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Loving Her

My friend from grade school's husband fell off his roof and broke his neck becoming a quad. She leaned on me, overwhelming me, how could I help her? Money problems, physical care issues, emotional issues. It was more than I could handle and I felt guilty for abandoning her. I turned to my boss, fell apart in his arms.

He decided it was a good time to turn me into his submissive girl. I am not naturally submissive, but he is big, strong, psychologically dominant and it wasn't long until he had me as his sub, emotionally, sexually, financially. My friend started to worry about me, to hold me up. Get strong, push back, get another job, stop being his doll, stand up to him.

Slowly I got stronger, not enough to break away, but strong enough to talk for myself, to find myself again. The sex became a lot more intense, more dominant, but he gave me independence in other areas. He told me to bring my friend to him. I was scared but she agreed. He told her that she had to get a spine. She couldn't take care of her husband, if she didn't let go she would drown too. He made love to her, over the top sex. Then told me to hold her.

Until she agreed to put her husband under the care of the state. Then he made love to me and told me I had to hold her hand and bring her to him when she needed to be strong. He made love to her, he gave her to me to hold. He made love to me, gave me to her to hold. Until we held each other. Then he slowly let us go, stand on our feet. Until we need to go to him to make love.


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