you tell us whose bigger and who's better? It's not always the same person. A lot of times it's all in a woman's head. The person who pushes all of her buttons the right way starts with a huge advantage.

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by Anonymous on Aug 9, 2018 at 10:06 AM

<46> here. I don't know about the other regular commenter, but the suspense after the lady's last update is killing me. ;-)

Did weasel see you with your nipples and pussy peeking out to call him close? Did step-dad claim one of your holes first? Did weasel get more blackmail video? Answers to these questions and more in the next update I hope.

Just an odd thought to toss in the mix about handling step-dad to get what you want. Ask him for it. It's really that simple. If you want him a little rough and demanding, tell him, tell him that's what you want, that's what gets you off. Tell him to force you to be his slut. If he's got any balls at all, you'll soon be on your hands and knees and getting fucked hard while your hair is being pulled, your ass is being smacked, and you're called all sorts of filthy things like whore, slut, c**t, bitch, etc.

I singled out step-dad because he's got some more experience and likely played the roll at one time or another. I have suspicions little brother might be a "natural" and a bit more inclined to do it without instruction because he knows he already made you cum while r****g your asshole.

Anyway, I hope things went well for you last night and you have a juicy tale of i****tuous debauchery to share.

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by Anonymous on Aug 9, 2018 at 12:56 PM

Well guys, I'm not proud of myself and actually thinking that I may be a bit of a nymph, now. I really don't want to be judged by a casual reader here.

I don't know where to begin.

First, I after lunch, my brother asked to go out with his friend's family to this water park in Chandler, I think. he was going to be late or maybe spend the night. I was like, OK so much for teasing him. Maybe some other plans? If you know what I mean.
Mom was like, I guess it's just you by your lonesome, honey. She said that she and dad had to go to a work awards banquet in Scottsdale and would be staying at the resort afterwards. Maybe I could ask my little friend to spend the night. I said sure.

It's been a long time since I had some alone time, so I basically decided not to ask anyone over. Shortly after, everyone went off and my little brother got picked up.

I quickly slipped into my bikini and headed out back for a dunk in our little pool. It's not much more than an above ground kiddie pool, but it's cool and wet. I kept thinking about all the attention that I'd been getting lately and before I knew it, I was rubbing my wet pussy and pinching my bullet-hard nipples until I came in a hard shutter. I slid off the little raft and sank to the bottom (only about two or three feet. Then I untied my bikini. No one was there so I laid on the raft completely naked. I laid there a good half hour or so. Then I casually went in. It was around five and I headed in to wash off the coconut oil.
While I was waving up in the shower, I decided to take a bath so I could binge watch some Netflix while I soaked in the tub. My laptop was on the toilet seat.

I don't know how I went from Netflix to some really raunchy teen porn where this girl is tied up and used and abused, but there I was again. This time with my emergency dildo. Always available from my tub. Multiple orgasms rocked my world and I think I splashed half of my bath water on my floor. The laptop was safe.

I like long baths so it was already starting to get dark outside while I was drying off and slipping into my mini bathrobe. It's a kimono robe that only goes down to my thighs. I love it cause it's silk and light and rubs across my soft skin like there's nothing there. I feel so free and sexy in it. I don't like wearing anything underneath. So I'm in the living room waiting on my pizza and wings, trying to figure out how to seduce the pizza boy. I turn the lights down in the living room and turn on a good scary movie.
When I answer the door I carelessly leave my robe slightly open. As I open the door, I see this older lady holding my food with this judgement stare and says to me... Who were you expecting, your boyfriend? She was like, "Kids, nowadays!" No tip for you lady!

So I eat my pizza and settle in for some more Netflix and heartburn.

I'm watching the movie and on my laptop laying on the carpet in my robe. As the movie drones on everything seems to get farther away. I start feeling like I'm floating and there's wind on my face and there's a strong smell of man's cologne.
From my position on the carpet, I was face down but now I was being lifted by strong arms and carried over to the couch. I was dr**ed over song shoulders sliding to rest on face to (naked) chest on a man's lap. "it's Ok, honey" "Shhh" "It's Ok" "it's just me" "Just relax". Groggy from sleep, my arms are still limp at my sides and my legs are bent and knees are resting on the couch cushions. My inner thighs are resting on his naked hips. His skin is cool and rough. As I slouch forward, my head rests on his hairy chest, while he's kissing my head saying, "That's right, honey, go back to sleep" "I got you"
My body feel so nice pressed up against his. The silk fabric slips and tingles as he shifts me. His hands are on my rump to keep me from sliding off. I can feel them gripping and stroking through the robe.
I feel myself pulled awards him and then relax, pulled forward and pressed and then relax. This was like the tide coming in with a steady rhythm. It felt good.
Sometime then my robe was pulled open.
I was slouching forward again and felt hair and flesh agains all of my belly, chest and pussy. There was now a throbbing penis shaft pressed hard agains my pussy that ran up to my belly button. Where there was pre-cum starting to ooze.

