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Misuse Of My Power For Some Fat Assed Bitches

So I been a director for this convention, anime convention and such and making sure everything goes okay. Had a run in with two very fucking fine cosplayers and ended up going out with them, paid for drinks and food when I was with them and they were definitely fucking pressing onto me. So one thing lead to another and they were fully down to give me a good time if I promoted them and their only fans on twitter

after which we got a hotel and I rearranged some guts and it was fucking fine tearing them apart.

in this industry it’s who you know
and how you service them under the table.



by Anonymous on Jul 4, 2022 at 10:41 AM

Considering most guys only sleeze on girls in cosplay at conventions and don't usually talk and flirt with them its not difficult to end up Back at either hotel.

The ones you had asked and knew what they were doing. They would have had someone else if you didn't

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