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I'm Definitely Gay

For a while I was browsing through illustrated porn in several fandoms. A bi-curiosity grew on me which is why I created a gindr account. Months go by and Ive only so much have teased and bantered with various men. I had a girlfriend so I wasn't too interested in jumping in the pool as much as I was dipping my toes in the water. Though a fellow gamer on Grindr managed to entice me over to his place one night. We played games and chat for a bit before he suggested the bedroom.

He was more of a bear, and I'm just a scrawny scater guy so it definitely felt odd to me. Felt like a beauty and a beast type thing going on lol.. I feel his hands grope my thighs as he hugs me from behind. Soft kisses planting up my neck. He nibbles on my earlobe as his hands explore my tummy, and up my chest. My arms suddenly were locked into a full Nelson hold. He tells me I'm going to remove my shirt and drop my pants. I give my consent, and promptly he's lifting my shirt over my head. I drop my pants adorned only in long thigh high stockings that I like wearing. Immediately he bends me over on the bed on all fours. As he's kneeling behind me readying to breed me I feel my dangling cock hardening between my thighs.

I've thought to myself I've never been so hard. My head is pulled back as he grabs a fist full of my shaggy hair. He lets me go only to pop a bottle of lube open and poor the ice cold substance over my hole. He presses the tip of his cock up against my taint. Over and over again as he's trying to breed me. Finally it finds home, and spreads me apart. I groan, and whimper out that it hurts. I flatten myself on my belly and squeeze my thighs together to protect myself from more pain.

He straddles over my thighs squeezing them together between his legs as he lathers his cock in more lube. I feel more prodding his cock pressing firmly against my taint. I start moaning out. Having stiff cock pressing at my taint trying to find my hole is making me very hot and bothered. Once again he finds my hole and presses through to claim me. As I'm being humped steadily, he spanks my ass, pulls at me hair, starts calling me a bitch and a cock slut. My toes curl to the anal punishing sex. Once again he holds my arms in a full Nelson as he rocks his cock deep into me plowing his hips into mine. It seems like forever but after a grunt he pulls out.

He grabs my ear and some of my hair and guides me off the bed. He instructs me to lay down on my neck and the blades of my shoulders as I balance my back against the bed. My legs dangle in the air before my feet touch the floor over my head. I'm completely upside down in an unflattering position as he's prepping his cock to claim my tight hole again. After more trial and error I'm claimed once again. The thrusting is slow and methodical as I'm trying my best to stay in such an awkward position. I couldn't help but think of my gf as I was being fucked and manhandled upside down. How instead of rocking her body with hot steamy sex I had my own cock in front of my face as I was being fucked and humiliated by a bigger guy. He gets tired of raw dogging me and pulls out.. He lays his back down on the bed and spreads his thighs out as I join him back in bed.

"suck it" he demands..

The daunting thought of putting cock in my mouth enters my mind. Especially after it's been in my ass without a condom. There's brief hesitation before he tells me to stick my tongue out. I reluctantly do so and he spanks his cock against my tongue repeatedly. He instructs me to lick it and I ablidge again and again. I lick his dick over and over again. He brushes my shaggy bangs and hair behind my ears and holds his hand on the back of my head pulling me down. I swallow his cock and then allow him to rythmically bob my head up and down his manhood. I use my tongue to glide against his shaft as a suck ever so often. I bob my head up and down relentlessly and tiresomely.

I'm filled with so much anxiety. There's no condom.. He's going to blow in my mouth.. It's daunting to me but I can't stop. It's too hot.

But my head his filled with conflictions. About cheating, how to explain to my lovely girlfriend I let myself get raw dogged in the ass and sucked a guy off.. How I'm now a fag... but I'm liking it..

My thoughts were interupted by a groan or more accurately a growl. His load shoots into my mouth and Its big.. I definitely didn't prepare myself for this.. I definitely wasn't a big fan of having a huge sticky glob in my mouth that doesn't seem to go anywhere after much swallowing.

He reaches for his phone on his nightstand and does a photo op of his dick and my face together. After that he asks for my number. I give him my digits and ask if he could keep those photos just between us.

I use his restroom to clean up, and wonder if I'll come back for more or fly straight for my girl. For some reason the choice isn't as easy as it should be.



by Anonymous on Jul 12, 2021 at 2:42 PM

Hey I loved your story and you got me real hard. A little bit of precum just oozed out of my cock. Good work.

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by Anonymous on Jul 12, 2021 at 7:43 PM

I love how you wear thigh high stockings.
The only way I ever play with a guy at as is if I’m wearing my stockings or pantyhose. What a turn on!

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by asharingman on Jul 13, 2021 at 5:53 AM

Omg I absolutely love it ,I love being manhandled but no way ATM for me I always blow him first

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by Anonymous on Jul 13, 2021 at 9:42 AM

I'd been teen twink boy fucked tummy down and with my beautiful fresh little boy's ass wrapped in sis's panties aside pre and post puberty. My first mancock was on my back, legs dangling from his inside elbows all wide-eyed with my bushy tail engorged with all the manhood I could take. What a difference!

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