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My grandma died when I was nine, and my grandpa got remarried 3 years later to a righteous snooty bitch of a woman. Our family has never fully accepted us because she's a c**t and looks down on us always has. My grandpa hasn't been truly happy since marrying her but he didn't want to be alone so we're stuck with her. Well back in my junior year I got out of school around 1 for work, my grandpa had to go out of town for 2 weeks and asked me to take care of his pool while he was gone since his wife couldn't well one day I got out of school but didn't have work so went home and decided to go take care of the pool when I got up to my grandpa's house I saw my step grandma's son-in-law truck in the drive and didn't think much of it and went to taking care of the pool. After I treated the water and cleaned the catches I went to vacuum the pool. I caught a glimpse of something through the curtains into my grandparents bedroom so I went to go look more and saw my step-grandma getting fucked by her son-in-law. I was pissed and wanted to barge in but instead pulled out my phone and recorded it for awhile. Then I finished the pool and snuck off home, about and hour later her son-in-law left. That weekend when I went to go take care of the pool after I finished I decided to confront her so I went in the backdoor and she was in the kitchen making her lunch, she said hi and asked what I needed and I told her I had a curious question, if she saw me the other day when her son-in-law was over. She stood staring at me and said no, why? I pulled out my phone and pulled up the video and asked how long that had been going on. The ghost white face and big eyes she got were priceless! I grabbed my phone back and started ranting about how my grandpa would react if he found out and what would happen when everyone found out. She stayed quiet staring at me for a bit before telling me that I can't tell him, that no one needs to know she'd pay me to delete the video and forget it. I laughed saying I didn't want my grandpa's money. But the best way to keep me quiet is to give me a reason to not want anyone to know either. She seemed stumped so I said follow me and I'll show her what I needed to stay quiet, she followed me to their bedroom and I leaned against the bed and told her if she plays along and does what I tell her then after I leave her house it'll never be brought up again.

She crossed her arms and defiantly agreed. I told her to cloth her eyes until I tell her to open them so she did, and I quietly and quickly got undressed and sat on the edge of the bed and told her to open her eyes. Again she got big eyes and white faced and shook her head back and forth. I told her if she had no problem fucking her son-in-law then she shouldn't be worried about doing what I want to keep me quiet, and taunted her calling her grandma and telling her I'm just as unexcited about finding out how lame she is in bed. Finally she dropped her arms and walked towards me and stood in between my legs giving me angry eyes and grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I asked if it was big and she said yes and thick, but just kept stroking, so I told her to hurry and show me if her mouth is as good as sucking dick as it is at talking shit about my family. So she bent down and started sucking me but not to the base so I pushed her head down till she gagged when I let her head up and spit came out everywhere I must of triggered something because she went right back to sucking me so I did it again over and over for a while getting some good pics and a video. Finally I pulled her head up and scooted up the bed and told her to get naked and ride me like a whore. She was so grumpy but stripped and tried covering herself as she climbed on the bed and straddled me. For her age she was pretty tight and wet she started riding me covering her breast and I pulled her arms down to see her saggy tits, she was horrible at riding me so I told her to turn around and ride me so we didn't have to look at each other. But it was honestly so I could grab my phone again. She managed to cum twice riding me, I pushed her off me onto the bed and rolled her on her back and lifted her legs up to her shoulders and had her hold them. I actually went down on her which she seemed to love. When I finally sat up I grabbed my cock and fucked her like a whore on her back for awhile. Before telling her to get doggy style so I can fuck her like the bitch she is. She glared at me hard but did it, and I got up behind her and shoved myself in and started pounding her hard and pulling her hair. Got more pics and a video of her admitting she loved getting fucked by her grandson and that she was a old whore she came enough to have it dripping off my balls when I got close to cumming I pulled out and laid on my back and told her to suck me off so I can watch her swallow it, and that she needed to clean her juices of my cock and balls and wherever else it got. She sucked me for a bit before I blew a big load in her mouth and swallowed it. She tried to not have to clean her juices but I pulled her head back down and told her to clean up so she slowly started licking my crotch and balls where her juices were she started licking down my taint to my ass and pushed my legs up and out of the way and lick my asshole till it was clean. When she finished up I told her for being an old bitch she wasn't to shabby a lay. She just glared and asked if we were done already and if I am going to keep my word about silence. I said of course I didn't want to risk her daughter finding out and me not getting to fuck her like a whore. Granted most I ever got was stolen nudes from her phone.

The first few years after that me and her glared constantly. Then one day the tension seemed to subside and the only other person that knows if my oldest cousin because I had told her because we all hated the woman.



by Anonymous on Jun 4, 2021 at 8:46 AM

Good story.

Do you ever wish you had continued and used her as your sextoy?

She had to let SIL know and they were probably fucking less, if at all. Her pussy was missing its extra.

Did you know she was a submissive? Her 'bitchiness' was a facade. Her glaring at you, was an effort to get you pissed enough to conquer her again.

BTW, how old is, was she?

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by Anonymous on Jun 4, 2021 at 10:22 AM

Nah she was overall lousy I just wanted to take her down a peg and make her fuck the poor w*********h she thought I was and humiliate her she was in her 60s back then just real snooty

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