Slowly I was hoisted up. My head was on his chest, then on his shoulder blades and then it flopped over his shoulder. It smelled musky and sweet. I naturally put my arms around his neck and breathed in. It was nice. My tits were pressed against his chest, my belly up to his and my pussy was wet and pressed against the tip of his penis.
He was holding up my body with one are wrapped under my bottom and his other hand was rubbing my back and was whispering, "Shhh, It's Ok, baby, it's ok."
Then he was sliding me down. His penis was sliding to the side so he lifted me again and then reach around behind me with his free hand. I could feel his clumsy hand trying to be steady. His heart was pounding through my chest. I could have fully fallen asleep just then. My body was sliding slowly down his chest again and my arms were trailing down his shoulders. When they came to rest, they were on his forearms. He had fucked both hand inside the kimono and was gently holding me by my hips. I didn't even know he was inside me until he started to bounce, side and slowly fuck me.
My heart skipped and my breathing was more of a gasp. I was suddenly fully awake.
The hair and skin on his chest was now wet with sweat and every heavy bounce was pending my insides like a punching bag. I was really wet with his precut and my pussy fluids, now. I guess there was nothing to say at this point so I said nothing.
I was riding my step dad.
"You like daddy's cock, don't you, sweet?!" "Don't you!" I guess I was going to have to say yes. So I did. That triggered something, cause he put both hands around my neck and started squeezing (kinda hard). I won't lie and say I wasn't a little scared. It was like I was sitting on a jack-hammer. He was telling me how good I was being and that he was going to teach me everything. I should be thankful that I had such a loving teacher.
I don't know if it's a thing, but he made me like squat over him and like lower myself on him. He was covered in his own stuff. He said that from now on, I was to call him daddy.

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by Anonymous on Aug 9, 2018 at 2:35 PM

No judgement here. In case you haven't noticed, me and 46 have been cheerleading you on at every step since you said you were turned on by your brother's late night escapades.

Any idea why Daddy came home early? Did Mom come with him?

The bit about you in the backyard pool made me wish I was your pervy neighbor with the telephoto lens for his video camera. Given how things turned out, I'm glad you didn't snare some fumbling teenage delivery boy.

On to the climax (no pun intended) of the story. First off, it sounds like Daddy is a natural dominant and he's had the urge to treat you like his personal whore for quite a while. His actions and words are those of someone who has fantasized long and hard about having you under his control. The choking was a display of his dominance of you and the situation. Don't be surprised if he buys you a reminder of his "ownership", a choker necklace perhaps. Or something more permanent like a nipple ring or a tattoo that's in a place few besides him or your lovers will ever see.

Keep the lube handy and your jaw loose. I'm going to guess that "teaching" is going to involve a lot of anal sex and the finer points of deep throating his far from small (past your belly button? really??) cock. All things considered, your beginner fuck was fairly tame until the jackhammer and the choking started. You can bet money the pipe laying will get harder and more energetic as you go. And that you'll be fully awake from the start so you can see and feel everything he's doing to you.

Just so I'm clear on your thinking, do you still have plans to involve little brother on your own at some point? Do you think Daddy may "force" you to fuck him later so he can learn from his sister?

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by Anonymous on Aug 9, 2018 at 4:34 PM

46 here. Not much time right now. Just wanted to say I don't judge and I don't think you're a nympho. As noted above, I'm part of the cheer squad.

Not sure what you meant by the squatting thing at the end. Might be able to understand with some more detail.

You didn't say, and since it's the point of the whole thing from my perspective, did you orgasm while riding the jackhammer?

I agree with the other poster that he's had turning you into his plaything in mind for a while now. I think he'll keep ramping up from here until you leave or get caught. Be careful.

Let us know if your training starts tonight. And any updates on the weasel. I still worry about trouble from that quarter since he has you and Daddy on video.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 9, 2018 at 11:34 PM

The squatting thing I was talking about was really hard to do. So I was not all the way sitting on his penis. It was in my pussy, but he made me lift up over him but I had to hold onto it with my pussy. It was like I was giving him a hand job with my pussy. This must be what he does with mom. When I pulled up and away from him, I was pulling up on his dick till it almost came out and then I would lower myself onto it till it impaled me. I couldn't relax cause I had to hold up my weight so it was like my pussy was gripping it tight. My abs were really sore when I finished him off. I guess I milked him like a cow, but upside down. Ha, ha.
And no, he didn't stay. He cleaned up and left right away. I went to my room to wash and sleep in my bed. When I got up, no mom, dad or brother. They came back around noon with brother in tow.

The news is that he will be spending the rest of the Summer in Phoenix with relatives. I'm not sure who's idea it was but that kind of solves some of my issues.

