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Secret Subject You Never Hear About

I confess that I was so turned on the first time a young secret dominant man told me he had something different in store for me that day, once he came to my home, I dropped to my knees once he was inside the front door, in just a few seconds of me sucking his cock he ordered me to go get on my knees in my wife’s bathtub, I did as he wished, he stepped in with me and said he had been drinking water all morning and it was all for me, I was kinda taken back but did as he told me, I never thought of golden showers as anything but weird and dirty,
In just one instant my whole world changed,
He stepped in close and let his piss flow, on my lips, ordered me to open my mouth, and he turned it on and off, he pissed str8 into my mouth, then he ordered me to swallow,

It turns you so submissive ,
I have only done it two times ,both with him.
Got busted by wife shortly after, but I crave it now,,
I can only wish,

I know is a hard subject to broach with anyone, but if you get up the nerve and find another man to indulge you, go for it, amazing doesn’t do it justice



by Anonymous on Oct 18, 2020 at 10:25 AM

Not trying to play 'one-better' but my greatest thrill was a three-day weekend, tied into a rubber bag, with zippered opening at mouth, while three men face-fucked me constantly, and ended up peeing all their beer into my mouth, the overflow just gathering in the water-tight bag, and threatening to drown me...indescribable feeling of submission and humiliation, and I would gladly repeat the event, or make it permanent in the right circumstances, rather than weekend 'specials'

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