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Caught my step dad checking me out sexually a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm constantly making him get a boner. He knows I know about him watching me getting changed in the kitchen, and he also now knows I enjoyed teasing him that day. I was only going to change my top, but when I saw him holding his cock through his shorts while watching me, I changed my mind and began to strip completely. I gave him long easy views of my breasts, pussy and ass. Then as I caught him taking his cock out, I moved out of the way and dressed. By the time I walked into the lounge, he was sat with a huge boner showing in his shorts, yet he didn't bother to hide it. I smiled at him, asked him if he was comfortable, then before he could answer, I told him to get my mom to suck it for him.
A couple of days later he asked me if I was being mean to him. When I said he was married to my mom, he answered by saying they'd not had it for ages. I told him I knew as my mom was always moaning about him trying to get into her panties.
Feeling sorry for him, but also knowing he has a big cock, I told him one day I might let him into my bedroom for a quickie. I swear over the next few days he was bouncing. But it wasn't enough for me and every chance I got I was flashing him my breasts or my vagina. He knows I'm doing it one purpose, and he also knows, as I do, mom is soon going on her yearly sisters week away.
I've upped the odds recently, and left him some panties I've masturbated with. Making myself orgasm, I then wiped my pussy with them and left them in his truck. Mom never goes in there, so I know when I've found them under my pillow with his cum all over them, he's tossed himself off thinking of me.
With my mom away soon, I'm definitely thinking of allowing my step dad to enjoy himself with me. And knowing he's got a large penis, I think I'll enjoy him too.



by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2019 at 8:01 AM

Thanks a lot. A good amount of advice.

You have made your point.

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by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2019 at 1:48 PM

Oh how I wish you were my stepdaughter!
I love the smell of your panties...
I love to see your perky nipples through your tops...
I love it when you sit cross-legged on the sofa, so I can look up your short.

Yes, your step dad has been checking you out.
Yes, he can't wait to fuck you when my wife goes out of town...

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by Anonymous on Aug 4, 2019 at 6:49 PM

WOW. I can't understand why so many are suggesting Viagra. Is it because you think just because you need it that everyone else does? Read the confession over again and this time let it sink in. No where does it indicate that either, step dad nor step daughter needs it. The problem is, not one, other than the step daughter, list their age. Lots of comments were made, probably, by people with ages so high they need Viagra to get it on.

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by Anonymous on Aug 5, 2019 at 11:05 AM

This is a whole bunch of BS. Almost every comment was made by the same person, probably the one who wrote the original confession and as I scanned over the comments I wondered if the confession was even written by the 19 year old straight female. Never now will we? Plus, the comments, nearly every one was written by the same person, probably the same as the author. I wish and pray that sometimes we can read a real and honest confession. Sex is catching. Can anyone recall their first time? I mean really, not some made up BS.

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by Anonymous on Sep 12, 2020 at 1:58 PM

Comment wise? I go along with the WTF notations for the other comments, not the original confession by the 19 year old female.

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by Anonymous on Feb 19, 2021 at 10:58 PM

On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I was wanking and

masturbating. I was 25 years old. As I turned to the other side to approach the

corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level

on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it

was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. Feeling the excitement as if to

take some cloth which was hung on the hooks on the door, I moved closer to the

door so that she may have a good look at my erect cock and she may not come to

eye contact. My cock head was almost just 2 inches away from her eyes.

Casually turning around and facing the light I started slowly pull back my

foreskin to and forth giving the little girl a full demonstration of

masturbation. As her mother was busy in the kitchen and father out in office,

I gave good fifteen minute jerking action in all possible ways. Soaped the

cock and washed it twice watching whether the little eyes were still peeping.

When I was about to come, I inched slowly to the door crack for her to see how

a cock ejaculates the white sperm cum, on to my palm. After finishing the bath

as I found the little girl look at me and trying to look at my waist to see any

bulges, I thought to give her some other tease.

As I was wearing only a small loose shorts and no underwear, laying down on the

couch with one leg folded up and the other leg straight, the little seated on

the chair at the other end could view my cock through the shorts. As if I am

browsing my phone I covered my face and opened the camera view to see whether

she is noticing my cock. Yes she was trying to see through the shorts my cock.

Casually I scratched my cock with one hand to give it a erection start and

excited the girl is watching it was easy erection. After that I got up took

the little girl as if loving and allowed her to sit on my lap with the erect

penis on the side of my shorts, which I adjusted to be between her butt crack.

But I did not touch her in any other ways. She too knew that she is sitting

on hot rod and I could feel her butt pulsating on my cock. When I felt I may

cum if continued leaving the child moved to my room.

Further the door crack peeping of the little girl gave me the idea of peeping

my cousin's wife. While the gorgeous lady went for the bath, I also peeped for

the first time and had a good view of hairy pussy leading to happy


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by Anonymous on Jun 8, 2021 at 2:21 PM

i once saw my mother nked in he bathroom and ever since then i have this urge to cum inside her and get her prenant.

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by Anonymous on Sep 27, 2021 at 1:00 PM

i am a 17 year old girl and i have never seen i guy cum so much as my dad.he has a huge thck cock and he masturbates a lot because my mum will not have sex with him much nowadays. when mum gets out of bed in a morning,i hear him making grunting noises.the other week on my way to the bathroom,through a crak in my parents bedroom door,i saw my dad,naked on the bed huge cock in hand,masturbating.he wa going at it frantically,then all of a sudden this huge load of sperm shot out of him,spurt after spurt,it seemed to last for ages,i thought that it would only be a small amount,but this was a massive amount. i have watched him for the last week in the bathroom,shooting his load in the sink and in his bedand each time he shoots this incredably huge load.i bet if he came over my tits he would cover them both,no problem.i am trying to get up the courage to get him to cum over me,in my mouth,over my tits,deep inside me.i bet he would if i let him,and i would let him have sex and cum a huge load inside me as if i was mum,a load like that would make me pregnant quickly and would let him get me pregnant as often as he wanted.

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by Anonymous on Feb 5, 2022 at 11:55 AM

I jacked off reading and imagining my flirty stepdaughter continuing down the path you took.

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