Right now, brother is packing and will be heading out tomorrow night or Saturday morning. Mom, just took a shower and asked me for some of my new perfume. She says that my step dad was really frisky this morning and it looks like they're having date night tonight. She was putting on her strapless outfit and her "fuck me now" hooker shoes.

While she was in the shower, step daddy asked me into the kitchen to have a serious talk. He started with "I know that you and your brother were intimate." He went on about how he understands that sometimes lines get blurry between siblings when their bodies start to mature but he wanted me to know that it could not continue.
Let's see some reasons were that if I got pregnant, the baby might come out deformed or with serious health risks. Then there was that I would regret the decision my body and hormones made. I could not take anything back at that point. There were other reasons but they came back to it would break my mom's heart if mom found out.
So then he wanted to know every detail about what happened. I told him that I only remember the one episode. He told me that if I lying was a "slippery slope". Whatever that means. So I told him about him pounding my ass. He was not really expecting all the details, obviously. He kept asking me if I swallowed his cum. I told him that I had tasted it but not cause I gave him a blow job. He said that he understood. He said I didn't do anything wrong but he absolutely had to know if I drank any cum. I was like, I don't know if it counts, but uncle "mouth breather" pumped a turkey baster full of his cum in my mouth and down my throat. I threw up a lot of it, but I'm sure I digested a bunch too. Um he was really interested as to how it was that he did that so I told him about how he had been grabbing my ass and how he felt me up in the kitchen. He made me swear that he didn't have sex with me and I told him I swear. He just said that he appreciated my honesty and that I shouldn't blame myself. My body is just the perfect age for sex and that I shouldn't be ashamed of that. I was bound to attract innocent attention from all guys.
He did want to know how I was not aware that someone was touching my sleeping body without raising alarms. I told him my anxiety meds make me unconscious. It's like being in a coma. He was like Oh, I understand. That's why it takes you mother an hour to wake you up every day! I'm not sure why he found this so amusing, but I told him it was. I told him the cum was choking me though and I woke up almost immediately. He was like hmmm. Good talk, sweetheart.

So I walked by mom's brother's room and his door was closed and he was playing Xbox. My mom's door was closed too but I could hear them doing it. I had to put my ear to the door to hear what he was saying. He was telling her to bend over. Actually he was commanding her to bend over. I hear what sounded like a slap. I heard her whimper. He was like "come sit on daddy's lap, sweetheart." "good, your not wearing panties" then there was some kissing and then "say it or no fucking, you little whore" She said "fuck me please, daddy". I shit you not.

(1)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 10, 2018 at 9:37 AM

Make no mistake, he'll be having you beg for "daddy dick" by the time the summer is over.

Other than that, this thing can go so many ways it strains my imagination.

First up, little brother is on the clock. Don't be too alarmed if he comes looking for late night pussy or head as a going away present. I don't know if Dad has had a chance give him the same warning about leaving his sibling alone. Whether he has or hasn't it's pretty well established that little bro has great big brass balls. So, again, don't be surprised if he comes by for you to empty them before he leaves since he's looking at a long dry spell until he comes back.

Daddy is living the dream. He has two submissive sex toys under his roof and is contemplating all sorts of things. What sorts of things? Here's a short list of possibilities off the top of my head:

1. He seemed focused on oral during his questioning, so he may start there with your training. [As an aside, have you given head and willingly swallowed before? Did you tell him? Did you tell him you liked it?] If he's as pervy as I give him credit for, and as horny as you say, here's what you may face tonight. He'll come to you straight from fucking your Mom and demand you give his still wet dick a nice tongue bath and suck to get him hard enough to give you a good fucking.

If he does make the demand, do it. Do it with enthusiasm or risk getting a slap to face or tits, or a spanking that leaves your ass red and your pussy dripping. It's his first real test of how far under his control you are. Pass and things will get more extreme though likely orgasmic as you go. Fail, and you'll get a side order of pain or the threat of pain to make you comply with every new idea that pops into his head.

What do you think of the notion of second hand lesbianism with a side of i****t? Does the idea of being forced to lick your Mom's pussy juice off of your Daddy's cock repulse? Intrigue? Excite? Flood your panties with your own juices?

2. Based on the tepid reaction to your tale of his brother's abuse, expect to get shared with or loaned to the mouth breather after he feels confident he has you well in hand. I'm sure the mouth breather will be more than happy to take you home for a "visit" that involves lots of cocksucking and fucking. Depending on their ages, he might let your troublesome cousins have a crack a real live girl too. You could get both of their cherries and be their favorite cousin for life.

3. Expect lots of sex in lots of positions and orifices in the next few weeks. If you tend to be vocal while your getting laid, expect to spend a lot of time with your face in a pillow or with his hand over your mouth or on your neck. He may be "nice" and buy you a gag so you don't wake up Mom with an ill timed "FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME HARD!!"

