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Barefoot Drunk At Walmart

Two Years Ago I was at Wal-Mart to check out the Grand Reopening of the store in my neighborhood, that is until a certain Drunk showed up looking hammered holding a bottle of Coors Lite and shouting, and he was barefoot as he made his first stop into the restroom.Then as soon as the Ceremony was about to start the Barefoot man left the restroom now wearing a pair of dirty underwear and he was stumbling as he grabbed a bunch of bananas and made his way towards the stage as the speaker tried to stop the Half Naked Barefoot Drunk and told him that he will call security.

Mr. Feet then picked up his foot and began smelling his fucking feet as me and other shoppers and employees all groaned in disgust seeing this idiot smell his fucking feet after walking out of the restroom, as a woman next to me ran to throw up and I could not blame her as the man began dancing with bananas; yes a grown man dancing with fucking bananas in a public store. Then he pulled his underwear down and exposed himself in front of everyone at Wal-Mart and we had kids here too and now they are traumatized because of this bastard.

Things got worse he took a banana and began to stroke his dick with it as a store employee informed him that the Police is on their way, but he then took the microphone put it up to his ass and then farted as everyone in the store heard the fart as everyone began to get grossed out as he then began singing Let's get it on and then he stuck his foot in a banana and began sucking his toes on a banana as everyone in the store began to get tired of his antics but Mr. Barefoot then fell off the stage only to be caught and dragged away be store security and the Police. This man really needs some serious help; walking barefoot in a department store, stripping and being in his underwear and then exposing himself among other antics; I think this man needs to see Dr. Phil for his drunk, barefoot stupidity and behavior.


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