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Fuck My Mom No Seriously

Oh well, as the title suggests. Now of course I'm not attracted to her so that's out of the question (No i****t relationship there)

Now though I do get worried at times like if I meet a new friend, what if he doesn't find her hot you know, what if he's like "That's just another mom" I feel like I'm going to be sad for days. for reference she's 5'8 and 170lbs (44) years old, She goes to the gym and everything so she built quite a plumpy ass, and her bust isn't that bad.

So yeah just to make my poor heart feel better, I would appreciate if you all in the comments just tell me what you'll do to her if you were in my future friend's list. but that's the weird part of where I don't want you referencing it but I'd like it if you make some small remarks details of you fucking her, it would make me embarrassed but that's the point isn't it?

So yeah, Fuck her drench her with cum smack her ass, whatever you may please, I'll be here for the show. Thank you bonus points for nerdy references.


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