4. Does he know what toys you have? Specifically, does he know about your butt plug? If he does, get used to wearing it around the house for extended periods. He'll want your tight young ass trained and available when he feels like having it and I get the feeling from what you've told so far that he's not big on foreplay before he sticks his dick in you. I mean, all he did last night was pick you up and impale you. He doesn't sound like the kind to spend 15 minutes getting your ass ready with lube and fingers.

5. You have me wondering just how deep in your Daddy's control your Mom is. If she's full blown submissive and thinks the world revolves around him and his cock, you may end up in a threesome by the end of the summer. That's his end game if he thinks he can get away with it. The idea of having a mother and daughter service his cock [and each other while he watches] has probably kept him hard all day. If she's deep in, he may send her with the invite to their marital bed. A few words about how she's known for a while that he's been fucking you, and he's a good provider so he deserves to have both of you dancing on the head of his cock and lapping each other's pussies to entertain him.

That's the short list. I'm quite certain you can think of others - quite a few I'm certain will involve tying you up or tying you the bed and helpless to stop any idea he wants to try out on you.

<46> asked yesterday and I didn't see the answer, so I'll ask for him today: Did you orgasm while you were riding Daddy's cock?

For all his "concern" about complications if Weasel knocks you up, he didn't sound all that concerned about knocking you up himself. I don't think a pregnancy scare is on his mind as much as locking down exclusive use of your pussy. If he trusts you enough to take your birth control when he's fucking you, he should trust you enough to be on it when Weasel does. If you think it doesn't make you look too much the eager slut in his eyes, you could suggest going to the clinic for the shot so there's no pills to remember.

Anyway, place safe, have fun, and don't be afraid to try something new. Who knows, it could become a favorite kink - like me reading about the i****tuous sexual adventures of an unknown teenage girl. Write if anything new happens.

(1)  (1)

by Anonymous on Aug 10, 2018 at 1:45 PM

46 here. Well, well, so dominant is Daddy's default mode. Based on the choking and that loud slap on your Mom's ass you could be in for a very educational summer that lets you live out your fantasies of being taken and used.

Are you ready to be turned into Mom V2.0 and cater to his sexual demands? Are you ready to be "the other woman?"

If the other poster's fantasy comes true, are you mentally prepared to share the bed with him and your mother? Pushing further into the kink closet, are you ready to watch him fuck her and lick his load from her snatch? I know that's extreme, but unless you can think of some reason to stop, there are few limits to what he can demand short of your leaving.

As the other guy put it, he's living the dream and thinking about all the sexy things he wanted to try with a 19 year old girl when he was 19 himself. A mother/daughter three way was likely high on his list. Having said that, you pretty much told him everything you've done with a boy. He's already thought up a list of things you haven't done and he wants to be your "first."

Little brother already popped your anal cherry but that's not all there is to ass play. I'm not sure where he'll take it, but you'll spend some time with his cock or other things in there. (Maybe mouth breather's dick in one hole and Daddy's in the other?)

And there's always fun with bondage. Does the idea of being tied to the bed and blindfolded, not knowing what (or who) comes next make you wet?

One last thing to keep in mind, aside from the pitifully little you've picked up by eavesdropping, you know nothing about your parents sex lives. All of the things you or I can imagine, they may have already done. Going back to the extreme case above, you might not be the first woman to share their bed. Going further out, he might ask you to recruit one of your friends to share the bed with the two of you. Make your first time "special" and get you accustomed to the idea of sharing and servicing another woman before taking you to their bed.

As ever, be careful and write if anything interesting pops up (or into you.)

(0)  (1)

by Anonymous on Aug 10, 2018 at 9:35 PM

I don't know what you guys are talking about, but everything is very cool here.
My parents are getting along for the first time in a long time. My brother seems excited with this change in his living arrangements.

Things are looking up everyone's treating me very nice. We went to this buffet place and had the best time. Tonight we're going to a late movie. Cool.

I'll update you guys tomorrow or later depending on what time we get home.


(0)  (1)

by Anonymous on Aug 12, 2018 at 8:57 AM

(46) here. Curiosity is killing me, just like the cat in the saying. Will there be an update? If there is, will it be by the sexy little teen sub writing in her own words about some new adventure in her home schooling sex education class? Or will it be another episode of sunshine and lollipops dictated by Daddy implying absolutely nothing sexual is going on in her house denying all she's written before about her experiences as a family sex object?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 12, 2018 at 8:58 AM

(46) here. Curiosity is killing me, just like the cat in the saying. Will there be an update? If there is, will it be by the sexy little teen sub writing in her own words about some new adventure in her home schooling sex education class? Or will it be another episode of sunshine and lollipops dictated by Daddy implying absolutely nothing sexual is going on in her house denying all she's written before about her experiences as a family sex object?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 12, 2018 at 9:01 AM

Sorry for the double post. The captcha is giving me fits this morning.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 12, 2018 at 1:11 PM

Hi 46, "other guy" here. It's been a day and a half now, give or take. She took a break earlier when I pissed her off by coming on too strong about private conversation. I don't think that was the case here, though our speculations about three ways with Mom may have pushed some buttons she didn't want to think about.

