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Double Time

So my nympho wife loves giving oral and loves making me happy. She gives the best blowjobs you can imagine and is like the old saying she can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
A few years ago we relocated to the Great Lakes area due to employment opportunities and when we settled into our new area we started talking about what kinds of dirty fun we could have. We have been together for long enough to know each other's likes, dislikes and fantasies.
Our turn-ons are pretty similar so we can have fun together.
She is very subby and never refuses an order from me. She likes to be dirty talked and treated like the lowest crackhead whore while she's sucking cock. I like to tease her and degrade her and call her bad names too. So it's a win and win situation.
So I told her I had a plan for some fun and she was definitely on board.
I put an add on the old craigslist site where you could find all kinds of sex partners. I said that my 33yrs old pretty blonde wife would like to show what a great BJ she is and we would like an ordinary guy between maybe 25 and 55 to blow.
We got a shitload of answers from lots of men. Me and her went through them and knocked off a few right away for whatever reasons. We got it down to maybe a half a dozen and I went through them again and contacted 3 or 4 and finally settled on this guy called James.
He was Chinese American, 36yrs. and was from a couple or three towns away.
Sounded good from the second contact so we went through available times and dates and tried to set it up. The plan was for us to get a motel room at a place that was not fancy or too high price but not a real crack den either.
So I found a place and made a reservation. The plan was to get there in late afternoon and let us get settled, let her change into really slut clothes and slut makeup and hairstyle.
Once she was ready I'd text James and give him the room number to the place.
Meanwhile James texted around noon and wanted to know if it was ok to bring his cousin who is his best friend and they usually double girls when they can.
I was all for it and wanted to watch my wife suck too cocks so I told her and she naturally agreed. Told James and Chuie they could expect a great time.
So we got to the place and Brenda was getting ready and I texted the number to James. Then I went out to the car and got some Captain Morgans for my wife along with some coke and ice.
I had some Wild Turkey for me and a couple of blunts in case the guys wanted to get high.
The guys were coming to meet us after working all day in a lumber yard and home decorating place so they were clean but not fresh showered. My wife likes to suck off men who act and smell and taste real manly and she don't like guys in ties and manicures. Or young pretty boys.
I liked it cause I wanted her to feel like a real cocksucker and a whore.
So finally everything's ready and the men get there and they were excited to see how hot she looked. She stayed on the bed in her see through nightgown and little thong and we 3 guys took off our shoes socks pants and shorts.
I stood in the middle of the guys and threw a pillow on the floor. Told her to kneel like the slut she is and the guys were smiling and anxious. I made her suck my low hangers for a minute and told her that my friends were getting jealous. Took her haed in my hands and turned her to James and told her to suck his musky balls. She dove her face between his legs like she was starving and he was moaning and calling her dirty talk. After a minute Chuie said he wanted to feel those lips on his hairy sack too. I should say that James was about 5'6" and very slim and his cousin was about the same height but a bit chubby. Well maybe a bit fat. Anyway she was cool with it and started sucking his extra sweaty and musky balls too.
Meanwhile James was pinching her nipples and making her kind of jump a little but Chuie had his hand on her head and kept her mouth buried in his crotch.
I was telling her how hot she looks and what a fucking whore she is and how could she expect me to kiss her with being such a dirty whore. Then I would kiss her and the smell of musk and cum was exciting too.
We moved her onto her back on the bed and got up with the two cousins on either side of her face. She could suck them one at a time and keep exchanging dicks or she could try taking both in her mouth at one time.
We're all playing with her tits and I'm fingering her while she's sucking cock like a whore. When the skinny guy was ready to cum he asked where she wants it and she said in her mouth and on her face and tits. He gave her a good load and I used my finger to rub all the sperm off her cheek and into her mouth.
The other guy was really primed and he moved so he was straddling her face with his knees on either side and laid his hairy smelly nuts on her wet cummy mouth. He was calling her dirty names and telling her she's a c**t and a whore and to keep sucking those balls and make his cum boil. His cousin was squeezing her tits and slapping them and calling her names too and she was grinding her thighs together and fingering her c**t.
Chuie got off her and went to take a piss. When he got back he said she had to dry his dick because he didn't shake it off. He straddled her again but this time he was like over her head and his dick was laying over her face and slipped into her mouth so she could suck the pee out. Then he moved to feed her those balls again and slid further down so her face was pushed into his fat sweaty asscrack!
She was moaning and really thrashing her pussy as he fed her his stinky butt crack. I was right on the edge and ready to shoot when Chuie went nuts and said some shit like Yes you fucking c**t. Stick your tongue in my asshole you pig whore.
Me and my wife do rim each other some and I love it but I didn't think she'd do it to a sweaty stranger but I guess she was really into it and felt so dirty and he wanted it so he got it.
He didn't last more than a couple of minutes before he was pulling back so he could shove his short but fat like him dick into her lips and feed her another load.
I jumped on and slid my dick in her and was fucking her and kissing her and telling her how ssexy she is and I gave her my cum in her swampy pussy.
The cousins got dressed and were real polite and thanked her for the great sex and thanked me for letting them use her mouth. They said they would love to do it again but we just have these sex games once in awhile and haven't been able to do anything lately with the virus and stuff happening.
Maybe when it's all clear we'll try for a repeat. I been teasing her and said we should see if they have relatives with a restaurant and we could go like after closing so she can suck off all the waiters, the cook and the dishwasher. She's such a whore.



by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2020 at 9:27 AM

Damn your wife is a horny man's dream!

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by Anonymous on Sep 16, 2020 at 12:46 PM

Making my mouth water. Love to kiss her filthy lips and give her another load.

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