My Penthouse Issue June 1974

Before we were teens we went to spend a couple of weeks with my grandparents while our parents went to Europe. My brother and I shared a room in the attic. Nosing around we found a stack of magazines. The standard National Geographics, but also a stack of Penthouse magazines. We went through everyone of them, page by precious page. Too young to masturbate, we nevertheless got hard little dicks.

When we left I stole one of the Penthouse magazines, the issue for the year and month I was born, and hid it in my room. As I went through my teens I masturbated till my dick was sore. As I went through college I met several coeds that could easily have been models for Penthouse. Armed with a camera set up and a darkroom in my apartment I convinced several coeds to pose for me, imitating the poses in the magazine.

I developed these pictures, not as perfect as the pictures in the magazine, but good enough. I shared a couple of copies with my models, who were more than exited to have them. Unfortunately, in a move overseas to the Middle East I was told not to bring anything pornographic and I left my Penthouse and my folder of my coed models behind. My mother found them, opening the box looking for clothes to give to charity. Disgusted, she burned them all, and to this day I haven't lived down my 'perversion' with my Mom.



by Anonymous on Feb 14, 2024 at 10:16 AM

When I was a teen, my mom found my stash of porn. She never confronted me about it. But several times when I came home from school, I could tell someone had been going thru my stash. It had to be her, nobody else was home during the day. Kind of interesting to know she enjoyed it too !...LOL.

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