The most optimistic spin I can put on things is that she's exhausted from nonstop sex and hasn't had time to sit down and write about it. The more realistic view is that I'm concerned.

The sudden change in tone and phrasing makes me think you were right. Daddy dictated her last entry after finding out about her online "diary" and our replies, speculations, and fantasies. I don't know how he found out. She may have asked about something we suggested and he demanded to know where she came across such advanced ideas. I don't know if something we said was too close to the mark or what. We may have spoiled a surprise he had planned for her.

At any rate, control of communications is one of the hallmarks of abusive relationships and I hope she at least comes back to say she's Ok and give a true update on where she is with regard to step dad and his teaching. If she wants to end the entry with a note that she's done with us pervs and won't be posting any more, I'll be disappointed, but I'll accept it.

At any rate, I'll keep the bookmark active for another few weeks and see how things work out. Who knows, we may hear from her a month down the road after she's moved to her aunt's house.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 12, 2018 at 2:58 PM

Passing thought:

If it's easier for you and leaves fewer tracks, the email is still




dot com

(1)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 12, 2018 at 9:45 PM

Wow, you guys really need minute by minute updates or your imaginations run the hell away with you. I have plenty on my mind and plate to have to worry if you guys start wondering if I'm mad at your or if you begin to make stuff up on your own about my life.

Well, there's an update and now I'm not surprised with anything any more about my parents.

This weekend started out great. Everyone was good. Brother's out having fun with his friends and my parents are getting along. Then I get an invitation from my "daddy".
He says that he wants to go to Jerome to pick up some supplies. Mom usually goes with him, but she is prepping for her trip coming up.

Cool, but I was a little apprehensive. I may have to do something to "pull my weight".
So we pack up his Toyota and get on the highway. We pick up some snacks, you know soda, beef jerky and chewing gum. I made sure to wear my jean mini skirt, no panties, and brought a change of clothes in a small gym bag.

We talked a little on the way, but mostly listened to the radio. I checked my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I also texted with my girlfriend. She knew a little about what I'm going through and was interested just how much sex I'm having.

The scenery changes from forest, then rocky hills and then we're in the mountains. He tells me to chew some gum to help with the popping of my ears. He was right. Well we go up the mountain and end up in this mountain town called Jerome. It's pretty cool cause there a bunch of shops and a bunch of artists people. We went to a candy store that makes their own chocolate and candy. I got a bunch of salt water taffy and chocolate covered peanuts. We went to a few boutiques and several of the guys seemed to know him. He dropped some packages off and picked some stuff up. This nice old lady gave me this purple crystal. She said it matched my aura.

It was a cool place and there are a lot of "hippy" types there. He says that we need to make one more stop. It was starting to get late and I was wondering how long before we started off home. We drove up the mountain a little and came to this older house stuck right into the side of the mountain. The staircase to the front door was very steep and long. At the top, we rang the doorbell. More hippies. They knew my stepdad very well and hugged him. "It's been a long time!" and "Do you have our medicine?"
Then They noticed me. "My, don't you look like an Angel!" "She's so much prettier than you told us!" "Come in, come in, child!"
The old hippy was in his 50's or 60's. He was white, well to do, and hairy (long hair, mustache, and beard). He was in a tie-dye shirt, jeans, and sandals.
She wasn't as old, she must have been in her early 40's. She had dirty blonde hair round glasses, and vegan body type. She was wearing a yellow and sky-blue moo-moo sun dress.
The house smelled like chocolate chip cookies and pot.
She poured me some lemonade and gave me some brownies and cookies.
It was a weird old house. They had black-lights posters, lava lamps, and this huge hookah thing in the back room with a bunch of cushions on the floor and the wall.
My step "daddy" said it would be impolite to just drop off and not partake.
Partake what? I found out soon enough. Next we were all sitting around the hookah. The room was full of smoke and they were offering me a puff. I wanted to see what it was like to I tried it. Time seemed to fly by cause soon everyone was high as a kite.
Let's call the older lady Jane and the older hippy, John.
Jane says to me, "you are so beautiful and your innocent smile makes you so sexy".
I say, thank you. She kissed me hard on the lips. Smiling, she says to my step, "Let's get started".

My step "daddy" asked me to come with him so we could talk. First, he asks me if I trust him. I say I do. He tells me that he has an arrangement with some people here. Mom, is busy so I would have to take her place. It was up to me, though. Then he asked if I loved him. I said that I do. I at least know that I love mom. I would do it for her.
He said he was proud of me and that I would have fun and love it. He promised.

