One Afternoon After School

I got held after school and had to walk home. I took the back way, behind the water tower, across the empty lot, over the fence and home through the backyard. In the empty lot was a man, he saw me and stepped up, pulling on his erection he masturbated into the dirt. I got hard and went home to masturbate in my room. I went back out, over the fence to the empty lot, he was there sitting in a small camp, by the bushes, out of site from the road.

I pulled my cock out, he sucked hard on me, got me hard. I was hot and bent over and he got behind me and fucked me hard, ramming, shoving, I had to brace myself with a branch until he came inside. After getting my pants up I went back over the fence, across the back yard and into the house through the back door to my room to lay in the bed and squeeze my butt hole over and over and masturbate again.

By the time my mother got home I was doing my homework, talked about school, she fixed dinner and talked about this customer at the store. When my father got home we ate dinner.



by Anonymous on Dec 6, 2021 at 9:22 AM

How old was the guy and what was he doing there? I’d assume you were a virgin

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