Next, he put a mask like Zorro on me, except I couldn't see through it. He put some leather bracelets on my wrists. He tightened them with the straps and buckled them. Next he led me down some back stairs to a cool area. It smelled a earthy, dank. My footsteps echoed a bit on the stone flooring. When we cot to a place that seemed to open up, he sat me on a padded leather bench.
From there, he put on two more straps on my ankles and helped me lay back onto the bench. As he was kissing me softly, he took one of my hands and laid it next to my side. There was a light click and my arm was clamped to the bench. He did the same with my other wrist. He moved down and kissed my neck and then he gave me little kissed on the bare spots on my body until he got to my thigh. He licked my thigh till he got to my knee. He stroked my calf until he got to my ankles. Each one was firmly secured with a soft click. Then he said out loud. "She's in".

I could hear Jane giggling. John was still quiet.

I was feeling no pain. I thought about it a bit and really didn't feel anything except the sensation of flying.

The bench suddenly gave a shudder and it started lifting. One moment I was laying down and now I was almost standing or rather hanging. The bench was moving a bit again and this time, my arms and legs started moving outwards. When it stopped moving I was completely spread-eagle.

That's when I heard John for the first time "fuck it". His hands were rough and his fingers strong. Step dad "take it easy" "first timer, here".

John - "my dungeon, my rules".
Jane - "she's so young and precious". "Oh, my! No panties here. You are something special my dear."

Let's see, it was so erotic. I couldn't see anything but I could feel these hungry hands and finger, lips and tongues working their magic on my tender nipples and pussy. I can't tell you how many times I came, it was one long orgasm as soon as the first cock went in. It was so intense I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I was laying down again, I was not strapped, my eyes were free and my daddy was unconscious on top with his spent cock in me. I woke him, got cleaned, dressed and we left. It was morning.
And yes I sucked cock, drank cum and ate pussy. I loved it all.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 1:44 AM

<46> here. Glad to hear your education is progressing. Sorry about getting impatient, but that last entry was so far off from your previous ones that it made me worry, especially that "I don't know what you guys are talking about" bit. I guess it was more disbelief we would suggest such a far out thing than denial of what had come before. That said, the next installment in your story was well worth the wait.

The whole thing sounds a little surreal. I'm glad you had fun. I'm happy to hear you're at least technically bisexual now. That opens some new doors for you to explore. And it took nowhere near as long to get you into bondage than I originally expected.

Now for the inevitable questions:

You say it was a continuous orgasm from "the first cock". Any idea how many different cocks were involved? Daddy and John are givens, but did you hear anyone else in the dungeon with you since it sounds like you were there for quite a while and I doubt two guys could keep things going deep into the night - even if you are a gorgeous piece of fresh meat.

Any notion who's cock you sucked, who's cum you swallowed? Daddy? John? Both? Did it taste better, worse, or just different than your brother's?

Have any ideas on whether Jane's pussy was fresh or cum filled when you got your taste?

Having had the experience, does the threesome with Mommy and Daddy sound as far fetched as it did a couple of days ago?

BTW, I did a few minutes of Google, and the position you described in your sleepy time sex episode is apparently something called "the frog". If it's a favorite for your Daddy, you might want to work on those Kegels so you can grip his cock really tight.

I look forward to hearing about your next adventure. I get the feeling that the week your Mom's away is going to be very interesting. ;-)

As ever, good luck, have fun, be safe.

(0)  (1)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 11:25 AM

Other guy here. Let me add my apologies to 46's. I saw the sweetness and light post and assumed you had been busted.

It was great to hear you were busy getting stoned, having your brains fucked out and enjoying every minute of it from the details in your story. Anything fun happen after you posted last night?

Ok, let me take a look at some of the details and ask a few questions to see if I can sort out how this will progress, even though there's a good chance I'll be wrong...
To start, you say you won't be surprised by anything else your parents are involved with. Given that you, me, and 46 were all blindsided by Daddy sharing you this early in your education, I don't know that I would make that flat statement. There are more kinks in this world than we can fully appreciate.

I'm curious as to if Daddy told your Mom straight up that you took her place in the dungeon. If he did, this whole situation can move in all sorts of directions, depending on her reaction to the news. If she approves, you could end up with even more partners and orgasms than you dreamed of a month ago. If she doesn't, you could be living with your aunt by the end of the week.

Just for the sake of blatant curiosity, I have to ask if the blow job in the dungeon was the first you gave to completion and not foreplay. Do you know who's cock you sucked?

I caught that you've been sharing some details with a girlfriend. Have you told her everything that you've posted about? Less? More? Will you be filling her in on the latest episode in the dungeon?

Having cleared away that much, we get to the interesting part; is she the same girl you have sleepovers with? Is she the little friend your Mom suggested you ask over when they were going out of town? If she is, are you going to tell her about eating Jane's pussy? Are you going to tell her before or during the next sleepover?

Is she of age? Have you been doing some daydreaming about how she might taste? About what her "O face" looks like? If you can get her to return the favor? What her pretty teenage face would look like between your thighs? How her inexperienced tongue would feel on your clit? If you want to share her with Daddy while Mom is away?

I guess all those things boil down to whether you're thinking about seducing your friend. And if you want to share her with Daddy if you're successful.

If you're seriously thinking about it, I suggest discussing it with Daddy first. He may be perfectly fine with you expanding your sexual horizons, but want no part of screwing her himself due to the extra complications he sees in adding another person to the group. This is especially true if your friend is still underage.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 12:11 PM

Other guy again. I took another look at how things were phrased and caught something I mussed before. Daddy said he had an arrangement with "some people". Do you really know how many different cocks you servived? Could you tell if any of them wore condoms? Did you wake up with a huge load of cum leaking out of your sore, well used c**t? Did you sort of slide by the fact in telling the story that it was your first gangbang? If so, yay you. Again, no judgment, I'm glad you had what sounds like a great experience. Or am I reading too much into it as usual and it was just Daddy and John?

And being fair to both sides, do you know if it was one or multiple pussies you ate?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 12:19 PM

Damn autocorrect and my fat fingers in the bit above.

Not "mussed before", should be "missed before."

And the big one, NOT "how many cocks you servived". Should be "how many cocks you serviced".

(1)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 4:00 PM

Doesn’t really change the meaning much. Ha, ha.

Truth is I don’t know the answers to your questions. Really!

I don’t know if my mom actually did this or even approves or knows. She hasn’t said anything so she may not know.

Also, I reall don’t know who was in the basement and who did what or who. I was in another dimension and was seeing stars and galaxies.
To be truthful, I couldn’t taste anything and don’t know how good the woman’s pussy tastes like or if she had sex before I licked it.
My mom, brother and uncle could have been there, but I couldn’t tell you. There could have been an animal involved and I would’ve missed it. One tongue or twelve, couldn’t say.
I don’t believe there were many condoms involved and was not in any position to request them.
Should I ask my momma if she knows about the trip and what’s going on?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 4:52 PM

Other guy here. Think you want the fun and games to continue for at least the short term, I'd say No. If Daddy hasn't said anything yet, can you imagine her reaction to being asked how many guys typically tuck her when they go to the mountains?

Again, if you want the chance to see what happens next, take Daddy aside and see if he's told her. You might also get an answer from him about how many guys fucked you, who you sucked, etc. After assuring him you had a great time and are merely curious. And that his answer won't make you change your mind about his continuing to teach you, or make you stop "pulling your weight".

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 5:05 PM

I pushed the last one through fast on the off chance you were still around. I really would like to know if you've given any thought to seducing your friend with the interest in your sex life. If you can get her on board for some part time pussy licking it would at least be another outlet for your youthful libido.

And expanding on a thought I had but didn't include in the last post, the idea of you not knowing who or how many dumped their loads in your young pussy is highly titillating. Don't know how long you were at it, but it just sounds sexy as hell. Would you consider doing it again sober?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 5:52 PM

I mean we have kissed, but mostly to tease dumb guys we meet.

I tell her all about the stuff that happens. I tell her everything. She's the little sister I always wanted.
I would strap-on fo her if she wanted but wouldn't push her to do anything.
She is very cute and her little titties have really sensitive nipples. Her pussy still has fine baby pubes. Mostly her pretty little pussy is still bald.

I Wonder how far she will go with me. She has the cutest mouth. I could make out with her for days.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 6:06 PM

Have you already told her you ate a pussy and liked it?

Look for an attitude change during your next sleep over. If she gets more touchy-feely or responds really positively to you getting a little more touchy-feely [putting your hand on her boob or twat] you could be in for a fun night.

You said younger sister; how young under 18, over 18 or 18?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 6:54 PM

So you think I should make a move? Hmm.

Her age? I won't give you more information about her. Why would you ask???

I will tell you this. We've been friends a very long time. Her dad used to be very nice to me. He took a couple of very nice pictures a long time ago. Mirror pics with me.
I wish I could share them, but let me think on that. We didn't do anything bad, but he helped me change into my swimming one-piece.

Want to see them if I can figure on how to share them?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 7:36 PM

Sure, I'd like to see the pictures.

I asked about her age because of that whole age of consent thing. I don't need to know it. I really wanted you to be aware and think about it if it were an issue.

Any luck in getting Daddy alone to see if he spilled to your Mom?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 7:42 PM

Oh, and I'm not pushing you to make a move. I'm more playing the "what if?" game . You know her and I don't so you have much greater insight into whether she would be receptive to your overtures. If she's curious about the amount and type of sex you're having, her own hormones may be at a low boil.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 8:41 PM

You sound like law enforcement so I'll leave you with this...
I'm learning to experience new relationships and spreading my wings.

I may come back to this site again, but I will not be back here.
Please don't apologize again cause I will not be reading it.

Thanks for letting me see things from your point of view.

I'll take it from here.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 8:48 PM

Not law enforcement like you'll believe me now. I'm just a horny old guy having some vicarious fun and not wanting to lead you into trouble. Good luck.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 13, 2018 at 9:59 PM

(46) here. I take one damn day off from checking in and this happens. Thanks a lot for scaring her off other guy.

Thanks for the part of the story I did get to hear. Have fun, be careful. I hope many wonderful orgasms come your way. If you ever get the urge to write again, please go ahead.

I really don't think other guy is a cop. I think he's an idiot who overthinks things and runs off at the keyboard.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 14, 2018 at 11:08 AM

(46) here. I don't know if you'll ever come back by to read anything else that gets posted in the thread. If you do, and you have the urge to write but don't want to give anything else to the other guy, I've set up a n email box specifically for your tale.

It's poster46 at outlook .**m.

I've enjoyed watching your sexual evolution from "maybe if I go to sleep, someone will do something sexy to me" to the more confident and sensual young woman who chooses to participate.

If you'll drop me a line from time to time, I'll respond, but promise not to ask about ages, names, or pictures.

Give it some thought if you would.


And even if you decide not to, go knowing I wish you all the best on your journey of personal discovery. Good luck, be safe, and have fun while your at it.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 16, 2018 at 4:26 PM

So Pet, are you lurking? Are you waiting to see if the bad men have any more questions or predictions about how things will progress? Are you fighting the urge to write again to your cheer section? Maybe brag about some New experience that left you breathless without having to write the whole thing out again or explain how you got to where you are? How you became Daddy's plaything. How you ended up getting fucked by uncle mouth breathed and his sons. How you ended up cleaning your mother's juices off Daddy's knob late in the night.

I'll wait. You'll be welcomed back with open zippers and a box of tissues when you post your next story of family debauchery.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 18, 2018 at 6:25 AM

Poster46 here. I don't know who let the disrespectful crazy out. If you do decide to start writing again, please drop me a note and let me know where.


(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Aug 21, 2018 at 8:04 PM

(46) here. It's obvious you're not going to share any more details of what's going on, but it would be great if you could drop a few words here occasionally to let me know you're OK and still enjoying your new experiences.


(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Sep 17, 2018 at 9:40 PM

My brother came back to live with us two weeks ago. I guess he got in trouble at his friend's house and got shipped back here.

My step dad was so pissed that they got into a fight and he pushed him into the fridge and knocked the microwave on the ground.
He went into his bedroom, slammed the door and stayed in there for the rest of the day and night.
The next day I heard them talking and my step was saying he was sorry but was so pissed that he had touched me. He told him stuff like he understood how he felt cause I was really hot and sexy. It must have been so hard not to give into that little slut. That's when their voices got muffled and low. After a while they laughed and I heard him leave and close the door.
I heard that little shit turn on his TV and then call his buddy.

The next day I came home from school and found my room open and bra and panties drawer empty. My pink rabbit vibrator gone.

I went to go talk to my mom and found my step dad sitting at the kitchen table. He said we had to talk.

The talk was mostly bullshit. My little snitch brother had told him that I had m****ted him and I constantly walked around teasing him with my ass hanging out and me always rubbing on him. He gave him the video of me on him and said that it proved that I was a slutty perverted slut. I was grounded and not to leave the house. When I asked about my bras and panties, he just said that whores don't need those and he made me take off the pair I was wearing right then and there. I was to wear only tank tops and mini-skirts from now on in the house.
That night, my brother walked into my room with a real grin on his face. He said that dad told him to do a nightly inspection before he went to be. Then he proceeded to reach under my sleeping shirt and felt my tits (pinching my nipples) and then run his cold dead hands down my belly cupping my pelvis. When he didn't feel any panties to stop him, he slid his middle and index finger into my pussy and started to jack-hammer me. I slapped him good on his ear till he stopped. He just smiled, got in my face and licked off his fingers.

This was just two weeks ago.

I don't know if I can write any more. :(

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Sep 19, 2018 at 9:17 PM

Poster 46 here. Wow. I am so sorry to hear that. What happened between you and step dad between the gangbang and your brother's return? It seemed things were going really well the last time you wrote and you were enjoying your newly freed sexuality.

You say brother abused you two weeks ago. Has anything happened since? Has he or step dad or the pair attempted to have sex with you? Where is your Mom in all this?

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Sep 20, 2018 at 8:27 AM

Again, if you don't feel comfortable talking about this on the board my email is

poster46 at outlook dot com

No judgement, just a friendly to vent to.

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Sep 22, 2018 at 5:16 PM

OP, can you put up a short post or drop me a note at the email address above? Your last entry was so bleak it worries me. Not sure I can do anything but listen, but sometimes that's what you need. Sorry I missed the post when it first went up, but it had been over a month since your last one and I was only checking every few days

(0)  (0)

by Anonymous on Nov 4, 2018 at 7:22 AM

OP, you out there? Anything new to add?

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